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The only book was a Take That! the canaanite gods did against the greek ones

Since the hebrew gods are in popular culture flanderized into devils but the greek ones aren't, Moloch and pals paid Milton to write a book where the other pagan gods were demons as well. Unfortunately for them, Milton didn't got the memo and wrote Moloch as a demon as well.

The Satans from the The Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost and their respective Hells are the same.
In PL, Satan is constantly shrinking and becoming less and less human. He takes the three-faced, mindless form locked in ice after Jesus rejects him as seen in
Paradise Regained.
  • Satan in the Divine Comedy is huge, but Then again, in Book X of Paradise Lost (the last time we see him), Satan does appear as a Dragon (obviously referencing the Book of Revelation)...
  • He is compared to a Leviathan in the early verses of the Paradise Lost. He's definitely huge in both stories.

Satan's fandom have Stockholm Syndrome.note 
They love, support, and practically worship Mankind's Arch-Enemy in the poem, whose goal is to destroy Humanity, make them suffer, and rob them of their home, birthright, and happiness all to get back at someone else. Furthermore, his fans defend all his lies and evil deeds as truly being in their best interest; they insist it's not really his fault, that he's the one whose been wronged, and they don't want to be rescued, just like the victims in the Trope Namer.

This book was inspired by Satan.
Satan, pissed that people have seen him as a monster for millenia, wanted to tell his side of the story, and show that Satan is Good(or at least a Well-Intentioned Extremist.) So he found John Milton and got him to write an autobiography of sorts. However God, not wanting His people to think God Is Evil, prevented Milton from getting the whole story-hence why in Paradise Lost Satan suffered Motive Decay. However, it was enough of an impact to be lead to the popularity of the Satan is Good trope.
  • Or Milton wrote the book for him but threw in a bunch of Take That! that Satan (nor some of the readers) managed to pick up on.
  • Well, Milton does invoke Urania at the start... maybe Satan snuck in instead.
  • Alternatively Satan really is evil, but used Milton as an Unwitting Pawn to get people to sympathise with him.

Chaos and Old Night are from the Primordial Chaos.
It would explain where they come from, and why they have a grudge against God: they're pissed at God removing their enviroment.

Chaos and Old Night are Azathoth and Nyarlathotep, respectively.

"And Chaos, ancestors of Nature, holdEternal anarchy, amidst the noiseOf endless wars, and by confusion stand."

Tell me that doesn't sound like the Court of Azathoth?

Paradise Lost is not monotheistic.
Order and Chaos are the truly immortal beings that exist for eternity. After creating the universe out of Chaos, Order assumes the name of God. Lucifer was only able to screw God because he has Chaos' support.

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