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Loser Daughter of Loser Dad: Part of the reason Amanda was in Juvie until her 18th birthday will have been due to a chain of foster households who treated her according to this trope.
It has been revealed that the child psychologist in charge of Amanda's case was bribed by Victoria into treating Amanda like this. She then used Amanda's refusal to accept this as a reason to keep her committed in a juvenile facility. We don't know if Amanda was ever even placed in a foster home.
  • She went to at least one. Her foster father abused her so she burnt his house down.
    • I think that's what happened to Emily, not Amanda. Victoria got the psychologist to institutionalise Amanda.
      • Amanda was presumably released from the mental institution after she relented to Dr Banks and Mason Treadwell and started believing her dad was a terrorist. From there she went to foster care.
  • Wasn't that the real Emily that happened to, not real Amanda? That's how I understood it at least.
    • Real Emily went to juvie for stabbing her abusive foster father. Real Amanda went to juvie for being (falsely) accused by her abusive foster mother of burning down their foster home.
It wasn't Daniel who was killed in the How We Got Here opening.

The camerawork clearly goes to some trouble to never show the body's face, which has to have some purpose as we see Daniel in the same episode.

  • Some clues point towards Tyler, especially since he now has Daniel's phone.
    • Except he doesn't, anymore.
  • But yet Daniel's sister is shown looking at his body and then screaming in utter horror and grief as she recognizes him.
    • I think she only recognised the body as Daniel's because Daniel had left the party and hadn't returned by the time Declan and Charlotte left, and because Daniel and Tyler were wearing identical clothes.
  • Confirmed. It's Tyler's body, not Daniel's.

It was Daniel who was shot in the opening, but he isn't dead.

No one has checked for a pulse yet.

  • ...he was shot in the head and then in the chest. Pretty sure he's deceased.
    • It's a Soap Opera. People in soaps have survived far worse.

Charlotte is Amanda/Emily's sister.

Victoria Grayson and Amanda'a dad were lovers. Charlotte is surprisingly nice, gets good grades and her love interest is the little bro of the guy who carries a torch for Amanda (a 17 year old torch). The two girls have much in common. And think, what a lovely, twisted arc this would be... like the Albert character in the Caveizel movie (you know, when Dantes discovers that Albert is actually his and Mercedes' son. The reason why she rushed off so quickly to marry Fernand was because she was pregnant, not because she forgot Edmond so quickly.)

  • It has been confirmed that Charlotte is not Conrad's and David at least believed she was his.
    • Confirmed via DNA test that Charlotte is indeed Emily's half sister and David's biological daughter.

Before he was sent to prison, David Clarke invested in a biotech company that was working on life-extension treatments, and they tested them on Sammy the dog.

We know that David was willing to invest in another young entrepreneur with a wild idea, and there has to be some reason that a 17-year-old Labrador is still not only alive, but pretty active.

  • Jossed. It seems he hasn't been so much active as just been trying to spend more time at the old beach house before he dies.
Tyler is running his own revenge scheme on the Graysons

He got close to Daniel so he can use him to get closer to the Graysons. By appearing as the responsible friend who is trying to keep Daniel out of trouble he can gain their trust.

Tyler is running his own revenge scheme against Daniel himself

The reason Tyler's been acting the way he has toward Emily is that he's a clingy jealous boy with regard to Daniel.
  • After the most recent episode, his actions seem toward Daniel seem far less like just a scheming Poisonous Friend and more like a jealous crusher scorned - and considering we saw him sleep with Nolan just to keep himself around the Graysons...

Sammy the dog had an encounter with Ned from Pushing Daisies.
That would totally solve the problem...

The Grayson's have a hidden Dragon (not Frank) who participates in the cover-ups from the shadows. Wouldn't that explain how Frank should have been caught on camera entering Lydia's suite but that footage never made it to the police? Or how there should have been obvious signs of struggle that should rule out suicide? And, maybe, that's where Conrad thinks the footage inside Lydia's suite came from.
  • They make references to other hired goons they use for various things. The two we've seen are Lee (who seemed to take over for Frank before he died) and the White Haired Man. Then there's the fact that Frank is just the head of Conrad's security team, and therefore would have goons of his own. It's pretty likely that Conrad would suspect Victoria of using Frank's men for her own needs.

David Clark is still alive.
We never see his corpse.
  • Jossed.
  • Possibly confirmed as of the Season 3 Finale
  • Completely confirmed by Word of God and Season 4

There's a reason why Nolan is so unpopular, and it's going to be revealed at some point in the near future.
Tyler said it himself: 'You'd think people would be crawling all over you, and yet here you are, all alone.' Nolan did something that got him alienated, and eventually, we'll find out what.
  • Most of the episode seems to suggest he's just kind of obnoxious, and often purposefully so - as Emily says, people with as much money as her and Nolan have to build up certain defense mechanisms.

The killer's identity.
We know it can't be Jack, as he didn't show up until after the murder was committed. And it seems highly unlikely to be Daniel, as that's just too obvious. My money, at the moment, is on Takeda.
  • Confirmed.

