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Jae-min's step-father is a vampire.
  • Mrs Oh knows a lot about vampires and he said his reason for running away and living by himself was because of him. He hasn't shown any stance on racism yet. There's been enough foreshadowing for it to be true...
    • His tasty blood won't help either.
    • Confirmed

Jae Min already knows that Ma Ri is a vampire
  • Seems to have recognized Mr. Albino fiance as what he really is, why not Ma Ri?
    • He's probably known since the pig-riding incident. At least, he'd better not have known when he invited her to that movie...
    • Jossed. He never knew, but he does find out.

The updates stopped because Ma Ri turned Jae Min, Soo Ri, and Woo Mi into vampires; they all formed a coven with Shi Hoo; and the five of them went on a destruction rampage, killing all other characters and ending the Manhwa.
  • Jossed by Ch 72.

Those two prisoners that the news mentions were released for good behavior in chapter two will appear later in the story, probably as antagonists

In Chapter 26, Professor Vamp's chart reads that vampires who drink pigs blood, "grew immunity to sunlight (but *unavailable to the public*)."
This omission will be plot-crucial in some way. Possibly, vampires aren't immune to concentrated UV lamps, like tanning salons. Or the government might find some other way to weaponize UV radiation... in a way that's non-carcinogenic for humans, of course.
  • Looks the (unavailable to the public) comment might be why Si Hoo has powers that other vampires do not. Most likely because his constant consumption of human blood.

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