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Bond 25 Title
  • Shatterhand, the most commonly speculated.
    • Jossed. It's No Time To Die. Shatterhand was used as a Working Title, however.

Dr. No throwbacks

It will straight up be a remake of Dr. No
The Craig era is a reboot, so it could repeat stories if it wanted. Jamaica is involved, as is the disappearance of a scientist, which could be a Composite Character of Strangways and Dent (or simply Strangways' cover), not to mention Felix's known role. Bond being brought out of retirement could be a sort of inverse reference to him supposed to be getting put on a lighter case. This remake could also have the reboot continuity mirror the transition of the original novels, as it would be going from more grounded and gritty stories to a much more classic supervillain. Also, the working title of "Shatterhand", despite its original meaning, could be a reference to Dr. No's missing hands. There's certainly a lot that could be done in getting to recreate the very first Bond movie, from modernizing things, doing away with Early Installment Weirdness, capitalizing on nostalgia, and deciding on different things to be accurate to the novel on.
  • The "straight up" part kind of has to be jossed, considering the film is set not only in Jamaica like Dr. No was, but also in UK, Italy and Norway.

Madeleine Swann will die
To make way for Bond going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, in a manner similar to Tracy Draco and Vesper Lynd.

The opening credits will kick in after Madeleine gets shot and dies.
Similar to Deadpool 2.

Madeleine Swann will not die
Maybe it's time to subvert things a little.
  • Small spoilers indicate that she makes it to the end of the movie, so if she's killed, it won't be until then.

Madeleine Swann and Bond will break up at some point
In order to avoid a cliché murder-Roaring Rampage of Revenge plot. There's at least one confirmed sex scene between Bond and Ana de Armas' character.

Madeleine Swann will join SPECTRE and Bond will kill her himself
Just to get all the possibilities out there, maybe she stops being the love interest because she betrays Bond.

Felix Leiter will die
Since the film is on track to shake up franchise formulas.

M is going to be stuck with a lot more parliamentary hearings.
The head of a discontinued branch of British Intelligence ran an unauthorised op to shut down a major multi-national intelligence program, killing his ex-boss in the process. We know that C was actually connected to the organization that was behind most of the recent terrorist attacks, but can M prove that?
  • Blofeld was captured and very likely interrogated regarding all of his Nine Eyes conspiracy, and he's still detained as of No Time To Die. And Q stopped the thing and can easily prove what was going to happen if it were not stopped.

The character played by Lashana Lynch will not replace James Bond for the rest of the series
Bond retires from MI6 at the end of Spectre, so someone else inherits the 007 code number (Lynch's character). Something will force Bond out of retirement, something will happen to Lynch's character and Bond will be reinstated at some point.

Bond will die.
This nods to the "Bond is a codename" theory and canonically explains away The Other Darrin.

Safin will kill one of the female protagonists in the story.
He may kill one of them to raise the story's stakes. The possibilities may occur:
  • Madeleine Swann is killed in the car chase that we see the motorcycle stunt occur in the trailer, possibly alluding to Tracy's death by drive-by-shooting.
  • Paloma, as the shot of her dual wielding submachine guns may be her last stand.
  • Nomi, possibly at the final battle.

Safin is actually Blofeld after plastic surgery.
Hence, this not only provides a handy Call-Back to Diamonds Are Forever, but it also allows Daniel Craig's Bond to come face-to-face with his brother for one last time.
  • Jossed. Blofeld appears as a prisoner of MI6 in the first trailer.

Alternatively, Safin will be the modern equivalent of Dr. No, just as Franz Oberhauser turned out to be Blofeld.
There are tons of hints that may imply this.
  • We mean, a full changed name can somewhat catchy, right? Dr. Safin No?
  • His attire in his character poster is similar to Dr. No's, right down to the stare and long coat... with the film logo conspicuously hiding his hands.
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  • Bond's retort about bad things happening to those "who play God" references this line from the Dr. No book.
    "Our prisons are full of people who think they're Napoleon... or God."
  • In this shot from the trailer, one can notice a bullet hole located at the left of Safin's jacket. That should be where the heart is, yet he is standing and steadying his gun. Why? Well, the original Dr. No book revealed that when Dr. No was young, he ended up being targeted for murder by the Tong for embezzling gold bars worth a total of 1 million dollars. His amputation of his hands was followed by a gunshot to where they thought Dr. No's heart was, something he survived because of his dextrocardia, where he was born with his heart in the right side of his chest.
  • The Super Bowl TV spot also has this shot. The window looks very similar to the room where Professor Dent received the tarantula to kill Bond, 58 years ago.

