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Naruto is Nearing Power-up Critical Mass
Think of all the jutsu power-ups and new super modes he has been acquiring lately: Sage Mode, Demon Fox Sage Mode, Neo Tailed Beast/Ninjassiah Mode, Rasenshuriken, Giant Rasengan, Rasenrengan, and now the Tailed Beast Bomb (which is everything the Rasengan is, only kicked Up to Eleven and given a badass make-over). Awesome, right? Well, consider this: the Tailed Beast Bomb is essentially the Rasengan, only with an arbitrarily wonky yin-yang chakra ratio. As far as we know thus far, there is nothing to keep Naruto from eventually applying all the boosts and variations he has added to the vanilla Rasengan to the Tailed Beast Bomb itself. Heck, all he really needs to do to unlock his full arsenal for use in his Neo Tailed Beast Mode is become friends with the Nine Tailed Demon Fox. Think about that for a second: all that Naruto Uzumaki, originator of Therapy no Jutsu, whose greatest skill has been stated to be his uncanny charisma and outgoing personality, needs to do to achieve an unparalelled level of raw, unlimited power is befriend the demon sealed in his stomach — a feat that others have managed to do just fine. The outcome is obvious.

Once Naruto does this (and we all know that he will), I for one would not be the least bit surprised to see him handily defeat the final boss with a single Super Giant Tailed Beast Storm Shuriken Bullet Barrage.

  • This poster who made the underneath theory thinks your theory is a lot more awesome.

The paper Konan floated over to the Hop-In card is going to be important
It'll have the secrets of Madara's technique on it. Naruto seems likely to want to see where his fellow students were taught, on his quest to prepare for bringing peace or whooping Madara or some such. It just seemed too poignant to not be made critical in some fashion. Madara bashed hope. Konan trusts and HOPES that Naruto can defeat him. Why not give him info, the critical weapon of a ninja, in order to see the task through?

Kabuto has limited omniscience
How else would Kabuto know about Madara's whereabouts and identity. Not to mention that Kabuto was able to get his hands on the remains of every important Shinobi.He was able to find remains of Deidara, who transformed his own body into a bomb. He was able to find remains of Itachi, who was kept by Madara, he was able to find remains of Kakuzu, who was capured by Kohona. He was able to find remains of Nagato, who was guarded by Konan. Evem if Kabuto could use the dead to gain information, there are still things which he shouldn't know, like Nagato's location..
  • Not necessarily. He needs their DNA but there's no (stated) reason it needs to come from a corpse. It's likely for starters that much of his collection of DNA came from Oorochimaru's collection. We've already seen enough to know they have hospitals in this world. So you disguise yourself walk right in draw blood from anybody who looks remotely interesting keep it labeled some place and keep an eye on the local obituaries. Alternately he could visit the sights of well recent battles and seach for kunai.
    • It's fairly likely that the Edo Tesei body are more like clone rather than the actual body that for some reason can only be created after death. It would explain why Kabuto doesn't use Kisame(who just died) or why Obito didn't just make a deal with Kabuto for the Rinnegan instead of fighting Konan.

Sooner or later, someone will open all Eight Chakra Gates
Usually, no suicide technique is introduced in a series if no one is ever going to use it and die, or alternatively use it and survive against all odds. As such, there are a few likely scenarios: The main users of the skill and most likely candidates for kamikaze using it are Rock Lee and Might Guy. If Guy ever opens the Eighth Gate, he will most likely die, given that adult characters in Naruto may be stronger than the kids, but they are nowhere near as amazing as the younger generation. If Lee opens it, his chances of survival are 50/50, since he is a member of the new generation. If it is Sasuke who somehow manages to open it, however, there's no way he will kill himself doing it. He's too special.
  • And then, it'll only confirm that Sailor Pluto is his mother. Opening portals and everything.
  • This Troper is hoping it will be Hinata, and "survive against all odds". See the second guess below "academy for gifted ninjas" (ctrl+ f or Find).
  • The villain of the second Shippuden movie claimed that he could do it, but whether he actually did is unclear.

Background of the Uchiha Massacre/Danzo and Madara
The way I interpreted things, Danzo somehow witnessed that Madara was behind the Kyuubi attack on Konoha which claimed the life of the Fourth and got it sealed into Naruto. Madara knew Danzo witnessed it, leading to their meeting, mentioned before Sasuke v Danzo. Danzo agreed to sell out the Uchihas who had betrayed Konoha if Madara gave him carte blanche access to the aftermath and some information regarding the Kyuubi. Lacking a man on the inside, Madara agreed. Danzo started spreading rumors that the Uchiha were behind the Kyuubi attack, which was plausible to the general population for two reasons: first, Madara had fought the First Hokage and had used the Kyuubi; second, the Uchiha had to be defeated by the Senju (read: Madara had to be defeated by Hashirama) in order for Konoha to be fully stabilized. The Second Hokage clearly had a dual intention in making them the police force; they played a major role in village security and order given their powers, and thus, ordinary citizens would learn to trust them. But their visible role would let him keep an eye on them, especially considering he came from that same war-torn era as the First and Madara. Anywho, the villagers started outwardly discriminating against the Uchiha, who had already been moved to the outskirts of town (right? I think that happened before the Kyuubi attack). The Uchiha got pissed and noted that the Third wasn't doing much (even if that was due to a lack of ability given the circumstances), and started actually plotting a coup. Really a giant plan by Danzo. He pointed to this coup, and the two elders, already being hardliners, jumped in and agreed. The Third tried negotiations, but was trapped between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand, war with the Uchihas would cause a Fourth Ninja World War as Konoha would be weakened and others would try to take the Land of Fire; on the other, the villagers and Uchihas were completely suspicious of each other and could generally find no reason to overcome that mistrust. Things came to a head eventually when negotiations broke down. Danzo, in the meantime, used the ace in his sleeve: Itachi, the prodigy of the Uchihas, who was a mentally unstable pacifist who wanted (almost like Pain) peace at all costs due to his witnessing of the Third World War. Using what he learned from Madara, he told Itachi (who was in the ANBU, and, therefore, probably under Danzo's influence) to seek the tablet (or just told him how to acquire the Mangyeko Sharingan). He sics him on Shisui, who has the same relationship with Itachi as Itachi does with Sasuke (or so I figure). Itachi slays Shisui, whose murder further alienates Itachi and lets Danzo swoop in and acquire his right arm and right eye. Madara, watching from afar, approaches Itachi. Itachi figures out the truth (Madara wants revenge on Konoha as a whole, not just the Uchihas), but decides to work with Madara for the fateful night to eliminate the clan, since they have the same objective regarding the clan, if different reasons. Boom!~Uchihas massacred; Itachi goes with Madara after ensuring the Third protects Sasuke to prevent any further action against Konoha; Danzo gets his eyes and his Sharingan powers (50% of what he needs to tame the beast and use its powers), and the coup, civil war, and world war is prevented.

It makes sense in my head at least...

The reason why Sakura was so mean towards Naruto in part 1
  • Not because of his constant goofing around, but because she was so hurt by Sasuke constantly ignoring her, she took all that frustration out on Naruto.
    • In the manga, after he tells her that he doesn't like her suggestion that Naruto's growing up without parents makes him selfish, she briefly wonders if she should be nicer to Naruto.

Madara did not take Izuna's eyes on purpose
It has been stated that it is not enough to kill one's best friend to gain the Mangekyo; you have to feel the genuine emotional sorrow of losing someone close to you. Therefore, when Madara gained the Mangekyo, he wasn't the Complete Monster we know him as currently (he had to have some level of empathy). Now, the way I look at the Sharingan is that it enhances the clarity of an Uchiha's vision, allowing them to take in more sensory information through their eyes than someone without a sharigan. But the Mangekyo Sharingan, through repeated use, will eventually cause an Uchiha's eyesight to deteriorate and go blind at some point; this is much more horrifying when you think of the psychological effects it has on the sharingan user. Their brains are so used to that level of sensory information that when they begin to lose that power, the effects are akin to withdraw from narcotic drugs. Thus, the Mangekyo's blindness side-effect is degenerative to the Uchiha's psyche; this is why Madara was in such a poor condition when he was losing his Mangekyo, and likely why he was so desperate to regain his eyesight. It eventually caused him to lose control of his mind, and he rabidly plucked out his brother's eyes, unaware of what he was really doing. Izuna then went insane from losing his sharingan eyes, suffering from the same degenerative effects Madara was suffering from and killed himself.
  • Supposedly, according to one of the databooks, Izuna tried to continue fighting after this, but in an aversion of Handicapped Badass, got killed.

Neji made up the events of Shippuden Episode 192.
Kiba took part in the battle against the Sand/Sound attack force that day, and he was rescued by his mother. Thus, there is no way anything like what Neji said happened that day. Neji just made it up so that the kids would quit bugging him for a story when he really wasn't interested in giving an interview.
  • Actually, Kiba was unconscious during the whole of the invasion. He didn't participate in the battle, and since Neji and Ten Ten weren't seen during the invasion either, this story, while filler, is a piece of cake to fit into canon, especially since it doesn't have anyone from Team 7, or seen during the invasion, as main characters.

If Sasuke ever pulls a Heel–Face Turn
It would be because the whole time, Madara didn't give Sasuke Itachi's eyes, but just an ordinary set of eyes (maybe from a previous Akatsuki member). It was all a trick so he could get his hands on Sasuke's eyes. Once Sasuke finds out he got dicked by Madara, he decides to team up with Naruto. After defeating Madara, Sasuke still doesn't return to Konoha because of his previous crimes. Unable to face his home after all he's done, he wanders around the world. Just so Sasuke won't be alone, either Sakura or Karin (depending on who you ship), upon seeing that he really has changed, come with him, but not before giving Naruto one last kiss before leaving.

Samehada and Zetsu have a related origin
Both can absorb Chakra and are Eldritch Abominations.

Konan invented a jutsu to mass produce paper bombs shortly after Yahiko's death.
Because she never wanted to be completely helpless again, she developed a jutsu that would churn out paper bombs continuously, day and night, without rest or even needing her concious action, in preperation for the scenario that she would one day have to use them as a Desperation Attack. Such a swarm of paper bombs could take out an entire army, which is just what she could have used when held hostage by Hanzo.

