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Shuu has a tragic backstory.
"It's already shown that Shuu can be a Stepford Smiler, and his character overall isn't still fully explored yet. Like how he is apparently more mature than the other boys in his grade."
  • It's jossed.

Onodera has a little Russian ancestry
With Chitoge's being the Mafia, Marika's being a police force and a powerful clan, and Raku's being the Yakuza. It makes sense for Onodera to secretly (as in she and Haru don't know) have a dad who's the leader of The Mafiya.
  • It's jossed.
    • Not really, the ending doesn't prove that, as we never see daddy.

Raku is going to get seven love interests matching the girls from "Take It Easy."
"Four who wanna own me, two who wanna stone me, one says she's a friend of mine."We already have six: Chitoge, Kosaki, Marika, Tsugumi, Paula, and Haru. We just need one more.
  • And Ruri would make seven, and supply the "friend" portion of the equation.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Yui is the seventh, but is not just a "friend."

Raku's pendant is sentient.
And it's actually trying to resolve his problems. Let's see, what happened in the first chapter? He conveniently loses his pendant, which Chitoge finds, and they begin to see the good side in each other, which lead him into the current events. Next, when he tries Chitoge's key it doesn't work, because he isn't in love with her. The pendant needs to be repaired, to give him time to develop his relationships with the girls, and then next, because he's unsure of who he truly cares about, Mari's, Onodera's, and Chitoge's keys couldn't fit. And now, Onodera's sister is interfering with him, and the pendant has gone to her, in order to resolve her hatred for him.
  • It's jossed.
If Raku winds up with anyone other than Chitoge, Tsugumi will help Raku and his woman fake their deaths.
She is, after all, contracted to kill Raku should he ever leave Chitoge, but she has no desire to do that anymore.

The glasses buddies end up together.
Because the glasses wearing best friends who like to bring up their friends crushes are a total match for each other.
  • Also, keep in mind that if Ruri and Shuu don't end up together the profits will drop by over 40% according to one of the fan poll things, I highly doubt they would legitimately put either of them with anyone else, heck even a bait and switch temporarily lost them a huge number of fans...

Shuu and Haru will wind up together.
Courtesy of Raku having Shuu Playing Cyrano in order to get the pendant back.
  • The reasoning has been Jossed by Raku getting his pendant back without having to do that.

Marika will die from her chronic illness before the story is over.
I just don't see any way to resolve the plot with Marika still in the picture. I can't see Raku marrying Marika unless she's dying, and Raku is trapped in a way that he can't outright choose any of the other girls with Marika around without causing serious trouble. My theory is that Marika won't lose to any of the other girls, but rather to time and her own frailty.
  • Jossed, it's been stated in the series that the disease isn't fatal, and she leaves to get treatment for it in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in chapter 194, while simultaneously pointing out that he likes Chitoge and Onoderra, telling him he needs to make a choice and she's given up on him,(but still loves him, of course) and this helps him come to his Love Epiphany about Chitoge in chapter 199

The "fake couple" set-up of is a ploy of the fathers to get Raku and Chitoge together.
They knew about the promise and approved of relationship between their heirs. They probably realized that after ten years the kids might not remember much from what happened when they were five years old, so they created the "fake dating" plan to make them spend time together and make sure they won't find anyone else before they have chance to fall in love again. The henchmen may or may not be in on this.
  • Seems too improvised. If this was their logic, then Mr. Kirisaki doesn't know about the situation with Marika (or, for that matter, Kosaki), and Mr. Ichijou was content to keep him in the dark about it. If Chief Tachibana catches wind of this, things will quickly spiral out of control.
    • Considering the fact that Marika situation is a result of Mr. Ichijou drunken blunder I can see him not wanting to mention it. He might legitimately not know about Onodera.
    • It's jossed.

Mrs. Onodera knows about Raku's promise to Kosaki.
Following the logic of the previous guess, Mrs. Onodera is well aware of what happened 11 years ago between Kosaki and Raku, though she is likely ignorant of the other two girls. "I give you permission to marry my daughter," implies that she at least suspected that Raku would be interested; otherwise it's liable to chase away the help.
  • It's jossed. RAKU'S mother knows though.
Mr. Onodera was involved with the Yakuza and/or the Beehive Group.
Kosaki's presence at the Summer of Promises has yet to be explained. We know that Raku and Chitoge were together while their fathers negotiated peace between the Yakuza and the Beehive Group, but why would Kosaki be there, too? Her presence would make sense, however, if Mr. Onodera was either a bodyguard for one of the leaders or was brokering the deal.

Haru was responsible for the events of Chapter 93.
The broken scale was part of a prank.
  • Read the end of the issue, the only reason we know is broken is because Haru tries it and mom tells her its broken. Kosaki never even learns the truth on-page.

Ruri and Shuu knew that Haru was listening to them.
Haru has been an interference all this time, but now she'll at least stop interfering, if not become a Shipper on Deck.

Raku is going to wind up in an Accidental Marriage with Ruri.
Because that is pretty much the only way to make the situation even more complicated than it already is.
  • I think it is safe to declare this Jossed, since the only plausible catalyst for this, Ruri's great-grandfather, is dead.

