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For the mobile RPG

Itsumade is Ubume's daughter.
  • They're both Bird People.
  • The former has a protective mother who always warns her about those greedy human bastards, while the latter is crazy about her child.
  • They both have passive skills that let them automatically attack when a teammate is casting a basic attack skill.
The game developers are big fans of Gintama.
There's a character also named Kagura also wielding a Parasol of Pain also voiced by Rie Kugimiya, all the key characters of the afterworld share voice actors with Gintama characters — also worth noting that Kazuya Nakai and
Kenichi Suzumura's characters are brothers — and the "city" scene background has a building labeled "Yorozuya" in hiragana, to name a few.
The four protagonists are analogous to various Elite Four groups in Eastern folk beliefs
  • As the four seasons based on character design: Seimei as winter, Kagura as spring, Hiromasa as summer. This also fits the order of their obtainability as players progress in the game.
  • As the Four Auspicious Beasts also based on design, plus each character's spirit animal: Seimei as Seiryū, Kagura as Byakko, Hiromasa as Genbu and Yaobikuni as Suzaku.
Some of the characters are actually Chinese people
Given the historical cultural exchange with China in the Heian period and some Chinese elements in the game, this might not be too far off the mark.
  • For obvious starters, there are the jiāngshī siblings.
  • Mujō brothers and their apprentices (based on the Hēibái Wúcháng) and Mōba (based on the Mèngpó).
Possible future crossovers
  • Fans have suggested a possible Touken Ranbu collab since the release of Onigiri.
  • Other NetEase properties, given that the MOBA game has already crossed with Shéndōu Yèxínglù.
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  • Since the game has crossed over with "big" Shōnen manga series – Inuyasha, Bleach, even Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – it might end up crossed with Naruto, Dragon Ball among others.
  • Literature. The game sets itself up quite well for an Akutagawa Ryūnosuke crossover, for instance.
  • Non-Japanese and otherwise non-Asian properties: Disney, Warner Bros., etc.
Possible cast members
Given that the game has a huge All-Star Cast, it may continue the tradition with names like: