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Potential future Generations episodes
  • May vs Team Aqua
    • Jossed. No Player Character in the Team Aqua episode.
  • Wally
    • Jossed, the final episode was the Delta Episode Climax
  • The Battle Frontier
    • Jossed, the final episode was the Delta Episode Climax
  • The origins of the Golems
    • Jossed, the final episode was the Delta Episode Climax
  • Cynthia vs Team Galactic
    • Sort of? We never actually saw her fighting anyone because Giratina showed up.
  • Cyrus's past
    • Jossed, the final episode is Stark Mountain
  • What happened at the old Chateau
    • Well we saw the place be as creepy as fuck, but not why it is that way.
  • Gen 4 Rival vs Galactic at Acuity Lake
    • Jossed, the final episode is Stark Mountain
  • The Creation trio and lake guardians birth.
    • Jossed, the final episode is Stark Mountain
  • Stark Mountain
    • Confirmed, the final episode is about the remnants of Team Galactic's attempt to control Heatran
  • N's childhood
    • N and Ghetsis are the major characters of Ep. 15, but the episode revolves around events shown in B2/W2.
  • Ghetsis politics
    • This was vaguely mentioned by the Seven Sages in Episode 13.
  • N vs. the Unova Elite Four and Alder
    • Jossed, it's N vs. Ghetsis.
  • The Shadow Triad vs the Striation Triplets
    • Jossed, the last Unova episode is N vs. Ghetsis. Cilan, Chili, and Cress never appear in the Unova episodes.
  • Ghetsis (and possibly Colress) capturing Kyurem.
    • Partially confirmed. They catch him, but don't show the actual capture. Colress is shown experimenting on Kyurem in 14, and Ghetsis is shown controlling it, and merging it with Reshiram, in 15.
  • The Defenders of Kalos vs Team Flare
    • Team Flare appears in episode 16, but not Sina and Dexio.
  • Malva as a Team Flare Member
    • She makes a brief cameo in Episode 16, but no starring role.
  • Korrina mastering Mega Evolution
    • Jossed, she does not appear at all.
  • The 3000 year war
    • Confirmed, the final episode features a retelling of the war 3000 years ago.
  • AZ's origin
  • Looker and Emma's story
    • Confirmed.
  • The Ultra Beasts destroying the alternate universe of Gen I - Gen V; the series has already shown its willingness to go into very dark territory, and Looker (one of the very few known survivors of the apocalypse) appears to be getting an awfully large amount of focus throughout the series, especially when compared to his rather minor role in the games...
    • Unlikely since that is merely a fan theory with flimsy evidence.
    • Jossed, the final episode features AZ and the year from 3000 years ago.
  • Zinnia searching for Zygarde.
    • Jossed, the final episode features AZ and the year from 3000 years ago.

Keeping with the lack of Pokémon Speak, a Tyrantrum or Archeops will appear making the noises of certain other famous dinosaurs
If for no other reason than the fact that Archeops sounding like JP!Velociraptors would be pretty cool as would Tyrantrum sounding like Rexy.

Parts of the series take place within both of the game's timelines
  • The first episode has been established to take place within a different continuity than Pokémon Origins. As Zinnia said, there are most likely two different timelines in the game series: Mega Evolution and non-Mega Evolution. In Pokemon Origins, Red's Charizard can Mega Evolve, meaning that the series is most likely the ME Timeline's equivalent of R/G/B/Y. This means that canonically, in the non-ME timeline, Red chose Bulbasaur. The rest of the episodes until Hoenn also take place within the non-Mega Evolution timeline. However, the Hoenn episodes draw heavily from the ME timeline version of Hoenn, meaning that they most likely take place within the ME timeline. Note that also in Kalos' brief cameo in the first episode, there is no mention of Mega Evolution.

In episode 10, Rotom saved Cheryl and Chansey
It does have something of a symbiotic relationship with humans, after all.
  • Unlikely, due to the implication that the final ghost was Rotom.
    • Perhaps Rotom scaring them at the end was her way of saving them—by scaring them away from the Chateau so the other ghosts can't get them. In Origins the Marowak ghost was doing roughly the same thing to protect humans from Team Rocket.

The Player Character depicted in Episode 9 was May
Because why not? Brendan got his moment in Episode 7. Buth Brendan and May were shown in the ORAS trailer, so May should've gotten some screen time in the series.

In Episode 8: The Cavern, the Blue orb was mind controlling Archie
Carelessly throwing away the object to control a physical deity to power it up to an Apocalyptic monstrosity and commanding it to destroy everything before being confused at it trying to destroy everything seems a bit contrived. The energy from the blue orb must have driven Archie a bit insane before he awakened Kyogre and caused him to not realize what was really going on.

In Episode 7: Courtney is a devoted offspring of/Hex Maniac to Team Magma's cause
Well, it would certainly explain her weird behaviour and supposed ability to see visions. They even have similar eye and hair color.

During the later Unova episodes, Iris will be depicted winning the Unova League, and/or depicted as the Unova Champion as in B2W2
In Black 2/White 2, Iris is the Unova Champion. At some point, she would've had to defeat Drayden to do that. So having an episode depicting her winning the title of Champion would be fitting, especially since she played a pretty major role in Episode 13.
  • Jossed. They deal with Pokémon Black 2/White 2 and its climax, with Team Plasma taking Kyurem, and N and Hilbert, the original BW male Player Character, confronting Ghetsis.

The reason the Sinnoh player characters aren't depicted is to cover up/avoid spoiling Gen IV remakes
Since it's customary to update the player character appearances for the remakes, depicting Lucas and Dawn in either their Diamond/Pearl outfits or their Platinum appearances would have immediately outdated their design by the time the remakes are announced.
  • Also, all the other player characters were The Faceless as some kind of foreshadowing on how we will get soon remakes of all the older games on Switch with the option of changing your character's face.

Yveltal will be Demoted to Extra once again
Despite making a brief appearance at the Episode 16, Xerneas will be focused on the next episode, possibly in a different position (assuming that like Yveltal, is not Demoted to Extra too like in other media), and the last episode will focus on Zygarde; just like in everything else. Though admittedly, it would make for a good Bookends, especially since Zygarde 100% made a cameo in the first episode.
  • Jossed, Xerneas is completely absent from Generations.

The girl and mother in Episode 18 are Serena's younger sister and mother, respectively.
The girl resembles a younger version of Serena.

There will be Alola episodes in the future.
They will be made to advertise the possible Sun/Moon remakes/sequel games. The episodes will include Looker and Nanu finding Anabel, Gladion escaping Aether Paradise, and Lillie confronting Lusamine in Ultra Space, complete with a dramatized battle with Nebby and Lusamine.

A Generations version for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games.

Since PMD was well-loved by Japanese critics and Western fans, this should have been make. With Darker and Edgier storyline designed for the same Generations crowd.

  • Rescue Team: The team members' conflict between each other, Team Meanies' conflict, Team ACT chasing the protagonists.
  • Explorers: A Riolu's journey to battle the outlaw teams, escaping Monster House, Grovyle and Time Gears, as well as final confrontation with Primal Dialga as well as Darkrai.
  • Gates to Infinity: The conflict between Hydreigon and Munna. Kyurem's betrayal, and final confrontation against Bittercold.
  • Super Mystery Dungeon: A Pikachu and a Riolu's relationship with Serene Village Pokémon, Expedition Society's origins, and betrayal of Nuzleaf. And final confrontation on Dark Matter.


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