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Paint is actually the one who murdered Coffee Cup

So, according to some user on The Other Wiki, Paint was (apparently) technically the one who killed Coffee Cup in "A Perplexing Massacre," not Mint. Apparently, he forced Mint into killing the poor tea cup, and Stapler avenged Coffee Cup (or Mint, whichever one) by killing the bottle of paint. Apparently, this was made because of Paint's label, so it might not be accurate.


Recycling Bin and Paint are mislabeled

Brian Hazen has Recycling Bin and Paint labeled as The Sarcastic and The Risker respectively but this doesn't make any sense due to their personalities and actions. They are more likely to be the other's label since Paint is a Deadpan Snarker to the max while Recycling Bin had once risked his life by trying to scored a 3-pointer in the midst of being chased by an Ax-Crazy Minotaur.

Coffee Cup might get his soul stolen in episode 6

This one isn't too far-fetched given the info we have right now. Now I won't place any spoilers on this, but if you tell me it is confirmed or Jossed, then please mark it with spoilers so I won't get spoiled, even though people would read it and get spoiled at the end.


Now, the first evidence I have for Coffee Cup being Smore's victim in "Bars and Beer," the upcoming Object Terror movie, has to do with the ending of the episode "Kiloto the Minoto" (more specifically, the second chapter), where Smore writes a C on his whiteboard. This could suggest that Carpet or Coffee Cup will get their soul stolen (not mentioning Cactus because he's eliminated and dead as of KtM), but then there's the the movie casting call, my second evidence. If you look at the audition lines for Coffee Cup, you'll find this line:

This leads me to suggest with confidence that Coffee Cup will be the next victim for Smore in "Bars in Beer."

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