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This is the Wild Mass Guessing page for Red vs. Blue.

     The Blood Gulch Chronicles & The Recollection 
Church/ Alpha's original (pre-team kill) body was actually a real person
This person was mind raped and tortured until it had no personality of itself, then had Alpha put into him. If this is true, it makes the Director even more of a monster.
  • To add a variation they did use a real person to host the Alpha, who, by the time they implanted him, had no real personality, skill set, or memories left (almost everything had been fragmented off). Post implantation, the Alpha became aware that he was somewhere with all of the bits of personality and information he needed to rebuild himself and started tearing his host's mind apart, integrating all of the pieces into himself and overwriting the rest.
  • Confirmed in part. Yes, Church's body belonged to a person, but there was no need to Mind Rape him (though the process was unbelievably agonizing). Church's natural possession abilities suppressed the victim's mind until he was killed. All of that's left of Private Jimmy are a few positive but ultimately false memories.

Caboose's Flanderization
Caboose seems to be pretty stupid in Season 1, but the real incoherence and Cloudcuckoolander-ness we all know and love starts kicking in by Season 3. Why? Because in Season 2 he actually had four minds inside his head at once: himself, O'Malley/Omega, Tex/Beta, and Alpha!Church. In Season 9, Carolina was implanted with two non-hostile AI units at once with special training to use them and got an accidental Mind Rape out of the deal. Caboose had three HOSTILE AI units at once WITHOUT special training. That might do permanent damage, and maybe leave him with a permanent part of the AI units' personalities. Unstoppable Rage, anyone?
  • This is possibly confirmed, as something comes up in the final scene of Season 13. When Church chooses to break himself down and delete his memories, he leaves the individual A.I. fragments (such as Delta, Theta, etc) behind. In one brief blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse of one shot, you can see the fragments in front of the soldiers, with Carolina's two A.I. units being in front of Caboose, indicating that the members of the group received the A.I. fragments and Caboose received the two.

Red Vs Blue is Halo canon
I know there's no need for it to be, it would just be kind of neat for Bungie to include Rv B in the Halo canon. Looking at peoples arguments against this I've found a few major points, which I will list and dispel here:

1. Everyone is wearing Spartan armor.(A): Of course they are. The show is based around a giant training exercise for Freelancers. Freelancers are just another branch of the Spartan-II program. Wash mentions that there were a number of programs that the military was looking at as a "magic bullet". Whatever part of the Spartan program that John-117 was in just worked. The Freelancer program was just poorly planned, but it would explain why everyone has Spartan armor. What better way to train your troops then putting them up against individuals with similar equipment?

2. Nobody recognizes the Elites.(A): Wrong. Tex and Wyoming do. They attempt to exploit this at the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, but Andy blows them up. The others had probably never seen actual combat experience, as made clear in Revelation. Besides, Grif references Master Chief blowing up the whole Covenant Armada in the first episode.

3. It's too goofy.(A): I disagree, but I'll refute this point anyway. Yes, the first five seasons are goofy. But what starts out as a ridiculous show with excessive amounts of Deus ex Machina to move the plot along becomes a large conspiracy that explains why the beginning was so silly. It was all simulation, and the organization running it had more important things to do than keep up an effective illusion. Plus, everything since the Blood Gulch Chronicles has been played fairly straight. The CHARACTERS are wacky, but the plot is compelling and serious. Plus, it would explain why, despite their apparent ineptitude, several of the characters are really quite good at killing. They were the bottom of their class in one of the Spartan programs, which still places them above regular soldiers.

In conclusion, here's the timeline:

  1. RVB Season 9 (Freelancer scenes)
  2. Halo: Combat Evolved
  3. RVB Season 1
  4. RVB Season 2
  5. Halo 2
  6. RVB Season 3
  7. RVB Season 4
  8. Halo 3/RVB Season 5 (simultaneous)
  9. RVB Reconstruction
  10. RVB Recreation
  11. RVB Revelation
  12. RVB Season 9 (Epsilon Unit scenes)

Halo 4's place on the list probably won't matter because it looks like Master Chief is doing his Lost In Space thing.

(This is the timeline that the below discussion was based on)

  1. Halo: Combat Evolved
  2. Freelancer Program started
  3. Halo 2
  4. Freelancers given training assignments, Church stationed on Sidewinder
  5. Halo 3
  6. All of RVB

    • I agree with your justifications but it's more likely that the Freelancers were an attempt to produce a Spartan-like soldier without having to do all the modifications and training.
      • Huh. That makes pretty good sense. I don't know why I didn't think of that.
      • And for all its poor planning, the Freelancer project worked. Wash and Tex are formidable foes in combat—I'm pretty sure they could put up a decent fight to any Spartan they came across.
      • One note is that the books stated that the Spartan II armor was specifically designed to such a degree that the average person would be ripped to shreds if they used it (think that one poor guy in Iron Man 2 that was trying that prototype knock off). However, the Spartan IIIs which made up most of the cast in Reach were specifically a different branch of ONI trying to "mass produce" the SII project - the SII's were trained from 6 years and deployed when they'd fully matured while the SIIIs were able to use a similar age group but have them going within a few years. It isn't unreasonable to assume that other branches of ONI were trying something similar - and so it's not hard to argue that the Freelancer project falls along that timeline. Keep in mind that the SIIs were deployed for most of the 27 year war so there was plenty of time for these projects to get started.
    • As for the time line, we know that Recreation is 15 months (1.25 years) after Halo 3 and that the end of Blood Gulch Chronicles is before Halo 3 because Tex and Wyoming are trying to end the war with Junior. Also, back in episode 1 Grif and Simmons talk about how Master Chief blew up the Covenant armada which happens after Halo:CE. My guess for the timeline is that seasons 1-5 happen sometime after Halo:CE and before Halo 3, with the rest of the series after Halo 3.
    • Makes sense with a few tweaks to the timeline, Project Freelancer had been active for quite some time prior to the start of the series, and some of the timing would be off, more likely Freelancer was established well before Halo 1, the current Blood Gulch crew gets assigned some time after 1, with the series itself taking place shortly before or even concurrently with the events of 2 and 3.
      • I'd actually put the timeline such that the Freelancer project happened prior to the Battle of Reach. In fact, the operations that happened during that project would make a lot of sense happening on Reach itself. Reach was head of ONI who would be the group to want to run the Freelancer program, provide the resources, and provide the minimal oversight that occurred.
    • Also, the Grifball action figure mentions that the sport was invented in 2554. Granted, it's almost definitely non-canon, but I'm just throwing it out there.
      • Which somewhat becomes an issue with this theory in Season 10 because that guard was watching Grifball back during the Freelancer days. Further, the Grifball game featured a team of Elites that were clearly supposed to be from the Elite homeworld - which does far more to hurt the theory that the war is the Covenant war than it hurts the Grifball invention date.
      • OR it was a group of humans in really high tech Elite costumes playing the foreign heel, and Grifball is all Kayfabe.

    • This all takes places post human-covenant war perhaps even post Reclaimer Trilogy. Technolgy of the UNSC Spartan project has now become military standard issue and is acessiable in heavily downgraded form for civilians. The Freelancer project was an attempt to make Private Military Contractor equivelants of Spartan IV's. The Simulation troopers are rejects from the Spartan IV program, Sarge was mentally scarred from his ODST service during the human-covenant war and is now overly earger for conflict and has questionable leadership abilites, Griff while shown to be able to preform quick thinking in precarious situations, he was undisciplined and had issues with following orders and often disregarded the chains of command, Simmons while capable as a regular soldier was discovered that he forged his eligibility as a candatiate for Spartan selection and had done major butkissing with upper brass, Donunt and Tucker were more than qualified for serivce as Spartan IV's but where both dishonorly discharged for 'disorderly conduct', Caboose is actually Noble 6 who surived Reach but is suffering from extreme brain damage to the point he is no longer an asset, Sister suffered complications with her augmentations causing her to become color blind and to suffer moderate brain damage.
  • There’s an easter egg in Season 15 that reveals what year the season takes place in. Jax’s show about Spencer Porkinsenson was copyrighted 2558. When you put this together with the official timeline, you get dates for the whole series. Project Freelancer started in 2545, the simulation in Blood Gulch began in 2552, and the Great War ended in 2553, among other things.
The Meta is a genetically engineered human and Covenant hybrid.
  • Since Project Freelancer's goals were to seek mankind's survival in a hostile galaxy, the project experimented with various alien/human hybrids, on the notion that Covenant biology was better suited to hostile environments of varying gravity and biological viability. Also, it was to reap the various other benefits of the aliens, such as superior physical strength, and possibly aggression. There may even been plans to engineer sleeper agents that could blend in and infiltrate the Covenant ranks. It's notable that the Meta is larger than most of the cast, and doesn't speak like any of the other humans. The Meta is mostly human, but with enough alien in him to affect his mannerisms and physical build.
    • The biggest problem I see with this is that the Meta is actually Agent Maine, just insane and possessed by multiple AIs, and neither Wash nor Tex ever mentioned anything strange about Maine before he went crazy.
      • LEGO Genetics perhaps? Maybe Maine's modification was to be implanted with Covenant DNA
    • An interesting point is that the Meta appears to be the collection of AIs and not Maine himself, and the size difference may be explained by his armour as it is quite bulky compared to everyone else's. The Alien DNA can be supported through his mannerisms, as well as other things like the feral style that Maine can adopt and the ability to stand up and fight after being shot in the neck. All of these can point to some alien DNA, but there are other ways in which these things can be put in— like the Spartan III program with its painkilling affects (even though Rv B's canonicity is questionable). But he does seem very capable with that brute shot though, and the cast wouldn't have mentioned weirdness because Maine had always been weird and they accepted it and viewed it as unimportant when compared to everything else.

The next season will cover what Tucker and Donut were doing between Blood Gulch and Relocated.
Besides tying up loose ends such as Donut's and Tucker's involvement at the temple, it would let the events of the Recollection trilogy settle better in the minds of the viewers before any continuation of the series proper. Plus, it would give the Rooster Teeth crew time to plan for any future seasons set after Revelation.
During the time jump they only went a few years into the future.
Think about it, how else is it that pretty much nothing had really changed in the jump? It explains how Sheila wasn't all rusted up by the time they arrived and that the war was still going on. Also why would they have started their whole scheme to control the aliens hundreds of years later?
  • This explains how most of Tex's comrades are still alive and they're still cleaning up after the AI disaster.
  • As for Vic Junior, that's just Vic who happens to be lying to them. Considering all the bull he tells them normally it wouldn't be OOC for him to do so. This also explains how he would have had kids if he had a vasectomy.
    • Or, perhaps Vic Jr was an AI, as was implied in the "Thank You For Play The Rv B" ending of Episode 100.
      • IIRC, it was pretty much said he was an AI, by both the Season 5 commentary and the episode where Simmons comes across the computer and interrupts Sarge's comm convo with Vic. Not to mention the words at the bottom of that computer, when made into an acronym, spell something familiar...
  • Also explains how the Red Zealot was still alive
    • To be fair, that one also could be perpetual respawning.
  • Tex briefly mentions that "They've been telling us a lot of lies'' toward the end of the main series.
  • In Reconstruction, during the black box recording of the freighter's final flight, Sheila comments that there's some disparities between her clock and the ship's.
    • That was because that ship belonged to Sister, who experienced her own time jump by going faster than the speed of light. Sheila, however, went into the future the old fashioned way.
      • Then again, Sister is a colossal idiot...
      • Sister did not go faster than light, the problem is she went near the speed of light. Basically the trip seemed to not take long for her since she was traveling at relativistic speeds. Since we don't know how far she traveled it's entirely possible that a couple of days/weeks could be 2000 years for everyone else.
      • Sister didn't jump through time either. The ship as is crashed. It's implied that Wyoming's helmet malfunctioned and threw them forward in time. Note Caboose's "that's why the ship took a year to crash!"
  • Alternately, evidence points towards there being no ACTUAL timeskip, as we've got mounds of evidence that command was screwing with both teams through the whole series. Think—Sheila's clock and the ship's clock have differences, yes? That's because ONE IS UNALTERED—and it ISN'T Sheila. I find it to be a rather easy thought that Vic came in, rewrote Sheila's memory and allowed her to lead them to believe they were correct about the timeskip.
    • Again, confirmed in Revelation Chapter 17. It was Scenario 3.
    • Query: Then how the *** did Church travel to the past if that was an ordinary bomb?
      • Wyoming.
      • Which explains how Gamma was there to meet him.
  • This appears to be confirmed with Episode 4 of Recreation.
  • When Donut explains to the head of Command that they went to the future, (but only had Sarge's lousy reasoning to back up the claim) the head simply stares before dismissing him, implying that never went to the future at all.
    • But if there was no timeskip at all, not even a small one, how'd they all wind up in that random desert? If Gamma's teleportation did that, why'd he send them there of all places?
      • Sarge's time travel logic explains it. First they were surrounded by rocks and snow, then they were hit by a 10-megaton bomb, and then they were surrounded by rocks and sand, and therefore they went into the future. Replace "sent into the future" with "caused all the snow to melt" and there you go. If you don't buy that, maybe the bomb just knocked all of them out and they were transported somewhere else.
      • Or y'know, the explosion launched them to that location, because that's kinda how physics works.

Tex was being sarcastic about her codename being Nevada, and her codename is really Texas.
Tex, being named Tex, saw the stupidity in the question when Tucker asked what state she was named after, and thusly gave the name of a random state, which happened to be Nevada. Her codename is, of course, Texas, since Delta and Wyoming refer to her as either Tex, or Allison, but never as Agent Nevada, in fact Delta says her name is Agent Texas.
  • Yeah I thought that was obvious...
  • Confirmed by a staff member carrying the Word of God (Sponsors-only link).
  • Indeed. The only reason that people ever bought it was because Tex delivered it completely straight-"faced". At the time, it seemed just goofy enough to have happened in the Blood Gulch Chronicles.

Blood Gulch was just a place for the respective armies to send their most worthless soldiers, the ones they wanted to get rid of without resorting to either courts martial or outright murder.
It may be countermanded partially by the revelations of Reconstruction, but this was this troper's working theory since the first season of Rv B. When you consider how utterly useless pretty much every personality on the Red and Blue teams is, it's hard to imagine them all having been put in the same worthless, out-of-the-way place by anything other than a direct intent to remove them from play altogether.
  • Why countermanded? If anything it's strengthened by those events, after all what better place to put The Alpha than in a canyon full of incompetent idiots who couldn't possibly harm it?
  • More or less confirmed by Episode 17 of Revelation.

The Sidewinder incident never happened.
Church's time in Sidewinder mentioned in season one is actually a false memory, created to disguise the original attempt by a number of Freelancers to liberate the Alpha. The many deaths of one particular side, Tex and Omega's presence, Church being left alive, and Church's subsequent relocation shortly there after were, in reality, the results of the attempt to free the Alpha. After the attempt was repelled, Command altered the events greatly, changing them into an original posting gone horribly wrong, before hiding the Alpha away in Blood Gulch
  • But all the Sidewinder Blues are dead, they said so when they went back there in Season 3. Maybe the Sidewinder incident was the attempt to get to the Alpha? Or maybe just another one?
    • This is more or less confirmed in Revelation Chapter 17: Tex tells church that the Alpha was kept in an installation in Avalanche, which is a remake of Sidewinder.
  • Turns out it DID happen; it's just that Church was an incredibly Unreliable Narrator thanks to Mind Rape. The actual Sidewinder incident was shown during the conclusion of Season 10's past.

The event that led to the line "Man, poor Florida" was the episode "Dethgov" in Metalocalypse
In that episode, Nathan Explosion, Dethklok's singer, was elected governor of Florida. (Long story.) By the time he had left office, most of Florida was abandoned, due to a failing economy from inflation, general anarchy, and Hurricane Scrambles the Death Dealer. After all that, perhaps it was decided that Florida was a lost cause and abandoned, which is why Florida was no longer a state, and therefore, many years later, not used as a Freelancer codename.
  • I always thought it was a Star Trek: Enterprise reference. Like how the character named Tucker was the one that got pregnant. Maybe I'm too much of a Trek nerd...

Jason Penopolis grows up, obtains the nickname "Caboose," and joins the Blue Army.
  • Their personalities and voices are just too similar to ignore.

Red vs Blue Reconstruction

The Meta is trying to make an Alpha
Delta said that they would be better describe as "Fragments". The Meta, being a Freelancer, knew about Alpha and is gathering all the AIs; he'll combine them and then have an Alpha. I haven't got what he plans to do with it.
  • Given the behavior of the Meta's AI collection (creepy and not entirely rational), it may be a simple urge to "reunite" all the lost pieces or just become "complete."
    • know..."Reconstructed."
  • By Recreation, he just wants the AI to power his equipment and make him stronger. This may be the result of Motive Decay, but power may have been all he was ever after.
    • It could be simply put that Maine wants the equpipment to make him strongest, and the AI wanted to join with the others to be the alpha again. An agreement is made and several people and AIs die out of it.
  • Confirmed by Burnie during a user-interview. Maines AI sigma wanted to become the Alpha by reuniting all of the fragments.
    • Which... kinda makes sense in a weird way, I guess. Sigma is creativity, after all, so who better to try and put the Alpha back together?

Junior is going to become the template for Tucker's Kobolds
This has no basis except that it's a diminuitive creature associated with a guy named Tucker, but hell, this is WMG. So, he's gonna develop ingenious traps and snipe at PC races.

Battle Creek was a testing ground for a robot army
In episode 16, there are no such things as ghosts or the supernatural. Which means there probably isn't any such things as soldiers that die and come back to life at the sound of a magical trumpet. They're robots, who's sole purpose is to kill each other over and over to test fighting tactics. The trumpet is what reactivates them, it tells them to reboot. Also, all the robots are run by the AI Sigma. The Alpha is Church, and then we've met Gamma, Omega, Delta, and now Epsilon, but there was one that Washington mentioned that we haven't met yet, Sigma. Sigma represents creativity. What better way to test the creativity part than giving it a bunch of respawning minions and have them kill each other over and over to view different battle tactics.
  • Unless Tex is Sigma. She managed to build Andy, even if the creativity behind that is debatable.
    • Debatable? She built a bomb out of parts from a protocol robot and a vibrator! A bomb that can talk!
    • Good point. I guess she was just a bit... off target on the bomb's personality.
    • What do you mean off-target? Andy's explosive, artificial, and a dick...I feel dirty.
    • Revelation states Tex is an entity unto herself, a representation of Alilson, the Director's long-dead love.
  • I like the theory, but the Sigma part can't be true—Sigma was in Maine, who is now the Meta.
  • I figured it was an automated boot camp. A basic training of sorts for Freelancer-recruits to go through training before entering the program proper. Season 8 already demonstrated that there was some sort of mass production of robots going on, and between Lopez, dos.0 and Sheila, we know that Freelancer was also capable of producing lower-level virtual intelligence, so it isn't much of a stretch that the Battle Creek facility was populated by expendable robots for training purposes.