Nomi will die.
The title is supposed to be "No: time to die" - which is how James Bond will get his 00 number back.

Safin has a personal connection to Madeleine Swann
In the trailer Madeleine opens a box to reveal Safin's mask. She has tears in here eyes and is terrified. Then there's a change to a different scene of an incarcerated Blofeld saying, "When her secret finds its way out, it'll be the death of you".

Bond having trust issues with a woman completely makes sense given what happened in his past with Vesper, and everything suggests his relationship with Madeleine is initially strained due to a lack of trust/secrets being kept. Again, we see this in the trailer. Ultimately, I think it's fair to say that the secret Madeleine kept from Bond is related to Safin.

Now, Madeleine is the daughter of a SPECTRE agent, Mr. White. But what if Mr. White also had a son? A son thought to be dead? And maybe Madeleine played a role in his death, since she did shoot someone who tried to kill her father. But now he's some somehow back, alive, and that's why she's so scared. It doesn't even have to be a biological son, just a SPECTRE agent that Mr. White knew really well or viewed as a son. She never told Bond about him because she thought he was dead. This would also line up with the plot being about a genetics/cloning scheme, playing god and immortality. It would also explain why Madeleine gets brought in by MI 6, reuniting her with Bond. She has information related to Safin, his plans, and supposed death years ago. Blofeld would also have vital information, as Safin and Mr. White were involved with SPECTRE. Maybe Safin still is. Lastly, it creates a nice parallel with the relationship between Bond & Blofeld, and the relationship between Madeleine & Safin.

In the end, Bond would defeat Safin and reform his relationship with Madeleine. Bond's tragedy, especially in this Daniel Craig version, is what happened to him with Vesper. And this would heal that old scar.

Bond will break up with Madeleine over her secret-keeping after the Italian car chase, and he will attempt to live a secluded life in Jamaica.
This won't last, though.

Blofeld will break out of prison.
If Raoul Silva could do that all with his technology and some sheer luck, then surely the guy who hired him can do the same.
  • Alternatively, Bond will have to break him out of prison in order to get his assistance in tracking Safin.

Bond won't break Q's technology and actually bring it back intact.
He seems to lose at least one of Q's gadgets every single time, so not doing that would be an absolute surprise.

There will be a flashback showing a young Madeleine shooting her first person.
Set photos have showed a young girl being chased in Norway by a white-masked person, whose mask is later cracked. This could tie in with Spectre, as Madeleine admitted that she stopped someone who tried to kill her father.
  • This is very possible, as Word of God is that the opening sequence will feature Safin trying to kill Madeline as a child.

Safin is dabbling in cloning because he is suffering from a genetic condition.
Without his mask, Safin seems to have slightly Tainted Veins, which become more pronounced when he wears it. He could be finding a way to cheat death by making new clones of himself, without any weaknesses.

The final battle could involve Bond fighting multiple Safin clones.
It would be a deliciously hilarious in-joke towards the fact that Bond was recast 5 times across 57 years.

Blofeld and Safin could either form a Big Bad Duumvirate, or have their own individual agendas.
Or it could start out as a Big Bad Duumvirate, only to turn into competing Evil Plans.

As this is widely speculated to be Daniel Craig's last outing as Bond, all unresolved plot threads in previous Craig Bond films will be addressed.
For example, that thing about the hard drive containing info about every NATO agent in Skyfall.

Nomi gets that other James Bond theme.
The old one that's fallen out of use and is unofficially titled as the not James Bond but 007 Theme.

The film's a lead in for a female 007 of which will pass the torch.
Considering that the trailer stated there's a female agent who has taken the codename and the tread of things in Hollywood at the current (See Charlie's Angels (2019)) it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Nomi is a Red Herring and will not last as the new 007, as a way of showing that Bond is irreplaceable.
Maybe she's secretly working for the villains, maybe her dismissive treatment of Bond is just a sign of her arrogance, but either way, she's not going to replace him as 007 going forward. The actor playing him will change, but James Bond will live to fight another day.

The opening gun-barrel scene will feature someone other than Bond
Either a young Madeline or a young Blofeld.
  • If Blofeld, it will be a brief scene that shows him acting as a SPECTRE field agent in a dark mirror of a typical Bond mission.

Both MI-6 and the remnants of SPECTRE want Safin dead/captured for their own reasons
And the film will partially be a race between the two of them to see who can get ahold of him first.

The film will involve brain uploading, A.I., Agent 47-style clones, or some other sci-fi element
Safin's line that Bond's skills will "die with his body" while Safin's skills will live on even after his death, and Bond's line about "men who play God", both seem to suggest something like this. The title "No Time to Die" also would fit for some sort of sci-fi means to cheat death.

