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    Regina related 
Graham and Regina never had any actual sex.
Because Graham's heart was removed, he doesn't feel anything — no passion, no love, no lust, so he can't get aroused. Do all they do in bed is kiss and cuddle next to eachother in their underwear. According to Episodes 4 and 7, most likely.
  • It's a commonly and incorrectly thought that men can't get aroused (erect in this context) without some sort of emotion or stimuli. But they can, since an erection is little more than blood flow. So just like women, they can even have an erection when they feel the complete opposite of emotional arousal such as during rape.
  • I think that her need for affection makes her either keep people close from her or throw them out. She never does something that could ruin the relationship in front of them. I don't think she would have done it.
    • That's debatable, since ripping out the Huntsman heart could be consider like something that could ruin a relationship and Regina was right in front of him when she did that.
  • In one of those episodes Graham was taking a shower after one of his 'meetings' with Regina, which rather suggests sex more than cuddling.

Whatever Graham and Regina did, she didn't get it wasn't wholly consensual.
She clearly thought of their relationship as a romantic one, seeing him as unfaithful when he spent time with Emma and trying to connect. Maybe she thought that the ripping-heart thing and changing of memories, no matter the implications, was only a way of keeping him around, and thought that the new Sheriff persona made it consensual. This seems like the most plausible explanation for her conduct.

Regina has almost everyone's heart in her vault.
The whole "heart in a box" thing is how she killed Graham, and the DNA test said the heart found in the woods was Katherine's, even though she turns up alive later. Chances are, Regina has everyone's heart in her vault, save Emma, Gold, and maybe Henry, and will just kill someone off if they get too close to the truth or in the way of her plans.
  • It may be that she can use it to control them but she's hesitant to do so because magic is hard to come by in the real world and/or she's gotten complacent with the status quo for 28 years that she's more use to using mundane means.

Regina did not intend to be so evil.
See - if we think about this logically - the only person Regina should want to take revenge on is her mother. We know that her mother is more than likely dead because she's not in Storybrooke.In Heart of Darkness, Rumple reveals that if Snow killed the Queen she would become as evil as the woman she killed. When Regina killed her mother, she became just as evil as her mother - and, at the same time, inherited her powers (which we do not see her having in the episode with her backstory) in a way similar to that of Rumple's. Rumple also stated in Heart of Darkness that Snow became the way she did - so revenge bent - because she'd forgotten her true love. The only way to be cured of that was through true love's kiss. Snow's true love was alive, so this was manageable. Regina, however, had a worse fate - her true love was killed in front of her. She didn't have someone to stop her from killing her mother, and she didn't know what the result would be. Also, why did she name Henry after her dad instead of after Daniel? But that's something else entirely.When Regina killed her mother and became as evil as her mother, the revenge took even more control. That's when everything went broke and she started going after Snow.In the same way, Regina is cursed with this power and evil just as her mother was - it seems to spread in the same way as Rumple's, and that is most certainly a curse. Therefore, Regina can be healed through true love's kiss. She would only have to be open to love again (which she is, but not in that sense, through Henry, as a previous WMG stated. So it's possible that she could love again...just not very likely).
  • Or, she just doesn't (didn't) have the guts to go up against Mummy Dearest and/or Rumplestiltskin. They are strong magic users, as strong or stronger than her. Why go in for a fair fight or a fight where you risk losing when it's just easier to bully and browbeat everyone weaker than you (Cora kills Daniel and forces the crappy Arranged Marriage, but Snow White's a weaker target) or use the people they care about (like Belle, whose only crime is horrible taste in men) as weapons against them? While she does seem to be (slowly, maybe) climbing her way out, Regina is little more than a childish bully, and bullies are nothing more than cowards who like to put on a grand show of power and torment anything that can't hurt them back as a way to mask their own cowardice and soothe their shaky egos. (Granted, she never got much of a chance to develop much of a self-worth between her spineless dad and her bitch of a mother, but she has always had a choice in her actions.)

Regina manipulated Cora.
She knew Cora would fake her death. Note how Regina didn't seem the least bit surprised about Cora being alive when she heard of her. And the whole speech about how Regina still loves Cora makes no sense! It is likely Regina knew Cora was alive and made that speech to convince Cora to escape the spell as a safeguard for the curse...
  • This brings many possibilities. For example, that her actions in "Queen of Hearts" were Evil All Along. She knew that Cora was actually coming to help her, so it would not make sense to destroy the portal.
  • That may be...but if she's also aware of what Cora's idea of "helping" is (read: having her daughter lose everything so that she'll be dependent on her), then she was probably at least a little motivated by the fear that Cora would kill Henry. Even Evil Has Loved Ones, after all.

Like Rumple, Regina is in two stories: "Snow White" and "The Princess Bride".

Hook is the Dread Pirate Roberts to Regina's Buttercup.
Look at the guy! Wears black. A pirate. Semi-honorable (more so than Emma even, our so-called protagonist). Single. Regina might STILL be the Princess Bride. After all, if Rumpy can be in so many stories, one of which automatically guarantees for him a happy ending, then why not Regina?
  • Maybe...

Alternate explanation for why Regina can't get her happy ending.
It's the universe making her pay for her role in casting the Dark Curse. All magic comes with a price, after all, and Regina's payment is finally due. For 28 years, she took away the happy endings from everyone in the Enchanted Forest. Now the universe is taking away hers. A bit tragic perhaps, but an excellent subversion of her usual Karma Houdini status. Of course, this doesn't necessarily imply that her happy ending will never come. She'll just have to work a little harder than some people for it.
  • A corollary to that. She will get a happy ending but it will be different from the traditional idea of a happy ending. It won't be Daniel coming back or her finding true love but her letting go of all her bitterness, envy, and resentment towards Snow and the rest of the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately, it will be illustrated by an act of self-sacrifice.

Regina has an Ulterior Motive for Trying Again and Again to Get Henry to love her.
Regina needs the heart of "what she loves the most" to cast the curse, and if she can ever fully win Henry's love and love him back, she can take his heart and renew the curse.
  • She needs the heart of what she loves the most, not the heart of who loves her the most. If that were the case, she could have taken Sidney Glass's heart easily.

Cora cast the Curse of the Empty-Hearted on Regina.
Explains why, even after Daniel's murder, even after Cora forcing her into an arranged marriage, manipulating and controlling her, and even after Cora admits she killed Snow's mother, Regina still can't manage to realize who she should really be blaming.
  • Cora most likely didn't even need to. Regina was warped enough from years of abuse and manipulation from Rumplstilstin. A curse would have been overkill.
    • More to the point, Regina had already suffered more years of abuse and manipulation at Cora's hands than she had at Rumplestilskin's. Why would Cora bother to use a curse when manipulation worked just fine?

Regina didn't actually want Emma to leave at the start of the show.
We've seen in the flashback to the start of the curse that Regina got frustrated with the lack of resistance from the other residents of Storybrooke within days of casting it. When Emma turns up, she takes great enjoyment out of doing things that infuriate Emma and set her back up. Think about it: for 28 years, Regina has been an antagonist with no one to antagonise. The enjoyment she feels by annoying Emma isn't because she thinks what she's doing is going to get rid of Emma, but because she's finally experiencing resistance from someone. For the first time in decades she isn't bored to tears. It's not surprising she goes overboard in the fight with Emma, attacking her directly instead of being gently manipulative like we've seen she can be sometimes - it's the most fun she's had in years.

Regina is mentally ill.
Her actions in "Evil Queen" reminded me somewhat of borderline personality disorder. Suppose she has something like that, it would mean that she is afraid of abandonment, hence sees nothing wrong in manipulating somebody to love her, but when they leave her she sincerely starts believing that they are the evil ones and she's not going to change, unless she gets some serious help.

Regina is going to destroy Snow White and Prince Charming's happiness.
She's going to die in a Redemption Equals Death moment that shatters their happiness because they almost had their fairy tale ending where ALL their family survived to the end of the show and on good terms. Regina's last words will be to Snow White, where after all this she will tell her, "I'm sorry."

Regina will earn her happy ending at the moment she finally believes she doesn't deserve one.
Despite all her Character Development, and her constant belief that "villains don't get happy endings", Regina still believes she deserves to have a happy ending, even if she doesn't believe that she will have one. The moment she believes — truthfully or not — that she doesn't deserve a happy ending will be the moment she confronts and regrets all the evil in her past, and thus the moment her happy ending can really begin.

Regina's power isn't at its strongest yet.
Once she finally both fully acknowledges her past and that she has reformed, her power will change to being based on The Sacred Darkness and get stronger.

    Rumplestiltskin related 

Mr. Gold has a third radio.
No matter how tragic his story is, he's been about acquiring power for a long time and has his own agenda beyond taking a 'side' in Regina and Emma's conflict. No way he let that opportunity for additional information pass him by. He doesn't do anything only out of the goodness of his heart.

The Book came from Mr. Gold.
We know Henry got the Book from Mary Margaret, but where did she get it from? If, as has been speculated, Mr. Gold does have a master plan, he could have given it to her with the suggestion that one of her students might enjoy it.
  • Jossed. The Book was created by the Sorcerer, and it appears when needed.

Midas got his gold-touch from Rumplestiltskin.
Since the imp's responsible for every other magical fuckup. Midas' consequence might be turning his daughter into gold like what happened in the original story. Oh, and an upcoming episode is titled "What Happened to Frederick" or something. Remember what a certain king said to his knight when his glove was being removed?
  • Expanding on this: Midas got his gold touch from Rumple and accidentally turned his daughter to gold, thereby freeing James from the marriage. Rumple shows up, makes something terrible happen to Midas (why he's not in Storybrooke?) in exchange for returning Abigail to normal.

Rumplestiltskin is responsible for the various evil people of the Enchanted Forest.
After all... surely not everyone can get out of his deals and he certainly does enjoy asking for first borns.
  • I don't know if Rumple is this in particular but the Dark One does seem to be the living body of Evil in that world, spreading darkness and corruption.

Rumple in the Enchanted Forest wanted first borns in order to break his curse.
See, his plan was to raise a child to adulthood and get them to kill him (nothing like getting back at your captor to motivate someone). However, given the time frame involved and the corruption of being the Dark One, he finds it difficult to stick to that plan since there's always just one more deal to be made which involves sending off said child somewhere...

Alternately, he needed a child (or army of children) to take out Peter Pan.
Peter Pan has a soft spot for kids, and wants Rumple dead. The best bait, then, would be a child that Rimple "owns," perhaps with a magical tracking beacon or teather enchanted to them. Peter goes for the bait, Rumple goes for the kill.
  • When was it stated that Pan wanted Rumple dead? Pan resented Rumple's existence, sure. However, out of all the characters, Rumple was the one character Pan never bothered to try to kill.

Rumple needs Snow and Charming to stay in love.
During "Heart Of Darkness" Rumple keeps on repeating to Snow "I’m invested in your future". His investment? He’s using her and Charming as his source of 'true love in a bottle', what happens to the contents of that bottle if the source material falls out of love?
  • Possibly. Or he's counting on their future child, Emma. (Him knowing the future is well established) Depends on what his real motives regarding the curse are.
  • This actually may be the case. Since he doesn't know who Emma is other than an interloper, he may be using her as a pawn without being aware that she's the child he's looking for.
    • Except Mr. Gold knows Emma is their daughter because Snow told him her name. That was why he commented on her name in the first episode.

Rumple made the Genie the Genie.
This would be one way to spread his influence if he was the one controlling how the wishes would get messed up.
  • According to the spinoff, genies are made by the guardian of the well, Nyx, when they try to change fate. Though whoever this is true for all genies is a bit unclear.

Rumplestiltskin wants Emma to become the new The Dark One but...
He believes that by doing so in the real world where magic has a weaker hold, Emma becoming the Dark One will have less impact - perhaps transferring the price but not the powers (since there wouldn't be any power to transfer at the time). Thus once the curse is lifted, he keeps the power but gets rid of the price.

Rumplestiltskin's "eyes and ears" include Mary Margaret or Mr. Glass.
He knew Regina and Emma would be in the mayor's office when he set it on fire because one of them owed him a favor. Margaret left the room when Mr.Gold asked her, and Mr. Glass is a pawn.

Rumplestiltskin's problem with Belle.
Isn't as problematic as you might think. It's believed that if he really kissed Belle, it would be true love's kiss. Seeing as she is currently without her memories, and considering what happened last time True Love's kiss was used in a town with memory problems, it's the perfect time for a callback to what happened to The Huntsman. Thus, with the tricky coward finally finding the courage to admit to love, Belle gets her memory back, and we'll find out that Rumplestiltskin had one other name long ago: Adam. Thus making the whole Beauty and the Beast angle of his character come full circle. When this happens in the show all depends on where the plot falls in the grander scheme of things.
  • Also think of what happened between Charming and Snow when he was trying to cure her of Rumple’s memory wipe. The first time he kissed her it didn’t work, despite him still being in love with her, because she wasn’t in love with him. As Rumple himself explained, it's only true love's kiss when its mutual. So by that logic Rumplestiltskin has some wooing to do.

Rumplestiltskin's downfall...
Will not be as grim as we think. It's not a death sentence, but it's possible he will lose something of deep importance. This could be either a person or an object. Possible candidates are Belle, Baelfire, or the dagger.
  • Cora and Regina plan to use his dagger to compel him to kill Emma, Charming and Snow. Their entire motivation is to win Henry. The prophecy could be foreshadowing that.

Rumplestiltskin and Hook are long lost (half) brothers
Think about it they were both abandoned by a criminal father and have very similar personalities (even if they look nothing alike). The show also, likes to finding ways to make all the main characters family.
  • That'd be weird... but oddly poetic.
    • Jossed. Brennan Jones is a separate character from Malcom/Peter Pan. They still wind up related, as Hook becomes the stepfather of Rumple's grandson.

Rumplestiltskin gave Granny Red's cloak.
And possibly convinced her not to tell Red about the wolf thing. Which would explain their "complicated relationship."

Henry will be Rumplestiltskin's undoing, but in a good way.
Specifically, his undoing as a villain. And since his last act of Season Two was to strike up a temporary truce with two people he'd like to kill (and vice versa), hop on a ship with them, and start off on a journey from which he's convinced he won't return, all in the name of saving the kid, it seems it's already begun.

He'll probably remain a Jerkass, though.

Henry will not bring about Rumplestiltskin's downfall
  • I don't get why the prophecy's 'boy who will lead you to your son and bring about your downfall' HAS to refer to Henry. Sure, Henry was there when Baelfire was found, but it was Emma who actually could be said to have led Gold to him. Now that Baelfire is lost again and Henry is captive in Neverland (two different worlds), surely another kid might crop up to lead Gold to Baelfire? An even more plausible theory could be that the prophecy is referring to Gold's grandson, and the boy (or Boy) who will lead him to Henry (and way more likely to bring about Gold's downfall) could be Peter Pan. Furthermore, it could just be the Dark One's downfall, not Rumplestiltskin's.
  • The exact prophecy was: "You will be reunited with your son, and it will come in a most unexpected way... a boy: a young boy will lead you to him. But beware, Rumplestiltskin, for that boy is more than he appears. He will lead you to what you seek, but there will be a price. The boy will be your undoing."

The show editors then cut to an image of Henry on Neal's fire escape, which lined up with Rumple's assumption that "the boy" was Henry. If you follow Rumple's logic: Henry went to get Emma, Emma made a deal to do him a favor in exchange for calling off his contract for Ashley/Cinderella's baby, and then Emma insisted that Henry come along to New York on the search for Baelfire because of Cora being in Storybrooke. Bae and Emma had a private conversation at a pub in which he convinced Emma to lie to his father, but then came back to his apartment because he was afraid of what his father would do to Emma for not bringing Bae back for the reunion Rumple wanted. Henry's interjection of himself into the fight that Bae, Emma and Rumple were having, which subsequently made it impossible for Emma to keep hiding the fact that Bae was Henry's father, caused Neal to come back to Storybrooke.

This is a pretty indirect path, but you could say that Rumple was reunited with his son because of Henry's actions, and prophecies can be fulfilled in sometimes obscure ways. But a slightly more direct line of sight for this would actually be Pan as the young boy, rather than Henry. After all, Pan led Rumple to the place where Baelfire found him in Neverland. Pan is also decidedly more than he appears, being Rumple's de-aged father. Rumple also keeps talking about how killing Pan means his own death, which would be his "undoing".

In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold's first name is Adrian.
Adrian means "dark one."

Peter Pan's shadow is the reason Rumplestilskin nailed the curtains in his castle shut.
Simular to how he covers the mirrors to keep Regina from spying on him, nailing the curtains shut is a preventive measure to keep out an enemy he truly fears. Belle just mistook it for him being a recluse.

Rumple's prophecy has already come true.
During the episode "Nasty Habits" (season three, episode four) Rumple explains the prophecy to his son: that a boy will lead him to his son, but it will also be his undoing. Since he interprets it as him being killed once he finds his son, he'll just up and kill him (the boy, I mean). This is what Neal finds out since they're talking about his son, Henry, and any and all trust he had been building up for him has just shattered. So basically, Rumple's "undoing" is that of his bond with his long lost son, due to him wanting to kill the boy.
  • Like confirmed and jossed seeing as going to save Henry from Pan leaves him trapped in Pandora's Box
  • Seems even more likely as of "Going Home" when Rumple appears to vanquish himself in order to take out Pan for good.

Rumple's not really dead
tying into the theory that undoing =/= death, Rumples not really dead but rather sent himself to a magical purgatory. The way the Dark Ones Curse was said to work, is that someoneelse has to stab the Dark One with the dagger in order to claim the power. its never been discussed what would happen if the Dark One decided to Stab themselves. It quite possible that such an act would break the Dark Ones curse including the part where he has to die

Rumple and Pan have been sent to another world and must work together to escape
When Zoso died, his body remained while his body reverted back to human and the dagger on the name changed to Rumplestiltskin. When Rumple stabbed Pan, both of them disappeared in a flash of light including the dagger. Similarly, when Rumple was poisoned, the dagger remained but the name slowly faded. Since the dagger disappeared with Rumple, there's no solid proof that he's dead.
  • Interesting enough the 12th episode of season 3 Belle also used the dagger's disappearance to convince Neal that Rumble might still be alive.

Likewise, the proof of Pan's life the hourglass in Neverland. We never see the hourglass after Rumple stabs them both. Robbie Kay has also mentioned in an interview that it is possible for Peter Pan to be redeemed. If that's the case, his redemption does not come from his past but in what he will do in the future. Thus, it's possible that Rumple and Pan have ended up in another world and must put aside their differences and work together.

  • This one was jossed. Rumple really did die and had to be resurrected. Peter Pan probably really died as well. (Edit: Yep, he did - he's in the Underworld in season 5, before being sent to the Worse Place.)

Gold will go through depression at some point in season 4
The events of season 3B didn't give him the time to properly grieve for his son. He lost Neal in one of the cruelest ways imaginable. A well adjusted person wouldn't have gotten over such a loss that fast, let alone Gold who is known to hold everything in and attack himself for his failings.

Gold is dying.
The reason why he's so determined to break free of the dagger's control in 4A is because it's slowly killing him. Now, he believes finding the Author and forcing him to rewrite his ending is the only way to save his life.
  • Confirmed. His heart is so blackened from his centuries of willing evil that the only way to save him is to remove the darkness.


    Rumplestiltskin and Regina together 

Rumple and Redemption.
  • Rumpelstiltskin has a chance for redemption and becoming a good man through and through in Storybrooke with Belle being alive and well. Learning Regina not only knew she was alive but kept her from him in both worlds will make Mr. Gold want to give Emma any help she can to get rid of Regina. And like in Regina's other plans, this will come back to bite her in the end.

Rumple is setting Regina up to be the next Dark One.
Rumple has always been clear that if you make a deal with him there will be a price and likely one that you don't want to pay. Any corruption that occurs is on your own head. Except with Regina. He went and deliberately manipulated her, beyond sending her mother to another realm, into becoming out and out evil. Even after she cast the curse and it was subsequently broken, he starts setting her back down the dark path when she is ignored/rejected by Henry even though both Regina and Gold are trying to redeem themselves. This seems very out of character, but if he was ready to give up the curse...

Regina eventually discovered the deceit staged by Rumplestiltskin, Jefferson and Frankenstein
.This would explain several things. The first would be why she lied to Rumple about Belle's death and had her locked away in Storybrooke. With Jefferson, it's trickier. Assuming the Dark Curse only affected the Enchanted Forest and not other worlds like Wonderland or Frankstein's world, abandoning Jefferson in Wonderland could be payback enough. However, because this is Regina, she found a way to bring Jefferson into Storybrooke and remember who he is to double his misery. And assuming Frankenstein remained in his world after "the Doctor", she decided to use the method of retrieving Jefferson in order to bring Frankenstein to Storybrooke, but had him forget who he was.

Also notice how all three are also separated from someone they love, just as she was:

  • Rumple/Mr. Gold from Belle;
  • Jefferson from his daughter Grace; and
  • Frankenstein from his brother.

Despite Cora's statement to the contrary that any child of hers would not be his, Regina is Rumple's daughter.
  • It just seems like that kind of world where sex due to love is so much more likely to produce a child than sex without. And of course, it would really make the family tree that much more crazy which would add that extra layer of drama. Lastly, as we currently stand towards the end of Season 2, all major characters except Regina are related. Being the odd man out, while making her stand out, is also conspicious.
  • Or maybe the wicked witch IS his daughter ? If she isn't lying , she is Cora's daughter and she is green. coincidence? ? .
    • She isn't lying, wanting to be the one her mother kept is a major part of her motivation
      • And even if she don't Rumple's Daughter the idea is that she is the reason why she lost her royal status in the first place.

Rumple and Regina's feud will start up again
Regina is going to find out that Rumple really did kill Zelena, which triggered the time portal opening and led to Emma bringing Marian back. She'll blame Rumple again and seek to ruin his marriage to Belle by telling her he killed Zelena. The two of them will antagonize each other again.
  • Jossed.

    Peter Pan and Neverland 

The "Lost Ones" seen in "Straight On 'Til Morning" are not the same group as the Lost Boys
First, the "Lost Ones" (as Hook called them) seemed a little old to be the Lost Boys, to be heard crying for their parents at night as Wendy described, or to have been snatched in the search for a boy Henry's age. At the end of "Straight On 'Til Morning," when the Lost Ones conclude that Baelfire is not the boy they're looking for, their leader says to "put him with the others." The "others" are presumably boys around Bae's age stolen in the search for Henry—the Lost Boys. Also, this would explain the sympathy with which Hook described the orphaned Lost Boys to Emma while climbing the beanstalk. It's unlikely that he would have any kind words about the Lost Ones who raided his ship and bullied his crew, but he would have no reason for animosity towards the kidnapped Lost Boys, especially with Baelfire among them.
  • Alternatively, the crying boys heard when Bae eventually join the ranks of the Lost Ones.

The fact that it was 8:15 on Big Ben when Bae was taken to Neverland is meaningful.
For some reason. Maybe 8:15 on at certain times allows for magic to slip from one world to the next and vice versa.

Tinker Bell will be one of the Enchanted Forests' fairies that was imprisoned by Pan.
This interaction will be how the two worlds are somewhat familiar with each other.

Peter Pan is a True Fae.
Rules his own Realm? Check. Kidnapping children and holding them there as servants/tools through force or trickery? Check. Not spoken of directly by name? (mostly) Check. Army of Loyalists? Check.

The Lost Ones are Peter Pan's Slave Mooks.
They fight for him only because they are forced to or because they've been promised a return trip home if they do. One of Season 3's chief moral dilemmas will be whether or not to kill them in order to rescue Henry. The creators have said that while the core cast may want the same things, they might not agree on the methods. Charming, Snow, and Emma will be against killing them while Rumple, Regina, and Hook will be willing to kill them.

The Shadow is a Heartless.
The Shadow strongly resembles a Heartless and the show already has hearts that literally darken when someone does something evil.
  • Furthermore, the original Peter Pan describes Peter and children in general as "innocent and heartless."

Peter was either a student or teacher to Dr. Facilier.
Both have a Living Shadow.
  • Given his true origin, the student part is jossed.

The Dark One's powers originate from Neverland.
Maybe even Peter Pan himself. In "The Return", The Blue Fairy explained to Baelfire that his father's powers weren't from the Enchanted Forest, which means they come from some place else. Peter Pan, in most adaptations, did carry a dagger.
  • Peter carries a dagger, as do the Lost Ones in "The Heart of the Truest Believer". It's hard to get a good look at Pan's dagger, given that he only has it out for a minute and moves it so quickly. However, from the stills I've seen, it looks curvy, like Rumple's dagger does.
  • In "Lost Girl", Rumple can remove and control his shadow through his dagger. It stands to reason that Peter controls his shadow the same way.

Peter Pan had feelings for Wendy
There has to be a reason the Peter Pan of legend is more of an anti-hero than a straight up villain. Maybe he sent Wendy away as a way of freeing her because he didn't like the idea of holding her prisoner on the island.

Peter Pan is going to be Killed Off for Real midway through, and a new leader of Neverland will arise to take his place
Episode 10 of season 3 is titled "The New Neverland". This indicates a change from the old one, like if Peter were to bite the dust. I figure that unless they can figure out some way to deal with the water's price, Prince Charming will become the new leader of Neverland, able to cast his shadow as a way to talk with the others once they0 leave, but unable to leave due to the price.

Either that, or as a final parting gift to that sad old fairy, Tinkerbell will take over management, and the flashback on how she ended up in Neverland will explain why such a position would be necessary.

Neverland's Jungle is the same as the one in The Jungle Book.

The Shadow is Lord Ombra
Cause that would be oddly appropriate for this series.

Neverland is an Alternate Universe Counterpart to the island from LOST.
Let's list some similarities, shall we? Obviously, spoilers to both shows follow.
  • Both Jacob and the Shadow are mysterious, almost omniscient beings who operate from behind the scenes and use others as mouthpieces.
  • Both islands have strange healing properties.
    • And those with terminal illnesses die when they leave ( Charming with his poison and Rose with her cancer...)
  • Both islands have a connection to a mysterious organization.
    • The Dharma Initiave and Pan's "Home Office".
      • Ben from LOST also claims to be from the "Home Office" in the DVD extra episode "New Man In Charge"
  • Both islands are home to women who live in the shadows and fight for survival.
    • Tinker Bell in Neverland. Danielle Rousseau on the Island.
  • Both islands are home to child-stealing organizations.
    • Pan and the Lost Boys and Wendy. The Others with Walt Lloyd.
  • Both islands exist out of time in some way.
    • Time doesn't move at all in Neverland. On LOST's island, time fluctuates weirdly.
(You're running out of ideas, Kitsis and Horowitz and...)

Storybrooke is similar to the Island from LOST
Early on in the series, a man trying to heal Rose says that all over the world there are pockets of energy turns out The Island is one of them. Storybrooke may be one of these hotspots of power, or at least the area it is in; this could explain why the curse teleported them there exactly, and also caused the characters to age. (Also, both places have a well that leads to a mysterious energy)
  • This could explain the Apollo Bars, a chocolate bar made by the DHARMA Initiative. DHARMA could have or is currently running undercover operations in Storybrooke to find out the energy, now the Island is now a no-go zone for them.

Felix is Scar from The Lion King
Felix was the unfavourite prince of a family of hunters and got the scar when he went hunting. When Pan took him away, Felix asked Pan to turn everyone in his kingdom into animals as a cruel irony

Pan loved Felix a lot more than he let on
Pan has told two big secrets to him:
  • He needs Henry's heart to save himself, not the island
  • His true identity is Rumple's de-aged father

Pan clearly does not trust the lost boys enough to tell them the truth. In "Save Henry", when Emma interrogates the lost boys, the youngest one claims that he took Henry's heart to save the island. It wasn't just an excuse to convince Henry. Although there's no proof that the lost boys don't know Pan's true identity, the revelation that their leader is a grown man who abandoned his own son would probably be bad for morale in a group of orphaned boys. Overall, it can be assumed that none of the lost boys know Pan's biggest secrets. Except Felix.

When Felix and Pan are discussing who Pan loves most, Felix explicitly refers to Rumple as his son which means he must be aware that Pan is a de-aged adult who abandoned his son. He's also the one to deliver the doll to Rumple so Pan must've told him the significance of the doll as well. It is not explicitly shown that Felix knows the other secret but it is hinted to. When setting up the trap with Wendy to trick Henry into thinking that she will die when the island had no magic only Felix is working with him. Every other lost boy would know that Wendy isn't sick.

Ho Yay or not, Peter must've trusted Felix a hell of a lot more than he let on if he told him all his secrets. Likewise, even after knowing about Peter's true nature, especially the fact that he's a psychopathic man child who doesn't mind manipulating and killing people just so he can live, Felix is completely loyal to him.

Peter Pan put a failsafe into the Storybrooke clock tower
When Henry and Pan switch back to their own bodies, they find Henry inside of the clock tower. Exactly why was he even in there? Pan's always been about contingency plans and setting up the game so he can't be beat except for an unforeseen event. He seemed rather careless when confronting his son, probably because he has a backup plan all set involving the Storybrooke clock tower.

    The Home Office 
Greg and Tamara's Home Office is made up of people who were touched by magic as in the related fairy tales.
We saw the Darlings from Peter Pan. What about Alice, Dorothy, and other stories where a person is drawn to a world of magic?

Tamara is a descendant of one or more of the above families.
She has no confirmed surname and could be related to any of them.

Abraham Van Helsing was involved with the Home Office.
He may have founded it, been a member, or mentored Wendy Darling before she went on to create it. He specializes in destroying supernatural creatures, making him a perfect fit for the organization.
  • Well, the part about it seeking to destroy magic has been jossed.

The metals that Greg and Tamara use to shut off Regina's magic are silver, iron, or both.
Both silver and iron are traditionally thought to have the ability to ward off supernatural creatures.

The mental hospital that is treating Alice in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland is controlled by the Home Office.
They would have an interest in erasing the memories of anyone who sees magic sympathetically. They also say they have a "new procedure" (electroshock?) to erase memories.

