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Female Boss is a transwoman (and Latin female is Caucasian female's father).
She's into girls just as much as the boys, one female voice quotes something another female's father said, and several comments about having male anatomy.Add that to the fact that in the original Saints Row, you could ONLY play as a male. In SR2, you can suddenly play as a female. "Something with your hair" indeed.
  • Jossed. Word of God states that if you start SR2 as a woman then the character was female in SR1.

The pimps have unionized
In Saint's Row 2, all the pimps will unite if one of them is attacked. This is because the pimps have formed a Weird Trade Union.
  • Can you blame them? Pimpin' ain't easy.

Boss can become female in the gap between the two games because they were Transgender
Admittedly, there's not a lot of evidence for this one... but it's the explanation that makes the most sense — after all, the physical part could just be a medical error... but being able to move and sound "like a woman" takes practice. They were oddly withdrawn — they virtually never talked, even though the game established they could, and didn't seem to get very close to their fellow gang members. On top of that, they're shown in the first game to know an awful lot about women's shoes. (In the final Carnales mission, he points out the girl from that line is lying about her shoes being the this year's latest, and says that they're actually last year's fall collection). As for how they actually ended up getting the sex change? Can we use the "used the wrong picture to reconstruct their features" bit? As for why no-one comments... They have a reputation for killing absolutely anyone who crosses them, regardless of how strong their opponent is or how badly they try to stack the odds against them. Would you give them trouble if they decided to transition?
  • Jossed. According to Word of God, if you choose to be a female in Saints Row 2, it retcons the Boss as being a female in the first game as well.

SR2 is in an alternate universe to SR1
Some details are sketchy in this, but look at the facts. Dex is different, talks different, looks different, etc. The Boss is different, he/she talks, he/she kills for fun, despite originally just trying to stay out of the conflict, etc. And lastly, the boss can be a girl.

The Boss's attitude towards Shaundi after she got kidnapped wasn't because he/she lost faith in her ability to fight
It was because he/she was actually worried about losing more friends. They lost Lin in the first game, and then Aisha in the second. If you play the missions in the order they're set, he/she just lost both Carlos and Aisha, both of whom he/she was friends with, and nearly lost another. While Johnny Gat also nearly died, he/she knows Gat didn't nearly die because he wasn't tough, but because he was momentarily distracted by accident. Plus, Gat would be a lot more annoyed then Shaundi was if he/she ignored him. Shaundi however was, in his/her opinion, physically the weakest of the remaining lieutenants, and they were up against a particularly sadistic and cruel gang who worship Loa gods.

Maero is supposed to be a (non-canon) pre-mutant version of Marcus from Fallout.

Think about it. They sound the same (both are voiced by Michael Dorn). They're both ***ing huge. Maero fights with a minigun, just like Marcus. And Maero gets exposed to toxic waste, a reference to Marcus's mutant nature. The way I see it, Maero was a shout-out the Fallout series.

Akuji Lives!
  • In Saints Row 2, Kazuo Akuji is the only gang boss whose death is not witnessed and whose dead body is not shown to the player. News reports about the mission do not mention him at all, unlike reports after every other Boss Fight. The last thing he says to the Boss is a vow that We Will Meet Again. And it's not like people surviving being on exploding boats is totally without precedent in this series. Conclusion: Kazuo Akuji lives and will some day return to seek his revenge on the Saints, as he vowed he would.

Boss is not the sociopath s/he acts as.
  • S/he is just that pissed at Julius that s/he really seeks to do him in the worst way, making it only seem that his actions led to Boss becoming a psychopath. No, think about it. Look at each gang. The news reports on the Brotherhood portray them as robbing and killing indiscriminately so they have to go. The Sons are psychotic For the Evulz killers so they have to go. The Ronin are a proper organized crime syndicate so they have to go. Ultor aim to Kill the Poor and are responsible for a number of atrocities so they have to go. Story wise there is not much the Saints do against Stillwater itself, perhaps the worst they do is gun down drug addicts attacking them. In gameplay it's up to the player on how much collateral damage there is. And look at how much more pleasant Boss is when s/he is not enraged at what happens to themselves or the Saints.

The Boss was experimented on by Ultor and made superhuman.

  • The lack of backstory for the Boss could mean that they didn't have anybody who cared about them anymore. So after the bomb, Ultor finds itself with an exceptionally dangerous individual that no one will miss if s/he's gone. They also have their asses covered if s/he dies under experimentation, because s/he's in a coma after an extremely traumatic injury. The Boss was a guinea pig for all sorts of human enhancement experiments, and they ended up making him/her a Nigh Invulnerable Super Soldier with a Healing Factor that would make Wolverine blush. The experiments had some serious mental side effects, however, which is why the Boss is a Villain Protagonist in Saints Row 2 but gradually becomes more heroic in the sequels. His/her body is adapting to the changes, finishing the metamorphosis that Ultor started, and that's why the Boss is the strongest right when s/he is the most heroic.

  • Carrying on from the WMG above claiming that Saint's Row 2 takes place in an alternate universe, a good case can be made for the player character being Chev Chelios from Crank. It's certainly true that Chev can take an absurd amount of punishment, is an utter sociopath, he drives through obstacles more often than around them, and once he sets his mind to killing someone, he cannot be stopped EVER. Sounds an awful lot like the Boss of the Saints already, doesn't it? And, at the end of Crank 2: High Voltage, Chev has been burnt to a crisp, but is still obviously alive. If we discount the events of Saints Row 1 (and considering it was a sub-par GTA knockoff that even Steam doesn't include in the franchise collection, why wouldn't we?), then it's very easy to slip Chelios into the role of Playa'. Maybe this is why he didn't want Kinzie to say his name in the third game: he knows exactly what would happen next.

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