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Henry told Chief Vick the truth in the first episode
Henry has been pretty firmly established as ultra-careful. In one episode he even schools Shawn on the subject of lying believably. In light of this, it seems odd that Henry would offer a verifiable fact (Shawn got his powers at eighteen), without checking with Shawn first to see if he had said anything contradictory. Even if Vick asked him directly, Henry would be experienced enough to dodge the question or offer a less concrete answer.

Plus, in the early episodes Henry is openly hostile to the psychic detective idea. That seems inconsistent with lying to the Chief of Police so Shawn can continue.

In addition, there's a fair amount of evidence against Vick believing in Shawn's powers. Despite nominally believing all his information comes from psychic visions, she usually insists on evidence before acting or putting resources towards a theory. She has also witnessed him using deductive reasoning to solve a case without commenting.


In light of this, and what we know of the characters, it seems plausible that Henry simply laid the cards on the table- Shawn is a demonstrably brilliant detective, receiving a perfect score on the detectives exam. As Shawn refuses to join the police force, and has a criminal record, she can't use his skills unless she pretends that she buys the psychic routine. By this time she has seen him in action, and is less hostile towards his interference in the course of justice, and agrees. She then tells Shawn she believes him in order to retain plausible deniability if it all blows up in her face.

  • Chances are, she asks for evidence because that's what they need to actually try the case. Yeah, Shawn may be right but that doesn't mean he can be used as evidence that a court will accept. A confession on the other hand or being caught in the act...

Juliet's uniform fetish is why she joined the police
The episode that just aired as of this writing (1/30/08) suggests she is turned on by uniforms. And now she's in a job where she can spend hours staring at cops...

Shawn was a Companion to the Tenth Doctor
They're equally silly, cursed with curiosity and wanderlust, and have a habit of saving the day. Plus, they both have a fixation with a particular type of fruit - The Doctor with bananas, and Shawn with pineapples.

Shawn is a Mirror Universe counterpart of Ned from Pushing Daisies
Other than their both being sleuths, they're almost complete opposites. Shawn solves crimes using observation but pretends to be using superhuman powers. Ned solves crimes using superhuman powers but pretends to be using observation. Shawn employs a black man as his crime-solving assistant; Ned is the crime-solving assistant to a black man. Shawn is a ladies' man; Ned has his one true love and appears incapable of attraction to anyone else. Shawn is always hyperactive and outspoken, making a big impression on everyone he meets; Ned is shy and assuming. Shawn is incredibly, even annoyingly, cocky; Ned is quietly self-confident. Shawn is reckless; Ned is always hyper-cautious. Shawn's dad was always very demanding of him; Ned's dad abandoned him. Shawn is laid-back; Ned is usually ill at ease. Shawn is cunning; Ned hasn't got a devious bone in his body. Shawn is great at deception; Ned is a terrible liar. Any more?

Shawn is psychic
His father trained him to come up with plausible reasons for the psychic intuitions he has. That's why he always looks at the tiniest clues that other people have missed. It would also explain the weird inverted light and the eerie green that the clues flash.

Shawn may not even realize he is psychic because of how well his father indoctrinated him. His mother left because, as a psychologist, she believed that a child should know the truth. Henry kept Shawn at a time when men rarely did because he seemed like the more stable parent; custody judges hate parents with 'non-traditional beliefs'.

  • He probably has a low-level psychic ability that he just shrugs off as intuition. As above, it explains why he is drawn to key clues (the flash is just for audience benefit), and there are an awful lot of coincidences Shawn seems to stumble upon... Several episodes in each season don't just rely on Shawn seeing things others miss and his superior deductive reasoning, but occasionally going somewhere that the perp was or is at just the right time completely by accident.
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  • There may actually be more to this than one might think. In Right Turn or Left for Dead, Shawn daydreams during his concussion about what would have happened had he given Juliet a random cloth to cover with rather than his jacket. The next day's events play out completely differently, and while the "better" path may be mildly unbelievable with some of the things that go on, the clues that he picks up in the "better universe" help both break the case and give closure to it. These clues are VERY specific to this universe, as several things would not have been found if Elan had lived (as she did in the "real universe"), meaning Sean is able to literally divine from another universe/alternate reality clues to bring the story together.

