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Christie Brinkley's character is a demon.
She was sent from Hell to tempt and possibly kill Clark.

Christie Brinkley's character is an angel.
She was sent from Heaven to test the purity of Clark's soul (hence the white clothing).

Christie Brinkley's character has Medium Awareness.
At one point (during the picnic) she appears to be dancing to the soundtrack.
  • Could this not be coming from her car's stereo?

Christie Brinkley's character is a Time Lord.
Someone had to say it.

The security guard becomes Gus Polinski from Home Alone.

After the Trauma Clark puts him through, the security guard quits his job and joins a polka band.

Clark actually does go to Jail
The scene with Roy Wally showing up is how Clark copes with being arrested.

Clark and Ellen are foster parents
Rusty and Audrey are titles not names. It explains why there can be multiple Rusty and Audreys across the movies

Aunt Edna is not actually related to Ellen
During one scene, Rusty mentions that maybe Aunt Edna would be nicer if she had a family of her own. This implies that Eddie and Catherine are not family in the biological sense.

Aunt Edna's real family died in a house fire.
This would explain why she is so bitter and upset when her dog dies

Aunt Edna didn't die
They never actually felt for a pulse or did any other common sense measures to check if someone is alive or dead. A deleted scene seems to confirm that she was at least alive when being strapped to the roof

The scene from the desert on is a mirage Clark suffers from dehydration

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