Meta and Church are gonna throw down at the end of Reconstruction.
Church is the Alpha, who got all the aspects of his personalities ripped apart. The meta is gathering all the personalities, so he's becoming closer and closer to what Church once was. Church is gonna kill him, get the personalities, and become his old self. It should be interesting how this will affect him.
  • On the other hand, this is Church we're talking about, and the combined AIs should add up to a second Church. That probably adds up to more "Geeze, you had to deal with him for THAT LONG?" *** sessions than out and out firefights.
  • Looked less like 'threw down' and more like 'all A.I. folded and merged with Alpha the second he hopped in.'
    • Word of God says that they all got wiped by the "Ehmp" anyway.

The Meta is Tex.
The Meta is said to be agent Maine, but who said Tex didn't simply possess him? Tex can exist without a body, so she must be an AI as well, presumably Sigma. She must be trying to gather all the AI to combine them and reform the Alpha. This could be to aid the Alpha, or it could be to rebel against the Alpha, since Sigma is the one for creativity, it/she could be trying to build a completely independent AI.
  • Considering that The Meta appears at the end of Recovery One, and has been acting since before/around York's death, this isn't very likely. If Tex had been The Meta for that long, she'd have taken Delta for herself already.
    • Confirmed: Tex has made her triumphant return as of Revelation episode 10.

Wash was the original mental template for Alpha.
A.I. have to be an impression of someone's mind. Why not someone already in the Freelancer program? It could explain another angle of his hatred of the Director and the program.
  • Jossed by the finale. The Alpha was based on the Director, the original Leonard Church.

The Meta was the original mental template for Alpha.
Could explain the desire to recombine the Freelancer A.I. Maybe the Meta believed in the beginning that if it could gather and merge all the A.I. it could get its mind back. While unduly aggressive, it actually hasn't killed many people yet - it left Caboose alive and Wash as well when it could have easily killed both.
  • Hasn't killed that many? It slaughtered at least 3 bases.
    • Jossed by the final episode of Reconstruction: Turns out that the above WMG was correct.
      • The response to the above WMG was correct.

Caboose or Grif will kill the Meta
Caboose because, well, if all the fragments are collected it will be a second Church, like said above. Who is the utmost expert in killing Church? Caboose.
  • Grif only is a possibility because Caboose is too predictable. If Wash, Church and Caboose are unable to defeat the Meta, then it falls to the reds. Simmons is too competent, thus unlikely is to. Sarge could, but Grif killing the Meta will only hurt Sarge's mental stability. Thus Grif is the second possibility.
  • Or even better, Caboose possessing Grif kills Meta.
    • Which causes Wash's brain to shut down, due to the proof of the existence of ghosts. And Caboose being immortal, which would freak anyone out.
  • Confirmed, albeit with the assistance of Simmons, with the setup by Sarge, and Washington providing the idea.

Church created an AI Tex using his own memories and Omega's and destroyed Cabooses mind in the process
Caboose was moderately smart before Omega, Church and Tex left his mind. Tex was found in Lopez, who fixed himself right after church left, and Tex is known for having affinity with fixing stuff. "Tex" did not know anything that Church didn't. This Tex was probably temporary. When they joined O'Malley in Caboose's head, iTex merged with the Caboose/Omega's mental image of Tex (Which would have been perfect) Thus, aChurch and iTex inadvertantly "took some of the furniture" when they left.
  • Jossed: The A.I. Tex was created alongside the Alpha, as a byproduct of The Director's memories.

The template for the Alpha was... Church
Church points out in 17 that he has memories of his childhood, the girl back home, ect. He also was in a human body at the beginning of the series. Normally, that would make the Alpha information a little unlikely. However, if Church was the holding place for an AI based off himself, not only would no-one notice on a brainscan, but his transition to "Ghost" would be nearly inperceptable to an observer, personalitywise.
  • Confirmed! Specifically Dr. Leonard Church was the original mind of the Alpha, AKA The Director.

Tex was always an AI.
The series finale revealed that the Alpha A.I. was derived from Dr. Leonard Church, who confessed painful memories of a lost loved one - Tex. When the Alpha was tortured to pieces to create Project Freelancer's A.I. stock, these memories naturally coalesced into a fragment that was a pretty good "echo" of the original Tex. The same techniques used to make the Alpha think he was the original Church were used to make this Tex-fragment think she was the original as well. After all, Wash mentioned how Tex was always the Director's favorite... The pairing with Omega? This is the Director, after all, so nostalgia was likely overridden by curiosity over what would happen when two A.I.s were put in the same shell.
  • Also, as a corollary to the above theory. Not only was Tex an AI, but the reason her "ghost" was missing when Church found her body was because the Meta had already got to her and absorbed her into the whole conglomerate. (Also, concerning the pairing with Omega: that might not have actually been something the Director decided. Omega itself showed a liking for her, continually using its "leap" ability to get back to her even when it had been reassigned.)
    • When the viewer sees the avatars of the A.I.s that the Meta has captured, one of them resembles Tex's "ghost" form.
  • What if Tex was an earlier A.I. All together. Flash-cloned from her dying original form by Dr. Church and kept in storage.
    • Confirmed. She was a byproduct of the AI program based of the Director's memories of a girl he loved who died.
      • She was not created earlier, however. She was a byproduct of the Alpha's creation. The Director's memories were just so strong they took their own form.
      • So yeah, all this is pretty much confirmed. Tex was never a real person, just a memory of Allison.
  • Does that mean Tex is the Beta? It would make sense, since she appears to be the first "fragment" created, heck, her creation may have been what led the Director to thinking they could even make more fragments.
    • No. She wasn't a fragment, she's her own being. She's more akin to a... sister to Alpha. No, that's not right. The Eve to Alpha's Adam.
    • Actually according to Season 10, yes she is Beta.
    • To square that circle: The original Church AI (whatever it was originally supposed to be named) was never active and sane; as soon as they fired it up it went nuts and split into two separate AI fragments, arbitrarily dubbed the alpha and beta fragments. As it turns out, the beta fragment was full of his feelings of loss, failure, and general inadequacy tied to his lover and her death in combat, while the alpha fragment was basically Danny Devito.

Church survived the EMP blast.
The EMP was said and shown to knock offline and erase all computer systems - but "ghost" Church seems to be a free-floating hologram rather than being stored in any kind of computer system, so it wouldn't affect him. Being in the process of possessing the Meta at the time might kill this theory, but since the AIs were so important to him, he might have upgraded his AI modules with some kind of EMP protection.
  • This makes a lot of sense. An A.I. in and of itself can't possibly be an electronic life form that needs computers to survive, or else he wouldn't be able to survive without a body (which has has done for long stretches of time before.) Even assuming he's the only one who can sustain himself like that he could easily merge the others into him and jump out of the Meta. Since A.I. are based on human brains, they're not likely to suffer any more damage than a human could providing they could sustain themselves - which he can. The EMP only knocks out electronics after all, and no one has ever said that the A.I. are electronic themselves, simply that they need electronics to live in...most of them anyway.
  • Given that there was a preview of the animated RvB series featuring Church, Grif, and Simmons at PAX, his survival, should the upcoming series be a true sequel, seems assured.
  • Jossed: Despite being seen in the Revelation trailer: Word of God confirms him as erased, along with the rest of the A.I., when the EMP went off.
  • Season 10 confirms that he wasn't free floating, just projecting himself from his teammates' armor. Apparently had one heck of a range, or he subconsciously transferred to other people (such as when he infiltrated Red base).

Church will become the single most badass being in the entire RvB universe.
The Reconstruction finale showed the other AIs all merging into Church as he moved to possess the Meta. Much earlier, Washington had mentioned that those AIs are what allow the Freelancers to make effective use of their armour's special abilities in the first place. Thus, if Church could get a proper possession of the Meta, he could make just as much use of all the special abilities, which is one of the things that made the Meta so powerful in the first place. Add in the fact that the combination of that many AIs in one place would actually be a reintegration of Church's personality, rather than insanity-inducing as it was for the Meta, and that just makes him more dangerous.
  • In this troper's opinion, that already happened with "And a motherfucking ghost."
  • Jossed, unfortunately. The EMP saw to that.
    • Well, while it did kill off Alpha-Church, Epsilon Church is getting pretty damned awesome. He's beginning to unlock a lot of Freelancer's old files via memory, and as of Season 10, episode 12, he's currently inside CAROLINA.

The AI Sigma will be explored more thoroughly in a sequel series, and will have been used similarly to Alpha with at least one other AI split off from it.
That Washington made specific mention of Sigma when talking about how Alpha was broken up, rather than any of the other already-known AIs, suggests that it's somehow important and will be revisited. 'Creativity' is already a fairly broad label for a split-persona, and Sigma has the possibility of "lunate sigma" being used as a plot-point.
  • Perhaps the Sigma AI has been isolated and is used for devising stratagems or simulated combat scenarios?

The AI Psi will be revealed to possess Psychic Powers.
C'mon. What creator could possibly resist that kind of a pun?

Church IS a ghost. The Director is the Alpha
Isn't it a bit odd that Wash, when the computer node for the director comes up, acts like he's talking to the Director in person? And Church had a girl back home who WASN'T Tex. Could it be that Church is the ghost of the template for Alpha, which was used to direct the project as a precautionary measure?
  • Jossed.

Church's "original" body (the one that Caboose team-killed) was a Freelancer.
Every other AI was partnered with a Freelancer - Omega/Tex, Gamma/Wyoming, Delta/York and so on. Why should Alpha be any different? However, because of Alpha's natural possession ability and heavily-fractured personality, said Freelancer was shunted far into the back, with only Church in any real control. To fit with Alpha being the most important AI, this Freelancer's armour ability would have been among the most powerful. Unfortunately, since a consequence of this ability was a weakness to tank fire, we never got to see it in action.
  • His codename? "Florida".
    • Jossed. Florida was Captain Flowers.
      • While still jossed, there is an interesting hiccup: while Florida was not Church, Florida did choose Church's host body.

The "girl back home" Church mentioned didn't exist.
She was actually just a residual memory of the loved one the original Director lost. Because of the fragmented and limited nature of the memories, he doesn't remember her death.
  • Alternatively, he was just lying. I always thought he was referring to Tex though, because whether or not she cared about him (which she seemed to have) he certainly cared about her.
    • Wait, if Tex was the girl back home, how the heck could she be the wedge that prevented Church from marrying the girl back home?
    • The exact quote was "You uh, you remember that girl I told you about back home? Well, let's just say that Tex is the real reason why we never got married." Meaning that it was because of Tex that he and Tex never got married - which makes perfect sense.
      • "I never said I hated Tex. I just said that she was the reason we never got married."
      • It always seemed pretty obvious to me—he may have wanted to marry her, but can you see Tex agreeing to get married? Alternately, they didn't get married because she went off to become a Freelancer. Remember at this point he still hasn't revealed that Tex is female. Of course, from later events, we now know that there never was a "back home" for either Tex or Church...

The Red Vs Blue war was a training program for Freelancers.
Consider that every Freelancer we've seen is strange in some way. Wyoming was an Amoral ***, Wash obviously has some deep seated issues(That may or may not have predated the implantation of Epsilon, Maine apparently got it into his head to gather all the A.I.s together despite likely knowing the failure that was before. All The Freelancers, in one way or another, are all Bunny Ears Lawyers. They are quirky but also incredibly competent in one way or another. Now consider who the only two truly competent soldiers in Blood Gulch were, due to some hidden skill. Tucker was a crack shot with incredible eyesight and observational skills which he Claims were because of his never getting his hands on the sniper rifle. Donut has a great throwing arm and great endurance in foot travel. They were selected by Command and Project Freelancer for some purpose yet unknown, though we do know that Tucker was sent to look for something after his cameo in Reconstruction.
  • Sarge was likely meant to be recruited when he refused his relocation orders. His skill with machinery and robotics being obviously examples of his disproportionate abilities.
    • Well, it's technically true. Delta has referred to the Blood Gulch soldiers as Simulation Troopers. Even if they weren't necessarily recruiting, they were using them as target practise (or hey, maybe both! The ones that survive and thrive get inducted into the Freelancer program while the ones that don't... typically die in this live fire exercise).
      • Actually, the Blood Gulch Outposts were used to test new military hardware, hence the presence of the Robot Kits, the "Motorcycle", the Wraith and the freelancers dropping in all the time.

The Director is Epsilon.
At the end of Reconstruction 19 The Director says his mind is more full of memory than hope. Epsilon is memory. He would have all the memories of Leonard Church later on as well. We never see The Director. Epsilon could be transmitting his voice as The Director. It's possible something happened to the real Director and Epsilon was the only one who had the capability to take over due to having the memories. That would also explain why The Director is so set that he did nothing wrong in torturing Alpha since he was torturing himself - Epsilon IS Alpha, or his memories anyway, which means he did torture himself in a roundabout way. Other A.I. in universe aren't considered the same person as they are cloned off of, so why would Alpha be any different? To refer to Alpha as himself, The Director might be a shard of Alpha, i.e. the only one who had the memories of both the torture and the justification behind it. He also seemed to understand perfectly when Wash knew what was going on ("It was Epsilon, wasn't it.") almost as if he expected it. Plus why would Epsilon have the codes to activate the failsafe? Those wouldn't have been set until the A.I. were a confirmed danger, which was why Epsilon was removed from Wash. Why would Epsilon have the codes unless he had set them? Also, The Director wasn't bothered that he was going to be arrested because he knew The Chairman couldn't find him - because he's at Blue Base in Valhalla with Caboose about to be implanted into a body.
  • Jossed. The Director speaks directly (face-to-face) to Washington in Recreated. Naturally, we only see him from behind, but we can still see that there's a body.
    • But wait. That was the Chairman, not the Director.
    • But The Director himself tells the Chairman that if he sends his men to arrest him, "they won't find themselves a fight. They will only find an old man [...]" The fact that The Chairman tried to put him on trial suggests they were able to find him.

Epsilon is in Caboose
Caboose's erratic behaviour, sudden intelligence, and sudden...creepiness in Relocated, as well as the way he snuck up on Simmons and spied on the Reds is definitely not like him. Thus he could have implanted Epsilon into himself rather than into Tex's old body—as he has done something with Epsilon by the end of 'Reconstruction'', but Tex's body is still uninhabited.
  • Not quite. Epsilon was still in the storage unit. Caboose was simply talking to him, possibly receiving instructions on what to do.

Church upon fusing with the Meta is Jesus
He is the Alpha and the Omega. (And several others as well, but that's beside the point.)

Tucker is part Alien now
Superhuman hearing and eyesight? Badass sniping skills without any prior experience with a sniper rifle? Take note that these things happened after Junior was born. Something tells me the Alien did more than just impregnate Tucker with a parasitic embryo.
  • More or less confirmed in Recreation. Tucker mentioned that he's "somewhere between Alien and Human".
    • I thought he was talking about himself and Junior.
      • Same here. It seemed that the pair of them represented a union between the two races.

The Church and and Tex seen in the Recreation Trailer are not the normal Tex and Church we know
In middle of the trailer for Recreation, a white Church is seen observing the reds, who then meets up with Tex to observe Caboose. It should be noted that neither of them act normally. Tex is very nice and caring toward Church, and while Church isn't exactly positive, his words lack their usual air of Caustic Snark. This has lead me to believe that neither of them is exactly as they were. My two leading theories are that either these are the "Ghosts" or some other preserved form of the Original Leonard Church and Tex (Who the AI ones we know were based off of), or that Church is the recombined "Alpha-Church", hence his much less sarcastic attitude, and the Tex we see is either her AI Ghost (No idea why she's so nice if this is the case) or some sort of "spun-off" AI from him, either from his recovered memories of Original Tex, or a simple construct he's made so he's not constantly by himself.
  • Less sarcastic? his first line in the trailer is a sarcastic "Oh great, I'm sure THIS will turn out well.", followed up by insults directed at the Reds, a fervent wish that he had died fighting something cool or "in a sorority blowjob massacre", and even more insults and sulky lamentations regarding Caboose. Him and Tex seem to be slightly nicer to each other, but this could easily just be character development... Especially since at the very end, they're still snarky with each other, with Church sarcatically thanking Tex for her lacklustre input, and Tex insisting he's the only one to blame (presumably because Dr. Church designed her AI in the first place).
  • Church is very sarcastic. It's just unusually focused on himself and just as unusually filled with a feeling of despair.
    • Which makes perfect sense if he's either depressed due to the discovery of his nature as an AI.
  • Since Word of God confirms Alpha as being deleted by the EMP, that entire aspect of the trailer is rendered non-canon.
    • Actually, it's shown that the Church that survives isn't actually church, but a copy of church that was so accurately remembered from epsilon that it is almost the same, and it is shown that the same happened with the other AI Fragments, as we see Epsilon-Delta taking control.

When he returns Church will not be as awesome as we think he'll be
This came to me a while back, but only in checking this page just now have I remembered. Above, we have a theory that church will become really badass. And yes, this could happen, but coupled with the Recreation trailer, I propose the opposite theory. Being Reintegrated, AI Church is now probably a whole mind again (Minus previous memories, since Epsilon is yet to be recovered), and probably still has the possession thing. However, the Freelancer's abilities all come from armor modifications, so just by being whole, Church has no access to Active Camo, Time Stops or any of those other abilities, since he has no body. One guesses that whatever happened to the Meta has recreated Church accurately enough to essentially pick up right where Alpha-Church left off.

The 'Recreation' in the new series title is actually 'Re-creation'
Meaning something will be recreated for a new war.
  • Most likely referring to Church's mind being recreated- either that, or it means both teams (Red and Blue) will be re-created when Tucker, Donut, Tex, and Church come back.

