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There will be a DLC map in Payday 2 involving British Hoxton's prison break.

  • It's clear that the fans have a love for the original Hoxton from the first game, and many have a disdain towards the new Hoxton. The Christmas soundtrack reveals that Hoxton is in prison and plans on breaking out. This DLC map would not only be about aiding in Hoxton's escape, but may even have one of the four players take control as the original Hoxton as he awaits rescue, AND fights along side the other players! Sure it's not a heist, but it is a prison break, and breaking buddies out of prison can be just as awesome!
    • Also hinted further in the teaser web site for the Election Day heist. Bain tells the crew that if McKendrick gets elected to mayor (with some help from the crew of course), the man can use his connections to move "an old colleague" to a lower security prison."

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