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This movie is pretty much Richard III, just with cocaine.
  • Tony: Gloucester. Elvira: Anne. Frank: Henry VI. Manny: Buckingham. Chi Chi: Catesby. Sosa: Henry Tudor.
  • The ending is remincient of Macbeth: the wife is gone, the protagonist is left all alone, and waits for the inevitable end he knows is just around the corner.

Michael Corleone had a one-night-stand during his time in Cuba, and the resulting child was Tony Montana.
This would certainly explain why the two look so similar.
  • Knowing Michael, especially if Tom was still keeping tabs on things for him, he would have done something for him, such as send him an allowance. It's a neat idea, though: the timelines fit.
    • Technically yes, the timelines work, but only barely. Godfather II takes place in 1958 and Scarface starts in 1980 and ends in 1983. That would make Tony around 22 at the beginning of Scarface, which given his indicated backstory (military service and at least one stint in prison) stretches plausibility.
    • Tony indicates that his father was present at least for part of his childhood, meaning that Michael would've had to have been making regular trips to post-revolutionary Cuba over the course of several years, which seems unlikely. Also the "Montana" is Italian (anglicized from "Montani"), and I think we're meant to assume it's his father's, meaning Michael would've been using an alias, which he isn't really known to do (thought it's conceivable that Mama had some Italian ancestry).

Tony in The World Is Yours can use The World (aka Za Warudo).
Look at the title: The World Is Yours!

Having Dio's time powers would explain all the stuff that he gets to use in Blind Rage. Invincibility is the result of time-locking his physical condition so that none of the damage Tony takes will be fatal. Healing through wounding enemies is extended from Dio's vampirism. The time-locking also explains why reloading a weapon while entering Blind Rage leaves you unable to fire, as opposed to "refreshing" your ammunition count every time it runs low (like in Clive Barker's Jericho): the ammunition status is time-locked at whatever it was at upon entering Blind Rage.

The reason why Tony needs to build his Balls meter is because he does not have mastery over it yet, but give him time. As for why it does not stop The World around him, maybe Tony prefers to give his enemies the illusion of having a chance. It fits his personality.


Cocaine heals Tony.
That's why he can take so much abuse. But TOO much abuse can overwhelm the healing potential.

Scarface is the 1980's version of The Great Gatsby.
To whoever started this header without going into detail, this troper thought of it as the Cliff Notes version of The Godfather.

Tony killed his mother by the start of The World is Yours.
In the start of The World is Yours, doesn't that house Tony went look familiar? If so, that's where his mother, who disowns him, lives. Later in the story, she is killed by the Diaz brothers. An alternate interpretation, however, could be that after losing his empire by the hands of Sosa, Tony ended up trying to find a place for refuge and the only refuge he could find is his family home. But his mother won't allow him to stay; this finally send Tony into a rage. Finally had enough of her not approving of everything he does is to help her, he killed her, and being horrified by this, blocked out the memory. As a result of his stay three months ago, he ended up forgetting he committed that crime.
  • Jossed, the house Tony stays in is way out in the glades, no street, no vehicle access we can see, and there's a boat dock and river that is not in the film. Moreover the furnishings of the shack are different to his home.

Manny and Sosa set Tony up.
We know Sosa had connections with the Bolivian government. Given that this is an Oliver Stone film, it would be plausible that he had connections in the American government as well, that the journalist was planning to reveal. Either Sosa told Manny to suggest the money launderer who turned out to be a cop to Tony and promised that Manny would get Tony's job, or the police had enough information to convict Manny and he made a deal with them. Either way, Tony now needs a favor from Sosa, who sets him up to for the bomb plot, which has no way of going off without getting Tony caught (even if he manages to escape the scene of the crime, how many out-of-town drug lords would have been in New York that day?). Manny wasn't expecting Tony to ever come back, so he thought it was safe to marry Gina. Sosa either had a hit squad waiting in Miami just in case, or scrambled one when he realized that Tony had gotten away.

Tony is a veteran of the Angolan Civil War.
Tony mentions that he served in the Cuban Army for some time. Not to mention that throughout the movie, he's shown to be pretty good at fighting. It's plausible that in the 1970s, he was deployed to Angola to fight alongside the MPLA. His military service could explain how he eventually became such an unstable, violent gangster in the 1980s.

Scarface will get a different Adaptational Nationality in every new remake.
He went from Italian to Cuban. My money's on Russian next.

Elvira was actually pregnant when she left Tony.
She had just recently found out but was too afraid to tell Tony. When they went to the restaurant and Tony starts insulting her, she'd finally had enough and chose to leave him because, as she said in her Reason You Suck Speech, he would've been a terrible father and she didn't want him to have such a negative influence on their child. Not to mention, their marriage had been going downhill and this was the final straw for her.


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