Impure World Ressurection does not always pull people from the proper world.
Why else would Undead Hizashi be a Nazi?
  • Because you're not paying attention. In the manga, the Caged Bird Seal contains a swastika. It was changed to an X in the anime due to broadcasting standards.
    • Also, the swastika is not originally a Nazi symbol, it came form the East and represents peace, but the bastards took it and inverted it so that it came to symbolize war, genocide and stuff like that instead.

The Second Tsuchikage was born in September.
He was also brought back from a place called "Boogie Wonderland", and pre-emps his battles with "Let's Groove".

This is more of a Wild Mass Question, but... what happened to Black Zetsu?
All we hear about from Madara is White Zetsu this, and White Zetsu that. Where did Black Zetsu go. And for that matter, where did he come from? Wasn't he a grass ninja at one point? How did he go from being the Plant Zombie Demon remains of the First Hokage to a Grass Missing Nin.
  • Him being a Grass-nin was pure fanon coming from his plant-like appearance. He was the only Akatsuki member whose village affiliation was left a mystery in the official artbooks, but why there's only one Black Zetsu and what makes him so special is a good question.
    • That may have been back when people assumed that all villages were represented in Akatsuki, but 1)Hidan of the Hot Springs village shows that some villages with no other known members can be represented, and 2)The Raikage points out in the Summit of the Five Kages that no members of Akatsuki came from his village.

Hinata's mother is part of the Yuki clan
If we are to assume that the design for Hinata's mother in the anime is canon, she bears a bit of a resemblance towards Haku. If this WMG is true, then Hinata's true Moment of Awesome would be when she breaks out some Yuki Clan Kekkei Genkai on an enemy on accident.
  • Honestly that sounds less like a Moment of Awesome and more like an Ass Pull. Lots of characters in anime look alike, the only three defining features in anime are hair, eyes, and height.

The Final Battle Between Naruto and Sasuke

The final battle between these two will parallel the battle between Sennin Rokudo and the Juubi, especially considering their latest power ups. Towards the end of their fight, Sasuke will activate Susanoo with his new Eternal Mangekyo Sharigan that combined with his darkening chakra, will become an Eldritch Abomination on the scale of the Juubi that Naruto will have to fight. So Naruto fights the Susanoo, beats it, and seals it into his body like Rokudo did with the Juubi right? WRONG! Shonen King doesn't roll that. My theory is that Itachi saw this coming and the crow he made Naruto swallow will end up either, A) Sealing off Sasuke's chakra and the Susanoo inside of his body, depriving him of all of his jutsu and making Sasuke the "Jinchuriki" of the corrupted Susanoo and be able to use it or B) Deliver the final blow, destroying the Susanoo and scattering its chakra to the four winds(And possibly make new demons?). If it's B, which I hope it is, a very likely weakened Naruto and Sasuke drained of most of their chakra will finish their fight as equals, the very thing Naruto wanted from the start of the series. No Susanoo or Mangekyou and no Kyubi or Senjutsu, just an epic finally battle between two childhood friends turned bitter rivals. And in the end, when Naruto defeats and kills Sasuke, he will stand over Sasuke's body and lay down next to him, close his eyes, and die with a smile due to his injuries/running out of chakra. The epilouge of the manga will probably be A) A funeral for both of them and the story of their fight becoming a legend remember throughout the world or B) a Distant Finale with an older telling said legend to a group of academy students that walk off dismissing it as a legend while one child remains inspired by the story and tells Sakura about his new dream to "become Hokage!".

The Rikudo Sennin had Yasakani no Magatama

This is the only one of the Imperial Regalia of Japan to have not explicitly shown up yet in the manga. However, compare this to this. It might actually explain some degree of the Sage's power beyond the Rinnegan, and how he successfully managed to seal the Juubi into himself in the first place without a Phlebotinum Overload. Naruto's new Kyuubi seal looking like a set of Magatama could very well mean that the Sacred Jewel has chosen him as the Sage's successor; Magatama are designed to represent the spirit, so this would certainly fit, I think, given how he obtained his new seal in the first place. Being The Chosen One according to the Frog Sage certainly doesn't hurt his chances, either.

  • Turns out that Itachi has it, just like he has the Yata Mirror exactly what it does or if anyone else has it is still up in the air.

Sakura's father abused her

We never hear anything about her father while her mother was a disembodied voice in the anime. My guess is that her father abused her and was taken away. It could also explain her Tsundere personality.

Hidan was dug up by the ANBU
I remember reading a simmilar theory on here, but I can't find it anymore- Anyway, it would make sense. I mean, since he's an Akatsuki member, they would dig him up and take him in for questioning.
  • It's stated that the Nara clan woods are off limits to all non-Naras (Shikamaru meets Sakura and Sai at the edge of the forest), so it's unlikely

Naruto has already responded to Hinata's confession.
We just haven't seen the result yet.
  • My guess is that his response, which will come up when Hinata's backed into a corner, is something along the lines of "I need some time to think about what you told me, especially since it recolors everything I know about you. However, until then, you've got to stay alive, no matter what!" Hinata will then remember that she promised Naruto she would come back to him, and gather the resolve needed to survive the war.

The Six Paths
This is my theory as to what the six paths referring to Rokudo Sennin mean.

First Path- Taijutsu

Second Path- Ninjutsu

Third Path- Genjutsu

Fourth Path- Kekkai Genkai

Fifth Path- Bijuu/Jinchuriki

Sixth Path- Onmyoton

I think this makes sense considering that all six refer to Rokudo Sennin. Also, as the paths ascend, the more rarer they are, like everyone can use Taijutsu and the same is almost true for Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, they're just harder to learn or impossible if you Rock Lee. Kekkai Genkai only a select few can use due to blood relations(And even then for some, there's no gurantee you'll inherit it.). There are only nine Bijuu so only nine people can be Jinchuriki. And for Onmyoton, only those who have the Rinnegan(A rare dojutsu I remind you) or the power of both the Senju and the Uchiha(Due to their rivalry, this would be impossible naturally, especially since there are only two Uchiha left...), only four people have it and only two of them naturally, Rokudo Sennin and Nagato. I believe only someone who have all six paths will be the true successor to Rokudo Sennin.

  • There is, at the very least, evidence that the Bijuu are one of the paths. The statue that Akatsuki uses to seal the Bijuu is called Gedo Mazo, which according to the scanlator, translates to "Demon Statue of the Outer Path." Which would also seem to indicate that it comes numerically last, instead of fifth.
    • Additionally, Madara mentions a "Human Path", which is somehow connected to the Rinnegan.
      • Actually, it's likely that the "six paths" in series refers to the unique abilities used by Nagato's Six Paths of Pain: Deva Path (Tendō) [can control gravity], Animal Path (Chikushōdō) [summons crazy stuff], Preta Path (Gakidō) [absorbs chakra and ninjutsu], Human Path (Ningendō) [can pull out people's souls to instantly learn everything they know], Asura Path (Shuradō) [... is a cyborg...?], Naraka Path (Jigokudō) [can summon...] the Outer Path (Gedō) [power over life and death], which is the seventh path. Additionally, the "rinne" in "rinnegan" is the Japanese term for "Samsara" (the Buddhist cycle of reincarnation), and each of the Six Paths of Pain corresponds to a path in the Samsara cycle. So, while nice, this theory is probably not correct.
      • Actually what I meant was that the correspond to one of the paths/realms like Onmyoton for Deva and by ascending these paths look get closer to enlightenment and eventually gain the same power as Rokudo Sennin.

Rock Lee will fight Sasuke... and kick his ass
Lee will have, by now, mastered Guy-sensei's 'How to Fight a Sharingan-Wielder' fighting techniques, his speed will allow him to bypass most of Sasuke's defenses, and if/when Sasuke breaks out the Susanoo, Lee will just pepper him with light blows while waiting for the usage of Susanoo to exhaust Sasuke until he can't keep it up anymore, and then Lee will continue the beating until Sasuke is down for the count.

Sarutobi Hiruzen was stronger than Madara
Madara is as powerful as Hashirama, pupils always exceed their masters, so Sarutobi is stronger than Madara. This explains why Madara did not attack Kohona when Sarutobi was Hokage.
  • Fascinating theory, but you overlooked something. It was Tobirama, Hashirama's younger brother, that taught Hiruzen.
    • Hiruzen was trained by both, albeit mostly by Tobirama.

As powerful as Konan is, she's only the second strongest Ninja ever.
Despite having fire power equal to a small nuclear device, Konan's power is clearly significantly eclipsed by the Raikage's Secretary, Mabui, who is able to move objects at the speed of light. Nukes have nothing on relativistic weapons, after all. One wonders why she hasn't just flat out killed Madara yet.
  • A small nuclear device is nothing compared to Deidara blowing himself up. My back of the envelope calculations estimated that blast at 400 kT of TNT equivalent, or about the size of a typical thermonuclear weapon in the US arsenal.
    • That is wrong on several different levels. Konan's explicitly been stated to have over six billion explosive notes at her disposal. Deidara's most powerful bomb destroys everything within ten kilometers of himself, or roughly six miles. If we assume that's a six-mile radius, that's about 450 square miles destroyed. If you assume that, if each and every one of Konan's explosive notes destroyed a ridiculously undervalued one square foot of real estate, and each one destroyed a separate square foot, then she could potentially wipe out over a million square miles. That's bigger than most countries.
      • If your calculations were accurate, you'd be right, but they are not. 6 billion square feet is 215 square miles. You have to divide by 5280^2, not 5280, to convert square feet into square miles.
      • All of you are wrong because she used 6 HUNDRED billion.
  • Madara can access alternate dimension, not to mention Susanoo: immovable object meets unstoppable force.

Ino picked up some of the Kyuubi's power when she possessed Kinkaku.
Hence why she's hissing and looks off when she releases him.

Naruto, now the next Sage of the Six Paths, will be forced to fight his predecessor, the original Sage of the Six Paths
Whether it be as a battle in the center of one's mind or due to the Edo Tensei, Naruto, now the new Rikudou Sennin, will confront the first shinobi in an all out match, and barely (I'm talking about nanoscopically barely) wins, proving that the new generation indeed surpasses the last.

