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Maya is the "witch who is not a witch".
  • She was a witch before she became a vampire and, even after her transformation, retained some of her witch powers

The witch clan Poppy North, Phil and their father are descended from are the Arlins.
  • The Arlins are mentioned as being as old as the Harmans, so it stands to reason there would be a lost witch somewhere in their family tree, and Poppy and Winnie Arlin are strangely similar in both appearance and some personality traits.

Quinn and Rashel are Old Souls, but have just never met until now.
  • Or at least Quinn was an Old Soul before being turned into a vampire. It would explain their Soulmate link, considering Quinn is hundreds of years older than Rashel. It may also explain Rashel’s incredible survival instincts even as a child, and how she quickly became one of the most feared vampire hunters in the country. While her shapeshifter lineage may have contributed to her abilities, it’s also possible that she was killed by a vampire (or was also a vampire hunter) in a previous life. However, unlike Thierry and Hannah Quinn and Rashel most likely did not meet during Rashel’s previous incarnations and thus why they are strangers with each other in the current timeline. And with the revelation that Rashel isn’t fully human, there is a possibility that she will not reincarnate again after this lifetime.

Philip North and Iliana Dominick are Soulmates.
  • They’re both lost witches, and both responded to finding out about the Night World the same: negatively. They also both reject their destinies at first and try to maintain the facade of normalcy after finding out the truth about themselves. But as shown in both Withlight and the preview of Strange Fate they both rose to the occasion and they both slay a dragon to save the people they love. They also each end their own stories by allowing a loved one (Poppy for Phil, Galen for Iliana) to be with their respective Soulmates. Though they haven’t met in-universe yet, the similarities between them can hardly be a coincidence.

Thierry knew everything that was going on in the latter part of Secret Vampire.
  • When Ash brought Poppy to Thierry’s house in latter half of Secret Vampire with apparently the intention of turning her over to Thierry for the violation of Night World law, Poppy fought him off with her witch powers. James was able to find them in Thierry’s house, and then Phil was able to also enter Thierry’s house to help save Poppy. Then the trio was able to leave without incident after Ash let them go. While they may have been able to leave of their own accord because Phil and Poppy were witches and not humans, the real reason may have been because Thierry knew what was going on. He was aware of Ash’s alleged intentions were, and while he did not interfere he made sure that nobody else interfered. When James and Phil entered his house to save Poppy, nobody bothered them as they left because Thierry made sure nobody bothered them. Even if Poppy wasn’t a witch, Thierry would not have allowed anything to happen to her —- and by extension her Soulmate and brother —- inside his house. Thierry knew what was going on, but he also made sure that Poppy, James, and Phil were not bothered.

Delos accidentally killed his father.
  • Delos’s father died three years prior to Black Dawn, and his cause of death has never been revealed. But given the abuse he inflicted upon Delos, and the fact that he saw his son as nothing more than a living weapon, it’s possible that Delos reached a breaking point with the abuse and he killed his father with his Power. However, given Delos’s Hidden Depths he most likely did not intentionally kill his father. And despite the abuse his father inflicted upon him Delos most likely felt a great amount of remorse for killing his father, adding to his cold and brooding personality.

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