Possible allies, aliases, or offshoots of "The Home Office"

  • The Technocracy: An organized, shadowy cabal dedicated to eliminating mages, magical items, and anything remotely tied to magic in order to achieve global control? Yeah, sounds like them.
  • Future Control Industries: An equally obscure company that, on paper, specialized in secure data storage and retrieval, and were a rival to Encom. What they really sought were ways to control information and power to rule from the shadows. Their unseen CEO (implied to be Ed Dillinger Sr, but could also be Master Control 2.0) also knows of the existence of other worlds and wants to exploit them.
  • B.P.R.D: This crew might be getting played, but they do seek out rogue magic and magical elements and shut them down.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.: Depending on the administration, they could be sympathetic and looking for answers or xenophobic and looking to eliminate.
  • Dharma Initiative: Do we even know what these guys are up to?!

The organization includes several witches and other supernatural creatures who are Hunters Of Their Own Kind.
Greg and Tamara use magic (the beans and the trigger) on multiple occasions. It seems that the Home Office believes that it's okay for its members to use magic so long as their ultimate goal is destroying magic.

The founders of the organization that Greg and Tamara work for included several famous real-life authors.
JM Barrie, Carlo Collodi, Lewis Caroll, Mary Shelley, and The Brothers Grimm all found themselves in either the Enchanted Forest (in the case of Collodi and The Brothers Grimm) or another world (Neverland for Barrie, Wonderland for Caroll, Frankenstein's world for Shelley). After their respective experiences, they all met up and formed the Anti-Magic organization. The "stories" they wrote were actually intended as covert methods of communicating their experiences to the operatives who worked for them, probably as means of preparing them for what they would be dealing with. Those in the know recognized them for what they were, while the general public just dismissed them as the creations of imaginative writers. Over time, the stories became known as classic fairy tales and were passed down through the generations, which in turn allowed the continued functioning of the organization long after its founders were dead. This would explain why, despite being accounts of events that actually happened, these stories are still known as classics in our world. (See Mary Margaret's comment in the Pilot.)
  • I LOVE this theory and hoped it becomes canon but will the timeline meet up? Or is time travel invaded?

The Home Office made at least one attempt on Emma's life in the past.
We know basically nothing about Emma's past except for her early years and a bit of her time with Neal. It's unlikely that the Home Office would have overlooked such a powerful magical being.

The Home Office controlled all the abusive foster parents that took care of Emma during her childhood.
Their goal was to break her spirit and stomp out all her magic, Dursley-style.

The Home Office is going to join the hunt for Peter Pan.
Owen and Tamara were operatives for the organization, and had been for years but Peter Pan just pulled a "man in the middle" attack by intercepting their orders and swapping them with his own. Once it comes to light that their operatives are now missing, last known destination Neverland, and the deception is discovered, Home Office will be pissed and gunning for Pan with everything they have.
  • Partially Jossed, the Home Office is and always has been Pan and the Lost Boys tricking humans with a false anti-magic crusade. However, since it was already stated there are more dupes involved than just Greg and Tamara, these remaining members of the "organization" may still very well go after Pan if they discover the truth.

There really was a Home Office
Peter Pan, through the Darling Brothers, piggybacked on it in order to manipulate Tamara and Owen/Greg. Malcolm/Peter Pan never worked a day in his life. It's hard to imagine him building an entire organization.

    Wicked Witch and Oz 

Zelena needs Snow's baby for a spell.
Snow and Charming's baby is a symbol of their love much like how Charming's sword is a symbol of his courage. These mirror two of the things that the protagonists of The Wizard of Oz were looking for: courage and a heart.
  • For bonus points, she has Rumple's brain...
    • Correct, but with a small variation: It's Regina's heart that she wants. The spell is one that will take her back in time to the day Cora abandoned her so she can change the past.

The cyclones that took Dorothy to Oz are actually magical portals.
They are a different kind of portal that appears spontaneously rather than being deliberately created.
  • This theory is furthered by the events of 'It's Not Easy Being Green', where it's shown that baby Zelena was sent to Oz through a cyclone.

The Land Without Color includes Dorothy's Kansas.
Oz-land is real so Dorothy's Kansas must be.
  • The beginning of The Wizard Of Oz is more sepia than gray. Perhaps in the Land Without Color, Frankenstein's country is grey while America is sepia-toned.
  • Alternately, there might be a separate Sepia World.
  • Or Oz itself could exist within The land Without Color. Both the heart and Rumplestiltskin were in color and are magical in some way. In the books Oz was on earth but surrounded by a deadly desert that was impossible to cross except by flying, The Land without color seems to be parallel to the real world in many, so it's possible that Oz exist there and is color as it's a magical place.

    Arendelle Related 

All Elsa wants is to go home
But, You Can't Go Home Again. Not only is she 2 curses removed from the Arendelle she once ruled, but I somehow doubt it was in Cora's bubble when the first curse was cast, meaning the country got wrecked by the dark curse. Whether or not Anna turns out to be in Storybrooke might be the difference between whether Elsa can Start A New Life or turn out like so many of the other villains on the series.

Elsa's and Anna's parents are Kai and Gerda from the original "Snow Queen"
If you remember, they were not siblings but friends, so perhaps they grew up and married in the OUAT universe. Maybe Elsa's powers are somehow related to Kai's time in the Snow Queen's palace?
  • Not possible, unless the Snow Queen was lying or in this version of the story the Snow Queen and Gerda also happened to be sisters.
    • Partially confirmed as of "Family Business". Evidence has been found that their mother, whose name is stated to be Gerda, had two sisters, and the elder, Ingrid, is apparently the Snow Queen. The fate of the middle sister is as yet undetermined, but Emma's pretty much a dead ringer for her.

The runes on the urn are...
  • An incantation. Depending on whether the urn contains someone, only opening it either does nothing or releases the captive. By reading the runes' translation, one can trap people like Elsa in it.

Anna and Elsa return to Arendelle, but they won't be very welcome
  • At least, not once Hans reveals all the the trouble their royal family has caused. Their previous Queen (Gerda) went to extreme lengths to wipe the memories of the entire country just to wipe out a family tragedy. Their current Queen (Elsa) was responsible for releasing the source of that tragedy,(Ingrid) who ended up freezing the entire country for thirty years. Not to mention that Anna and her fiancee presumably couldn't be bothered to spend a second reassuring the traumatized citizens before going off and getting lost at sea for a few days. It might just be that, even with Elsa back and Anna married at last, the people of Arendelle will welcome the Southern Isles.
  • Jossed - Elsa's back in full control.

Olaf's fate
  • Since Olaf doesn't show up at all in the Frozen arc, some questions are raised about what happened to him since no mention is made of him. Perhaps he moved in with Marshmallow up in Elsa's ice palace?


    Future characters 

Emma having another sibling
  • Okay, so I know you are probably having various concerns and disbeliefs, but the number of Chekhov's Guns I am about to mention will/may help sway you. All input is welcome though. So, here is the thing. First off, we have already confirmed that (large) amounts of memory magic has been used in Storybrooke, particularly on Emma. Now, think back to Emma's birth. About her parents knowing trouble was coming. SO, what if they had two children? Their first instinct would to try and protect their children. It would explain why David went back for Snow, because we all know Snow could handle herself in a fight. No, he went because only two people could go through Now, you are about to say, "What about Pinocchio?". Pinocchio quite literally, could have been temporarily turned into wood, AKA "Not a real boy", so that he could go with the twins. However, as a further addition, the fairies cast a memory spell, so everyone would only remember one child: Emma. Later on, when Snow Queen meets up with them, right before Emma runs away, she traps her brother in a prison, which he is only released from (not having aged at all of course) after Snow Queen dies, and she also wiped him from Emma's memory as well. Emma became someone who finds people. Why? She was not looking for her parents, her son, anyone. So who was she looking for? Perhaps someone she could never remember? Someone erased from her memory? Her own brother? All these little things point towards it. Its not one or two, its quite a few. Anyways, any input would be appreciated!
    • I question Snow's ability to fight within minutes of childbirth, so it makes sense to me that her husband would want to protect a wife who's at that time incapacitated.

The Ringmaster of Pleasure Island will be an eventual Big Bad.
August mentions being on "an island where all your fantasies come true" during the 28 years between Emma's arrival and the present. He may have been on the actual island from the story, simply transported to a different place in the real world than Storybrooke (possibly because it was powered by dark magic). After August manages to leave, the Ringmaster will realize that he's headed towards the only person who can break the curse, and restore his powers. He and his minions will follow him to Storybrooke and attempt to gain that small amount of magic in this world for himself.
  • The island was Phuket, Thailand; August specifically said so. It's simply a nod on the show's part to the Pleasure Island of the story, as Phuket is the closest thing the real world has.
  • Still a possibility, since Pleasure Island appears in season 6, but its Ringmaster doesn't appear.

Chernobog will show up as an All-Powerful Bystander.
Being a Big Bad or Greater-Scope Villain is a little too obvious for the living embodiment and god of darkness so he just hangs out watching puny mortals go about their business and occasionally throws bitchin raves in eastern Europe. He will also be friendly/familiar with Ursula and share Belligerent Sexual Tension with another character who turns out to be Ahura Mazda.
  • Or alternatively he will be sealed away somewhere, most likely a mountain, and have servants who wish to free him but they need specific items to do so, one of which is the Dark One's dagger. He will also have a rivalry with the Sorcerer that goes back to ancient times and it will be the sorcerer that sealed him away.

Mysterious man in New York knows Robert and Giselle from Enchanted and they will make an appearance.
Very well, this is actually pretty unlikely, but to be fair, it's probably not too hard to do on a meta level. Pull Dempsey from Grey's and Amy Adams for an episode. The fairy tale to real world crossover is workable plot mechanics wise and they -are- bringing all the Disney Princesses out.
  • They wouldn't even need Dempsey and Adams. After all, none of the other Disney characters are played by their respective actors.
  • well duh. I mean how exactly can two dead people play Snow White and Cinderella? I mean their voice actors are DEAD. Don't know about Aurora's voice actor. I think she might still be alive. But Page O'Hara is a bit old for the role of Belle.
    • Well, the OP said to pull Dempsey & Adams for an episode as if the OP wanted them to play their roles of Robert and Giselle. I pointed that out since no other character is voiced by the actor provided their Disney counterpart, there's no reason for Dempsey & Adams to play Robert & Giselle. The OP mentioned Dempsey & Adams might be able to play the roles again, but I see no reason why they should.

Students at Henry's school are...

None of those movies are Disney related. Besides Narnia already been alluded too by the wardrobe.

Mephistopheles will be the Big Bad.
Well, the show seems to have a knack for for Deal with the Devil-making villains (every single one of the main villains made one, the only difference is whether they're the Devil or the Faust of the relationship), so why not use the Father of them all? If we look at it, Faust is sort of a grim fairy tale on its own: There's a moral to it, the simple archetypal characters that we can easily indentify are there, the easily summed up storyarc is present, the worldwide famous status of the story as well, e.t.c. Mephistopheles would work nicely as a Evil(Er) Counterpart to Rumplestilskin, and would give him a reason to join the heroes (a member of the Legions of Hell is a considerably greater problem than one dark-magic wielding Loan Shark). Adding to my own theory, Mephistopheles gave The Dark One his powers. Plus, it'd be nice to have a Knight of Cerebus around.
  • Expanding on my theory: Jefferson's magical hat originally belonged to him and he was the mastermind who plotted, triggered and manipulated both Ogre Wars (which would enhance even more the aforementioned Evil Counterpart relationship, since Rumple actually ended the Ogre Wars).
  • Expanding more: Mephistopheles is the thing on Aurora's and Henry's dreams. For no particular reason. It's official chaps, my explanation for every single background event officially is "Mephistopheles Did It".

Some member of The Evil Queen's army is the original Black Knight.
While not a fairy tale character per see, the Black Knight is a very famous character in folklore in general (hey, if they're using Lancelot, why not?). Add to that the fact The Evil Queen's Mooks are all dressed in full black and with black armor and you have perfect opportunity. Maybe he's the General of the troops and Regina's (long-forgotten) Dragon.

Possible future classical/fairy tale characters.
  • Momotaro, the peach boy (because oni are described as ogres).
  • The boy from The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs.(can be combined with Momotaro due to similarities in their stories)
  • Godson from Godfather Death.
  • Kintaro, the golden boy.
  • Urashima Taro, the fisherman (can also be titular character of the Fisherman and his Wife).
  • The Woodsman/woodsman like character.
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice. (the wraith is commonly associated with Chernabog in Disney media after all).
    • Confirmed as of Season 4, with the origins of the Sorcerer set up to be a major plot thread in Season 4b.
  • Meleager and Atalanta.
  • Perseus (no not that one).
  • The headless horseman as a dullahan. With exchangable heads...
  • The Boy Who Learn What Fear Is.
  • Ma Liang, the boy with a paintbrush that can bring paintings to life.
  • Bluebeard
  • Characters from A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest
  • Goldilocks as an Aladdin-style thief and street rat.
  • Characters from Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Water Margin. Sun Wukong, Wu Song aka The Tiger Slayer and General Guan Yu (the Chinese God of War) would be pretty cool additions. Plus, Judge Bao, who was famous for being just and incorruptible, sticking up for the innocent while being extremely brutal to the guilty, being absolutely unfazed by the supernatural/ghosts and becoming the new King of Chinese Hell.

Count Dracula himself will make an appearance later down the road.
Hell, if they can have Dr. Frankenstein show up in the series, a character who is not part of a fairy tale of any sort, why not Dracula? Perhaps even other characters like the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the Phantom of the Opera.
  • Vampires have yet to be confirmed. Does Frankenstein's world called World Without Color seem like a fitting place for vampires? And what purpose would Dracula serve in the story?
  • An early draft of the pilot script mentions Dracula appearing in Henry's book, so the writers have definitely considered him.

Dr. Thatcher or someone else involved with the animal shelter will be Doctor Moreau.
Dr. Moreau was made into The Island of Lost Souls, a black-and-white horror/sci-fi film much like Frankenstein.

The Chief Bromden lookalike is from Neverland and possibly related to Tiger Lily.

We will eventually be introduced to a magical cartographer (a person who makes maps)
And he will provide them with maps of what the the Enchanted Forest looked like before the curse, and maybe even a geography of all the worlds from the Enchanted Forest to Wonderland. Why? Just for kicks, and if we have a Genre Shift of the show, it could be useful to have a map if the show takes the "roadtrip" route.

Merlin will appear and will have several artifacts from The Land Without Magic.
This will parallel The Sword in the Stone, in which Merlin has extensive knowledge of the modern world.
  • Confirmed on appearing, jossed on the other.

If Hercules ever appears, he will be the same one from the Marvel Universe
After having some adventures with the OUaT cast, Hercules will find his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and meet the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • Jossed.

Captain Hook's father is Long John Silver
Hook's speech to Bae about how his father abandoned him seems too long and heartfelt not to be a set-up for something in the future, and Disney have adapted Treasure Island.
  • Jossed - Brennan Jones and Long John Silver are separate characters.

Sheriff Graham will turn out to also be the Tin Woodsman
Think about it: he has no heart, he was the Huntsman, which is rather similar to a Woodsman, and being a sheriff, he's a Tin Man as well, in the same sense as Cain was.
  • Jossed. The Tin Woodsman shows up in season 6, and was someone completely different.

The owner of the house Belle and Gold have moved into is Yensid.
The locked jewel box Gold was looking at had an astronomical theme to it, and when he used the dagger to activate it, what came out looked very much like Yensid's wizard hat. As support for this, one of the upcoming episodes in Season 4 is called "The Apprentice." (Does this even mean there will be some form of Mickey?!)
  • Jossed. The Sorcerer is Merlin.

The Big Hero 6 will appear in the season 4 finale stinger and in season 5.
  • Or maybe the stinger will show a Japanese man having arrived to Storybrooke via a time portal. We don't get a good look at his face, but there's one clue to his identity: a dark green blazer. Who is this mysterious visitor? Tadashi Hamada, who turns out to still be alive.
    • Jossed for timing, but it could happen in the future.

Mowgli will appear in an upcoming arc.
He will be accompanied by anthropomorphic versions of Bagheera, Baloo and King Louie, and the main villains will be Shere Khan and his lackey Kaa.

The Mothman will make an appearance.
The Snow Queen's name is apparently Ingrid. She's the Snow Queen, as in she deals with cold, and her name is Ingrid, which is very close to Indrid. Indrid Cold is a mythical being that is associated with the Mothman.

The Writer of the Storybook and the Sorceror are the same character.
...and when he appears, he will be an Expy of Walt Disney.
  • Jossed. The Sorcerer is Merlin; the Author is a position that's been held by many people, but Walt is all but confirmed to have been an Author in the past.

If the show goes on long enough, there will be a The Lord of the Rings crossover.

The Author is Scheherazade
She wrote all of the stories in the world, and now that time travel is screwing them up she's trying to fix them, hence the new page materializing.

The Author is Walt Disney
Or a Once equivalent of some sort? Fairly self explanatory!
  • Semi Confirmed - There was more than one Author over the years and Mr. Disney was one of them.

Malificent's Child will be super powerful
Not only it the child of an extremely powerful sorceress, but at the time of it's conception, or at least for a large portion of it's gestation, Malificent had the power of true love inside her thanks to Mr Gold's gambit back in season 1. True Love being the strongest force available, imagine the power of one who has had it radiating into them for months. And as far as we know, this person is pure evil thanks to the ones who produced that True Love.

The identity of Lily's father
  • Merlin – Of course the Big Good (or possible Bigger Bad, depending on where they go with it) would fall for the Mistress of All Evil. That's how these things always go. Perhaps Merlin knew Maleficent from before, and possibly even had a hand in her Start of Darkness.
    • There's also the star and moon motifs - Lily's star birthmark and crescent moon necklace. The necklace is the only thing she has of her father's, and the birthmark is clearly not connected to her mother. The Sorcerer's hat is the only other thing on the show currently that shares that same star/moon/night sky motif, and since we know that the sorcerer and Merlin are one and the same, one can come to the conclusion that Lily's father is Merlin.
  • Diaval – But instead of being a bird that turns into a man, he could be some form of shapeshifter.
  • Hades – And the next season will include a trip to the Underworld for some reason. Maybe Hades has some macguffin the heroes need. Alternately, Hades could be the Big Bad of the next season, or part of a Big Bad Duumvirate or Big-Bad Ensemble alongside a darkness-infused Emma.
  • I'm surprised no one considered The Dragon; the name even fits!
    • His revelation in episode 8 of season 6, that he lost a daughter, makes this even more likely. And if he is now free of the mirror, he could encounter Maleficent who is still in town...

The second half of the final season will deal with the Gravity Falls mythos.

Nathaniel and Jacob are the Brothers Grimm
Both are brothers and the plot's picking up more on the "Henry's the Author" subplot, so there could be a chance that they could conflict with him.
  • Jossed. The casting names were to hide their true identities as Jekyll and Hyde.

The Brothers Grimm are the reason everything's so... grim in the Forest
The idea stems from two facts: that Walt Disney was an author at one point and that a deleted page had Regina meeting Robin Hood at the inn. For the first thing, it implies that the way the stories went for Disney, they went exactly as the Disney Animated Canon had it. Otherwise, there'd be some really dark stuff happening in movies like, say, Peter Pan. Next, the page where Regina met Robin Hood at the inn implied that her story would have gone a happier route, but something (namely an author) was stopping her from getting it. These two points suggest that the Brothers Grimm ended up making a Twisted Fairy Tale out of the Enchanted Forest, darkening them in the process.

There's also the fact that Arendelle's story went 1:1 with Frozen... at least until after the point where the movie ended. Then the stuff with Ingrid happened. Coincidental that the Frozen Arc took place in the same season where authors Rewriting Reality became a subplot. Perhaps Walt wrote how he saw the events, then after he croaked, the Brothers Grimm took over and rewrote it to fit their ideals.

Anansi will eventually appear.
Anansi is the spider trickster god of Western Africa. However, he is also the god of storytelling, and would make a very interesting addition to the show, adding a whole new dynamic.

    Other Worlds 
Worlds existing within the Hat.
  • A world populated by characters from the works of William Shakespeare.
  • The world of Merlin.
    • Since we've met Lancelot, it can be assumed that the King Arthur mythos is part of the Enchanted Forest world.
  • The Marvel Universe (owned by Disney).
    • That might be depressing. Last time someone opened a portal to there, they got a live nuke back for their troubles
    • Henry has an Avengers comic in his room.
    • Emma and Henry are now in New York, so...
    • Plus David did mention Asgard.
  • Narnia.
  • The worlds of His Dark Materials.
  • The world of Star Wars (also owned by Disney).
  • Hollow Bastion, The World that Never Was, and the Destiny Islands
  • Cyberspace (via The Grid)
    • Speaking of Tron: Owen FLYNN ...surely his father isn't the ONLY family he's got.
      • Indeed. Kurt mentioned an "uncle" and does bear a striking resemblance to Jeff Bridges...
      • Henry had a TRON: Legacy lunch box right before he got the book of fairy tales.
  • A classic-horror world with Frankenstein, Dracula, Jekyll & Hyde, etc.
    • Alternatively, a classic-sci-fi world.
  • The Dreamlands of H. P. Lovecraft.
  • Atlantis (they sunk into a portal, not the ocean)
    • Atlantis did sink beneath an ocean, and the portal to enter is a Stargate.
  • Andalasia
  • The Russos and all other Wizards are, or are descended from, people who travelled from the Enchanted Forest into the real world.
  • The Inkworld.
  • Arendelle
    • Confirmed with Elsa's appearance in the Season 3 finale
  • Prydain (owned by Disney)
  • Barsoom (Mars from the John Carter series, owned by Disney)
  • Disney's Pixar universe
    • Possibly some sort of connection to Film/Brave?
  • Video game worlds from Wreck-It Ralph
  • Pirates of the Caribbean world.
  • Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Treasure Planet.
  • The jungle from Tarzan.
  • The jungle from The Jungle Book.
  • The world of Hercules.
  • Atlantis.
  • Paris from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Pride Rock from The Lion King.
  • This may seem to be rather unlikely, but how about a classic comedy world with people like Laurel and Hardy in it? This could also be a subset of the World without Color, as their films are black and white.
  • A world based on The Lost World.
  • Victorian/Edwardian London, with people like Sherlock Holmes and Ebenezer Scrooge in it.
  • Rapture and Columbia.
  • The world of The Arabian Nights.
  • San Fransokyo. Emma and Hiro could find common grounds. In return, the Big Hero 6 could teach her how and when to use her powers. Maybe Fred could help Regina get her happy ending.
  • Pandora. Handsome Jack would probably qualify for being the most evil villain to appear in the series so far, and the most charismatic.
  • Middle Earth. And it will be AWESOME.
  • The Pokemon World. Who would like to see the Evil Queen go up against Team Rocket? Or even better, Emma saving the Hoenn Region with Zinnia.
  • A Steampunk science-fiction world based on the works of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. Prepare yourselves for the Nautilus fighting Monstro and Tripods attacking Storybrooke!
  • The land of the dead.
  • The world of Spy Fiction. Expect to see Ian Fleming's James Bond kicking ten thousand types of ass.
  • The Hundred Acre Wood.
  • The World of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • The Altar-world, comprising the whole of world mythology

There isn't a multi-verse. It's that books become real.
We've seen that Oz and Wonderland are real. Certainly one could say that Oz and Wonderland's common characteristic is a protagonist that journeys from our world to theirs as way for the stories to get to our side. But this doesn't explain the Enchanted Forest which is basically self-contained. What connects all three is the fact that they're all written works - in the Enchanted Forest case, it's the works of the Brothers Grimm (more importantly, they codified and collected them into their stories). This would also tie into August Booth and his typewriter...
  • Not to mention how the Enchanted Forest characters bear a much more marked resemblance to classic Disney than the actual Grimm's stories (do Cinderella's stepsisters get their eyes pecked out by birds? I don't think so). After all the tagline to the show is "Every storybook character you've ever known."

Quasimodo and Dracula exist within The Land Without Color
  • As both where Universal Movie characters at one point.

OUAT and Twin Peaks exist in the same universe.
And the Black Lodge, while not its own separate world, has some connection to Jefferson's hat.

ABC's Revenge and Once Upon A Time take place within the same universe
  • Revenge is supposed to be a modern re-telling of The Count of Monte Cristo, with the protagonist Emily Thorne being a modern-day counterpart to Edmond Dantes. Instead, Emily Thorne literally is Edmond Dantes (a female version like Jack) carried over by the curse but somehow living in the Hamptons (if Frankenstein has it's own universe then The Count of Monte Cristo likely does too).

Stories Native to the Land Without Colour.

Once Upon A Time is a Metafictional war by Disney to eliminate competing dreams, regardless of how sweet or nightmarish.
"Ogre Wars", obviously a jab at Shrek. But it ended there, right? Keep in mind some of these connections are loose, but...

Season 3: Many Birds with One Stone

Sure, there's the Fountain of Youth, which just so happens to supposedly be in St. Augustus, Florida. What is the one other dream that competes with Peter Pan for happy childhoods you don't want to end? Watch Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. and then take another look at Tamara (Operatives, you say?), but it doesn't end there.

"Head Office"... what kinds of groups think they can keep magic out of the hand of the populace or villains the way Tamara and Owen did? What kind of groups think books are in some way important to how they do things?


Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society?

The Librarians? Feel free to look at DOSA for fanfic crossover fuel with...

The Wanderer's Library?

SCP Foundation? Oh, what's this? There's Disney's frozen head in a containment chamber and it's related to a dream singularity!

Oh, and why put Star Wars in the position they did? Sure, it could be gratuitous product placement, but Owen had his father killed by Peter Pan and carried that with him into adulthood as a grudge, like they were saying "grow up, neckbeards". Sounds a lot like Disney doesn't like Star Citizen butting in on their newly-acquired cash cow.

Not to mention those poisonous thorns on the island of Neverland, almost like they were part of the Hedge.

Seasons 4 and 5

The Wizard of Oz isn't owned by Disney. They paid for it and then minimized Dorothy's role while playing up the "Wicked Witch was jealous of Disney's villains" angle.

Then they put in "The Author". An author with a magic pen that visited a location filled with characters from old myths. Fables was another enemy to take down.

Season 6: The Nadir of Hubris

A chosen one that turned bad? Lots of stories have chosen ones, such as one they just happened to miss bashing in Season 3. Only one is worshipped by most of North America.

Thank you for listening to this crazy theory about Disney being a pure evil media conglomerate, etc. Please feel free to laugh at it taking itself too seriously!

    Redemption Related 

Rumplestiltskin will be the last Dark One.
Someone (Regina or August?) will attempt to kill him in order to take his place as the next Dark One. However, Belle will save him with True Love's Kiss and change him back into a human, effectively breaking the curse. He may even experience a Redemption Equals Death, effectively changing the focus of his character from being a Chessmaster that makes deals (Rumplestiltskin) to being the monster redeemed by love (The Beast).
  • Sort of confirmed. The Dark One cycle has been broken and it happened through Rumple's Heroic Sacrifice. However, it could actually be seen as the last Dark One being his father, Malcolm. When Rumple skewered them both with the dagger, the Dark One's legacy got transferred to Malcolm, explaining why darkness appeared and turned him from Peter Pan back into an adult. But then Rumple, the former Dark One, killed both him and himself, so now there are no more Dark One candidates left.

Rumplestiltskin will be redeemed, Regina will not (heavy spoilers).
While Rumple has made some horrible choices and decisions there is evidence that he is mending his fractured humanity. He immediately regrets not following Baelfire and rejecting Belle and has gone to great efforts to make things right, albeit by questionable means. Regina, however, throws her humanity away at every turn. Sacrifice the heart of the one you love the most? Sorry Daddy, you've got to die (though she did try the horse which probably reminded her of Daniel beforehand). Oh someone else is falling for me... what a convenient pawn. My 'best friend' has a spell that I need? Make that bitch give it to me. A child told a secret to my powerful mage mother that I told her not to? I will shatter that kid. The last bit of magic I have is for a picture of my beloved... sure I'll use it to power another spell. And in that last comparison we have something of the difference between Rumple and the Queen. Rumple was faced with the choice of 'reveal your true name, or lose this cup from your presumed dead beloved', he choose the cup.
  • Looks like this might be jossed. If anything, given that Rumplestiltskin is still using underhanded tricks despite his promise to Belle while Regina is actively trying to get better for Henry, it may be that the reverse will happen.
    • Actually, this one is still in the running. While Rumple has lost Belle due to her losing her memories, the recent sneak peak shows that he's trying to win her back using Charming's advice. Regina, while still sympathetic, has somewhat given up redeeming herself.
    • Aaaand the episode that sneak peak was from ends with him embracing his dark side and giving up on his redemption as well. So he's in the same boat as Regina. Note that this doesn't rule out eventual redemption for him or for Regina, it's just an extreme case of Heel–Face Revolving Door.
    • As of the season two finale, Rumple's right back into trying to redeem himself now that he thinks that Neal died in part to his actions. Regina tried to pull a Redemption Equals Death to save Storybrooke from destruction, but was saved by Emma at the last minute. However, this still means that she's in the running for redemption.
    • And now in the third season, they both seem neck-and-neck as of ep. 3. We'll see.
    • As of the third season winter finale, Rumple has pulled a Redemption Equals Death to stop Pan from killing the people he cares about. Regina has sacrificed her life with Henry to protect him from the curse. They've both been redeemed.

Regina will pull a High-Heel–Face Turn.
Love has been set up as the ultimate redeemer, the magic that can break any curse. A mother's love for her child has been shown to be one of those types of love, and Regina definitely does love Henry, even if she could never figure out how to show it. In time, her love for Henry will redeem her, and the goodies can focus on the true evil: The Blue Fairy.
  • I hope that she will get redeemed. The actress expressed her opinion here, and said that is the most likely option, and something that she wants more than other options for her, though she didn't rule out a case of Heel–Face Revolving Door.
  • Another possibility would be Rumple and Regina becoming Anti-Heroes.

King George will redeem himself.
We haven't gotten nearly as much background from Charming's Stepdad, and at the very least, he does seem to care for the well being of his kingdom. (even if he goes overboard for it sometimes.) As established in The Cricket Game, Snow and Charming did finally end up taking control of George's realm when even Regina couldn't, indicating that he was disposed of, but NOT killed due to his presence in Storybrooke. That indicates that despite the threats, the cursed drinks, the killing attempts and the like, the 2 of them saw fit to grant George a certain degree of mercy for all of this. Why this was the case isn't totally certain, but perhaps now that everyone has their memories back, this could be a time for the disposed king to rethink what happened to his kingdom, and maybe...just maybe he'll end up changing somehow over the course of season 3.
  • Jossed. After his actions in season 2, he was locked up in Storybrooke General Hospital, and is still there in season 6.