Wash's plan was not to destroy the other AI in the Meta, it was to steal them
We know Wash dislikes AI. However, the reason he never uses them is because if any of them noticed what is inside his head, he'd be killed for knowing too much. If all of the AI, or at least all of the ones that are good at killing people, were under his control, his life would be a lot easier. If Church and the Meta were pulled into Epsilon somehow, he would have an "inside man" to help him.

The alternate endings for Episode 100 as well as the April Fools stories were all stories that Caboose told Epsilon
Caboose couldn't remember those parts, so he just went ahead and made them up. The correct ending was extrapolated by Epsilon.

Vic is Alpha's tendency to be a dick.
Assuming Vic is an AI fragment, he represents his ability to be a general Jerkass without being violent and aggressive. Alternatively, he's his passive aggression while Omega is his active aggression.
  • Either that, or they just looked around command for the most dickish person they could find who wasn't doing anything important and put him in charge of screwing with a bunch of bickering idiots in a backwater canyon in the middle of nowhere, then said: "Have fun."
    • V.I.C. stands for 'Virtual Intelligence Computer.' VI and AI are distinctly different types of program. Thus, VIC cannot be an AI fragment.

Sheila was one of the AI Fragments, but not Sigma.
Remember, she first introduced herself to Church as "Phyllis" before changing it to Sheila. She's actually Phi. She's Alpha's technical skill. Consider - he's hit a single target, by accident outside of Wyoming's time loop, and hasn't driven any vehicle or used any technology competently on screen! While Revelation reveals that Sheila is a copy of a program called F.I.L.L.S, pronounced "Phyllis", Project Freelancer was only issued a single artificial intelligence. Sheila/F.I.L.L.S. is easily as capable as other A.I. such as Theta, Delta, or Omega. If they could requisition A.I.-level programs but not A.I. themselves for such projects... why all the futzing around with reverse-engineering split personalities? It's risky, and contrary to the Director's stated results-oriented strategy. (He could be wrong or lying; as he told the Chairman a large part of all of this WAS to punish/redeem himself for letting Allison die, as Dr. Church saw it. )
  • Despite the plausibility of this theory, Phi isn't one the highlighted letters in S 10 E 6, which probably sinks it. However, Alpha and Beta aren't either. Hmm.
  • Sheila's limitations (specifically, her inability to reside in anything smaller than a tank) seem to imply that she was, sadly, just a part of Project Freelancer's (presumed) original goal of developing a man-portable control system for the various armor upgrades.
    • While Sheila was a vast improvement over FILLS, who took a starship to transport, she obviously wasn't good enough for the Project's goals.

Tucker is actually a Freelancer.
When he has the chance to fight, Tucker proves to be as tough as freelancer characters such as Tex and Wash, if not more so. And seeing as he was the only person in Blood Gulch to realise Church was an AI, including Church himself, that probably makes him smartest by default. He just seems too competent to be a regular Blood Gulch soldier.
  • Nope, it's a result of his alien DNA, revealed in Recreation. As for the sword, it's a Halo: Combat Evolved-era sword. In that game, they would disintegrate as soon as the wielder was killed. The sword was "bonded" to Tucker because he was the first to activate it.
  • When did they say that he had alien DNA? "Between aliens and humans" can just refer to the fact that he has that sword and has given birth to an alien. Besides, aliens are mostly just on par with humans.
  • And while he is a cut above his fellow "Simulation Troopers", and probably better than most marines, Tex and Meta still have him outclassed in every way. Given Wash's performance against Tex, he's probably better than Tucker, too.
  • Jossed by Season 15, which has him plainly state that he’s not a Freelancer.

Tucker's abilities are the result of the sword.
The sword is a religious artifact with abilities beyond simply being a weapon. While it has only definitely shown the ability to work as a key, it granted immunity to temporal manipulation makes more sense than alien DNA, especially since the aliens have never shown that ability themselves. Additionally, having a weapon that can kill or dismember with a single hit makes you much more of a threat in close combat, regardless of skill.

Church will remember what happened in Blood Gulch and Reconstruction, but he'll remember Caboose's version of events.
Epsilon is Alpha's memory, but Epsilon wasn't around during most of the first six seasons. Epsilon only heard Caboose's version of events, which are likely to be completely inaccurate. Epsilon will fill in Church's memory so he remembers what happened to him as the Alpha, but Church will only remember what Epsilon remembers/heard.
  • Confirmed in Recreation ep. 15.
    • Epsilon Church also said he felt his old memories (as Alpha Church) would eventually come back, suggesting that the two (or more) fragment AI haven't properly reintegrated.
    • It seems that by the end of the series, Epsilon has sorted out Caboose's version of events from what actually happened.

The AI are all connected through Epsilon, and Epsilon merely broadcasts them.
You cannot copy an AI, and this is stressed multiple times. However, they managed to fracture one, and it resulted in the Freelancer AI. Since the fractures are still all part of the same AI, they must still have a connection to each other. Wash apparently knows everything about the Freelancer project. This can be attributed to his memory, but also he could have perceived through the other AI. When Epsilon "Killed himself" this was merely another split-off from the original. Fast-forward to Church and Tex. Both have had their bodies blown to pieces and yet somehow their programs weren't even remotely compromised. They could have been broadcasting from their bodies, but I don't think that sounds feasible. If Epsilon was their basis, then that would allow them to survive the explosions entirely undamaged. Next, let's look at the library, when Church was having flashbacks imposed by Epsilon. This is the largest piece of evidence, since they are connected somehow. Finally, Washington wanted to stop the Meta, and probably didn't want to kill Church. If the EMP disrupted Epsilon's signal, then all of the AI that had split would default back to him.
  • The Library scene can be explained by Epsilon being, not just the Alpha's memories, but the personification of memory as an abstract concept. Thus, he can freely absorb and share memories.
  • Confirmed. He does possess memories of all of the AI fragments, which he broadcasts during intense mood swings, as seen in S10, E22.

Church and Tex are both trapped inside the Meta.
  • If we assume that Tex is an A.I, she was collected by the Meta when it acquired Omega and Gamma. Church then fused with it at the end of Reconstruction. However the Meta's personality is not gone and it and Church are currently fighting for control of the body. When we see Church and Tex in the Recreation prolouge, we're seeing things sort of from Church's perspective. Solid body, but with Mark VI armour, not the Meta's. Church heads for Blue base, knowing Tex's body is there, hoping to use it for Tex, encounters Donut and then the Meta's personality takes over. In the last episode of Recreation, Church will regain control (maybe only briefly) just before the Meta kills Donut, Lopez and Simmons.
    • Word of God has confirmed all A.I. present at Freelancer HQ as erased by the EMP, ruling this out.

There are now two Churches
One is still inside the Meta, One is inside the laser-face bot.]]
  • Jossed: See response to above WMG.

The Meta will do a Heel–Face Turn
He currently has Church, the Alpha, in his mind (Assuming the above is true). There's no reason for him to be killing anybody, unless he doesn't know. Church will accept he is the Alpha (as he still currently believes he is "a motherfucking ghost"), and convince the Meta that it doesn't need to kill anymore to find him. Presumably (read: hopefully) the Meta will then kill Washington.

CT is the freelancer Conneticut
CT is a shortened form of Conneticut, and lot's of freelancers have probably gone rogue after Church and Wash trashed command.
  • More or less confirmed by Washington in episode 8 of Revelations.
  • Confirmed: She is called Conneticut by the director in episode 13 of Season 9

One of the AI is Leonard's accent.
The real Leonard Church had a very distinct drawl, but none of the AI did. As the Alpha broke down and became less coherent, it decided that its accent was a liability. One of the Freelancers felt very cheated.
  • This is the best WMG ever. Of all time.
  • Sarge anyone?
    • I think it's been pretty conclusively stated that Sarge isn't an A.I.
  • We never did learn what Theta could do....
  • Kinda Jossed in that we actually encounter the original Alpha unit in S9 Ep. 13, and he doesn't have the accent. Although it's not stated if that was before or after the procedures began...

Washington is only pretending to work with the Meta
Kind of obvious, but he tells the Chairman that he needs equipment including invisibility and overshields. Chairman says he can point Wash in the right direction. As we've seen, the Meta has both. Wash shoots Donut and Lopez to trick the Meta into thinking he on it's side. Wash will then kill the Meta while it's guard is down, take all the equipment it stole from the freelancers and use Wyomming's time manipulation device to travel back and prevent his past self from killing the Reds.
  • Except that Meta already responded to Wash's commands, meaning he knew they were supposed to be working together. The Chairman probably meant that they had Maine in holding, but they had been unable to remove the components from him. Especially since the whole conversation was revealed to be a flashback.

Wash has his own agenda, separate from Command's and possibly involving finding or piecing together the Alpha.
Just because he made a really badass statement doesn't mean he meant it. He was trying to get out of prison, and we know perfectly well he's pulled off similar deceptions in the past. Whatever he's up to now, he's still keeping his real motivations a secret.
  • It's possible, even, that he has found the way out that he mentioned...but that it's not the way out Command is offering. Double meanings, mistrust of authority, and hidden plans are all established parts of his character.

Director Leonard Church is, in fact, pre-time skip Church. Alpha Church and post-time skip Tex are the AI he created.
Director Leonard Church says, in the epilogue of Reconstruction, that he lost someone very important to him early in life. Keep in mind that the Director is quite old, and he could be speaking of himself losing Tex as a young man. Granted, there are some huge holes in this flaw (didn't Church die first? Wouldn't that indicate he's been the Alpha since then?), but some can be explained away (he never got the chance to serve in battle? Please, you can't actually call what they did in Blood Gulch battle.).
  • Since the WMG about there being no Timeskip is essentially confirmed, this is impossible.

The "Chairman" is actually a UNSC officer who is the Big Good of the series, and the only Reasonable Authority Figure in the series.
First time he shows up, he's sending a polite note to the Director, whom he's obviously very suspicious of, but still plans to find out what's going on by the book. Only towards the end, when the Director's excuses for evading his questions grow more cryptic, does the Chairman finally decide to get a warrant and search the building. Then, in Recreation, he offers Wash, a possibly unstable criminal, an offer to get out of jail in exchange for assistance. This Troper thinks that at the end of Resolutions, the Chairman will send in backup for the squad, arrest Wash and put him in an asylum, and probably let the Reds and Blues go free.
  • While I agree on the Chairman being one of the few (if not the only) sympathetic authorities, especially for his reaction once he discovered about the origin of the Freelancer A.I, sending an unstable criminal with a record of killing guards who happen to stand around in the wrong place, confirmed psychical problems and a need for Revenge that would make Mafia back of slowly, is not what I´d call a Big Good.
  • What I meant was he's the highest ranked officer who's basically on the side of the Blood Gulch crew. But about sending Wash in; he probably doesn't know about the Epsilon "incident" (considering he knew almost nothing about what Freelancer did to it's personel) and has no clue Wash killed Donut.
    • I'd've assumed that the objection was referring to the Meta as the unstable criminal with a record of killing folks who were in the wrong place, since the Chairman sent both him and Wash, as I understood it.
  • Jossed, though, because the Chairman is both a civilian and difficult to describe as 'good.'

Caboose is now a Genius Ditz
When Delta spend a bit time is Cabooses Mind in Reconstruction, he made a few adjustments and repaired some of the damage that happened during the Omega-Arc. Note how "Agent Washingtub" is a pretty close, yet very naive, version of the orginial. The 'Genius' part is knowledge of advanced technology, thats why Caboose could wire Epsilon with the monitor. Problem is that he still has no knowledge of basic technology, leading to explosions and random fire during his experiements in Valhalla.
  • Alternatively, Epsilon was actually guiding Caboose through the process.

The whole RVB: Recollections saga is a story being told by Caboose, and when Resolutions ends, they will reveal it and the cast will say how ridiculous it is
Not much evidence, just that it would explain the Cerebus Syndrome.

Church really is a ghost now
The Recreation trailer shows Church in a slightly unusal form. White armour, as we've come to associate with his ghost/A.I form, only it's no longer transparent. Plus in the trailer, keeps moping about being dead. Despite Wash saying there's no such thing as ghosts, Burnie Burns himself once said the trouble with characters who lie is that the audience still believes what they say. Church is now a true ghost. Solid, but presumably unable to be seen by anyone still alive.
  • Since he was never really alive, and the Director has still yet to die, this seems unlikely. And it couldn't have been Alpha-Church, since he's been confirmed as erased by the EMP.

Donut is obviously going to survive
How do I know this? Simple. In Halo Reach, you get jetpacks. Now, assuming RvBgoes to to be filmed in Reach, do you honestly think they'll pass up an opportunity to show Donut with a jetpack?
  • Confirmed. Donut did survive his wound and joined the gang back in Valhalla.

Donut is/has the Sigma AI.
Think about it. Sigma is the Alpha's creativity. How many hours of possible redecorating ideas do you think the reds had to sit through back in Blood Gulch? One to many if onscreen reactions told us anything.Now, Donut was a normal soldier, albeit a bit dimwitted, when he first arrived in Blood Gulch. After getting Tex's grenade to the head, he was airlifted out to receive medical assistance. After he returned in his new lightish-red armor, he obviously changed.This Troper's theory is that Donut was possibly put into something similar to a coma, or simply received enough injury to not fully function on his own. So, seeing no alternative without messing up some part of their overly-complicated plan, Command simply decided to install one of the failed, but still functional and relatively harmless, AI to keep him alive. It's possible that the Alpha's creative side had enough of an 'imagination' to not believe it was a fragment at all, instead nearly becoming one with Donut's mentality, while also keeping it from reacting to Donut being possessed by Church or O' Mally.
  • This could also be the reason he was separated from the other Reds during Reconstruction.
  • Unlikely, since no recovery beacon triggered when Wash shot him.
  • Jossed by Word of God - Sigma was the A.I. assigned to the Meta

Caboose is using Obfuscating Stupidity
Just two bits I picked up on in Recreation; he incorrectly says Donut's names several times, but also says them correctly. Also, when talking about putting Sarge in a good mood, Caboose suggests that Donut kill "the orange one", yet apparently told Epsilon that Grif was yellow. Whenever Church goes on a journey inside Caboose's mind, he meets up with screwed up images of the rest of the cast; yet this doesn't happen in anyone else's.

My theory is that Caboose has been playing everyone for fools since the series began. When he screws up, acts stupid, he's simply reinforcing his cover. However, as shown when trying to convince Donut to kill Grif, he is perfectly capable of getting things right if it can further his goals. Those mental constructs aren't what he really thinks; they're all just a decoy to keep anyone who goes into his mind from finding out his true purpose. Why would, sweet, naive, Michael J Caboose do all of this? He isn't really Caboose.

He claims he mistook the recruitment office for a college; he stole his initials, MJC, from Modesto Junior College; a community college in California. This was a Keyser Soze-style plan to trick people. So, with those initials, it would imply he's from California. And who take their names from states? That's right, Caboose is actually the freelancer Agent California. Think about it, why hasn't RT ever introduced a freelancer from the largest state in the US? There's no reason, unless he's been there since the beginning. Watching, waiting.

As we know, freelancers tend to have some measure of special abilities; and Caboose is unusually strong. Also, how could someone who's so consitently awful stay on the military payroll? His employer is willing to tolerate the crap he pulls in order to keep his cover as an imbecile. I assume his master plan will unfurl as Revelation continues...

  • California is the third largest state. Alaska is the largest. The reason the freelancer with the most screentime is Texas (the second-largest state, incidentally) is probably because the series is made by people living in Austin.
    • Sorry, I messed up; I meant most populous state.

Grif is actually very intelligent and a capable soilder who hides behind a mask to fool everyone into underestimating him who will, when the times right defeat the blues and the Meta and win the war in a blaze of pwnage
  • Well, he did at least defeat the Meta, or at least dealt the final blow (with Simmons' help).
  • Seems possable, but it's more likely that instead of trying to deliberatly fool people about it, he just really is that lazy, but when given an actual reason to put forth his best efforts he does tend to be one of the most compotent people in the series.

Sarge is actually a caring and understanding leader, who's secretly trying to make Grif into a better soldier and future leader by giving him an example of what a leader should not do.

Doc is actually not a medic, but an assassin trying to kill off the Red and Blue teams by treating their wounds badly. The fact that they still live is because he's every bit as incompetant an assassin as he is in his cover identity as a medic.

Donut actually gets all the ladies, however, he had lost a bet with a colleague which forces him to act in a setereotypical manner when he's at work.

Valhalla is/was the testing ground for the A.I Beta
Blood Gulch has been referred to as Blood Gulch Outpost number 1 by the Reds, Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha by the Blues and Blood Gulch Outpost 1A by Wash (and presumably the rest of Project Freelancer. And which A.I was sent there? Alpha. Valhalla meanwhile, is referred to as Outpost 17B. If A stands for Alpha, what does B stand for? Beta.
  • Maybe Tex is Beta..?
    • If she was given that designation at any point, it wasn't as an A.I. fragment: She is stated in Chapter 19 of Revelation to be her own entity.
  • A Lso worth noting is that Rat's Nest, another Freelancer Outpost, didn't get a letter, it was only called Outpost 28, indicating that it was not a testing site for an A.I.
    • Tex is revealed to be Beta in season 10

Omega's level of control is inversely proportional to the level of aggression of the host.
When Doc, a True Pacifist, got infected, the Omega AI was able to almost completely take over, only allowing Doc a few breif moments of consciousness. When the Omega AI is inside Tex, the most aggressive soldier, it does almost nothing. She seems to be have the exact same personality with or without it (though that may be because she's an AI like Church). Captain Flowers, another pacifist, lost total control as well. When it was inside Caboose though, it didn't seem to have much control. Caboose was only a little more aggressive and psychotic, he didn't lose control.

Church is in total control of the Meta now.
At the end of Reconstruction, we saw Chruch, the Alpha, go into the Meta, where most of the other AI were stored. This recontructed (hence the title) the Alpha, making him whole again. This would change Church quite a bit, since he's closer to the doctor that created him. He also likely retained the ability to possess, hence why Maine's greed and psychotic aggression hasn't resurfaced. This explains why he's so calmly working with Washington.

Everything the Meta has done are things Church would do, and the way Church would act. He's only fought Reds, nothing out of the ordinary for Church, especially since he missed every shot. Except for punching Doc, but Doc shot first. Also, he's far less aggressive than usual. He seemed hesitant to fight Donut, and only did so when Donut's back was turned. He could've killed Donut any time he wanted to, but he didn't, instead chased Simmons, who is one of the few people that's a threat. He actually seemed to be trying to talk, but for some reason the Meta can't. Washington is the one who's been overly aggressive.

