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Amanda Seyfried will be Acting for Two as Peter's Mother and Tinkerbell.
Why else would she share top billing with Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund and Rooney Mara for a relatively minor role? The explanation for why Tinkerbell looks like Peter's mother will either be down to Wizard of Oz style similarities or Tinkerbell will somehow be connected to Peter's mother.
  • It may be supported by the "I'll see you again, in this world, or another" line from the trailer.
  • Jossed. Tinkerbell makes a small appearance in one scene and is never heard from again.

The boys from the orphanage kidnapped by Blackbeard will become the Lost Boys
They're there for a reason. Why not let them be the Lost Boys?
  • Confirmed. At the end, Peter and Hook rescued the rest of the boys from the orphanage. Hook was the one who dubbed them the "Lost Boys".

James Hooks inevitable face-heel turn will be the main Tear Jerker

Hook is Peter's biological father.
Since it could be theorized that Peter's mother is from Neverland, so Peter's dad could be from Neverland, and why not Hook?
  • Alternatively, Blackbeard is Peter's father. It would add a lot more meaning to this exchange:
    Blackbeard: Have you come to kill me Peter?
    Peter: I don't believe in bedtime stories.
  • Apparently Jossed. Peter's father is a fairy prince. Blackbeard was in love with Mary, Peter's human mother, but she chose the prince over him. The prince took human form in order to save Mary, however at the cost, even though fairies live for thousands of years, in human flesh they can only last one day. Even though the prince died, his and Mary's son Peter would become his heir.

Hook will be the one to kill Blackbeard
This would be a neat combo of Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work and a Prophecy Twist. Peter, at the last minute, will choose not to kill Blackbeard, only for Hook to do the deed. This will mark Hook's Face–Heel Turn and have him take Blackbeard's place as captain.

The orphans that Peter takes to Neverland at the end
are actually dead. A few days after Peter was taken to Neverland, the orphanage was gassed and everyone inside was killed. Since Peter Pan was originally an angel of death, this would make a lot of sense.
  • Jossed. Unless you are suggesting that all of the main characters have been dead the whole time, and that Neverland is the afterlife.

Blackbeard survived
And lost his hand in the wreckage,if a sequel is ever made then James Hook will die...And Blackbeard will defile his memory by going as "Captain Hook".

Neverland doesn't make you immortal.
I don't think it is ever mentioned in this movie that it does. Closest is Blackbeard saying that he has oprhans from all times, but since that seems to include the future it hints less on them being immortal and more on different eras being equally accessible from Neverland.Neverland also didn't make anyone immortal in the original play and book. That was always just a trait of Peter.