Shawn is a Video game Protagonist
All objects useful to him light up when he looks at them. This is just to save Pixel Hunts ala Bioshock

Psych and Reaper take place in the same universe
Ray Wise plays what appears to be a vicar in an upcoming episode called "The devil is in the details and upstairs bedroom". Ray wise... "the devil" in the name of the episode... there's no other explanation!

Psych takes place in a Fantasy Kitchen Sink, complete with Psychics.
Think about it. Regardless of his record, in Real Life Shawn ought to be written off as a crackpot, and yet many people seek him out deliberately because they take his claim to be a psychic seriously. My guess is that the general populace knows that Espers, Psychics and Time Travelers exist, probably from watching the local equivalent of Superman rescue people on television.
  • I can't help but laugh at the idea that of a Psych / World of Darkness crossover fanfic.
  • Real police departments do use psychics, though. They're just rather less reliable than Shawn.
  • There's at least three other times when someone besides Shawn purports to have psychic abilities and they seem to be telling the truth (Notably Ivana the Fortune Teller accurately guesses what Shawn is thinking in "Autopsy Turvy") so its entirely possible Psych is in a world where psychics exist its just that Shawn isn't one.

Shawn and Abigail are no longer dating.
  • Why else is she never around? Gus is supporting this pretence because he wants to see Jules and Shawn get together.
  • As of "Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers," confirmed.
  • Isn't Abigail in Africa?
  • Abigail was in Uganda for 6 months.
    • Actually, it was finalized in "Mr. Yin Presents" when Abigail knew that dating someone involved with the police would put her in a risky position. She wants to help third-world countries and can't do that if she's dead.

Lassie is a /k/ommando

Shawn has No Fourth Wall
That's why clues light up and he can hear the narrator in the commercial
  • Given how most No Fourth Wall characters act *cough* Deadpool *cough* this might explain why he acts the way he does. Given how lazy Shawn is, you'd think by now he would've given up the whole routine. He's established his credibility after all.
    • Wasn't it established in the first episode that if anyone ever proved he WASN'T a psychic, he'd be charged with interfering in police affairs, regardless of results?

He's only does what he finds fun, which can equally include illegal actions... in fact he typically breaks the law Once an Episode in order to solve the case, but remember he also manufactured a case by breaking into someones house in order to keep Gus on the team.

Shawn is on antidepressants
He was either on them before he started Psych (because of his obvious relationship and attachment issues, not to mention his not so happy relationship with his father) or very shortly after when he realized that he or one of his loved ones could have died because of his actions. The simple fact that Gus works for a pharmaceutical company means that he could probably get meds without a prescription or actually seeing a psychiatrist so it wouldn't show up that he's on medication in any of the police departments records (which could potientially discredit him).

Lassie has a son/daughter
If you look over some of the more recent episodes there have been several hints that Lassiter has a child from his past that no one knows about.
  • Yes. In "The head, the tail, the whole damn episode" Lassie says to Henry something like "I'm telling you this as a father!"
    Henry: "What do you know about being a father?!"
    • The Psychwrites twitter account said that that line was just a joke that didn't land.

Mr. Yang was an old girlfriend of Shawns
I'm thinking that she might have either been one of his first girlfriends. She saw some of the training from hell that Shawn got from Henry. Something caused them to separate, maybe she moved away, or Shawn broke a promise to her that caused something in her mind to break. Or maybe Henry was worried about her as a bad influence on Shawn and so lied to her and did something to drive a wedge between them. Her first killings were with the goal of getting back at Shawn's father, or maybe getting Shawn himself involved (as she might have thought he'd be a cop by then). With the lack of involvement or interest from Shawn she got bored with it and stopped, only returning later because she found out about Shawn's psychic detective agency aiding the police.
  • Implied by the picture at the end of 'Mr. Yin presents'
    • Good idea, but compare Yang in the picture to the young Shawn. She looks too old, so no, they can't be dating. Smart idea though.
  • Status: Jossed. She was a lonely woman who Shawn's mother allowed to take a picture with him, in a minute of spectacularly bad judgement.

