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All the Patapon are female.
They're all born spontaneously from legendary memories and the Tree of Life, so they have no need for the traditional kind of sexes. The Priestess is referred to specifically with a female pronoun, and none of the other Patapon are referred to with pronouns.

  • The description for the Pata Drum says, "Hatapon guarded this drum with his life."

The Patapon are some kind of living plants.
They're born from a tree and need their caps to be buried to do so. The caps could be some kind of root or hold a seed. Additionally, introducing different types of material to the cap when they're buried changes the type of Patapon, like how fertilizers or pH content of the soil changes how a flower looks or how hearty it is.

The Patapon are Waddle Doos

The Patapon are evolved Pikmin
They are cute, sing while battling, amd take on enemies much bigger than them through sheer numbers; not to mention they are born from a tree, which connects them with the living plant aspect. If you want another explanation, Patapon are what happens when Pikmin go from the creature to the tribal stage.

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