Killer Bee and Naruto...
Are only playing along with their confinement. It has been shown that whilst Bee is indeed chaotic and reckless in his methods of fighting, he is far from stupid. Either he is planning on running in when things look helpless for the Allied Shinobi Army, or A explicitly told him that plot in mind. Naruto meanwhile is diving headlong into his Jinchuuriki training, wanting to master it as quickly as possible so he can rush in and kick ass. Following that...
  • In Chapter 536, Naruto and Killer Bee destroy the barrier and head to the battlefield.

Naruto IS going to keep his vow and bring Sasuke back to Konoha, alive...
...but Uchiha is going back to have his precious Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan plucked out, and hurled into Konoha's deepest dungeon to forever live with the fact his revenge could not be carried out. Madara and Kabuto will be incinerated, the ones under the influence of Edo Tensei will say their heartfelt goodbyes, and the Shinobi World will remain united. The Bijuu will be set free and brought into new hosts that will be raised as respected and adored guardians. The worldwide peace The Sage of Six Paths, Jiraiya, Nagato and Naruto will finally be brought into fruition. The End.

Madara can use Edo Tensei
Madara saw and was explained how to preform the move. And now can do at will with all the white Zetsus to be his sacrifices he needs. So the real turning point in the war will be when he (in an even better verson as well I bet) breaks out all the best Ninja of all time and knows a way a the reaper death seal and brings out even the Hokages. So in the end Naruto does in fact as to become the greatest/ strongest hokage ever.

Moegi and Udon's family names are respectively Utatane and Mitokado.
With all the other Generation Xerox, it really is not that much of a stretch to think that they are the grandchildren of the Sandaime's former team mates.

Uzumaki/Senju Mito was also summoned with Edo Tensei
Who would be able to scare Madara shitless? The woman who was able to seal the Kyuubi in herself of course.
  • Jossed: Kabuto's Edo Tensei was cancled out by Itachi, and since the series has previously showcased every single Tensei zombie with Mito not showing up period, then it's safe to say she's not popping up anytime soon.

Dan was the original Ino-Shika-Cho trio's sensei
It would explain how Choza seems to know him and his jutsu, and possibly why Choza said, "Easier said than done when you're the opponent". Were Dan still alive, he'd be in his fifties like his ex-girlfriend Tsunade is now, and Choza is in his early forties. Dan would have been in his twenties when Choza and his team mates were teens, so it's plausible he was old enough to be their sensei.

Naruto will learn how to permanently shut down a chakra networks using a Fuinjutsu
Just Like in Avatar: The Last Airbender, where Aang takes away Ozai's firebending using his own energybending. Since the Uzumaki clan were masters at sealing stuff and we've already seen Minato use a seal on Madara to cut off his control, it could be taken a step further.

The Uzumaki clan transformed into the toads
Well they can use hand seals and the Great Toad Sage is ridiculously old. They were porbably experimenting with natural chakra but they were attacked by other ninja so much that they decided to turn into the toads, to avoid getting exterminated.

Sasuke will be killed and then ressurected using the impure world technique, but ultimately finds the will to fight for the side of good
Basicly Redemption Equals Death and he's done way too much bad stuff to walk away with a happy ending.

Shee is Yugito Nii's younger brother
He has the same hair color, eye shape and facial structure as her. Furthermore, it would help keep her connected to the Yondaime Raikage to have her brother be his personal bodyguard.

Suigetsu will undergo a Heel–Face Turn and become an unexpected hero.
He and Juugo are looking for Sasuke, but once they see the war going on, they'll definitely join in. Suigetsu will see his beloved big brother being used as a puppet, and realizing that Sasuke has abandoned them, will join the Shinobi Allied Forces and get his brother to stop fighting. Since Mangetsu mastered all the swords, he must be the leader, and if Suigetsu can get him to stop, then that takes out one powerful group of ninja.

There is a location in the Naruto world where English is the predominant language.
Gratuitous English In a World… based on ours is justified by Truth in Television. Gratuitous English in a world where the entire planet apparently speaks Japanese is not. The English words and phrases must come from somewhere.
  • Kumo is the most likely candidate, since several characters are named after Latin(English) letters, and most attacks have English names.
    • Yes, I was planning on using Kumo as an example if anyone asked for examples of Gratuitous English. Besides Kumo having characters whose names are just Roman letters and whose jutsu have English names written with kanji that somewhat match the pronounciationnote , we also have Jiraiya's Icha Icha Series note . Also, Naruto has said "Good morning" in at least one episode, and I'm pretty sure Sakura said "Ok!" at one point. Where do these English words come from?

Naruto Doesn't Remember Hinata's Confession
  • Point One: Naruto has previously demonstrated difficulty remembering things that occurred while in more advanced stages of his tailed beast transformations.
  • Point Two: Naruto, after Pain struck down Hinata, rapidly went through, in this order:
  • Point Three: Since the end of Pain's invasion, Naruto has given no indication of being aware of Hinata's feelings for him.
  • Point Four: It's pretty much either this, or Kishimoto just really doesn't want to even try to write any sort of conclusion to this particular plot thread until he has the rest of the plot out of the way, even if it means making it seem like Naruto is actively avoiding the poor girl because he has no way how to respond to her confession.
    • Most likely Point 4, since she told him before he went berserk, and Kishimoto seems to want romance left in the background if it has to be in the story at all, also Naruto is still a fairly silly teenager so figuring out how he feels about Hinata probably doesn't top his list of priorities when he is being hunted by powerful ninjas.

Karin and Tayuya are/were related by blood
Just a hunch.
  • Not only that, they're undiscovered remnants of the Uzumaki clan, possibly Kushina's nieces.
  • At the very least, Karin is an Uzumaki.

Kimimaro and Itachi were not killed by their respective illnesses or injuries
They died from total chakra exhaustion. Says Kakashi while training Sasuke during the Chunin Exam Arc: "If you (can't remember what he says here) too much, you could drain your chakra to absolute zero. Worst case scenario: you die". Kimimaro and Itachi used up all of their chakra in their fights, and with their bodies completely, totally drained of what is essentially life energy, their bodies broke down and they died. The Blood from the Mouth in both (Kimimaro right after death, Itachi while using Susanoo) could be a sign of very dangerously low chakra.
  • Chakra exhaustion seems most likely for Itachi (and it's listed as the cause of his death on some summaries), and given that Kimimaro used a fairly powerful jutsu just before dying, he may have used up the last of his chakra.

The Foundation/ROOT/Ne is based on Al-Qaida
Both are terror-cells lead by ideology, but it's also a case of Name Is The Same: Both Ne and Al-Qaida translate as foundation.

The loss of a Tailed Beast's chakra affects its transformation
It could explain the lack of growth in the Kyuubi state until after the sixth tail, the fact that the 6-tail form only has a partial skeleton, and that the 8-tailed form does not have any bones or muscles on its tails. And it obviously explains the Kyuubi's smaller size after being sealed in Naruto, as well as the emaciated appearance after Naruto stealing his chakra.
  • Makes sense, they are described as being sentient chakra, nothing more.

Danzo was an alchoholic.

Just a pet theory of mine. After all, living through the previous ninja wars could have been a big enough stress on someone like him, but coupled with Danzo's inferiority complex..well, they say alchohol is liquid courage and confidence.

Tenten is a descendant of the Sage of Six Paths.
In combination with the WMG saying she has very high chakra levels; it would explain how she can wield the Bashonen without it killing her.

Sasuke is going to fall in love with Hinata

Amaterasu is the sun goddess and Hinata and Hyuuga means sunny place and the sun respectively. There's a lot of references about this, even though the two characters haven't talked to/about each other. Also, Hinata looks somewhat like Mikoto. There's alot of Irony about this couple. It's unknown if Kishi were to ever write this. It's just...Ironic. It may be like the battle with Pain, but with a few changes. Given that Sasuke has now entered true darkness and Hinata having the atmosphere to that of an angel's (Especially more so in the anime thanks to Sailor Hinata), along with the fact that she was the first person of the Konoha 11 to ever acknowledge Naruto for who he is. They're somewhat Opposites of what they stand for despite similar expieriences. She somewhat helped Naruto cure the egos of Neji and Pain (to a lesser degree), so it's to happen with Sasuke, removing him from the darkness.

  • If this website. is anything to by, the theory of Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi, and Susano'o fits the three Uchihas perfectly (Especially Sasuke and Madara, seeing that former's hatred will lead to rage, and the latter revealed his Moon's Eye plan). Kushinada-Hime somewhat makes sense with Hinata, seeing that Hime literally means "princess" or "Young lady of Noble birth" (and she has a Hime Cut).
  • That would be epic! Sasuke, the former heartthrob, winds up falling in love with the only girl who was NEVER interested in him, and who is instead madly in love with Naruto. "Mia Carlotta" comes to mind.

Yugito Nii is related to a former Raikage, possibly the first or second
That Raikage was the one responsible for capturing the Tailed Beast, and sealed it into a sibling or child. The Third Raikage, likely his student, then distinguished himself and was awarded the title, but the Two-Tails remained in the previous Raikage's family, eventually making its way to Yugito, who is likely the daughter or granddaughter of the previous jinchuuriki.

Naruto will learn to counter Amateratsu... letting himself enter the Kyuubi form v2. The Nine-Tails' chakra is very similar to Amateratsu flames: it burns incredibly hot, tends to radiate for extended periods of time (as seen in Sakura's injury), and it has ties with the Uchiha clan. Also, Naruto would be burning off his own flesh (and rehealing it), effectively getting rid of the flames' target and rendering it useless. It wouldn't work with the Eight-Tails because of the lack of similarity. In other words, fighting fire with fire.

Madara is rushing because of the full moon.
Madara needs a full moon in order to accomplish his plan. With the war going on, Madara realizes that he doesn't have time to wait for another full moon. Therefore, he doesn't have time to go after Naruto and Bee, and is planning to use the Eight-Tails tentacle and the Nine-Tails Chakra from Kinkaku and Ginkaku to summon an incomplete Juubi.

The above WMG is true, but it will be Madara's downfall.
Gaining the power of an incomplete Juubi will make Madara more powerful, but it will also make him more vulnerable, due to being forced to manifest physically continuously.

