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The death of Tracy caused Bond to resign from MI6 out of grief.

This Blofeld is a body double
  • Blofeld is seen preparing multiple body doubles in Diamonds Are Forever - training loyal henchmen to act and speak just like him. By the time of that film, he perfected the ability to replicate his voice and appearance, but perhaps it wasn't as perfect in its earlier stages. At the time of You Only Live Twice the Piz Gloria operation was an active SPECTRE operation headed by a henchman paid to impersonate Blofeld and distract from the real Blofeld's space-based agendas. This explains why Savalas-Blofeld is so physically active compared to his counterparts - it's his job. It also explains why he doesn't recognize Bond or bring up their previous encounters: he was putting this operation together when Bond was in Japan and never met him. It also explains why Gray-Blofeld never mentions Tracy - they never met.