    Possible Big Hero 6 Crossover 

The Big Hero 6 will come to Storybrooke in a future season.
While the movie wasn't a fairy tale, keep in mind that Frankenstein wasn't one either. But if Big Hero 6 is popular enough, the writers might consider adding San Fransokyo's protectors to the plot.Emma's foster parents' garage resembles Hiro's from the film.

How Big Hero 6 Could Fit Into All That Happened in Storybrooke
  • Emma and Hiro could find common grounds and become friends.
  • The team could teach Emma how and when to use her powers
  • Tadashi may have a past with some the residents of Storybrooke.
  • Rumplestiltskin could have some connection to Yokai/Callahan and the death of Tadashi Hamada.
  • Fred could be one of the authors.
  • On a side note, Fred and Wasabi could help Regina find her happy ending.

Tadashi has been to Misthaven to find some magic that has made Baymax so pure
It's obvious Hiro had something to do with Tadashi's motives for building Baymax in the first place.

If there is a Big Hero 6 crossover, it will focus on reuniting Hiro and Tadashi.
Because the BH 6 fans are demanding Tadashi to turn out to still be alive.It would even be a good excuse to write Tadashi in as Sunfire from the original story. He could even start out as a villian but turn good again.

The real names of GoGo, Wasabi, and Honey will be revealed.
Gogo's real name is Ethel.

The Big Hero 6 arrive to Storybrooke via time travel.

The story could serve as a Regina focused Story line.
Regina and Hiro seem to have very similar characterization even though Hiro was never a villian but he was on dark path at one point.

    Season 5 
Lily is going to be the Big Bad of Season 5
There's not a lot of time left to bring her back into Season 4, or at least not in a way that would fully explore her potential. My theory is that Maleficent escapes whatever big showdown is coming, finds her, and explains what happened to her. Now, maybe Maleficent only wants them to go off and live together as mother and daughter, but Lily's naturally dark heart will lead to her wanting revenge and going to Storybrooke to extract it.
  • Not likely. They're looking for a way to balance she and Emma's light and darkness.
    • And officially jossed, since she doesn't appear at all.

Emma being the Dark One won't be the catastrophe that the show suggests.
  • As Rumple demonstrated, a person can still retain their (relative) humanity despite having the Dark One's power, though they will now be driven to darker impulses. The fact that Emma's heart was pure light before may help to balance some of that out. And if someone holds onto the dagger so that she can't get too out of control, this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
    • Confirmed, though not quite for the reasons stated: she only gave in to darkness out of love, to save Hook, and only held onto it so as to gain Excalibur so she could reforge it and save herself and Hook.

Zelena will be back
In Once, unless your name is King George, you don't just lock up a villain and expect them not to come back in some capacity. Something's going to bring her back into her sister's life. Perhaps the kid will be an important plot?
  • Confirmed, but then she's Put on a Bus in the mid-season finale (though she'll be back in the second half).

Speculation on how The Legends of King Arthur were different this time
Well, this is Once Upon a Time after all, so there has to be something that was different about Camelot.

What we know for sure is that Merlin was also the greatest sorcerer in the world with an apprentice he trained (that was male), and that Lancelot ended up working for King George before joining Snow and Charming. (And that the Queen of Hearts killed him later on.)

So, let's consider how Camelot was different this time.

  • Arthur was meant to be the king of all the Enchanted Forest, but his lords betrayed him, thus fracturing the Forest into the many kingdoms seen in the flashbacks.
    • Alternatively, Camelot was meant to serve as an example to all the kingdoms, but Issac destroyed it because he thought it made for a better story to have something so pure destroyed.
  • Perhaps Mordred was also the Dark One, so that gives an immediate connection to Rumpelstiltskin and Emma down the line.
    • It's possible that Morgana Le Fey was the Dark One of Camelot as well.
  • Maybe Gwenivere was a magic user as well. Perhaps a proto-Savior of sorts.
  • Perhaps Camelot was stuck in a time warp, since Lancelot somehow was serving King George, despite his story happening in a time where even Rumpelstiltskin didn't know Merlin's name.
  • Maybe King Arthur was an ancestor of Prince Charming, creating a Heroic Lineage beyond just being the false son of King George.
  • Perhaps the Big Bad of the first half of season 5 will be either Mordred, Morgana or Morgause, surviving to wreck havoc on the Enchanted Forest, trying to get the Dark One's powers for themselves.
  • Maybe we'll have other famous Knights of the Round Table show up as allies in their quest to rescue Emma. People like Gawain, Percival, Galahad, Gareth, Kay, Hector or Bors might all make for fine guest party members, each with their own backstories to tell of how they arose to knighthood. (Percival in particular would be fun as the man of the wild who basically became a knight as a fanboy.)
  • Perhaps part of the quest to find Merlin will involve trying to travel into the past again in search of answers.
  • We'll get a flashback episode, showing how Lancelot was killed by Cora.
    • Sadly, all of these were Jossed (though we could still find out how Lancelot escaped Cora in a future episode). The Big Bad / first Dark One was Nimue and Arthur himself, Camelot has no real connection to the Enchanted Forest (although it does border it, since characters are able to travel from there to the Vault of the Dark One rather easily), Arthur is not related to Charming (though they did become brothers-in-arms, for a while), the time difference has yet to be explained, and the only knights to show up by name were Kay (villainous) and Percival (wanting revenge on Regina and getting killed for his trouble).

Lily will be the key to saving Emma from the darkness.
  • Season 4 established that she and Emma are like two halves of the same whole: Yin and Yang, Light and Darkness, that sort of thing. When Emma's heart was comparatively light, being around her kept Lily stable, balanced, and in control. Now that Emma's heart is dark by comparison, it'll be Lily's turn to balance her out and ultimately save her.
    • Jossed - Lily makes no further appearances, and Emma is freed when Hook dies and the Darkness goes back to Rumple.

Henry will embrace his duty as the new Author to save his mother
  • Although he doesn't think he should have the power to rewrite reality, someone has to get rid of the Darkness for good. Why not him?
    • Mostly Jossed, though he did use his identity as the Author to be able to speak to Merlin and learn how to save Emma.

Henry will repay Emma for saving him from the poison apple in Season One by kissing her to destroy the Darkness once they're reunited
  • Had Rumpelstiltskin allowed Belle to do this, he would have been relieved of the Dark One identity. So it should work with Emma as well. Alternatively, Hook can administer the kiss of True Love.
    • All Jossed; Hook tried and it failed but that may be as much due to Hook being a Dark One too as due to Emma wanting to stay the Dark One until she could reforge Excalibur.

Season 5 will feature more worlds and world-jumping than the previous seasons
They already need to find Merlin and Emma, who probably aren't in the Land Without Magic anymore and maybe not even in the same realm of storytelling; what better excuse to explore them? It also might be a good way to solve some unfinished plotlines, such as Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein's ressurected brother, the Happy Ending Override of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and whatever the hell happened to King George and all the characters Demoted to Extra. Extra points if it brings back Jefferson, Anton, the White Rabbit or another realm-traveller we haven't seen in a while.
  • Essentially confirmed - while the first half primarily features The Land Without Magic and Fairy Tale Land (home of the Enchanted Forest and Camelot), the second half of the season has the heroes visiting the Underworld, Oz, Mount Olympus and the Land of Untold Stories.

Pan's shadow will return
Think about it. When Malcolm gets to Neverland, the shadow is already there. It convinces him to abandon Rumple and helps him kidnap the Lost Boys. Its attitude and appearance seems to suggest that it is made of darkness, a lot like the creatures in the season 4 finale. Hopefully we'll get to learn where it came from and how it got to Neverland.

Emma is going to be the last Dark One
Think about it. Excalibur has to be wielded by a proper heir of the throne, and its tip is chopped off to be used as the Dark One's dagger. Emma, being the current Dark One and the heir apparent of a throne, can and probably will wield both, and that will trigger season 5b or even season 6.
  • Jossed. Gold regains the powers of the Dark One, and is still in that position in season 7, though he is now seeking a "Guardian" to pass the Dark One's dagger to, so the Darkness can "rest" and he can finally pass on.

Emma is Fighting from the Inside against the darkness.
  • Think about it: In "The Price" she warns Regina that something evil is coming and basically pushes her (in the harshest way possible, granted) into being the savior that the town needs, which results in the fury being driven back and Robin being saved. Why should The Dark One promote such a positive outcome? Because the real Emma was pushing back against the darkness. In "Siege Perilous", her first attempt to break through the barrier surrounding Excalibur is grabbing a dwarf pickaxe and trying to smash it. Now, this could just be her not knowing that the axe wouldn't work, but another interpretation is that Emma pushed back again and engineered an intentional failure, not wanting the darkness inside her to win. Unfortunately, this prompted the darkness to exert further control over her.
    • Partially confirmed. Emma never actually truly went dark despite her appearance change, but she did have the darkness still in her, trying to tempt her to follow its will, so everything she did while back in Storybrooke was part of her plan to overcome the darkness once and for all.

Zelena's child will be Merlin
  • They certainly wouldn't give her a child who wouldn't be important in some way. And we know that Merlin already knows a lot about the future. It would make sense if other characters' future were also to be his past.
    • Unlikely, as Merlin is black.
  • Considering how it was conceived, the child could actually be Galahad.
  • Since the child was a girl it's not likely to be anyone special/anyone we know from stories.
    • Officially jossed.

The second half of the season will introduce Hades.
  • The show creators has shown that they are capable and willing to use Disney characters, like Elsa and Anna, in the show. Since the characters are going into the underworld in the second half of the season to look for Hook, it would be the perfect time to introduce the lord of the underworld, Hades. Facing not just old villains but a Greek god would be a great way to up the ante after the Dark One story line.
    • Confirmed.

Greg Germann's portrayal of Hades will borrow heavily from James Woods
Since this is a "Disney" mash up of characters, it'd be too easy for Greg to draw on Woods's famous portrayal of making Hades all chatty and smooth. It also would help create a nice "alternative" take on what Rumpelstiltskin has been like in being a dealer but in a different way. Plus, his character description sheet makes it sound like a perfect setup for this too.

The past villains will be back for the second half
Candidates include Peter Pan and Cora.
  • Confirmed. Also returning are the Blind Witch and Cruella, as well as a number of non-villains.

Belle will find out she is pregnant, but she and Rumple will go through another separation period.
Let's face it, at this point the writers just recycle the same will they or won't/love vs. power story with Rumple and Belle for every story arc. Belle will find out her reunion with Rumple led to pregnancy (working her actress' real life pregnancy into the show), but discover Rumple is the Dark One again. She will have her doubts about him and fear his addiction to power will cause him to let down their child, remember how he let Baelfire down hundreds of years ago. Belle will ask him point blank, if he had to choose his power or her and the baby, which would he choose. Rumple will fumble or say they can have both, causing Belle to leave. Rumple's storyline will be proving to Belle he can put family before power.
  • Confirmed - after Belle finds out she's pregnant, she willingly puts herself under the Sleeping Curse. Rumple then stores her in Pandora's Box until he can find a way to wake her up; they separate again for a brief time in Storybrooke.



Henry is destined to become a [[Kingdom Hearts}} Keyblade Master

So, here's a fun theory:

Henry is destined to become the Keyblade Master of the Enchanted Forest/Storybrook.

For those of you who don't know what/who that is, a Keyblade Master is in charge of making sure the various Disney worlds don't overly effect each other. They're charged with keeping order in the realms, and literally wield a key-shaped blade known as the Keyblade.

Why do I think this? Because Henry has several traits that the most well known Keyblade Bearer, Sora, has.

  • He's connected to everyone. Both in a familial sense and in that he knows everyone else's story and has effected them all in one way or another. This is huge because the Keyblade Bearer must keep the peace between everyone.
  • He is a descendant of the Light (true love via Snow and Charming) and the Dark (Rumplestiltskin), and part of the job of a Keyblade Bearer is keeping the balance of the Light and Darkness from being thrown out of balance.
  • He's been shown to have a real love for swordplay and seems to be a quick learner when it comes to combat.
  • His title as the 'Truest Believer' is very similar to being a Prince/Princess of Heart. They are very unique beings because their hearts are void of all darkness and have the power to warp reality by simple belief when in lands that contain high amounts of magic.
    • Henry might be a tad too vengeful to be compared to Sora. He seems to have issues with his adoptive mother for "carrying him away," so to speak, and her behavior towards everyone else in Storybrooke, and with his birth mother for abandoning him and playing surprisingly dirty for such a "Good Guy." This troper suspects that if Henry gets a Keyblade, his experiences with it will quickly become far more analogous to those of Riku or even Terra than Sora.

Kevin Flynn is Kurt's brother and Owen's Uncle
It's already been established that ENCOM is a real company (a company banner appears on a bus stop bench in 'Welcome to Storybrooke', and Henry plays Space Paranoids of all things) and "Flynn" is hardly a meaningless name in Disney canon.
  • Does that mean he's bankrolling genocide with Encom stock? Ohhh...boy...

Tamara is...
Ok, who is this woman?
  • A witch hunter, from generations of antimagic users?
  • The key to understanding the time and world differences between the fairy tale and modern world?

Tamara is somehow related to Tiana.
Tiana is one of the few Disney Princesses to come from our world and not a fantasy land, and with her family's experiences with voodoo curses, she would have good reason to want to see magic wiped out.
  • She may have been magicked into a frog as punishment for some trangsgression. After being turned back, she sought revenge against magic.
    • Bonus points if the Blue Fairy was somehow responsible.

Tamara and Tiana were Lost children
Lost Children who needed to pay their debts to Peter Pan by finding Henry, that heart of the truest believer. Unfortunately, having completed that, Pan took full control of Greg, and left Tamara to be killed.

We have not seen the last of them
Neverland is magical, and not even a kind of magic the Enchanted Forest uses, and it would not be the first time these writers screwed with the laws of Life and Death on a mysterious island. More exactly, I'd say Tamara is likely Deader Than Dead, but I wouldn't take Owen out of the equation just yet. We don't have enough information about that shadow-stealing spell

Regina wasn't the one who killed Owen's dad
If Regina really had just killed Kurt immediately after Owen ran away, then why did she take so damn long to just come out and say that to Owen? Why did she have to keep denying she knew where Kurt was at every turn? Her admittance to killing him seemed like a lie she came up with on the spot just to hurt Owen before he finished her, but Kurt's remains are indeed at the site Regina said she buried him. But what if it didn't actually happen the way Regina said it did? What if she had tried to imprison Kurt but he broke free and ran out into the woods trying to get out of Storybrooke and find his son? Who's good at tracking and killing things in the woods? Someone who was there when Kurt was last seen - Graham, the Huntsman. He might have killed Kurt out in the woods. Regina might have felt bad for killing Graham, so she lied about his involvement here to protect his integrity and memory. Plus since Graham worked for Regina and did whatever she told him to do, it's easier for Regina to take responsibility anyway.
  • The scene Regina admits to Owen that she killed his father actually mirrors her execution scene in the Enchanted Forest. She wants to live, that's why she doesn't say anything and hopes to be saved. The moment she tells Owen the truth, he will kill her without hesitation. However, at the very last moment when Owen is going to kill her regardless, she admits the truth just like how the very instant before her execution, she threatens everyone. In both cases, when there was no point in pretending to be brave, she says something horrible so she wouldn't look weak when she died.

The Blue Fairy wanted the dark curse to be enacted.
If she didn't she could have gone to Rumple and made a deal and told him about the magic wardrobe he could use to travel to the real world to find his son, in exchange for him stopping Regina.
  • Her curt and merciless treatment of Tinkerbell would also seem to support this one. Regina could have been redeemed at that point and Tinkerbell did have a point - if anyone needs a fairy's intervention, it's someone trapped by darkness with no other option to turn to (we saw that with Jiminy). Big Blue just dismissed the whole idea out of hand, scolded Tink for even thinking about it, then exiled Tink when Tink decided to try and help anyway. If the Blue Fairy needed the curse cast for a bigger plan to destroy the Dark One, then that might explain some of her Jerkass behavior.

Emma and Regina will switch moral positions.
We know magic is addictive, and Gold is encouraging Emma to use it. Whether or not her powers enable her to resist it is up for grabs.
  • As of "The Cricket Game", they've even begun dressing like each other - Emma wears a drapey, professional looking gray suit over black instead of her trademark red moto jacket, and Regina wears a red coat.
    • Although this may just signal they're switching positions with regard to Henry.

The true love whose kiss breaks any curse will be familial in every single important case.
Emma kissing Henry awake from the dead is just the first instance.
  • Regina is already on her way to redemption for Henry's sake.
  • Emma found her magic when trying to protect her mother.
  • And the most obvious case would be Rumplestiltskin, who outright rejects redemption by Belle and clearly needs his son's forgiveness and love to break his curse.

Cinderella's child is the next Emma Swan.
The reason Rumplestiltskin wanted a claim on Cinderella and her prince's unborn child is because, like Emma, the child will be the product of true love, thus more powerful than any other. The parallels are really clear if you go back to episode 1x04! Why would this be important? Well, Cinderella's child is born 28 years after Emma Swan. Another apocalypse is set to happen to the fairy tale people and 28 years later, Cinderella's child will be the next chosen one to stop it.

Emma's powers stopped working...
After "True North" because she lied to Henry about what happened to his father.
  • Her "powers" (not real powers, by the way) was to see if anyone was lying, not that it prevented her from lying.

Snow White's father was going to divorce Regina.
King Leopold stated that he wanted everyone in his kingdom to be happy and that he knew Regina was unhappy. When he learns that she has fallen in love, he wants to know who the man is but refuses to say what he'll do to that man. The genie thinks it would mean death for the man, but Leopold being the people pleasing king he is he was going to allow the lovers to be together.
  • Or maybe he wouldn't have let her leave because it would mean depriving Snow of a mother...

The curse gets broken but people will end up wanting to stay in the real world since the Enchanted Forest is not one they know.
Alternatively, they'll end up being able to cross over between worlds. Or Emma will take a Third Option and split the two worlds so that there's two of each person - one real, one fairy.

The Huntsman's curse was broken due to true love.
It has already been said that true love's kiss will break any curse. This should also apply to the Dark Curse. Graham and Emma aren't fully in love when they first kiss, so it doesn't work entirely, and he gets only flashes. Also, he pulls away in surprise before it can take full effect. Later, Emma and Graham's relationship develops and becomes deeper. When they kiss, the curse breaks and Graham remembers. (And unfortunately immediately dies).Taken further, this would mean that when Mary Margaret and David finally kiss, as a couple without guilt and complications from Katherine, the curse would be broken and both would remember.
  • What about Ashley and Sean?
    • There is a lot of emphasis being placed on them getting married. Wedding kiss, perhaps?
    • There is almost no magic in Storybrooke; therefore, true love's kiss between two residents of the town will not break the Dark Curse because they don't have any magic to do so. Emma is an exception because she is the one destined to break the Curse, so it's possible that any tiny amount of magic left in Storybrooke will be linked only to her (until Jefferson managed to get his magical hat back) because she is the savior.
    • That is why Jefferson wanted her specifically to make him a hat to transport him back to the Enchanted Forest, because he knows that only she has the potential to create it in Storybrooke.
    • Also, the reason the Huntsman's curse was broken but not the rest of Storybrooke's was because Emma did not believe in the curse at that point. The overall curse wasn't broken until she kissed Henry on the forehead, when she finally did believe.

When Rump is defeated, he will try to beg for his life (or what have you) with "Please."
See, he's so use to being effectively all powerful, all influencing, and able to manipulate people on a whim even in Storybrooke - even EQ. So when he's defeated, he'll keep trying with his ace in the hole even though it only works on EQ because of the curse. He doesn't fully understand what it means.

Emma will develop a Cartwright Curse.
Emma's track record with romance is being set up to be pretty bad, just in the first season. Graham died. August is turned into a little, seven-year-old boy, and Neal falls through a magical portal immediately after being shot. And Walsh turned out to be the Wizard of Oz and a winged monkey, and may have been killed during one of the fights with the Wicked Witch's forces.
  • Ultimately averted - she and Hook get their happy ending, despite the Black Fairy's curse. Season 7 confirms that they're back in Storybrooke together.

Everything in the Enchanted Forest has a counter part in the real world (and else where).
The magic tree teleported Pinocchio and Emma into another tree so perhaps they were the same 'tree' just in different realities. So each Enchanted Forest character had a real world counter part and the Dark Curse merged things together. This might extend to other realities too so the Queen of Hearts might be Regina of Wonderland.
  • Partially jossed. The Queen of Hearts turned out to be Cora (Regina's mother).

The Whole Show is a Giant Take That! to the state of Maine.
Where there are no Happy Endings!

When they break out Oz, they aren't going to use The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
When Disney took a shot at Oz, they used elements of the second and third books (there are forty in all - 14 alone are Baum's) to make one hell of a HONF-loaded Cult Classic in the form of Return to Oz. It would make for an interesting twist, especially since the original Baum could get bloody terrifying in places.

Alice and Dorothy both come from the real world.
Or at least the real world that Storybrooke was created in. They were able to find other ways into those dimensions similar to the portals within Jeffersons hat, and escape as well. Their descendants could still be around and may one day find their way to Storybrooke.
  • The appearance of Wendy Darling and her brothers in Second Star To The Right lends credence to this theory. Tamara and Greg also mention that magic has filtered in from other worlds before.
  • Alice is definitely from our world, as seen in the spinoff.
    • Surprisingly, Alice comes from a world where it is always the late 19th century. However, the Darlings are from the Land Without Magic.
  • Confirmed for Dorothy and the Wizard, who both originated from Kansas in the Land Without Magic.

Fairy tale characters all go by aliases.
Since the guard warned Snow White and Prince Charming that Rumplestiltskin has power over people by having their names, it seems odd that neither one freaked out when Rumple knew their identities. The decision to reveal their baby's name seemed to have a lot more weight to it and the name in question is a lot more normal. With names having power in the Enchanted Forest, most Genre Savvy or royal/magical people use aliases. A king and queen call their son Charming in public because he's polite when really his true name is Bob. A beautiful girl is called Snow White because of her appearance when really her name is Fran. A woman is called an Evil Queen because she was smart enough to never share her real name, et c...
  • Turns out Snow White is her real name, but she was also being hunted by an evil sorceress, so maybe her name just got spread around. On the other hand, Prince Charming seemed perfectly willing to tell a thief his real name, but then Love at First Sight was in play.
    • But then, would a shepherd really have known the taboo of giving out his name? He seems to have lived a sheltered life and the king didn't bother giving him any sort of training before going after the dragon and immediately after, he was engaged so there wouldn't really have been time for him to learn the ins and outs of protecting one's royal self.
      • Turns out 'James' is his twin's name. so the alias applies to Prince Charming, if no one else.
      • There wasn't really anything that said the name he gave was the name of his twin. The way I see it, he just wanted to be able to have someone call him his real name after being forced to live his twin's, so that's why he told Snow White. It's not like she could have gone out and told everyone his secret because she was a wanted woman.
      • He's called 'James' in front of king Midas, who was supposed to believe he was the original twin.
      • Turns out his original name was David. Mindscrew...
  • Had Emma been raised in that world, chances are she would have been called Goldilocks because of her hair or Snowflake because of her mother so that no one would have power over her.
    • Well Emma is a Special Snowflake.
    • Or, given her real world last name, she might have ended up as the Swan Princess.

The fairies from Sleeping Beauty will be The Blue Fairy, Tinker Bell and the Fairy Godmother.

We're going to see a Kingdom Hearts Shout-Out.
If they are going to fly in a reference to Space Paranoids, then why not? Three kids in Henry's school named Sky, Carrie, and Rick make a one-shot appearance to help Henry's fight?
  • Not so sure about this one. Despite being partially a Disney franchise, Disney doesn't even sell Kingdom Hearts merchandise because it's owned primarily by Square.

Alternately, Henry is Sora.
There's just a little matter of Square forcing the writers into a Captain Ersatz version so they can fly it under the radar. But, he is a kid, he knows something's wrong with the world he's in, even if he can't pinpoint it, and everyone's memories are tampered with. Plus, he's the guy who's trying to free the princesses (including his mom and grandmother).
  • And in that last episode, the kid gave Emma reasons for "reasonable doubt" by arming himself with a keychain.
  • The kid is also learning to use a sword and is now traveling between worlds.

Jefferson is a Time Lord.
And his hat is his TARDIS.

The people of Storybrooke didn't return to the Enchanted Forest because of a hidden clause in the Dark Curse.
The reason Rumple wanted to come to Earth to begin with was to find his son, so of course he wouldn't make it possible for anyone to go back until he found him. Even though the bulk of the curse is broken now, no one can go home until Baelfire shows up again. Or more generally, until everyone from the Enchanted Forest gathers in Storybrooke — like no one goes back until everyone can.

August wanted to tell Emma who he really is from the start.
He came to Storybrooke without knowing if Emma believed or not, and decided to wait until he knew that she believed before telling her who he is. That's why he avoids telling her his name for several episodes. His original plan was to skip right to telling her that he's Pinocchio. When he realizes that she doesn't believe and isn't going to believe without a lot more pushing, he gives in and tells her a name. August is probably either his pen name for writing or a name he picked up sometime in his childhood, because it's unlikely that he could get away with being named Pinocchio in this world (even though it really is his name, no one would believe him).

TRON exists in the same universe as Once Upon a Time.
How else could Kevin Flynn's most popular game exist? Maine's on opposite sides of the country with southern California, so other evidence would be scant.
  • This seems oddly plausible. Wait when does the next TRON film come out? They could have a tie in.
  • Considering the show exists in a quasi-Disney universe and Disney is seemingly quite content with allowing their characters to show up, this seems oddly plausible. If nothing else, the idea that a multi-verse exists means the potential for characters to show up is available even if they wouldn't exist in with RL or the Enchanted Forest.
  • The real-life reason is a Mythology Gag. The same writers behind the show scripted TRON: Legacy. However, if they do share a continuity, then that makes Charming's suggestion that the townsfolk could "write software" if they wanted to a cross of Fridge Horror and Hilarious in Hindsight. A computer system from Storybrooke would likely make The Grid look tame.
  • Would that mean that Kevin was the "uncle" Kurt was refering to in "Welcome to Storybrooke?"

Magic is fundamentally evil or corrupting.
Think about it. Everyone that has it or regularly uses is evil.I think there is a difference from the way you use it: The Dark One and sometimes Regina / Blue Fairy and Nova the fairy. Perhaps the Dark One is inherently corrupting to everything it enters in contact with.
  • It seems more that the intent. The ones that are evil use magic selfishly and for the power while all the others use it selflessly and typically as a tool along side other means. Rumple for instance encouraged Regina to use magic but the implication is that he was also manipulating her desire and emotion to be rid of Cora in order to make her associate magic with a rush (as it were).

Jefferson got it to work.
As far as we know, the Enchanted Forest was the only land affected by the curse. So why did Jefferson, who got stuck in Wonderland, come along too? Because he got a hat to work. He and the Queen of Hearts who, as of "We Are Both", appears to be Cora jumped through. Jefferson went to find his daughter, but the curse caught up to him first. Cora ended up in Sleeping Beauty's realm, which is why she wasn't taken to our world.
  • First off, Princess Aurora doesn't live in a separate realm. She's a resident of the Enchanted Forest. The reason Cora didn't get taken to world is because she used her own magic to keep the Dark Curse from affecting that part of the Enchanted Forest. Second, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland provides some support for the overall theory: When the Dark Curse hit the Enchanted Forest, it ground the homes of the people who lived there into rubble, leaving mostly ruins behind. (With the exception of the small area Cora blocked off and Rumplestiltskin's castle, which is presumably protected by magic.) However, in the Spin-Off, we see that Wonderland is perfectly intact, even after The Dark Curse was used. If the curse had gone ripping through Wonderland looking for Jefferson and Cora, it most likely would have left a rather impressive trail of destruction behind in it's wake. This implies that Jefferson was in the Enchanted Forest when the curse hit.

The fairy tale character race is related to the Carrionites.
As time has passed, magic has been treated in an increasingly technical manner both in the Enchanted Forest and in Storybrooke, but especially Storybrooke. It may well be that rather than separate planes of existence, our world and the Enchanted Forest are different planets (maybe even one of the fourteen planets of the Rexel planetary configuration?) and the fairy tale characters are an alien species. The way they treat magic though is almost like their version of science, much like the Carrionites. Jefferson's hat, for example, seems like a quite advanced device designed to create wormholes. Gepetto's cupboard likewise operate by punching a hole in space time and then teleporting its occupants through. So, rather than being in Medieval Stasis, like it looks, they're actually far more advanced than we are. They just use a different kind of science.

The magical compass Hook is looking for belongs to the Pirates franchise.
Or at least, it's a reference to it.

Mary Shelley traveled between worlds.
While fairy tales' origins are nearly untraceable and are only passed down through authors and adaptations, the story of Frankenstein is known to have come from Mary Shelley. So how could a woman from Earth's history have written a story identical to a parallel universe? She came from that world and wrote her story as a fictional novel.
  • Same for Peter Pan apparently.

"Hart Archer" from Singlebrooke is a Storybrooke version of Eros.
Think about it, his name is Hart Archer, referencing how Eros (or "Cupid" as he's commonly known) is traditionally depicted shooting arrows into people's hearts to make them fall in love. Since mythology is just a large collection of stories, Eros could technically qualify as a "storybook character", making him fair game for the show. And really, who would make a better matchmaker than the God of Love himself? Why Regina felt it necessary to include such an individual in Storybrooke is anyone's guess. (Perhaps because her need for revenge is so great that it even extends to the physical incarnation of love.)
  • This is even more justified considering that the tale of Cupid and Psyche is considered one of the first fairytales.

What happens when Hook crosses paths with Belle?
  • He kills her to get back at Rumplestiltskin.
  • He at lest tries to kill her, but can't because of how much Belle looks like Milah.
  • Everybody expects Hook to kill her, but he doesn't because his beef isn't with Belle and involving innocent bystanders wouldn't be sporting.
    • This one seems unlikely since while he has a certain code of honor, it includes condoning the taking of a heart of an innocent.
    • Not to mention he was fully prepared to kill her back in the Enchanted Forest until Regina intervened.
    • He shot her so she would fall across the town line and lose her memories, but she survived and eventually got better.