Naruto will hook up with someone other than Sakura, Hinata or Sasuke
To spite the fandom (Possibly Karin)

Every single Hokage will escape from the god of death at the allied forces' darkest hour.
Let's say for the sake of argument that the Death God Seal was invented by the 4th Hokage going forward with this, and the "eternal battle" being fought in its stomach consists of all four dead Hokage, half the Kyuubi, and Orochimaru's arms. Given that the first was there, the half of the Kyuubi got curb-stomped and tamed a while back, but now the 4th's conversation with Naruto has alerted the Kages to the state of affairs outside, and they're combining their powers with the space/time jutsu mastery of the 4th and 2nd to penetrate the walls of the dimension they've been forced into. As Madara seems to reach his hour of triumph, all four Hokage will burst out of the Death God's stomach and subject him to a Big Good Boss Rush. After the mother of all Curb Stomp Battles, the Hokages have a So Proud of You moment with Naruto and the ninja that have fought for the Will Of Fire before they and Orochimaru's arms (but not the rest of him) pass on to rest in peace rather than eternal torment.

Tenten is part of the Fuma clan
The Fuma clan is known for their skills in weapons and the creation of the famous weapons (e.g. Fuma Shuriken). She is the only person that fits that desciption. We were also never given her full name, because it will be part of a reveal.

Mokuton is more than an Advanced Element Nature
There is a difference between Yamato's Mokuton and Danzo/Harashima's Mokuton. Yamato's Mokuton only creates wood while Danzo and Harashima create trees with leaf and sprouts. The only time Yamato's Mokuton sprouts is when Naruto uses his Kyuubi Chakra Mode, which is noted as being Yang natured. Since Senju have received tha Yang nature from Sage, Yang being the physical livegiving part. Harashima's true Mokuton is Earth/Water Nature to create the wood and Yang Nature to breathe life in the wood.

All Mangekyou techniques are Yin Nature
The Uchiha received Yin Nature from the Sage, Yin is the spiritual component. All Mangekyou techniques are incorporal: The illusion Tsukuyomi, the black flames Amaterasu, the etheral warrior Susanoo and the black hole Kamui. Yin is also darkness, thus explaining the darkness in Sasuke is in fact the Yin chakra of the Mangekyou.

This series is going to end like Return of the Jedi
Naruto fights and defeats Sasuke non-lethally, then Madara swoops in and starts destroying him, followed by Sasuke reviving somewhat and taking down Madara kamikaze-style. Sasuke gets Vader's Redemption Equals Death, Madara sees total destruction a la Palpatine, and the spoils go to Naruto/Luke.
  • I doubt that will be the end though; that's too convienent. Something will have to go Horribly Wrong.

Possible identities for the other two kids in Team Jiraiya
  • Long-haired kid: Possible member of the Uchiha Clan. His/her hair is the right shade.
  • Short-haired boy with the fox-face: Sakura's father, just for the sake of Generation Xerox.
    • Although looking at the long-haired boy's dress and facial structure, it wouldn't be surprising if he would turn up to be filler character Kazuma, which ties neatly to his relationship with Minato and the Nine-Tailed Fox too.

Naruto will end up destroying the Gedo statue
  • That would also allow the other Jinchuuriki to be revived completely, and no longer under Kabuto's control. The chakras stolen by the statue will return to their bodies once released.

Madara will channel his captured Biju trough the Six Paths of Pain
Since Madara's Paths are the former Jinchuriki, they posses the Sharingan and Madara has the corresponding Biju sealed.
  • Confirmed.

Madara's merging with Hashirama's cells will backfire
In the last chapter Naruto displayed the ability to turn the white Zetsus into trees when they react with his new super mode. The reason? They are made of Hashirama's cells and the vital force he displays in this new form makes them return to their original state. Madara merged himself with Hashirama's cells to become immortal and be able to use Izanagi, so in an upcoming battle they will react as well and become trees, Danzo style, and he will be forced to deatach them making him vulnerable.

Naruto is using Sage Mode chakra to fuel the Kyuubi after the fight with the two Kages
He won't worry about transforming from movement because he has a godly amount of chakra, hence a near-infinite flow of sage chakra. Also, he needs the boost in order to make shadow clones without dying instantly.

Danzo has Uzumaki heritage
The Uzumaki were known for their long lives, that implies that they stay longer younger. Now compare Danzo with Sarutobi and the other Elders, who are the same age as him. Danzo shows less signs of ageing, his walking stick is only for show as he showed against Sasuke. The Uzumaki were also well-known seal-masters. Danzo used a curse-seal to bind the tongues of the ROOT members, a curse-seal to bind Sasuke and a seal to activate upon his death to seal his killer.
  • Plausible, he does seem to resemble the oldest male Uzumaki that has been seen so far

Hiashi is an Iron Woobie.
We've seen a couple scenes indicating that he's Not So Stoic as he lets on. It's a distinct possibility that his coldness comes from a sense of noblis oblige (figuring a clan head, if not a ninja in general, should not show emotion publicly) combined with losing his brother and his wife in a short interval, as well as nearly losing his daughter on more than one occasion, over a system he may well not even like.

Sora will be a Canon Immigrant during the Fourth Ninja War.
Using Bijuu chakra as a stand-in for the actual Bijuu is already in play, so it's plausible.

The rest of the Sound Five has been brought back
We just haven't seen them yet. I mean, I know Kimimaro was the strongest, but is that any reason to leave out the rest?

Arashi Kazama was part of Team Jiraiya
Who's Arashi Kazama, you may ask? Well, early on when Naruto was learning how to summon, one of the names listed was "Arashi Kazama." Many fans assumed that was Minato's name until that was Jossed during The Reveal. It would seem that Jiraiya taught one of the nameless members of his team to summon as well.
  • No. That name wasn't listed, only Minato's name was. So says Word of God. Minato's hand writing was just that bad.

The real message of the show is "judge your life by the contributions you make."
Ok, alot of people are quick to point out the contradictory nature of this show. Naruto bitches about how everyone should fight for their dreams, and they'll eventually get them, regardless of how they were born. However, he's inherited great skill from two powerful ninja parents, and had the nine-tails sealed in him at birth, giving him all of his power, allowing him to beat Neji. Meanwhile, Rock Lee's years of training can be matched in a month by a naturally gifted ninja like Sasuke. However, it could just be that Naruto is to thick to get the real message, and so he bitches about another one. The real message is that all of these people, through hard work, give to a cause greater than themselves, and they all work to better themselves in the pursuit of a collective dream.
  • He didn't inherit any skill at all. If you recall, in the beginning, he really did have nothing to go by except for the insane amount of chakra. His beliefs are founded on the fact that he was born as a jinchuuriki, which is hated by society, and doesn't include his power. Through hard work, Naruto changed Konoha's general view of him; he is no longer hated by the community. In addition, his hard work allowed him to learn a couple of techniques and improving on them.
  • The toads will join the war when the old toad sees that Naruto misunderstood the prophecy, since the prophecy was about him fighting Itachi not Sasuke.

Possible identities for the unnamed Akatsuki members
During the first on-screen Akatsuki meeting, some of the holograms were unrecognizable.
  • Big!Kakuzu: One noticable hologram was in Kakuzu's shape, but was much larger than his first physical appearance. Until we get a Word of God confirmation, I assume that he maybe was a previous partner of Kakuzu's from the same village.

There's more to Madara's new powers that appears.
There are a couple of inconsistencies with Madara's new Paths of Pain technique. This is already obvious given that he's using the remaining six Jinchuriki, most of who's abilities we haven't seen, save for perhaps Utaka in the anime. But then, something seemed odd. Look closely at the picture of of them. There are no chakra receivers implanted in their bodies like with Nagato's version! This seemed to be a somewhat crucial component of the technique, otherwise why would Pain have sent a body to retrieve the receivers Konoha obtained from their examination, rather than simply let them get destroyed when he gravity bombed the village?

We also know that Madara now has the Gedo Mazo statue which contains tailed beast Chakra. Now combine that with the fact that one of Pain's very abilities is both ripping your soul out AND resurrecting the dead, (Completely, and not an "artificial" version like Kabuto's).

Plus, we don't exactly know what Akatsuki did with the original bodies of the remaining Jinchuuriki. After Shukaku was extracted, why else would Deidara have made an effort to take the body with him, rather than simply leave it (Yes, I know Deidara's an ass who did it to screw with Naruto, but that's beside the point). So in effect, had Gaara's body not been recovered, Gaara might have ended up as one of Madara's new bodies.

Of course, a lot of this also depends if the remaining Jinchuuriki still have their tailed beast powers, but again Gedo Mazo. Madara has the beasts, so he could distribute them as he chose, but again . Now if it was simple to place the tailed beasts into dead bodies, then why not add Shukaku? Why focus only six of the seven beasts you have, leaving out one that would further increase your chances at victory?

This also throws in a loop with Edo Tensei, as one of its previous users, namely Orochimaru, didn't simply resurrect a dead Uchiha,(Simple for him, this war has proved he had DNA from practically everybody), and steal that body to gain the Sharingan. Unless there's some kind of "dead can't interact with the living clause" which hasn't been fully elaborated on, but it is a possibility given how Edo Tensei zombies heal back into their original state regardless of damage/modifications. So if its the case, then it doesn't explain how Madara was able to implant Rinnegan and Sharingan into the Jinchuuriki... unless they were alive!

So, basically, I think that either: the dead Jinchuuriki are possibly alive and in an "And I Must Scream" situation, or that there's something more to this situation we don't know about yet.

  • Seems like there are either two versions of the Jinchuriki around, the originals without souls as Madara's paths and Kabuto's revived Jinchuriki's, or Madara modified Kabuto's zombies.

There will be a 3rd part for Naruto
And it will focus on the apocalyptic after-effects of the Juubi's chakra after being released from the moon. Needless to say, it will be more serious than ever, to the point Naruto might end up becoming a broken idealist a la Archer

Madara will extract the Nine Tails chakra from Naruto...
...but it's all part of Naruto's counter plan to seal the Ten Tails into his own body so Madara loses all the Tailed Beast chakra. He will then make quick work of Madara.

Naruto's sanity is slipping.
Naruto has already been established as an emotional basket case over the fact that he's an orphan, his former best friend wants to kill him, and people he trusts lie to his face. Now, he's starting to realize that his worldview is no longer self-consistent. He refuses to break a promise, but events beyond his control can make some of them impossible to fulfill. He can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved, and he can't die with Sasuke without breaking his promise to Tsunade that he'd live to become Hokage and his promise to Hinata and Neji to reform the Hyuuga clan. He hates revenge, but at least subconsciously regards himself as Hinata's avenger (at least pre-Waterfall of Truth- the full effects of that confrontation have not been revealed yet, and will not unless and until Naruto is again subjected to direct and severe emotional trauma).