The opening credits will kick in after Bond and Madeleine part ways on a train.
It's basically the perfect entry, what with the theme song discussing betrayal and love.

The note saying "Forgive me", which Bond is seen burning, was from Vesper Lynd.
This may be an attempt for Bond to move on from his past, which would provide a nice contrast to how Madeleine is struggling with a dark secret.

That's Vesper's tomb Bond is seen visiting
She died in Italy and may have been buried there.

Despite the hype, Paloma will only be a One-Scene Wonder.
Every shot of her from promotional material is in the same dress, so she won't have much screentime. Just like Lucia Sciarra from Spectre.

Safin's "This was your choice" quote, heard at the end of the Super Bowl TV spot, is his Famous Last Words.
The delivery is more of a pained whisper, so this may occur after Bond delivers the killing blow.

The romantic scenes between Bond and Madeline are actually flashbacks following the end of their relationship
Notice how in nearly every scene he's wearing the same suit? And that her hair is visibly shorter in the Italy scenes (like her style in Spectre) than in the MI6 office scenes when they meet again, indicating that considerable time has passed?

The release date will be pushed up from the planned November slot.
Initially confirmed, as the release date was moved up to five days earlier—November 20—than what it was shifted to when the pandemic escalated, but now jossed, as it has been pushed back yet again til April 2021. note 
Bond and Madeline have a child
Tiny spoilers have leaked that indicated that a little girl named Mathilde will play a role. Could she be Bond and Madeline's daughter? We don't know what time frame the movie will cover, but Word of God states that it picks up five years after the events of Spectre and the child is roughly the age to have been conceived and born in that interim, so it's possible that Madeline's unknowingly pregnant if/when she and Bond break up. Perhaps she's being forced to aid Safin in order to protect her—a recent trailer appears to show him telling her "I'm willing to kill the person you love the most". He could be referring to either of them.

Safin is another Shadow Archetype of Bond.
Just as Blofeld, Silva, Trevelyan, Scaramanga, and Max Zorin represent his worst aspects, Safin could be another Evil Counterpart. Safin claims that both "eradicate people to make the world a better place," but that he wants to "make it tidier."
  • Safin could be a Bond devolved into a Knight Templar Well-Intentioned Extremist with genuinely good goals, but the methods used are questionable at best and Omnicidal Maniac at worst.
  • Like Silva, Safin could also be a failed 00-agent, having failed the requisite tests needed to become one. Because of this, he turned to terrorism as a way to seek revenge against those who wronged him.

James Bond will die. He will not be replaced. This will be the final James Bond film.
There have been rumours about the actor who will succeed Daniel Craig for years now, with tons of names floating about, but the studio has remained completely silent on the matter. Maybe that's because they don't actually intend to have a successor to Daniel Craig, and they secretly intend for this to be the final Bond film. But they can't actually announce that because then people would know already that Bond likely dies at the end. It will be an enormous twist. While this seems unlikely due to the popularity of the franchise and its ability to consistently make money, perhaps Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have decided unilaterally to end the franchise as an artistic move similar to Benioff and Weiss deciding unilaterally to end Game of Thrones.

The film's Central Theme
It could be the lack of difference in the method used by the Designated Hero and the Card-Carrying Villain. Given Safin's assertions about him and 007 "eradicating people to make the world a better place," Leiter stating how it's becoming harder to tell who's good vs. who's bad, and Bond questioning his own morality at times, this could end up becoming the main underlying theme.

This will be the darkest Bond film to date

The movie will be delayed AGAIN
At the rate things are going, the producers could decide (or may have to) to postpone it again so that it can be released for the franchise's 60th anniversary in 2022. Much like Die Another Day (in which the 20th film marked the 40th anniversary), 2 milestones could be celebrated simultaneously, as the film is the 25th in the series.

The theme song is a jinx
Think about it. It's released. . .and the movie is postponed from April 2020 until November 2020. The video is released. . .and the movie is postponed from November 2020 until April 2021. Next thing you know, they'll release the soundtrack and it will be postponed again.

Alternately, this movie will be dumped to Apple TV+
To compete with Mulan (2020) and Soul.

The ending will take a The Dark Knight Rises approach.
Bond will defeat Safin and be presumed dead, when in reality, he is actually planning to live out the rest of his life with Madeleine. It can be a reversal of his state in Casino Royale: emotionally bitter by the betrayal of his deceased lover. Here, he may be finally at peace, not just with Madeleine's secrets, but also with himself.

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