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Grace will inherit the Le Domas fortune
Grace may not count as a family member by the standards of the deal with Mr. Le Bail, but by human law, she is Alex’s widow, meaning she could potentially inherit the entirety of the Le Domas fortune, as every single possible heir was slaughtered by Mr. Le Bail.
  • Addtionally, Le Bail may have intended that. Since he punishes the family for failing to kill the bride/groom by killing them all, and Le Bail seems to have Villain Respect for Grace surviving, inheriting the fortune is likely an intended outcome as a "winning price" for surviving.
Le Bail chooses when a human has to be sacrificed based on their character
While little is known about Helene's husband, Fitch, Becky, and Charity all have no problem killing innocent people in order to maintain their wealth and/or protect their family. Grace is both horrified and repulsed by the practice and refuses to have anything to do with Alex even after he tries to claim he's back to being the man he was before the game began. Le Bail may require the new bride or bridegroom to draw the card dictating what game they play so he can check if they're willing to do the same and those who aren't willing are used as sacrifices.
  • Expanding on the above, Mr. Le Bail specifically targets the new spouses that weren’t told the true nature of the game ahead of time. In the Distant Prologue, Helene’s husband seem genuinely surprised the family was trying to kill him, implying he went in just as blind as Grace did. Charity and Fitch are said to have Jumped at the Call, with Charity in particular not even flinching when told about the family’s satanism. This implies that Mr. Le Bail choses the ones that that are kept in the dark because it’s a pretty good indicator that their new spouses suspect they wouldn’t go along with the sacrifice thing if told.
    • On the other hand, the calculating Charity was met with chess, and the foolish and ineffective Fitch was given Old Maid. Grace may have been given Hide and Seek not because she wasn’t told about it, but because Le Bail knew she could possibly win.

Le Bail was influencing the game to make sure both sides played by the rules
Over the course of the film, there are a number of moments where Grace is prevented from escaping the grounds or using a firearm, such as with the shotgun's "display ammo" or when she is knocked into a pit after knocking out Georgie before she can grab his derringer. At the same time, when the family tried to use the security cameras they were immediately disabled, and whenever a non-family member interfered with the hunt they would die in a freak accident. Was this because Le Bail wanted a good show? It happens enough to make one wonder.
  • Or maybe he was deliberately sabotaging the family's efforts to hunt down Grace in time for the sacrifice. Even Tony points out how improbable it is for Grace to continuously survive when all the ones before her were dispatched fairly quickly.

It wasn’t losing the game that caused the family to explode at the end, it was refusing to accept their loss
It isn’t until attempting to kill Grace that people start exploding
  • Perhaps in further support of this, it’s ambiguous as to whether or not the death of the maids count. The family ultimately decide not to risk it, but there’s no indication that Grace has to be THE sacrifice, or even the only sacrifice. Theoretically, as long as the rules were being followed by the family, anyone who was killed in the mansion or on its grounds could count as a sacrifice, so long as they were killed within the set amount of time. And anyone who survived the night would be permitted to leave unscathed.
  • The fact that they were still willing to kill Grace after the deadline had passed in order to sustain their good fortune fits under the very definition of pride, which is one of the cardinal sins - some cite it as the deadliest of all and the source of the other sins.
    • It's also possibly the only time they'd have killed someone without even the pretense of it being an accident (as with the maids) or a twisted form of self-defense. Helene's final attempt to kill Grace wasn't for fear that she or her kin would die if Grace survived, it was an act of pure spite.

If Daniel hadn't already died, Le Bail would've spared him
Given the implication that Grace's rejection of Alex led to his death, it's possible that Daniel's Heel–Face Turn would've absolved him of his and his family's crimes and he would've been allowed to live.

If Grace had forgiven Alex, Le Bail would have killed them both
Alex lingered the longest out of the family, well after the rest had were gone. Was it because he was the most hesitant to play the game, or did Mr.Le Bail just want to see her throw the ring away before she would be spared?
  • Alternatively, he may have spared them both if she accepted him, since she won and would effectively be starting a new family. Le Bail is evil, but he seems to respect the rules.
On some level, Daniel had feelings for Grace.

Daniel's wife is pretty openly horrible and ruthless, even to the point of killing her own husband. She and Daniel are implied to have a rocky marriage, and she justifies her ruthlessness with having grown up in a difficult life. Meanwhile, Grace also grew up without much (she was shuttled around from foster home to foster home) but she's clearly good hearted and married Alex because she loved him— and she would never have taken part in the cult. In a way, she's almost a foil to Charity (their names even both reference Christian virtues, ironic for individuals involved in a Satanic ritual). Grace mentions that Daniel keeps hitting on her while he's drunk, so he may have been attracted to her. (Really, what's not to like?) Then Daniel displays extreme confliction about saving Grace or saving his family, gives her a mercy head start at the beginning, and ultimately dies trying to save her, even at the risk of himself and his family. That might all fit in well with him secretly having had feelings for her (as well as being disgusted with the cult to begin with).


Grace becomes Bee from The Babysitter
After Grace is hunted all night and finds out Le Bail is real, she turns to the dark side (she had clearly cracked once people started exploding), and makes a deal with him. Eventually taking on the persona of Bee.

Alternatively, Bee is Grace.
After the events of The Babysitter, she decides to turn over a new leaf and make the decisions that would eventually lead her to the Le Domases.

Grace has the pact now.
We were told earlier that seeing Mr. Le Bail in his chair is a sign that you have his favor. He chose Grace to start a new family. That's why Alex only exploded when she said she wanted a divorce: he would have been spared if he'd been part of her new family.
  • So does that mean she will continue the proud tradition of situational human hunting or she will live the rest of her days as a rich, lonely spinster?

Le Bail only picks hide and seek when the member of the family marrying loves their new spouse enough that they're unwilling to play.
You aren't really sacrificing much if you aren't loathe to lose it, after all.

Alternatively, Mr. Le Bail only chose hide and seek because the groom saw the bride before the wedding.
That always bothered me when watching the movie. It's supposed to be bad luck. Tony is clearly the traditional type, so he might respect even the silly ones when it was time to marry Becky. Emilie seems like she'd partake in superstition, at least just for fun. And Daniel wouldn't care enough to visit Charity before their ceremony.

In a sequel, the Le Domases will return from the dead and hunt Grace down
In a similar vein to The Babysitter: Killer Queen (also starring Weaving), either the family will manage to strike a Deal with the Devil or Grace will screw around with something and accidentally bring her tormentors back to life.

Grace was in the military or some kind of law enforcement.
We don't learn much about Grace's backstory, but she is very competent with weapons, and athletic, which would require training. Alex was partially attracted to her because he thought on some level that she had the best chance of survival. She's still freaked by the whole situation because she's only human.

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