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Depending on player choices, at least one patient will die.
In a hospital setting, it's not rare to encounter patients in life-threatening conditions, and the wrong choices, equipment, and treatments can prove deadly to the patient.
  • Especially if some of those choices are premium options.
  • Jossed. While there are two patient deaths in Book 1 (Dolores Hudson and Teresa Martinez), player choices do not affect the outcome in either case.

Expecting references to other medical shows
While the big one right now is Grey's Anatomy, they could throw in references to other medical shows like ER and Scrubs for example.

The reason for Dr. Banerji's retirement
While he may be one of the best diagnosticians, he made a bad choice that got someone influential killed and he was given a choice to either be sued to the point of being blacklisted by the medical community and lose his license to practice medicine, or quietly retire while burying the scandal and keeping his license.
  • Jossed. In Chapter 7, it's revealed that he retired because he is dying.

Aurora will make a huge mistake that'll nearly cost her career all because of her ego
She's someone who's more of a Glory Hound who wants only the most interesting cases. During a minor case, it turns out she'll misdiagnose a patient and get them killed or just barely saved because of Casey and their friends. This kind of mistake ends up hurting her reputation with the hospital and hopefully putting her on the path to Character Development.

Open Heart will be a trilogy.
It's mentioned several times that the internships will last three years, so it's likely there will be three books, one covering each year. And Choices is known for having many of its series run three books.

Sienna will break up with her boyfriend
Whether they have a huge fight over something else or he’s caught cheating on her, she’ll be free to be dated either by the player or set up with another character.
  • Confirmed. In Chapter 14, Wayne complains about Sienna missing a date with him, not caring that she and the rest of the hospital staff were busy tending to victims of a subway crash. She loses her patience with him, and in a premium choice, Casey can encourage her to dump him. If the premium choice is not taken, she dumps him in Chapter 17 regardless.

Aurora is the one sabotaging Casey in the competition
It’ll definitely be a Captain Obvious Reveal but she’ll do it in a way that utterly screws up the hospital in the middle of a crisis all just because she can’t stand someone else being number one.
  • Jossed. Chapter 14 confirms that Landry is the one who's been sabotaging Casey, because he's jealous of all the attention they've received from Dr. Ramsey.

The book will reveal Panacea knows exactly what's wrong with Dr. Banerji
And in a cruel twist, they injected him with it so that eventually Ethan would get so desperate he'd finally
sign up with them for the cure.

A future book will have Casey dealing with a transgender patient
It would definitely throw them for a loop to find that their patient is transitioning from one gender to another, but then being horrified to learn that the doctor assigned to them is utterly refusing to treat them out of bigotry and transphobia, allowing Casey to give that doctor a "The Reason You Suck" Speech before taking over the patient's case. Even better if the player is playing a gay Casey.

Aurora Emery will be Promoted to Love Interest
Since the latter half of Book 1, she slowly respects Casey, and the finale has her planning to move from her aunt's house to Casey's apartment after Landry left. Moreover, the fandom is frustrated at the very uneven gender ratio among the love interests (3 males to 1 female) in a story with gender options and Ensemble Darkhorses Sienna Trinh and Kyra Santana not being love interests (the former has a Ship Tease with Danny, and the latter made out with a skydiving instructor in a premium option).

Kyra will die of her cancer in Book 2

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