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Her quirky personality is only a facade. she really is The Stoic and an Emotionless Girl.

Jess is Summer Finn.
And New Girl is the Stealth Sequel/ Spin-Off of 500 days of summer.

New Girl will develop Cerebus Syndrome
Leaving a character dead, sick, or injured in the process.
Nick has an older brother.
Nick mentions his brother having a divorce, and he has several nieces and nephews. In the "Chicago" episode, Nick's younger brother Jamie thinks that brothers have to get married in order until Nick tells him otherwise, then proposes to his girlfriend. Jamie doesn't seem too bright, but it's doubtful that he'd forget being married.
Schmidt is a Stepford Smiler

Schmidt and Cece will get back together
.The season 3 finale seems to hint at this.
  • As of the end of season 4 they are engaged.

Jess and Nick will get back together
.If not, then what was the whole point of season 3?

The show will end with Jess giving birth to a daughter.
Because then Jess would no longer be considered the new girl.

Jess will repeat the pillow dance from the pilot.
Either to
get back together with Nick or just for fun with him in the series finale. This time, it will be more successful than when she tried it with her ex-boyfriend in the pilot episode.

Let's Be Cops is a spinoff of New Girl.
Nick and Coach change their names and pretend to be cops.

There will be a crossover with Bones.
And there will be some reference to how Jess and Bones look similar because the actresses are sisters in real life.

The Elderly Asian Man will not speak until the series finale.
Maybe he will sing the show's theme song.
  • He has already talked. In his first episode he calls Nick a baby in the pool scene.

Nick was a virgin until he had sex with Jess
.In the season 2 episode "Virgins," Nick briefly mentions his first time, but he is the only one in the group to not have a flashback to his first time. He then has sex with Jess, probably due to all of the talk about losing virginities. We have never seen him have sex with anyone before this episode. In the season 1 episode "Naked," he tries to have sex with Amanda but is unable to when Jess ruins things. Early in the episode, he looks at himself naked in the mirror, probably because it would have been his first time.

Nick still has feelings for Jess.
In "Bangsgiving," he was the only one who did not raise his hand when everyone voted on whether or not Jess should have sex with the British teacher.

Zooey Deschanel's pregnancy will be written into the show.
Expect Jess to give birth in season 5.

Nick will impregnate Jess.
There would be a hilarious episode about him finding out and freaking out about the notion of becoming a father.

Nick and Jess will get married.
This would be a Wedding Day episode.

An episode will focus on Nick trying to chose a best man.
Coach, Schmidt, and Winston will compete. Ultimately, Nick will choose Tran to be his best man.

Tran's best man speech will consist of him just smiling.
And then Nick will cry and say something like, "You said it all."

Kai broke up with Nick because he would not stop hanging out with Jess.
We never see them discussing breaking up onscreen. Nick says that she broke up with him because she wanted him to do nothing, but he wanted to work. Even his friends found this explanation very hard to believe. Before he tells them all of this, he sees Jess dancing and singing, and the look on his face seems like one that says, "I broke up because Kai told me to chose between you and her."

Schmidt's first name is Nicholas
Since the group already has a Nick, he goes by his last name.

Whoa, you almost had it 100 hundred percent correct. His first name is Winston. Still, you got why they call him Schmidt instead of his first name.


In later seasons, the New Girl will be...
...Cece's and Schimdt's baby.

Schmidt is related to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
Why not? It would make a fun crossover.

We will never know Schmidt's full name.

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