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Q gets laid after the events of the movie.
In the climax, he save around thirty beautiful female circus performers from certain death by hitting the mook in the back of the head with a hot air balloon, and then gets mobbed by grateful rescuees. One or more of them is bound to make a proposal, and Bond will never know that the Director of Q-Branch just got more booty than him.

General Orlov was well aware that his scheme might also result in a nuclear war. And he was perfectly fine with it.
Though he was clearly insane, he was also intelligent enough to realize that, if things continued in the current trajectory, the decrepit and corrupt Soviet Union would eventually collapse under its own weight, as it eventually did in OTL. As a fanatical communist/Russian nationalist, he was willing to do anything to stave off such a scenario. If his scheme resulted in unilateral western nuclear disarmament, so much the better. But if his plan only resulted in the West retaliating, resulting in World War III, that would also have been fine for him. Orlov would have rather had the USSR burned to ashes around him, along with the rest of the world, than see it crumble and lose the Cold War to the hated West.

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