Jack will find out Emily is Amanda in the season finale when he notices the double infinity tattoo from "Legacy" on her arm.
Now that the original Emily is out of the way, he's going to have to catch up with the game pretty soon or it will be increasingly difficult to find things for him to do in each episode. The tattoo would give a needed importance to "Legacy."
  • Jossed. The real Emily has returned, pregnant with Jack's child, so Amanda decides not to reveal to Jack who she really is.

Ashley will ultimately be the Big Bad of Season 2, which will conclude with her being destroyed.
[[spoiler:Jossed. Looking at the season 2 finale, it looks like it was really Conrad.

Nolan is alive, and will remain so.
It really wouldn't make dramatic sense to kill him off at this point, and the white-haired man needs to interrogate him to find out who else is hunting the Graysons anyways.

Big Ed is working for other bosses.
Worst. Security guard. Ever.

Amanda Clarke is this universe's Batman.
Think about it... left an orphan at an early age, she used her wealth to travel around the world, training for vengeance. She bugs and hacks everyone around her, looking for conspiracies to help her take down the dark forces of the Hamptons. She's also a martial arts/stealth master who comes up with a Batman Gambit for almost everything. True, her vengeance is a little more focused and a little less productive than Batman's, but she's clearly at least a second cousin. Once she takes down the Graysons and her revenge is complete, she'll turn her skills to vigilante crimefighting.
  • Bonus points: A Grayson not directly involved with being evil will become her first Robin.
    • My money would be on Charlotte then.
    • Takeda could then be a version of Ra's al ghul.

The double infinity is later on going to represent love, kindness and family in opposition to Amanda Clarke's choice of revenge
David Clarke wanted Amanda to choose a normal life where she could be happy, the double infinity will later play into the theme of the show because it was his love for Amanda. The double infinity is the symbol of love.

David Clarke is still alive.
In The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes escapes from prison by faking his own death. It will eventually be revealed that David Clarke, as his updated version, has done the same.
  • Couple obvious problems with that. First, he's not Edmond Dantes. Emily is. David Clarke is...Mercedes? Kind of? Her motivations are slightly different than Dantes, since she's avenging her father, not herself. Second, he was blatantly and overtly killed in the jailyard. There is almost no way that was faked.

The whole show is one big Batman Gambit by Satoshi Takeda.
If David Clarke was so invested in his daughter forgiving his enemies, why would he provide her with the contact information for a man who could and would train her to destroy them? Answer: he wouldn't. Takeda planted that info in the box, knowing that Amanda would come to him and he could mold her into a tool to destroy the Graysons and/or the Americon Initiative for his own reasons.

Takeda is working one long Xanatos Gambit to destroy the Initiative
Similar to the above one: He probably will also turn out to of been part of their group originally until he saw how bad they were becoming and decided to seperate from them. Then after what happened with David Clarke he found out they were involved and knew it was time to get to work taking them down. Part of this being he arranged for Amanda to find out about him and start her quest for revenge. Nolan out of loyalty to her might then go against Takeda believing he's doing the right thing (feeling bad about how things went before) and become a potential Spanner in the Works. If that happens then she'll have to prevent him from Takeda.
  • Confirmed in the Season 2 finale when it is revealed that Takeda's fiance was killed on Flight 197. When Aiden confronts him about it, Takeda more-or-less admits to orchestrating his and Emily's revenge plots to some degree and attempts to kill Aiden for coming between Emily and their mutual revenge. It backfires and Aiden kills Takeda instead.

David Clarke was involved in the Initiative.
David Clarke actually was involved in something murky with the Initiative and was guilty of a crime, but not the crime that he was set up for. Either the Initiative agreed to set him up to get him out of the way, or he was so high up in the upper echelons that even they didn't know they were setting up one of their own.

Jack is an alien.

Revenge takes place in the same universe as Once Upon a Time
Rather than being a modern-day version of Edmond Dantes, Emily quite literally is Edmond Dantes (a female version) transferred over by the dark curse Regina cast who somehow managed to escape Storybrooke and is living in the Hamptons (just like with Frankenstein, a literary character who isn't from the Enchanted Forest but got caught in the curse anyway).

Niko still went after Hoffman.
Even after finding out it was Aiden who killed her father, after she left she still sought to take down Hoffman not only for his involvement with the Initiative and to distract herself from going after Aiden again, but to also avenge the death of Takeda's fiancé too (who was possibly her mother). Whether or not she found him and/or killed him is another matter entirely. If she did, she probably learned of Aiden's death not long after and probably decided it best to move on and forget the rest.

Emily and Nolan let Mason go.
Even after helping Victoria to fake her death and frame Emily, that's all he really did. He wasn't involved with White Gold whose association with Victoria and Margaux got Ben killed and put Jack in the hospital. They ultimately decided that despite what he'd actively helped Victoria to do and gotten away with it, it was his revenge for putting him in prison, faking his death and forcing him into hiding for nothing when Emily unwittingly robbed him of his reason for doing so: to redeem himself and write the tell-all about what Emily had pulled off. Essentially, they decided they took that from him and saw his punishment as the equivalent of time-served. If not, Nolan put the authorities in his direction right after the truth about Victoria was revealed.

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