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The Nazis went down in the spectacular self destructive fashion they did because they misunderstood Wagner and the whole Niebelungen story
I don't believe I am the first to theorize this, but both Wagner's Götterdämmerung and the end of the original high medieval Niebelungenlied basically end with everybody dead. Now I am quite sure Wagner had reasons for this end and with the Niebelungenlied it is a quite blatant Aesop along the lines of "See what revenge gets you?", but the Nazis apparently took it to be a positive and desirable thing to not go down in dignity or even saving one's own live but instead turning into even more of an omnicidial maniac than they already were. That's why Hitler had his troops fight on even after the Soviets could be reached with the Berlin S-Bahn. That's why there was an order to basically blow everything up. That's why so many highranking Nazis committed suicide. They thought an "everybody dies" finish was desirable.

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