There will be an evil Enemy Mine among the villains.
King George hates Charming. Cora's got a growing grudge against Snow White's family (as well has her own daughter). One meeting aboard a pirate ship later, an evil king and queen are united in their quest to end Storybrooke's growing happy endings.
  • Not among those two. Cora's dead, and George has been sidelined.

Nova/Astrid is really Fred from Angel.
Contrary to what was said in the show Angel, her soul wasn't destroyed it was simply moved to the Enchanted Forest where she was resurrected as the Fairy Nova.

The Marvel Universe has also been cursed.
During the Season 1 finale, Avengers vs. X-Men was among the contents of Henry's backpack. Henry himself is almost entirely preoccupied with the curse, so it stands to reason any additional reading material he has ties into it as well. It's already been shown that characters from stories outside of fairy tales are affected by the curse, so it stands to reason that comic book worlds can be affected too. This might even be connected to Disney's acquisition of Marvel.
  • A curse might explain the Civil War and One More Day arc. Actually, it'd be a pretty good explanation.

Every Disney-owned universe is cursed.
See Above for Marvel. But this might explain some of the Darker and Edgier direction Disney movies, shows, and properties have taken.
  • Now that Disney's got Star Wars? Well, think of how high the price of their "magic" is. That place, for all its shiny technology, is utterly damned. Two factions of mages in a 25,000+ year, cynical religious war that tears the galaxy to shreds and shows no signs of ever ceasing, with even the light-siders saying Love Is a Weakness. Whatever curse was cast on that universe, it's a whopper.
  • This series is basically a twisted-dark-world version of Kingdom Hearts.

The five main villains (Regina, Cora, Rumplestiltskin, Hook and King George) are all, in part, inspired by...
Demona, Xanatos and Macbeth from Gargoyles. Regina and Cora primarily represent Demona's well-intentioned and darker, nastier sides, respectively. Rumple is Xanatos, while Hook is Macbeth, with his hatred of Demona being switched to Xanatos. King George is the worst traits of all of them combined. By this logic, Cora and George will wind up the ultimate Big Bads of the series, while Regina, Rumple and Hook wind up with the good guys. Even if it does take Regina a little longer to get there than initially expected.
  • Also by this logic, Henry is Angela, and Emma is a combination of Elisa and Goliath.
    • It's interesting to note that both Emma and Elisa are woman cops with a penchant for signature red leather jackets.

The Battleaxe Nurse who works in the psych ward is Mother Gothel from Tangled.
She's a minor villainess with no discernible magical power who keeps a princess locked away by insisting it's for her own good. Sound familiar?
  • The curse had possibly, put her under a false life, she most likely THOUGHT that Belle was insane.
There's a strong theory that the Severe Nurse is Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Not sure how Regina and Ursula met and what happened after that since it's Regina who made a deal with the mermaid. Maybe it was a different deal?
  • Definitely not Ursula. She's appeared separately.

The magic of Fairies VS the magic of darkness.
There is an important distinction between the way magic is used by the fairies (with the blue fairy being the prime representative), and the way it is used by the more gray/black forces (represented by Rumplestiltskin). Rumplestiltskin and the Genie and others say that all magic comes with a price, and they are right. The use of magic for them is dangerous, easily misused in its application, and not easily remedied if misused. The genie knew that wishes could backfire. Rump always had a price for his deals. Regina and the other conventional magic users could only gain power by slowly losing their souls. The fairies meanwhile have magic that is conditional, and they are right as well. Pinnochio could only be real if he stayed true to the virtues. Jimminy could only go help Gepetto if he gave up his humanity and his parents. The magic in this case could only be used if the user was willing to meet certain conditions.
  • HOWEVER, the fact is that these two magic uses are actually more alike than you'd think. The condition is the price that fairy magic receivers must pay. The price is the condition for receiving the magic of Rumplestiltskin.
  • And yet, the fairy magic is portrayed far more positively in its application. Why? Because knowing the limitations of the magic you're getting helps better prepare you for unrealistic expectations, while thinking of the benefits over the price can make you careless when your debt is then due.
    • Unlike The Fair Folk, the Fae of Storybrooke are also very clear about the terms and conditions of the deal, and honor the spirit of it. Rumplestiltskin often is deliberately vague about the up-frot costs, a great Rules Lawyer, and exploits loopholes and Exact Words for everything it's worth.

There will be an episode with the fountain of youth.
There are too many possibilities not to have one Emma and Henry bonding and we could have parental bonding between Snow, David and Emma. and don't say that it's not a fairy tale because neither was Frankenstein.
  • Of course, this being Once Upon A Time, the use of the fountain will have...consequences. Remember the de facto first rule of this universe: "All magic comes with a price."

Greg Mendell will either attempt to experiment on the Fairy Tale creatures or arrange for someone else to attempt to do so.
His name kind of sounds like Gregor Mendel.
  • Alternatively, he's from another land...
  • He may already have done so, before he came to Storybrooke.

Victor Frankenstein is also Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist.
The parallels are way too many.
  • This guy who incurs to his land's science to do a risky experiment to revive his brother?
  • He loses an arm.
  • What really hits him 'In the name of the brother'' - Starring at Greg Mendel's watch, who reminded him of his brother.
  • Their father is named Alphonse. And the whole military background of his family.

Giants are not a race of their own, but are instead dwarves who have grown to giant size through magical means.
At the very least, the two races are very closely related. Not only do they have a similar set-up — all dwarves are male and spend most their time working, which also seems to be the case for giants — but when Anton/Tiny, a giant shrunken down to human size, grasps a dwarf axe it gives him a dwarf name ("Tiny"), something it's confirmed (by Grumpy/Leroy) to only do for dwarves.

Henry is the best hidden example of The Corruptible EVER.
Henry holds grudges (towards Regina for hiding him so much and towards Emma), can slip into cynicism and despair when he is traumatized (Desperate Souls), is uncannily calculative for his age, and can be manipulative, just like Regina could be right after her Face–Heel Turn. They're also very similar as children. Both were idealistic and cute and had a controlling gender-swap Fantasy-Forbidding Father. Though Henry may be Emma's son, he's Generation Xerox of Regina. He also descends from Rumple and will be his undoing, possibly becoming the next Dark One. He also has gender issues against him. Boys from fictional works rarely remain The Cutie past 14, and turn either into a generic good guy, a Jerkass, or worse.
  • And if he finds out what Grandma Snow pulled on Cora? Well, he's still of the mentality "good guys don't do that." Finding out there are no good guys in Storybrooke could make for one very troubled teenager in just the right place to do a lot of damage.

The last shot of the series finale of the show will be The "Charming" family sitting down to Thanksgiving Dinner.
ALL OF THEM! Every extended and married into the family character, every divorced or potentially estranged family member, every friend of the family, every single one will be at the gathering. To make it a final Brick Joke and Heartwarming Moments, Prince Charming will comment, "Well, this isn't so bad after all."
  • And then the series will finish with the words "And they all lived Happily Ever After."
  • I will pay someone to write this fic. Just saying.
    • Semi-confirmed - the penultimate scene of season 6 is the entire family currently in Storybrooke (Snow, Charming and baby Neal; Emma, Hook and Henry; Regina, Zelena and baby Robin; Gold, Belle and baby Gideon; plus Granny) all sitting down to dinner together in the diner, and then a fade out to the book showing they lived happily ever after. (Except given the next scene is a grown-up Henry's daughter Lucy coming to find him in Seattle, it's clear something happened between those two scenes.)

The show is slowly shifting towards Grey and Gray Morality.
Related to the above theory. We started off with what looked like Black and White Morality. As Character Development and revealed backstories made the villains more sympathetic, we realized we were looking at White and Grey Morality. As the main characters are driven towards darker actions, Once Upon a Time will take on the Grey and Gray Morality of its sister show, LOST.

The reason Greg Mendell could enter Storybrooke was because his father is still there.
Think about this: Mendell is the one and only outside visitor to Storybrooke following the breaking of the Curse. (Not counting Baelfire, who has a connection to the FTL and could have ended up as a resident himself under other circumstances.) This implies that the town is still hidden from the outside. So why could Mendell enter? Because Mendell and his father stayed in the town before the curse hid it from the outside world. Since it's implied that Mendel's dad never left, that would make him a permanent resident. Perhaps their blood relation was enough to make the town acknowledge that Mendell belongs there.

Regina was the one who brought Kurt Flynn and his son to town in "Welcome to Storybrooke".
When she realized how bored she was in the "Groundhog Day" Loop-esque world of Storybrooke, she began to subconsciously wish for someone to come to town who wouldn't be subject to the curse. The curse, being subject to Regina's will, granted her wish and made the town visible to the nearest bystander.

The dwarf race was created by the fairies for mining.
They're designed to be efficient laborers without any bothersome inefficiencies like romantic feelings or childhood. They are born with the strength and intelligence necessary to work.

Alternately, dwarves and fairies are the males and females of same species.
Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism and strict gender roles make for a society where the females are wielding magic, but somehow dependant on humans, which could justify why Fairy Godmother is an esteemed position. So while the magic-wielding females are in charge of relations with humans, their males (who can't wield magic) are underground, mining the diamonds that power the magic that their society needs to function. Unfortunately, a female that chooses to mate with a dwarf loses their magic, and therefore makes them unable to function in their society (or maybe unable to serve as anything other than breeding stock).

The world of the fairy tale characters was either a future version or Alternate Universe version of Westeros.
A king whose sigil involves stag-antlers, marrying a woman who ends up being the death of him, and the woman is at least partly justified. Huh.

Hong Kong's Dragon is actually Mushu from Mulan.
Not exactly, but parallels to The Dragon breathing red smoke were already made to Mushu from Disney's Mulan, it'll turn out in a later Mulan-centric episode where it explores her past, she met The Dragon, who helped her in whatever her endeavor was in becoming a solider, or however her individual origin story pans out.

The crossover will be with Jessie since it's based in New York City and the family's likely to vacation in New England, most of the family is Happily Adopted, and both Henry and Emma's actors have opposite-sex fraternal twins which opens some interesting story possibilities.

The series finale will reveal that the show is actually a record of the actual events depicted in much the same way as the book.
In effect, TV Land being a world and the Curse acting as a window from our world to theirs.

The black in Snow's heart isn't from Cora.
It's because she's now living in our world. The storybook world is a world of black and white, while our world is full of grey. Because it's Snow White, not Mary Margaret living in this world, she's now subject to its rules and morality.
  • This goes for the rest of Storybrooke as well, and will likely complicate any attempt to return home.

Regina put Belle in the psych ward through the Dark Curse not because she hates her or as a tool but because she didn't really hate her at all.
Belle hasn't done anything to Regina. Regina isn't really one to wantonly lash out. Perhaps then, Belle being locked up was the least cruel thing Regina could think of since, in many ways, it's what her mother did to her.
  • Alternatively, if Lacey is Belle's real cursed persona, Regina locked her up because Lacey is truly mentally unstable. Over the years of being locked up, she lost her memories and became the amnesiac we see prior to the episode "Lacey".

Jack's sword is the Vorpal sword.
She used it to kill a Jabberwock.

At some point in the past, Neal was under the sleeping curse.
That's why he wanted the dreamcatcher, which was "flypaper for nightmares."
  • Alternatively, the dreamcatcher was to stop his dreams about his father letting him fall into the flaming green pit.

Tamara helped Hook find Rumplestiltskin in New York.
Considering that New York is such a big place, Hook found his crocodile pretty fast. Tamara could easily have been spying on her fiance, recognized Rumple from Greg's description of the guy he saw holding a ball of fire, and pieced together who he was. As further proof, there's the fact it was her car they used to get to the docks where the Jolly Roger was (proving she was already in the area to give it to Neal), and that after they leave Hook knocked out and sail back to Storybrooke, we later learn Tamara captured Hook so as to bring him in the trunk of her car for the meeting at the town line with Greg—ergo, she must have captured him while he was knocked out at Neal's building, which again proves she was there, spying and acting in secret the whole time. So she easily could have told Hook where to go, all so she could get confirmation of Storybrooke's existence (before Greg told her) and have an ace up her sleeve to bring with her when she came. And if she knew anything about how dangerous Gold was (via Pan and the Home Office if nothing else, but again also due to Greg witnessing the fireball), helping Hook to kill him would have been perfect for their plans.

The Fairies attacked the giants and destroyed the beans.
Both the Fairies and the Giants are shown to live in the clouds. The Fairies declared war on the giants and attacked them in order to gain control of the Magic Beans, however the Giants destroyed them all before losing the war. This is the war that Tiny's brothers tell him about and why they now grow the Beans in secretThis explains why the Blue Fairy has the last known Magic Bean and explains the origin of the Dwarves. The Dwarves are Giants that were magically shrunk down by the Fairies in order to use them as a slave race. This is why the axe works for Tiny, because the axe works for Giants, in reality there is no such race as Dwarves.This all ties in to the Blue Fairy being the Big Bad.

Henry has/will have magical writing powers, like famous storytellers before him.
Call it "story weaving", if you will. The only comparison I can think of is to the characters of Drosselmeyer and Fakir from the anime Princess Tutu. They both have the power to bring the stories they write to life and thus manipulate the lives of the fictional characters around them. The world of Once Upon a Time would exist in a reality where writers like Hans Christian Anderson, Lewis Carol, J.M Barrie and the Grimm Brothers all had the same ability. When the 20th century hit, and film became the new story-telling medium, Walt Disney, Stan Lee, and Don Bluth, who were gifted with the same ability, used the medium to further influence the fairytale world, providing an in-story explanation for all of the Disney references. It is this troper's theory that Henry also has this power, but has yet to grow into it. When his powers do eventually begin to manifest, he'll have to struggle to harness them properly to help his family.
  • Semi-confirmed, as he became the Author at the end of Season 4, though his powers are much more limited.

The reason the Land Without Color has so little magic is Solomon Kane, possibly with the help of Abraham Van Helsing.
Solomon Kane was a 16th century Puritan and the LWC is shown to be more similar to our world than the Enchanted Forest. He could have killed off most of the magic users.

The seer's prophecy referred to the Dark One itself, not to Rumplestiltskin.
When Pan strips Rumplestiltskin of the Dark One's powers and assimilates them into himself, he will take some time to gloat... and then will proceed to get his arse kicked by the rest of Henry's family, who are royally ticked at him for having Henry kidnapped. Since he took the Dark One's powers via a different manner than the usual, those powers will die with him. Thus, because of Henry, the Dark One will cease to exist, fulfilling the prophecy.
  • Well, Pan isn't trying to become the Dark One, but Henry being the Dark One's undoing and not Rumplestiltskin's is still possible.

With the exception of Anton's family, the giants were all killed by Don Quixote.
In this universe, Don Quixote is just as delusional as he is in the original, but in a different way. Rather than mistaking windmills for giants, he mistakes giants for Windmill Politicals, making Quixote into a Windmill Crusader.
  • Regina's childhood horse is named Rocinante. Perhaps it was named after Quixote's famous horse. Another possibility is that Quixote is a relative of Regina's who gave her the horse. Quixote is a Hispanic character and Regina and her father's family are played by Hispanic actors.
  • To build upon the parallel, the OUAT Quixote, much like the original, died of a broken heart after his delusion was shattered. This universe's Quixote eventually realized that not all giants are evil, had a My God, What Have I Done? moment, and died.

Adultery is punishable by death in the Enchanted Forest...
...Because unless there's some Deliberate Values Dissonance at work, the fact that staunchly Good-aligned Belle and Baelfire don't so much as bat an eyelash at the revelation that Rumplestiltskin murdered his wife is just weird.

We will get an origin episode for The Blue Fairy
And it will be a Take That! at the fans who think she's really the Greater-Scope Villain of the series.

Emma was a loner in our world
for 2 reasons. First, because she could never get over the stumbling block of never getting a real family to help her grow, and second, because as a "immigrant" from the fairy-tale land, she could never truly fit in.

Fairies cannot fall in love so they use humans as True Love factories.
Fairies, like dwarves, do not appear to have marriages or family units. Fairies have a lot of magical power but are unable to produce the most powerful magic of all. Therefore, fairy "godmothers" are appointed to manipulate events so that couples like Snow/Charming and Cinderella/Thomas are formed. The fairies can then create True Love Potions similar to the one Rumplestiltskin used.

Jimminy's Parents were also Honest John and Gideon
Because it would seriously make for a great twist and make Jimminy's pleading with Pinocchio far more personal than before. Not to mention, their being puppeteers would make sense on them wanting Pinocchio on their side.

The Blue Fairy brought Daniel and Regina together.
This makes sense if you buy into the above theory that Blue wanted the curse to be cast.
  • It may also explain why she was so set against Tink's attempt to set Regina up with another True Love.

Although the kingdoms of George and Midas were never united...
The relations between the 2 of them would have strengthened after Charming took control of the kingdom. After all, Charming essentially went the Beowulf route by doing good deeds for another kingdom. Out of gratefulness for not only rescuing them from the dragon but also saving his daughter's first love, Midas might have presented him with a golden wedding present as thanks for helping make his kingdom safer and his daughter happy. We don't know if Midas survived to come to Storybrooke, but in any case, the 2 kingdoms might have even become allies during the war to retake the kingdoms depending on what Abigail and Midas thought about all the developments near them.

Midas's curse in this universe only extended to his hands and was never lifted
Hence how midas is still healthy enough to not starve despite the golden touch, but still can turn things to gold. The magic only extends to his hands rather than his feet or lips like in the older myth. As this was a curse similar to Rogue's, Midas learned to live with it, with his price being never able to hug his daughter again without armor on.

The gods invoked by various characters in the Enchanted Forest are the Muses.
Most of the muses are goddesses of various types of poetry or literature.

The Blue Fairy was also Mary Poppins.
Both Mary and the Blue Fairy are seen sitting on clouds. Travel between the Enchanted Forest and the Land Without Magic is implied to be very difficult, but if anyone could do it it's Reul Ghorm.
  • The original books heavily implied Mary Poppins was a benign member of The Fair Folk, so if they wanted to skew closer to Travers than the Disney version, they certainly could get away with it.

There will be a "What If" episode showing Emma's life if the curse had never happened.
And it will turn out that things would have gone very, very badly if they'd stayed in Fairy Tale Land.
  • And this will be the Blue Fairy's justification for manipulating Rumplestiltskin into enacting the Curse.

Hook was not originally from the Enchanted Forest world.
  • His ship has cannons even though there is no evidence of gunpowder in the Enchanted Forest. He might be from the Land Without Color (Peter Pan was once a black-and-white movie) or perhaps the world that Wendy Darling and Alice come from.

Someone from Hook's past was also one-handed.
After losing his hand, Hook conveniently happens to have a prosthetic onto which he can fasten his hook.

Cora was not the original Queen of Hearts.
She killed or otherwise dethroned the original queen and took her place. She wears the mask and speaks only through the Knave so that no one can tell she's not the real queen.

Rumplestiltskin's deal with Don Juan will become a Chekhov's Gun.
  • I don't really know why this would be the case except that I think it'd be cool.

The story behind Storybrooke will shift.
This ties in with the WMG above about Henry having storytelling powers - as he turns into a teenager, the atmosphere will shift from "Grimm's fairy tales" to "early 21st century modern dystopic YA novel", with the breaking of the original curse leading to strife between those who wish to return to the fairytale kingdom and those who choose to stay.

Peter, Red's boyfriend, is the son of the Woodsman who killed the Big Bad Wolf in the original tale.
The Woodsman tried to kill Red to avenge his son's death.

Phillip's spirit was damaged after Mulan and Aurora rescue it from the Wraith and is no longer capable of love.

Ursula will be the show’s prime example of Good Is Not Nice
Both humans and mermaids consider her a benevolent deity, but she didn’t answer Ariel’s plea for permanent legs. This may have been tough love, because as seen by the end of the episode, she didn’t really need legs to tell Eric the truth about how she felt.Her only actual appearance in the episode was to lay smackdown and a warning on Regina for daring to impersonate her.

Mulan was attracted to Aurora, not Phillip, from the start.
It's basically implied that Mulan has feelings for Aurora, given her reaction to the news that Aurora and Phillip are having a baby. It may seem like a bit of an odd switch, for Mulan to go from loving Phillip in vain to Aurora (even if Mulan is bisexual, it would just be a pretty abrupt and ironic transition). However, did Mulan ever confirm Aurora's accusation, that she was attracted to Aurora's prince? The awkward silence Mulan gave her could have meant something even more awkward than loving Phillip. When Phillip first kissed Aurora awake, Mulan looked away sadly because she was jealous of Phillip, not Aurora. Mulan was loyal to Phillip as a comrade, but seemed to have far more emotional attachment to Aurora. Her short temper with Aurora could be part an attempt to hide her true feelings, and part simple bitterness that she can't have her.
  • Granted, Mulan did not know Aurora before she and Phillip reached her at the start of Season 2. But she could still have met the princess once or twice (Aurora wouldn't necessarily remember), or just seen her, or met her while disguised as a man so Aurora wouldn't have known. In Real Life that would hardly warrant a romantic obsession; but this is the world of Once Upon a Time, where Love at First Sight is commonplace.
  • Going off this theory, it's possible that before the Curse, Mulan did meet and interact with Aurora for a time, while disguised as a man. They might have flirted, Aurora might even have been attracted, thinking she was with a man. They might have come close to an affair, only for Mulan to bolt at the last minute, rather than reveal her true identity to her. At some point, Mulan will confess this to Aurora.

Frankenwolf is going to turn out to be a rare platonic ship
Because there's not enough non-romantic True Companions style ships out there. Besides their conversation could easily be construed as friendship as well.
  • Essentially confirmed. The two wound up just friends; Red is now a couple with Dorothy Gale.

This Show is cursed
Cursed with the curse of the supporting cast. Not only does it get too big to let them all show up all the time, but it prevents the writers from having a major secondary character stick around for longer than half a season. Jimminy Cricket? sporatic at best. The Huntsman? Killed Off for Real. Grumpy, Granny and the blue fairy? Not around enough, and not as important to the plot despite their recurring roles. Pinocchio? Around for half of season 1, and then aged down. Red Riding Hood? Quietly sent to the "not seen right now" folder. Frankenstein? Not enough screen time once the curse is broken. Katherine? Written out. King George? Mysteriously vanishes from the story. Belle? Clawing to hold onto her screen time. Cora? Killed. Greg? Killed. It seems that the only character they've managed to stick are Hook and Balefire, but even then, they're connected to the 6 leads in such a way that they're easier to write for. Thus there is a curse on the show that any character they try to give a major point in the story is doomed to have their screen time either lost, written out or greatly diminished overtime.

The Seer saw Pan bringing down Rumplestiltskin, not Henry
  • The Seer told Rumplestiltskin that the boy who was with him when he reunited with Baelfire (Henry) would also bring about his downfall. However, I submit that what she actually saw was Rumplestiltskin clashing with Pan. Because Pan was in Henry's body, the Seer didn't realize that the boy she'd seen at Rumplestiltskin's reunion with Bae and the boy she'd seen defeating Rumple were two separate beings.

The Blue Fairy wanted her shadow removed.
For reasons unknown, she needs to become a shadow so that she can move through worlds unimpeded.

Killian and Liam served King Xavier.
We don't know what kingdom the Jones brothers served under and who their king was other than the fact that he was cruel enough to want to poison all of his enemies with Dreamshade. Of all the kings we've seen on the show, Xavier is the cruelest, even counting King George! We know that Killian was a pirate by the time he took Milah from Rumple, and still was by the time Rumple found them, took off Killian's hand, and killed Milah, which took place before Rumple met Cora. During that time, Xavier's kingdom was suffering from a great lack of wealth. Why might this be? Because of A: their navy turning pirate and plundering their goods, and B: them losing their feud to whatever enemy the king was planning on poisoning. So Hook might have put Xavier's kingdom in the position they were in when Cora stepped up and married Prince Henry, which would be another way of tying the villains and their family history together.
  • The stuff with Rumple, Hook and Milah took place a couple of hundred years before Xavier was even born.
    • Then it would be Xavier's bloodline, and still his kingdom.

The fairy we know as Blue is actually the Black Fairy.
Before being exiled, the Black Fairy switched bodies with the real Blue Fairy. This means that the fairy we've known as Blue throughout the series is actually the Black Fairy hijacking her body.
  • Jossed. The Black Fairy finally shows up in season 6 and is confirmed as her original self.

The enchanted forest is one of the Turnings of the wheel except everything has gone horribly wrong
A magically powered evil dude who is connected to a magical dagger and is called "The Dark One." Sounds sorta like what Padan Fain wanted.
  • Would explain why the fairy tale characters are so vastly different from how they are portrayed in the Land Without Magic. Their fictionalized stories were the past events of a previous Turning.

Because there have been far too many riffs on A Carol Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

"Let It Go" will become Arc Words for Season 4.
It is a Frozen-inspired season, after all and "Let It Go" is basically the Signature Song of that movie. Since a musical number wouldn't really be appropriate for Once Upon A Time (they've never done one before and it doesn't really fit the Darker and Edgier vibe), they'll turn that phrase into Arc Words instead.
  • Well the phrase has turned up once already, in Archie's talk with Mary Margaret in episode 3. Stay tuned for more!

Emma will serve as the show's version of Gerda from the original Snow Queen
The Rocky Road revealed that Snow Queen and Emma have a past together. Rumplestiltskin and Snow Queen are familiar with each other. Rumple and Snow Queen already made a deal in the past that involved Elsa and Anna. Snow Queen appears to genuine want Elsa on her side and implied that people treated her a monster for having powers as well. Given the series' history of giving villains sympathetic backstories the Snow Queen may have been a case of people calling her evil or monster so she gave in and became one. She was isolated. Elsa her niece has the same powers as she does. She feels Elsa is the only one who can understand and love her. She sees Anna as a threat. Snow Queen met Rumple, made a deal for him to make Anna disappear and Rumple agreed on the condition that she help him find his son. Snow Queen somehow missed the curse, found a way to travel to Land Without Magic. Somehow she found Neal during the time when he was with Emma. Snow Queen abducts Neal and Emma rescues him. The reason she and probably Neal didn't remember her is because they had their memories erased. Emma would be Gerda of the story, Neal would act as Kai, and Snow Queen is still herself.
  • Or the Snow Queen abducts Hook in current day Storybrooke, making Hook Kai's counterpart. Seems more likely since the Snow Queen knew Emma before Emma knew Neal. Also, Emma and Neal's relationship was very brief from what we know.

Rumplestiltskin is trying to resurrect Baelfire.
  • Zelena's time-portal spell from Season 3 showed him that the supposedly unbreakable laws of magic could be broken if more than one entity's magical abilities were put to the task. The hat is able to steal the magical powers of other people, so if he steals enough, he might be able to break those laws and bring Baelfire back from the dead. This would explain the sudden reappearance of his dark side: If there's one person Rumple will go to any lengths for, apart from Belle, it's Baelfire. As for the inevitable question of why he wanted it when he was in the Enchanted Forest, perhaps gathering magical power was one of his early attempts at punching a hole between worlds.

The Sorcerer created Jefferson’s Hat.
The Sorcerer is known to turn hats into powerful magical artifacts and in “Smash the Mirror” he’s shown to have the power to create portals between worlds. Even the door he conjured to bring Ingrid to the World Without Magic is remarkably similar to the ones inside Jefferson’s Hat.

Lily's star shaped birthmark is a paopou fruit/Wayfinder
In the Kingdom Hearts series paopau fruits are star-shaped... well, fruits that, if shared by two people, bind them together for life. Lily drew a star on Emma's wrist as a sign of their new friendship. Probably insignificant detail, but interesting all the same.

Tying the KH-verse to OUAT
Once upon a time there was a kingdom known as the Kingdom of Hearts(or some foreign word for heart; maybe even Hart for a lamer pun. You can suggest other better names under this). It was a kingdom hanging around in the general Enchanted Forest world, ruled by Queen Kairi, whose castle was located at the capital known as Radiant Garden. Queen Kairi had an extremely loyal captain of the guard, Sora, and his second in command was his best friend, Riku. In fact the three of them were great friends and very loyal to each other, with the queen herself even making them amulets that could track each other across worlds (AKA Wayfinders/Thalassa Shell charms). The kingdom was prosperous but it had good reason to be. The kingdom was the resting place of a relic known as the Keyblade, an enchanted sword- the only one of its kind, in fact -that could travel between the realms (like Jefferson's hat), could undo certain locks, and gives the wearer a little more resistance to time's flow. Kairi's family had been protecting the relic for centuries, and neighboring kingdoms and universes were quite lucky that no one was corrupt enough morally to use it for evil ends.

Enter Regina, who pursues the Keyblade for her own villainous (or not... or complicated) reasons, eventually meeting opposition from Sora and Riku when negotiations with Kairi turn sour. Sora ends up taking the Keyblade and retreating to the world without magic in an attempt to make sure that Regnia- nor anyone else -can abuse the Keyblade's power, with some Ironic Echo / Shout-Out of his parting speech from Kingdom Hearts I to Kairi ("I'll come back to you, I promise!" "I know you will!"). In the world without magic, Sora pledges to never go back for the good of his kingdom and others, and that the Keyblade will not fall into anyone's hands but his own. And so he becomes the Master of the Keyblade, and drifts around, cautiously making sure no one with evil ambitions from this or any world can get to the Keyblade.

And now, having learned of the curse(s) that dragged the Enchanted Forest into the world without magic, Sora has entered the scene in hopes of finding Kairi and Riku again, as his Wayfinder has begun working for the first time in years, and it has lead him- and the almighty Keyblade -to the not-so-sleepy town of Story Brooke...

Hook Being Heartless Will Actually Help
Given how they're fighting someone who had freezing hearts as a big part of what she does in her original story, what better way to spite/threaten Emma than by trying to freeze her boyfriend's heart? Only it's not there to for Ingrid freeze. And/or this also leaves Hook unaffected by the Spell of Shattered Sight.
  • And Rumple may try to claim that's why he "really" took Hook's heart and sucked up the fairies in the hat, to make it so the curse/heart freezing couldn't affect them (fairies under that spell might be pretty bad, dearies), as a way to get out of karma. He might even say he didn't tell Hook the "truth" because Hook would never have believed him.

