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The Red Queen will eventually form an alliance with Alice.
She already knows what Jafar is planning for her and she is probably already plotting a way to defend herself.
  • Given her visual shock(if it can't be considered concern) at the mention of the Knave of Hearts, possible.

The Red Queen's evil isn't entirely her fault
The Looking Glass messed her up. Maleficent warned that there would be consequences for its use and if the parent show has taught us anything, it's that all magic comes with a price and that price typically takes the form of the loss of someone you love. Will paid the price for his careless use of magic by seeing the woman he loved corrupted into the cold-hearted Red Queen.

The Old Prisoner is the Sultan
Why else would Jafar keep someone alive when he has the habit of killing anyone when he gets what he wants from them? Because if the old man is the Sultan then he makes a great bargaining chip for Jasmine's in show counterpart.
  • Not to mention that The Sultan rather or not he's the one from Aladdin is Jafar's father, who left him because he was illegitimate therefor Jafar keeping him as prisoner would be his revenge, the mock little bow he did in the last episode pretty much meant "I win dad."
    • As of "Bad Blood", confirmed

Alice will use up all her wishes and the Knave will get the bottle
Then he'll use all three of his wishes at once to free Cyrus from the bottle. It'll work out fine because while the wish is huge its divide by the three wishes with the price being that he could only make that one wish.
  • Partially confirmed. The Knave uses Alice's last wish (which she promised him) to free Cyrus. And he does get the bottle, after a fashion. Because he's the genie now.

Anastasia is one of Cinderella's step-sisters.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 10.

Cyrus will get a flashback episode.

So far, Alice, Will/Knave, and Anastasia have all gotten one. It's pretty much a given.

The Red Queen's mother is Lady Tremaine
Both of them had been shown to have the same personality, and The Red Queen's birth name is Anastastia which as the third movie shows, is the same name of Tremaine's daughter.
  • The stepsisters' names were established as Anastasia and Drizella in the first movie, actually.

Amara is Cyrus' mother
She's already implied to be older than she looks. The compass probably lost her when she was turned into a staff.
  • Also, Cyrus' mother taught him magic.
  • Confirmed

We'll be seeing more of Jefferson in this series
It is Alice in Wonderland after all. It would hardly be complete without appearances by The Mad Hatter, at least in flashbacks. He may even make some present day appearances, since there's some evidence to suggest that he finally got one of his hats to work. (Namely, the fact that The Dark Curse obviously didn't go tearing through Wonderland looking for him.)
  • Not necessarily, the Dark Curse was able to pull Frankenstein out of his world, so it didn't just effect Fairy Tale Land. In fact given the timeline of Alice's adventures, it is quite likely that the curse didn't even effect Agrabah which is also in Fairy Tale Land. It would seem that the curse mainly just effected the Enchanted Forest part of Fairy Tale Land, which is where all of Regina's enemies were located. It was more of a targeted Rapture of Regina's hit list rather then an indiscriminate WMD.
    • Even if that's true, the original series demonstrated early in Season 2 that his original hat still works perfectly, so the possibility still exists.

The Cheshire Cat will turn out to be much more than he seems.
More specifically he's Chernobog in disguise and he doesn't need to eat he's just screwing with an old friend for giggles.

The old man in the dungeon with Cyrus is a central part of Jafar's plan.
Given Jafar's propensity for killing people who are of no use to him, we can safely presume that he isn't just keeping the guy in there for decoration.
  • Bah! Jafar is a peripheral part of the old man's plan. After all, the one thing we know about him is that he's a Chess Master.

The old man in the dungeon with Cyrus is going to turn out to be a Composite Character.
Of characters hitherto unseen in the show or its' parent. He's either going to be this show's equivalent of Cora, or a good version of Cora.

Victorian London is under The Dark Curse or a prototype of The Dark Curse
Alice, Wendy Darling, and Sherlock Holmes were hand-picked by the caster to be transported to a pocket dimension where it is always 1895. Association with Wonderland reacts badly to the curse, as seen with Jefferson.
  • Word of God says that it's not the real Victorian London but a perpetual "storybook" version of it that exists in another world in the present. Most likely is the abode of figures like Sherlock Holmes and possibly the Darling family.
    • The Darling family at least have been confirmed as coming from the real world Victorian London, on the main show.