Since these beliefs are no longer reconcilable, the cognitive dissonance is compounding Naruto's already severe and suppressed emotional pain, causing him to develop a delusion where he can reconcile all these promises. This problem is compounded by his tendency to say things without thinking through and understanding the full implications (such as not realizing what the memorial stone was).

The Uchiha family were the original jinchuriki for the Kyuubi.
  • Their chakra and kekkei genkai are pretty much built to control the big evil fuzz ball, they also tend to be more tricksters and using illusions, the hat of kitsune. There does seem to be a genetic or family tie to having the eldritch abomination stuck in the next generation, the Senju were their protectors and the
Uzumaki were the "priests" who completed the binding.
  • Alternatively, the sage created both his sons, the senju ancestor as a host due to a long lifespan and the Uchiha to control the tailed beasts if needed.

Sasuke will try to resurrect his clan.
  • He will learn of Kabuto's Impure Resurrection Technique and kill people to bring back his clan.

The Uchiha were doomed to be evil by the Sage of the Six Paths
The Uchiha ancestor received the chakra and the eyes of the sage, while the Senju ancestor received the body and willpower of the sage. The eyes and the chakra of the sage however, were those of the Jubi. So basically, the Uchiha were burdened with malevolent powers without something to repress it. No wonder most of them went evil when you great-great-ect.-grandfather gave you demon essence, without his will to resist it.

Anko is a product of genetic engineering by Orochimaru.
It makes some sense in that she has no memories of her origins(birthplace, parents, etc.)or any other kind of memories in general apart from spending time with her mentor in a cloning lab, and that her chacra can be used directly by Kabutomaru.

Kabuto will try to kill Sasuke to avenge Orochimaru. Alternatively, if the above WMG is true, Orochimaru would try to capture Sasuke so he can obtain his body. Itachi would come in to save Sasuke, either killing Kabutomaru or forcing him to flee. Sasuke, happy to see his brother again, tells him to team up so they can bring down Konoha, but Itachi declines. After a heart-felt talk, Itachi manages to convince Sasuke that he made a big mistake, leading a My God, What Have I Done? moment.

Sasuke will get the Rinnegan
Madara has them, and it seems the eye progression goes sharingan > mangekyou sharingan > eternal mangekyou sharingan > rinnegan. The series just seems to love giving Sasuke power-ups. If it happens, it'll probably happen during his fight with Naruto.

Madara used Izanagi to seal his Rinnegan into Nagato
Madara survived his fight with Hashirama and used the stolen genes to create the Zetsu's, had one of them copy his chakra, he then tracked down Nagato since his parents appear to be Uzumaki and Uchiha, so that would increase the chance of Nagato unlocking the Rinnegan and gave Nagato his Rinnegan before dying.

Filler is about to go Off the Rails due to Shipping Wars.
The writers have their own opinions about One True Pairing, and they don't agree with each other, let alone know what Kishimoto is thinking. The previews for the next episode include a woman who seems to think she's Naruto's fiancee. Then, there's Shippuden:Bonds- it's like, what's the best way to shoehorn UST into this movie? I know, let's have Naruto go on a mission with Sakura AND Hinata, and throw in a girl of the movie who triggers Viewer Gender Confusion. The shippers are now Running the Asylum.
  • This makes sense, but IMO, it's less shipping disagreements alone and more so about the show painfully, painfully, PAINFULLY lacking cohesive artistic direction. (and IMO, the Bleach and One Piece animes suffer from this too)

Deidara's C4 Garuda is able to penetrate Susano'o
Deidara stated that C4 was created for the sole purpose to defefat Itachi. Deidara trained to counter the Sharingan genjutsu so he haas some source of information about the powers of the Sharingan, perhaps Onoki. Against Tsukiyomi or Amaterasu C4 would be useless, but the microscopic bombs of C4 could be able to penetrate Susano'o, since Itachi is still able te breathe.

Minato's gambit deciphered!
The awesome moments page inspired this "Eureka!" Moment of Revelation! Minato sealed the Yang part of the Kyuubi inside Naruto and we've seen what effects Yang chakra on Wood Release products, but remember what is the main purpose of Yang chakra: to manifest ideas, the intangible thoughts of a ninja. In other words, to give life to the lifeless, like Chiyo's revival jutsu, or in this case to GIVE FORM TO THE FORMLESS! Naruto can negate Tobi's phasing ability and hit him anytime he wants! Minato, you genius, you! Go Naruto!

One of Nagato's parents was an Uchiha!
Think about it. In order to posses the Rinnegan, one needs the DNA of the Uchiha and the Senju. It has already been conformed that he was an Uzumaki (I'm assuming the Uzumaki was his mother based on the fact that the anime gave her red hair), and that the Uzumaki were distant relatives of the Senju If his father was an Uchiha (based on his black hair and process of elimination), the two DNA's that bellonged to the Sage of Six Paths, and his sons, had naturally come together inside someone, for the first time, in a long time, according to history, and boom, little Nagato got the Rinnegan! Unlike Madara, who just stole the DNA. It sorta explains why this kinda thing has never happened before. Those clans were bitter enemies, they didn't even consider going off together and having kids a possabilty.
  • The Uchiha parent could be Madara's son.
  • And/Or Tobi since he claims to have given Nagato the Rinnegan.

Each village created its own myth to explain the origin of their tailed-beast(s)
The origin of the Nine-Tails as a physical manifestation of the hate and malice of humanity and Shukaku as the spirit of a priest sealed in a tea kettle have been shown to be incorrect with the reveal of the story of the Sage of the Six Paths and the Ten-Tails. While the real world explanation is that this is a retcon on Kishimoto's part, I think the in-universe explanation is that these were simply myths intended to explain these monsters' existences in the absence of the truth behind their actual origin. Each village most likely had its own myth about the origin of their respective tailed-beast(s) and those myths became accepted fact until Tobi revealed the beasts' true origin. It's strongly implied that prior to the reveal, next to no one in the current Naruto world knew about the Ten-Tails or that it is the progenitor of the tailed-beasts; not to mention that the Sage of the Six Paths himself was generally dismissed as a myth whenever he was mentioned. Even though it's implied that the tailed-beasts themselves know where they come from, humanity probably couldn't have been bothered to ask them since humanity as a whole didn't even care enough to learn their actual names and largely viewed them as just mindless beasts.

Kyuubi is actually THAT Kurama.
After this series ends, he'll mellow out, move to Demon World, and take up stealing as a hobby. One nasty run-in with a bounty hunter later and he'll end up back in the human world.
  • Naturally, this means Naruto is either the distant past of YuYu Hakusho or it's an alternate universe.

Naruto will become the new Sage of the Six Paths.
Except instead of reforming the Ten-Tails, he's going to befriend all the Tailed Beasts and let them live inside him with Kyuubi.

The true power of the Sharingan is...
Reality Warping, and nothing else.Let's take a look:On it's most basic level, it only effects the user ang gives them superhuman vision that can capture and register every detail of every frame percieved and a hypnotic gaze - to be more precise, the Sharingan itself isn't doing these things, it simply grants these powers to it's users because it's the most obvious thing anyone would expect from supernatural eyes.The Mangekyo Sharingan is much closer to it's real function as it gives the user to create and destroy matter (Susanoo turns the user's Battle Aura into a physical entity, while Amaterasu disintegrates - not burns - anything it comes in contact with) and manipulate space and time (The dimensional rifts used by Kakashi and Tobi and Tsukuyomi, which screwes up one's subjective perception of time).Izanagi is basically the fully mastered, unrestricted use of the Sharingan that allowes the user to warp reality beyond what the Mangekyo Sharingan is already capable of.

The Tailed Beasts being unintelligent without hosts is a lie.
We've seen nothing to support this aside from the words of shinobi, the people who imprisoned them and used them as weapons. Son Goku, the Eight-Tails, and Kurama's dialogue in the recent chapters seems to suggest that they've always been sapient.

Kurama's current cooperation with Naruto may entail something more sinister.
While Naruto's convincing Kurama to become cooperative (effectively taming him) is somewhat standard for a shonen series such as this, the beasts' kind of consciousness and, still, somewhat-malevolent origin suggests it might not be that too optimistic a situation. What might happen, perhaps, considering Son Goku's retrieval by Tobi after he's getting too friendly with Naruto (fist bump and all), is that the beasts are actually taking traces of Naruto's chakra, which will actually facilitate into their reunification into the Ten-Tails.
  • How will Naruto's chakra facilitate into their reunification, and how exactly are they doing that via fist-bump? That sounds like one heck of an Ass Pull. This isn't Bleach, remember?

All the Bijuu represent different aspects of the Juubi.
Based on the personalities/aspects of the Bijuu we know a little better.
  • Shukaku: Madness (he was a cackling maniac with a loony personality who tends to drive his hosts to insanity)
  • Son Goku: Pride (he seemed quite prideful when he appeared)
  • Kurama: Hatred (he's been called a mass of hatred before, he attracts towards human malice)
The rest are something I cannot really guess. Perhaps you could try to make guesses based on their powersets, going by a general "powers follow personality" rule... Hachibi is hard to put down too because we've only seen his personality after he's already been tamed, unlike the rest.

Karin's Mind's Eye of the Kagura is a bastardized version of the Byakugan.
Orochimaru wanted to see if he could artificially create it thru either gene therapy or some odd jutsu surgery, and he succeeded in getting down the long range chakra perception at the cost of making the user severely myopic. However, it had the unexpected result of allowing to percieve the different types down to minute individual differences, something the Byakugan for all its perception is unable to do. Thus Orochimaru stopped his experiments and wrapped up, having created an entirely new Doujutsu thru pure serendipity of trying to copy a known one.

Alternatively, Karin's Mind's Eye of the Kagura is a bastardized version of Senjutsu.
Naruto has displayed similar powers in Sage Mode and Sage of Six Paths Mode. The Sage Mode version is limited both in range and precision, though Naruto was able to sense Hinata's faint life force after recovering his composure. The Sage of Six Paths version, however, is able to sense individuals far away even without specifically trying.

