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Sabretooth's stint as a hero may not be over just yet, and we will see more of heroic Creed in Jonathan Hickman's X-Men.
  • Greg Pak's Weapon X (2017) left him in a lobotomized state, and whether he was still inverted or finally reverted was ambiguous. Marduk Kurios thought he was mentally broken at first, but theorizes he may have been fixed instead. Not wanting to claim Victor while he was mentally deficient, Marduk released him from Hell to heal & earn his way back. Mathew Rosenberg was the next writer to use him in his Uncanny X-Men (2018) tie-in for War of the Realms. There, Sabretooth is unquestionably evil again. But Rosenberg's Uncanny X-Men, along with the other current X-run has been stated by Hickman, and assistant editor, Chris Robinson, to be very lax on editorial mandate. The former saying the only mandate was for writers to go nuts & swing away. That being the case, Rosenberg's evil Creed may be filler that has no bearing on Hickman's future plans & use of him. The images from Hickman's run show Creed sporting his Weapon X-Force design, compared to Rosenberg's long-haired, street-clothed, Creed. He appears to be working with Magneto, who is sporting a trademark '''X''' costume & whom he worked for during Cullen Bunn's Uncanny X-Men (2015).
    • JOSSED: With House & Powers of X completed, it's made clear Sabretooth is a full blown villain again, and not only that, but he's the only one bad enough to be exiled from Krakoa.
Sabretooth escapes the Depths of Krakoa and may have more kids in the cards.

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