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The Reginald who appeared in the film was Reggie Van Dough
That kid was every inch of the Spoiled Brat Reggie Van Dough was portrayed as in the comics, the cartoon and the Christmas movie that featured what Richville would be like if Richie never existed.
  • Reggie IS short for Reginald. And Lawrence van Dough is his uncle, and his father's brother.

Reggie and Mayda will become a couple
As soon as she accepts she can't have Richie, she'll "settle for second best". Also, Reggie will want a girl who's practically as wealthy and arrogant as he is.

Richie is an alternate-universe Bruce Wayne
Where he is friends with the Joker.

Reginald will try to pull the unethical and illegal scheme he mentioned during business class.
He'll then learn that, even if his age saves him prison, it won't save his fortune from being seized.

Reggie won't inherit his parents' estate.
They'll bequeath everything to his little sister Penny.

The reason Reggie's parents spent the last nine months before his sister's birth hiding the news from him.
They were afraid of how far he'd go to remain their only child and not have to split their estate after their deaths.

Cadbury is former military. Possibly SAS or Royal Marines.
Look how easily he disposes of the con who tries to kill him in prison and how well he manages to fight off a switchblade wielding Ferguson with a spatula. He isn't some ordinary British guy who went through butler school.


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