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Brock Samson and Ash are hints at future projects from Telltale.
So could the updates to Sam's model. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look closely at Sam's model in the screenshots. Compare it to its appearance in The Devil's Playhouse.
  • New Sam and Max season, perhaps?
    • Actually, this troper found out that it's in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Freelance Police.
  • [adult swim] have mentioned they wanted to get into video games. One of their site games is for sale on Steam now, and there's been several Team Fortress 2 unlocks. However, seeing how well some of their self-developed games have been received, they may do it themselves.
  • Telltale has announced they're developing a new series based on The Venture Bros Army of Darkness Borderlands. PLOT TWIST!!

GLaDOS will do more than just deal, if that is her actual role.
In one leaked screenshot, it shows every player busted out, Sam staring in amazement, and you're in the Aperture Science lab with turrets all aiming at you. She's also on the XBLA cover. Which probably means she'll join in on conversations while dealing and generally be more active than the dealer from Poker Night 1. Most of the cast has dealt with robots before, which could make some interesting conversation (except for Ash, I think), and come on, wouldn't YOU get a kick out of Claptrap hitting on GLaDOS over and over again, to no avail?
  • Claptrap flirting with GLaDOS might as well be confirmed, considering his reaction to her in the Unlocks trailer, not to mention one of the themes that could be won on the PSN version of the game.
    • Adding to this, there are unlocks (a turret skin for Zer0, Chell's boots for Scout, a Portal card deck, and a table that gives Claptrap a turret skin) relating to the first game, those things could only be unlocked by beating opponents (hence no Monkey Island items relating to Winslow). Maybe she's the final opponent?
      • Sadly, it looks like this is jossed. The items aren't buy-ins, just the prizes for winning the new Bounty Challenges.
  • The part about GLaDOS trying to kill the player with turrets is subverted, as she would never actually kill them "in public".

Doug from The Walking Dead got a job at The Inventory because he heard Claptrap and GLaDOS were going to be there.
He does like robots, after all...

The De Soto is possessed because Sam took it to hell after the end of Episode 305.
He wanted to rescue Max! Sure, there was already a another Max that was alive via time-travel, but there's nothing like the real thing.
  • I'm pretty sure he was referencing the final episode of Season 2. And yes, the De Soto is stated to be still possessed at the beginning of The Devil's Playhouse (after the Future Vision, that is).