The anime will have a Gecko Ending wherein Kosaki plays Juliet in the school play and confesses her love for Raku.
The anime is slated to end after 20 episodes, and 10 episodes brought them to the end of Volume 3. This means we can expect the remaining 10 episodes to cover Volumes 4-6, concluding with the school play mini-arc. However, it has to be rewritten to serve as an actual ending. Solution: Kosaki doesn't get injured and the play goes off without a hitch, and Raku and Kosaki admit their love for each other while admitting they can't be together until after graduation because of the Yakuza situation.
  • Given Nisekoi's popularity, this is highly unlikely. Chances are it'll end with an And the Adventure Continues to set up for a season 2 in a year.
  • Promptly Jossed in episode 19 where Onodera sprains her leg, Raku and Chitoge make up and she takes over as Juliet.
  • Why did the troper even think this? The play sequence was out before even episode 1 of the anime...

Marika will have her new teacher arrested.
Chapter 118 explains it all.

The information on the disk is relevant to the plot.
Just to subvert filler.

Nisekoi will get a Dating Sim adaptation.
Because it would totally work.
  • Confirmed. It's called Nisekoi Yomeiri?! and it's playable (but sadly JP-exclusive) on the PS Vita.
The pendant contains the missing page of the story book.
In chapter 90 it was revealed that the story book had a sad ending and Raku altered it to make his promised girl happy. The page containing the ending was ripped out of Kosaki's book. That page is locked inside the pendant and contains the name of both Raku and his promised girl.

Kosaki won't admit she has a crush on anyone because she knows Raku is too dense to realize it's him.
Thus if she actually admitted publicly that she has a crush on someone, short of publicly declaring her love for Raku, she would actually wind up undermining her chances because Raku wouldn't think she's available to be pursued.
  • It's jossed. She admits her love for Raku.

The guards are going to figure out that Chitoge isn't the princess and assume that this is a Beehive Group plot to kidnap the princess.
Which makes things get really bad really fast.
  • Jossed. They switch back without a hitch.

Nanako is trying to arrange a Baby Trap for Raku.
Forget trying to push Raku and Kosaki together, she's going for the straight-up seduction option. She probably told them to put lots of lavender in the room, too. And they timed this assignment to be two weeks since Kosaki's last period. And why go through all this? Because she knows that Raku is too honorable not to marry Kosaki if he got her pregnant.

The entire series is just one giant Masquerade.
All the characters are wearing masks, and act according to the role which they're given. The characters will continue to dance as long as the music plays and will only act differently than the role given when out of sight of the other characters or in private.

The new magical girl spin off will have Raku turn into a Magical Boy.
And he WONT cross dress.
  • Jossed. He cameos at the end of the second magical girl episode (actually season 2 OVA), but as a regular classmate of Kosaki.

Nisekoi shares a Verse with Haikyuu!! and My Love Story!!
The manga has had crossovers with both series and there's no real reason they can't fit into canon.

Seishirou is the reason the pendant doesn't work.
She was the last person to be confirmed to be in the Summer of Promises. Yui specifically calls her with the other girls to the roof in chapter 120 even though she doesn't have a key. My theory, she found out Kisoki promised to marry a boy and she didn't wanted to lose her new sister so she sabotaged the pendant so it never opens, them she told Claude and he used one of the crazy Bee Hive inventions to erase the memories of the summer from all the kids except Marika and Yui (that's why they know more than the others).

All the girls will have their moment.
The series will deconstruct and improve the traditional formula of the Harem genre, giving every girl not only a clear story arc but an end to their romantic obsession of the lead in a logical and satisfying way.
  • Yui was the first to oficially leave the harem (chapter 179) when she realized her she was using Raku as her only connection after the death of her parents and is better to have him as a brother and look for love and connect with people without always fearing they'll leave her.
  • Marika decided to prioritize her health over her feelings (chapter 195) and seek treatment in America, though she hasn't given up in being with Raku eventually she accepted now is not the time and even forced him to confront his feeling for Chitoge.
  • My theory: Haru and Seishirou will have their own arcs resolving their feelings and leaving them to actively cheer for their sisters in the final round. At the end it will be between Kosaki and Chitoge, both who could qualify as Fist Girl Wins, but it will subvert the normal normal narrative of continually introducing disposable and interchangeable girls by making everybody in the harem vital in the final decision with their own complex relationships with each other. Conclusion: THE FIRST TRUE FEMINIST HAREM COMEDY!!!
    • Depends on your interpretation of "satisfying" or "feminist" but the girls do get some sort of moment before ultimately leaving the harem. Tsugumi confesses her feelings to Raku while covering his ears so she can get her feelings out in one go, Haru confessed and bowed out, and Marika showed up again just to check if the locket worked with her key (it didn't) and have Raku tell her that she'll always be one of his dearest friends. All that's left now is Kosaki being revealed as the promise girl and finally declaring her love for Raku, while both of them are bawling their eyes out.
Marika's chronic illness is fertility related.
She wants to land Raku, the love of her life, while she still has eggs left to make some babies. Her dad is fully behind this, because he wants some grandkids before it's too late.

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