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Ruby and possibly Yang were disowned by Taiyang.
  • Throughout the episodes, there's been no mention of Taiyang at all. Ruby states she's been living on the streets by herself and Yang mentions she hasn't been in contact with her sister for years, implying both ran away or left their father's residence at different points. Whenever her family has been brought up, Ruby states 'The only family I have is my sister and my uncle'. When explaining Ruby's situation to Blake in episode four, Yang's phrasing also implies Taiyang isn't a factor in their lives, stating that after graduating Beacon she plans to take Ruby home to live with their uncle. Perhaps after losing Summer and Raven, this version of Taiyang didn't just shut down, but leave completely?
  • Or, given Ruby's status as Only Sane Man, perhaps she disowned him. Leaving of her own accord to get away from her father's influence? Much like Canon Weiss did when she began studying at Beacon?
    • I'd also like to point out in episode 5 when Ruby is doing her broadcast, she specifically states to seek out her Uncle for help. There's no mention of Taiyang what so ever. So, it lends some credence to the theory that Taiyang isn't a factor in their lives.
  • Or, given the fact that Ruby still tolerates her sister despite being annoyed by her and comparing interactions with her to alcohol, ikt might be possible that Taiyang was Driven to Suicide, which might explain Ruby and Yang's attitudes: It's their coping mechanisms for losing their parents.
Qrow is similarly an Only Sane Man to Ozpin's crew, and his circumstances working for the man are equally as forced as Ruby's are.
  • Contrary to his canon incarnation, Qrow has just as much hatred and contempt for Ozpin as Ruby does. The problem is; Ozpin is also the one paying off Qrow's bar tabs and keeping all the IOUs. So like it or not, Qrow's stuck working for the guy until his debts are paid off.
    • Alternatively, Qrow is actively trying to screw over Ozpin's group as a means to get Ruby out of Beacon - upto and including letting Amber get attacked by Cinder's crew. Unfortunately, this leads to the fall of Beacon which cascades into the destruction of Vale. Feeling guilty for their actions (at least, for all of Vale getting caught in the collateral), Qrow and Ruby agree to journey to Mistral and prevent the same happening there. Raven of all people, ironically and rightfully, calls him out on this behaviour.
  • Following the above alternative, Qrow didn't leave his bandit clan. Like his attempts to sabotage the Ozluminati, he was exiled for nearly destroying it out of boredom/irritation/contempt. Not that he particularly seems to mind much.