Dealers for a supposed sequel.
Supposing there are any more sequels to Poker Night at the Inventory, I predict the next dealer will be Merasmus, using magic to move the cards around.
  • Or maybe, also from TeamFortress2, Saxton Hale. This Memetic Badass can talk about his adventures and test the poker players to see if they're as manly as he is.
  • Doc Scratch, if Telltale wished to do any more webcomics. After all, Hussie HAS announced that a Homestuck video game is in the works...
  • Isaac. Yeah, yeah, he's a minor, but at least the Inventory would be a lot more nurturing than his mother's mountain shack. Maybe they'd even give him some actual clothes! He could also bring an item or two along to make the dealing a bit easier, if he's too short.
    • I picture little Isaac dragging the cards around the table, dropping two or four cards (depending on the game) in front of each player. I think Winslow would speak in his place, though, since Isaac seems to be a Silent Protagonist.
  • Peacock, seeing how she sort-of fits the prohibition-era theme, being designed like a 20's cartoon character AND has the ability to pop up out of anywhere, making her an unobtrusive dealer. Plus, if Max is gone, she can fill his sociopath role quite easily.
    • Ooh, there's an idea! Think of the nicknames she'd come up with when announcing the card combinations.
    Peacock: The Player's got...three of a kind! An' (points at Brock) Schwarzenegger here's got...two pair! The Player wins this hand!
    Peacock: Tycho's got...a pair of Aces! (jabs a thumb in Heavy's direction) Big Red's got...a pair o' Kings! An' shortie's (Strong Bad: What.) got...a pair o' sevens! Tycho wins this round!
  • The Joker! The characters won't trust him, accusing him of covering the cards in Joker Toxin. He might also offhandedly comment on the fun he's had blowing up casinos.
    • If a character's been having a bad run of cards, they could accuse him of it being one of his "sick games".
    • Joker's bounty? The antidote to that slow-acting toxin he's been putting on your cards. Meaning you get to compete against four other players and a time-limit (not counting dialogue pauses.)
      • Time limit? I dunno, that doesn't really sound fun. After all, poker is a thinking game, and time limits are bad for thinking. Of course, this "time limit" could just be implied, rather than actually used... Either way, it would probably unlock Harley Quinn's hammer for the Pyro, the Joker's suit for the Spy, and a Joker mask for Krieg. Why Krieg? Because he hasn't gotten anything yet.
      • How about no time limit, but a turn limit? That way, you get the thinking and the urgent feeling to scream Oh, Crap! and rile yourself up!
  • The Cheshire Cat. He'd make references to his home series, as well as the books it's based on. Needless to say, the players would feel at least uneasy about him.
  • Mentok the Mind Taker. Beeoooo-wwweeeeeeoooo~
  • Someone from Double Fine? After the death of LucasArts, it'd be theraputic to see the ex-Lucas staff with a Ron Gilbert or Tim Schafer character. Someone like Eddie or Sasha, perhaps?
    • Eddie as a dealer? Well...maybe, or maybe he could be a player... Anyway, another good dealer from Psychonauts could be Agent Cruller. He'd be carrying pieces of that big stone in his pockets in order to keep himself sane.
    • Eva? "I'm not your secretary Manny, I'm just your dealer!"
  • Red from Ruby Quest, if Telltale's feeling particularly daring (I say "daring" because Ruby Quest already has characters that are named after, and are the same species as, some characters from Animal Crossing; Telltale would have to hope Nintendo doesn't notice)...
    Red: Please note that anyone who tries to cheat at this game will have their throat ripped out by me.
    The players react with varying degrees of alarm.
    Red: ... (grins) Just kidding.
  • Of course, we have to consider this: For each dealer, there's a different deck, felt, and set of chips, and thus, a different layout for the Inventory. So far as this troper can see, we seem to have Doc Scratch's mansion, the basement of Isaac's mother's house, Arkham Asylum (for the Joker), the American McGee version of Wonderland (for the Cheshire Cat), the camp at Whispering Rocks (for Sasha), the Metal Glen (for Red), and Ghost Fort for Merasmus.
    • Peacock's one could be Anti-Skullgirl Labs. Also, the bounty she offers: the Skullheart!
  • Zacharie. A lot of people (on Tumblr, at least) seem to like him a lot.
    • His bounty would be the picture of him with the Batter on the roller-coaster in Zone 2!
  • Tiny Tina, because she already plays Game Master in the upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. Winning her bounty would unlock a bandit mask, like the one she wears on the side of her head, for the Pyro (who would wear it in place of his usual gas mask) and for Gaige the Mechromancer (who would wear it like Tina would).
  • The G-Man. His bounty would be his briefcase. It would unlock his suit for Zer0 the Assassin and a G-Man mask for the Spy.
    • His felt could be the Half-Life logo, and the full set could activate a Black Mesa themed Inventory.
  • Just putting this out there... Rucks.
    • Or the Transistor. Inventory theme: the Empty Set, complete with Red singing in the background.
  • Mr. Burns. ...Oh, and Smithers.
  • Wilson from Don't Starve. Perhaps his bounty item could be a Tallbird Egg that unlocks a misc shoulder item in Team Fortress 2.
    • I thought Maxwell would be good for a Done Starve dealer. His stage could be the Nightmare throne.
  • Bane, with his The Dark Knight Rises costume and voice.
  • A hero from Dota 2? I could see Storm Spirit being an enjoyable dealer, and it's being developed by Valve...
  • M.O.D.O.K.. He could use his levitation beams to deal the cards.
  • How about The Narrator from The Stanley Parable?
    • Ladies and gentlemen, once again, DIGITAL GAMBLING!!!
  • Maybe Sylvia Christel from No More Heroes?
  • The Dota 2's shopkeeper?.
  • Monokuma, voiced by Faulerro.
    • Alternatively, Junko herself, voiced by the anime dub VA.
  • Codsworth.
  • Honest Trailer's Announcer.

The Player Character is Chell.
Silent, GLaDOS makes many of the same comments about her weight.
  • Jossed. Telltale's forums confirm The Player in both games is You. She tends to think everyone is a fat loser.

