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Madara is Natsume's grandfather
Going off on Natsume's mother being half-youkai, and Reiko not having any humans to have a child with...maybe this is the reason Madara always has Reiko mentioned to him, and why he continues to protect Natsume. He wants to look after his grandson.
  • Dang it, this troper was writing that fanfiction...
  • This sounds plausible. For instance, both Madara and Natsume share the same golden-brown eyes with slitted irises.
  • Madara, unlike most youkai, can tell human gender differences immediately.
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  • He regarded Reiko Natsume as a beautifully attractive human.
  • The youkai informed Natsume she was utterly, utterly alone her whole life, and never had any relationships with humans.
  • Madara is powerful and can shape-shift into human form with ease.
    • Actually, it is the opposite. Since he is a powerful youkai, there's no need for him to disguise and thus shape shifting is not his best skill. And yet, somehow, he can still keep Reiko's form after so long.
  • Reiko died at a young age, giving birth to his child, Natsume's mother, whose health deteriorated after giving birth to him.
  • He always transforms into either Natsume or his grandmother, for he says she's the only other human he's ever had a good look at.
  • He wants the Book of Friends from Natsume, for its all he has to remember his old love by.
  • Madara considers eating him, because Natsume's inherited Reiko's spiritual energies, and his own Youkai blood, and he wants that back, though decided to wait til he reaches the end of his natural lifespan. This demonstrates how much Madara has come to really love and care for his grandchild, that he can ignore such irresistible urges, as a man-eating youkai himself.
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  • He adds to the long line of terrible guardians Natsume has had, though to be fair, he knows nothing of raising humans, and at least is trying to make up for lost time.
  • Chapter 76 reveals one of Hakozaki's loyal dragon youkai is astonished that Nastume looks identical to a man he knew a long time ago. Raising the possibility this was Natsume's 'grandfather' that looked just like him. Hmmm...
  • In Chapter 80 he perks with curiosity when Natori speculates that the mysterious monk Yorishima may in fact be, a half-blood.

Reiko's mother was a kitsune.
As you all know, Kitsune are powerful female (Li'l Kitsune is Special) fox spirits who will sometimes mate with humans when in human form. They are also known to be tricksters, as most foxes are, but are known to keep promises. Now, let's look at Reiko for a moment. Reiko is a young girl who has great spiritual power, and often challenges spirits to duels. She oftentimes uses trickery in order to win them, and has a mischievous personality overall. Those who lose her duels are forced to become her underlings, but she never tries to force the victor to do the same, just as she says. Add this to the fact that she has gold, slit-pupiled eyes, and it's easy to see how this could be possible.

Reiko Natsume was working for Madara.
As she was no exorcist nor skilled in the mystical arts beyond natural talent, Madara was the one who educated and tutored her to compile the book of friends, and with it build himself an army to rule the spirit world.
  • She possibly may have been tricked in that regard by the Inugami, whom she foolishly believed was making friends for her all this time. Reiko double-crossed and sealed Madara into a fortune cat doll, but not before the Youkai swore he would hunt down and devour her descendants.

Madara is Reiko's father.
Other youkai often mention Reiko to him and imply that he is only interested in Natsume because of Reiko.
  • Also, in the manga both Reiko and Takashi have silver/white hair - a little darker than Madara's fur.

Natsume's father was half youkai.
Seriously, how Reiko came to have a child is never explained, people didn't like her, and she was always alone. How could she have possibly have had a human partner?
  • The fujiwaras, who are from his father's side, do not know about his powers. It's more likely that his mother was the one who saw spirits.
  • Chapter 36 confirms that Reiko is Natsume's grandmother from his mother's side. Also, while Natsume says that he was told that his mother was a rather normal person, the implication is that she was anything but.
    • Wait, how does that page prove Natsume's mother was not normal? Natsume only know about his mother from what he heard about others tell about her (hence his line) since she died when he was very young and Matoba points out in the next page that Reiko might have not necessarily passed down her powers onto her.
  • Chapter 58 and 59 do reveal an older man who has taken interest in Reiko. Whether he be her future spouse or related to youkai is unconfirmed but it is one of the few positive "human" interactions she has so far in this series.

Natsume is somehow related to Gackt
Gackt once claimed that he could see spirits, and that his family didn't believe him and began to suspect that he was mentally unstable (Granted, Gackt says a lot of ridiculous things, as the 496-year-old vampire claim demonstrated, but still). An Bishōnen that saw dead people/youkai and was considered disturbed because of it? Gee, now why does that sound familiar...?

Natsumes parents were killed by youkai
I'm probably overthinking this but, Matoba said former exorcist clans have trouble with youkai even long after the last person who could see was born into them. Reiko was somebody, who would probably draw the groudge of a lot of youkai to her. Natsume himself is an orphan. It is possible.

Matoba's right eye would have been targeted after he graduated from high school
In fact, there's a picture of him in high school and his right eye is not covered. While this is just bonus material, his right eye also seems to be different (although it could simply be inconsistent art), meaning that he became the clan head after his graduation.
  • A flashback chapter revealed Matoba hadn't been a clan head when he was in high school, nor he used the eye patch. It hadn't been confirmed though since he was still on the tenth grade...

