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Nebula is the true Big Bad and is Playing Both Sides.
The sealing organization infiltrated Grand Paladin with Shiraishi who gave them the dragon corpse well aware that they couldn't handle the power and that their Take Over the World scheme will blow up in their faces. And may have done this to Sota's world and previous worlds behind the pacifist factions back if not openly sabotaging them.
  • Ultimately jossed.

Benika will be assassinated.
Let's face it Benika is a powerful psychic who knows about Grand Paladins' dirty secret. At least one faction in the setting is going to want her dead because she knows too much and she is a loose end.
  • Jossed. Benika stopped being a loose end by joining Nebula's sealing faction.

Someone in the Grand Paladins will defect to Nebula's pacifist faction.
As the Awful Truth comes out one of the team will snap and switch sides. I personally think Miu or Nezuya will be the ones to switch sides since Miu has first hand experience on how dangerous the photonic armor is and Nezuya loves the occult and would probably hit it off with Ginko and Sensei.
  • They all pretty much end up joining Nebula after the tenth episode, but in a completely different way.

The sealing faction killed Soya's parents.
As part of the
Playing Both Sides gambit Dog and Shiraishi killed Soya's parents so Sensei could have a power booster. Considering Nebula's philosophy it could also serve as part of a grander scheme to discredit Sensei as Soya's use of the Power Of Hate goes against their philosophy.
  • Jossed. We actually saw all of Sirius being destroyed by the dragon.

Potential names for the other three faction leaders and their roles.
Episode six shows a quick scene that along with Sensei and Generalissimo there are three other factions that are hinted to have importance in the form of an owl, rabbit, and mouse/rat. With the cat already essentially being called "teacher" and the dog's name being that of a high ranking military role what does that leave these three to be?

Planet with what?
Though perhaps it's not meant to be answered, it hasn't stopped the community from guessing. You may add your suggested answers below.
  • Love (the most common guess, given the overall theme of the show and the Nebula's motivation)
  • Forgiveness (That's another major theme. Especially in the latter half.)
  • Life, referencing the end of the series when Sirius is revealed to still harbor life.

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