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1997 TV series

Bengt the bully comes from a bad home.
  • In every episode that Bengt appeared in, he received some sort of a comeuppance in the end, but they were never directly by his parents for his bullying.
    • Hence, this is how he returns as a bully in later episodes, perhaps his parents are oblivious or ignorant to his behavior, or worse, they are actually bad parents that encourage their son to be a bully.
      • Certain bad parents in works of fiction actually encourage their kids to be bad as them.

In general

Pippi's deceased mother was a time-travelling Eiko Magami, or the latter is her descendant.
Just because both are red-headed girls with unusual strength. Also if Pippi supposedly inherited her strength from her father but she is stronger than him, where
did she get it form?

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