Natsume Reiko lost the ability to see youkai soon after high school.
Whenever we see her in a youkai's flashbacks, she is always wearing her school uniform. It was even stated at some point that many people lose the ability to see youkai when they grow up. Fridge Horror, since if it's true, the same may happen to Natsume Takashi.

Natori is Natsume's amazingly-young-looking grandpa, on his mother's side.
Because not only can he see youkai, but he looks just. Like him. And he can be very sadistic especially about youkai, just like Reiko. Seriously, he and Reiko would make the perfect match. Whereas Reiko hated most humans, she would probably have gotten along with a powerful (and fabulous) exorcist. He may even know about it, since he seems to have paternal instincts towards Takashi and even offered to adopt him. A rival exorcist even suggested that Natori is taking jobs away from other exorcists in the town where "Natsume Reiko's grandson" lives suggesting that he certainly knows who Reiko is and probably met her while she was alive.

Natsume Yuujinchou is an AU of Gunnerkrigg Court

Takashi is Reiko's reincarnation.
...As well as her grandson. Thus why he is always mistaken for her by youkai, and why he has been having flashbacks/dreams about her in recent chapters. It may be that he has her soul, not just a physical resemblance to her. VERY strongly hinted at when, at the end of his dream, a small youkai grabs his wrist and insists "You ARE Reiko."

Madara knew/was close with Natsume's grandfather
Madara said earlier in the series that the human forms he can shift into are Reiko, Takashi (though this achieved later on in the series) and an old man. This troper thinks that old man is possibly Natsume's grandfather. Madara had to know the person well enough in order to shape-shift into them so they had to be close somehow.

Nishimura has some spiritual power
Though probably to the same extent as Taki's. There are several instances in the manga which Nishimura hears Nyanko-sensei (though Natsume usually brushes it off as something else). Notably, in the special chapters that featured a bit on his past, Nishimura was able to hear Nyanko-sensei when he was knocked out (though he thought it was a dream). Nyanko-sensei said that for someone to hear him needs to have some spiritual powers though it doesn't not have to be as much as Natsume's (like Tanuma or Taki). This might lead to in future chapters that when Natsume's friends do find out about Natsume's ability, Nishimura might point that out.
  • Shibata can hear Nyanko sensei too.

Despite Natori's orders, Natori's shiki won't tell him about the Book of Friends
Nyanko-sensei states in one chapter that ayakashi have a unspoken code to not speak about certain things they don't want to be known like the Book of Friends. Even if they are Natori's shiki and Urihime and Sasago kind of don't like Natsume, they won't directly tell Natori what Natsume holds. Of course, that doesn't mean Natori won't somehow find out elsewhere (since Natori keeps hearing about the book's existence through the slip of the tongue of other ayakashi).
  • Well, as for recent chapter, Natori found out first.

Natori's gecko tattoo is trying to sell insurance
And he won't leave until you spend 15 minutes to save 15% on your car insurance.

Madara used to be a common dog and was sealed as a punishment
According to Japanese folklore (aka Wikipedia), an inugami is created by burying a dog, separating its head from its body, and then taking it to a shrine. Whoever evoked Madara wanted him to commit crimes but some exorcist probably sealed him before he could.
  • Also, take into consideration that "Madara" means spot in Japanese and Spot is/was a common dog name.

The man that mentioned by the dragon shiki is Reiko's grandfather
And he's an exorcist, that's why the dragon's know him. Noted that the shiki said it was long ago. If he was around Reiko's age, it wouldn't be too long for a shiki. Maybe the spiritual powers always skip one generation.It draws another paralel with Reiko and Natsume situation:
  • Both are orphans who doesn't fit in with humans, have strong spiritual power and have an ancestor legacy which become a burden.
  • If Reiko's grandfather is an exorcist, that would explain how she knew about spells. It could also explained how Reiko became an orphan. Exorcist family tend to be attacked by ayakashi.
  • If he were anything like his descendant, then he was probably became an exorcist to help people. This shows a nice progress from each generation :
    • Reiko's grandfather was an exorcist who helped people and viewed ayakashi as enemies.
    • Reiko didn't get along with people and fought with ayakashi, turned them into her underlings.
    • Natsume is the only one who managed to befriend both ayakashi and humans.

The man that mentioned by the dragon shiki IS Natsume
An ayakashi with time travelling power will brought Natsume to the past. He met the dragon there. It was probably long time ago in the past, before Reiko.

The yokai spirit from episode three was Natsume's mother
  • The one he met on the playground, who he first thought was a human, I mean. That yokai knew what was going on with Natsume, meaning she'd probably been watching him awhile. Seeing what her son was going through, and wanting to be there for him just a little bit, she visited him in her old human form.
  • Just look at them! I know all the characters basically look the same in this manga/anime, but seriously, compare the yokai girl from episode 3 to the picture Natsume has of his parents. They're identical.
  • Now I know Natsume doesn't actually see spirits as in, "were humans who are now dead." He sees, "spirits who were born as spirits." But given what we've seen of the yokai so far, it isn't such a far fetched idea that after she died, she either took a yokai form of some kind, (such as swallow did) or had the power to come and see him herself. Especially since, if I remember correctly, she's Reiko's daughter, meaning she probably had at least some spiritual powers.

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