The Season Finale, Mr. Yin Presents, is a dream.
There are too many 'sleep' images early on, and just after Shawn falls asleep the lightning, lines, and acting of most characters changes slightly. Just like it would in a dream episode. The entire thing is brought on by talking to Marry, the Pie, and the Movie Fest. This also explains the larger than average Plot Holes.

Henry was one of the cops challenged by Mr. Yang
During the third season finale, we are told that Mr. Yang had an initial killing spree, then went dark, only emerging to challenge a Worthy Opponent, and Henry is known to have been an amazing cop. Mr. Yang would have respected his skills and ethics. We know that the challengers failed, and the shame of an innocent's blood on Henry's hands would explain his early retirement, and his resistance to openly work on cases, since it would bring back that responsibility

Yin is Yang's twin sister
First off, in the credits, "Mr. Yin" is a male actor, but due to the rules of Cast as a Mask, that doesn't rule out anything. In the last scene of "Mr. Yin Presents", Yin is a room with kind of old-fashioned, feminine decor, like patterned tablecloths and tea kettles, and strokes a picture of young Shawn with what appears to be Yin. Plus, factor in the thematic elements of the yin and the yang between "twins". I'm almost sure of it. I will not be that surprised if it turns out that Samus Is a Girl.
  • Status: Jossed. She is his daughter.

Everybody Knew Already about Shawn's lack of psychic abilities, but everyone thinks they're the only one who knows.
Lassiter clearly knows Shawn isn't psychic, but has given up on trying to convince anyone else. Gus and Henry, obviously, are in on it but covering for Shawn. Juliet has figured it out but is also keeping quiet for Shawn's sake, and Chief Vick knows but plays along so she can continue to call on Shawn to help with cases. McNab... OK, McNab is probably fooled. And so is that black woman who thinks Shawn is in psychic contact with her grandmother.
  • Chief Vick also knows that Henry has been involved. To what extent, she isn't clear on, but it's possible that she knows that Shawn is simply going for help since he's stuck on a case. It also explains why nobody questions his process, where he goes, why he needs to see the crime scenes sometimes and other times he doesn't... It makes a lot of sense.

Det. Carlton Lassiter is the ancestor for the person who'll eventually invent the Lassiter, or at least own the company which sells the Lassiter.
Many guns are known colloquially by the name of their creator (e.g. Kalashnikov Rifle) or by the company which made them, and such companies are usually named after the company's founder (e.g. Winchester). So who's to say that a descendant of Lassiter wouldn't build a laser gun/make a laser gun company centuries in the future?
  • To build on this, remember the Season 2 episode where Lassiter's car is stolen? They mention sound guns a few times. Remember that crappy Alliance gun in the Firefly episode "Ariel"? Looked like it used sound to me.
  • Not only that but Carlton may himself be the descendant of Jim Lassiter from Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage as they not only share a surname but several characteristics as well.

Gus is the psychic one.
His "acute sense of smell" is a cover.

Mr. Yang is both Shawn's and Mr. Yin's mother
For this Theory to work we have to assume that Shawn was adopted. Ms Yang was a brilliant but unstable genius with twins. Deemed unfit both her son and daughter were removed and the arresting officer Henry Spencer ended up adopting Shawn. His twin sister was retrieved by Ms Yang who went on the run with him. In a twisted sense of Irony storywise she trained Mr Yins deductive and logistics skills to stay ahead of the law that would take her away from her mother .She found her son again and took a picture with him but didn't retrive him. Instead starting the Gemini killings with her daughter to taunt the Police. Now running the End game in the new Season Mr Yin will begin to date Gus to get closer to her brother in a Dexter-like stand off.
  • Jossed: Mr. Yin is Mr. Yang's father.

