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The following page contains unmarked spoilers.

    For the mobile RPG 
Kuro Seimei's real name is Kamo no Yasunori.
Kamo no Yasunori was the real-life mentor of Abe no Seimei. The Big Bad of this game might have adopted the identity of Kuro Seimei and then goes out of his way to troll his amnesiac student so that he remembers who he is. Even if that is the case, that would still not excuse his horrible actions.
  • Jossed.
Kuro Seimei's real name is Abe no Yasuna.
Abe no Yasuna was the real-life father of Abe no Seimei. The reason for the character's actions would be the same as above. This theory is somewhat more plausible than the previous one, because if Kuro Seimei was Seimei's father, the two would probably genetically resemble each other to some degree, which may explain everyone's mistaking them for each other.
  • Jossed.
Seimei and Yaobikuni will marry.
… And the latter will eventually die of grief when her husband dies first, just like the way she wants.
Seimei is deliberately Ship Teased with an immortal in order to avoid Die for Our Ship.
Since Yaobikuni literally cannot die, there's no plausible way to kill her off in order to make way for another pairing involving Seimei. If this is a Take That! against shippers who prefer to pair Seimei off with Hiromasa for one, this is a pretty brilliant move.
Itsumade is Ubume's daughter.
Just think about it.
  • They're both Bird People.
  • The former has a protective mother who always warns her about those greedy human bastards, while the latter is crazy about her child.
  • They both have passive skills that let them automatically attack when a teammate is casting a basic attack skill.
Seimei is Susano'o no Mikoto or a reincarnation of him.
  • He is amnesiac, so Susano'o is likely his past identity.
  • According to Kuro Seimei, Seimei used to have evil motives before he forcibly removed them, and considering what kind of person Susano'o was…
  • Later in the story, he is in charge of slaying the Yamata-no-orochi with the Kusanagi.
The game developers are big fans of Gintama.
There's a character also named Kagura also wielding a Parasol of Pain also voiced by Rie Kugimiya, all the key characters of the Afterworld share voice actors with Gintama characters — also worth noting that Kazuya Nakai and Kenichi Suzumura's characters are brothers — and the "city" scene background has a building labeled "Yorozuya" in hiragana, to name a few.
Hiromasa has either been disowned by the aristocratic family or abandoned it on his own volition.
Considering his nowhere-near-aristocratic manners, it makes sense that either his family wouldn't want anything to do with a stubborn and brash guy who can't even protect his little sister and letting her go missing like him, or he doesn't want anything to do with his troublesome family and their stupid rules. This also explains why he can just leave the city and stay at Seimei's place as he damn well please.
Kagura will be the first recurring character to die.
Her being the Sacrificial Miko strongly implies that she will eventually die when the Kusanagi completes its purpose.

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