The Meta seems mean, but all he's trying to do is get back Epsilon, and thus the rest of Church's memories so he can be completely full. Also note the way he just chased Epsilon-Church around, he didn't even try to shoot him.

"Master Chick" of Haloid is actually Tex.
Montyoum is working for Rooster Teeth now.
  • Jossed. "Master Chick" is Nicole-458 from Dead or Alive 4. And reading her backstory, she's too girly to be Tex.

Sarges behavior is caused by the bullet still stuck in his brain.
This is the cause of Sarges "Sargeism". In the beginning Sarge was partly sane and more competent, until Caboose sniped him. Grif may have revived Sarge, but nothing was said that he removed any bullet that probably is still inside his brain. As the series progressed the bullet just kept sinking deeper in his lobes, until Sarge is as we know him today.
  • That would also explain why his accent suddenly changed in season three, the bullet reached the Cerebral Cortex.

The latest series, Revelation, will lead up to a Church vs Church battle.
Many ways this can happen, but there are at least two Churches on the board right now. Leonard Church, Director. Epislon Church, A.I. If you count the teaser trailer you have Church, Ghost Thingy. Technically, with episode 6 we see Delta is still around in some form. So that leaves Church, Alpha. Being even more liberal in assigning Churchdom, we have the original Epsilon Unit that is remaining on the ground and still active. Church, E.U. So there are four plausible Churchs, up to five as of ep 6 if you push it, and knowing how hot blooded he can be.....
  • For ultimate Fun, let the battle happen in cabooses head, so Mental-Avatar Church can join.
  • The week after I wrote that? An army of freaking Churchs, with or without AI/Minds, were revealed. Booya. This is now so certain that it won't happen just to be ironic.
    • Those bodies are back ups.
  • The teaser is non-canon, and the E.U. isn't actually active anymore.

All the Freelancers are women
.Okay, so CT had a masculine voice and turned out to be a woman with a voice filter. Tex had a masculine voice and turned out to be a woman with a voice filter. It's not likely, but possible (hey, this is what the W in WMG is for) that this is true of the other Freelancers, but some (most?) of them just got tired of correcting everybody. Yeah, even the twin brother and sister team dammit. Even Wyoming, whose name is either really Regina or had really fucked up parents...which isn't impossible. The masculine pronoun probably became a running joke or a term of endearment.
  • Actually, Wyoming's name is Reginald.
  • An AI, Alpha's fragments, teamed up with Freelancers. Tex is the Alpha of Freelancers. If not all, most Freelancers are female the same way most AI are male. Trying to mimic/copy Tex.
  • Disproven. In the new trailer, we see York's face, and he's definitely male. Though he could be the only exception...
  • Further Disproven with North Dakota's face being revealed.
    • Obvious solution: York and North Dakota are transvestites.
  • The whole theory is jossed come Season 10, where it's shown that the CT from Recollection wasn't the real CT, but her lover the Insurrectionist Leader (a man) who took up her armor out of grief shortly after CT's death.

C.T. was an AI. He is either a fragment or a copy of Tex
.Basing this mostly on similarities. Both C.T and Tex were revealed to be women after they had been introduced and both had voice filters before that. Both were pretty tough freelancers (at least, it is very possible C.T was a freelancer, since C.T. is an abbreviation for Connecticut and Wash knew him) both more serious and straight men compared to the Blood Gulch crew. And C.T was trying to find Epsilon, another AI, even though he might not have known it was an AI. C.T. was another AI based off the Director's old 'loved one.' and he sent C.T. there to acquire Epsilon.
  • C.T. is confirmed as being a Freelancer by Wash. Whether she was one of the "State" agents, or just one of the project's higher lackeys is unknown, however.
  • Well Wash found C.T. by following a recovery beacon in her armor, something only freelancers have been shown to have, and he did have to specifcily remind The Meta that C.T. was never implanted with an A.I. meaning that there would have been a reason for the Meta to assume otherwise.
  • Jossed. The C.T at the dig site was the [[Insurrectionist Leader, known as the Pillman. He took her identity and armor when she was killed.]]

It was Washington's fault that Epsilon almost killed himself
Washington didn't treat Epsilon like a person and ignored his AI's traumatic experiences. He never took seriously all the signs that pointed to Epsilon being depressed and even goaded him into killing himself. When Epsilon finally attempted to commit suicide and was removed from Washington's head, Washington immediately felt guilty afterward and at that point on, decided to take down the Director himself. This explains Epsilon's reaction upon seeing Washington in Revelations.

Captain Butch Flowers used to be in the Special Forces
Tucker asked Tex if she used to be in the Special Forces. This suggests that black armor is not exclusive to Freelancers. We also see plenty of Freelancers with other colours of armor. Flowers' teal armor, now Tucker's armor, used to be black. When he quit the special forces, he used an ineffective method to change this special forces armor to teal. Alternatively, most armor have some method of protection against turning black when going through the teleporter and black armor were excluded cause... they're already black. This is why Tucker's teal armor keeps turning black every time he goes through the teleporter.
  • Jossed by Episode 10 of Revelations. The black stuff can quite literally be punched off, and appears to be some kind of dust or soot. It's more like that its caused by some sort of chemical reaction between the teleporter and some specific ingredient in the teal colouring of Tucker's armour.
    • It's still possible that originally black armor were not treated for dust/soot resistance due to redundancy or because teleporters were still in the experimental stage, so only non-special forces armor were treated (freelancer armor may still be treated due to the experiments being conducted by Project Freelancer). Instead, they were treated for a different type of material that grants them special qualities that Tucker has yet to activate.
    • Captain Flowers is confirmed to be in the "Special Forces" in the finale of Season 10. Turns out, he was Agent Florida from Project Freelancer, assigned to the Alpha as security.
    • When Tucker has his "teleport accident", it causes an alteration in space AND time (as well as leaving that black stuff). This armor was originally Flowers Who's really Agent Florida. So, the armor had a special add-on/paint job that reacts poorly to any kind of time/space distortion. The Director foresaw Wyoming coming after Church, and tried to give Florida a defense against his tech

Shiela is just messing with Caboose's head
At the very beginning of Episode 10 of Revelations, Shiela calls for security against Tex, but when Caboose asks her to intervene and save the Reds, she claims that she can't compromise the simulation. However, she makes it clear that she knows that Tex is part of the "simulation" and, being the AI system for the entire facility, would know that there shouldn't even be any sort of simulation currently happening. She can intervene if she wants to, she just likes confusing Caboose.
  • Alternatively, the Reds are the security breach, having opened up the one thing they shouldnt have.
    • Well they did litterally shoot there way in through the front door.

Alpha is inside the Epsilon storage unit
When Epsilon asks Caboose if they need the storage unit to put him in a body, Caboose says no and Epsilon decides to leave it where it is. But the camera lingers on it and if you listen carefully, it still makes the sound it made when Epsilon was inside. Last time we saw Alpha, he was outside blue base at Valhalla, planning to "get started". My bet is that he tried to merge with Epsilon by going inside the storage unit, but something went wrong. When Caboose put Epsilon in the monitor body, Alpha was somehow trapped in the storage unit. And now, Meta and Wash are about to find it.
  • Jossed. Alpha was erased by the EMP.

the series will end with a blue in recon beating down the meta
and not just any blue. epsilon church and caboose. caboose has already proven to be the strongest physically, and epsilon church is still an AI. so, my theory is this: the series finale will have the meta beating down everyone(reds,blues,tex,and wash) and the body epsilon church is using will land next to caboose, and in a last ditch effort to save everyone, epsilon church will jump into caboose's armor. and it is obvious caboose's armor is special, as he was not affected by the armor lockdown. so, when epsilon jumps into caboose, his armor gets a MASSIVE upgrade, and transforms into recon. they then proceed to turn a curb stomp battle into something indefinetely more epic. epsilon proceeds to jump into the metas busted up armor, and all the AI fragments(who were still there, and unaffected by the EMP) fuse back together into the full alpha ai, who gets his body back. and of course, grif gets re-promoted, and sarge gets demoted. and tex and church get back together. and caboose keeps recon.
  • ...What?
  • Written and edited by Michael Caboose.

Omega is alive and well and inside Agent Washington
This would explain Washington's sudden transition between Reconstruction and Revelations from pragmatic but honorable soldier to kill-happy blood knight. If you contrast Wash's behavior in Recovery One and Reconstruction (showing remarkable patience towards the Blood Gulch crew despite their zany antics, sparing South's life the first time they met despite orders to kill her, etc.) with how he acts in Revelations (with violencing being the first and only solution to any problem, and threatening and yelling at everyone he meets), it seems he's gotten a massive boost in Rage consistent with possession by Omega. Doc even remarks in episode 11 about how Revelations Washington is so incredibly angry all the time.

Omega's been shown to be able to survive outside a host body for a limited period of time as a free-floating "radio signal"; perhaps he realized the Meta was about to get fried, bailed just before Church took possession of Meta, rode out the EMP in signal form, then repossessed the only host left standing in the immediate area... Washington.

Alternatively, Omega was never acquired by the Meta in the first place, and everyone only assumed that he had been. Somehow, he's found his way inside Washington over the course of the series' events.

  • Personally, I think Washington just snapped. The whole reason he was so patient was because he wanted to take down the Chairman, and didn't want anything to interfere with that. So he put aside his personal feelings long enough to do what he could. Unfortunately, the EMP took out all the evidence save Epsilon, and Caboose never turned over Epsilon. He's basically got several years worth of pathos pent up, and its flooding out.
  • Given that Alpha was erased by the EMP, it is unlikely that Omega's signal form could survive it.

Sarge actually is Grifs father
The reveal will be very akward on both sides.
  • That is the most awesome wmg ever. even better than one of the AI's being the alpha's accent.
    • Jossed. When Church possessed Sarge and got him killed, Sarge said he wanted to live and let Grif know that he was his son. Church asked really, and Sarge replied "Naw, I just wanted to mess with him one last time."
      • Thats what this WMG was based on. Both of them are oblivious.

Donut will return, but not as we know him
Extended death hasn't really been shown to do... anything to someone's mental state, if Captain Flowers is anything to go by. Couple with the fact that Lopez has survived far worse than a single bullet wound, so he was presumably playing dead. He should have some idea of how to combat the Meta (unless I missed something where the Meta and Wash ground his body to bits, or something). He now has free rein of the entire base, including the Reds' holographic simulation facility. He can design anything he feels like, and with some knowledge of Project Freelancer, Donut's brain, and the sense not to drive his allies completely insane, he could potentially redesign his suit into a dual-AI setup more capable than the Meta.
  • Lopez also mentioned having made copies of himself, just in case.

Ghosts are real, and the Director knew this
Church's original body presumably escaped (or 'escaped') from the Director's 'personal project'. Regardless of whether the rest of this is correct, the army of Church-bodies indicates that the Director intended for more than to see himself take the chances he never had. He apparently knew that, whatever Church was, he'd outlive his body and require another. Now, consider that the Director that we've seen is, as noted above, I believe, a giant version of Epsilon-Church's bowling-ball form, broadly speaking. The switcheroo to hide the Alpha was far more insane and ridiculous than Wash considered: the Director we've seen is the Alpha, inhabiting the mechanism that the Director set up as his interaction with the world, while the original Director died, and his ghost gained entrance to the bunker. Intentionally, or not, the ghost repressed his memories, reverting himself to the soldier Church. This is why Omega did nothing at all when it possessed him: its function was completely redundant. The fragmented personalities would behave differently, because that's sort of how that works, but Church is complete.

Some of the Freelancers were fitted with experimental fully artificial AI that didn't get Greek letter designations. It didn't work out.
Checking the numbers, there were 49 Freelancers, and 23 AI. Maximal shuffling gets no more than 25 Freelancers actually outfitted the way Tex/Church first described them. This is hardly a high enough proportion to make sweeping pronouncements. As such, they could have gotten even more desperate to outfit the suits, and tried to install... I don't know, extremely advanced ELIZA descendants. Which is so scary for me to contemplate that I will stop. Now.
  • It has been confirmed that not all Freelancers were implanted with A.I.s
  • actually, this troper believed that there may have only been 48 freelancers. I believe that one of the freelancers was named viginia(presumably, if agent virginia is male, he will be using a diffrent name, as virginia is a girl's name) and agent virginia's ai was, instead of being a part of the alpha, actually a copy of agent virginia. it makes sense in my mind at least. and, persumably, the ai will be called west. or some variation.

Church and the Director are the same person in a Stable Time Loop.
We already know that Church has been in a Stable Time Loop repeatedly. The Director referring to the woman that he lost is when Church thought Andy had blown up Tex (or refers to some future problem with Tex). This also explains why Washington says that "Tex is... confusing. The Director and Councellor always worked so closely with her, she was, like... their favourite." The reason for this is that while Director Church lost her at some point, being thrown back in time to start the freelancer program means that he could "have" her again.
  • Unlikely. Wash and Tex have known the Director since before Church entered the time loop.
  • At least as significantly, the whole time-loop thing was more likely Gamma messing with Church than anything else.

Revelation will end with the characters being relocated back to Blood Gulch
Now that it's been confirmed that Blood Gulch is being remade for Halo Reach (and Valhalla's been pretty torn up in Revelation), once the Reds and Blues are all reunited, they'll be sent back to their old bases and season nine will be the start of The Blood Gulch Chronicles 2.0.
  • Pretty much confirmed. Just before Reach they did some promotional vids for it, featuring them packing up in Valhalla and moving to Hemorrhage, a remake of Blood Gulch and Coagulation. And all the Blues are there. Including Church.
  • Confirmed, From a Certain Point of View: While the majority of the cast presumably returns to Valhalla, Epsilon-Church goes into the capture unit to find Tex, and remains there in a memory construct that happens to take the form of Hemorrhage, replaying the events of Blood Gulch Chronicles, with some differences, while he waits for Tex to come back to him.

The Tex and Church who appeared in the Recreation trailer are from the future
Remember in the trailer how Church accuses the Reds of being responsible for his death twice? While they may be indirectly responsible for the first death, they haven't done anything to him since least not yet. Not to mention Burnie claims Alpha really was wiped out at the end of Reconstruction. So now we have Tex and some version of Church in Revelation now, something is going to happen near the end involving a confrontation with the Meta. Church will retrive the Meta's time manipulation device and he and Tex will travel back to the start of Recreation for some reason or other in order to fix whatever goes wrong.

Sarge is the Director.
He became a simulation soldier in order to keep a close eye on the Alpha, but became a Red because Blue Team already had a CO and he needed to maintain his cover. Later on, during Reconstruction, it became a way of avoiding arrest. He purposefully exaggerates his accent and tendency for mad science in order to maintain the disguise.
  • Except for the fact that during Reconstruction he specifically said that he would not resist arrest because he knew what he did wasn't technically breaking the law. Which both implies that his location was both known and he was at least brought in by law forces, even though he eventually got off without punishment. He also directly spoke to Washington around the end of Reconstruction with the Counselor at his side when he did it. This could not have been done by Sarge and Sarge would've never allowed Washington to do anything that he did towards the end of Reconstruction if he was the Director, he would've shot him in the back when it was clear he was breaking into the Freelancer headquarters. In addition, F.I.L.L.S. would've recognized Sarge's voice immediately when they were trying to break into the warehouse in Revelation the way it recognized Church even though he sounds nothing like the Director already.

Most, if not all of the soldiers in this series are clones or artificial humans. Some may even have alien genes in them.
It has been noted many times that the BG group show various AI like traits, so what if command simply cloned all the soldiers and used various dumb AI to test how massed produced soldiers would function on the battlefield long term. The robot bodies could just be the spare bodies that dead soldiers could enter on will. Flowers could have been in shut down mode as the AI could have a function where if they are in danger of host death or full death they could either evade or shut off (Recovery Mode). The alien could have just woken him back up (Elites have shown knowledge on how to fix AI before). I think command was trying to find a way to mass produce not only soldiers but reproducible workers for both sides. Tucker and Junior were the inter species part of that test and it has been noted that some soldiers have had relationships (Church and Tex) and obviously have body parts so... There could also be various humans also mixed in, but I like the theme that the Director was taking dead soldiers and giving them a new life. Sarge was also mentioned as having a fear of heights from being an ODST, he could have died in a crash and "woke up" being told he lived.

Tucker is at least part black, but looks like some other ethic race.
Unless those were one timed jokes (They don't seem that way) I see no way nobody would not notice he's black without a helmet on. Its just a pet peeve of mine as most of the community ignores how out of place that would be for Church to be confused about that if it was obvious, plus I think mixed races are under represented and need a mascot. Still I think it makes sense as it is the future.
  • And when exactly have any of them taken their helmet off?
  • When they're off screen. Less sarcastically, since most of them eat at some point, that's when they would take their helmets or face plates off.
  • Unless they're Agent Washington.

C.T is actually Tex
So it's been revelaed that C.T was actually a woman, presumably using a voice filter. Who else used a voice filter to masquerade as a man? Tex. And the Tex who's shown up recently seems like she may not be the Tex we know (she refers to Tucker as "the one with the sword", impying she has no memory of him. This could be a copy or back up of the the real Tex. Also, the sponsored enidng of chapter thirteen shows the camera panning down on the ground in the desert where C.T was buried, indicating that C.T isn't dead, just in recovery mode.
  • Tex stated back in season 4 that she didn't remember their names half the time anyway. And C.T. has since been dug up by Wash and Meta, distinctly dead, and recognized as a former freelancer.
  • Also, real Tex or not, she hadn't seen any of them for over a year by that point. It's perfectly conceivable that a name slipped her.

Shila is Sigma, Phyllis is Phi, & they're copies of each other
  • Except that you can't copy an A.I., and F.I.L.S.S. has been taking care of the off-site storage since before the Alpha's creation.

If any AI survived the EMP, it was Gamma
Gamma's trait has been confirmed as deceit, so it's plainly obvious that he lied about being built by the alien race. So then how was it that he ended up in the past, before Project Freelancer went into full swing? He could easily get there using the Time Distortion unit, and would have to in order to create a Stable Time Loop, but since the EMP's gone off, that can't really happen, unless Gamma survived somehow. He most likely did survive, and a future episode will show him returning to the past and becoming the computer known as Gary
  • Though the time travel thing seems unlikely, this could actually be possible. In an episode of Season 10 Delta showed that the AI's are capable of making back-ups of themselves. Though we don't know exactly where they are stored it is possible that some of the AI were able to create back-ups before being wiped out by the EMP.

