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Doctor Money caused the video game market to become extremely expensive.
It seems likely, considering his game system.

The entire thing is a thought experiment by Doctor Money.
Some people have suggested that all of the letters, and the situation they detail, is all a big game by Doctor Money. Everything is prepared, and the purpose is simply to see if you can become attached to people you never meet. The apocalypse isn't real, your friends aren't real, and Charlotte's blood is probably animal blood. The only thing that's real is what you have in your cell.

Dr. Money works for Strex Corp
It's implied in Night Vale canon that Strex may own more than just Dessert Bluffs. This is another attempt at taking over a town. Like a model Strex higher up, Dr. Money is evil, manipulative, ruthlessly greedy, and unnaturally obsessed with happiness. The Happy Buddy (TM) and the bloody smile are reministant of cogs in the machine like Kevin. The reason letters get to you unnaturally fast that in a way that seems to defy all logic is that, like Night Vale, the town has always been a little quirky.

Dr. Money has a sick obsession with the player.
He has kept the player locked up in what's clearly not a prison, forced someone to talk to them and buy them expensive games, and told them that there's no where for them to go. In his letters to the player, he told them that they're loved, they're worth every penny and they're being protected from the world. He even stated that he doesn't like how Salvador was talking about freeing the player.
  • Are you implying Dr. Money is a Stalker with a Crush?
  • He could be a Stalker Without a Crush. The character's gender is never revealed and Dr. Money's motivations are never revealed unless the player stays in the cell.
    • I would think the gender is irrelevant. Age however...

Presentable Libery and Repo the Genetic Opera are in the same universe.
Dr. Money created the disease and a bad cure, then later Genco created a real cure and began selling good organs.

It isn't a person who's getting the letters to you...
It's a pneumatic system set up to get any letters addressed to you without exposing you to people with the virus/people who could influence you like Salvador did. Dr. Money gets the letters from the mail system, and he shoots them over to you like the systems set up at drive-through banks.

Now, how that mail system is so fast is another discussion...

  • The door could be wired like a fax machine, and in tandem with a voice-to-text system, it could easily be that fast. It's essentially texting, if true.

There will someday be a sequel to this.
  • After watching Markiplier play this I just LOVED every minute of it even if it is sad. I do hope a sequel is planned for this in the future.
    • A sequel was planned to be made. But only if the first kickstarter was a success. It wasn't. Considering it was once planned, perhaps one day it will exist...?
      • Odds not, as the creator passed away. We did however get a third game in the franchise known as 'menagerie archive' where you work for DR money sorting files, recieving letters and having yet more alternate endings.

The Static Speaks My Name takes place in the same universe as Presentable Liberty.
The main character in The Static Speaks My Name boarded up their house due to their depression right as the virus was unleashed, protecting them from it. This would explain why the only person who would talk to them online is a porn bot; all their real friends are dead. The protagonist of TSSMN may or may not be aware of the virus. Regardless, they still decide to kill themself, knowing that even if they do find the drive to leave the house, the virus would kill them much more painfully.