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Hisashi Midoriya is one half of Firestorm
While the author has currently declined to say whether or not this theory is true, the Foreshadowing is very, very thick here.

  • While landing in front of Izuku, Firestorm says to "no one" that he knows who it is and to let him handle the situation.
  • While getting Izuku to stop rambling, Firestorm has to pause to think before calling Izuku, "kid", indicating that he would have said something else under normal circumstances.
  • Hisashi is a scientist working overseas on research that could supposedly change the world, which neatly lines up with Firestorm's first appearance seven years ago in New Carthage, New York. In addition, his boss is "the Professor", which could be a shorthand for Professor Martin Stein, who is the other half of Firestorm in the comics, who is said to work in the United States. Hisashi even mentions that it would be morning where the Professor is while it's evening in Japan, which also works out logically given the thirteen-hour time difference between New York and Tokyo.
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  • Hisashi is Japanese, which would explain why Firestorm looks Asian rather than Caucasian or African-American like Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch.
  • Firestorm has a fire Quirk. Hisashi has a fire breathing Quirk. Firestorm outright says that his abilities are composed of two people and the Firestorm Matrix, one of which is a fire Quirk.
  • After Izuku discovers the door to the Villain's lair, Firestorm says "He is smart, isn't he?" to "no one" the way a proud father would.
  • He calls Izuku by his given name while on the verge of being killed by one of the Ultra-Humanite's robots.
  • Firestorm immediately goes into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge after a brief period of Stunned Silence when the Ultra-Humanite seemingly blasts Izuku off Mt. Fuji to his death with an ionic disruptor cannon. Even All Might has never seen this level of anger and fury within a young Hero before. While the Ultra-Humanite attributes this to Firestorm's relative youth and newness to heroics, this can also be interpreted as a natural Papa Wolf reaction.
    • What immediately calmed him down was Izuku's return, which Firestorm outright cheered compared to the surprise of everyone else present.
  • Firestorm's reaction to finding out that Izuku is an alien is never mentioned. Firestorm is also wholly supportive of Izuku even after the fact. Both of these things would coincide with the fact that Hisashi and his boss already know that Izuku is an alien.
  • During his You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to Izuku, Firestorm says, "Even if you have no confidence in yourself, never forget that there will always be people who care about you." Who better to say this than a father to his son?
    • Confirmed in Chapter 6.

Fumikage Tokoyami is descended from one of the monks of Azarath
Dark Shadow quite reminiscent of Raven's Soul Self, which was a skill she learned from the monks of Azarath (which has a notable bird motif in and of itself).
  • Jossed in Chapter 9

If and When the story tackles the Hideout Raid arc, the threat of expulsion will actually come to pass
Possibly with the chance that Aizawa is being mindcontrolled or a shapeshifter is taking his place in order to expel the class in order to enact a larger evil scheme.

The girl Bakugou will end up marrying is Lexi Luthor
.Given that Death of the Endless was very surprised to find out, it gives that it must be someone that no one would bet on, and his first interaction with Lexi was very much antagonistic.

Gang Orca is an Atlantian
This is why he has hydrokinesis on top of his other powers.

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