Emma will be the one to use the hat
Hook will probably pull what he intends to be a Heroic Sacrifice to make sure Gold doesn't get the power he wants from the hat by giving it to Emma who will have her powers boosted up to levels that the Dark One could only dream of.

Emma will destroy the Dark One's dagger
Either through her own power or through the hat. She will find out about Gold's plots and punish him by destroying the dagger but only leaving him with a fraction of the powers he once had.

The Sorcerer will come to Storybrooke to speak to Emma
Because dark forces are gathering together and someone with strong light magic is needed to stand against them. His appearance will also have the Charmings and Regina in awe of him because he is a Living Legend.
  • Jossed. Merlin never made it to Storybrooke - he died in Camelot, though he did speak to Emma while they were both there.

Chernabog isn't actually dead
  • It was shown during the Frozen storyline that magic can never be destroyed, it only changes shape. After crossing the town line Chernabog has most likely become pure Dark Energy just waiting to be collected.
    • Well, there's no way to be sure, but it is possible the dust he exploded into when he crossed the line is what Fiona used to cast her curse for the Final Battle. And seeing as he had been guarding the Dark Curse she created, and was a demon that could seek out the darkest of evils, this both ties him to the Black Fairy already and suggests his essence would be powerful enough to create the new curse Fiona wanted.

Chernabog wasn't after Emma
  • He was really after Blue. She's clearly the most evil one left in Storybrooke.

The Sorcerer is going to be a more sinister character than he appears
  • When Blue learned the Sorcerer was in Storybrooke she seemed fearful along as surprise. She made it clear the Author and Sorcerer are different people, as if the Author is nothing like the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer's apprentice insisted his master doesn't deal with people who have fallen into darkness, but he cut a deal with Ingrid to get his hat back. Now he has the Author's books in his mansion for seemingly no reason. We know the Sorcerer can see the future even better than seers, given the detail he gave Ingrid about Emma and Storybrooke. It is possible that he was the one who gave Peter Pan the scroll with Henry's face centuries before Henry was ever born from some deal they made.
    • Possibly confirmed; we know he trapped the Author behind the door, but we don't know why...
    • Now we know, and it was for a good reason.

Lily is fathered by Diaval.
This Maleficent obviously isn't that Maleficent, but I honestly can't think of any other male, in any of the works she's appeared in, whom Maleficent has had an extended, friendly interaction with. May as well bring him in, too.

Lily will become a hero, in spite of her potential for darkness.
So Lily is Maleficent's daughter, cursed by The Sorcerer to inherit Emma's potential for darkness in addition to her own, naturally occuring potential. But that doesn't mean that she has to be evil. As The Apprentice pointed out, she still has the potential for light and the free will to choose between them. While the odds are now weighted in favor of her choosing darkness, she could still end up choosing light in the end. Ultimately, Emma will apologize to her for tearing apart their friendship all those years ago and this will cause her to redeem herself and become a hero (or at least, some kind of Anti-Hero).

The Author's interference caused everything.
In the name of "a good story", he caused the fallout between Regina and Snow, Rumplestiltskin's transformation into The Dark One, the formation of The Dark Curse, and even Snow White and Charming's decision to sacrifice Maleficent's child to save their own. Every event of the show has been because of him.

The Author doesn't have total control over everything
He still has to write a "good" story, meaning that regardless of how bad it turns out for the other characters, it needs to somewhat make sense within the narrative. He couldn't have just written Snow and Charming banish Maleficent's child, he had to nudge them towards that with smaller changes so that the larger changes he wanted could occur.

Lily is the daughter of Maleficent and Regina.
Lily has a very strong resemblance to Regina.

Chernabog is Lily's father

The other Authors will get a passing mention.
Isaac is/becomes Joseph Heller
  • He seems to have a penchant for Crapsack World filled with ambiguous morality and bad choices, plus, his last name is also Heller.

Season 4 was intended to be a Finale Season originally
Think about, we have villains coming out the woodworks far more than previous seasons, We have villainous confrontations between our original 2 villains regina and rumplestiltskin, An arc about Emma doing normal things for once in her context of also growing, Regina proving her good shades yet again, an origin for Henry's storybook, an origin for Charming's swordfighting, a proof of the fallibility of heroes, and even an unexpected Resurrection of a villain with only a handful of episodes to go. It has all the feel of a finale season even down to the Gambit Pileup by returning foes.

It isn't the act of killing that darkens one's heart, it's the guilt
Or at least, the belief that the act of killing was wrong, even if it was justified under the circumstances. This would explain why Emma's heart would become dark, even though killing Cruella was both an accident and done to protect an innocent. Emma believes that killing is wrong, no matter what, so her heart started to become dark. This could apply to Regina and Rumple as well; both gleefully did evil deeds in their past, but on some level they knew that what they were doing was evil.

Lily is the Sorcerer's daughter.
It would explain the star and moon markings, which are significant to the Sorcerer.

Zelena isn't really pregnant.
She's just pretending as another way to keep Robin with her and screw with Regina's happiness.
  • Jossed.

Emma will find a way to take back the darkness that was transplanted into Lily.
  • The flashbacks in "Lily" imply that something like this is possible, since Lily admits feeling less inclined to commit dark actions when Emma is around. At the end of the season, Emma will siphon Lily's excess darkness into herself, restoring them both to a state of normalcy and saving her old friend.

Lily doesn't have a father.
Maleficent was impregnated by coming into contact with the powerful True Love potion, which, as the writers hopefully haven't forgotten, was put inside her belly for safekeeping by David shortly before his and Snow's wedding.

The Black Fairy's real name is Carabosse
  • Jossed.

Morgan le Fay is the Black Fairy.
  • Jossed.

Ruby was always a lesbian.

During the first season or so, it was assumed she was straight, but Season 5B confirmed otherwise. However, we knew she was a werewolf far before then. In this theory, Ruby's werewolf side was also a stand-in for her lesbianism. Her fear of the wolf side of herself, the way Granny and others denied it in her, and the way she struggled with being both wolf and human, are very similar to what a lot of people go through before and during the process. As of "Child of the Moon," she considered herself "out" but just hadn't found anyone else she was attracted to.

  • Additionally, she was once attracted to Snow, but kept things platonic because she knew Snow loved Charming.

Granny is also a lesbian.

However, unlike Ruby she may never express that. In her Storybrooke form she would not be expected to, as it would be assumed people of her generation would not act on those feelings (wrong, but possibly assumed). In her Enchanted Forest form, she may have been bisexual, thus the marriage with Ruby's deceased grandfather, or she used him as the female version of a "beard."

Or, perhaps she did once have a relationship—with Dorothy's Auntie Em. A painful dissolution caused them to become bitter, resulting in restaurant competition and feuding in real life. That's also why in the Underworld of Season 5, you have Auntie's Diner, not Granny's.

Henry knew the truth about Storybrooke way before Snow/Mary Margaret gave him the book.

Although the show's pilot implies Henry realized the truth of the curse after reading the fairytales in the book his teacher gave him, evidence exists that he knew well before then. He was probably even born with the knowledge, somehow. One episode shows baby Henry after Regina adopted him; he would cry inconsolably whenever she held him, presumably because he knew her real identity on some level. We also don't know how long Henry had been seeing Dr. Hopper before the pilot. It's entirely possible that Henry had been telling everyone in Storybrooke the truth since he could talk. At first everybody thought, "He thinks fairytales are real and we're all characters; isn't that cute." But in short order it got out of hand, Regina sent him to a shrink, her emotional abuses got worse, the book came into his life, and well, there you have it.

There will eventually be a Once Upon a Time: The Next Generation.

The new savior will either be Charming and Snow's baby Neal, or a child Emma has with Hook. Other characters may include Zelena's daughter, a child Regina has with another lover or Robin, if they bring him back from the dead, Henry as a grown man in a Charming-esque role, Jefferson's daughter Paige/ Grace, and others.

  • Season 7 sort of counts, with grown Henry, his daughter and, later, Zelena's now grown daughter.

Princess Jasmine will appear, but she will be a reformed villain.

We haven't seen her yet, although it seems Aladdin will appear in Season 6. It's possible Jasmine will as well, and she could be a princess/reformed villain. Disney's original Aladdin script called for her to be very spoiled and unlikable, so that might be a somewhat refreshing take on her character.

  • Confirmed on appearing; jossed on being a former villain.

Belle's baby will be a boy named Chip.

A sly wink to Disney, and in memory of the chipped cup. Of course, it could be a nickname, perhaps short for Charlie.

  • Jossed. It's Gideon

Remember what Nimue said about Dark Ones being good at snuffing out the light? That's actually a song. Not to mention that the signature weapon, a dagger, is also a signature weapon of the Mayans and Aztecs, a major motif that Yzma's movie is based upon.


Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold's deals, contracts and items are a key element to the curse.
Emma may be the catalyst to removing the curse, but its ability to affect people can be influenced by the various contracts and items that Mr. Gold has. This may be why Mr. Gold has not been as affected, if he was affected at all, by the curse. As he is the 'memory keeper' because of all the items, he did not get affected. I would not put it past him to be Crazy-Prepared for the curse.

The Dark Curse was (accidentally) created by the Blue Fairy.
Although she has only appeared in a few episodes, so far she seems to have circumvented the Equivalent Exchange rule of the Enchanted Forest (Thomas' disappearance was caused by breaking the deal with Rumplestiltskin, rather than the quill's creation). However, it's possible that her powers only extend to delaying the price of the spell. After countless years of dark magic building up to balance her good deeds, but not being able to act upon anything, eventually the Dark Curse was formed and continued to become stronger and stronger.

Regina hasn't actually teamed up with Cora.
She's actually still one of the good guys; she's only pretending to work with Cora until she can figure out a way to banish/vanquish her once and for all...
  • There are so many hints that she is disgusted by what her mother does that maybe she is starting to oppose her, even if her original idea was to follow her. After all, maybe she never planed to kill them, since it almost estranged her with Henry. Maybe she will just trap them all for a few episodes.

Regina will rip out Snow's heart and use it to control her.
Just like how Cora did with Aurora. It will be the sad sign that she's once again gone back to the dark side, only in a much more sinister way.

Alright everybody, place your bets.
According to the new promos, in next week's episode The Miller's Daughter, Tonight, Someone Dies. And according to some spoiler premieres beforehand, it WILL be a major character. So, place your bets. WHO IS GETTING THE AX?

  • Rumplestiltskin? He's got lots of people at least annoyed at him, and being poisoned, he does have death as a default unless they can return to the town line.
    • There are apparently rumored set photos of him in later episodes, so possibly not.
  • My bets are on uNeal so Rumple loses his son almost immediately after losing his girl.
  • While trying to kill Cora, Mary Margaret will accidentally kill Emma.
    • Or Charming, who may step in to try to stop her from killing Cora in order to save her. Wouldn't be the first time.
    • Somewhat related, the promo material shows Snow holding one of Cora/Regina's heart boxes. As we know from the mid-season finale Queen of Hearts, Cora keeps her heart outside of her own body. To top it off, nothing says Snow doesn't still have the candle she received from Cora that would have saved her mother Eva... Perhaps she'll think it a Karmic Death but be tricked to use it over someone else's heart?
    • Everyone will die. Except for Anton, who will drink some magic water and become the town's new protector.
    • It's Cora.

Eva and Cora are sisters.
It kinda makes sense, since when Cora's talking to Eva when she's dead, she has a sort of behavior when two sisters are comparing their daughters. She kinda goes on about how Regina's going to be queen and Snow isn't and so on and so forth. And that would actually make Snow and Regina cousins...
  • Maybe they were separated at birth.

A new dark force will come to replace the void left by the Dark One's destruction
Good and Evil always exist in Fairy Tale world. When good forces die, new ones emerge to replace them. When evil ones are vanquished new evil appears in a different form. There has always been a weird balance for them. That's what I think the Dark One represents. The Dark One is a immortal being who can only be killed by using the dagger that is the source of its power (usually), and the person who killed them becomes the next Dark One. That system seems like its setup to keep the balance by ensuring there is a new Dark One to fill the void. Now that the Dark One line has ended completely there is a void left that has to be filled. This would explain why Blue Fairy and Rumplestiltskin have never tried to kill the other one, despite their hatred for each other. They would both know even if they succeeded in killing the other one the laws of magic or balance would have a new force come in to replace the other one. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know.
  • Jossed. The Dark One line hasn't ended. Rumplestiltskin is still alive and The Dark One's dagger still affects him.

The grain merchant's daughter...
Is the miller's daughter from the original Rumplestiltskin tale. However, given the universe differences, it is not likely she will go through the "guess my name" hoops as in her original story.
  • There's a theory mentioned above that Regina was the Miller's daughter (hence her "earth" last name of Mills), and if this was true, it would somewhat explain her hatred of Snow White/Mary Margaret.
    • Not really. "Snow Falls" (at least the fairy tale parts) takes place immediately after "The Shepherd", and in "Snow Falls", Snow White has been wanted for such a long time that even a shepherd knows about her. There's no way that James could have been standing in for his dead brother long enough for the first part of the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" story to play out. They didn't even bother training him to go after the dragon and right after that was over, he and Abigail (who was wearing the same dress) left.
    • Jossed big time. Regina's mother, Cora, was the miller's daughter.

Emma is actually also Wendy.
Line of thought: Baelfire could be Henry's father as some people think, and Rumplestiltskin also has a ton of Peter Pan trappings to his character. Baelfire as a boy fighting Hook could be Peter Pan, and if Emma is the girl who was lost to Baelfire in the real world, then that would make her Baelfire's Wendy.
  • "Second Star To The Right" josses this one on multiple levels. First, Baelfire turns out not to be Peter Pan. (The fact that there was a Peter Pan shadow implies that there already was a Peter Pan before Baelfire got there.) On a more simple level, Wendy Darling was a real person.

Regina is going to DIE!!!
Judging on what's going on with "straight on till morning" promo, I think this is going to be end of the evil queen, hence all the meta buildup over whether she can ever be redeemed. So she'll die here, in the town she cursed to appear as her final penance for her sins. A perfect loop: she brought the town into existence, and now she'll die to save it's citizens.
  • Well, she survived the finale.

In the OUaT universe, Captain Hook and Peter Pan are the same person.
Hook is Peter and his crew are the Lost Boys. When we first meet him, he and his crew sail to Neverland. But how did they know that Neverland existed in the first place? Because they'd been there before. Peter and the Lost Boys were somehow forced to leave Neverland for the Enchanted Forest realm, where they became pirates and looked for a way back.
  • He also mentions spending time with the Lost Boys and can tell that Emma is an orphan as she has the same look in her eyes as them. Hook wouldn't know the Lost Boys so well if they were enemies. They were most likely friends.
  • Jossed big-time. Peter Pan is a separate, far more evil entity than Hook.

This show's version of Ariel will either be paraplegic or paralyzed from the waist down.
I read in Entertainment Weekly that the writers are working on adding Ariel to the cast, it would only make sense if she couldn't walk because of Mermaid state in the past.
  • Alternatively, she'll be mute.
  • Or she might be neither, and be a still-in-the-Enchanted-Forest person like Mulan and Aurora. Perhaps Snow and Emma might end up needing to go diving for special squid.
    • Guys, there are already mermaids in Neverland. It's not rocket surgery.
  • Jossed in the episode “Ariel”. She was unaffected by the Dark Curse and is living in Neverland. Regina does turn her into a mute in their first encounter though.

Eric will be one of the Lost Ones.
Going off the theory that Ariel is a Neverland mermaid, Eric is a Lost One (he may or may not be a prince) and will meet her that way.
  • Jossed, he was a prince in Fairy Tale Land and is in Storybrooke.

Peter Pan was a person who turned into a Living Shadow.
Becoming a shadow is what happens when someone's heart becomes very very dark.
  • Jossed. He's a man who got turned into a boy BY a Living Shadow.

The Shadow isn't evil.
It just got separated from Peter Pan and is now looking for its owner, which is why it's abducting all those boys.
  • Jossed. Peter Pan controls shadows and sends them out to kidnap boys in hopes that one of them is the one he needs: Henry.

Peter Pan will be Asian.
His last name, Pan, is a common Chinese surname.
  • Jossed. He's British.

Peter Pan is just a shadow. He had a body once, but now it's gone.

Peter Pan is Baelfire
The change is the result of Rumplestiltskin forcibly turning Baelfire/Neal into a fourteen year old again once he finds him alive. The price is that it messes Bae up and throws him outside of time in Neverland.
  • Majorly Jossed. Pan is the Big Bad behind everything wrong in Baelfire (and Rumple's) lives.

Henry is Peter Pan.
Henry is going to be Rumplestiltskin's downfall. Let's face it, at this point, that downfall is NOT going to happen without Hook being involved in some way, which would imply that Henry has a bigger role than anyone knows.
  • Since Peter Pan already exists in this show's universe as of "Second Star to the Right", he can't be Henry.
    • Original poster here. Well, so far all we've seen is a shadow. And it's looking for Henry specifically. Maybe the shadow belongs to Henry, making him Peter Pan? So while my thought process for the theory originally has been Jossed, it looks like it's at least a possibility. (As to why the shadow existed a hundred years before Henry was me.
      • As of the season three premiere, Henry and Peter are two different people who interact together.
      • As of "Save Henry", in a strange, roundabout way Henry is trapped in Pan's body and vice versa. Still, this is Jossed.

Peter is interested in Henry because he is foretold to be Rumple's "undoing."
Peter, or possibly Peter's parents, entered a deal with Rumple so that something bad will happen to Peter when he reaches adulthood. Peter fled to Neverland, putting off adulthood to evade Rumple while researching ways to kill him. He eventually found out about Henry and hopes he can use Henry to get out of the deal.
  • Jossed. Pan's true origin is much more surprising, and he wanted Henry's heart to become immortal.

Tinkerbell was originally Peter's Fairy Godmother.
Peter wished to stop aging and she brought him to Neverland.
  • Jossed. Tink actually has little to do with Pan.

Rufio will be Peter's Starscream.
The show has announced that they will be casting "Rufio." Making Rufio into Peter's Starscream would be reflective of their relationship in Hook, in which they start off as rivals to the leadership of the Lost Boys.
  • Jossed. "Rufio" was the name in casting only. The character's name is Felix, and he's loyal to Pan to the end.

Peter Pan is Rumplestiltskin's brother
He seems to know about Rumple's past, the two are very connected, and it seems both of them were abandoned by their father.
  • Alternatively, Peter Pan is Rumplestiltskin's father. A very young father.
  • Well Rumple says that they were "very close". He never said they were friends, which at least hints that they had a different type of relationship.
  • Partially jossed. Pan is Rumple's father, not brother, who de-aged himself to stay in Neverland.

Wendy's child runs the Home Office in our world
If Wendy was 15 during the events of Peter Pan (original Disney movie) it would likely be her child being the boss at the home office
  • Jossed - Wendy's still a teenager, due to being taken to Neverland. Her brothers run the Home Office in our world.

Wendy Darling is still alive somewhere, leading the organization that's seeking to wipe out magic.
She learned her lesson from Neverland and acted on what Bae had told her about how evil magic is. She formed the organization and began trying to destroy all traces of magic.
  • Or perhaps she founded the anti-magic organization but is no longer alive in the present day.
  • Jossed. Peter Pan IS the Home Office, and Wendy is still a teenager and being held in Neverland.

The people in charge of the "Home Office" will be related to any of the following families...
  • The Darlings
  • The Gales
  • The Lidells
  • The Gullivers
  • The Harkers
  • As a bonus Susan Pevensie might’ve married into one of the above. As a child during WWII, she would be the likeliest to still be alive.
  • Fitting in with the TRON-related guesses, any one of or all three of the following; Ed Dillinger / Master Control 2.0 (who knows about other worlds and is greedy enough to want them conquered), Ed Dillinger Jr. (we have no idea what this guy's up to), or even Alan Bradley (who shows some hints of being a first-rate Chessmaster, and has a good motive for revenge if he erroneously thinks it had a hand in Kevin's disappearance)
  • Pretty much jossed, since Peter Pan IS the Home Office.

The Home Office started in Britain.
If you look at the families above, it seems pretty obvious, and it eventually spread to America as the organization grew in strength.
  • Jossed - Peter Pan IS the Home Office.
    • However, the Home Office in the non-magic world seemed to be started by John and Michael Darling under orders from Pan, so maybe it did start in Britain.

The Home Office helped get Henry adopted by Regina.
  • They knew about Storybrooke thanks to Owen, but had no way to get there, since the curse was shutting out strangers. They needed the curse broken in order to make their move against the town, so when Mr. Gold went looking for a child for Mayor Regina, they stepped in and brought him Henry, whom Emma had just put up for adoption. This was sure to bring Emma to Storybrooke eventually and break the curse. This would explain how Mr. Gold happened to find Henry, of all children, despite not having any memory of his life as Rumplestiltskin or his plan to break the curse at the time.
    • As of "Save Henry", this is Jossed. The Darlings, working for "The Home Office", were also trying to adopt Henry.

Eric will be one of the Lost Boys.
Mermaids exist in Neverland and there's a lot of speculation that Ariel will be one of them. Her love interest could be a Lost Boy named Eric.
  • It's been confirmed that Ariel will appear in Neverland.
    • Jossed. Eric was affected by the Dark Curse and is in Storybrooke.

Snow will be pregnant by the end of Season 2.
As seen in 2x10, she and David are very happy to be reunited.
  • That does not automatically mean that they would have another baby, just so they can experience parenting.
  • Most likely Jossed. Although Snow does want another child, and Gennifer Goodwin is now pregnant.
  • Definitely jossed. The pregnancy started during season 3's timeskip.

The past life thing can be proven via DNA testing.
If Snow White is really her mum, and Prince Charming her dad, DNA testing might just be able to convince her.
  • Or make it really awkward, since they look approximately the same ages, and finding out each one of them shares half their DNA with Emma may lead them to believe she's their shared half-sister rather than their daughter from another life. Which will bring up so many Squicky questions...
    • Jossed, as the Curse is broken and Emma knows and interacts with her parents frequently.

Grace is Alice.
She'll go looking for her father, Jefferson, and end up in Wonderland. Unfortunately, he'll have already been driven to insanity after making hundreds of hats in a futile attempt to find his daughter and he won't even recognize her.
  • Alice is a separate character, with her own spinoff series.

Alice is the Queen of Hearts (and Jefferson's lost wife).
Yes I know her hair is the wrong colour, but how intriguing is it that she is so deliberately obscured during Jefferson's interrogation. We only have Regina's observation that she is unpleasant. The Queen is not angered until Jefferson confesses he left his (their) daughter alone. Then he is condemned to work unceasingly until he can open the portal again. This could be interpreted as a very angry mother saying, "You broke this. Fix IT." Jefferson says himself that Wonderland is where Grace's mother was "lost".
  • If you mean that Alice is her daughter, it is possible.
  • Jossed, Cora is the Queen of Hearts.
  • Alice is a separate character, with her own spinoff. So, Jossed.

Jack the Giant Killer is also Alice.
  • Jossed. Alice is a completely separate character, as seen in the spinoff.

Aurora, Phillip and Mulan are the only people left in the Enchanted Forest.
Probably. Wonder how they're gonna live their lives.
  • Jossed, as we've seen Robin Hood and his Merry Men in the Enchanted Forest in the present day (as of season 3).

Belle is Alice.
Thanks to Regina, she's followed the white rabbit to the Rabbit Hole.
  • Given Alice is appearing in her own spinoff and is NOT Belle, jossed.

Rumple won't actually turn back to evil to win Lacey's heart...
...he's just Genre Savvy to realize that 'the man she fell in love with' was Evil!Rumple. So what he'll do is stage things to look like he's old fashion Dark One but not actually cause any harm. Or he'll stage all the major events in their relationship.
  • Jossed. Belle is restored through a potion, courtesy of the Blue Fairy and the Dwarfs.

The home office was an ancient order the Darlings joined
  • Wendy had always wanted to save Bae, the Darlings grew up to become adults that were interested in fighting magic. They joined the templar order that we now call the Home Office and eventually became high ranked.
  • Eventually, the order attacked Neverland as Wendy planned, but Peter pan defeated them, captured Wendy and turned the order into his slaves. The Darlings became the home office, controlling the order from Neverland through immortality.
  • Wendy was an adult but became young again by virtue of believing like Rumple's father. It is likely Peter Pan did this to keep Wendy under control, maybe even he is in love with her.
  • This has been Jossed. The Home Office was a front for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys' plans that was founded by John and Michael Darling under Pan's orders, since he was holding their sister hostage and would kill her unless they did as he said.

After Bae escaped, the Shadow went back to the Darling house and took another boy.
The shadow wanted one of the Darling boys. What's to stop him from going back to the Darlings' house to take another?
  • Jossed. John and Micheal did eventually join up with them, but they were already fully grown.

Peter Pan has precognitive powers, or is in league with someone who does.
Seeking to become the Dark One, he foresaw the events that would lead to Henry's birth, and eventually returned Bae to the Land Without Magic so he could grow up, meet Emma and father Henry, who would be the perfect bait to lure Rumplestiltskin, the current Dark One, to Neverland.
  • Well, the part about wanting to become the Dark One is jossed.

Dr. Whale is also the Wizard of Oz.
  • Jefferson makes allusions to The Wizard of Oz while introducing Regina to Frankenstein. It's also implied that he was in the Land of Oz right before meeting Regina at Rumplestiltskin's place for the first time.
  • Both Frankenstein and the Wizard are characters who embody science and technology rather than magic.
  • See the theory in the "Other Worlds" folder suggesting that Dorothy's Kansas, and perhaps Oz itself, are in the Land Without Colour.
    • Jossed. Walsh, Emma's "fiance", is the Wizard.

Puss in Boots will be the Cheshire Cat.
The Queen of Hearts sent the Cheshire Cat to the Enchanted Forest in order to find a way to spy on Regina. The boy that he helps rise to power gains Regina's favour, and Puss/Cheshire is treated as one of the kingdom's finest assassins until Regina discovers his origins.
  • That oddly seems likely. After all the Cheshire Cat always seems to know more about what is going on than anyone else, to add more to this theory though it's possible that he manipulated the Queen in order to allow him to leave wonderland(maybe with Regina's Father as the exchange). Him raising the boy to power also seems to benefit himself as he has more freedom that way because cats are not known for their altruism.

Dr. Frankenstein is also The Wizard of Oz.
There's a reference in one episode (that deals with travel between the realms, including that performed by Frankenstein) to an important pair of slippers. Frankenstein's plots deal with Science Versus Magic (and the relative pros and cons of each), which makes it plausible that if he traveled to another realm, Frankenstein might pass off Sufficiently Advanced Technology as magic. Also, the show makes a point of showing that even if seemingly different, Storybrooke personalities line up with (facets of) the real personalities of those characters. Well, Dr. Whale, Frankenstein's Storybrooke identity, is a pompous lechery who is Too Clever by Half, which is how the Wizard is portrayed in Wicked, and in Oz: The Great and Powerful (as a villain in the former and a hero in the latter).

  • Jossed. Walsh, Emma's "fiance", is the wizard.

The relationship between Snow's mother and Cora.
Is similar to the story of Snow-White and Rose-Red. Their mother was a poor widow, and her husband had been a miller. The bear that the sisters meet was likely Rumplestiltskin, who offers to teach them magic in exchange for their help (also a gambit to find someone able to cast the Dark Curse). Cora, who is the outspoken, one of the sisters (also possibly the older one of the two) is eager to learn, but Snow's mother has misgivings. Over time, this results in Cora turning evil and Snow's mother steadfastly holding on to being good. This begins to drive a wedge between the sisters, and an irreparable rift happens when Snow's mother marries the King. This was likely the result of Snow's mother being courted by him, and Cora harboured jealousy that Snow's mother had caught the fancies of the king. So, Cora decided to get revenge on her goody-two-shoes sister.
  • If this really is true, that just makes the family tree even weirder. Cora would be Snow's aunt and Regina would be Snow's cousin...making her marriage to Snow's father rather awkward...
  • Maybe Snow's mother is in fact Cora's daughter. Think of it, Cora has a certain age, and it probably took her time and efforts, including travels into evil, to get the firstborn back. Perhaps she came back, having done all that was needed, and Eva had been raised by someone else, and told her that she didn't want to have anything to do with her "evil mother". This prompts Cora's Start of Darkness and she gets revenge as she planned to get on Regina when she sent Hook to her.
    • Adding to this, Cora might have a habit of paving the way for her daughters to be like her as queens (living out her desire). Eva, upon becoming queen, realized she wanted to be good and became a good queen. Because of this, Cora decided to break her next daughter, Regina, to feel like she has no choice but to be queen the way her mother wants her to be.
      • Jossed. Cora was a miller's daughter, who married King Xavier's son Henry and bore his daughter Regina. Eva was a princess from another country who was visiting Xavier's kingdom before the marriage, when Cora was still a peasant girl, and earned Cora's hatred by humiliating her in front of everyone.

Rumplestiltzkin's father was Paris.
Paris is infamous for his cowardice during the Trojan War.
  • Jossed, his name is Malcolm. And he's no prince.

Eva is Dorothy Gale, or related to her/Oz somehow.
In "The Doctor" the Hatter mentions a certain pair of slippers that can travel between world's aren't available. Queen Eva is buried in a rather striking pair of ruby shoes...
  • In two different versions of the Oz story, the wicked witch of the East, the original owner of the slippers, is named a variation of "Eva"!
  • Jossed. Eva is from Zelena's far past, while Dorothy appeared in Zelena's more recent past after Eva had died.

The Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow are, respectively,
  • Rumplestilskin, a coward in need of courage, both before and after becoming the Dark One.
  • Victor Frankenstein (or the Huntsman), in need of a heart, and
  • Jefferson, as the Mad Hatter, in need of a brain.
  • Nonexistent. Their respective desired traits are stolen from Charming, Regina and Rumple, and are also symbols of three of the four witches of Oz.

Regina will try to use People Puppets on the poor Snow White to make her murder Charming.
Thus, she will reproduce what happened to Daniel and take revenge from what happened to her mother.
  • Jossed. She's redeemed herself.