Shawn got arrested when he was eighteen on purpose.
He knew that having a criminal record (with GTA on it) would keep him from ever being a police officer of FBI agent, and that taking a car for a joyride to impress a girl when he was eighteen would be a lot less likely to get him in trouble in the future than would things like robbery or arson, or any crime when he was older than barely-legal. That's why he didn't have anything more recent in his rap sheet as of the pilot episode.
  • More or less confirmed in the same episode that shows the actual arrest. One, Shawn isn't at all surprised when Henry shows up, and two, Shawn explicitly states that he'll never be able to join the police force now.

McNab is a Timelord.
Who can magically survive anything.

Mr. Yang is a former detective.
And an effective one at that explaining how she was able to effective predict their moves and allude the cops. She probably got very little credit or attention despite her own capabilities because of her being a woman in a very male dominated field(assuming she's in her forties or fifties, if and when she was a cop could probably be around a time when such treatment was commonplace). She switched sides because she got sick of her treatment and started to challenge fresh talent and try and prove herself superior but eventually truly wanted someone to match her after the others failed to meet her expectations.

Psych takes place in the same universe as Supernatural
In the first season episode Weekend Warriors Shawn and Gus investigate a murder at a Civil War reenactment. It is the history of the battle being reenacted which gives the link. In the battle Lassiter's ancestor, Muscomb Lassiter leads an army to stop the army of Captain Quantrel. During the episode we learn the history of this individual and how the link to Supernatural comes about. He is killed during the battle by a nurse on the opposite side who lost a husband and two sons because of Quantrel. Captain Quantrel burned the town of Lawrence, Kansas in 1863. It was here that the husband and two sons of nurse Jenny Winslow died. Shawn describes him as "the evil Captain Quantrel" and this leads me to believe he was possessed by a demon or simply into some dark magic stuff. Shawn also says that when Lassiter stopped his army cold at the bridge in the battle that it was like a "noble calling". Sounds like stopping some evil supernatural stuff to me.

Now, Winslow was possibly Jenny's married name, her maiden name would have been Winchester, or perhaps later generations of the family changed it from Winslow to Winchester. She likely had at least one brother to carry on the family name. Flash forward to 1983 and the Winchesters suffer the tragedy in Lawrence, Kansas which sets them on the road hunting evil. Clearly this is some sort of off-frequency echo of the past (hence why the mother is killed this time and the father and boys survive) or a wicked twist of fate.

  • Which could mean that by WMG standards, Woody (the coroner) is actually Zachariah, since they're both played by Kurt Fuller. Zachariah could be posing as a coroner in order to get closer to something in Santa Barbara, possibly a vessel or ancient artifact.
    • I love the idea of Zachariah as a coroner. Somehow it just fits.
    • Or Woody just happens to be Zachariah's vessel, and he's oblivious to the fact that anything is off because he attributes his time with the angle to his drug addled loopy mind.
  • Based on his apparently rough childhood and overly suspicious mother, Lassiter was raised to a be a hunter. He has all the expert gun training, obsessive behavior and sub-par social skills to fit the profile. He could have seen what the hunting life did to others and decided to go a little more mainstream with his sense of justice.
    • Shawn's dad could have also been trying to raise him as a hunter, but not wanted to tell Shawn that monsters exist. He drilled him on survival skills, and got pretty extreme. It's true that Shawn has no real experience with guns, but his father could've decided that it wasn't worth trying to teach Shawn after a point, or that Shawn wouldn't be able to kill.
      • Shawn was shown in the first episode to be an uncanny shot, so that's another point for this theory.
  • A whole new level just got added to this WMG by the Supernatural episode "First Born" which stars Tim Osmond as in ABLE and CAIN. this version of Cain is actually a good guy that got recruited by Lucifer in order to save his brother. It was apparently around the civil war era that Cain met a woman named Collette that convinced him to escape from hell and return to good. It could be that Lassiter's ancestor was Cain with a different name, and that his blood line comes from Cain and Collete, and we have a serious case of Identical Grandson
  • Someone did almost exactly this, except Lassiter IS Cain and a hunter, and Karen had an affair with John Winchester and always knew about magic/psychics/hunters. Just read it. It's one of the best SN/Psych crossovers I've found: Shawn's Guide To The Real Supernatural
Woody the coroner is Mr. Yin
Only because he's an all-of-a-sudden new recurring character, and in these kinds of plots the killer is always a "known" quantity.
  • Or prehaps he gets killed by hir.
  • Status: Jossed.