The ruling family in the Land of Lightning is a ninja clan.
Social Darwinism and Authority Equals Asskicking seem like the reigning mindset of Kumo, and presumably of the Land of Lightning in general. Therefore, it is plausible that the feudal lord belongs to a ninja clan and is pretty badass in his own right, though nowhere near as powerful as the Raikage. After all, would Kumo be loyal to someone who couldn't hold his own in a fight? This theory would also explain how Hiashi killed "the ninja ruler of the Village Hidden in the Clouds." That warrior/diplomat was the Daimyo or the Daimyo's son.

Guy may have once fought the Yondaime Mizukage.
...and lost terribly. Before he could escape, Guy was then swallowed whole by Yagura's full Sanbi form. Spending weeks inside Yagura's gut did wonders to Guy's sanity, which was finally broken when he was expelled through the back end. But he did manage to leech off enough chakra from the Sanbi to gain the ability to summon turtles. It would also explain his seasickness.

The tailed beasts existed before the Juubi as spiritual beings.
Rather, the Juubi absorbed said spirits and used their combined chakra to wreak havok on the world. Naturally, they prefered that the Sage used their power, since he loved them and treated them like close friends.
Not being connected to the host drives a tailed beast insane.
Look at the few examples we have for the jinchuriki. Gaara had no connection with the Shukaku and he didn't fuse with it like Naruto can. He let it take over. It's apparent from the flashbacks that the Haachibi was destructive as well. I know that some of the motivation is simply Enemy Mine but really for a mass of pure hatred Kurama seems to be surprisingly calm and cooperative. He's even smiled. Considering the actions taken by the Nine Tails in the past [Nearly killing Jiraya and wounding Sakura) make sense for a crazy being and also make sense for a ball of hatred but not for Kurama who likely wouldn't think twice about Sakura and should have been grateful to Jiraya for loosening the seal. Not to mention Bijuu Mode has to be better than being locked in cage. None of the beasts are shown to be mindless and yet Jinchuriki are hated because the beasts innevitably break loose and break shit. It's unlikely that between the tailed beasts themselves, the jinchuriki and all the other ninjas in their villages that NOBODY considered using your words before Killer Bee. My guess is it simply wasn't an option.

Orochimaru's scroll contains...

Place your guesses here.

  • The method of awakening Rinnegan.
  • An insanely powerful jutsu.
  • How to seize control of an edo zombie
  • A very sneaky trap that will result in the person opening the scroll both summoning Edo-Orochimaru, and then dying, thus giving Orochimaru true immortality!

A Kekkai Tota is where Hiden and Kekkei Genkai cross.

Basically, it is a Kekkei Genkai that must be taught to you, like Hiden jutsu of clans like the Nara.

Edo-Madara will arise as the final Big Bad and Sasuke will be the responsable.
He will be a Spanner in the Works for Itachi and try to kill Kabuto, eliminating all possibilities of stopping the technique. With Kabuto dead, Madara will be free to reassume the control of the Moon's Eye Plan once Naruto kills Tobi.

Karin is faking her reaction to being bitten by Sasuke.
Sure, it hurts, but her blushing and moaning isn't just her default pain reaction. She does that to try to turn on Sasuke.

If Itachi is God and Naruto is Jesus, does this make Sasuke Satan?
Kishi has previously mentioned that Itachi is basically his attempt at writing God as a human, and with Naruto being The Messiah and whatnot, where does this put Sasuke? As a foil to both of them in some certain aspects, does this make Sasuke Satan? Though the manga has never leaned towards any kind of religion (other than Narutoism), writing God does tend to mean you have to have some kind of opposite, i.e. the Devil. Although Pein mirrored what Naruto could have become if things were different, he was at least repentant in the end, but we have seen zero remorse from Sasuke about pretty much everything, and he's starting to look more and more completely evil as the story progresses. As Naruto's opposite pretty much from day one, this makes Sasuke Satan to Naruto's Jesus.

The reason why Konoha has more variance in jutsu than the other major countries is because...

The Sage of Six Paths lived in the Land of Fire. This is why 3 of the 4 clans that descended from him are in the Land of Fire and the fourth is right off of the coast. While he traveled around teaching other countries jutsu, he was only there for short periods of time, resulting in him teaching them only the basics and techniques based qualities of the land(The land of Water having many coasts or Earth having a lot of rock, etc.) While he was in his own country, he shared much more information with the people he met on his travels and those around him.

Once Naruto and Karin learn about their relationship with each other
Naruto will allow her to live with him, believing that it'll be like having a sister.
  • Prompting adorable moments where our hero starts calling her 'Cousin Karin. ^_^

If it weren't for Guy, Rock Lee would've become a Drunken Master.
I'm pretty sure he would've figured out his secret abilities much sooner. Kids tend to be naturally curious about what they're not allowed to touch, after all.

There are multiple ways of obtaining the Rinnegan through a combination of Senju/Uzumaki and Uchiha powers.
  • Madara: His own Sharingan and the first Hokage's cells.
  • Nagato: An Uzumaki mother and an Uchiha father.
  • Orochimaru was experimenting on Senju DNA to give himself the Rinnegan with Sasuke's body.
  • The information on the scroll is the method of doing this, so Sasuke will obtain a Rinnegan.
  • Alternatively Sasuke will attempt to force Uzumaki Karin to be the mother of his restored clan (how ironic) to breed the Rinnegan into all of them.

The upcoming movie, Road To Ninja, will deal with a "Freaky Friday" Flip
  • If you looked at the poster, Hinata has a more confident smile on her face and her body is more exposed while Ino is the complete 180. Then there's Shikamaru sticking out his tongue, which seems a bit out of character for him. He may have switched with Kiba since he has a more calm expression.

The Ten Tails name is Jashin

Kabuto is the son of Tsunade and either Dan or Jiraiya

It would explain his aptitude for medeical ninjutsu, his appearance (He seems to combine Tsunade's hair part with Dan or Jirayia's hair coloring), and there is this meta-arguement that in the original story that the Sanin's names and abilities were based on, Orochimaru was Jiraiya and Tsunade's son.

Obligatory Cardinal Sins WMG.
  • Sasuke is Pride. He cannot accept anyone who is not an Uchiha being anywhere near as strong as him, and his ego leads him to abandon his village.
  • Neji is Wrath. Mind you, this applies before his Heel–Face Turn, but he was so blinded by rage he was willing to kill Hinata despite knowing full well she was innocent of any wrongdoing, and he was then willing to kill Naruto for daring to stand up to him.
  • Shikamaru is Sloth, and the evidence speaks for itself.
  • Choji is Gluttony, which is demonstrated by his reaction when anyone gets between him and food.
  • Kiba is Greed. Observe his obsession with getting glory in the war. He even gets called out on his eagerness to become famous because of the war (greed applies not only to inordinate desire for wealth, but also for power and glory).
    • I'm pretty sure the deadly sin relating to desiring power and glory is actually Lust, not Greed. Greed is only desiring material things, Lust is desire for intangible things.
  • Ino is Lust. Notice that she's the only one of the girls to flaunt her sexuality.
  • Sakura is Vanity. Everything she does is shallow. In Chapter 3, she worries how to attract Sasuke considering that she's so lacking in the T&A department. Chapter 469 indicates nothing changed over the Time Skip, given that she was willing to confess so-called love for Naruto in a way that was blatantly shallow ("A woman's heart is as fickle as the autumn sky.") And this was after she had seen that Hinata genuinely loved Naruto, but she expected him to accept her shallow confession (never mind that it was false) over Hinata's self-sacrificial one.

The Sage of the six Paths was the offspring of an Uzumaki
and a [[spoiler:Hyuga.The combination of the bloodlines created the sharingan which has been revealed to evolve into the rinnengan. This would explain why the Uzumaki's and the Senju are related and why it was mentioned that people believe the sharingan was a mutation from the byakugan. This would also explain how Nagato suddenly developed the rinnengan. We never got a good look at his parents did we?

Karin is Naruto's first cousin.
Law of Conservation of Detail- it makes no sense to declare that Karin is an Uzumaki and not have her be a close relation to Naruto.

Tobi will succeed in obtaining the Kyuubi but Naruto will survive.
Tobi mentions to Minato that he will have his way, and the latter realizes he's dead serious about it. However, the Uzumakis are said to have a strong life force, and this is shown when Kushina has the Kyuubi extracted from her and she survives (She died due to reasons that occurred after the extraction). It's also possible that Kurama will not want to fight Naruto (considering they're more or less companions now), but Tobi might control him again and force him to. He then might use the exhausted and weak Naruto as a hostage to attempt to get the Hachibi to complete his plan (Though as much as it's possible Naruto is separated from Kurama, it doesn't seem likely that Killer Bee will have an extraction, as he would probably actually die from that it. Then again, this is Kishimoto's story we're talking about. He has killed very important main characters in the past. If Tobi succeeds in defeating Killer Bee, he will actually probably complete his Project Tsuki no Me; in the event that he does defeat Naruto, who, again, doesn't die. Also considering characters with a prominent standing in the series have died, Killer Bee may, too).

Killer Bee will perform a Heroic Sacrifice
After getting heavily wounded, he will allow himself to die, causing Hachibi to go with him. With a Jinchuriki gone, Tobi's moon-eye plan will fail.
Tobi's defeat will be with brains, not brawns
If the above WMG is true, Naruto will use a Xanathos Gambit: He will allow Tobi to extract Kurama. With the Uzumaki clan's vitality, he'll live to see Tobi implant Kurama in himself, unaware of the bond between Naruto and the fox. However, since he doesn't have perfect harmony with Kurama, his body will burn into nothing as he forms all nine tails. One of these two options will happen:
  • 1. Naruto will allow Kurama to live his own life, ending his own. However, Kakashi used his Sharingan to learn Chiyo's resurrection technique, allowing Naruto to live.
    • Granted, this would kill Kakashi, as it did Chiyo.
  • 2. While Kurama still has a chance to save Naruto, either Kakashi or Tsunade seal the fox in Naruto once again.
    • Who says Naruto would die from being separated from Kurama too long? Sure, Nagato thought the extraction would be fatal, but he didn't know about the nature of the Uzumaki clan powers as it applied to Jinchuriki. It's not even clear Nagato knew he was an Uzumaki. Kushina died from being impaled by Kurama's claw, and both plans for defeating Kurama involved Heroic Sacrifice.
      • Right. Kushina was physically exhausted after the extraction, but still alive. She was going to die by taking Kurama with her using her chakra, but she wound up dying to save Naruto from Kurama's attack. Naruto wouldn't die from the extraction unless Tobi gets some New Powers as the Plot Demands, but Naruto dying at all still seems unlikely.

