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Nyx is a Timelord
The entire plot is a Batman Gambit by Celestia to teach Twilight Sparkle about motherhood as part of her studies on the magic of friendship.
  • Based on Celestia's actions, I believe we can call this Jossed.
Nyx isn't Nightmare Moon reincarnate, but is instead a reincarnation of Kamina!
I just had a crazy idea that incorporates what others have said regarding Twilight's prospective hanging as pictured in the cover art. The scene leading up to it will be a dark mirror of Twilight's Heroic BSoD as Nyx is taken away.
  • Nyx has confronted Spell Nexus about making rules behind her back, but Nexus convinces her that he has only been acting in her best interest. Towards the end of his speech, (Nyx is currently silent and downcast) he will mention that she has not turned out as expected. This line causes a chain of flashbacks regarding ponies either expressing their expectations that she will turn out to be a being of pure evil (like her listening to what Celestia said about her) or that she doesn't have to be what other ponies expect her to be. Towards the end of this string of flashbacks will be her recollection of what really happened between her and Luna, and the string will culminate in a picture of a bruised and broken Twilight telling her that she doesn't have to be evil (the scene with Twi's apology). As the epiphany hits, Nexus (who had been talking this whole time) comes to the part of his speech where he mentions that Twilight Sparkle's hanging is scheduled to happen in 5 minutes. At this, Nyx gives him a "You did 'WHAT'?!" and dashes off to rescue Twilight.
    • Arriving with the sun rising behind her, she rescues Twilight just as she is about to drop. Nyx then pulls off another Heartwarming Moment as she tells Twilight, "I'm here for you, Mommy" and they give each other a great big hug. Through The Power of Love, Nyx is transformed back into a filly during the hug.
    • Unfortunately, Nyx turning back into a filly leaves her rather depowered compared to Nightmare moon, and the cultists are eager to get her back. Cue epic fight scene beginning with just Twilight and Nyx running through the crowd whilst fighting off cultists that are trying to capture them. The crowd is unsure what to make of this. One by one (starting with Rarity and ending with Rainbow Dash, I think), the rest of the Mane 6 make their way toward Twilight and Nyx, saving the slowly growing group right as they would be overwhelmed.
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    • Just when it looks like there the group will finally succumb to the endless horde of cultists and each member of the group has fired off her "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner (each one having to do with her element of harmony), the Elements of Harmony appear and purge The Corruption from everypony in the area.
    • Jossed.
  • The above sounds an awful lot like my WMG, namely that the breaking point will come when Spell Nexus tries to kill Twilight Sparkle. Nightmare Moon interferes, at which point Nexus says something like: "I knew it. I just knew you didn't have the nerve to truly be queen. You. Are. WEAK. And he blasts her with the strongest spells he has...
    • and is vaporized instantly because he's taking on the strongest of 3 goddesses. Celestia > Luna, and Celestia can't beat NMM on her own power alone.
    • Unless Nexus is planning to dispel Nyx and start over.
    • Jossed.
  • My mass guess is that it's not Spell Nexus or Nyghtmare Mare Moon (see what I did there?) but Princess Celestia who is executing Twilight near or at the end of the fic. That after somehow being convinced that she's not doing the right thing Nyx frees Twilight and then goes up to the surface with her after dealing with the cultists and un-exiles the princesses...
    • Not knowing what is going on and wanting to protect Luna, Celestia attacks Nyx before she and Twilight can explain forcing Nyx to fight back and forcing Luna and Twilight to initially find cover. At the end of the fight Twilight intervenes and Nyx can escape to safety, but without Twilight. Now in an irrational state due to fear and adrenaline Celestia sends Luna home (which she doesn't like, and uses as an excuse to find Nyx) and then tells Twilight that she can't ignore her actions anymore and charges her with (Equestria's latest/only case of) Treason.
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    • While Nyx runs and Luna searches for her, Twilight is taken to a field outside of Canterlot in preparation for her execution and the end of the latest bought of "Eternal Night" (She plead guilty as Nyx didn't have the time/chance to forgive her and she did technically commit treason).
    • Luna finds Nyx and gets her side of the story then convinces Nyx to come back with her so that the two of them could convince Celestia, but meanwhile, disbelieving ponies have been gathering at the new gallows as Celestia prepares to raise the sun and signal the executioner to drop Twilight.
    • Nyx and Luna notice the congregation and fly in just as Celestia raises the sun, Twilight drops but Nyx is able to save her (but not without Twilight blacking out from the drop and air loss), and no longer trusting Luna, Nyx takes Twilight away as Luna give Celestia her second chewing out since the start of the fiasco.
    • The exact end could vary in the epilogue but would probably involve Twilight and Nyx reconciling and probably has one or both of them returning to Ponyville, even if only to pack their things and find a place where their "family" could live in relative peace.
    • Jossed.
Hellboy learns about Nyx's problems and crosses dimensions to sit her down and have a chat to straighten her out on that whole 'it's my destiny to be evil' thing.

Hey, you were summoned by some crazy evil wizard to destroy the world, got rescued by a bookworm, and raised to do good instead? Hey that happened to me too! Small multiverse, huh?

