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Satan is not the King of Hell or it's original prisoner; he's the resident attorney.
The Hebrew word which "Satan" comes from translates to "prosecutor," and in The Four Gospels, we see the Devil cleverly work around wording in order to convince Jesus to turn against God, a common tactic by other lawyers who also wanted to corrupt the Messiah. As such, reasons leads us to consider that Satan's angelic role was to be God's attorney, but the wealthy inhabitants of Hell paid him better, so Satan moved out of Heaven in order to live more closely to his infernal clientele.

Samael is the prosecuting attorney of Heaven, Abaddon is Hell's prison warden, and both are on God's side
The angel Samael isn't from the Bible but he is considered an accuser, tempter, and destroyer in certain Judaic traditions. He's sometimes identified with the serpent in Eden or the angel who torments Job, but he's not always thought of as evil. Perhaps his role is a bit like a DA's, just trying to convince the judge (God) of people's sinfulness to ensure conviction/damnation.

Abaddon, meanwhile, is identified with the angel who holds "the keys to the bottomless pit" mentioned in Revelations. That passage makes him sound like he's making sure the damned are under lock and key. Both of these jobs are to God's advantage, not his detriment (which does away with the whole problem of evil; it's all according to plan).


Satan is in love with Judas.
Satan only took an interest in Jesus because of that hunk Judas that followed the Light of the World around. However, Satan hadn't been in a relationship since back when Noah was kicking, so he hounded Jesus for forty days trying to get some advise on how to introduce himself. Christ knew Satan would be a terrible partner for Judas, so he refused to help and Satan left the desert with no intel. The Prince of Darkness lied low until he saw Judas kiss Christ on the cheek. In a rage, Satan sicced the Roman Guard on Christ in order to Murder the Hypotenuse and possessed Judas in order to see what he saw in the Messiah. Turns out, Judas's kiss was just a platonic Jewish custom at the time, leaving Satan super embarrassed. Trying to cover up, Satan convinced Judas to kill himself and bullied the Apostles into denying the whole thing and staying in their houses. He hoped everyone would forget the whole thing and he went back home to Hell.

Satan favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon.
He identifies with Hiccup's fatherly struggles and with Toothless, because both of them are winged Hellbeasts who like to look adorable.

The Devil fabricated the story of Aladdin and added it to One Thousand and One Nights in order to improve the popularity of the Jinn.
As a jinni who suffered from their negative representation in The Qur'an, the Devil found it advantageous to fix their PR by selling the concept to children with a fairy tale. Years later, he improved his original scheme with help from his most recent pursuit, corporate film.

The Disney Villains is actually the work of Satan when Walt Disney Dealt him.
Satan want to make everybody around the world to Love the Bad Guys (as well as Rooting them.) instead of Hating Them, so they can turn away from Christianity and Goodness into Idoltary, Violence and crime by having Disney to deal with him to make his Company Powerful by creating the greatest villain line-ups of all time in his Movies (Like Scar, Frollo etc.) now today everybody likes Disney's baddies now and they're are violence and killings each year, so Satan is happy and he Wins.

Satan created the Evil Is Cool, Evil Is Sexy, Love to Hate, Draco in Leather Pants and the Rooting for the Empire Tropes as the way to turn the entire world evil.

Satan is a title, not an individual.
It's just the title of whoever takes the role of the Ultimate Evil and/or God's biggest opposer. Lucifer was just the first Satan, and whenever someone proves better at the job they kill the previous Satan and take their place. That's why the popular view of the Devil has changed over time-the different Satan have differing ideas on being evil.

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