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Adult Party Cartoon was John K's attempt to make his own Un Chien Andalou or Pink Flamingos
He deliberately made it as shocking and gross as possible to deliberately offend, shock and disgust people, the same way that the original Ren and Stimpy did when it first aired but wouldn't do now, except explicitly aimed at adults and without censors breathing down his neck. The idea was, whereas the original Ren and Stimpy was a subversive kids cartoon, Adult Party Cartoon was just plain subversive, going all out with Refuge in Audacity and flipping the bird at any kind of political correctness, tossing aside any pretense of morality or pleasing fans or critics just to make its points, such as the sardonic, nihilistic message of the unmade episode "Life Sucks".

This show is just one big fever dream Ren is having during the events of Nurse Stinpy.

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