Peters and Boone (the two old guys from Viagra Falls) will come back

I know you want them to, admit it.

Shawn is really his "uncle" Jack's son
Shawn has stated at least twice that he has some doubts that Henry Spencer is his biological father. It is unlikely that two such light blond haired parents would have a child with dark brown hair, and while Shawn and Henry share few character or physical traits in common, Shawn and Jack are very alike in appearance and personality.

I suspect that Madeline and Jack had an affair shortly after meeting each other and Henry knew all along because he is sterile, but he has never told anyone. Madeline has always suspected but doesn't know for sure. Jack has no idea.

Declan is Mr. Yin.

Sounds insane doesn't it, but think for a second.

His first scene is beating Shawn in a movie trivia question and Mr. Yin was all about movies, his resume was a good enough forgery to fool Henry. He is the only confirmed person on the show so far to deduce that Shawn is not a psychic, and he went straight for Juliet. So what are the odds of another incredibly intelligent person just moving to Santa Barbra, go to the exact same coffee place as Shawn, get hired for the exact same case as Shawn, and go for the exact same girl? Declan is Yin, and is setting Shawn up for a major game sometime next season.

He also has an insane amount of cash which he could use to his own murderous gain (that makes since right? Murderous gain?)

OOH! Maybe when he was tying up Juliet to the tower he was attracted to her!

  • "Draft us a couple cold ones and let's make a toast, to you falling head over heels for me." This is a clue to Juliet from Mr. Yin. Yes, it probably was referring to the trapdoor under her, but that doesn't rule out a double meaning. Also, how about Mr. Yin's last clue in "Mr. Yin Presents...", which starts out with "I'll drop by at half past four..." Declan first appears in the eight episode of a sixteen episode Season 5, which is halfway past the fourth season.
    • Could be. The last scene in "Mr. Yin Presents" doesn't make sense, then. But then again, if it was my "sister" theory (like above), it would leave a few odd questions (like how Yin has a masculine build). Then again, wouldn't it make more sense for Juliet to break up with him and THEN have Declan try to kill both Shawn and Abigail? Then again, Yin did build the elaborate Hitchcock scenes, therefore, Yin has to have money.
      • If Declan is Yin then him dating Juliet wasn't out of attraction, it was all part of the game so the break up wouldn't particularly matter, unless Declan was planning on kidnapping Juliet on their trip. Imagine if you would, Declan and Juliet go off on a trip that is planned for a week, but suddenly Declan shows up at the Psych offices by himself, completely panicked, saying Juliet has been kidnapped and the only clue was a note "Dear Shawn, The Game has begun - Yin", and through the entire episode Yin himself is watching Shawn try to save Juliet while trying to hide his feelings so Declan would not find out about their feelings for each other. Sounds like a Yin/Yang style plot to me. - Ryuplaneswalker
      • This could still work! Juliet just derailed the whole thing, completely obliviously, by breaking it off before the trip.
      • Yes, but Yin isn't stupid, so I would say in a few episodes say...around the time of the season finale *wink wink* he will have adapted his plan to Juliet and Shawn dating.
    • OK, if Declan is Yin, the ending of "Mr. Yin Presents" just doesn't make sense, though.
      • How so? If Declan is Yin then "Declan" doesn't really exist persay and was all just a persona made up to infiltrate/screw with Team Psych.
      • Here's how: Yin is seen stroking a picture with what appears to be Yang and Shawn (both younger) in some sort of warehouse. The whole scene would make a bit more sense if the woman in the picture WAS Yin: Yang's identical twin. Unfortunately, the depiction of Yin with a muscular masculine build will be hard to write off as even Cast as a Mask. Still though, I think Declan WILL be involved somehow.
      • Declan could just be Yang's younger brother, I don't recall anything about Yang having an identical twin.
      • That was one of my WMGs, about Yin being a twin to Yang. But younger brother...that's a new one.
      • Well, truth be told we know nothing of Yin, so anything is possible. The Photo was of Yang, and it was Yang monologuing during the last scene.