Bottle Genies operate differently from Lamp Genies
Less wild, more based on what's been seen: while Lamp Genies (such as the Magic Mirror) can be freed easily (as seen in Once Upon a Time's first season), Bottle Genies are ruled by Someone Has to Do It. Meaning that if someone is able to free a Bottle Genie somehow, they take that genie's place. It's happened to the Knave already, and it's probably how Cyrus, who's confirmed he was once human, became a genie.This will eventually be how Jafar is defeated: someone tricks him into taking the Knave's place in the bottle via Wishplosion, making for a nice reference to the Disney film.
  • Jossed, One of this show's genie is in a lamp. Although Jafar was tricked into ending up the genie in the bottle, albeit in a completely different way.

Cyrus will not be Aladdin's genie
Knave will. I assumed Aladdin's story would be a flashback, but the winter finale opens a possibility for it to be told in the present time story. Aladdin may find the bottle and while Alice (and most likely Anastasia) and Jafar will be looking for Knave, he and Aladdin can have some adventures. Will's snark fits really good for the humorous Disney genie known from the movies, or at least better than Cyrus' usual politeness. Plus, it would be a waste to introduce Agrabah and have Aladdin only as a flashback.

If and when the series ends, the core cast will be moved on to the main show.
Despite the flaws of the series, the characters are quite good and entertaining. Alice, Knave, the Red Queen, and possibly the White Rabbit (if there's room in the effects budget) could easily get tossed into either Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest.
  • Well, Knave has at least.

Cyrus is Aladdin
Aladdin wished his genie free and in exchange, he became the genie. Cyrus is a pseudonym he picked up in honor of someone else.
  • His origin story shows that he used to be a thief. However, he had a loving family and wasn't a homeless "street rat."
  • Jafar is Aladdin in the same way that Rumple is also the Beast.

The Red Queen will make a wish to turn Jafar into the new genie of the bottle
Maybe it goes something like the Red Queen wishing Jafar was dead, Jafar points out that not possible with a genie wish then the Red Queen says something along the lines of "Oh but darling, there are fates worse than death... I wish Jafar was the Genie of the Bottle." Then the group seals off the bottle in a place most would never reach it... until next season.
  • Jossed. The Red Queen used her wishes to stop the Jabberwocky torturing her and Will, and it doesn't look like you're allowed to be the master of one genie twice.

Lizard's last wish didn't truly kill her
A genie's wishes can't directly kill (going by the Disney canon). It seems unlikely that you could loophole that by having it done so indirectly. But it is possible that the wish relocated Lizard's heart into Will, leaving her in a death-like state while he gets to feel sorrow and remorse for her "death."
  • After what the Jabberwocky did to her, pretty sure (and hopefully for Lizard's sake) she is dead.

Amara lied about the purpose (or existence) of the Three Genie spell.
She just told Jafar it could give him more power so she could manipulate him into retrieving her three sons for her, then work out a way to free them. Unfortunately, she lied a little too well - which is why she was so surprised when he betrayed her.

Amara paid to have her home burned down - after all, who in their right mind would attack a sorceress who inspired as much fear as she did when Jafar met her? She expected her sons to use the Well of Wonders to save her and become the three genies she needed as a result. She then told Jafar he needed her so she could be there when he cast it so she could usurp the ritual for her own nefarious purposes.

The Jabberwocky will wind up also being the Boogieman (woman?)
She seems to have a penchant for nightmares and digging into people's minds and drawing out their worst fears.

Why exactly was this jossed? The series didn't last long enough to deny or confirm this. Nor have we seen the real Boogeyman yet on the parent show.

Because she needs to me near somebody to read them, and right now she's pinned to a wall with the Vorpal Blade.

Genie bottles are the result of Solomon's magic and the original djinn's power affecting each other after a Djinn is freed.
The original Djinn were spirit entities that human beings had no business dealing with. Solomon, using divine wisdom; perhaps improperly; created vessels that could capture and command them. Forget, for a moment, the power of the djinn itself, and consider the power that would be required to humble them. "Magic always has a price." Freeing a djinn results in the bottle still existing; a sizable amount of the Djinn's original power remaining; like an animal that gnawed its leg off to escape a trap. The prison refuses to be empty, and reaches out for the closest thing to its former prisoner; the person who benefited from the Djinn's wishes. They then become a "Genie", the original djinn's power and the Binding becoming something the same, yet different.

Aladdin's Genie was Cyrus, not Sidney.
Since OUAT Wonderland is integrating the characters of Aladdin and Giancarlo Esposito is unlikely to return for more than a brief scene, it will likely be revealed that Cyrus was Aladdin's Genie and may have been a successor to the original Genie after he was turned into the Magic Mirror. This will allow them to explore the OUAT version of Aladdin more deeply.
  • It should be noted that in the original story of Aladdin, there were two genies.