About Tobi's Moon Eye Plan - How to do

To cast that huge-ass Genjutsu and reflect it in the Moon, he needs to become Juubi so he'll have enough power. How? Being the ultimate Jinchuuriki.

1.- He wants a freaking strong body that can take the abuse of malevolent chakra without crashing down (like Naruto's after ?th tail).

2.- He wants all the Bijuu to form just Juubi's chakra construct -and then sealing it in the powerful body he created (his body).

3.- He trusts that having Rinnengan and Sharingan will be enough to mindcontrol Juubi. He knew he couldn't control it just with Sharingan, thus the overcomplicated scheme with Nagato and obtaining Rinnengan. It's been said that Rokudo Sennin was able to tear Juubi's chakra and sealing it in him with his eyes (He send the phisical part of it to the moon). Having Sharingan will help Tobi control it. Maybe he's interested in the senju bloodline, to have an extra failsafe just in case.

That way the moon is not going to vanish, because Juubi's body will still be there (I'd say, extracting the body of that floating rock will blow it to pieces, if Juubi is as big as I think). He'll have the power (for all purposes, he'll be freaking Juubi), the tools and there is his Moon Eye Plan.

Rin taught Kakashi the Ninken summon
Rin looks like she has the Inuzuka Clan marks, but she preferred Medical Ninjutsu. Before she died, she gave Kakashi scrolls that taught him to summon the Ninja Dogs.

The final battle between Tobi and Naruto will be at the Land of Whirlpools
After defeating the Edo Tensei ninja and the Zetsu clones, Tobi will allow Naruto to choose the setting for their final confrontation. Naruto decides on the Land of Whirlpools since that was his mother's birthplace, and no innocent people will get hurt.

Itachi will not die
Itachi is Sasuke's Morality Chain. Sasuke was perfectly sane (if a bit angsty) when Itachi was still alive. When Itachi died, Sasuke began to lose it (admittedly, it took a bit of prodding from Tobi). However, with Itachi back on the scene, Sasuke is far more sane than he has been in 100 chapters. Seeing Itachi crumble before his eyes from the released Edo Tensei would...would...urk!

Tobi was one of the kids in Team Jiraiya
One of his motivations was that Minato always bested him in everything, making him somewhat of an Evil Counterpart for Naruto and his inferiority complex with Sasuke. After discovering the Akatsuki, he faked his death so he could take over. Since Tobi was able to change his voice when he went from Goofy!Tobi to Evil!Tobi, his voice changing abilities made it harder for Minato to recognize him.

Kushina will be revived with the Edo Tensei
Either Kabuto will survive the battle, or Tobi will learn the move and sacrifice one of the females in Naruto's life to make her (mainly Sakura, Tsunade, or Karin (due to her bloodline)). This will put Naruto in a conflicting moment.

Ebisu will die
And Naruto will be promoted to Jounin for defeating Tobi, thus having him replace Ebisu as Konohamaru and the others' sensei.

The Kyuubi hates humans not only because of their lust for power, but also for the same reasons that Sasuke hates the Leaf Village.
To simply put it, the Sage of the Six Paths, his father figure, gave himself up to save a world full of power-hungry selfish bastards. Kurama did not take that kindly, and just to put icing on the cake, people started treating Kurama like a pet, a weapon to advance their own agenda.

At some point, Naruto and Hinata are going to say in unison, "...because that is our ninja way."
It sure sounds like it would fit into the climax.
  • Come on, the climax of the story is WAY more likely to involve pivotal stuff with Sasuke and Sakura, CHARACTERS WHO WERE ACTUALLY CONSISTENTLY IMPORTANT TO NARUTO FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE STORY. (especially Sasuke, considering their friendship has been the real backbone of the story from the get go) At this point, most shippy stuff like that would feel pretty shoe-horned in.
    • Not mutually exclusive, therefore not an argument against it. I also expect scenes involving Shikamaru, Lee and Neji.

Most of the shinobi in the Allied Shinobi Forces are reservists.
This explains where an army of 80,000 can come from without invoking Writers Cannot Do Math. The academies are only responsible for training the regular army: career shinobi that intend to become Jounin eventually. However, most if not all able bodied villagers outside the regular forces are not civilians, but rather reservist Genin, to be activated in time of war if manpower is needed, such as to take down 100,000 Zetsu clones. They are trained outside the normal career path, just as real life reservists only serve a month and a half per year, unless activated for war or other emergency.

Tayuya is an Uzumaki.
Why? Red hair, check. No known family, check. Also because shut up.

Sasuke will end up being blind.
Sasuke will do a Heel–Face Turn thanks to his brother and Narutos Therapy no Jutsu and fights against that Guy with the Mask. First he will use Izanami to stop his opponents movement then Amaterasu to set him on fire and ask Naruto to use the Rasenshuriken which will make the Amaterasu even bigger so that Tobi can't teleport or absorb the flames. Normally that would also mean Sasuke's Death but he will use Izanagi (sorry for that little Ass Pull) sacrificing his last seeing Eye.

Chiyo, her brother, Sasori, and Sasori's father are all members of the Uzumaki clan to an extent.
With the reveal that pretty much every member of the Uzumaki clan has red hair, it lead me to think of not only Sasori, but Chiyo as well. Sasori obviously has red hair, as does his father, and Chiyo being his paternal grandmother means that there is a 50% chance that he got the red hair from her and her hair is only gray because she is so old. I'm not making this basis on just hair color, using the other facts stated about the Uzumaki clan's members which are also characteristics of its members, Chiyo possesses two of them (with red hair still just being possible as we never saw her when she was younger and Sasori's father could easily have gotten the red from Chiyo's husband) and so we will look at her first.

Members of the Uzumaki clan were outright stated to be highly knowledgeable about fuinjutsu (sealing jutsu). Chiyo's battle techniques shown include two high ranking seals. The "Lion Closing Roar" she used to pin Sasori to the wall is listed as an A-rank fuinjutsu. The "Three Jewels Suction Crushing" technique that she performed with three of the Chikamatsu puppets was only a B-rank fuinjutsu, but the use of the puppets themselves is considered S-rank and the jutsu is possible only with these puppets so it can still be considered a very high ranking seal. The very fact that all puppet users seal their puppets into scrolls also means sealing is involved even if it isn't very difficult. The most advanced sealing technique she used? Well she was responsible for sealing the One-Tailed beast into Gaara and all tailed beasts require relatively strong seals to be put into anything, let alone a human body.

There is also the fact that members of the Uzumaki clan are noted for their incredible longetivity and strong life force. Chiyo was 77 years old when she died, yet she was still able to use such strong jutsu, do combat with her much younger grandson (albeit with some trouble), and have enough life force to give to Gaara. Considering how long it has been and with no contradictory statements made about the jutsu (that it gives the life force of the user to the person it is being used on, exactly as much) she had a lot to give. Gaara is still walking around weeks/months/maybe a year later. If Chiyo was just a regular old woman he'd have dropped dead from running out of life force by now. There isn't a general rule of thumb when it comes to old age and dying of it as nobody seems to die of old age, but living to the age of 77 and having the potential of living even longer than that sets her apart from normal people. Chakra can also be seen as a kind of life force, she had to have had a lot of chakra to seal the tailed beast (probably) and definitely a lot to control atleast a maximum of ten puppets at the same time (don't know how much chakra just controlling a puppet takes, but considering the level of jutsu she used with them, that's a lot of chakra). So that's sealing, longetivity/life force, and possibly red hair. Now we look at Sasori.

We look at Sasori instead of his father due to the fact that it's a given his father has Uzumaki blood just by Chiyo having it and we don't know too much about him. We need to see if it isn't just a fluke that Chiyo showed these traits and that her descendents also show/showed these characteristics. Obviously Sasori had the red hair that is often connected to the Uzumaki clan. He also had formidable sealing abilities.

We see his human puppets, made from deceased humans that had their organs removed and preserved. These puppets are able to use the jutsu and even kekkei genkai of the person they were made from. Kekkei genkai can't be copied, but I suppose they could be transferred as in the cases of Danzo and Kakashi with the sharingan along with Ao using the byakugan and Yamato using wood release, etc. In all these cases the person had material from the original owner transferred to their body and/or had their genes spliced with a user of the kekkei genkai. How do you get a dead body with no blood remaining in it to use a genetic ability? You seal the ability into the body somehow. Basically a strong seal for each human puppet. He even managed to seal his heart into a core, somehow binding his soul to it in the process. The heart has to contain his soul as without bloodflow it would be useless if it wasn't just a medium for the soul. Therefore he sealed his soul to a body part and that has to take a high amount of skill. He stores several puppet arms in the containers of his chest which is actually possible with a seal of indeterminate strength. Also along with the fact that puppets are again sealed, we don't see any other sealing jutsu on his part unless you count the one he used on Kabuto to "seal" his memories but is counted as a ninjutsu.

As for longetivity, we don't really see much of Sasori's aging. We don't know how long his body has been a puppet other than it was after he had at least gone through puberty given the teenage appearance of his puppet body that was modeled after his real one. If his heart is just a medium for his soul and obviously doesn't perform a biological function anymore, then it was obviously preserved quite well. Whether this was due to a preservation process of the heart itself as with the human puppets or his heart just slowing down decay to a ridiculous level is unknown but could definitely show longetivity and such in the case of the latter. He obviously has a very strong life force/chakra reserve given the fact that he was able to control at least one hundred puppets all at once and that could tire most people out with lesser numbers. Unsealing a hundred puppets all at once would probably take a lot of chakra, and some of his weapons seem to be powered by chakra but are not specific jutsu (flamethrower, chainsaw, etc.). There is also the fact that he used the Third Kazekage puppet in battle. So far we have seen people that use kekkei genkai that they weren't born with take heavy hits to their chakra when using the techniques of said kekkei genkai, so all of the Iron Sand jutsu would have to wear him out. I end my case here and just want to post this theory: Long ago, Chiyo immigrated to Sunagakure and was a member of the Uzumaki clan along with her brother (or had heritage of that sort). She had a son somewhere along the line who also probably had some Uzumaki blood coursing through his veins. The current Kazekage found out about her heritage and ordered her to use her superior sealing skills to make his son into a Jinchuuriki. Eventually she had a grandson. And the rest we all pretty much know.

