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Grieving Mother is another aspect of Ravel

  • This is pretty much just a case of "countdown until Avellone confirms/denies it," but still. There's nothing wrong with her eyes, but otherwise she seems to match up with the others (Marta, Kreia, etc) pretty well — particularly if one considers that she was initially supposed to be a darker character until Obsidian made Avellone tone it down.
    • Lady Webb might also qualify.

The Secrets of the Anitlei revealed!

  • The secret if the Anitlei that eluded Zahua for so long was... the ability to admit defeat, to know when to give up and stop devoting energy to lost causes. He never found the answer because it can only be found when you stop looking. It's why his master told him to go back and try again whenever he thought he found the answer: the correct thing to do was admit he didn't know. It's also why he got the gameplay ability "Anitlei" despite admitting the secret is lost: he found it but never realised.


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