The Knave of Hearts' crime is that he stole some tarts.
Obviously enough, but maybe taken in a more dramatic direction though... somehow. "Tarts" could be people, and he helped them escape Wonderland, like how "Oysters" were people in Syfy's Alice.
  • Or they could be magic tarts with magical properties such as size-changing.

The Cheshire Cat is under the influence of an evil curse
Alice remembers him as a friend and his Obviously Evil apperance shocks her. He also mentions the Red Queen promised that Alice would be the sweetest meat he ever tasted, implying she had something to do with it.

The writers have forgotten about the 28 years the Curse was in effect.
The characters in Storybrooke were in a time loop and the characters in the Enchanted Forest under Cora's bubble were in suspended animation for 28 years, which is why none of them aged in that time. Given that Agrabah doesn't seem to be effected by the Curse, it is possible that Jafar's fashbacks mostly take place in a post-Curse Fairy Tale Land but characters like the Knave and the Red Queen were present in the Enchanted Forest over 28 years ago and should now be in their 50s.
  • Perhaps the flashback with Robin Hood, Knave and the Red Queen did take place over twenty-eight years ago. Time may flow differently in Wonderland. In the show's opening scene Alice's Father says that she was gone a long time but Alice acted as if Year Outside, Hour Inside.
    • Possible, but the Red Queen says Alice was just a little girl when they first met and Alice talks about the Hatter in a way that indicates she knew him. Jefferson hasn't been in Wonderland for 28 years and since Alice first went there when she was 7, this would mean that despite her appearance she is actually almost 40 at least (assuming she met Jefferson while she was a child and not as an adult, which would make her even older). One would think that the fact that she was not aging properly would be proof of her fantastical claims.
    • Or more simply, nobody in Wonderland ages, and the White Rabbit's ability to move between worlds lets him move through time as well; after all, Jefferson's hat was able to pull objects out of the past.
      • Why would Rumplestiltskin think that banishing Cora to a world where she will never age and will have access to all sorts of powerful magics is a good idea?
      • Because for the most part World travelling is incredibly difficult? Jefferson seems to be the only person in the Enchanted Forest who engaged in any sort of regular back-and-forth World hopping and he was working for Rumple in the past. It's possible he didn't know about the White Rabbit (afterall, Cora never seemed to have discovered his abilities) and thought there wasn't any way for her to create a portal back.
      • The non-aging could have been temporary. If the Dark Curse really did pull Jefferson out of Wonderland, then it could have affected the land there the same way that it affected the Enchanted Forest, shutting down the flow of time for 28 years.
      • The Dark Curse didn't "shut down the flow of time" in the Enchanted Forest. Cora's bubble put all those under it in suspended animation for 28 years. Time still passed outside the bubble, which is why Snow and Charming's castle is now ruins and everything is so overgrown and the ogres have taken over.
    • It's possible that time in Alice's London passes more slowly than time in Wonderland does. It explains how young Alice so completely lost track of time that it was months later when she got back.

Elizabeth is supposed to be a Gender Flip version of Bill the Lizard
Why else would they introduce a character called nicknamed The Lizard?

Alice is also White as Snow from The Almond Tree.
Let's see widowed father, check. Stepmother, check. Half-sister, check. Tree that is or is near someplace significant to the character, check. Stepmother tries to make the elder sibling lose their head(whether literal or metaphorically), check. Suddenly the title containing Once Upon a Time makes more sense compared to most other spin offs.

Other Stories Existing in Victorian London
Since it's been confirmed that Alice's London is a separate world and there was mention of "Mr. Darcy" in Episode 6, what 'other' stories could exist there?

Anastasia's plan to change history is doomed to fail.
Due to a Temporal Paradox similar to the one in The Time Machine (see the 2003 film adapation for details on that). She went on her quest to change the laws of magic so that she could turn back the clock and undo the mistake she made in giving up Will. That means that if she succeeds, then history will change, but her reason for going on the quest in the first place will never exist, which in turn means that she will never go on the quest, so history will never change. In other words, even if she succeeds at changing the laws of magic to allow her to change the past, this particular event is set in stone.
  • Alternate reality.

The Mr. Darcy we saw is not Fitzwilliam
He's far too polite for one, and more importantly he's been sent over by his mother - in the original novel she was deceased. It's possible that the Mr. Darcy we see is actually Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth's son, and that Elizabeth is now Mrs. Darcy. It'd make sense, since the original Alice in Wonderland story has concluded by that time in that universe, so it's likely Pride and Prejudice's plot would have finished as well.

The Knave played by Michael Socha isn't the same character played by Paul McGillion on the parent show.
The second probably replaced the first after he left the Queen of Heart.

Will's presence in season 4 has retconned the timeline placement of this show.
This would explain so much.


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