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Trope based speculation on the 22nd James Bond film. For WMG regarding the entire franchise, go here.

The movie features a giant space-exploring Bond
Look at the teaser poster. That's clearly a Godzilla-sized Bond striding across Jupiter's icy moon, Europa.

The name of the movie is a reference to the Gallifreyan Mountains of Solace and Solitude.

The name of the movie is the result of a bored writer with a thesaurus attempting to find a more poetic way to say "Time of Loneliness".
  • Ian Fleming, bored?
    • Isn't he dead?
    • Yes- he wrote the original short story of that title.
      • It's worth noting that this was before (the Hollywood Science interpretation of) the scientific meaning of "quantum" entered popular culture. It did just mean "a small amount" to anyone without a physics or chemistry degree.
  • Seeing as "Quantum" has nothing to do with time (in fact, it means "a discrete amount"), I'd have to say research failure.
    • It doesn't strictly mean "Time," it means "Moment." A moment is a discrete amount of time.
    • Similarly, solace doesn't mean loneliness...
  • I thought it was a paraphrase of "small comfort".
    • It is indeed an unnecessarily verbose way of saying "small comfort" according to the original short story.
    • The direct translation is a "measure of comfort." It refers to the smallest amount of decency a person requires or else they will snap and do something incredibly irrational.
      • Or maybe it was a homage, and he tried to mean... Dark Moment. After all, Meioh Setsuna has to be somewhere in almost every WMG.
  • Spectre basically reveals that Quantum was one of many of SPECTRE's arms in the underworld. Appropriately enough, Quantum was really just a small branch of something much bigger.

The film is cursed!
  • But it comes with a free Frogurt!
    • The Frogurt is also cursed.
      • But it comes with a choice of topping!
      • The toppings are made from Potassium Benzoate
      • That's bad.
      • Can I watch the movie now?

The name of the movie refers to the town of Solace in the Dragonlance universe
And this troper is dying to see what happens when Tasselhoff Burrfoot gets ahold of James Bond's gadgets.

The title is an anagram of "Calm Aqueous Font"
We can expect the film to revolve around the Comic Sans typeface.
  • Comic Sans is anything but calm. Have you seen the font? It's crazy!

Le Chiffre and Dominic Green are part of the new "SPECTRE" organization.
La Chief helped provide funding for unspecified "terrorists", SPECTRE originally provided funding for the zany terror schemes of old school Bond despots. Dominic Green appears to be in the mold of an old school Bond despot.
  • Mr. White and Mr. Green are in it's inner circle, and it is now called "SPECTRUM".
    • Actually, they're members of Quantum, a pastiche of SMERSH, instead of SPECTRE.
      • It seems to be closer to SPECTRE, in that it is an international organization with vaguely to non-existent defined goals (so far), rather than a Soviet organization working for Soviet interest.
  • So is Mr. White supposed to be Blofeld?
    • Apparently, seeing as he was rescued after being captured (which doesn't seem to be Standard Operating Procedure for Quantum), and because he seems smarter than the rest of the organization (he stayed in his seat during Tosca so that Bond wouldn't notice him).
    • Or perhaps there's a Mr. Blue out there who still has to make his appearance. Blofeld's name means "blue field" or something similar.

The rebooted M's code initial stands for..."Moneypenny."
As 007 noted in Casino Royale, it apparently wasn't randomly assigned, but actually stood for something personal. Add to this the otherwise seeming lack of Bond fixtures Moneypenny and Q, which leaves her character open for such a "reimagining"...not to mention the "I'm the Money/Every penny of it" exchange between Vesper and 007 in Royale, which turns from a simple in-joke to a punning password exchange for a spy rendezvous.
  • Now THAT I can believe. I thought that punny exchange was a bit much— and there's always Villiers or whatever his name was, cute secretary boy, to take up the role.
    • Um...
  • Lack of Q? I could have sworn he was the guy who put the tracer bug into Bond's arm in Casino Royale.
    • Desmond Llewellyn's Q was introduced in a similar scene: in From Russia with Love all he does is give Bond a suitcase.

Craig Mitchell wasn't a traitor
He was Genre Savvy enough to shoot the other guard when Mr. White, the smiling Chess Master, mentions "We have people everywhere."
  • Would that be a Death By Genre Savvy ?
  • Jossed by the movie proper. He also takes a potshot at M, which means Instant Death in Bond's book. You do NOT try to take down the Team Mom.

Bond learned some amount of Le Parkour at some point.
Possibly between the scene in Vienna at the end of Royale and shooting White. He seems a lot more efficient in his tactics when he chases Mitchell through Siena.

Quantum is responsible for..
The Bolivian gas conflict. Think about it. Greene claims Quantum has been destabilizing the Bolivian government. The gas conflict did in two Presidents in a relatively short space of time, and led to key routes to La Paz being blocked off. On top of that, it also caused mass demonstrations in front of the office of the Bolivian President. On top of that, the conflict was about exploring the south of Bolivia for natural gas, something Greene could easily latch on to opposition of.

The Boathook is a Chekhov's Gun / Chekhov's Gunman , and will be making an appearance in the next movie
Hey, when the camera does the Improvised Weapon search n' pan, then zooms in on a hook, the next shot has to be of the camera making a cut as someone gets the hook in the face. Also, someone now needs to write hook fanfiction. Possible hook slash fanfiction. Hook/Face One True Pairing !
  • Just like Matthis made his comeback as a more important character, the boathook will kill an important character in the next movie.
  • Alternatively, it was hooking something behind the scenes.
    • Vesper's old boyfriend. It was waiting outside the apartment at the end of the movie. He walks out, thinking he's going to walk away, going to escape-BAM! Hook to the face.
  • Bond/Hook pairing is the reason Bond can't keep a love interest; the hook is jealous.
    • The latest Bond Girl knew when to walk away.
      • It won't help. The Boat Hook knows where she lives.

The heist in Reservoir Dogs was a botched Quantum operation.
In Reservoir Dogs, there's a Mr. Brown, Pink, Orange, etc. Quantum operatives so far have included Mr. White, Dominic Greene, Mr. Slate...
  • Here it is: The middle-aged Mr. White (from Reservoir Dogs) survived getting shot by the police at the end, and eventually escapes from prison. He tracks down the gangster who managed to get a hold of the briefcase full of diamonds, a mobster by the name of Marcellus Wallace. Under the pseudonym Winston Wolfe, he gains Wallace's trust until he is able to steal the briefcase and diamonds. Now farther into his years, he uses the diamonds to buy the trust and resources of Greene's company, and Quantum grows from there.
  • Alternatively, the movie Clue will be tied into the Bond universe at some point. Perhaps Mr. Boddy was the previous head of Quantum.

Pierce Brosnan's Bond is the leader of Quantum.
This is assuming the James Bond as a code name WMG is true. He was already deemed KIA when he spent that fourteen months in a Korean prison and MI6 had began training his replacement during that time. With no job to return to after killing Graves, he used his expertise to start a highly efficient criminal organization.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the leader of Quantum
His name, keeping true with the colored theme started by Mr. White and Dominic Greene, would probably involve blue. The first three letters of Blofeld's name stand for blue.
  • It's confirmed he'll be the main villain in the new Bond film Spectre. It's also possible he'll change the organization's name after becoming its new leader.

Strawberry Fields Isn't Her Real Name.
In Casino Royale Vesper's alias was going to be "Stephanie Broadchest" before Bond introduced himself. Forward to "Strawberry Fields" Strawberry=Red Hair, Fields=her first foray into the field.