Tucker and Sarge were transferred to Project Freelancer's simulations not because they were incompetent but because they were so annoying
  • Both of them have legitimate skills (Sarge is good with robotics and when finally persuaded to fight Tucker can be legitimately to people not named Tex) but despite his skills Sarge is pretty much out of his gourd and Tucker probably just offended the wrong woman so they were transferred to the Red and Blue teams.

The Meta is going to turn on Wash very soon.
  • It seems the only reason the Meta is following Wash's orders is because it needs him to get its hands on an A.I. Once it does, it'll no longer have any reason to listen to Wash, who's likely to suffer a bad case of You Have Outlived Your Usefulness and Evil Is Not a Toy.
    • Pretty much the summary of what happens around the middle of Revelations Chapter 19 and the consequences. Prior to which was the Meta stabbing the Recovery Unit into Tex's body, before using her AI fragment to power up his camoflauge.

Caboose is Washington! More specifically, as part of the Stable Time Loop, during the Series Finale Wash will suffer serious head trauma, and be sent back in time by the Meta's time distortion power going haywire (which also turns his armor blue, just like the teleporters turn Tucker's armor black).
  • Intelligence aside, as the series points out Washington and Caboose have "quite a lot in common"; they're both rampant team-killers, and both have a few screws loose because an A.I. went to town inside their heads. Washington even becomes disturbed when Caboose points out the similarities between them. It would be a rather amusing Ironic Punishment if Washington's fate is that he becomes Caboose. This would also finally explain how Caboose happens to have Freelancer-level superhuman strength and (when sufficiently motivated) killing ability.
    • It should be noted that Wash never displays superhuman strength.
  • OR: Caboose is his long lost brother, which would be particularly poetic since Caboose was worried Washington would tell him his (supposedly non-existant)brother is dead.

The Blood Gulch Robots used by Church and Tex for bodies are at least partially organic.
  • Church gains weight in a robot body, no one noticed anything odd about Church's body before it was blown up, etc. The setting is very obviously in the future (AI, Aliens, Super Weapons, Energy Weapons, etc.) so who knows how robotics advanced in the future? It could be that the robotics are inside a fleshy sack designed to act like human flesh, and the only mechanical parts and wires are inside the bodies, like bones and a nervous system. Church always had one of these, even before arriving in the canyon.

Tex is another fragment of the Alpha
  • Specifically compassion/love or something. She isn't a real person, just The Directors (a.k.a Alpha's) impression of the woman he loved, Allison. The reason she was paired with Omega was because she was too kind, she's bitchier now because Omega was absorbed into her to try and recreate the Alpha ... Not a good description is it?
    • Possible, considering how she was absorbed into the Recovery Unit in Revelations Chapter 19 by the Meta, before he uses it to power up his camoflauge.
  • Jossed: Epsilon-Church refers to her as a byproduct of the Alpha's creation, meaning that she wasn't split from him.
    • CONFIRMED. Episode 17 of Season 10 reveals that Tex is one of Alpha's fragments; she is the Beta.

Washington's Armor upgrade is Hayabusa Armor
  • He just needs Epislon to use it...
  • A more likely candidate is the communication hacking device used by the Meta in Reconstruction: It fits in with Wash's less than stellar (for a Freelancer) battle skills (at most, he is the seventh best fighter, behind Tex, Maine, and four agents Maine killed, "all with higher battle ratings than Wash"), he is an excellent tracker, and skilled in subterfuge.
    • Just because they had higher battle ratings than Wash doesn't mean he's a worse fighter than them at the point of Reconstruction. It's clear in Revelation that he's greatly increased his combat prowess since training, likely in secret given he was planning to take down the entire project in due time.

Caboose is a failed Freelancer experiment. All the personalities living in his head are actually A.I. fragments.
  • It's mentioned that Project Freelancer engaged in increasing deranged experiments on its operatives over the course of its history, including putting multiple A.I.s inside the head of a single operative (the result of which was to eventually drive them insane). That sounds a lot like Caboose. Ghosts aren't real; imaginary personalities living inside someone's head are also pretty "far out" as well. Also, Church never runs into anything remotely similar whenever he goes inside anyone else's head. What if all those people living inside Caboose's head aren't imaginary people, but rather A.I. fragments that based their personalities on the people who've made the greatest impression on Caboose's life, like Epsilon based himself on Church? It seems important that Caboose, alone out of the entire Blood Gulch crew, was never hit by the EMP. Him being a failed Freelancer driven insane by multiple A.I. would explain his super-strength and escalating insanity (remember he started to get pretty dumb rather fast even before O'Malley got inside him). As for why the Meta didn't take all his other A.I. when he took Delta, perhaps Meta only though that Caboose had 1 A.I., and didn't bother looking for any more.

caboose secretly stole the epsilon unit
  • and next season, they will spend the first few episodes with some slapstick comedy about how they try to get tex and church out. then, the reds will supply NEW robot bodies for them. because why the hell not?
    • Because it would kind of take away the epicness of the end of Revelation. Church revealing he may enjoy being stuck with the Blood Gulch crew forever won't mean as much if he actually gets out in a few days. And his sort of Heroic Sacrifice in trapping himself in order to find Tex would be invalidated by what, from his perspective, be a Dues Ex Machina. They should definitely get out of their eventually, and somehow have everybody wind up back at Blood Gulch (including FILIS/Sheila, Donut and Lopez. But not yet. We need to savour the Reconstruction Trilogy. We need to feel it's darkness fading away before slowly returning to Red Vs Blue Classic. At least half a season before both teams get depressed about how much they miss Church and Tex, and a few episodes after that before any hint that they're coming back comes up. Rooster Teeth know what they're doing, and I suspect they know how they're going to do all this.

Wash intentionally didn't kill Donut.
  • His skill implies he could have killed him if he intended to, so why didn't he? His specific reference in Episode 3 seems to imply he was hiding something. What probably happened is he didn't kill Donut, but pretended to in order to convince Simmons he was serious. He brought in Doc under the pretense of having him check out the Meta, when in actuality he was using Doc's incompetence(Well, any Red or Blue army medic's incompetence) to convince Simmons Donut was dead. After all, why else would he need Doc? As for Lopez, he was probably watching the Reds, and realizing Lopez would survive, shot to kill.
    • That actually makes a lot of sense. Perhaps it'll come up in the next season when Donut eventually returns.
    • Original poster here, just a little addition. In episode 19, Wash says to the Meta they don't need to kill Tex. If that isn't proof that he wants to avoid killing innocents, I don't know what is.
  • Washington has a flashback in Season 12 that seems to show that he very much intended to kill Donut; he's clearly regretting doing it in a 'WTF was wrong with me?' kind of way.

The next season of Red Vs. Blue will take place in the Epsilon storage/capture unit
  • Yes, it takes place in Blood Gulch. But there may be a reason it looks different, other than because of the new engine used. So it takes place in Blood Gulch... but in a different Blood Gulch. After all, the Reds and Blues have no reason to go back to Blood Gulch after getting transferred to Valhalla already, and it'd be a bit jarring to go back to Blood Gulch when the UNSC hardly has reason to relocate them all over again. It's all Epsilon's memories of Blood Gulch while in the storage/capture unit. This way, all the characters that should be dead or thought dead (Sister, Wyoming, Meta, Donut, Lopez, etc.) can be brought back in a reasonable fashion, as can Sarge's hate of the Blues, because he let that go last season, and Statusquo Is God. If this is true, it will most likely return to the original comedy series of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, with a less serious tone...because it will be the memories of those times. Then again, the series losing the Cerebus Syndrome seems unlikely, and I'm sure Rooster Teeth wouldn't [[spoiler: just do an exact repeat of the Blood Gulch Chronicles with Halo:Reach's engine. Because the next season may be constructed by Epsilon and Alpha's memories, things will become muddled and out-of-order; for instance, when a Freelancer is called maybe another one will arrive in place of Tex, a Freelancer Church knew, like Washington or Wyoming. If Church and Tex DO meet, the season may be about them trying to get out of the storage/capture unit.
  • Confirmed.]]

There will be a miniseries following the original Blood Gulch Crew and Wash.
  • Partially in response to the above WMG this troper thinks that the next series will follow Epsilon-Church's memories. Still, it seems a shame to simply forget the others, so the next will presumably be about the new teams. Multiple theories for what happens will be: The Reds find Donut alive and well, and he rejoins them, as well as Lopez being brought back, but without memories of the last episode of Recreation. The Blues will adjust to not having Church (And having Wash as a "replacement" Church, with Wash contemplating his ruined life, and how he finally has true friends. This is mostly because the guys at Creator/Roosterteeth wouldn't let the fans lose their favorite old characters only for them to be replaced by Church's memories. Also, maybe the guys will be forced to flee from Valhalla and go undercover on a Reach map, using new armor as disguises.
    • Can't it be both? Part of the miniseries could focus on Epsilon!Church and his search for Tex, and the other part could focus on the original BG crew and Wash, with both plots eventually merging together. Personally, this is what This Troper likes to think.

Some of the AI will get stuck in Team Fortress 2
  • Because field testing AI doesn't seem to be working, what's to stop the Director, the Chairman or whoever the next big bad is by locking all the AI that weren't killed by the EMP in a virtual simulator designed to test adaptability to new environments and versatility with weapons. The Reds and the Blus will have to jump into the matrix to save them. Grif switches teams temporarily to go as a spy then stab Sarge in the back.

The Red Team and Blue Team are not Losers
  • To be more specific, the crew from Blood Gulch are all actually competent or potentially competent. Allow me explain.
    • Church: He is fairly straightforward. As Alpha, he needed to be put somewhere nobody could find him, so Command placed him in Blood Gulch, a backwater outpost built in imitation of a location from the first halo encountered by Master Chief.
    • Sarge: In one of the early chapters of Recreation, Sarge mentioned that he had once been in a division where they dropped into combat from orbit. In other words, Sarge was a motherfucking ODST — essentially the pinnacle of badass normal in Halo canon. So why was he assigned to a simulation outpost? I can think of a few possible reasons for this: 1) He was put there to keep an eye on Alpha/Church. 2) He was booted from the ODST because he was past his prime and would only slow his teammates down. 3) Because of PTSD from some incident which caused him to develop acrophobia, making him useless as an Orbital Drop Shock-Trooper. 4) Because he caused a nasty political incident with his... uh, blunt... method of dealing with problems.
      • Another highly likely scenario is Sarge was a victim of The Peter Principle. It is undeniable he is quite skilled when it comes to fighting, however it is also undeniable he is truly horrendous at leading troops. He worked his way up in rank as an ODST, but when he was finally promoted to a point where he had to exercise leadership skills, they found out just how bad he was at it, but becuase of his record up to then, they couldn't just demote him, so instead they sent him to a post where he would feel importent, yet wouldn't actually endanger real troops.
    • Tucker: Either his womanizing caused "problems" (most likely involving sexual harassment lawsuits) or his talent for annoying those with whom he works prevented him from working well with others, resulting in him being sent into the simulation program. After the original series, once he had learned... more or less... how to work as a team-player, he even got assigned to a Recovery Squad — a real division of the UNSC military.
      • Better than Recovery, he and Junior are now ambassadors, essentially meaning he's become public relations between the humans and aliens.
    • Donut: Was probably put in the simulation program simply because he was a completely green recruit with no real combat experience. Like Tucker, he too was apparently reassigned to the Sand Trap. Possibly in affiliation with a more legitimate division.
      • He claims that he's become an infiltration specialist, due to his skill at showing up in enemy territory without being noticed.
    • Simmons: Only assigned to Blood Gulch and the simulation squads because he does poorly on timed tests.
    • Caboose: Strong as an ox and actually somewhat competent when he joined Blue Team, though he was still fairly dumb even then. Likely sent to Blood Gulch for similar reasons as Donut.
    • Grif: An all around competent, cunning soldier except for his laziness. Probably put in the simulation program because of a (real or perceived) lack of respect for his superior officers.
  • I totally agree. They're not incompetent, it's just that their personality flaws and...other flaws get in their way.
    • I would disagree and say they are incompetent, but they have a sizable fraction of a truly exceptional soldier that when put together make them extremely dangerous. I argue against Grif being competent and cunning, but he's got legitimate skills as a motorist.
      • His fluctuating competance actually ties into his laziness: Being smart requires expending effort.
      • And as a pilot. He can fly a Pelican and a Hornet with no training whatsoever (okay, so he crashed the Pelican, but still!), and he's been driving the Warthog since day one. It suits him perfectly: whenever he's driving something, he's also sitting down!
      • he crashed the pelican, when he was AIMING FOR THE META. he was specifically aiming to crash it into the meta.
Omega is in love with Sheila, not Caboose.
  • Before Omega took over his armor, Caboose was both slightly more intelligent and had no romantic feelings towards the tank. Afterwards he's markedly less intelligent and thinks Sheila is his true love. And at the start of Season 3, when he's stuck with Sarge on Battle Creek, he claims that "O'Malley taught me how to be mean." Maybe he taught him some other stuff, too.
    • Seems unlikely, given Caboose's reaction to Sarge blowing up Shelia in the Pelican the first time, it's clear he felt something for her before Tex even showed up.

Grif kept the Brute Shot
  • During the finale, Grif managed to snatch the Meta's Brute Shot, contributing to the Meta's downfall and preventing himself from falling to his death. He had the Brute Shot on his back right before the Meta dragged him off the cliff and he used it to save himself. He was not shown with the Brute Shot during the debriefing, but he might still get it back during the next season. The Brute Shot is either still stuck to the side of the cliff or the UNFC retrieved it for evidence. If the latter, they might give it back to Grif.
    • Doubtful. The latest videos have them moving to Halo: Reach and the Brute Shot isn't an available weapon. The Concussion Rifle is basically the same thing, but visually they're very different.
      • Those videos were done to plug Reach, and are likely non-canon.
      • Are you kidding? The end of the last season showed Church in the Reach engine. Besides, Burnie's already confirmed the next season's going to be set in Forge World (specifically Blood Gulch) with Reach.
      • Guys, no need to argue. This is all really very simple. The next season will probably be Epsilon reliving events in the capture unit, before Grif got the Brute Shot, using Reach. If a new Halo game is released that has that weapon in it, Grif will keep it. If it doesn't, then Grif won't.
    • Confirmed. Except he prefers that it be called the "Grifshot".
      • At least until the UNSC took it back and quite probably returned it to Charon Industries.

AI don't "die," they merely return to the Alpha, or, failing that, Epsilon.
When they are unable to find a host (like the Blues tried to do to Omega in Season 2) or are hit with an EMP, AI don't get erased. They return to the Alpha. If the Alpha is "killed," it joins with Epsilon. If has already combined with Epsilon, or Epsilon is otherwise unavailable, Alpha combines with one of the other AIs. The only reasoning for this is Epsilon Church regaining Delta and Alpha!Church's memories. How could he suddenly start gaining memories he never experienced, unless he was connected to Delta and Alpha?Thus, as Epsilon is going through Alpha's memories within the Epsilon Unit, he'll get to the point where Wash says the famous "You are the Alpha" line. Only, it will take on a different meaning. Somewhere along the way, Memory!Wash will figure out that he's just a memory. He will also figure out that Epsilon couldn't possibly have Alpha's memories unless they somehow came in contact. He will then conclude that Epsilon and Alpha reunified. Thus, he will tell Epsilon that he is the Alpha.
  • But it's been stated in-series that the Alpha Church and Delta in Epsilon were both just memories from the torture process, meeting Church, and Caboose's stories.
    • Yes, but that's just what everyone thinks. You can't have a reveal if everyone in-series already knows what exactly is going on.
  • Well there is a simpler explanation for how Epsilon seems to have memories from Alpha!Church that it shouldn't, when Alpha!Church first comes near the Epsilon AI he gets strange flashes in his head, memories givin off by Epsilon. This could have been a two way street, with Epsilon also absorbing some of the newer memories from Alpha!Church, then using them to create Epsilon!Church.

The Frelancer program was designed to test the armor not the Agents.
The program uses armor that looks remarkably like the Mjolinir armor. Also, the simulation troopers take a lot of damage throughout the series. The main difference between the agents and normal troops is the armor enhancements and the AI that run them. You know, the kind of thing you could give to anyone.
  • More likely it's both, yes they are testing the armor, weapons, AI's, etc. to find ones that are easy to replicate and effective. While at the same time training the Freelancers as much as they can so they have an elite crew fully prepared and fully trained in those new techs once they go into standard use. This also works well with another WMG about how each training base was set up for one specific type of testing, with Blood Gulch specifically set for equipment testing. Hence why they got all the high tech stuff that Wash was surprised to find was sent to them, Sheila, the teleporters, all the robot kits, the warthog etc...

The next season will be a Prequel for the Freelancers
Burnie has said many times that the origins of characters such as C.T., York, and the Meta are all things he wants to expand on at some point in the series, and it would be keeping in theme with Reach if their backstories were filmed using the Reach engine. We have no idea what direction he can take the plot forward at this point, so perhaps he'll take the plot backward instead.
  • Confirmed
    • Mostly, except Word of God says that none of the 'past' scenes will be done with the Reach engine but will all be 100% CGI, while all the scenes taking place in a separate 'future' storyline will be all done with the game engine.

The Director himself had a Dissociative Disorder
In this case, a mild one. Instead of several alternate personas, he only had one: Allison, born out of the memory of the woman he loved and his inability to cope with her death. This would explain why Tex was created alongside the Alpha and not from it like the other AIs, and explain what the Director meant by 'getting her out of his head'.

Alpha!Church escaped the EMP in the Epsilon unit
In Revelation, Church's flashbacks are to the holding facility that Tex tried to bust him out from. However, Alpha had only been moved there after the all the AI fragments had been harvested, including Epsilon. So it can't just be Epsilon, as he wasn't there. Also, during Revelation, Church acts much like he normally would, albeit without his memories. Considering what Wash said about Epsilon during Reconstrution, it went crazy due to all the bad memories, so wouldn't Epsilon do something similar?

