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Keep in mind that these are Fanon theories most likely concocted by that bastard Alexandrite about the events on Raishon and its cast of characters. If you see something awesome that you would like to confirm, by all means, do. These are sort of ideas we're tossing out there- AND IF THEY'RE RIGHT BOOYAH!

  • Yukina is actually a Puella Magi: She made a contract with Kyuubey (aka Plush Doll Troll/Satan) to reset her Crap-Sacked Universe, giving her her time traveling powers. The reason why she forgets stuff when she uses it? Its because she's actually rewriting the past to lead up to that moment. Basically shes swiping out Pipe A with Pipe B and moving it into Slot C. This unintentionally leads to everything wrong with the New Universe, creating a whole new doomed time line.
    • Also when her soul gem cracks she becomes the destroyer of time and the world and you know.
  • The Ishiyuki Siblings are robots programmed to infiltrated and take over Raishon Academy from the inside out. - Kiri
  • Theory? Riku's sprites are actually the reincarnations of women he once loved.
    • I say they're related to him in someway. At least Luna.
  • It's possible that when Momoko introduced herself to Alf, she had already felt somewhat comfortable. When having to introduce herself to Riku, she had been a stuttering mess. However, she didn't stutter at all while saying her name to Alf. It could be because they were the only two in the room, or because she didn't say a full sentence, but it's still something to think about.
    • I wouldn't count it as a shipping moment just yet. Recall moments prior that Deborah introduced Riku as "Dude with three undead children." Its more likely that Momoko was simply scared of Riku, or at least shaken up a bit from the whole zombie thing, and that impacted the interaction with him altogether.
  • Takeshi will be raided by a mob of girls. Its honestly a wonder why he hasn't already; having been to the girls bathroom and then having them, you know, react like that, its likely that a group of girls who've noticed Takeshi's interesting activities will both A) Capture him and B) Raid his room. I bet fifty dollars that all of Takeshi's fetishes will be revealed and the whole event will end with Takeshi in an alley somewhere, the tar beaten out of him.
    • In fact, why not make it a school event, with a "Guy vs. Girl" theme?
  • Dimitri has a chode.
    • But isn't this is a fact, not a theory?
      • Confirmed

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