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The Shy Guy / Nabbit Conspiracy
  • So, nobody really knows who Shy Guy and Nabbit are. But I think that Shy Guys, Nabbit and Dr. E. Gadd are all part of a corporation that is trying to get rid of the main Mario characters and replace them with robots.
  • The system starts off in Mario Kart 8. In Shy Guy Falls, numerous Shy Guys can be seen mining and collecting materials. But nobody really knows why. The materials that they harvest are then sent to Dr. E. Gadd from Luigi's Mansion. I also noticed that Twisted Mansion, the haunted house themed track from Mario Kart 8) comes just before Shy Guy Falls. E. Gadd uses these materials to create robotic replicas of the main Mario characters. This is why we see characters like Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach in the more recent Mario Kart games. Nabbit, along with the Shy Guys, also collects materials for these robots, however Nabbit finds the ones that are much harder to get hold of (e.g. 1-up mushrooms and super mushrooms.) This is why Nabbit is always stealing things in New Super Mario Bros.U. Nabbit is also a spy. In New Super Luigi U, Nabbit tags along with Luigi and the Toads, to spy on them and collect information about them. Remember the secret island from NSMBU, the one with stats about Mario's adventures it looked like it was probably Nabbit's house (there were lots of power-ups and bags in the background.) If Nabbit is a spy like this theory proposes then that's why he has statistics about Mario in his house. Once Nabbit has collected information about Mario, he can report back to E. Gadd. E. Gadd can then use this information to program the robots. Eventually, the robots will outnumber the main characters and will kill all of the human characters.
One level will take place in Princess Peach's Castle.
We know that part of the game's story will have to do with Mario and. co making their way back to the Mushroom Kingdom after getting thrown out by Bowser. By the time you clear the seventh world, you'll be closer to familiar territory (and from there you'll probably go through a few levels evocative of the previous home console installment, with the same music, scenery, and all.

Peach's Castle, now overrun with Bowser's minions, will serve as a transition to the final world (like the Mysterious Sunken Ship in Super Mario World). After Mario and co. storm their way through the castle, they'll find Bowser on his airship with Peach, about to take off to his lair. The heroes will grab on to it before it leaves, and after a quick auto-scrolling airship level, you'll begin World 8.

  • Kind of confirmed. You have an airship level after World 7's Castle, followed by 6 levels in world 8, the last TWO actually inside the castle.
There will be more hidden in this game than has been revealed so far.
Super Mario World had a lot of secrets in it, both revealed in the manual but hidden in-game, like Star Road and the colored yoshis, and super-secret, like the Top Secret Area and the Special World. I think in this game, Nintendo will return to form and have secret powerups and stages that aren't advertise as selling points for once. Then, when people discover them and spread the info virally, it will build more hype than any advertising campaign could.Some secrets that could be anticipated:
  • More suits that haven't been revealed yet, like bringing back the Penguin Suit, or having the Cape make a grand comeback in a secret world.
    • The Penguin Suit is confirmed to return, but can only be found in the Superstar Road, the bonus world of this game. (Its inclusion was kinda spoiled by Challenge Mode though.)
      • Propeller Suit, too.
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  • Colored adult Yoshis with special powers. It's been revealed in a recent screenshot that all players get a Green Yoshi to ride this time instead of a different color for each player. Why would they do this unless they were hiding differently colored ones in later stages?
  • A truely hidden Secret World that requires actual searching to find, instead of just giving it to you for enough star coins and beating the final boss.
  • A special mode unlocked by beating the Special World. Just like in Super Mario World.
    • These two were kinda confirmed. Beating all eight secret levels unlocked... one more level. As a Call Back to World is that they're in the middle of the Star Road looking secret area. But unlocking it also gives you one of the Save File Stars!

Nabbit is a Rabbid
  • Come on, it makes sense. One of World 2's Toads even calls him a weirdo.

The Secret Toad House
......belongs to Monita. She's been following Nintendo characters for years, and analyzing them on their adventures allowed her to create Nintendo Land. The
Secret Toad House is her current home base, explaining the billboard full of data on what you've done.
  • Or Nintendo Land could have been Magolor's creation and the Records Toad House is his research center.
Nabbit is a Toad.
Based on this piece of fanart, it's entirely possible he is not a rabbit at all, and his real face is hidden behind his bandanna.
  • And the Record Toad House on Secret Island is his. Heck, it's filled to the brim with stuff he stole! The question is, why does he keep all those records about you? Know thy enemy, perhaps?
  • As if that wasn't enough, the Record Toad House also has what looks like Nabbit's silhouette, which could imply that this is indeed his home.
  • This is the best idea ever. The most damning piece of evidence? Nabbit never blinks. A Toad definitely fits under that costume, and he's about the right height. A rogue Toad going around and stealing items in a rabbit disguise is an awesome idea, and it could even explain why the mask matches Bowser Jr.'s bandanna. It's probably because said Toad saw Jr. and thought it was a scary idea and a nice way to cover his face, and copied the design. Of all the ideas (Baby Wario? Bowser Jr?) a Toad under the mask makes the most sense.
    • Nabbit blinks in Mario Golf: World Tour.
Nabbit was intended to be a non-rabbit character in costume, but this dropped after New Super Mario Bros. Wii U
  • In his original appearance, Nabbit never blinks or gives any indication those big eyes of his are real. His ears and tail also never move, and his body has a distinct costume shape—very rounded and ill-defined with fabric texturing. It’s not hard to imagine anyone being in that costume: a toad, a yoshi, maybe Bowser Junior or some other koopa. As he began to appear in more titles, however, there have been more and more indications that Nabbit really is a rabbit, although probably still wearing a costume of some kind. His eyes began to look less and less painted on, and he even began to blink, showing he has eye lids that don’t match the color of the surrounding purple head. He also began to move his ears in ways that indicate he really does have long bunny-like ears, and his perfectly rounded head has gradually become more angled with what appears to be a rabbit-like snout hidden just out of view. Several screenshots from Super Smash Bros show that he appears to have a chin hidden under his bandanna instead of having a Cephalothorax like his original body shape would suggest. The lower half of his body, however, is still very costume-like, especially in games with modern graphics like Mario And Sonic Rio 2016 where the purple ‘skin’ looks very much like baggy fabric.

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