Yin and Yang (the names, not the characters) an IRL reference to Shawn and Gus' relationship.

Pretty self explanatory; the whole Yin/Yang thing has been applied to Shawn and Gus several times in the show and by the creators. Shawn himself said to Gus "I am the Yin to your Yang." Coincidentally, that quote comes from the last episode before the whole Mr. Yin and Mr. Yang thing started.

  • As it turns out, the reference may be more about the relationship between Shawn and Henry.

Shawn has Antisocial Personality Disorder.
Let me quote some of the DSM-IV's guidelines for diagnosing APD:A) There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring for as long as either childhood, or in the case of many who are influenced by environmental factors, around age 15, as indicated by three or more of the following:

1. failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest;2. deceitfulness, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;3. impulsivity or failure to plan ahead;4. irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults;5. reckless disregard for safety of self or others;6. consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations;7. lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another;

B) The individual is at least 18 years of age.C) There is evidence of Conduct Disorder with onset before age 15 years.D) The occurrence of antisocial behavior is not exclusively during the course of Schizophrenia or a Manic Episode.

Sound familiar? The only one of that list that is arguable is aggressiveness and physical violence. Note that the diagnostic requirement mentions only three. Out of the list, there's only one that Shawn hasn't really demonstrated. Additionally, Shawn's parenting seems like the sort of thing that would encourage the onset of this type of disorder, according to most research.

  • No he has ADHD.
  • Even if he didn't have ADHD, he has no history of Conduct Disorder.
    • Debatable, Henry states in multiple episodes that Shawn was a troublemaker as a child; and in one episode Shawn worries (in typical Shawn fashion) that Gus's faily thinks Shawn was a bad influence on Gus.
  • To support the ADHD he does show signs of hyper-focus which is fair common in people with certain types of ADHD
  • I always thought it was more autism than ADHD. Mostly because Shawn is shown to not be a very social person and he seems to think in pictures
Shawn doesn't have a photographic memory
  • bear with me on this Shawn forgets a lot of things so inside of having a photographic memory he has a very good memory.
    • "Eidetic memory as observed in children is typified by the ability of an individual to study an image for approximately 30 seconds, and maintain a nearly perfect photographic memory of that image for a short time once it has been removed—indeed such eidetickers claim to "see" the image on the blank canvas as vividly and in as perfect detail as if it were still there. Much like any other memory, the intensity of the recall may be subject to several factors such as duration and frequency of exposure to the stimulus, conscious observation, relevance to the person, etc. This fact stands in contrast to the general misinterpretation of the term which assumes a constant and total recall of all events." Shawn forgetting events and things he's supposed to do doesn't mean he doesn't have an eidetic memory, just that he wasn't actively thinking about it when he needed to be. Him 'not remembering' things while solving a case is usually more just not seeing the relevance just then. Once he does, he recalls it perfectly.

Shawn and Lassiter are half-brothers

This is an idea I've been kicking around for a while now, but the more it rolls around in my head, the more it makes sense. We know Lassiter's home life wasn't great, but we don't know much beyond that. We know he spent a lot of time at that Old West town with its proprietor, and considered him a father figure this suggests Lassiter and his father didn't have a great relationship...possibly because his father was never around. We also don't know what specifically led to Henry and Madeline's divorce, could it have been infidelity, or perhaps Lassiter was conceived before Henry and Madeline got together. If you look at Lassiter, he could very easily be Henry's son. He's an acerbic, workaholic, occasionally Jerkass cop who takes pride in his detective skills and his marksmanship and has an unflinching belief in the law. His marriage has fallen apart, just like his father. They both have a very keen interest in fishing. Also, even though he and Shawn are obviously unaware of this connection, Lassiter and Shawn have settled into a very natural sibling rivalry between one another. Also Henry's new job as department liaison would allow him to keep a closer eye on both his sons.

