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Quells are basically the equivalent of nuclear weapons, and the civilization that created them were eventually destroyed by them.
(Guess courtesy of the Something Awful Let's Play)

Let's look at what Quells do:

  • They are infinite use (implying that they contain unimaginable amounts of power)
  • They can cause mental instability after prolonged exposure
  • Side effects of handling Quells also include becoming Made of Explodium and Baleful Polymorph
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  • The most dangerous of them is eventually destroyed by a steel sword (radiation can be blocked by things like concrete and lead)

Now let's look at the Desert Megalith, where The Egg (the most dangerous Quell) was found:

  • It is smack dab in the middle of nowhere—was it purposely built there, or did it drain all life surrounding the area?
  • Everything about that place screams "DANGER. KEEP OUT. DO NOT DISTURB ITS CONTENTS." and the Egg itself is kept in a steel box that looks like a coffin, and tubes are connected to the box either to drain energy out of it, or to pump something into it.

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