Snow White will make a full-blown Face–Heel Turn.
She was already warned that if she succumbed to revenge, she would become just as wicked as what she fought. Seeing as she already did two deliberate Dark Side actions in both conducting the candle spell and tricking Regina into murdering Cora out of Revenge, not protection (David even points it out), then the greased slope is already wide open and ready to start sliding. Now we have Regina and Snow in one hell of a Cycle of Revenge that's liable to doom everyone. (Where's Jiminy when you need him?! Did BioWare call again?)
  • Not as of season 3, she hasn't… her heart's been purified, suggesting this is jossed.

Lacey will be a Big Bad in Season 3.
She's already proven to have few morals, and her desire for magic seems like a clear sign given this show's history with people who become addicted to magic.
  • Jossed, Lacey is done before she even got started.

The Curse was never broken.
When Emma came, time began again, symbolized by the clock tower starting. But when she 'broke' the Curse, time stopped again (symbolized by the clock tower stopping). The bringing of magic, the breaking of the first Curse, and so forth only powered a second one... one that serves much like the first but has no master/mistress and serves no cause but to make sure no one has a happy ending. It has become the embodiment of Status Quo Is God.
  • Jossed. The curse really was broken, but all that does is restore memories. It has to be deliberately undone to transport them back to the Enchanted Forest.

Eva and her kingdom destroyed King Xavier's -and Cora's- kingdom.
Think about it. Cora hated Eva to the point of murdering her and wanting to corrupt her daughter as further revenge. Why? It can't just be because of that one incident of Eva tripping her in "The Miller's Daughter". That wasn't enough to make Cora hate Eva to that degree; she and Eva barely interacted during it, not to mention Cora didn't bring it up too much for the rest of the episode (she was more angry at King Xavier for her situation than Eva). Now combine this with the fact that at the end of "The Miller's Daughter", Cora belonged to a kingdom, one which Regina would one day be Queen of, hence her name. But by "The Stable Boy", Henry, Cora and Regina are rich aristocrats in the middle of nowhere, with no sign of Xavier or his kingdom. It would make perfect sense if Eva was the downfall of that kingdom. It would explain why Cora hates her so much and why making Regina the Queen of Eva's kingdom by marrying her off to Eva's husband is so important to Cora, as is corrupting Eva's daughter.
  • This theory is strengthened by Word of God saying that they want to have Rose McGowan back in Season 3, meaning we'll be seeing young Cora again, likely in a flashback showing how she loses her kingdom thanks to Eva.
  • Jossed. Cora nearly married Prince Leopold, but Eva exposed her existing pregnancy and her attempted theft of royal treasure to him, causing him to renounce her.

Belle's true memories will be restored, but not by Mr. Gold.
It'll be Maurice who restores them. As the end of Season 1 pointed out, True Love's Kiss can be administered even when the love isn't romantic in nature. The love between a parent and their child also qualifies as true love.
  • To take it a step farther, it'll be a moment of redemption for Maurice too, as he finds belle, but seeing what she'd be in the opposite, desides he'd rather have her angry with him and restored than become such a twisted opposite of what his daughter is. Thus in a kiss goodbye, he'll find some way to reconcile with her, setting up the next big plot thread of her trying to get her father and the beast to like each other.
  • Jossed. Belle's memories were restored by a potion prepared by the Blue Fairy, served to her in her chipped cup.

After Belle gets her real memories back...
...she'll apologizing for destroying the chipped cup. Gold will answer "It's only a cup."
  • Seems possible considering the "Lacey" episode was positively drowning in the parallel conversations and call backs between Rumple/Belle and Gold/Lacey.
  • Jossed. She said nothing about it.

Anton is also Little John from Robin Hood.
I think that Anton might also be Little John from Robin Hood. His dwarf name of 'Tiny' does fit that theory.
  • Jossed - Little John is in the Enchanted Forest with Robin Hood, as seen in season 3, episode 3.

The original Dark One was the Wicked Witch of the West
This troper can't remember if her skin was green in the original Baum books, but it is in nearly every adaptation, which draws a parallel between the powers of the Dark One. It's possible that her "death" at the hands of Dorothy was just an illusion to go into hiding.
  • Another possibility: Dorothy really did kill the Wicked Witch and became the next Dark One herself. Hey, they already went Darker and Edgier with Peter Pan. I think it's fair to say that anything goes at this point.
  • Jossed. Zelena was never the Dark One; and Dorothy is a separate character.

Emma actually did keep Henry
Okay so I don't know how the writers are planning to explain how the heck Gold got Henry to Storybrooke. So here's my theory. Emma did not give Henry up for adoption. After she got out of jail, she got herself together and got Henry out of foster care. Then, in an attempt to make a fresh start, the two of them set off on the road and ended up in Storybrooke. Regina, seeing an unwed teenage mother with an infant, couldn't resist. So she kidnapped Henry and used some leftover fairy dust or whatever to screw with Emma''s memories and make Emma think that she'd given her child up for adoption. Emma leaves Storybrooke and doesn't come back until Henry finds her in Boston ten years later.
  • I dunno. It seems rather implausible, since the "self hiding" and "different personalities" magics were the only active magics present in storybrooke at first. I think Regina genuinely didn't have magic to use until Emma started tweaking things the 2nd time.
  • Didn't Regina use some kind of leftover magic to use Jefferson's hat to get the poison apple and before that to kill Graham (or did she just crush his heart?) ?
  • All that was after Emma got there and started affecting things. That said, she did have some magic in "Welcome to Storybrooke" when she used Graham's heart to control him, long before Emma even knew the town existed.
  • Jossed. She gave him up for adoption, and Regina adopted him through normal channels.

Tinkerbell is dead or otherwise out of commission
  • Peter Pan is trying to bring her back. He needs The Heart of The Truest Believer because belief is power in Neverland and only that person's heart has the power to do what Peter wants. You might have noticed in the premire that, while Pan has a gang of Lost Boys, he is not accompanied by Tinker Bell. He has pixie dust on him, so that rules out the possibility of them not having met yet. This implies that something is keeping them apart. Also, the "turning evil to bring back someone you care about" angle would fit with the show's whole "Evil isn't born, it's made" theme.
  • Well, she's de-powered, at the very least, after the Blue Fairy punishes her for her attempt to help Regina.

Rumplestiltskin had a hand in whatever happened to Tinkerbell.
  • Going along with the above guess, this is why he and Peter Pan were enemies before. (Felix: "If you're here for the boy, then you're Pan's enemy." Rumple: "Well, then nothing's changed.")
  • Semi-jossed. She was de-powered by the Blue Fairy, but we haven't seen how she ended up in Neverland. Rumplestiltskin may be responsible for this.

The Blue Fairy is Tinkerbell
  • And she is the Greater-Scope Villain behind Peter Pan, who is currently acting as her "Dragon". Both Neal/Baelfire being in the Land Without Magic in order to meet Emma and produce Henry, and Rumplestiltskin's manipulating of people/events in order to have the Curse cast and set up the birth of Emma and her presence in the Land Without Magic to meet Niel/Baelfire are directly due to the manipulations of the Blue Fairy and appear to be crucial to whatever Peter Pan is trying to achieve.
    • Jossed - the two characters have scenes together in season 3, episode 3. Tinkerbell WORKED for the Blue Fairy until she lost her powers.

Charming will attempt to become the Dark One.
Self preservation has already made him act out of character with how eager he was to aggressively capture Tinkerbell and get her pixie dust. As he becomes more and more desperate to stay alive, he will stumble upon the Dark One dagger and after much agonizing will attempt to kill Rumple with it hoping that the Dark One curse can cure him.
  • Jossed.

Rumple will sacrifice himself to cure Charming.
Either through something similar to the candle and Cora, or by surrendering to Peter in exchange for an antidote. Neal will see this, finally realize that Rumple's changed and forgive his father.
  • Jossed. Rumple says he can make a permanent cure using the water previously used on Charming.

The first name of Hook's brother is Davy
  • A chest was prominently presented, his first name was never told, the series loves that ripped out heart theme, and it ties in well with the WMG above about Ursula also being Calypso.
    • Jossed. It's revealed in the same episode he is introduced in that his name is Liam Jones. Their father, on the other hand, may yet be Davy...

Rumplestiltskin is not actually dead.
  • There's only one piece of evidence to support this, but it's a big one: He doesn't leave a body behind. Instead, he and Pan disappear into some sort of light. This may mean that the "downfall" the seer predicted was something other than death. (Possibly the loss of his powers and immortality i.e. the "downfall" of The Dark One and the rebirth of Rumplestiltskin, the human being.)
    • Second piece of evidence: The aforementioned light is a previously unseen effect of the Dark One being stabbed with the dagger: When Rumplestiltskin stabbed Zoso in "Desperate Souls", Zoso just died, no light show or flash of any kind (apart from turning back into his ordinary human form). This suggests that Rumple stabbing himself with the dagger had an effect other than killing him.
      • Jossed. He really died, and was resurrected.

West is Rumple's child conceived at some point after he lost Bae but before he met Cora.
Her appearance can be explained as a trait inherited by the circumstances of her birth. Her mom could be Glenda for extra Irony.
  • Nope. Her father was a gardener, and her mom's Cora.

Regina, Emma and Belle will share the role of Dorothy
Emma is the one who wants to find home. Belle is the one who wants to find the wizard, which in this 'verse will be Rumple. It's no accident that advertisement for early season three described him as a wizard. Lastly, Regina is the one who dropped a house on the Wicked Witch's sister's house. When Regina stopped Peter Pan's curse and sent everyone back to their land, the Enchanted Forest residents landed on the house of WW's sister by mistake.
  • Alternatively, it could just be a power struggle between Regina and WW. I don't have a link, but if you look at stills at the promo for the next season and compare them with old episodes, it looks like WW has been living in Regina's old castle.
  • Nope. Dorothy was a separate person entirely.

Rumplestiltskin was in Another Dimension or another world and Zelena pulled him out.
  • It's a consistent rule of the series that magic, no matter how powerful, cannot bring back the dead. (Frankenstein's procedure doesn't count, because it isn't purely magical in nature). Also, if Rumple had actually died, it stands to reason that The Dark One's dagger would either be destroyed or simply had his name removed from it. Rather than being dead, he was sent somewhere else. Being there for an extended period of time drove him mad, which is why we see him acting the way he does.
    • Jossed as of "Quiet Minds". Zelena tricked Neal into reviving "The Dark One" in a way that should have killed him, had Rumple not absorbed him to protect him a little longer - thereby driving him insane from the two voices in his head.

Season 3's second villain is going to be one of the people still in Storybrooke
Apparently, team Henry is going to be leaving Neverland soon, but this show also buckles in on itself too often without a good villain to drive them along. Thus, upon their return, we're going to see the rise of another villain for the rest of the season. I suspect that either King George is going to get his time in the spotlight again, or that The Evil Blue Fairy is going to become canon. Either that, or there'll be a new Disney Villain that arises as a new threat. After all, there's still plenty to work with.
  • Jossed. The Wicked Witch of the West is the villain of part 2, and was in the Enchanted Forest when the others returned there.

The Black Fairy is the true big bad for Season 3 not the Wicked Witch
Two episodes in to the second half of season 3 and we learned more about Zelena than we did any other main villain in the same span of time. She's Cora's eldest daughter, she was abandoned in Oz, she was Rumple's former apprentices, he abandoned her in favor of training Regina to cast the dark curse. Her goal and motivation are explained right away, she wants to take everything Regina has out of jealousy. The fact she is older than Regina means there is a high probability that she'll be Rumple and Cora's daughter, which would probably mean Neal is on her list for being the kid Rumple sacrificed everything for to get back, while she grew up in Oz without either parent. Aside from a few details on her life in Oz we have everything we need to know about her. There is not a whole lot left for her to carry the season. It goes against the writers style of slow reveal, misdirection, and tying it all together in shocking fashion, such as Rumple manipulating Regina to cast the curse to find his son (which was revealed in the middle of season 1) or Regina's true reason for hating Snow being the part Snow played in Daniel's death (which we found it near the end of season 1). ABC has made no effort to keep the Wicked Witch a secret and the writers gave us all this info so early makes it feel like Zelena is distraction or red herring for us.

The conclusion of Neverland story arc mentioned the mysterious Black Fairy in a throwaway line to seemingly explain how Rumple could return Henry and Pan to their own bodies. The way Blue and the fairies treated the wand and the mention of Black with such fear and caution that it appears she is very powerful. The fact that her wand is what let Rumple perform the switch suggests his own magic couldn't do that. After the conclusion of Pan arc we jump right into the Wicked Witch and her plans, keeping us from thinking about the Black Fairy. My theory is Black is manipulating Zelena, possibly even trained her in Oz, to get her wand back to restore her full powers. We know without wands fairies are limited in magic or powerless. She plans on using Zelena to distract Blue, Emma, and the others while she works behind the scenes. Possibly the season will end with Black regaining her wand and set things up for season 4 (if the show gets renewed again).

  • This has been officially jossed. Zelena was working on her own and Black Fairy hasn't been so much as hinted at since 3a finale.
    • However, the Wikipedia entry for the show does reveal a guest appearance in the latter half of the fourth season will be Maleficent. We never saw her with a wand, implying she might be the Black Fairy and it was taken from her after she cursed Aurora, and with the True Love potion removed from inside her, she might be back to her old tricks. In which case in a way, the wand did hint at the Black Fairy coming into the plot, only a season later. (How she could still be alive, who knows, but the fact her spirit still lingered on to be fought by Hook, Greg, and Tamara suggests she didn't fully die, either. And there are certainly plots left unresolved related to her, such as Aurora and Phillip, or her wanting revenge on Regina.)
    • So Maleficent wasn't the Black Fairy either (or working with her), but she did end up becoming the Big Bad of Season 6; the writers were just playing the long game by introducing her wand three seasons in advance (then having it show up again in the season 3 finale to remind the viewer). Also by crazy coincidence (or perhaps not), the Black Fairy did have a small connection to Zelena: wanting to use her magic to corrupt the fairy crystals for the Final Battle. So not a protege, but a cat's paw.

Regina is also the wicked witch of the east
Let's look at all the traditional or adapted marks of the wicked witch of the east. She has a sister (like in the adaptations). she was called by snow at her wedding, "nothing more than an evil witch." She uses magic (duh). She was powerful. She and her sister have a complicated relationship. She even got a metaphorical "house" dropped on her that has killed her somewhat. (That house being henry. His being there with her is slowly changing her into more of a good guy.) And the witch of the west wants something of hers for more power. (more in line with the original books) Whether this works since we have no idea if regina ever went to Oz and they would know about that, I don't know, but it is worth considering.
  • Jossed as of 'Kansas'. The Witch of the East was a relatively minor character and a member of Oz's Council of Witches.

Rumplestilskin will be revealed to be the Cheshire Cat as well.
Let's see: Holds more power than any other character (the Cheshire cat can disappear and reappear at will, avoiding being caught or killed and when it most benefits him; Rumple is all but called the absolute most powerful magic user, shows up when it's time to make a deal which would benefit him in the long run). Knows more about what is going on than anything else (Cheshire in Wonderland, Rumple in Storybrooke). No one is sure whose side they're really on. To further this WMG, this troper theorizes that Rumple will find a way to Wonderland, maybe making a deal with Jefferson to get him back to his daughter (by making the Dark Curse affect all Fairy-tale-landians across the multiverse of worlds) in exchange for a favor (which would have been repaid in the Season 1 finale).
  • Jossed, it's made pretty clear when the Cheshire Cat shows up in the spinoff he's not Rumple.

Rumple's undoing.
In a twist, Cora could try and kill Henry in order to drive Regina further into the dark. Rumple, who is under Cora's control, refuses to kill him however (Henry's his grandson after all, and he loves Bae too much to do that). Refusing the power of the dagger could have a nasty effect on him which almost causes him to die, but his curse is broken by either Bae (who admits he still loves his father despite everything) or Belle (who has been brought into this in an attempt to calm Rumple down, and her kiss also restores her memories). And with the Dark One's curse broken, Cora loses her edge and loses the partnership with her daughter, who pulls another Heel–Face Turn.
  • Jossed. Cora dies due to Snow and Regina's actions. Belle has her memories restored by a different method.

The Wicked Witch of the West is the Black Fairy.
  • Jossed.

The Wicked Witch of the West is Rumplestiltskin's mother.
Having both villains of season three be a parent to Rumple would be an interesting way to tie the season together.
  • Jossed

Zelena is Rumple's daughter.
When Cora and Rumple were together, Cora broke things off with Rumple she was already pregnant. Zelena was the result of their union, and Cora sent her away so Rumple would never find her.
  • Unlikely, if not jossed by her pointing out she learned her way around a knife by shaving her drunk father back in Oz. Of course, she could be lying.
    • We now know that the man was her "adoptive" father, so this theory could still hold water. If Zelena was sired by Rumple during his time as the Dark One it "would" explain just why she was such a powerful sorceress from infancy as well as her strange condition.
  • Jossed

Zelena isn't really Regina's sister
In "New York Serenade," the winged monkey gave Zelena a drop of Regina's blood, which could presumably have broken the blood magic. As to why… speculate away!
  • Zelena also claims to have known Johanna. Sounds like a lot of coincidences to me!
  • Jossed by Word of Lana Parrilla. Zelena IS Regina's older sister, and Regina isn't happy about it.

Zelena will succeed in going back in time but when she finally meets Cora it won't be pretty
Everyone is probably thinking the same thing, despite what Regina said, Zelena still seems under the impression that she will be able to convince her mother to not give her up and doesn't understand how awful Cora truly is and when she does Zelena will probably truly go off the deep end.
  • Jossed as of the Season 3 finale. Zelena is dead and, though the portal opens, only Emma and hook get sent to the past...and eventually return.

Zelena will succeed changing the past, but Emma will escape the effects
The near the end of the season Zelena will actually succeed in changing the past. Some character like Gold or Mother Superior will have some solution to protect Emma from the effects, so she can find a way to undo Zelena's changes. The season end with Emma being unaffected, but stuck in altered timeline. This will set things up for next season where we'll see how Regina being absent has changed all the characters and worlds.
  • Jossed

Dorothy will show up in Storybrooke
The show usually has been pretty good at introducing characters from other stories. Last year they showed the Darlings when Peter Pan lore was introduced into the show. With Wicked Witch of the West as the main antagonist there is a good chance they'll introduce more Wizard of Oz characters. She could possibly be from the World Without Color like Whale.
  • Jossed

Zelena is the new Dark One
When Rumplestiltskin stabbed her with the dark dagger, something from when Balefire brought him back triggered, meaning that he accidentally transferred his power to Zelena, allowing her to fake her own death just like how she did with Dorothy in Oz.
  • Jossed. Her pendant is what keeps her alive.

Regina will redeem herself.
To prove that she wants what's best for Henry, Regina will cross the town border. She'll lose all her memories from the Enchanted Forest(and thus her motivation for being bad in the first place) in order to become the real Regina, mayor of a small town and mother to an adopted son.
  • Partially jossed. According to "Manhattan" even though she cast the curse Regina was never under it to begin with; she had no Storybrooke persona or "curse self". So when/if she ever crosses the town line the worst that will happen to her will be losing her magic.
    • Not necessarily Jossed as it could still be a surprise effect of crossing the line that Regina doesn't expect.
    • Well, considering there is no town line to cross anymore, it's jossed for good.

Belle and Red will become the sheriffs of Storybrooke for season 3.
George will be the Big Bad of Storybrooke for that season. The other two parts (Enchanted Forest and Neverland) already have their villains and heroes.
  • Jossed, as Red is absent for the most of the season and George is still MIA.

They both love brooms.
  • Jossed. The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a separate individual and becomes a recurring character in the 4th Season.

Elsa will be Will's sister who fell through the ice.
In Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Will says how he had a younger sister who fell through ice when they were younger. He doesn't elaborate, so the audience, and Alice, is to infer that she died. What if, instead, the family struck a deal with Rumple. They asked that he bring her back. He does so (what they give to him in return is beyond me) but warns that there will be consequences and that she might Come Back Wrong. She comes back to life but develops her ice powers, similar to the element that killed her. In despair, and not knowing how to handle her, her parents ask that Rumple help her control her powers, which he does by putting her in the bottle. Perhaps the bottle is similar to that of a genie, so that she was still able to grow up but was isolated all that time. In the bottle she was able to harness her powers to a small extent, but once released she just ends up letting it go, as it were, and that explains why the ice spreads as she walked away in the finale. After she is put in the bottle, Will's memories are erased so that he doesn't remember her after she falls through the ice. This is done because he fought against his parents allowing her to go with Rumple. So they did what they had to do to ease his pain. This is kind of out there, but does have some supporting evidence. The showrunners have already stated that Will will become a recurring character on the upcoming season. As well, this would be a great way to connect the two shows. Plus there are the parallels between Will and his sister on the ice and Jack and his sister from Rise of the Guardians.
  • Jossed. Elsa is of the same royal family as ever.

Alternatively, The Snow Queen is the sister Will lost
The whole WMG above is essentially the same, only Will's sister was lost in the enchanted forest, NOT in Arendelle. There might be some kind of magic alignment/prophecy/whatever regarding 2 people with ice powers, so this would make Will's sister a darker reflection to Elsa and Emma for being someone who gave up on trying to find her way back, and was only left with bitterness from there.
  • Jossed, since the Snow Queen is Elsa's aunt.

This version of The Snow Queen will be a goddess, like Ursula
Ursula was the goddess of the sea, and this Snow Queen will be the goddess of ice and/or winter. She was sealed in Rumple's vault because, by the modern time of the Enchanted forest, the old gods were thought to be myths and legends rather than reality. As such, her magic and powers would be beyond his comprehension and he would never be able to control such a force of nature as she.
  • Jossed. Elsa is said to have standard magic powers, just solely ice-focused.

Season 4's Frozen storyline will have a Player Punch included
Eddie and Adam aren't afraid to pull twists on the Disney pantheon, like how they made the genie the magic mirror. With something as beloved as Frozen, there's bound to be something dark and unexpected that they'll include as something to spice things up. For example..
  • We know that Kristen Bell already signed up to be Anna again. Well..what if she died in the Once universe, thus turning Elsa into the villain she seems set up to be?
    • Most likely, Hans or the Duke of Wesselton had Anna poisoned, and that set off Elsa's Berserk Button. Cue everyone in Arendelle fleeing for their lives, Norway and Sweden claiming the abandoned territory, and two generations later, a lonely and possibly psychotic Snow Queen meeting a young boy who wants to be her very special friend, but it's all due to the cursed mirror shard in his eye...
  • What if Olaf is The Conscience, but also a hallucination by Elsa that keeps her sane?
  • What if Elsa's heart is literally frozen when Regina takes it out, and only allowing herself to love again is what will have her be the next redeemed villain of the show?
  • Or, what if Elsa is also Ursula, and thus controls all water, and not just ice?
  • What if Elsa is actually NOT the season 4 villain. The vault contained things Rumple was afraid of while at the height of his villainous powers. What could be scarier for a true villain than a post-Frozen Elsa, happy and in complete control of her powers and determined to do good.
    • All Jossed but the last point.

That (n)ice young lady with blonde hair and blue dress ISN'T Elsa
It's Jadis and she's annoyed about all the hype this Elsa person's getting because she accidentally made winter last a few months longer than normal. For real though, all I know about OUAT's "Elsa" is she's going to be a Big Bad and misunderstood.
  • Big Bad Elsa had her heart frozen and deliberately froze her own world, or it froze after she accidentally destroyed her world.
  • Misunderstood Jadis didn't intend to speak the Deplorable Word or at least didn't realize how powerful it was; she kept Narnia in a century-long winter (sans Christmas) because her own land was in the frozen north (or Colorado) and she'd never heard of this "Christmas" holiday and didn't like the sound of it.
    • Thing is, in the original C. S. Lewis books, Jadis was pale, but she wasn't blonde. Her hair was "black as pitch."
    • And sorry if this bursts any bubble, but meta-wise, saying that blond-braided ice mage in blue dress is NOT Elsa is extremely risky for the show's creators. If they just wanted to bring the Snow Queen, they could have brought just about anyone and no one would bat an eyelash. Case in point: Most Rapunzel stories depict her as light-skinned blond, and yet OUAT has a dark-skinned brunette Rapunzel instead, and doesn't seem like anyone's raising torches and pitchforks (well, maybe a few early on). But blond-braided, blue-dressed ice mage persona has been strongly associated with Elsa, so suddenly telling people that she is NOT Elsa may end the show. And/or the creators. It's ok for the story to be slightly different from Frozen (for example, no Hans, no Kristoff, no Olaf; that would've been acceptable, even if odd), but that girl being non-Elsa? Expect torches and pitchforks.
    • Either way, very much Jossed by the Season 4 premiere.

There will be allusions to fandom's fire!Hans
Because why not?
  • Regrettably Jossed.

Hans is already in Storybrooke
  • Jossed. The only Arendelle character in Storybrooke before Elsa's arrival was the Snow Queen herself.

Hans's place will be taken by Prince James.
Manipulative, falsely charming and ready to take advantage of "love"? Bonus points if King George takes the place of the Duke of Weselton. Depending on how long Elsa's been in that jar.
  • Jossed- At least for Hans. In the first episode of season 4 Elsa mentions Hans and his brothers, and in the second both sisters meet David and they do not confuse him for someone else. And in the third we meet Hans himself in Arendelle.
  • Also Jossed with regard to Weselton.

Elsa fought Rumplestiltskin out of grief and revenge.
When Anna also never returned, Elsa went to the Enchanted Forest. There, due to him having actually done something to Anna, or her thinking he did, she fought a magic duel with Rumplestiltskin. It was thanks to this that he decided her powers were too dangerous for him to control, and so after he defeated her (because as powerful as she is, all she has power over is ice while he commands much more, and much darker, powers) he sealed her up in the urn.
  • Jossed. Anna does return from her meeting with Rumple, and Elsa presumably has never set foot in the Enchanted Forest.

Emma is going to get ice-blasted the same as Anna did.
The promo for next week showed Emma turning blue/getting iced over, and even had Hook state she was freezing. Chances are she encounters Elsa and either does something precipitous or simply can't get through to her with talking, and thus she gets blasted the same way Anna did. This will mean either Hook or Henry will have to perform an act of true love for Emma, or (to parallel Frozen even more) she'll have to perform one for them.
  • Partially Jossed, since all that happened was Emma falling through the ice, getting trapped, and starting to freeze to death naturally. However it was by appealing to Elsa's love for her sister, and showing her she understood her and wanted to help her by bonding over their commonalities, that Emma got through to Elsa, and Charming similarly appealed to her love of Anna and how he cared about her too because she had helped him. So in a way true love did have to do with how the ice got melted.

Hans will be killed via Redemption Equals Death combined with I Die Free.
Based on the OUAT formula of villains’ backstories, we will get an in-depth view of how living under the thumb of his family psychologically broke Hans. What is more satisfying then kicking the bucket while giving the asswipes who made your life Hell the figurative middle finger?
  • Jossed. We never get a glimpse into Hans's history.

Elsa's backstory will incorporate elements of both Frozen and "The Snow Queen".
Her life will be just as it was in Frozen, but the ending will be different: Anna will end up staying frozen as Elsa grows full of hate and destroys Hans. She will then become the Snow Queen who keeps Kai, who will see things differently because of the glass from the mirror of the devil. Kai will then be rescued by Gerda, and then the Snow Queen will end up in the vase in which she ended up.
  • Jossed. Elsa is the same character she is from Frozen, and the Snow Queen is an entirely separate character who serves at the arc's antagonist.

The Snow Queen had/will have a Foil in a fire sorceress.
Years ago, the Snow Queen had a counterpart, the yang to her yin: a woman with red hair and dressed in black with fire powers. Though the women were once close friends, the fire sorceress left the Snow Queen when the icy counterpart started down the megalomaniacal, above-it-all path. The Snow Queen really wasn’t happy with the "betrayal", especially when her ex-friend got together with the King of the Southern Isles
  • Jossed.

The Snow Queen is not Elsa's aunt
She lied just to gain Elsa's trust.
  • Jossed. The Snow Queen is indeed Elsa's aunt and her relationship with Elsa's mother makes up her entire character motivation.

The Snow Queen does not have a Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Going on the theory that the Snow Queen is NOT Elsa's aunt. As a twist on OUAT's villains, the Snow Queen will have a backstory, but not a particularly traumatic one. She grew up in a small, isolated village. Instead of being afraid of the girl's powers, her people viewed her as a goddess to hold in worship. Eventually, the glory went to her head and she left the human race behind to expand her kingdom.
    • Jossed. The Snow Queen has a very tragic history and just as tragic motives.

Next up for Rumple, betrayal by Belle and Baelfire.
Considering the direction the character is going in, he's either going to die in a manner somehow related to Henry, or his prophesied "downfall" is going to mean he's simply permanently de-powered. If the latter happens, at that point, there really won't be much left for the character; all his plot threads are resolved. Cue Bellefire... or Baelle... Whichever Portmanteau Couple Name works for you. This'll give him a reason to go evil again and keep his character interesting.
  • Jossed by Neal's death in Season 3.

Regina will find a second love in... Captain Hook (and vice versa).
Certainly they have a lot in common, after all. Not the least of which is they're the only unpaired characters on the show and if both are sticking around as regulars, they're both certainly anti-villains. Plus, Regina can always help him with the whole... taking a heart thing.
  • Jossed, since her true love is Robin Hood.

Henry isn't the first child that Regina has "adopted".
In Welcome to Storybrooke we see that Regina's desire to be a mother basically began with her encounter with young Owen Flynn. And she was perfectly willing to have his father arrested on fraudulent charges in order to gain access to Owen. Considering there's about eighteen years between that point and Regina's adoption of Henry, knowing Regina there is no way she would have sat by idly and waited that long to become a mother. For all we know, Henry could have a few brothers or sisters-by-adoption floating around out there.
  • And just to add a bit of Fridge Horror to that, these other children that Regina adopted would have aged and grown up normally, just like Henry. What would have happened to them once they reached adulthood and began to question what was wrong with Storybrooke?
    • For that matter, see entry under Headscratchers. Just how deep of trouble is Henry in for when he is no longer a dependent little boy (and a living toy), but a young man who has had enough and is capable of leaving? If he had siblings that got old enough to tell Regina off...
    • Jossed. Henry was definitely Regina's only child, and Henry has over time grown to love Regina, too, even telling her that he no longer believes she's a villain.