  • Would also explain why despite having more in common with Henry on many of the aforementioned levels, Lassiter seems to think of Shawn and Henry as two sides of the same coin, and resents it to boot. Unconscious jealousy, perhaps, of the bond he (Lassiter) never got to have with Henry?
    • Henry DOES seem to have a horrible way of attracting women who are unsuitable for one reason or another. It's outright stated in recent (as of 2013) episodes that Lassie's mother is a lesbian and has a partner, but in order for Lassie to have been born and be the age he is, she had to have slept with a man at some point. Probably multiple times, since Lassie states that his much younger sister Lauren was a surprise.

Yang will be a recurring character in Season 6

It's established at the end of the season 5 finale that she's innocent of all the murders (except Yin), and her personality fits in with the Psych world in a way even Despereaux's doesn't. Even if she stays in custody, she seems perfectly suited to being the Token Evil Teammate.

  • Status: Jossed. Only one episode left in the season and she hasn't even appeared.
  • Update: Yang will be returning for Season 7's Musical Episode

Juliet will learn the truth about Shawn at the same time her college flame returns.
Jules still doesn't know the truth about Shawn faking being a psychic. When she finds out, she will undoubtedly be heartbroken and frustrated, and she will no longer feel like she can trust Shawn.

Meanwhile, Juliet's college flame Scottnote , who she agreed to meet at a train station in a year, will show up around the same time that she finds out Shawn's secret. She will rebound and leave with Scott, and Psych will go out with a dramatic Season Finale.

  • Half Jossed; Juliet does find out, but no of the old flame.

Shawn is half-Q.
At some point, Q2 (played by Corbin Bernsen) left the Q Continuum, went back in time, and became physically mortal out of sheer boredom. He wound up having a child who he thought might have inherited his Q powers, so he trained said child as a way to repress them and unconsciously give him the ability to control his powers. Shawn's eidetic memory is a result of his genetic abilities, carefully honed by his Q father—though Q2/Henry tried/tries to stop him because if he continues, more Q powers will manifest and Shawn may become a Reality Warper.

Shawn & Gus are Lassiter's best friends
Lassiter is shown to be extremely socially awkward and despite the fact he often acts antagonistic towards Shawn and Gus, he is always there for them in the end, and additionally, the first place Lassiter goes to for help is almost always to Shawn and Gus. He may like, trust and respect Juliet more, but he thinks Shawn is the only one who well keep his secrets (the snow-globe thing not withstanding) and believes that he has actually more in common with both Shawn and Gus then he would like to admit. As such, he forms a bond with them but can't bring himself to say the words that Shawn and Gus are his best friends, so he continues the hostile charade to keep up appearances.
  • Confirmed. Sorta. In "Deez Nups," Lassiter brings along his old totally awesome best friend, Stumpy... who he hasn't seen or talked to in years, was never really his friend anyway, and is a total loser. He admits in a moment of surprising candor that he only asked Stumpy to come to his bachelor party because he was embarrassed at not having friends. To their credit, none of his real friends (Shawn, Gus, Henry, and Woody) tease him too much about it.

Shawn is an Assassin
Eagle vision, anyone?

Gus really is Kenny from the Cosby Show.
And Shawn knows it. That's why, whenever Shawn introduces himself and Gus, he uses an alias for Gus.
  • Shawn is the one who tells people that, though. Gus yells at him to stop doing it at one point after someone asks him if he really is Bud.

Shawn was raised in a deeply dysfunctional home
Which is why he has so many Jerkass tendencies; bounces from job to job; goes from abandoning to being practically codependent on Gus in the pilot upon his return to Santa Barbara; doesn't seem to have healthy ideas of boundaries in relationships (at least in earlier seasons; recently this has mellowed); and blamed everything on his father prior to knowing it was his mom who divorced Henry, but as soon as that's revealed, Madeleine can still do no wrong in Shawn's eyes.

Madeleine is rarely referenced and never seen in flashbacks because she was a workaholic. She let Shawn get away with anything out of guilt for not being around often, while Henry — despite having a stressful career as a cop and also working long hours — responded the opposite way: by suffocating Shawn with expectations, control, and pushing his own dreams on his son.

