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  • A new world called Keekoneeko will be discovered. Borys who live there look more humanoid than borys from Toobalooba, having lots of hair (usually the females, though a few males might have wild hair too), thinner bodies, and wearing proper clothing.
  • A female bory named Kedabory, who was born in Keekoneeko, gets captured by Wangury. Noonbory rescues her, and she becomes part of the main cast (not a Super Bory, but still a major character).
  • There will be another superhero group called the Junior Borys, who go on missions when the Super Borys are busy. The group will consist of Lukybory, Kikibory, Kedabory, and the Builder Borys.
  • The Builder Borys will be assigned names and distinct personalities. The red one is Okobory, who is a Smart Guy. The orange one is Mikabory, who is The Ditz. The pink one is Nisobory, who is a Pint-Sized Powerhouse.

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