The unseen owner of the Inventory is Guybrush Threepwood.
While Mr. Kent is the founder, he appears to be dead. The current Owner is never seen or mentioned by name, but it appears Winslow thinks highly of him. Winslow was the one person who never betrayed or mutinied on Guybrush.

This game takes place before the events of Portal and Portal 2.
Seems to be the case so far unless there's a certain line that josses it. Generally, it is assumed that this game takes place in present time (2013), and Portal is confirmed in the Half-Life timeline to take place sometime during the 2010 decade. Being that GLaDOS talks about other human tests subjects wanting cheese and no mention of Chell, GLaDOS probably hasn't encountered Chell yet. Also, since the last recording of Cave Johnson's existence was only a few decades ago from present time, Brock was able to know about him. GLaDOS still doesn't understand why she feels sad about Johnson's unknown disappearance from Aperture Science, but this is because she doesn't know about Caroline yet. Because she hasn't encountered any rebellious portal testers like Chell yet, this may explain why she's a lot less hostile and murderous in this game.
  • For that matter, it can also take place before the events of The Venture Bros. Season Four, seeing as Brock was said to still be the Ventures' bodyguard (and OSI member) while bantering on the table. He still hangs around the compound (seeing where SPHINX is headquartered), but by now the role of bodyguard is filled by Sgt. Hatred. All that is of course unless things change around season five (What with Hunter Gathers now also head of OSI upon Treister's departure).
    • Except that he talks about H.E.L.P,eR.'s head getting embedded in his chest, which didn't happen until after he quit.
  • Alternately, the game may be using old and new continuity combined to deliberately avoid spoiling things for fans using the games as a Gateway Series.

Bartenders for a Supposed Sequel
  • If Telltale wanted to bring back Homestar Runner to the Inventory series, why not Bubs?
    • Oh come on, man! If bubs is in the dang game, he should be Dealer. Or maybe even an opponent! He has played Poker with strong bad before (E-mail poker, but still). I don't want to have bubs in the game and not hear that sweet, sweet, hard n' fast voice. If anyone from HR should be the Bartender, have it be the only character we've seen visibly drunk: Coach Z! He'll be sorvin' ourt some hard core shorts of Listerine tonort!
      • I forgot to mention that. Bartenders would also have dialogue. Here's some hypothetical dialogue between Bubs and, um...the BLU Spy.
    Spy: Pardon me...Bubs, was it?
    Bubs: That's the name on my card! (holds up an obviously fake ID)
    Spy: If I were to consider buying weaponry from you, what might you have on sale?
    Bubs: Ooh! Don't get many folks asking me about questionably-legal merchandise! I might have somethin' for ya, but I can't talk about it here. Meet me after the tourney!
    Spy: Excellent. Hopefully, you have something discreet.
    Bubs: Ooh... Sorry, Spy. Alls I got is explosives.
    Spy: Ah. Nevermind, then.

Favorite group of characters for a supposed sequel
  • This is less speculation and more of just "Hey, that would be cool!" Who do you think would be the bunch of characters to deal with (Heh) List them in the appropriate section, and a reason why.
    • Dealers of choice: The narrator. You know you'd want him. The voice, the deadpan snark, and the fact that he's the CEO of Fourth wall sledgehammers Inc. I cant think of a better fit
    • Random playstyle Characters: This one was the hardest to choose. My best choice I could think of was Sybil Pandemic from Sam and Max. She constantly is changing her job, making her a Jack of all trades. The main reason I chose her is because it wouldn't be a Poker Night without a Sam and Max character.
    • Maniac Playstyle Character: The Medic from Team Fortress 2. C'mon. Mad doctor playing poker. You know you love it. He was even a scrapped character for Poker night 2, So they clearly thought he had enough potential to be considered.
    • Conservative Playstyle Character: Bubs from Homestar Runner. Bubs would just fit operfectly in this role. The owner of [[Honest John's Dealership/Bub's Con5ession stand that definitely is not a giant ripoff warehouse]] who is always looking for a profit, no matter how illegal. HE has even been shown playing poker before! (although it was E-mail poker)
    • Loose playing style: (N/A, I ran out of ideas)


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