The parenting styles (Henry's borderline-though-not-intentionally-abusive Sink-or-Swim Mentor parenting style; Madeleine's hinted-at doting parenting) were so contradictory that it screwed with Shawn on a deeper level, though he mostly uses humour to cover for it.

Gus was depressed at one point
Prior to Shawn's return. In the pilot and first few episodes, he is anxious, fatalistic, seems unfulfilled in his job, and uninterested in things later seasons show (through flashbacks and references) he enjoys. He has few friends and is very clearly the "beta-male" of the office, if how he reacts to his superiors is any indication. All signs of a depressed, or at least extremely anxious, individual.

As it becomes clearer that Shawn is in Santa Barbara for a while, Gus starts to relax, becomes less neurotic, finds fulfillment in Psych that his sales job fails to provide, and takes joy in things again. When he becomes more comfortable with Juliet, Henry and even Lassiter as companions, he comes out of his shell more and starts standing up for himself, taking initiative, and grows more comfortable with himself. In other words, as much trouble as Shawn causes for him, he and the excitement that Psych brings give Gus a reason to live.

Shawn is the Avatar and a Metalbender without realizing it
No reason for this one except for the timeframe (The Legend of Korra takes place in the Roaring Twenties) and the line in the theme song which says "With the deception, learn how to bend.

Shawn has incriminating information on Trout
During the finale, while Trout was on the phone, Shawn told Juliet that he wasn't listening — however, this was only partly true. He wasn't listening to her. He was listening to Trout. The conversation was incriminating, and Shawn will eventually use it (once he has proof).

Shawn is alive and a bounty hunter in Revolution
The worldwide blackout left lots of people unemployed. However, he finds a new line of work, which is bounty hunting (shown in the episodes "Chained Heat", "Ties That Bind", and "Home"). This job allows him to make use of his talents, and his companions are with him so that he doesn't go around murdering people.

Shawn really is psychic and the entire show is one long vision
Shawn does not just notice clues; he saw all of the clues in a long vision he had when he was a kid and acted exactly as he did in the vision because he really does have psychic powers.

Every episode that aired before "Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of Improvement" is one long vision that Shawn had as a baby.
And the episodes after that episode are a long vision that Shawn had in 2006.

Shawn has the ability to inhabit his body at any point in time, however, every time he does this, he risks changing the timeline. This is why "Remake... With a Chance of Improvement" was made, and why we see two timelines in "Right or Left for Dead". Also he could possibly look into different timelines like this.

The last episode is titled 'The Break Up' which means
Either Shawn and Juliet break up again (please God, no) or the break up of the Psych Agency.

In about 20 years or so — all of the Psych kids are going to be working at SBPD
As a twist though, it'll be Lilly Nora Lassiter who takes over the Psych office because she'll basically be being raised in much the same environment as Shawn was (even in his old bedroom). Its possible Shawn could see this coming and put together a note or package for her to find later on in life that might help her make it through the rougher periods of having a Type-A cop for a father.

Psych is a police purgatory
Like Ashes to Ashes the psych universe is where police officers go when they die. That is why the show ended where it did. When everyone was happy they could move on

People just tend to look alike in the Psych Universe.
It's no secret that Psych's love of pop culture comes through in their references and guest stars which often leads to a quagmire of [[Celebrity Paradox]]es if you tried to figure it out. Unless there's no paradox at all — there's an old saying about there being seven people in the world who all happen to have the same face. What if that's true in the Psych universe? There's no confusion about Judd Nelson and Dr. Reidman they just happen to look a lot alike.

Lilly Lassiter will grow up to behave like Shawn and be as clever as him.
After all, she will probably be staying in his room.

Henri Spencer was in Miami just before the beginning of the show to visit one of his friends' son, Dexter Morgan.
Harry and Henri have some similarities in their educations styles, like teaching their boys how to catch murderers and how to deceive anyone about how they do that...Plus, there are also similarities in their poise, general body types, dress codes, speech patterns and even vocal intonations.Furthermore, both boys end up at "Well-Done Son!" Guys, but eventually distance themselves from their fathers. This is mirrored by both dads's eventual disgust with the way the boy uses his acquired skills.

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