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Comic!Paul Moses is an older Agent 47.
Well, he's a ruthless, pragmatic ex-assassin, and he's bald. The people giving him the contracts were the CIA all along, and he only found that out in the later years of his career. Eventually he has a change of heart and decides to quit, leading to the events of the comic. The only thing missing is the barcode...
  • Tattoos can be removed fairly easily.

The Five-Man Band are not only "Retired, Extremely Dangerous", but they also worked for RED.
  • Martin Boggs at the very least definitely has a lot of Soldier in him.

Joe is not dead.
Notice that the sniper who kills him is never identified? Notice, also, that Victoria has a record for shooting people in the chest when she doesn't want to kill them. Just saying.
  • As much as I hate myself for finding a way to refute this, she wouldn't have been toasting to Joe's memory on Ivan's porch if this was true.

The Sequel will involve Sean Connery playing a retired British agent
  • Come on, you know it would be awesome.

The sequel will be a prequel about the team in their Prime....
Could be set in the early Seventies during the Cold war. Moses would be an Operative in training under the training of maverick agent Joe Matheson and his reliable yet unassuming partner Marvin Boggs. They team up with Joe's off again on again lover MI 5 hitwomen codenamed Victoria as they attempt to outfox Russian Spymaster Ivan Simanov and his dreaded henchmen the Butcher. In a cat and mouse game to track down the worlds first and so far only pocket sized Nuke...
  • First, the key word in the title is the R, as in "Retired". Secondly, jossed.

The third film will have Mads Mikkelsen in a significant role.
The first film had Brian Cox and the second film will have Anthony Hopkins. Mayhaps a pattern?