Nyx will release Celestia and Luna. Celestia will then banish her…from the country of Equestria, for about a year.
  • Nyx releasing Celestia and Luna, yes. Nyx's banishment, no.
  • But not before ALL THREE GODDESSES step in to prevent Twilight's hanging.
  • Alternatively, Celestia will have her regressed to filly again and placed under arrest…and sentenced to be watched by Twilight Sparkle, with any and all personal freedoms dictated by her while she teaches her the various lessons of Friendship.
    • Luna did the regression, and Twilight is tasked with raising Nyx. So I'll call it confirmed.
    • Some background ponies will protest that the punishment is too lenient and demand an execution. Celestia will politely ask for anypony who knows how to kill an Alicorn to please step forward…nopony will step forward.
      • Jossed.
The Three Goddesses are The Three Goddesses of Legend of Zelda lore.
Celestia is Nayru, goddess of wisdom; Luna is Farore, goddess of courage; and Nyx is Din, goddess of power.
  • So…who's the Fierce Diety?
    • Fluttershy, of course!
Nyx defeats Spell Nexus by turning him into a tree…FOREVER.
  • Nope. She just burns the corruption that is in him.
Celesta pulls a holy ghost and impregnates Twilight Sparkle with Nyx. The epilogue will be of Twilight giving birth to a brand new baby Unicorn.
  • Never happened.
Nyx will in fact end up dying and being dissolved by magic in the end…well it's possible.
  • Nope, Nyx lives.
This one is stolen from some guy in the comments section of the blog post linking to the story:
  • Spell Nexus steals the last of The Corruption from Nyx (The same Corruption that turned Luna into Nightmare Moon in the first place, never mind the Cult), and becomes Nightstallion Nexus.
    • Regardless of the accuracy of the above, Nyx, the CMC, Twist, and one last person with close enough ties with all of the above to act as the Sixth Ranger, use the Elements of Harmony to purge the Corruption from all effected parties.
      • Specifically this group, because Twilight won't want to accidentally hurt Nyx, which rules out the rest of the Mane Cast in that FREAKING GILDA would have been a better choice than Trixie. Magic or no, at least she was a FORMER friend to one of the mane six. And since "Friendship is Magic"…
Nyx ether
a) stays an adult Nyx with purple hair, b) reverts to her younger form, or c) has Twilight Sparkle become an Alicorn due to Nix's Heroic Sacrifice, their Blood Connection, and the simple fact that ANY story involving Twilight Sparkle has at least a 50% chance of turning her into an Alicorn REGARDLESS of the plot relevance.
  • Jossed.
Spell Nexus will go rogue after Nyx fails to live up to his expectations.
  • Kinda happened. Spell Nexus corrupts Twilight into attacking Nyx, hoping that Twilight's lashing out would "help" his queen
Spell Nexus will step out of line one time too much and wind up on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle from Nyx.
Of everyone in the fic, it's Nyx who is in the most danger, why?
  • Because she has an army of ponies controlled by a puppet parasite, the same parasite that may be responsible for the creation of the original Nightmare Moon, controlling the entirety of the Children of the Nightmare and as of the end of chapter 16 she's going after the pony (Spell Nexus) who contains the parent parasite.
    • It's hard to call this one, because the puppet parasite is the worst part of Nightmare Moon that is sealed inside Spell Nexus. If that part was integrated into Nyx, she would truly become Nightmare Moon and everything she had done to that point would be validated. I guess mind raping would be a form of harm.
Spell Nexus was taken over by the corruption that originally turned Luna into Nightmare Moon as he tried to dispose of the shards of the original Nightmare Moon.
After Nyx goes after him for almost hanging Twilight, the corruption will abandon him, drain most of Nyx's power, reverting her to her filly form. It will also reclaim all of the various fragments that Nexus has been spreading around, and rise up, Aku style, over Ponyville. The Elements of Harmony will attempt to banish it, but fail, due to the protection granted by Twilight's blood used in the original resurrection spell. Nyx will then substitute in for Twilight as the Element of Magic, and successfully banish the corruption, gaining her cutie mark in the process. Celestia and Luna will be released, and everyone will be treated to a Pinky Pie Party of epic proportions.
  • Didn't happen.
Nyx's Cutie Mark is either
  • A) A question mark. Revised version should make this self explanatory, or
  • B) A heart. Possibly with a question mark. Cutie marks are also a sign of where you truly belong, and we all know that if there's a happy ending for the little filly, it's gonna be with Mommy Twilight.
  • Or, C) She doesn't have one…because it's black as night, like the rest of her flank, and no one can see it. Hey, her name is Nyx.
    • Nyx's Cutie Mark is revealed to be a shield. Her special talent is protecting ponies.
While we're on the subject of Nyx's cutie mark, maybe her special talent has to do with her domain as a goddess? Celestia's is the sun, Luna's is the moon, so what is Nyx's domain and cutie mark? I think her domain, due to her insatiable curiosity, is arcane and esoteric knowledge. Maybe her cutie mark could be an open book on a background of an eight-pointed star (kinda like part of Twilight's cutie mark)?
  • Or forgiveness. Goddess of those who are not peaceful, but are friendly.
    • Jossed. See previous WMG.


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