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Crow will encounter a Knight of Cerebus that claims he isn't actually "evil".
It's perfect for this sort of game. Crow's the Card-Carrying Villain, and they almost always have someone pull Eviler Than Thou on them. In this case, this new villain is everything Crow as a villain isn't: They're subtle, stoic, and, of course, ruthless, willing to hurt (or kill, if this game doesn't censor death) anyone who gets in their way, and they will give Crow a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech for priding himself as a "villain" when he's only inconveniencing people at his worst, calling him a "pathetic wannabe" or something along those lines, spurring Crow to prove himself as better by taking them down.
  • Jossed. Every villain Crow encounters is a Card-Carrying Villain and none even comes close to usurp him except Becky in the good ending.

In the comic, the Kyuutopian from Prism pg. 11 will become that kingdom's Hero.
His Nonstandard Character Design resembles both Klonoa and Tails, and he certainly behaves heroically. Likewise, Foxglove is becoming an equivalent to Dr. Eggman for him to fight.
  • Considering how Foxglove is dead, this is probably Jossed.

Malice is going to betray Princess Knight Mayapple
You heard it here first, folks. Look at the way Malice eyes Mayapple's crown when she's not looking. She is not in this relationship for the feels. Further, I'm going to predict that there's going to be a whole showdown that ends with Malice beaten but successfully escaping... at which point Crow shows up, delivers a one liner/some banter, and kills her.

Crow: If you hurt her, I will kill you.
Malice: You can try.

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