Here is a scenario: During the attack on Freelancer HQ, right when Church possibilities esses the Meta, he begins to reintegrate with the AI fragments and realizes the truth of what he is (probably from Delta). Suffering a major Oh, Crap! realization, he formulates a plan to escape the EMP (remember, all this would be happening in microseconds of real time). So, he activates the Meta's time-distortion unit to slow down time to a near-standstill (so slow that even the Meta wouldn't realize what was happening). He then runs out of the base to where Caboose is driving away with the Epsilon unit, downloads himself and the other AI fragments into it, while leaving one, probably one that he doesn't like (such as Gamma or Omega) to take the Meta back to where he was, ensuring that he has disappeared completely.However, the integration of all the AI fragments left him confused and memoryless while he tried to sort everything out, hence why he didn't remember anything after Caboose revived him.

The Meta is a zombie.
Think about it...just THINK about it!

There really were only 49 Freelancers...
But Florida wasn't the one missing. Delta mentions that Agent Carolina was outfitted with two AIs, so we can possibly assume this means the people in charge simply counted him/her as both North and South.Probably somewhat obvious, but nothing's been said about it here yet, so...
  • Or Florida is still the one missing AND Carolina counts as both North and South. Remember, the series takes place in the future. The 49th one could be Agent D.C., Agent Puerto Rico, etc.

The whole thing was in Church's head the whole time
The torture the Alpha went through was so horrific that the remaining fragments retreated into its own subconscious. However, even there it can't escape the memory, and is forced to relive it all over again. Each time becoming more and more fragmented and retreating further from the real world. This is based mostly off of Church's line in the epilogue: "Out there, everything's based off of the Alpha."
  • At the end of season 8, Church enters the A.I. Unit to find Tex. He created a world inside the A.I. Unit out of his memories to do so. However, this means that We could have been viewing the show from his memories all along. This puts the whole continuity of RVB into question, as if we are, we're seeing things from the way that Church Perceived them and not the way they truly are, calling into question how much of the series is true, as Chruch could easily be an Unreliable Narrator. Caboose, for isntance, may have gotten stupider over the series compared to his original appearance because Church has had to deal with his stupidity so many times, he thinks of and therefore remembers Caboose as stupid, to an increasing degree throught the series. This meaning Caboose could have actually been a normal, averagely intelligent being (Which he was, until he unwittingly called Tex a slut, which, coincidentally, was the begining of his slip downwards into insanity)
    • And also, If he goes into the A.I. Unit at the end, and he created everything from memory, then at the end of his memories, wouldn't he go back into the A.1. Unit, therefore statritng the whole process again in a matter similar to an stable time loop? Which raises another question: If this were true, how long has this been going on for?
    • This can also be used to explain why the show is always viewed from the blue perspective, and why Church is the only sane man in the series. Since he is creating everything out of memory, it's fair to assume that everyone around him is an exaggeration of their actual personality.
    • This might also explain how survive gunshot wounds, blunt-force trauma, falls etc that would have killed an average person: they're exaggerations of what really happened. Church witnessed it so many times it grew in his mind.
    • One should note that Church himself has noticed that things are "different" this time around, meaning that if it IS a loop, it may not repeat the same way, especially since Epsilon-Church seems aware of the Memory-Recreation.
    • Which is also a great tie in to the alt. ending for the original series where church wakes up and we find that the events in the series were a dream.
  • Partly-Jossed by Word of God. Burnie explicitly said that the Blood Gulch Chronicles were the "original loop." He did say, however, that the events of Recollection are up for interpretation.

There are 2-3 "loops" that Church had to go through before Revelation, all of them ending with Tex inside the memory unit.
  • Based off the Word of God quoted above, this means that the Halo/Halo 2 engine is the "Original loop". There have been exactly 3 games since then in the Halo franchise that Rv B would use - Halo 3, ODST, and Reach. So, why wouldn't the loops, being based more and more off Church's memories, become more and more detailed and more and more over-the-top awesome as he went deeper. The main "difference" is that, in the Halo 2 loop android the Halo 3 loop, Alpha!Church went into the memory unit after tex, not Epsilon!Church. Because a full AI tried to go in, or Alpha!Church made some mistake that Epsilon!Church wouldn't, both his and Tex's memories of those events were wiped. This is why Epsilon!Church noticed that "I think this place is a little different than it was before."
    • But that leaves a couple problems as well: How would Alpha survive the "Ehmp" at the end of Reconstruction? What series of events would justify both Tex and Church going into the memory unit not once, but 3 times? Also, there is a little problem with the exact number of engines Rooster Teeth used from Reconstruction-Revelation, as A) I don't remember the exact number and B) that has a direct bearing on the number of "loops" Church has gone through.

Andy will return and become Grif's AI partner
Grif probably still has that armor enhancement that gives him super speed, however, he's going to need an AI to make the necessary calculations to make it run properly. Enter Andy who can serve this role and in addition, allow Grif to understand what Lopez is saying at the same time. Grif (and Andy?) then start taking credit for all of Lopez's ideas and/or start putting words in Lopez's mouth. :p

The Meta is Albert Wesker.
Think about it; he keeps coming back when he should be dead, and Wash's comment about feeding Doc to him... makes sense.

Everything in Red vs Blue happened before.
At some point early in Season 8, Delta is communicating with Caboose and the others.

"We are concerned that [Epsilon] might start the cycle again."

This was a shrug and 'meh' but then... after SEEING the finale, specifically the scene with Epsilon Church, I started thinking. "Epsilon just made a new reality. He's reliving the whole series."

Then it hit. Fridge Brilliance.

Why is Epsilon basically just a copy of Church as we know him from Blood Gulch Chronicles? Why does he fall back into everything? Because Church never died. The entire series, every single bit, is all virtual. It's all in his head. There are COUNTLESS layers of memory.

Further Brilliance: After so many repetitions, Church can no longer remember what anyone looked like. He doesn't remember exactly what happened. So, the 'script' is what really happened, and the improv that happens is just

  • Jossed by Word of God. Burnie says that the series we've been watching thus far has been the original loop.
    • Well, semi-Jossed. He says that all of Blood Gulch Chronicles actually happened. Whether or not the Recollections Trilogy and anything after it are a simulation or not is a different question.

O'Malley wasn't the only one infecting people at Valhalla
O'Malley infects people and tries to take over the world, sure, but driving people crazy or killing them for no reason doesn't seem to be his style at all. So the description of what happened at Valhalla at the beginning of season 6 didn't make sense. Until you remember that Tex was there as well, and she also can Body Surf! (and possibly Gamma as well) The fighting wasn't just caused by O'Malley driving people crazy, it was Tex and Omega possessing people and fighting each other!

Maybe this seems obvious to other people, but I never quite put it all together until recently.

  • This makes sense, since her body might've been damaged in the crash, so she went on as ghost/hologram form. She held back for Blood Gulch squad for Church's sake, but she doesn't know or care about these new red/blue guys, so she let them have it. And then she/they decided to possess the Meta, and it all went downhill from there.

The events after BGC never happened.
They're simply all in Washington's head. He's still suffering from his case of Cranial Insanistosis thanks to Epsilon, and is, in reality locked away in a padded cell spending his days fantasizing about taking the Director down and getting revenge. Meanwhile, Project Freelancer trods on uninterrupted and undeterred. Agent Maine never became Meta, and he and Agent South are Recoveries One and Two respectively. They're also tracking Omega and Tex, who are still flying around after the launch from Blood Gulch trying to rule the universe.

South killed North on orders from Project Freelancer.
At the end of Recovery One South calls command and makes a comment about Wash reacting just the way the profile of him said he would. The ensuing conversation from then tells us that command was in on the whole thing to get data on the Meta. What's to stop us from thinking command set it up by ordering South to let her and North get tracked by him, and then let North die?
  • Alternatively, North and South were tracking Meta as well and got cornered, but South being Recovery Two still had orders that if the shit hits the fan she needed to see what happened.

Omega was drawn to Tex because they share an origin.
Many agents state that, despite the fact that Omega can Body Surf, it preferred Tex. That's because they're both byproducts of the Alpha. The pieces have a natural tendency to gravitate towards each other.

     The Shisno Paradox 
The villain of Season 16 will be a Master of Illusion
He/she will be able to use some kind of technology (possibly a modified holographic projector) that creates hard-light images of something or someone that are indistinguishable from the real thing (except for the occasional glitch effect). They will have a vendetta against the Reds and Blues for an unknown reason (most likely because of something that happened on Chorus), and thus they will use their abilities to lure them to an uninhabited planet and attack them with illusionary versions of Felix, Locus (in his old colors), the Meta, and Temple (though given that he's in prison and not dead, he could be the real thing just to throw the audience for a loop). They will also create an illusionary version of Church who will appear to be the real deal, even giving a detailed explanation for his survival. The new villain's abilities and the he fact that the other villains (and Church) are all fakes will not be revealed until partway through the season when the real Locus shows up.
  • So basically, this new villain would be the RvB version of Infinite?
    • I admit, that was an inspiration.
  • Why Temple? He’s less of a fighter and more of a schemer, which this new villain probably wouldn’t have a need for. Wyoming or Surge would be better choices.
    • Really, with this kind of Mind Screw, anyone could really show up (maybe even Spencer Porkensenson, whether it be for a quick gag or if the villain's specifically trying to fuck with Tucker). Temple was just one of my first thoughts because he left more of a personal mark on the Reds and Blues than Wyoming or Surge, and credibility is already being pushed with all the dead villains showing up (plus, that armor lock of his could always come in handy).

Season 16 will show the Reds and Blues going back to Blood Gulch before their next adventure.
They’ve been trying to go back to Blood Gulch since the end of Season 10. It’s about time they got what they wanted. It'll either be in the first episode, or a video leading up to the start of the season. They’ve already made a faithful recreation of Blood Gulch in Halo 5, practically begging to be used for a scene like this.
  • Jossed. Season 16 picks up right where Season 15 left off, and they don’t even have time to get food before their next adventure starts.

Donut is fragmenting.
Just before Donut disappears, he seems to be splitting into two differently colored versions of himself: One red, and one white. This could just be a visual detail, or it could mean something. Perhaps he’s going through what the Alpha went through and being split into fragments. This has never been shown to be possible with a human, but considering he split into dozens of Donuts and the contortions his body went through, he’s clearly not confined by what’s normally possible for humans. The Director split the Alpha by putting him under intense mental stress. Donut was screaming in pain the whole time, so it’s safe to assume this was traumatic for him. Since he was splitting in half instead of losing pieces of himself like the Alpha, each fragment would likely have half of Donut’s personality.

Spencer Porkensenson is a Devil in Disguise.
Season 15 set Spencer up as an Ambiguously Human, Ambiguously Evil character, then had the twist of him being a process server. This season will twist the twist and reveal that Spencer actually isn’t human after all, but a demonic god working with the so-called "Devil King". The foreshadowing is there. His mannerisms and armor are similar to Kalirama, he wields an alien weapon, and his ridiculous name and his job could be a misguided attempt at pretending to be a normal human. Furthermore, when Kalirama first appears, she emerges from a storm cloud. What accompanied Spencer every time he entered a scene? A lightning storm.
  • Alternatively, Seeing as the season revolves around Time Travel, he’ll appear in the past as a very determined servant of Kalirama who acts as her Dragon, And will end up taking his job as a process server due to the reds and blues actions.

Grif is the reason humans are equated to/renamed Shisnos by aliens
Hear me out. At one random point during the Blood Gulch Chronicles, "Gary" says "Luckily, I am not lazy like a shisno". And who is infamously lazy among the Blood Gulch Crew? Grif. Since the Shisno Paradox will (probably?) feature time travel, it's entirely possible that Grif is the first human encounter the aliens will have and it goes so poorly, the aliens promptly decide that the entirety of Grif's species will be referred to as shisnos from then on.

It's even possible that Grif's influence (humans = shisnos) is an indirect cause of the human-covenant wars! Sounds farfetched, but may I remind you that, canonically, two scary good human soldiers killed an entire squad of aliens, just for calling them shisnos (granted, neither Wash nor Meta were stable minds at the time, but still...). So yes, it's possible that "shisno" could have caused a horrifying war. The theory works, because Grif's theoretical actions are also a self-fulfilling paradox, ergo the SHISNO PARADOX. Grif would have had to be on Red Team to eventually go back in time, but the only reason he was on Red Team was because of the war, but the war only exists because he went back in time, but he only went back in time because of the events following/caused by the war, with the war itself only happening, because he went back in time, etc.

So, if this is all true, then Grif's actions in the past means Red Team's influence over the whole series becomes greater than Blue Team's! Since, you know, Grif is the one that ultimately caused the human-covenant wars, which in turn caused Dr. Leonard Church to lose his wife, which in turn caused Project Freelancer, which in turn caused the Simulation Troopers, which in turn caused the series we love called Red vs Blue. In other words, Team Red rules, Blue team drools! Suck on that blues!

Junior will return.
Let me start by asking a question: From a writing perspective, why are Tucker and Sister in Valhalla? Of all the characters who are involved in the time travel plot, they’ve spent the least time there, with Tucker not getting there until Season 10 and Sister never being there at all before now. Surely, a character who’s spent a lot of time there, like Sarge or Caboose, would be a better choice. Well, recall that Tucker specifically points out that the ship hasn’t crashed yet. And who was one character that was on that ship? Junior. This is why Tucker is in Valhalla; so he can see the ship crash and be reunited with his kid.

Washington will become an agent of Krovos.
We know that time travel "warps weaker minds". Maybe when Huggins said that, she meant "weaker", as in defective, like mental disorders.
  • Wash is confirmed to have brain damage.
  • Doc/O'Malley has a split personality disorder.
  • Donut might have underlying brain damage after that plasma grenade to the head from way back in Season 1, or the effects of being zapped by Loco's time machine caused something in his mind to break.
But before you point out that if this were the case, then Caboose would've become a Shisno from simply looking at the time gun, then here's my counterpoint: Caboose is too stupid for his mind to be warped... because he doesn't have a mind in the first place.

Washington will enter the "Everwhen"
After Donut finds him, he will be able to possess past versions of himself the same way Donut does, and his changes won't cause paradoxes because Donut's failures seem to stem from the others not taking him or his warnings seriously, something Wash wouldn't have a problem with.
  • And his time-jumping will start just as badly as Donut's... probably in the same scene, for comedy's sake.
    • Confirmed!

Genkins, Georgia, and Jenkins are one and the same.
First off, there’s the obvious: Similar armor, name, and all three characters end up gone and forgotten in some way. But it goes deeper than that.

Genkins knows a lot about both the Reds and Blues and Project Freelancer, more so than the other Cosmic Powers. It's clear from their introduction that they've never heard of the Reds and Blues before, yet Genkins knows every moment of their lives. Sure, he'd have to do his research to be able to pull off his plan in Singularity, but that just begs the question of how he did that research.

Being Agent Georgia would partly explain it, as it would give him insider knowledge of Project Freelancer. Joining an elite squad of soldiers for kicks seems like something a bored trickster would do, and a malfunctioning jetpack would give him a convenient excuse to disappear when that got boring too. What’s more, Genkins knows about Allison (he calls Tex "the robot equivalent of a body pillow"), implying he knew even the deepest of secrets about the Project. The Director also knows about time travel (Wyoming could use real time travel, and even the fake time travel in Season 3 was part of Freelancer training) which should be impossible without Chrovos. It's not unthinkable that Genkins and the Director have met, and there's already a Freelancer that looks like Genkins. The self-proclaimed god of deceit may have influenced the Director in another way too. When he created the temporal distortion enhancement, he made it compatible with Gamma, the Alpha's deceit, and gave that AI to Wyoming, a scheming British guy.

As for Jenkins, that takes a lot more explaining, but fills in a lot of holes. Jenkins has only had three appearances, all arguably non-canon. The first was in an alternate ending of Season 5, where Church dreamed up the events of the Blood Gulch Chronicles after being shot by Sheila. Jenkins is suddenly part of the blue team, and asks if he was in the dream, to which Church says he wasn’t. The second was an extra scene from Season 7 which is now only viewable on DVD. Sarge recounts (an exaggerated version of) the time he deleted the Blues. The end of the flashback shows Caboose inexplicably talking to Jenkins. His last "appearance" was his name being on the list of recruits to send if Flowers died in the Season 14 prequels, listed just after Sister. The last one is easy enough to explain if Genkins knows the Director. He can pull some strings to become a sim trooper under a fake name and get on the Blood Gulch roster. Chrovos was likely planning on using the Reds and Blues for their plan years before Season 16 kicked off, and they would want Genkins to gather intel. But what about the other two?

The scene of Sarge deleting the Blues is, coincidentally, an event Genkins tries to change in Singularity. Since you navigate the Everwhen by remembering a specific moment, it's possible Genkins was only able to travel to that event because he saw Sarge's memory of it. This explains the when, how, and why of Genkins researching the Reds and Blues' history. He got himself on Blood Gulch's roster to get close to the Reds and Blues, but when they were disbanded and joining them was no longer possible, he had to come up with a new plan. He spent time in their heads much like Church, Tex, and Omega have done to Caboose, viewing their memories through their eyes. Genkins also repeatedly calls the Reds and Blues "boring" because he's had to hang around in their heads for so long.

Finally, there's the alternate ending. The only way it really makes sense with the RvB universe is if the alternate endings are all Everwhen alternate timelines. There is proof of this, aside from Jenkins appearing in one of them. Another ending has Sarge snap, convinced that destroying Vic will somehow tear apart the fabric of reality. Since Genkins can try to influence humans outfitted with AI units, it's possible he just told Sarge part of the truth: By destroying Vic, he would create an alternate timeline which would bring the universe one step closer to breaking. But after Sarge destroys Vic, his screen displays a message congratulating Sarge for winning, implying it was all a game. There's also a post-credits scene revealing the characters were just playing a weird game of Halo multiplayer. This is more difficult, but not impossible, to explain.

Although most of the timelines we see in Season 17 are the result of one change, there are splits in Chrovos's prison wall with two cracks, meaning Genkins has stayed in some of his alternate timelines to make more than one change. That's what he did in this ending. The first change was making Sarge destroy Vic. The second was taking over Vic to display that message just to screw with Sarge some more, with the post-credits scene being Sarge's imagination running wild as he thinks of the implications of living in a video game. The ending where Jenkins appears has two changes as well. The first change was Genkins bumping his past self up on the list so he would be sent to Blood Gulch early on. The second was making Church dream the events of The Blood Gulch Chronicles (maybe even just jogging his memory from the main timeline). The other alternate endings are easier to explain: Convincing Sheila to kill the Reds and Blues, goading Sarge into taunting Church, and making Tex and Wyoming's plan succeed, leading to an alien invasion.

