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Sydney is really the future Emperor, not Sideur

Everyone is just making a sexist assumption.

The whole series is all in Bran's head

Driven insane from the oppression of his country, he creates the fantasy of the Building and it's inhabitants so he can finally have a safe home and a family. That's why he's so scared of anyone leaving, forgetting, or hating him, he knows the real world beyond is a vicious place not worth returning to and doesn't want his fantasy to fall to his inner fears.


MB is O.C. Demens

Taking the most unsuspecting form possible and mercilessly pranking the residents like playthings!

  • Then what does that make Cuisine?

Kale is the true rightful Queen of the Fey

Hence why she has such powerful nature powers. She just needs to grow into her abilities before taking the throne, after which she will lead her people into a new Golden Age.

Nick is a Prince Charming under a spell

And he needs a kiss from a beautiful maiden to change back from his cat form. He hasn't been having much luck with finding one, which is why he still a cat after so long, though at this point he doesn't mind. It's also why he has opinions of slaying dragons and princesses.

... in an alternate dimension where everything is inverted, the result being utopia instead of dystopia.


  • Both are ruled by an ancient leader that is regarded as a Physical God, serves to unite their species as a whole, and is associated with the sun (Princess Celestia and the Emperor). The Emperor is disabled and his empire in tyranny and destitute, the Princess is alive and well and her country in fairness and prosperity.
  • Both leaders had right-hands that were corrupted by evil and betrayed them (Princess Luna and Warmaster Horus). Horus' rebellion left the Imperium in a terrible state and he obviously didn't turn back, Nightmare Moon was defeated before she could ruin Equestria and Luna eventually restored as benevolent co-ruler to Celestia.
  • Both leaders have fought against the forces of chaos (Discord and Chaos). Chaos is a constant threat to the Imperium and the galaxy at large, Discord was defeated (twice) and eventually converted to working on behalf of ponykind.
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  • Both "nations" are shown to be super powers in an environment filled with other sentient species.
  • The emotions and psychiatric states of the sentients of both worlds can have a profound effect on the sliding scale of good and evil.
  • The Emperor has the Primarchs, Celestia has the Mane 6.
  • Themes of apotheosis.

And they're ponies instead of humans because... uh... dunno, centaurs?

Torii is a long-time experiment by the Raptors

Everything from her birth throughout her life was orchestrated to study the effects of struggle on human willpower, and hiring her as their personal assistant is the final stage. The ultimate goal is to test the potential to take on humans as servants with as little potential of dissatisfaction (and therefore rebellion) as possible.

  • Katya was their original prototpye, but she proved too fabulous for them to handle.

Apricitas is Marcus and Gio's Kid from the Future

Marucs admits he doesn't know who her parents are, and was assigned to take care of her himself over the winter. She likes the stories about Gio best because they bring on subconscious memories of her mother.

The Teen Club are meant to become Bielefeld's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

O.C. Demens recruited a team of teenagers with attitude.

Amanda Bela is descended from Dike
As in the ancient Greek goddess of justice, via a demigod somewhere in her ancestry. That's why she is in law, has the God's advocate ability, and wound up married to Sandy.

Primordial is Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory

It all makes sense given the episode, "Jeepers, Creepers, Where Is Peepers?" The episode not only confirms that twisted alternate dimensions lying between the thoughts of humans exist and can be interacted with (given Koosland is supposed to be in Dee Dee's imagination), but that they can be filled with twisted, horrifying abominations. It was only a matter of time before the young Dexter explored these things further and ran into Cthulhu, changing the course of his life forever.

It's all one big, giant, full-length movie

A lot of things happen in Bielefeld defy all laws of physics, nature, and sanity, and that's just on a day-to-day basis! Maybe it's just a feature film with outstanding special effects? It's not too far-fetched when you give it some thought. Perhaps the whole cast and crew are even giving it a prescreening before it's in theaters. However, there would need for be a metric ton of intermissions to live through over two years worth of story. Don't worry, we won't judge you for skipping the first half.

Brit just needs to log-out

She believes she's broken the fourth wall beyond repair, and that everything will never be the same again. She's trapped. She's cornered. She's stuck. And through it all, there's no way there? Maybe she just left her computer running for so long after an all-nighter of binge posting, that she's trapped in a seemingly never ending dream sequence, or perhaps this is all a new virtual reality test that she forgot she volunteered to test for. Whatever it is, maybe if she gets on her laptop and logs out, things will go back to normal.