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Otoha is a Lipstick Lesbian
  • She seems awfully devoted to Bell, and in her little flashback to the day they met, she sees Bell with Bishie Sparkle and roses around her. Sure, roses are Bell's symbol, and you don't have to be a lesbian to notice when someone is pretty, but the rose thing wasn't firmly established at that point, especially not in Otoha's mind, when she had only met the girl. And what's one of the strongest symbols of love? Red roses.
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  • And let's not forget the whole Ito-Prince-Fantasy thing. If she sees Ito as the prince, and her as the princess, wouldn't that just outright confirm that she likes Ito? We know she's a big fan of fairytales, so she might very well be picturing her Happily Ever After with Ito.
  • There's also the fact that she's the only girl who hasn't shown any interest or shippability with any of the guys yet.

Rainbow Live takes place in an AU where the units from PRAD and PRDMF never met.
There isn't much evidence to support that it takes place before or after, unless MARs has fallen into obscurity. But Prism Stone and Dear Crown and stuff still exist, but with no evidence that Shou or that guy from Dear Crown (can't remember his name) and Aurora Rising is more or less common knowledge, at least enough to be no big deal in June's performance of it. We also see Mion on a poster once, but she was an idol before the others.
  • Canonically Rainbow Live is set four years after Dear My Future where the protagonists of the latter have their own careers. However, All Star Selection has all the protagonists from the three seasons appearing together, so make what of that you will.

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