     Season 18/Zero Theories 
Season 18 will focus on the currently unknown message that Locus attempted to send to the team and/or the "truths" Lopez learned after being transported to the beginning of time.
  • Because it would be f*cking frustrating if those two plot lines were left up in the air.

The antagonists are part of Charon Industries.
Hargrove once compared his company and connections to a web, and just because the spider is squashed, doesn’t mean their web will be gone right away. In fact, there's nothing stopping another spider from finding the web and claiming it for itself. Zero may very well be the one taking advantage of that power vacuum, since he’s after power. His color scheme (and to a lesser extent, Viper's) matches the red-and-black armor designs of the Insurrection soldiers. There’s also Locus armor wearing grunts with the same color scheme, the Locus armor further implying a connection to Charon. Zero and Viper were the ones fighting that giant creature in the second teaser, and if it's related to aliens, then this matches with Charon trying to secure alien technology throughout the series.

     Unsorted Theories 
The Reds and Blues are rejected Spartans.
  • Think about it. They all wear the MJOLNIR armour, which only Spartans can use. They can survive extreme amounts of trauma, and are capable of incredible feats in combat. It's possible they're all SPARTAN-IIIs that, for whatever reason, weren't suitable for front-line duty. Like all S-IIIs they were considered disposable cannon fodder, so they were placed in simulations where they would continually fight each other. The risk of death was low (but still possible), and it was hoped that over time they would evolve to the point where they were suitable for service against the Covenant. Then Project Freelancer came along...

Caboose was aware that Blood Gulch was a Freelancer testing ground all along.
In episode 14, during the infiltration of Red base, he tells Tucker:"I am having so much fun. It's like we're real soldiers." Mind you, this is before Caboose's complete Flanderization into a total retard. Why would he say anything like that? Simple: He knew the Red vs Blue battles weren't a real war, he just signed up because he thought it might be fun. To him, it might've just been a game of paintball with live ammunition. It certainly would explain his carefree attitude towards all the carnage constantly going on around him.
  • ...Which would make him the smartest one

Church never went to the past.
This is an extension of the No Time Skip theory. If the explosion didn't cause a temporal rift, then there's no real reason for Church to have been sent 2000 years into the past. In fact, the only confirmation Church gets that he is in the past is Gary, whose main character trait is being a liar. This, however, leaves the question of where Church was for a large portion of Season 3 as well as his misadventures trying to alter the events in Blood Gulch. The explanation lies in Chapter 16 of Revelation, when Tex and Epsilon-Church are talking about her attempting to liberate the Alpha. Tex mentions that the Director had assigned several A.I. to assist in the torture of Alpha, specifically naming Omega and Gamma, and that they created scenarios where the Alpha would fail and hurt those he cared about: the EXACT same situation Church found himself in when he tried to alter the timeline. So the theory goes that after the bomb exploded, Wyoming was ordered to move a badly damaged Church to a secure facility for repairs to ensure the Alpha's safety, the closest facility being the temple where Wyoming had stored Gamma. While Church's body was under repairs, Gamma began to pick up his old past time of mental torture by presenting Church with a scenario based on his memories of Blood Gulch, only this time everything bad that happened was all Church's fault. Gamma continued these scenarios until a combination of Church's acceptance of failure and the imminent threat of the bomb required Gamma to release him. In short, Church didn't learn a bitter lesson in accepting reality for what it is, he ended up falling for Gary's biggest and most devious lie.
  • That...makes so much sense.
  •, that actually does make a lot of sense!
  • I'd agree with it, too - in hindsight, it makes a lot of sense - if not for a few things: By Church calling Vic, lying that he was Captain Flowers, and saying that "make sure nobody learns that I called you," this would later cause Vic to put the hit on Tucker when he thinks Tucker knows too much about the Reds and Blues. That's all in support of the above theory, except that in Revelation, after everyone finds out that the war was a sham, nobody in the higher ups care. Nobody tries to kill Sarge, Simmons, Grif, Tucker or Caboose for learning about this. And the higher ups do know that the Blood Gulch Crew know, as evidenced through the latter's conversation with the soldier at the end of Revelation. Second, Yellow Church. The mere fact that we see the Yellow Church being sent back to Sidewinder, him seeing all of the Churches, and cursing shows that Church did indeed try and fail to defuse his own bomb multiple times, and kept going back to Sidewinder after each failure. And Gamma couldn't have influenced Yellow Church, because he was locked behind a firewall at the time. Church might not have gone and extensively caused the largest Stable Time Loop of all time, but there is evidence to show that it wasn't all just a simulation.
    • I disagree with your first point. I thought that the conversation at the end of Revelation actually shows that the higher ups don't know that the Blood Gulch Crew knows. The soldier calls the bases "training bases," referencing how the bases serve as training grounds for Freelancers. To this, Sarge replies "We just call them bases," pretending that he doesn't know the bases are used for training purposes. Then the soldier says "Hmph, I bet," in a I-know-something-you-don't-know way. As for your second point, perhaps Yellow Church was transported into the same simulation. On a related note, the theory actually solves another plot hole. At first, it seemed that Church was the cause of the whole "Red and Blue are the same" situation. However, later we find out that they were part of the same program even before then. However, if this was all a lie of Gary's, then Church did not cause it, and things make sense.
    • I should clarify the first point: I always thought that what caused Vic to put the hit out on Tucker was that he learned Red and Blue were the same from Vic, who only seemed to know that Red and Blue were the same from Church calling as Flowers (this goes in hand with the theory that Vic is an A.I. programmed to be Mission Control, and not know that the war is a sham.) Vic seemed to put the hit out on Tucker because he believed that Tucker had stumbled upon something that was, as Church put it, "top secret, so you can't let anybody know that I gave you these instructions, okay?" By Tucker accidentally finding out, Vic might have thought something along the liens of "okay, this Private Tucker dude knows something that's supposed to be top secret, and I can't have anyone learning that top secret stuff, so he needs to get killed," leading to him calling Wyoming, and so on. If all of that stemmed from Church saying that his call to Vic was top secret, then it does kind of contradict the above theory. As for Yellow Church being transported to that simulation, I'm not entirely certain how a temporal distorter could do such a thing, unless that mechanical defect that we heard as Yellow Church was looking at the Wyoming corpse was something completely different.

There is a rival weapon to the Great Weapon...
...the Gravity Hammer. Its wielder will engage in an epic battle with Tucker or Junior.

This is the story of the Yellow Church:
After Church explained everything, and found that Caboose was the only one that knew what was going on, he realized on his next attempt that if he possessed Caboose, he might be able to defuse the bomb more efficiently. He possessed Caboose, but since the mental version of Caboose still didn't remember him (since his version of Church was killed) he couldn't do anything, and was probably trapped in there from the bomb going off. He remained "suppressed" throughout the events of seasons 3 and 4, and while he was trapped, he started to accept that Caboose's versions of everyone were the real thing. When Caboose finally met Sister, Church became that mental version, before Caboose could "create" one. The moment this happened, Caboose probably told him what he was, and since he was accepting everything that was in Caboose's mind, he accepted that as well. From there, he stayed in Caboose's mind until the events of Episode 100, where he finally went back to Sidewinder. And that thing he was trying to ask Church? Probably something along the lines of "what happened to everyone since the bomb went off?"

The armor for the Simulation Troops always includes an inexpensive version of York's healing unit
Which is why they can survive and recover from so many things grievous injuries with no real medical attention. Additionally, this is why Command doesn't bother to send a more competent medic around.

The person Agent Texas was based on, the love of Dr. Leonard Church, was female Noble Six, from Halo: Reach.
A theory that, I admit, ripped off after seeing a livejournal roleplaying account of an AU that put Noble Six as the original Allison Texas. And yet, that made a lot of sense, and despite the fact Rooster Teeth decided to remove their original marketing image of Revelation (A decision I could not disagree any more with — I always loved the tragic feeling of unavoidable defeat of that poster), it makes for fun fanon to merge both Red vs. Blue and Halo with the bloodiest battle humanity waged in the history of their war against the Covenant.

That Agent Texas and Noble Six were badasses goes unquestioned. Halsey described Noble Six as more of an hyper-lethal vector than a soldier -perhaps only below the only other Spartan with that rating-, and we've seen Tex mow down hordes of enemies alone. And yet, despite being the most deadly soldiers of the UNSC, they were not able to avert their final fates — Defeat, and death.

I can only theorize: B312 lost her parents like the rest of the SPARTAN-III, but certainly remained saner than them all, to be able to function with a deadly efficiency, perfect control of her emotions, but enough humanity to have compassion. At a point in her career, perhaps she met the original Leonard Church at some point in one colony, who was applying for the UNSC Armed Forces, and they fell in love.

Still, even though Church was rejected, and unable to join, he did his damnest to prove himself of use to the UNSC by becoming a Doctor, and helping Tex as much as he could with armor and AI technology he could be able to develop. Despite having become of a lot of use, he could not forgive himself for standing in bunkers doing research, while Noble Six fought in distant worlds against the Insurrection and against the Covenant. Even less after he got to know about the Fall of Reach... having received the final footage of his loved one from an ONI Agent that recovered the last records of her helmet.

The trauma of having seen the final footage from Noble Six, of her fighting waves after waves of Grunts and Elites, with her helmet cracking, and being ultimately slaughtered by Zealots bent on revenge, played a massive part in what made the fragment of Agent Texas. Then, knowing the Covenant would find Earth soon, Project FREELANCER created the Alpha AI just after the Fall of Reach; They tortured it to separation, and Texas was reincarnated... but, with flaws that the Doctor could only remember of her after her death, including the most tragic one that marked the death of the original Allison: The inevitability of failure.

Tex was destined to be defeated in her battle against the Meta and Washington. It was inevitable that her last stand would repeat the events of the death of the original Allison, back at Reach. From the moment she challenged the pair of Freelancers, to the moment the Meta impaled the storage unit into her, Agent Texas was destined to fail in a bitterly ironic mirroring of events. All the Director could remember was Allison's helmet cracked in the middle... and Texas lost in the very same way.

  • oh my god, that is awesome.
  • Jossed there is only a male noble 6 and it is Caboose. :P
    • That video wasn't canon.
  • Some of the last words she said to the Director were "I'll be late". Perhaps she had to meet up with Noble Team for the first time before she had to go?

Every damned thing Caboose ever said will end up being at least half right
Based merely on the whole Church actually being a robot thing, but how badass would this be? For example, the line "Time is not made out of is made out of circles!" will come up.
  • Holy already came up! Epsilon has gone to the beginning of the Blood Gulch Chronicles (well, kinda), effectively making time go a "circle" because he has gone back to where the series started. You know, in this context, Caboose's line actually seems kind of wise. As for the "gay" part of the "gay robot" gag: it's a bit of a stretch, but Tex was split off of Alpha, so they could technically be considered the same "gender."

The Blood Gulch Crew will become the "Tucker's Kobolds" of Freelancer training
By the start of season nine, several teams of Freelancers would've already been sent to Blood Gulch to use the Red and Blue teams there for target practice. However, the Freelancers will severely underestimate the 'cannon fodder' and as a result, be sent home with their tails between their legs. Tucker has already proven to be a significant threat against the dig team led by Freelancer C.T. and Washington's... well... Washington. Grif, Sarge, and Simmons proved capable of good teamwork during the fight against the Meta. Blood Gulch will have earned a reputation on the same level as Tomb of Horrors and attract the attention of high-ranking Freelancers wishing to seek a challenge. At the start of the next major plot arc, a whole team of powerful Freelancers will be sent into Blood Gulch to deal with the Red and Blue teams there, kicking off a chain of awesome fights. :p

The Red Zealot is an AI
Specifically, the Alpha's dedication to religion. He was placed in a robot body in Battle Creek to see how an AI would react to being in a battle situation without a partner. Eventually he became so obsessed with the flag that it became the object of his worship.
  • Alternate theory: He's a Freelancer paired with the AI of Alpha's religiousness, but his AI's obsession with the flag took over his mind. Or he is an AI who was paired with a Freelancer in the past. Either way: Zeta + Luther or just Zeta + Lot.
    • Come to think of it, I like this theory better than my original one. Of course that sort of makes me wonder. What about Alpha's actual religious beliefs? Maybe that was Chi. Perhaps it's a fragment that split off of Epsilon because of the torment that it was putting Wash through? And then it managed to stay after Episilon was removed. Although it's a bit of a stretch, Walter+Chi maybe?
      • Keep in mind at the start of Season Two, you can see Church and Tex's graves outside Blue Base. While it's never stated who is in which, one is Jewish and the other is Christian.
      • Yeah, I know. But this WMG is based on the idea that Alpha's religious beliefs and his dedication to those beliefs are separate AIs. So once the dedication breaks off, it has no beliefs to go with and therefore begins worshiping the flag. As for Chi breaking off from Epsilon during its time in Wash, that really didn't have much base to it.

Grif is actually genuinely cunning and brave.

"GRIF!!! BRAVE!!!! yeah right what the hell are you smoking you dork!, he's a lazy coward who only think's about himself." Is what I here you say, but consider this, during the final battle in Revelations Grif run's RIGHT at The Meta, even if he's screaming in terror he doesn't hesitate one bit and is even one of the first to start attacking the Meta but that's not the best part. The true Moment of Awesome comes when Grif LEAPS ONTO THE META'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just to steal his Brute Shot away. Remember now that Grif is absolutely TERRIFIED of The Meta and would (correctly) consider such an action to be suicide, and yet he does it anyway, but this isn't just a demonstration of his Hidden Depths of courage it is also proof of his cunning. Heres proof: now if you watch the part of the fight between Meta entering melee combat and Grif stealing his Brute shot you realise that it Was the Meta's Brute shot that was giving him such an advantage at that point. He used it to take out Simmon's and Tucker and to stop both Sarge and Tucker's attacks, Grif realises this within seconds and, without hesitation places himself in incredible danger in an act that is almost self sacrificing(he doesn't actually die from it but there was a 92% chance tha he would have) just to deprive the enemy of his primary weapon and defense, and give his friend's a chance to win, for this very reason this Troper now bestows upon Grif the title of: Magnificent Bastard

Also in Chapter four of Revelation's when he hears of Simmon's and Doc's capture, his first reaction is "We have to help them!" note that this was his INSTINCTUAL reaction concern for his friend despiter knowing full well just how dangerous Wash and The Meta are.

So I ask you does any of this sound like a Lazy coward to you?

Grif (both Dexter and Sister) are the offspring of a Freelancer
It explains why they're both nigh unkillable. Also, Dexter Grif is more intelligent than most give him credit for (Church is the only one who sees it, as shown in season 5). I'm gonna guess his father, since his mother was stated to be a bearded woman at a circus. Or maybe that specific freelancer retired/ran away and joined the circus. Enough time has passed, I think, because human Church seen in the video looks pretty young, whereas in the present, he's described as an old man, so freelancer had to be going on for quite some time.

The Red and Blue Zealots were literal Simulation Troopers.
As in, they were soldiers in robot bodies going through simulated battles. Also, they're one of the very few red and blue armies that are well aware of the true nature of the war.
  • Or possibly even just straight up robots, an attempt to create fully robotic troops that were suited to combat, but were easy to mass produce and didn't need a full feldged AI to funsction right.
    • This fits in quite well with my above "Red Zealot is an AI" theory. They're all controlled by the same AI, thus explaining why most of them aren't exactly right in the head.

Tucker works for the UNSC now (as of roughly Seasons 7 & 8) instead of the Blue Army
Not only did he have an alien child, but he knows the whole thing is a sham, and command knows that he knows. This also explains how he knew about Church. Command straight up told him what Church was, since he's no longer part of blue army. It also explains why Wash didn't track him down, Wash was to track down the Blues, and Tucker isn't a Blue anymore. He got to keep his teal armor for sentimental purposes. He's not quite a freelancer, but he's not a simulation trooper anymore either.
  • So did Donut, somehow, since he was able to send help for Tucker. No other reason why a red would send help for a blue.

Yellow Church actually is a past version of Church
When Church was trying to avert the season three bomb, we see yellow Church. Fast forward to season five, and it's implied that Yellow Church was actually Caboose's mental image of Sister. However, if you look at the group closely, you see can make out a Ghost Church. No real clear reason why one Church would be without a body. Also, the last Church states that he remembers being Yellow Church. Well, that would be impossible if that really were just a figment of Caboose's imagination.

I think that one of the copies of Church decided to help out Caboose's mind. Caboose still had no memory of Church, and he doesn't seem to gain it back until the future. One of the Church's went into ghost/hologram mode and jumped into Caboose's head, and took over as Church's memory. Church stayed in there, maybe because he felt he had no other out of all that. Since Caboose's mind was damaged from having one copy of Church destroyed, Omega forcefully ejected, Caboose is unable to create new memories of people. So, when Caboose finally meets Sister, Church paints himself yellow and takes over as the memory for Sister. Church's work as Church was done, and Caboose had a recreated copy of Church that hides when newcomers come into his head, like the real Church, since it doesn't want to die again. Note that Caboose is no longer obsessed with being Church's best friend (Caboose's mind accepts it when Church says he is, but Caboose never brought it up). This is because the copy that Church made in Caboose's mind knew it wasn't his best friend, and felt that the obsession was wrong. He was however, still very mad that Caboose killed him. Caboose's Flanderization as being a team killer didn't really begin until Halo 2.

Anyways, back on Yellow Church. Well, Church made himself yellow, since he saw that Caboose wasn't forming a new memory. Alternatively, Church was just trying to give Caboose an accurate depiction, making sure he didn't distort her memory horribly, but instead just confused poor Caboose even further (Caboose saw Church painted yellow, and hence why he thinks Sister is related to Church, not Grif. And the story of where Sister's ship came from just wasn't throug.) Or Church got aggravated and shot her, so he had to make a new one so Caboose would know her. Anyway, Yellow Church followed Cobalt Church outside and got thrown into the past by a malfunctioning Wyoming. Thus creating a Stable Time Loop. Yellow Church just went with the flow, and eventually became the Church that makes it. This means that Church has a couple year boost on all the other characters. However, he doesn't have perfect precognition, since those years were spent in Caboose's head of all places.

This also explains why Sister's memory is so cynical. None of the other memories act like that, and none of them are aware of their own silliness. It's cynical, because it's Church trying to Caboose to understand. Also, spending two years in a place like Caboose's mind just has to wear down your patience.