Robin will meet Regina and he will hate her.
Robin Hood is about stealing from the rich to help the poor and downtrodden. The "Evil Queen" is everything that he is against. The pixie dust marking him only means that if Regina meets him at that time, she will find happiness.
  • Jossed. When Marian is cursed by the Snow Queen, Robin admits that True Love's Kiss didn't work to break the spell because he's in love with someone else — Regina. The pixie dust meant that Robin and Regina are soul mates, and were even when Marian was still alive.

Regina was somehow responsible for the sickness that killed Marion.
Perhaps Marion was a noblewoman that Regina came to hate while she was Queen.
  • Doubly Jossed. Regina had no idea who Marian was until she arrived in Storybrooke, Marian was cursed by the Snow Queen to frame Elsa, and Regina goes out of her way to save Marian's life for Robin's sake.

Cora cursed Regina.
Think about it. Going by Enchanted Forest logic, all those times Regina was sincerely trying to be a good mother and to live up to Henry's ideal of her should have paid off. The end of the recent episode should have had her and Emma acknowledging each other as worthy equals, and she and Snow would have had a silent but meaningful gaze saying all was forgiven, and that she would have gone to lunch with them. Instead, her shaggy dog was shot by an elephant gun in the most thoughtless way possible: Henry ditching her. Not even deliberately. Emma called, he left.

This is in utter violation of all Fairy Tale rules and logic!

Before anyone argues that since this is in the 'real' world and such logic might not apply, consider that Rumpy is slowly heading towards a happy ending despite having done more evil than Regina, because he's in Beauty and the Beast and Love Redeems. Yet Regina, who is trying WAY more than Rumpy, and with much more sincerity, can't catch a break. And why?

Because Cora cursed her.

Think about it. Every time she acts Cora-esque, she gains (albeit hollow) satisfaction that a shallow person (like Cora) might call happiness. Yet when she tries to act on love (for Henry, or that revenge plot on behalf of Daniel that was framing Mary Margaret) she gets screwed utterly, despite such cause and effect being completely anathema to the rules of the universe. Even when The Curse was in effect, acting out of sincere love eventually makes things, on balance, better (Mary Margaret was an exception, as Regina was actively screwing with her. When Regina was being an obstructive bureaucrat and trying to push around Sheriff Emma, love found a way for the characters of the episode).

We know Cora openly and twistedly used magic on Regina to get her to follow her party line. It's not that far fetched she deliberately set up a curse that screwed with Regina's happiness if she tried to live as anything but a Cora clone.

On a wide-range Meta-note, every one has the potential for a happy ending, even that ass King George, if he wasn't being willfully evil, which is a lot more than Regina is doing now. For crying out loud, he's a district attorney! That's a lot more respect and clout that Charming's "self-appointed-sheriff" and if he'd just reconcile, he'd see that he could have the family and happiness he wanted. Henry could be his grandson, sort of! But no, he was willful and he screwed it up. That makes sense. But Regina? Regina is TRYING. And something is seriously wrong in-universe if this isn't paying off.

  • Out of story, Regina gets so much crap because the writers need it to happen. In story? Well, as it has been said over and over again, magic comes with a price. What if this is the price? See, clearly Regina wasn't feeling so great about the curse at some point. Why else would she adopt a child, or continue to sleep with the Huntsman? She's lonely. And never actually having anyone you care about return your feelings sounds like the perfect price for cursing an entire world.
    • Jossed. Regina continues to suffer because she refuses to learn from her mistakes. As of the season two finale, however, she has a good chance of redeeming herself.

Regina will become "Maid Marion."
The mother of Robin Hood's son was not named Marion; she was just some random chick. Regina will take on the name Marion, either as a temporary alias, or as a new name in an attempt to change her identity as she tries to bury her evil past. In at least some versions of Robin Hood's legend, Maid Marion was a noble who started out on the villain's side, but joined Robin's cause after falling in love with him. Regina is a noblewoman, who was formerly a "bad guy," but may join Robin Hood and his Merry Men's cause.
  • Jossed - Marian is her own character and in an alternate timeline was killed by Regina, but has now been saved by Hook and Emma, was brought to the present against her will, and was last seen happily reuniting with her husband and son. Nevertheless, Robin later admits that True Love's Kiss didn't work on Marian because he's in love with Regina, and is only going back to Marian because he cannot forsake his marriage vows.

Aladdin is among the lost boys.
The reason why he never got around to freeing the genie was because he was kidnapped by the shadow before he got a chance to. That he found the lamp, but never got to use it for an unknown reason. He's a street rat, thus it's a perfect way to tie in Sidney's story which had been dropped for the second season.
  • The Genie says he's granted 1001 wishes before meeting King Leopold. The only way that's possible is if one of his masters only got two wishes instead of three.
    • That isn't the only possibility. Another is that he had granted 999 wishes prior to meeting Leopold, then counted the first two wishes that Leo had just made. But it would certainly explain why his lamp was found in the water.
  • Jossed, as the Neverland story comes and goes without much exploration into the individual Lost Boys at all.

The reason the Shadow only abducts boys is because Tinkerbell forbids Peter from being around girls
Tinkerbell is a Clingy Jealous Girl who occasionally crosses the line into Yandere. She probably got jealous of Wendy and ordered Peter to send her home.
  • I really like this one. We have yet to see a dark fairy, even though we have seen dark fairy dust, and considering what they're doing with Peter, taking this route with Tink would be something new. Not to mention, even the Tinkerbell from the original Disney version was more than willing to get Wendy killed out of jealousy. Fingers crossed this gets confirmed.
    • Oh My fairytales. Remember when Snow first met charming, she had some fairy dust that she was going to use on Regina, but we never really learn where she got it from? What if she got it from Tinkerbell? After all, if Regina knew Tinkerbell from before the curse, who's to say she didn't interact with Snow at one point?
  • Jossed. Tink isn't really evil, and she and Pan aren't affiliated.

Ariel or another mermaid(s) saved Bae
It will turn out only reason the mermaids are made out to sound so malicious is because they're being referred to by pirates and the less then pleasant Lost Boys. Ariel (and possibly other mermaids) will realize that Bae is innocent and decide to help him.
  • Supporting evidence: He was found lying on a beach, which could mean that a mermaid found him in the water after he came through and helped him to shore.
  • Jossed. Ariel originates from the Enchanted Forest, and doesn't cross paths with Bae.

Henry will become Peter Pan's Morality Pet
Seeing as he's already the Morality Pet of everyone else, what's one more person to redeem?
  • Jossed. Pan has no affection for Henry, and dies unredeemed.

Tinker Bell knew that the Dark Curse was coming and sought to stop it.
A recently released promotional pic shows that Tink and Regina had a past relationship and it appears to be a friendly one. Tinker Bell may have hoped to stop Regina from casting the curse by befriending her. However, events separated the two with Tinker Bell ending up in Neverland with Peter. Regina may think that Tink abandoned her, which only contributed to her unhappiness.
  • Jossed by the timeline. Tink met Regina when Snow was still a child and Leopold was alive, some years before Regina ever considered casting the Dark Curse.

Season 3 will be Storybrooke VS an Ancient Conspiracy.
Existing for hundreds of years, we will discover that the fairy tale land and the land without magic are more entwined than we may believe. All sorts of strange randoms events have lead to lost men, children, and confusion. Drawing their roots from renaissance witch hunt traditions, The Cabal seeks to eliminate magic, and any potential users of it. Greg and Tamara are only the branches of the order. Their reach in fact goes into many other famous characters seeking to expose magic as falsehood such as Sherlock Holmes (thus getting him into the show anyways). However, now they have a chance to really make their strike count. Through manipulation, they seek to enter the fairy tale land, and using science, destroy the land and all the magic in it. However, their plan overlooks one problem: the theory of multiverse balance. That without the fairy tale world, the worlds would become unbalanced, leading to anarchy and chaos. And besides that, both magic and science come with a price, so their price would be such anarchy and chaos.
  • Thus, in a shift away from the traditional "Pick your fairy tale villain" tradition, The charming family now sets their sights on facing down the descendants of magic hunters to safeguard their lives.
  • Yeah, ok, it's a bit farfetched, but this is WMG after all.
  • Jossed. The Home Office was a front and the plot was quickly dropped once the characters reached Neverland.

The Wicked Witch of the West we see is actually a Tragic Hero
She will be a Well-Intentioned Extremist who's actually trying to protect everyone from the East Witch's Silver Shoes Powered Dorothy.

West is part of a group a villains trying to finally take away everyone's happiness permanently.
Other Villains could include Hades, The Boogeyman/ Krampus and Mephistopheles
  • Jossed. Zelena operated alone but for her flying monkeys.

The Wicked Witch of the West will turn out to have been behind Pan's scheme.
  • Early in Season 3 (I forget the specific episode) Pan mentions that someone gave him the picture he had of Henry, but doesn't specify who. Whoever it was, one thing that this show has made a point of demonstrating is that people who possess information of that caliber don't generally give it away out of charity. We know that The Wicked of the West is about to become a major player in the show, so maybe she gave Pan that picture and set him after The Truest Believer for her own purposes.
  • Jossed. Zelana and Pan are unaffiliated.

Walsh is manipulating Zelena
  • One of the Laws of Magic in the Once Upon A Time verse is that even the most powerful magic can't change the past. (This was stated in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland). Walsh is letting Zelena think she can change the past so that she will perform a spell. (Possibly to make him an actual wizard.)
  • Jossed.

Jack the Giant Killer is Grace's mother.
With that attitude, not very likely.
  • Jossed by the graphic novel Out of the Past. Jefferson's wife and Grace's mother was named Priscilla.

Rumple will make one final deal...
That is, he will take an oath of marriage to Belle. This deal - a deal done for, by, and of true love - will be what ultimately destroys the power of the Dark One. Perhaps even replacing it with something good - a sort of very snarky Light One (let's face it, Rumple will never be the clean cut talker that Charming is).
  • Jossed. They were married, and it didn't destroy his powers.

Sidney Glass is currently in a double prison.
So, Sidney was conveniently locked away in the hospital basement after his actor, Giancarlo Esposito, committed to a lead role on the series Revolution. However, since magic's just come back into storybrooke, I theorize that Sidney's currently trapped twice. First, there's his cell (his first prison), but he was also given a mirror in his cell, so he's mentally trapped as well, as the parameters of his wish has him see what Regina's doing, preventing him from ever having a full break from her.
  • Jossed. There was no mirror in his cell.

Maleficent is a "fallen" fairy.
At some point in her past, Mal committed a crime that got her expelled by the "mainstream" fairies. In the original Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, the role of Maleficent is played by an anonymous wicked fairy godmother.
  • Jossed. Word of God is that Maleficent isn't a fairy at all.

Season 3 will introduce the idea of the council of fairy tale characters.
Most of the leadership/driving forces of Storybrooke is gone at this point. The charmings, regina, rumplestiltskin are all out hunting, so the remaining characters will likely form a council of sorts to keep the town going in the meantime. Belle will be chair, with Granny acting as her right hand. Ruby will act as town watch (thus getting around them awkwardly losing the actress to a different show), while the rest of the 1st council present in the pilot will also be there to help. These include Gepetto and Jimminy, as well as The Blue Fairy. Dr. Whale will also be there to allow Science a voice at the table. And, in a twist, a final seat will be King George. He might be an evil monarch, but the fact of the matter is that none of the others really know how to run a town, no matter how self running/egalitarian it might be. His will be a self-appointment, but in following the theme of a "best chance", the council will give George a chance to show what he can do, since he wasn't Regina level evil (or was he?). This will give the writers two different ways to take things. The redemption of Henry's evil step great-grandfather/his attempts at being subversive or the move of the fairy tale characters away from monarchs towards democracy.
  • Jossed. Belle and Ruby were in charge, and since Storybrooke's been reformed, Snow briefly took the mayoral office but gave it up in favor of Regina.

Graham was not only the Huntsman, but also Mowgli
Think about it. No known parents, taken care of by wolves... and he remembers his human roots thanks to a pretty girl (Emma).
  • That would require Time Travel. The Jungle Book is specifically set during the British Raj.

There are portals between worlds underwater
  • Much like the sea on Earth is physically connected to every continent, the sea in the OUAT Multiverse is connected to every other world, including ours. Mermaids are normally the only ones who know where to find these portals, not to mention the only ones capable of breathing underwater for long enough to reach them. This could explain how Baelfire escaped the island: Ursula, being portrayed as a benevolent sea goddess in this interpretation, could have heard of his plight and decided to help him. She showed him how to find one of these portals and gave him magic so he'd be able to dive deep enough to find it. Having been trained in the ways of piracy by Hook, Baelfire made sure to create a map to the portal, just in case he ever found himself back in Neverland. That's where his coded starmap leads.
    • Jossed. Mermaids have the inherent ability to pass between worlds via water. They don't have to use existing portals.

Maid Marian, Robin's wife, will die in Season 4.
Because she was meant to die in the past, which Emma changed by bringing her into the future to Storybrooke, Marian will end up dying in some other horrible way. Reason being is that time should not be messed with. As was said in X-Men: Days of Future Past, if you throw a stone into a pond, you'll cause a ripple, but the pond will always smooth itself out. Emma meddled with events in the past, and because of that, Marian may end up paying the consequences for Emma's actions.
  • You know it's kinda hard to believe this theory since the example that is used is a movie that shows that changes in the past can change the future and have the future or present not go back to the original timeline.
    • Jossed. She died in season 3, and Zelena's been impersonating her ever since.

Olaf the Snowman will be a Adaptational Badass.
  • These are the same writers who made the miller's daughter into a powerful dark sorceress and ruthless Queen. It's probably fair to say that anyone can be adapted into a badass in this show.

It will be revealed that Elsa was a voluntary prisoner
  • Think about it: She discovered that her ice powers had accidentally brought an eternal winter on her hometown, as seen in Frozen. Locking herself away so as not to hurt anyone else probably looked like a really attractive option. She went to Rumplestiltskin and asked him to confine her, which he did. During her imprisonment, she taught herself to control her powers, which accounts for the precision she displays when blasting her former prison with ice in the Season 3 finale.
  • Jossed. Anna imprisoned her while under a spell. Although Elsa did allow her to do it, so as not to blast her in self-defense.

Following on a WMG up in Future Characters, the writer of the storybook is Yensid.
It would explain why his house is in the show, and why he'd even be hinted at being around at all. And someone of his magical prowess would be capable of both foreseeing everyone's happy endings and enforcing them through the storybook (rather like the Old Man of Wandering Mountain of The Neverending Story—which even parallels a previous theory of Henry being able to change everyone's stories a la Bastian). This could lead in one of two directions:

1) him being the true Big Bad whom they all have to band together to defeat (unlikely, since someone evil wouldn't be creating happy endings for everyone and the enemy is hinted at being the real Snow Queen and someone else who is noted as a guest star for the second half of the season, although he may be a bit of a Knight Templar/Well-Intentioned Extremist if Regina is right about him refusing to see her as anything except a villain);

or 2) there will be a philosophical/moral confrontation in which he must be convinced to change the stories and allow for villains to change and receive happy endings. Whether it's Regina herself who gets through to him or Emma thanks to her oath remains to be seen.

The Snow Queen will form a Legion of Doom type organization with other fairy tale villains.
  • Jossed. She briefly worked with Rumple, but almost EVERY villain on this series works with Rumple at some point.

Marian's act of true love
...will be letting go of Robin. Regina won't find a cure for her freezing, but she'll be able to reverse the damage enough for their family to say goodbye. When Marian finds out why the kiss didn't work, she'll give Robin permission to move on with Regina. This act, releasing her husband from an unhappy marriage so he can be with his true love without guilt, will be enough to break the curse.
  • Jossed. Marian's dead, and Zelena was impersonating her.

There is no "Apprentice"
  • The so-called "Apprentice" is actually Yensid, hiding in plain sight. He does it because he's aware of how dangerous it could be if people realize he has powerful magic at his disposal.
  • Jossed. The Sorcerer isn't Yen Sid per Word of God (he was a jumping off point for the character), and the Apprentice is seen speaking to him in Lily.

The blue fairy wasn't absorbed in the hat.
We see her being pulled into the hat, but never actually see her completely sucked in. She's the most powerful fairy and already survived certain death by evil means last season. If anyone could magically pull through, it's her. She may have been severely weakened or even lost her powers, however, leaving her unable to complete the spell to fight Shattered Sight. This will come back to bite Rumple in the ass hard just when he thinks he's won.
  • Jossed. She was definitely in there.

The Sorcerer will first appear interacting with Gold
First by speaking about how Gold is different from other Dark One's by being motivated by a desire to protect those he loves. Gold is in no mood for him and attacks him... only to get stomped into the dirt by the Sorcerer, who will deliver an all to glorious "Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Jossed. His first appearance in the series is speaking to his Apprentice in Lily.

Maleficent's Reasons for Returning...
She's after Will, to punish him for stealing from her fortress in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. She may even be responsible for Anastasia's disappearance. This also explains why Will and his lost love were mentioned in the same episode in which Ashley/Cinderella reappeared, since Anastasia is her stepsister.

She is also likely after Aurora again, now that she knows she's free of her Sleeping Curse, hence why she reappeared too.

  • Jossed. She wants her daughter back, whom she lost because of Snow and Charming.

Cruella's shtick is...
In the OUAT universe she does have magic powers...namely, she enslaves people by turning them into dalmatians, such as the one that appeared when Belle was hanging the washing. This might become especially unsettling when we remember Pongo has been in Storybrooke this whole time...
  • Jossed. She just controls existing animals.

Cruella is a shapeshifter, and more specifically, Pongo
In one of the recent interviews, Adam and Eddie confirmed that Cruella does have some power "related to what she wears" that is apparently "very dark". We also saw a Dalmatian lure Belle away into the forest, where the Queens of Darkness were waiting to kidnap her. My theory is that the Dalmatian was Cruella, who can shapeshift into various animals depending on which coat she wears, and who is masquerading as Archie's beloved dog to spy on the heroes.
  • Jossed. Cruella just has mind control powers over animals, and the coat is made from the first two she ever controlled.

The New Dark One
  • Now that Rumplestiltskin has had all of the dark one's power driven from him by the curse on the town line Belle will become the Dark One and keep it a secret. As she was the one who commanded that he step over the town line and effectively 'destroy' the dark one would that not count as killing him with the dagger? May eventually lead her to become a Big Bad.
  • Jossed. Gold still has all his power and his name is still on the dagger.

Lily is the Author
  • Blue Fairy vaguely hints that the author isn't a man. Lily just happens to run into Emma Swan, the savior and befriends her.
    • Jossed, the Author is trapped behind a door in one of the storybook pages.

Blue Fairy is the Author
  • Blue seemed awfully smug about the Author in the mid season 4 premier. As the poster above noted, she hints the author's a woman. Also, it would be just like her to deny villains their happy endings—at least, those she considers to be villains.
    • Jossed - see above.

Maleficent's child is Diablo
Jossed. It's Lily.

Emma is Maleficent's daughter...
  • ...and Lily is Snow and Charming's. They were switched at birth as part of the spell to ensure the Charmings' child would be a hero. Emma has blonde hair, just like Maleficent, while Lily had dark hair like Snow White.
    • That can't be possible, unless she and Lily were somehow switched while in the womb. Literally as soon as she was born Emma was put in the wardrobe.
    • If Emma isn't Snow and Charming's daughter, then they'd have to explain how she ended up with the blanket with her name on it.
    • Jossed.

Hook's history with Ursula
He sought her out after Milah's death, hoping she could bring her back. Usula either never had the ability to revive her but lied that she did, or had enough power but the spell backfired. Either way, this failure led to her being demoted from all-out goddess to mere sea witch.
  • Jossed. He was going to help her get to the city her mother always spoke of, to sing for the land people, in return for getting Hook the squid ink he needed to capture the Dark One, but when her father took the ink away (because Hook wouldn't take her voice for him), he took her voice anyway as revenge against Poseidon. Also she was never a goddess, just named for her, and was instead a mermaid who turned herself into the form we know in order to spite her father.

The Author doesn't give people happy endings
Despite what Regina and Rumplestiltskin believe the author does not give people happy endings.

1. There was no hint or foreshadowing that book was ever responsible for happy endings in the first three seasons. In fact when Emma accidentally changed her parents' first meeting the book changed to match the timeline. If the book's power was responsible for Snow and Charming's happy ending the timeline would not have changed at all, but rather conformed to what was originally written in the book.

2. Ursula got a happy ending that had nothing to do with the author despite her role in the book being a villain.

3. Regina and Rumple's unhappiness are largely because of their own actions. Rumple had a happy ending with Belle and a chance to be a grandfather to Henry to make up for failing Baelfire, but he chose power over family again and lead him to losing it. Regina's unhappiness is based on Robin leaving. However, she ignoring that Henry is back in her life, he loves her and sees her as a hero, her relationship with Snow is the best it has ever been, and she is invited to family dinners now.

When the characters meet the author they will learn that while he or she is magical he does not possess the power to dictate fate/destiny as they believe, but give them insight on how the choices they make, their flaws, and strengthens brought them where they are now. This will cause character development for all of them, but especially Regina and Rumplestiltskin. They will either learn a happy ending isn't having everything you wanted but being content with what you have or they will never get a true happy ending because they can't be satisfied with not having it all.

  • Partly Jossed. The Author does have the power to dictate destiny (or at least, this particular one does; it's a Legacy Character kind of thing: The Authors traditionally record events, but this one figured out a way to control them), but it isn't his intent to give any particular side a happy ending: He's just a Jerkass who is writing whatever he thinks will make a "good story."

Snow and Charming murdered Maleficent's baby, and learning this will push Emma closer to darkness
To ensure their daughter would be good, they sacrificed Maleficent's in a Blood Magic ritual. There's honestly very few other options I can think of that would leave her that vengeful and them that guilt-ridden. When this comes out (because of course it will), Emma will treat it like a Moral Event Horizon, and that will leave her open for the corruption Gold is hoping to take root in her heart.
  • Partially Jossed. Maleficent's daughter is very much alive, but what they actually did to her still has the potential to make this happen. Emma is not pleased to hear about it.

The whole thing was written by Drosselmeyer.
Think about almost no one is able to get a happy ending good or evil, there is a lot of misery to go around. Drosselmeyer got tired of his stories and decided to rewrite others to suit his tastes.
  • Jossed. Isaac was the most recent author, with Walt Disney as his predecessor.

The season is going to end with the Author reclaiming the book...
..and using it to wreck everyone's lives in the name of a good story. The villains will triumph over the heroes, as they want, but he'll derail them into caricatures of their true selves with no chance at redemption. Storybrooke will become a Crapsack World at the mercy of their villainous dictators. Families will be torn apart, and Emma will once again have to save everyone...except this time, completely alone, and with the knowledge that anything she does or achieves could be overruled at any time by a Jerkass with a God Complex.
  • Jossed. He wrote a new story, creating happy endings for the villains, until Henry derailed his plans and undid the harm he'd done.

The final showdown of Season 4 will be Emma and a reformed Lily against an angry Dragon!Maleficent
And Emma and Lily will do a Sora and Riku-esque Yin-Yang Bomb technique to defeat her.
  • Jossed.

All of Storybrooke (minus Henry) is trapped in a modified time loop.
So here's how it would work: the time loop makes sure no one ages, but it also adjusts to the time period so no one inside Storybrooke suspects anything, which could explain why why Storybrooke isn't stuck 28 years behind the times. The only person immune to the time loop is Henry (because he wasn't born in Storybrooke), Emma (because she left before the Dark Curse hit), and August (ditto). Regina and Mr. Gold don't age, but keep their memories because they cast and made the Dark Curse, respectively.
  • "Welcome to Storybrooke" more or less Confirms this!
    • Except for the part about Mr. Gold keeping his memories. When Regina complains to him about how Victory Is Boring, it's made quite clear that he has no idea what she's talking about.

Season 2 will end...
With Cora kidnapping Henry and taking him to another world. Regina, Emma, and Baelfire will then take the Jolly Roger and the magic beans and go on a multidimensional road trip to find him. Because that would be awesome. And we'd get more stories that way. And because the two part final is called "The Second Star to the right and straight on 'til morning". That just screams multidimensional road trip. Some people would have to stay back to look after Storybrooke (probably Snow and Charming being rulers and all) but other potential road trip members are Hook (because it is his ship), Gold and/or Belle (because it's their family), Mulan and Aurora (it would be a great way to bring them back into the series) and the Mad Hatter (because world hopping is his thing).
  • Well, since Cora is now dead, it's doubtful that she will be the one to kidnap Henry. On the other hand, it would make perfect sense for Regina to kidnap him and escape to Neverland. Due to the episodes' titles, it's possible Regina will escape on Hook's ship, so Neal will have to lead the group there using the second-star-to-the-right path.
  • Somewhat confirmed. It's Greg and Tamara who kidnap Henry, and the rescue team consists of The Charmings, Regina, Hook, and Gold. Leaving Belle behind to guard Storybrooke.

Owen and Tamara will kidnap Henry for a season (or mid-season) cliffhanger.
Seeing as the pair of them seem to be part of a larger crusade to eliminate magic and magic users (possibly due to some abuse of Muggle-kind), they will make a big, nasty strike on Storybrooke to eliminate the threat it represents. Owen wants his dad back, but he might be able to settle for revenge on the Witch with a Capital B who stole his father if he can't have daddy back. Owen might also see himself in Henry; an innocent boy being manipulated and used by these arrogant magic-folk. So, he'll take matters into his own hands and kidnap the kid right in front of Regina, dragging him past town lines and daring her to try and get the boy back. We don't know enough on Tamara's motives yet, but if she's merely a mage-hunting Knight Templar, she'll go along with the idea of "rescuing" the kid against his will, and maybe forcing a Sadistic Choice on Henry's family - save the kid or save the town. In theory, they'd only have to worry about Emma and Neil.
  • Confirmed!

Regina can fly Peter Pan-style.
Regina was apparently friendly with Tinker Bell in her youth and possibly learned how to fly. However, we've never seen her fly because she doesn't have enough happy thoughts.
  • Sort of confirmed in Season 3, episode 3. However, it's unclear if she still has that ability.

Peter Pan will also be the Pied Piper.
And instead of rats it was homeless boys (street rats).
  • Confirmed although it wasn't street kids he was taking.

There's a real, flesh-and-blood Peter Pan somewhere...or was.
In the Disney version of Peter Pan, Peter sometimes became separated from his shadow, which then moved with a mind of it's own. The Disney shadow was more-or-less harmless, but the OUAT shadow is a more malevolent version.
  • Confirmed, except that the shadow carries out Peter's will and has no mind of it's own. Peter Pan can control shadows, even to the point of ripping shadows away from other people.

Season 2 will end with another "wiped clean" slate.
Namely, that like season 1, some great event in the 2 part finale will be another Game Changer. Something that again fundementally alters the way the show works, like how the original curse was broken season 1.
  • Promos suggest that it will be the destruction of Storybrooke.
  • Oh, it's a Game Changer all right... several characters head off to Neverland together, setting up the first arc of season 3.

The Wicked Witch will reveal that she and Rumplestiltkin have a history
Rumple and Jefferson were discussing the magic slippers (can't remember if ruby or silver color was mentioned) in one episode. Rumple has been known to travel to different worlds and made alliances with people of that realm like when needed Dr. Whale/Frankenstein to help him push Regina into villainy. There is a possibility they formed an alliance in the past, but it went sour. That would explain why he sent Jefferson to try to steal the slippers and not trying to make a deal with her to obtain it like he normally does. The Wicked Witch emerges after Rumple's death seems too coincidental, when there was no hint of her in the Enchanted Forest when Neal was there in the same season she is set to appear in. It does keep the tradition of Rumple having a connection to every major antagonists in the series.
  • Confirmed, they do have a history, she was taught magic by him.

Agrabah was originally a separate world from the Enchanted Forest.
Similar to Wonderland and Oz, this was a world of stories (from 1001 Arabian Nights) that was contained in its own plane of existence. However, somehow this world and the Enchanted Forest were conjoined, or at the very least travel between the two became very easy. That's why we see very few Agrabans in the Enchanted Forest, but all residents are aware of its existence and can at the very least obtain items from there.

Regina will betray Cora.
As Snow White noted in "The Queen Is Dead", Regina doesn't fully trust Cora. There has to be a part of her that wonders if Cora will attack Henry too. When Cora does, Regina will be displeased.
  • Well, she was tricked into killing her, which sort of counts.

Emma will get her memories back before Henry.
This will result in a role-reversal. Emma as the believer and Henry as the skeptic.
  • Confirmed.

Baelfire will restore Emma's memories of Storybrooke
  • Much like Snow and Charming, the two of them have a habit of finding each other, suggesting that Baelfire is her True Love. It's only fitting that he'll be the one to bring back the memories she lost.
  • Partially confirmed. Neal managed to steal a bottle of potion that could restore someone's memories, and sent it to Hook, who gave it to Emma.

Snow is either pregnant or they've had another child over the timeskip.
They want another baby and a year is more than enough time.
  • Confirmed - she's pregnant. The baby is born in episode 20 of the season.

Eric really is in Storybrooke.
  • Because Regina is such a Consummate Liar that "she told the truth" qualifies as a Wild Mass Guess.
    • She was telling the truth. She really is cleaning up her act here.

A main character is going to die in Neverland.
This is season 3. The season where typically big things start happening in a show, including removing major characters from the equation. And given that Peter Pan is supposedly the most dangerous foe the team has ever faced, it would make some sense for one of the main 9 to bite the dust in their efforts to show the seriousness of the threat they face.
  • Is it Emma? In a Mood Whiplash, we lose our main character, showing what she is?
  • Is it Henry? Who would essentially unhinge and shake up the cast more than him?
  • Is it Snow? The darkness is rising in her. Will she pay the price for falling into evil?
  • Is it Charming? A straight laced hero who might be out of his league with all this magic circling around?
  • Is it Regina? Does the Evil Queen's final redemption involve dying?
  • Is it Rumplestiltskin? So that the prophecy of his downfall comes true?
  • Is it Hook? A man without a real side, doomed to die fighting his traditional enemy?
  • Will Balefire's quest to get home land him on a trip to death?
    • A main character died AFTER they got back from Neverland… Rumplestiltskin. He got better during the timeskip.

