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Future characters to be added

Posible Reality Jobs
  • Pinocchio: A college student in a relationship with an older woman, making him do various terrible acts.
  • Snow White: A lawyer who has taken law into her own hands.
    • Jossed. Reality arc Snow White is a nurse who is implied to be working in the same hospital reality arc Sleeping Beauty is hospitalized in.
  • Three Little Pigs: Three cafe waitresses vying for the attention for a wealthy, handsome customer, eventually going for each other’s throats.
  • Aladdin: An unscrupulous young businessman seeking greater riches.
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  • The Nutcracker: An old man seeking to reclaim his youth.

Sinoalice takes place after the fall of the Queen Beast but before everything went to hell in Nier.
  • Specifically, the Reality versions are the real ones while all the stuff in the Library is either a mental or spiritual thing the characters are undergoing. And then there is of course the presence of Masayoshi Yura a.k.a Tyrann who killed the Reality version of Snow White, Yukishita Miki.
    • No, the killer of Snow White is named Akiyoshi Yura. He could be related to Masayoshi Yura.

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