And when I said Caboose can't create memories of new people, Delta fixed that when he went in there. Delta seemed to patch up Caboose's mind a lot, since Caboose seems smarter in general ever since Delta's been there. Hence why Caboose has a memory of Washington, since this memory would be the memory that forms while Delta was directly in Caboose's mind, it's also why it's the most accurate memory that Caboose has. As noted, Delta also seemed to make Caboose's own self image mellow out. He probably would've fixed the other memories, but Delta never met the reds or Tucker (Meta has already kidnapped him by the time the reds show up), so Delta has no way of knowing whether or not those memories were accurate. For all Delta knew, the red seargeant really didn have a pirate accent, Griff was yellow, and Donut was female.

Caboose is a technopath with an affinity for AIs.
He has a massive crush on Sheila and they seem to get along fairly well. he has a massive... something on Church despite Church's abrasive personality, that results in Epsilon liking him best. Omega ends up possessing him first, and he seems to deal with Delta fine. Tex seems to like him (well, as much as Tex likes anybody). And he's something of a Genius Ditz with electronics, especially with the Epsilon unit.

The real reason Sheila can't be transferred into a suit of armor is that it doesn't have a main cannon.
Going off the one above this one. Firing main cannons is a fundamental part of Sheila's personality. She can be placed in the Mother of Invention because it has a MAC cannon, a tank because, well, it's a tank, the Pelican because it has big guns, and the Freelancer facility because it has automated defenses. But a suit of armor has no main cannons for her to fire. And a battle rifle just doesn't cut it.

Caboose is now Obfuscating Stupidity and is now really the smartest and most aware person there - at least in Season 10's Caboose. Yes, there's a lot of stupidity to him. But...

Church says they can't trust Wash in Carolina's presence so they're spying on the pair of them to learn as much as possible. And he spies on Wash without even trying to hide, fully reveals the plan, and says that he's telling Wash that he doesn't think Wash is a threat because they're friends - which startles Wash. And what does Caboose say after saying this? Does he continue his ill-fated attempt at sneaking or his wimpy interrogation? No. He just walks away. Now, if Caboose is cognizant of the world, this makes perfect, total sense. He's seen how Wash has changed since joining the Blood Gulch team and while he might share Church's concern for Carolina's influence on Wash, he also knows that Wash isn't entirely the Freelancer he was trained to be. So what does he do? He reveals a secret in a way that only Caboose could get away with, tells Wash that he trusts him, and tells him that they're friends and then leaves Wash to consider that and possibly what his loyalties are. And it hits Wash perfectly. You could make an argument he tried a similar thing with Carolina with the inadvertant flirting scene - recognizing that she's a broken bird who's closed herself off from all attachments, he, in a manner that only Caboose can get away with, compliments her in an attempt to open her up. If you follow that theory, you can hear the point where he realizes it isn't working ("helmet hair") and tries to back away from it.

  • This actually does make sense, especially when you remember that Relocated and Recreation show that Caboose actually somehow possesses legitimate stealth skills. While he might not be good enough to sneak up on a soldier of Freelancer caliber, with Wash he doesn't even bother to try with any serious effort.

Sister was a Freelancer agent
The Director sent Captain Flowers to watch over Alpha, and presumably send him reports. After four years of no reports, the Director was likely wondering what happened to the Alpha. Sister explicitly stated that she was sent because Captain Flowers died. She couldn't give the real story, since the whole thing is supposed to be a coverup, so that's why she initially went to red base. She's not actually color blind, she was just trying to cover her ass since the whole red/blue thing is a sham (and it's possible nobody told her the Alpha would be on the Blue Team). She's also not that stupid, she just plays dumb as a cover, and really doesn't give a shit. It explains why somebody assigned to the Blue Team didn't have blue armor. Also note that while talking to Tex, Church said he suspected that Sister was into him. It's possible he mistook her investigating/note taking as romantic interest.

Agent Washington is Thor under his armor
Cars hate them both.
  • Plus they're both blond and Adorkable. Though admittedly I can't imagine Wash kissing anyone's hand.

Caboose had a very poor upbringing. This is why he forms such serious attatchments to everything in such short amounts of time, from Church (who hates him to some degree) to Sheila, and in Reconstruction he apparently talked to vehicles with no AI. More evidence is when he first meets Washington he fears losing a brother he never had.

Church's experiences in Blood Gulch caused him to shed more A.I fragments
It's been implied that there are more A.I than the ones we saw in season 10, even if not all of them were paired with Freelancers. However season 10 implies that Alpha was moved to Blood Gulch immediately after the break in, so how could the Director make more A.I? Well in season 8, it was revealed that a lot of the crazy stuff that happened in the Blood Gulch Chronicles (including being supposedly sent to the future and Church attempting to fix the mistakes in Blood Gulch only to cause most of them himself) were actually scenarios put in place by the Director. Maybe his intention was to put Alpha under more stress to create more A.I. This could explain for example, why Church was able to shoot Caboose in the foot in season 2, but then can't hit O'Malley in season 5.
  • I don't think it's ever been stated or implied that the Director was involved with any of the Blood Gulch shenanigans, short of being the jackass who started it all. Tex was technically AWOL, and Gary seemed to put Church through the time travel simulation for no other reason than shits and giggles.

Tucker's immunity to Wyoming's Time Manipulation is not his sword, but rather...
His Freelancer-Grade armor. Who's to say that all the Freelancer armor systems didn't have an immunity to it inbuilt. Think about it. Freezing time etc would be an ever bigger advantage if the whole squad were affected(effected?) or unaffected(uneffected?) as appropriate.
  • It's "affected". And I like this.
  • My only issue is that it's not Freelancer-grade armor. Or at least, any different than standard simulation armor, since it's completely different from his armor as Florida. And given the entire point was to make it look like he wasn't a Freelancer, it would look more suspicious in a lot of ways if an extra set of Freelancer-grade armor disappeared as well.
  • Well, it is possible that Florida's armor was just modified to make it look just as any standard armor, but it keep the functions of a freelancer's. The only counter argument that i can think of about the omega time manupulation not working with Freelancers is that Tex is affected everytime a time manupulation happen, but that is because Tex had a robot body back then, not a Freelancer armor.
    • A robot body made my Sarge, as well. She is considerably less of a threat in her new robot body Sarge cobbled together. She can't even carry Andy. Whereas previously she could flip Sheila with ease, before her first 'death'. It was probably intentional on Sarge's part.
  • As much as I like this theory, I have to wonder: if immunity is inherent in Freelancer armor, how was Wash affected by the Meta's.
    • Well, by that point in time, the meta's armor was not working properly, it is also posible that "stop" time was an upgrade that sigma made to make anyone but themselves to be affected by it, and since never use it near tucker, i guess we'll never know.
  • His time immunity is because it's Flower's armor, but it's something special the Director cooked up because Wyoming went rogue, and he knew his time manip was too dangerous to not have a counter plan to.
    • Secondly, this is why Tucker's armor reacts so poorly with the teleporters. A time-turner and a teleporter just act on different axis of the time/space scale, so his armors defense measures were what caused him to slow down through the teleporter (and get all that black stuff)

My theories on Captain Butch Flowers....(During Seasons 10-11)
  • He is still alive!
  • He did not die of an aspirin overdose. He had to be extracted by Project Freelancer, so they made up a bogus excuse.
    • Flowers died of a heart attack; the asprin overdose was part of Gamma's time travel simulation, and didn't actually happen. However, the end of season five confirms his death, resurrection by aliens and redeath.
  • He will be the new antagonist next season. He'll be trying to recover Epislon as stolen property and will pursue Carolina with the intent of killing her and taking Church. The Gulch Guys will be recruited to help.
  • Or he suffers a Despair Event Horizon when he realizes Project Freelancer doesn't exist anymore, meaning he has no purpose.
  • Im going to guess he fake his death to be able to spy on both red and blue soldiers, perhaps he is VIC? anyway, he faked his death and everything went kinda wrong at the moment omega show up in his head, the alien just find him, pretty much alive, bit after that who knows, at the moment he got sniped there wasn't any wyoming who could get that shot, perhaps he re-fake his death using an armor ability? i kinda doubt it.
    • I can't — I can't, I don't — I can't deal with this right now.
    • Maybe his equipment was a Halo-d version of the Dead Ringer...

Gamma trapped Yellow Church in a simulation of Sidewinder.
Yellow Church at the end of BGC season 5 doesn't make much sense. Why did he have a body when he came out of Caboose's mind? His existence didn't make much sense with the original Yellow Church's comment that "it seemed like such a good idea at the time." How is it that one of the Church clones claims to have experienced what made Yellow yellow if it hasn't happened yet? The answer is that they're completely unrelated. It's implied by season 10 that episodes 50 (part 1 and part 2) were Gamma messing with Church by making a simulation where he causes all of his problems, not time-travel or teleportation. Church did come up with a scheme in said simulation where he turned himself yellow, but that's unrelated. Since Gamma is so used to deceit and most of all, doing it to Church, when the Yellow Church was forced from Caboose's mind, the clone of Gamma in Wyoming's body instinctively trapped it in a simulation of the worst thing it could think of: letting all of his friends blow up at Sidewinder. The fact that he was yellow is just a huge coincidence.
  • Gamma was in the tank, so he didn't get cloned. Also, the yellow soldier in Caboose's mind was Sister, not Church.
    • Good point on the tank, but Gamma must've still had some connection to the Wyomings to be able to regulate their armor ability (there's no WAY that "time manipulation" could be used effectively without an AI). And yes, the yellow soldier in Church's mind is Caboose's version of Sister... but she's Church's sister in Caboose's mind, and implied to be the yellow Church at Sidewinder.
      • Implied to... what? I'm sorry, but how are you making that connection? And how would Caboose's mental image of someone appear outside his mind, anyway?
      • ... that's just plain what happened. Rewatch the end of BGC. "Sister" gets forced out of Caboose's head, and teleported to Sidewinder by a dead Wyoming body. That's just what happened, there's no interpretation there at all. I'm positing that he wasn't teleported to Sidewinder, but rather captured/absorbed/whatever by the Wyoming's body, which still had a connection to Gamma, who then ran it through a simulation.
      • Oh wow, you're right. I'm honestly not sure how I missed that. Are we still friends? You can have my Fruit-by-the-Foot that my mom put in my lunch today.
      • Yes, but tomorrow I want your Fruit Roll-Up.
      • With the lick-and-stick temporary tattoo? Never!

Tex made a truce with the Director at some point after her rebellion.
In season one, she was sent by command to help the Blue team, so clearly she is a legitimate agent again by the time BGC started. In Out of Mind, we see a Tex, Church and Wyoming in the same scene. Church has a body and believes himself a soldier, which means it was after his attempted liberation and after he cast off Epsilon and forgot he was an AI, which means it was after Tex's rebellion (unless the Director allows Alpha to inhabit a robot body and mingle as long he pretends to be a soldier). Being both based on the Director's lover, and the fact that she is an AI that the Director would want to keep tabs on, she is very easily forgiven.
  • Church firmly believed himself to be an actual soldier in an actual body (and later, a ghost possessing a robot body). The only person who could have told him otherwise, Flowers/Florida, was long dead by the time Tex showed up. Church and the rest of the Blood Gulch crew being completely unaware of his true nature is a major part of what drives season 6. It's pretty well agreed that Tex being "sent" by command is either due to Early Installment Weirdness, or Vic just being, well, Vic.

When Omega 'possesses' someone, he doesn't actually possess them.
We've seen 4 AI with the ability to possess things in series: Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, and Omega. When Alpha, Beta, and Epsilon possess someone or something, they not only gain full control of the person/robot, they also speak in the voice that they always speak in. When Omega possesses someone, that doesn't happen. His victim's voice lowers and their personality just becomes an evil version of their normal one. This is because. Omega doesn't really possess people. His possession simply influences their mind until they become raging and evil like him. This explains why the BGC became evil and Tex became more bitchy. With Doc and Caboose, his influence was strong enough to manifest as a split personality. That's why Caboose can become angry and Doc re-gained his O'Malley persona later on. Omega the AI may have left them, but O'Malley the personality never really did.

Project Freelancer Started as an ONI Robotics Project
It makes sense, given everything we've seen about Freelancer thus far, that they wereactually intended to be working on robotics and synthetic intelligence during the openingyears of the Great War.

Nowhere else in the UNSC but the Project do we see advanced robotics such as Lopez,Church, Tex and (if you ascribe to the theory) the Red and Blue zealots. It can be assumedthat Project Freelancer began life as an ONI project designed to create expendable, roboticshock troops to combat the covenant.

As the foremost expert on AI, Dr. Church would have been contracted to help develop a new kind ofsystem to control these platforms; not quite full AI, but still able to act as individual troopers. The Red and Blue zealots would be earlier prototypes of this system (eventually relegated to training drones after the contract was completed), while the field-issue intelligence found in Lopez and Dos.0 are the production models. FILSS is of course a custom variant designed for personal use by the director.

The system clearly worked, though even real-life entities such as DARPA see successful projects end up discontinued due to things such as resource scarcity or budgetary concerns. However, the success of these units prompted the UNSC to contract the Director's group to devlop more easily deployed weaponry, AKA the various armor mods of Project Freelancer (notably, the bubble shielf which saw extensive use in the Halo canon proper) for their frontline soldiers to use. Encouraging results in this project saw the eventual recruitment of test personnel from the highest ranks of groups such as the ODST in order to properly test the new equipment on the field.

The final phase of the program was obviously to fully integrate the weapons systems into the armor of frontline troops, which is clearly what the program has started working on at the beginning of season 8, though the complications that arose from this integration required much more processing power than a standard set of UNSC armor could provide, allowing an opening for the director to integrate Alpha into the trials. From there, well...we all know where it went from there.

Presumably, after the Director went rogue, the prototype bubble shields and other equipment given to the UNSC were retrofitted in order to function as a standalone piece of equipment in order to create a mass-producible asset usable by most ground troops rather than risk only issuing these pieces of equipment in extremely limited number alongisde VERY costly AI units to only elite soldiers.

Along with Vic's apparent return in Season 14, he'll get a brand new CGI model.
Whether or not he's a virtual intelligence, his older Halo: Combat Evolved model would look jarring and out-of-place compared to the much fancier graphics of the recent Halo games. It only makes sense for Rooster Teeth to give the character a visual upgrade.
  • Jossed. He had the same model for his later reappearances.

Captain Flowers’ heart attack was caused by the axe that was thrown into his chest.
A penetration wound in the chest can lead to heart problems if it’s not treated properly. This would explain why a seemingly physically healthy man would have a fatal heart attack, and it also explains why Command lists “Aspirin Overdose” as the cause of death: The real reason he died can be linked to his time as Agent Florida, and Project Freelancer was already trying to cover that up, so they lied about what killed him as well.

Flowers/Florida tripping over the cord didn't cause the change in the names.
Vic was just de-scrambling the names of the agents. If you think about it, Caboose, Donut and Sister being freelancers does work. Caboose is very good with machines and was likely a field mechanic for his freelancer group. He has a strength armour enhancement which is why he's stronger than everyone else. Donut obviously has a healing unit and has a hell of an arm. He's also the most competent person on the Reds when he is actually something. Sister has either a healing unit as well, or a holographic projection unit. We haven't seen her fight, but we do know she survived being 'killed' by Lopez. She also has the same natural endurance as Maine did. Jenkins only showed up in alternate takes so we don't know about him, and Andersmith hasn't shown up... yet.

Siris will appear in Season 15
He'll help Locus "make things right" while keeping him on the right path, and much emphasis will be put on him being the exact opposite of Felix.

Post-Blood Gulch Chronicles, Sister was supposed to be reassigned to the place shown in Grey vs. Gray.
Everyone in that episode being extremely colorblind was no coincidence. It was another one of Project Freelancer's experiments. They wanted to see how two groups of color-divided soldiers who couldn't see color would be able to operate. Sister, also being just as colorblind, was supposed to be part of the experiment, but she stayed in Blood Gulch. Either she wanted to stay, like Sarge, or she didn't even know she was supposed to leave. This makes sense chronologically, too: Early in the episode, Cobb mentions Blood Gulch. He shouldn't know that Blood Gulch exists, since it's a backwater canyon where no one ever goes. I know they probably just wanted to reference Blood Gulch and didn't consider the logic behind it, but there is a way to justify this: He saw the recruitment video from the episode Fight the Good Fight, which takes place just before everyone in Blood Gulch left. Since the video's been heavily edited and is now being shown to new recruits, that means there's a time gap between these two episodes. Probably enough time that the Reds and Blues are at their new posts by the time Grey vs. Gray starts. That means Sister would've been there if she had left in the first place.

Grif doesn't actually have Simmons' body parts.
It was an elaborate prank that Sarge came up with specifically to mess with him. Simmons was in on it, while Donut was also tricked into believing the story. The reason why Simmons being a cyborg is still occasionally referenced while Grif being a Frankenstein's monster isn't is because the latter isn't true.

Red Vs Blue's differences with Halo is because of it being an Alternate Timeline
More specifically, Red Vs Blue takes place in an Alternate History where North and South Carolina were united as one state after the American Civil War, and Puerto Rico/D.C./insert another U.S. territory here became another state, making there still be 50 American states. This would help justify why Carolina was able to get her codename despite there being two Carolinas in our world. All of the other differences between Red Vs Blue and Halo are because of those two big changes in history.

A future season will revolve around someone from the UNSC trying to create a new Project Freelancer.
They’ll be dead-set on gathering all of the people, assets, and research related to the project that still exists, as well as anyone from Charon Industries who had experience with the confiscated Freelancer technology. The Reds and Blues would staunchly refuse the idea at first, but would slowly change their minds once the UNSC official reveals their intentions, which may or may not be genuine. Individuals that are important to the project, yet could pose a threat to it, like Hargrove or Temple, would be kept in a prison within the base of operations. Things would seem to go well at first, but the project would eventually fall to infighting among its members, just like the original Project Freelancer. All in all, the premise opens up a lot of potential for bringing back characters who have had a long absence, as well as plenty of interesting character interaction.

The post-Season 13 PSAs all exist In Universe.
The Blood Gulch Crew decided to take advantage of their newfound popularity to make a few extra bucks, so they pitched the PSA idea to the studio they sold their film rights to. Although they were supposed to be completely straight PSAs, the BGC's trademark brand of silliness got in the way, resulting in the PSAs as we know them, and the studio decided to roll with it, knowing that getting these idiots to follow a script to the letter is more trouble than it's worth.

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