Princess Eva who tripped Cora is Snow White's mother
I watched "The Miller's Daughter" with subtitles and noticed that Snow's mother was named Queen Eva and the girl who tripped and was a bitch to Cora was also named Eva. This would explain why Cora was so bent on getting rid of her to place Regina on her throne, but not how Eva had a major personality swap.
  • Not sure this counts as a Wild Mass Guess...I don't think that we were ever meant to think that they were two different people. As for the personality swap, you might rethink your life too if you realized that you'd inadvertently played a role in the creation of one of the most cruel, sadistic sorceresses you'd ever seen.
  • It looks like those flashbacks were roughly 20 years apart. That's plenty of time for Eva to grow from a bratty teenage princess to a mature, kind-hearted queen even without knowing how Cora turned out.

The blackening of Snow's heart will be purified.
There is a heavy theme of Regina seeking redemption, off and on anyway, through season 2. After she noticed the blackness in Snow's heart, it seemed to vindicate her. She took great pleasure in that it was all but a proverbial death sentence for Snow - that her heart will continue to blacken until she's no better than her own. However, Regina never really considered redemption seriously until the curse was broken. Snow is actively fighting her corruption. I foresee her managing to purify herself, redeem her sin, proving to Regina that she's not too far gone. Admittedly a little Fairy Tale-esque, but if ever there was a place for it...
  • Her heart's apparently been purified, as she was able to pass through the door to Glinda's prison, which only a pure heart could go through.

The 3 episodes before the Season Finale are character studies.
On Pinocchio, Belle, and Regina. Hence their self-titled episode titles.
  • Confirmed.

The Candle as a catalyst.
Cora gave it to Snow to corrupt her. However, having taken Cora's life with it, Snow will then use the other side of it to heal Rumplestiltskin. The life of Snow's Step-grandmother in order to keep her brother-in-law going. Being healed will give Gold a fresh perspective on how this blood feud has wrecked all their lives, and thus he will go to Regina, asking that she let it go so that there aren't any more casualties of war. Or, to put it another way, "Revenge is a sucker's game," going off the WMG about the villains being based on Gargoyles villains.
  • He tried it. Regina didn't buy it.

Peter Pan wields some kind of Anti-Magic.
This would explain why Greg and Tamara would ally with him and why even Rumplestiltskin is afraid of him.
  • Word of God states that Greg and Tamara don't know they're working for a magical creature.
  • Partially confirmed. Pan does not specialize in Anti-Magic but he did create the anti-magic cuff

We're going to see versions of Anna and Elsa eventually.
The themes in the movie and the themes in the show are quite similar. Magic comes with a price? Try manipulated memories and social isolation. The "wicked sorceress" being a misunderstood young woman with Power Incontinence? The "act of true love" that breaks the curse being familial love. The feminist stylings of the heroines? The nasty subversion of the Prince Charming trope with Hans, whose scheming would fit right in with a universe where King George works on blackmail and murder and where Cora slept and murdered her way to the top? Frozen's themes would fit Horowitz and Kitiss's darker, feminist-styled Disney AU almost perfectly!
  • Definitely confirmed as of the Season 3 finale.

Elsa will not be truly villainous.
Rumple said that things in his vault were magics he considered too dangerous to keep elsewhere or ones he couldn't control. Elsa is very powerful, she may have posed a threat to any of his gambits if she was anywhere roaming free, so he sealed her in that urn. Now that she is free, her only antagonism will be toward The Dark One, and given that being trapped tends to make one rather cranky, she may not care how much damage she causes to whatever is between her and him. Various things will happen which will get people to try and put her back into The Vault, only to let loose something TRULY EVIL (fingers crossed for Chernobog) which will require them actually forming an alliance with the Snow Queen. In all the chaos, Belle will learn she does not have the true Dark One Dagger and go through some minor drama with her husband over it.
  • Confirmed, somewhat. She isn't the real villain, the Snow Queen is (though she will make it look like Elsa is), but once she finds out Anna was sent to the Dark One, she will likely have it in for him.

Season 4 will be a Stealth Sequel / Immediate Sequel to Frozen
According to some tweets, there will definitely be some components of the famous Disney film in the new season, but also some bits you don't always think about. Namely, Kristoff needing to adjust to sleeping indoors. This seems to indicate that something along the lines of the movie happened, and it's the audience's fun to see how the cast grew or interacted with the other lands of the enchanted forest.
  • It does seem to be heading in that direction: Elsa is Queen, Anna is set to marry Kristoff prior to leaving on a quest from which she apparently does not return, and now Elsa is trying to find her.
  • By the end of the Frozen arc, it seems to have become an Immediate Sequel in all respects, with the backstory of Ingrid and her sisters driving most of the arc's plot.

Frozen won't be altered, it's already the warped OUAT version of The Snow Queen
OUAT's game is all about taking massive liberties with the material and loves to make sympathetic characters out of the source material's villains. Frozen did most of that work for them. The material shown thus far does indicate more of a direct sequel then anything else.
  • Mostly Confirmed. The events of Frozen are treated as canon. The Snow Queen is a separate entity and only a few elements of her story make it into the backstory.

Elsa and Anna's parents were going to the Enchanted Forest to find a way to control/remove Elsa's powers.
The diary only said that her powers were "terrible" and something had to be done about them. Since they never showed hatred of her in the movie, simply fear, it is likely they wanted to either help her find the control she lacked or take the magic away altogether. And whom would they have been likely to seek there but the greatest wizard known in the lands—the Dark One? Rumors of him could have reached Arendelle, or depending how long he'd been around at this point he could even be told about in history books as a legendary sorcerer who could grant any wish, make any deal, at a price...
  • Confirmed, more or less.

Anna encountered the Dark One.
When their parents never made it to the Enchanted Forest due to the sinking, Anna went instead. The fact that her snowflake pendant ended up in Gold's shop suggests either he did something to her, or something happened to her in the Enchanted Forest before she could reach him (and before the Dark Curse was cast), since all manner of items he never had anything to do with (like Eric's cloak) ended up there.
  • Confirmed in that they do meet and interact. It's Anna that gets the better of him, though.

The reason Elsa's parents feared her powers so much was because they were afraid she'd become like the Snow Queen.
  • This works whether or not she's really Elsa's aunt, and it especially works if they are Kai and Gerda. As a corollary, far from the Queen of Arendelle being "beloved" by the Snow Queen, she was the one who trapped the Snow Queen in the urn.
  • Confirmed as of "Shattered Sight". Gerda trapped Ingrid in the urn but later regretted it, and she did have fears Elsa would grow to be as dangerous as she was.

The Snow Queen killed Helga.
  • It could have been on purpose or an accident, but Ingrid killed Helga which is why she was imprisoned in the Urn, and the entire kingdom was made to forget about her, so the royal family wouldn't have to live with the trauma and shame.
    • Confirmed as of "The Snow Queen". And it was an accident.

Elsa will provide an interesting contrast to Emma of all people
Emma's in an interesting point in her life. She finally has accepted Snow and Charming as her mom and dad, Henry's safe, Rump's pretty much done with his scheming for now, she got her magic back (which she finally got some training with) and she has a new baby brother. The only rough spot right now is dealing with Regina feeling betrayed for Emma creating a time paradox by bringing Marian to Storybrooke. Several of these components could be used to have her contrast with Elsa. Elsa's relationship with her sister is the heart of her story, so she might be a Stealth Mentor for Emma learning how to be a sibling. Elsa never wanted her form of magic, and cold magic might function differently than the raging fire that Rumplestiltskin and all his disciples practiced. This might give us an idea what Elsa's emotional state is entering Storybrooke, and give another contrast between the 2 for where they're going with their lives. Elsa might also hold something against Rump, so whatever feelings Emma might have for her father in law (or father by association) might be explored through that. Also, a big part of Emma's character in the show was her slowly warming up to the town, her family and her former arch nemesis. A comparison of temperament between the two might be a good reality check for how far Emma's come as a character since HER beginning, just like how Zelena was a check for Regina's character last season, or what Peter Pan was for Rump.
  • The two of them certainly did bond while trapped in the ice cavern, and it seems their similarities in having powers they can't control and having been cold/shutting people out will help both of them. Elsa also seems to be finding strength and hope in Emma's extended family in helping her with her search for Anna.

Regina and Robin potential relationship will take the slow path
So that they can get to know one another and Robin can see that she is not who she once was.
  • Confirmed - it was going nice and slow, then came to a screeching halt when Robin's wife came brought back from the past by Hook and Emma before she could be killed by Regina.

Regina will bow out of her relationship with Robin Hood
In order to show Regina's character growth she won't revert to Evil Queen ways in trying to harm Emma or Marian. Regina will end things, so Robin can have his family. Regina will put Robin Hood before herself, showing her love for him is true. This will ultimately set ground work for her happy ending, which will include Robin Hood.
  • Technically confirmed. Marian gives Regina the go-ahead to be in a relationship with Robin Hood, but it's Regina that convinces Robin to leave Storybrooke for Marian's own good, thus saving Marian's life. (Of course, she goes back on this once she finds out Marian was a disguised Zelena.)

There will be a Hook/Emma/Neal love triangle in season 3.
With Hook and Emma on the quest to save Henry in Neverland there's time for Hook to get over Milah and move on to Emma, the two of them bond during their quest. Meanwhile, Neal will fight like Hell to get back to Storybrooke where he thinks Emma is. Then when Emma and, presumably, Hook return to Storybrooke with Emma having moved on to Hook, thinking that Neal is dead, she will be surprised to see him there waiting for her. This will make things awkward seeing as Emma and Neal had previously admitted their love for one another. Oooh and then Neal can bond with Daddy Rumple over losing the women they loved to Hook and Henry can scheme to Parent Trap his mom and dad...
  • Main part confirmed, details jossed. Neal went from the Enchanted Forest straight to Neverland. However, there was something of a love triangle between the trio, until Neal's Heroic Sacrifice in part 2 ended it.

Lily will become important later on.
She's something Emma regrets, she's also an orphan, she has a mysterious star-shaped birthmark...
  • The fact that a Season 4 episode is named after her certainly supports this idea.
  • Confirmed. She's Maleficent's daughter, and the whole reason she wants revenge on the Charmings.

Season 4's Ursula isn't really Ursula
  • As in, she isn't the same goddess who threatened Regina in "Ariel". She's a witch who abused the powers of the Sea Goddess for selfish reasons, possibly to take over Atlantica, or whatever equivalent Undersea Kingdom there is in the OUAT universe. Maybe the goddess punished her the same way she threatened to punish Regina, by trapping her in a similar, but mortal body, forcing her to team up with Maleficent and Cruella.
    • Partially confirmed: she wasn't the goddess, merely named after her, but she wasn't a witch or punished. Instead she was a mermaid who had her voice stolen via the machinations of her father and Hook, and she became what she did by her own choice, using her father's trident.

The Queens of Darkness + Rumple will all have a personal vendetta against the heroes
Well, everyone does, actually, except maybe Ingrid. But the lineup will be something like this:
  • Maleficent vs Regina: Simple enough, former friends turned enemies. Maybe Maleficent will be pissed about being trapped in dragon form for thirty years, or will want to try to persuade her friend to come back to the dark side. Regina granting her regenerative immortality will also be a problem that needs to be dealt with. This could be anything from hateful backlash against a "betrayal" to a reluctant Friendly Enemy sort of thing.
    • Jossed. It's Snow (and Charming) she has the vendetta against thanks to them costing her her child.
  • Ursula vs Hook: They both have a connection to the ocean, and Hook trying to help out Ariel (who is stated to return) will probably put him right in Ursula's path. I've also seen it theorized the Hook's father is Davy Jones, in which case Ursula could have a "I hated your father, ergo I hate you" thing, or else be a vengeful Calypso.
    • Confirmed they are enemies, but the rest was jossed.
  • Cruella vs Snow: The creators have stated that there's a history between the Queens of Darkness and Snow. This is mostly guesswork here, but assuming they keep in Cruella's "kill puppies" things, that already provides her with a bit of contrast to Snow's Friend to All Living Things, which could have seen them at odds with each other in the past.
  • Rumple vs Emma: He's literally shaped her entire life from before she was conceived. He's tried to kill her boyfriend and will likely try to win her son/his grandson over as well. He's the Dark One, embodiment of evil and darkness, while she's the Savior, embodiment of light and true love. The contrasts and history are too rich to NOT pit them against each other.
    • Yes and no. Rumple doesn't have anything against Emma per se, but he believes he needs to get rid of or corrupt her to allow the Author to give the villains happy endings.

Lily is Maleficent's daughter
  • She would have been the same age as Emma and Mary-Margaret claiming that Maleficent "lost" her baby leaves it ambiguous what her actual fate was.
    • I was just coming here to suggest that! Between Lily being adopted, her Birthmark of Destiny, and her real name being Lilith, I would be very surprised if she never showed up again. Making her Maleficent's daughter would be the perfect way to bring her back to the plot.
    • Confirmed.

The "wolves" that raised Graham/The Huntsman were actually werewolves.
Werewolves are simply called wolves in the Enchanted Forest.
  • How else would he learn how to talk?
  • The werewolves (those we've seen) generally dislike humans, a view they likely passed on to Graham.
  • The Huntsman refuses to identify himself with a name. Werewolves, from what we've seen, do use names.
    • It's unclear if the Huntsman truly lacks a name or if he simply refused to tell it to Regina.
    • Confirmed per the graphic novel Shadow of the Queen.

The Sorcerer is Merlin
Because it's cool to imagine Merlin with the Fantasia hat and it could lead to the long-awaited Camelot arc in Season 5.
  • Confirmed.

The Dragon isn't dead.
One, his alleged death is pretty anti-climactic (relatively speaking). Two, he's clearly magical himself and very likely not-human. One doubts his moniker is unrelated to his nature and given what we've seen of other Dragons, a little taser seems unlikely to hurt him in the long run. At worst, he's probably unconscious or he left his human form. Three... well, he has a lot of lines for a one-off character and as the show has shown, one-off characters - especially one-off characters with lines and some relation to the main characters - usually aren't.
  • Confirmed. He's back in the S5 finale.

In the season finale, Season 6A's Arc Villain will hitchike on the main cast's return to the living world
And he/she will be an undead or horror-related character (my money's on Dracula).
  • Strangely confirmed, only it's Jekyll and Hyde. and he comes via the Land of Untold Stories.

     Season 5 B 

Zelena's baby
Her name will be:
  • Kelly
  • Sage
  • Cora
  • Hope
  • Reseda: A shade of green for her mother, and an R-name for her father.

Jones Family
Liam will be in the underworld and he and Killian will reunite.
  • Liam will marry Killian and Emma.
  • Killian and Liam will meet with, and reconcile with their father.
    • Brennan will tell them that Liam Jr is somehow still alive and ask them to find him.
  • Brennan will move on. Liam will either move on with him or go back with Killian.
  • These events will take place in The Brothers Jones.

Moved On
They said that the underworld is for people who still have unfinished budiness, so there will be some people we don't see down there.
  • Daniel: It would be interesting to see him, but I think that the only "unfinished business" he would have is with Regina, and I feel like that was resolved in The Doctor.
  • Ingrid: All Ingrid wanted was to have a family that loved her. Because Anna have her the letter, she realized that Gerda and Helgs had loved her dearly. She was able to reconcile with the people she loved, Emma, Elsa, and Anna, before she died. She died on her own terms, so I doubt she would have any regrets. Now she's with her sisters, which is all she ever wanted.
    • Helga and Gerda were probably in the underworld until Ingrid died, and then they all moved on together. That last image of them running in the field with the kite seems to confirm this.
      • While in the underworld, Emma will ask about Inhrid, only to hear that she moved on. She will be a little melancholy about not being able to see her again, but will be happy that she found her happiness.
  • Gus: Because does anybody really care?

  • Season 5B will open with Hercules rushing on Pegasus to Meg's side after she is crushed by the pillar. He'll try true loves kiss, but it won't work, because she is still a slave of Hades.
    • This would mirror the opening scenes from season 1 and two.
  • We will see the fates.
    • There's been so much talk about fate lately that it makes sense that they would show.
      • Bonus points if they do the gross eyeball thing.
  • We will see the other Olympians.
    • When asked about this, Kitis and Horrowitz said "maybe", which hopefully means yes.
  • We will see Pegasus.
    • Because you simply can't have a Hercules crossover without Pegasus.
  • We will see Cerebus.
    • Because that would be awesome.

Rescue Mission
  • The Nevengers and Hercules will work together to find their specific love interests.
  • Hades will give our Nevengers a limited amount of time to find their respective love interests.
    • However he will be holding them captive in his dungeon or something, because he doesn't like giving up souls.
      • Killian and Meg are going to become friends in prison.
  • At one point, they will have to make a choice whether to save Killian or Meg.
    • But, of course, they'll end up saving both.
  • Meg will end up saving HERSELF from Hades.
    • It will mirror the season three finale. "Sorry, the only one who gets to save me is me."
  • Emma and Meg will become friends.
    • The Disney princesses have been shown to be friends in this show and I think that would be cool.
  • Hercules and David will become friends.

It's been confirmed she's in the underworld.
  • She will have a Rescued from the Scrappy Heap moment.
    • We'll finally get to see the woman Killian fell in love with, not the jerk who abandoned her son.
      • My guess is she'll do something like save Henry.
  • Emma and Milah will meet and become friends before they discover they have Killian in common. There will be awkwardness between them, but they'll eventually grow to be good friends.
    • The awkwardness between them will mirror the arguing between Killian and Meal in Dark Hollow.
  • Milah will help on the rescue mission.
  • Milah will run into Rumplestiltskin.
    • Extreme awkwardness will ensue.
  • By the end of the underworld arc, Milah will move on.

It's been confirmed he's going to be in this season.
  • We'll see Neal and Milah reunite.
    • She'll be overjoyed to see him and try to apologize, but he'll still be very angry and tell her that she's no better than Rumplestiltskin. She'll be taken aback and he'll storm off. They will later see something that convinces them to reconcile.
  • Neal will find out what his dad has done. The confrontation will be epic. This will convince Rumplestiltskin to choose good again.
  • Neal will be glad to see Killian and hug him, mirroring the hug from Quiet Minds.
  • Neal is in the underworld for Henry. They will reunite. Henry will run into his dad's arms, and it will be the cutest thing ever.
  • Neal will either return with Henry and Emma, or Move on with
    • If he does move on, Rumplestiltskin will beg him not to go, but they will reconcile and Rumplestiltskin will stay good in his sons honor.
  • He will help to rescue Killian.

  • Because Cora regained her heart, she will be a much nicer person now. She will apologize sincerely for everything she did to Regina, and to redeem herself, will help in the search for Killian.
  • We'll have several moments between her and Henry.
  • Somehow, Cora will meet Zelena.
    • She'll apologize for abandoning Zelena and tell her that she never meant to. She'll encourage Zelena not to waste her life on vengeance, because it's never worth it.
      • She'll say the Arcwords "You're so beautiful."
  • Having reconciled with her daughters and having redeemed herself Cora will move on.
    • Zelena will name her daughter Cora in her mothers honor.
  • Zelena meeting her mother and Cora moving on will happen in Sisters.

We'll have s flashback to when Zelena and Regina were children. They'll both be fed up with the life they are living and run away. Somehow they'll meet, but won't know they're sisters and become friends. Cora will realize Zelena is her daughter and will try to take her back. Zelena's adoptive mother won't be on board with the idea and Cora will be the one to kill her. This is why Zelena's adoptive father hates magic so much. Neither Regina or Zelena know that they met each other before, but they'll find out in this episode.

Ruby Slippers
This will be our first look at what Zelena has been doing in Oz.
  • She'll try to take over Oz again, but Dorothy will get work and fulfill her destiny by stopping her.
    • Zelena will be in a position where she can kill Dorothy, but she won't, proving there is still good in her.
    • Dorothy will kill Zelena, sending Zelena to the underworld, where she will run into Cora and the Nevengers. Cora will ask Regina to take her back with her so that Zelena can have the happy ending Cora never did.
  • We'll see an army of munchkins. It will be glorious.
  • Red will also be centered in this episode.
    • We'll finally see some Redwolf or Frankenwolf. Please.
      • Redwolf is cannon. Read Shadow of the Queen.

Family Reunions
Prepare for Tearjerkers and Heartwarmings.
  • Snow's family.
    • Snow will be over

Hades has some beef with the Frankensteins
After all, the doctor's purpose is to raise the dead (especially his brother and mother), and Hades hates when he loses a soul. However, given David Anders is otherwise engaged and Dr. White/Frankenstein is still on the living world, the focus will be mostly on his brother (and possibly the father as well).

We will get to see more of Hart Archer
Because another troper suggested that he is Eros/Cupid, and since we have Hades and Zeus mentioned, why not bring in Eros?

Somehow 5B will allow for Asgard as well
Because we're already seeing Olympus, er, getting references to it, and Norse and Roman mythology aren't that far apart. Plus when Hades gets mad at someone or talks about his big brother he reminds me of Loki. Disney owns Marvel, so why not?

Henry removing magic is Disney's attempt/homage of House of M
Speaking of Disney owning Marvel, or rather a huge part of Marvel that Disney doesn't own... House of M deals with Scarlet Witch depowering almost every mutant on the planet (almost; sorry Whither). Since the only super-powered characters in the MCU have been mutates (including Scarlet Witch), aliens, and the Inhumans who are considered a separate race instead of "the next stage of human evolution", changing "no more mutants" to "no more magic" is Disney's next best thing.

     Season Six 

Jekyll will get an Adaptation Name Change
Considering his first name is Henry in the original book, and there are already two significant characters with that name in the story, he'll be renamed something else.
  • It might very well be Harry, which is a name derived from Henry.

The Evil Queen cannot die, because one cannot die without the other.
Basically, The Evil Queen is one part of a whole, along with Regina. As long one part lives, the other will continue to live as well. The implications of this is that Regina has to merge both parts of herself together again to stop The Evil Queen wreaking havoc. Otherwise, both parts will have to die. Another prediction is that Regina will temporarily die as a build-up towards the climax of next season.
  • Confirmed that killing one kills the other; however, they found a different way to resolve the Evil Queen.

Robin Hood will be brought Back from the Dead.
Unlikely, though the actor is confirmed to return.
  • Jossed - it's an alternate universe version of him.

Jekyll will become a love interest for Regina
It's no coincidence that he showed up right after Robin died! Plus he and Regina will have more credible reasons to fall in love than she and Robin what with being good people that had so much evil baggage it had to be physically removed.
  • Jossed. He's crazier than Hyde, and dies early on.

Part of the season's plot will involve accepting both sides of yourself.
And by the end of the arc, both Regina and Jekyll will have re-absorbed their other halves, but learned how to no longer let their evil side control them.
  • Possibly confirmed, though the "re-absorbing their other halves" part is jossed: Jekyll and Hyde die, and Regina chooses love over hate, giving her other side a chance at redemption by re-absorbing some of her darkness and giving the Evil Queen some of her light.

The figure from Emma's visions
is a Dark One. Specifically, Nimue still lives within Rumple and will manipulate him to split herself off, taking his powers with her for good this time, and wants revenge on Emma for rejecting the powers of darkness. After all, truly corrupting a Savior would be a great coup for a Dark One, and Emma's overcoming such an attempt has undoubtably made Nimue very angry at her.
  • Jossed - it's Gideon.

It's Regina in Emma's visions
  • But she's not trying to kill Emma; she's trying to push Emma to kill her, in hopes of getting rid of The Evil Queen permanently. The hood is so Emma won't know it's her and won't hesitate.
    • Jossed. It's Gideon.

The Dragon's missing daughter
  • Assuming it isn't Lily as theorized way above, it could be Mulan or (more likely) her mother. Since short of the child taking after the mother/appearing however she as a shapeshifter wishes to appear, it's hard to imagine a white Lily being the child of an Asian Dragon.

Regina and Emma will escape the Wish Realm via the Magic Wardrobe
  • Because the Dark Curse was never cast in the Wish Realm, there was never any need to fashion a wardrobe from the enchanted tree. It's also been confirmed that Emma and Regina will seek help from the Wish Realm's version of Pinocchio and Gepetto, so it's likely they'll help with making the wardrobe.
    • Confirmed

Regina got exactly what was coming to her
  • So the wish to give the Queen exactly what was coming to her caused Gideon to come to Storybrooke and turn her into a snake. Now consider that Regina and the Evil Queen are the same person. What if the wish to give the Evil Queen exactly what was coming to her also affected Regina too? Only since it was the good part of the character, instead of doing something bad to her, it did something good to reward all the suffering she's endured. Hence Robin's return to the story seems like a lot less of an ass pull.

The wand used to originally banish the Black Fairy used to belong to Tiger Lily
  • Observe that it seems to be made out of wood (Tiger Lily says it "isn't just driftwood") but is shaped like an arrowhead. This would make perfect sense for a wand belonging to a fairy who took on the persona of a Native American princess in Neverland. Also, the way Tiger Lily speaks of the Black Fairy's banishment, and her failure to save the Black Fairy from darkness, speaks of personal experience—as in, she had to be the one to banish her herself after which she gave up her wings and went into exile out of remorse. Whether the wand was broken by the banishment or as part of Tiger Lily giving up her wings isn't clear; for the only other fairy we know to have lost her powers (Tink), it's never revealed what happened to her wand as a result.
    • Partially Jossed. It wasn't Tiger Lily's wand, but the Black Fairy's from before she went evil. But Tiger Lily was still involved, since she was the one who broke the wand, and it was because she let the Black Fairy in the vault (and showed her books of fairy lore in the first place) that she ended up banished.

Emma will die during the final battle and be revived by true love's kiss from Killian.
  • Taking a page from Manga/Prétear, which was based on the Snow White and Cinderella myths, Emma will use up or lose all her power defeating the Black Fairy and seem to be dead. The town will gather to mourn her, but Killian will refuse to let her go and kiss her, causing her to wake up. Bonus points if magical snow/ sparkles are falling all over Storybrooke the whole time, healing the damage from the battle between the Black Fairy and Emma and reviving anyone else who was killed/ hurt, and if the kiss causes a Magical Transformation for Emma, giving her some kind of white swan-themed dress.
    • Half-confirmed - Emma dies, but it's Henry who revives her. The "healing the damage" part is also confirmed.

Gold isn't really working with his mother.
  • He has finally realized that this endless cycle of his constant shifting between hero and villain season after season needs to stop, and that he has convinced Fiona that he is on her side as part of a ploy (perhaps Belle and Gideon are involved and he told them the truth offscreen) to help Emma.
    • Jossed - he really did work with her, but didn't fully trust her and winds up killing her, while at the same time inadvertently giving Emma the chance she needs to win the Final Battle.

Emma will still fight the Hooded Figure in the finale.
  • Only it will no longer be Gideon (the Oracle said that even though it was always supposed to end with her death, certain aspects of the scene itself would change) - it will be Black / Fiona wielding Hrunting.
    • Jossed - it's still Gideon. Although since via heart control he was being forced to carry out her dying wish, in a weird way it kind of was Fiona she was facing.

Emma and Fiona will pull a Mutual Kill.
  • Fiona will run Emma through with Hrunting, but as Emma looks up into the hooded face, she swears to protect her family and all the worlds and stabs her right back (bonus points if it's her father's sword for an extra Tear Jerker) before using the wand to finish her (possibly vaporizing her completely in a manner similar to Hades) and then presumably dying along with her. Of course, her death won't last long as Killian, Henry, or her parents will bring her back, possibly via True Love's Kiss.
    • Jossed - Fiona is killed by Rumple; Emma lets Gideon kill her, and Henry brings her back.

Emma won't die in The Final Battle.
  • Technically speaking, it's only been stated that "The Savior" will die, not Emma herself. If you take this as a metaphorical statement rather than a literal one, it could mean that Emma will stop being The Savior and no new one will take her place (since the ultimate evil that The Savior was meant to defeat will be gone). Thus, "The Savior" will "die", but Emma will live.
    • Jossed - she dies but gets better.

     Season 7 
Lucy's mother is the Dark One.
  • One of the new cast members will be Henry's true love. Somehow she ends up getting the Dark One's powers and becomes corrupted. Her plans needed Henry and Lucy out of the way, but she isn't quite evil enough to kill them, so instead she wipes out all of their memories of their relationship. Now only knowing Henry as the son of the previous Savior, she sends him to the mortal realm with yet another memory wipe. Eventually Lucy will figure out their connection and break the spell on all three, and her mother will change sides.

Dr. Facillier and/or his Friends on the Other Side are the darkness Henry and Lucy were fleeing in the Season 6 The Final Battle Part 1 opening scene or they are connected/related to the Dark One/Darkness or are the ones who cast the new curse or are connected/responsible for the disappearance of Eloise Gardner or will be revealed as the Big Bad and Bigger Bad or Greater-Scope Villain of this season.
  • The Friends on the Other Side have a connection to the Darkness based on the way Facillier disappeared with darkness surrounding him since Facillier draws his powers from the Friends and they are darkness/shadow-based entities. Also Facillier and the Friends are the reason for Eloise's disappearance given the appearance of the symbol in her journal and it's stated purpose being to ward away great evil. Also think that the Facillier and his Friends are the darkness that Henry and Lucy were fleeing the flashback and are responsible for the curse, connected to it or are using it to their advantage in some way.

Drizella is a Disc-One Final Boss and will have a My God, What Have I Done? moment and eventual Heel–Face Turn mirroring Regina.
  • Before Victoria was taken to prison, she warned Ivy against letting Eloise out, being a powerful witch with control over flora. Eloise (confirmed to actually be Gothel) may end up betraying her and becoming the true antagonist of the season, and Regina will help Ivy see just how far she went for revenge on her mother, culminating in her having a Villainous Breakdown and wishing to change things.
    • Alternatively, Dr. Facillier could be the True Final Boss of the season, simply hiding in Hyperion waiting for his chance.
    • As of 7x10, Drizella is indeed a Disc-One Final Boss to Gothel - perhaps this will be her chance to make amends for her actions.

Drizella is in love with Henry
  • The biggest twist of all - she cursed his heart because she loves him, but she isn't willing to admit it. Before, when she was going to kill him, she put on a Jerkass Façade to make herself seem worse than she really was - we don't even know if she would have gone through it because 'Gina knocked her out. She doesn't want True Love's Kiss to happen between him and Jacinda because she's a Clingy Jealous Girl. It may be a sort of If I Can't Have You... plan - if he falls for Jacinda, he'll die. What happens if he falls for Drizella instead, however, is unknown.

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