  • It's noteworthy that she was able to revive Gaara after expending a great deal of life-force to heal Sakura and being mortally wounded herself (sure, Sakura could have healed her if she had the ingredients for the antidote on hand, but the ingredients were in Suna, which was too far away for them to arrive before Chiyo succumbed to the poison).

In the end Sasuke wont be fully redeemed but will give up his quest to destroy the Leaf Village
Basicaly Sasuke will pull a Heel Nutral] [[HeelFaceTurn Turn Type 4. In the end he'll forgive the Leaf mostly, he wont destroy it but he cant live in it either. His crimes will be expunged because of his actions during the war. He'll spend his life Wandering the Earth

Naruto will fulfill his promise to Sasuke... die together with him. Then Sakura will use Chiyo's 'One's Own Life Reincarnation' jutsu to bring Naruto back to life at the cost of her own.

Naruto will use Izanagi
against Sasuke.Since Naruto now has Shisui's Kotoakatsukami in his eye, then that means that between that and his own heritage, he now possesses both Senju and Uchiha attributes, which should enable use of the Izanagi.
  • Except for the part where he doesn't have Shisui's eye, and even if he did, why would two minutes of immortality followed by permanent blindness matter in the least possible way?
    • If Sasuke burns himself out because of it, or even self-destructs in the process of launching the attack.

The reason the Senju no longer seem to exist is that they simply outbred too far.
Think about it, we know there are at least an additional two branches from the two great families of the sage, the Uzumaki and they Gold/Silver brothers family. Wouldn't it be such excellent symbolism that the Senju who believed in love hold a claim to a massive part of the ninja world's people and the Uchiha who believed in power have all but died out because they hoarded the sharingan within their clan.
  • So the 4th great ninja war is essentially just Senju vs Uchiha again?

Even if Tobi loses the war, he's already won.
So Tobi has done pretty much everything he can to elevate himself to Big Bad status. He's assembled some of the most notorious and wanted criminals on the planet, and then had them cause all kinds of havoc for the five nations and assorted smaller ones. He's been monopolizing all their high paying jobs right to their faces. He's kidnapped their VIP/Living Weapons and then bragged about. He shows up at their first ever World Summit and taunts them mercilessly before declaring War on the ENTIRE WORLD. AS A WHOLE. One would almost think that he was waiting for them to get so fed up with him and his Organization that they considered an alliance, while the five nations have all banded together just to kill the arrogant asshat that's been causing them so much trouble. And then he uses an army of clearly inhuman clones, as opposed to hiring mercenaries or rogue ninja. These Zetsu clones are now killing people left and right, and despite everything, everyone is banding together. They're putting aside grudges and feuds to stop this army. An army that they're surely going to hate after the war. Hate even more than whatever other feud they had going on before.

So, to sum it up, everyone is pretty much working together to kill a man who could be ANYONE. Who could come from ANYWHERE. Who could have been a traitor to ANY of their nations. And he has such a ridiculously over the top goal that even if he's crazy, no one is willing to chance him succeeding. And he's made himself the focus of the hatred of the ENTIRE WORLD. If they win, there'll probably be a legend about the evil man in the mask who wanted to wake up the moon that the Shinobi World united to defeat several years down the line.Am I the only one who thinks this was planned?

The goal of the Moon's Eye Plan is to turn the whole world into Tobi.
Yes I got this idea off of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, but it's still a serious theory. Tobi's Assimilation Plot entails him wanting to use the Moon to take over everyone's mind and turn them into extensions of himself.
  • So Tobi wants to make the Master Race?
  • Jossed, but close. Turns out the goal of the Moon's Eye Plan is to turn the whole world into Zetsu.

Anko will kill Orochimaru.
And this time he won't come back because she'll use the Twin Snakes technique to pull a Taking You with Me, and then he'll be fresh out of curse seals to regenerate from.

The whole naruto known world is an elaborate genetic experiment.
The humans in the world are all products of genetics science with a purpose to make humanoids with extraordinary abilities which are actually the various jutsus and kekkei genkais. They are all being watched as they live their lives and build their societies by some satellite or spy drone that gives back feed to some secluded undiscovered part of the planet where the science team resides and observes.

Sakura and Ino really are cousins.
Ino's mother is probably not a Yamanaka by birth, hence the flower shop. It wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that her maiden name was Haruno. Alternatively, Sakura's mother looks like she could be a Yamanaka. So maybe Ino wasn't simply using a term of endearment by calling Sakura's parents her aunt and uncle.

The Infinite Tsukuyomi has a weakness.
It can only hold those who submit to it. The illusory world created by the Tsukuyomi will show each individual their hearts' deepest desire. In Naruto's case, a world where his parents are still alive, Sasuke never turned evil, and he has a hot girlfriend. Once ensnared by the illusion, they'll be trapped forever in the illusory world. However, the illusion isn't perfect, and the victim will see signs revealing it to be an illusion. If the victim chooses to reject the illusion, in spite of how tempting it is to embrace it, the victim will break free.

Minato knew about the Ten Tails.
Part of the reason that he destroyed half of the Kyuubi chakra was that he knew that Tobi was after the bijuu in order to reconstruct the Ten Tails, and he was hoping that doing so would make the Kyuubi useless to that end, ensuring that the Ten Tails would never arise. He just never anticipated that a fraction of the chakra would be sufficient to revive the Ten Tails, albeit in a weakened state.

Under his mask is...another mask.

Menma from the latest Naruto Movie is Canon
He traveled from the future into the past, as Naruto's Future Badass counterpart from a Bad Future. He is what is under Tobi's mask.

On that note, the entire movie is canon.

Obito is a Red Herring
Kishimoto's going out of his way to make us think it's Obito so he can surprise us. If he actually is Obito, then Kishimoto made it too obvious, and no one's going to be surprised when it's revealed. Not to mention, Tobi being Obito would make no sense, and would be bad writing.

Tobi was actually played by two people: Madara Uchiha himself and Obito.
Building up from the reveal of Ch. 599 that the Tobi fighting the Fourth World War was Obito Uchiha himself, there are still a lot of questions not answered: (1) How was heroic Obito transformed into the Tobi we are loathing? and (2) How does Madara's acknowledgment of Tobi play into this?

What comes to mind, at least to the circumstances, was that "Tobi" was a trick worthy of Christopher Nolan (The Prestige and Batman Begins, anyone?). Madara Uchiha was actually playing "Tobi" during his actions around his encounters with manipulating Yagura, Minato, and Itachi... hence his somber mien. At that point, Madara was already experimenting with bodies (probably the Zetsu bodies) and hiding himself. Acknowledging he might not last long anymore (even with his longevity), he began playing around the remains of Obito, which he recovered them after the Third War presumably or even resurrected him via Edo Tensei. Of course, playing around a traumatized dead boy does wonders to their sanity, and began bringing him up as a stand-in for him... hence bringing up Obito-as-Tobi's mindset as "nobody, all I care about is the plan." Thus, Obito-as-Tobi can play around as Madara because he has Madara's blessings and tutelage.

"Tobi" is in fact a Legacy Character.
It would explain the timeline kinks that come about as "Tobi" being revealed as Obito in 599. Considering that Obito would have only been fourteen at the time, it makes more sense that Madara would be the Tobi who set the Kyuubi on Konoha and menaced the Namikaze-Uzumaki family. Madara would also be the Tobi who kept Yagura under mind control. He may have been the one who first met Nagato as well. After he died, Obito, who by now has been corrupted into a Face–Heel Turn, took up the mask, and depending on when he died, may well have been the Tobi who helped Itachi slaughter the Uchiha clan.
  • Bit of a problem with this theory, During the fight between the 4th Hokage and Tobi it was shown that he could use the short ranged Kamui meaning he had Obito's right eye. So unless Madara took his eye then gave it back this idea is a little difficult to use. I agree that during the fight he does not seem 14 during the battle so there must be another explaination. My guess is that the body is artifical.

Kakashi will be the one to kill Tobi/Obito
It'll be the most depressing thing ever, we'll cry, Kakashi will cry, Obito might cry and it'll end with a nice flashback of them as kids having a nice time.

Kishimoto intended to set up Obito as the Big Bad of part two with the Kakashi Gaiden.
With the reveal of Tobi being Obito Uchiha in Ch.599, it seems very plausible now that the Kakashi Gaiden had an ulterior purpose beyond simply explaining how Kakashi got his Sharingan: Its secondary, secret purpose was to set up the character that would become the main antagonist of part 2.

Kakashi will die.
He will sacrifice himself to stop his former teammate, making up for his greatest failure (which was presumably failing to protect Rin).

Adding to the above, Sasuke will kill Kakashi.
Generation Xerox strikes again, as everyone in the Master-Apprentice Chain since Hiruzen was killed by A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned to Evil.
  • Does this mean that Konahamaru will kill Naruto?

Madara WAS Tobi, at least at first.
Think about it, a lot of things Tobi or at least the man in the mask did couldn't have been done by Obito because the timelines don't match up and the skill levels don't either. So it is entirely possible that Madara was the first to wear the masks. He was the Tobi in the flashbacks and the modern day Tobi is Obito.
  • Madara wanted someone to complete the eye of the moon plan if Nagato couldn't revive him, finding Obito gave him an Uchiha he could shape into the perfect successor, but it gave Tobi someone who knew the Sharrigan and Uchiha inside and out, and epic level mentor, someone who could train him from the dead last into the person that is untouched by everyone from the Forth Hokage to Kyuubi Naruto. Of course Obito's personal Manygeko technique is gamebreaking on it's own, but who would teach him how to get it.
  • This makes more sense when you consider that "Tobi" just happened to have compatable sharingan for sasuke's transplant (I know they where itachi's but he had a bunch more around)Madara has been going around collecting the sharingan from dead uchiha on the battlefield, presumably for backups in the case of his own being damaged, using inuzangi or some other convoluted sceme. With Obito he just found a spare uchiha as well as spare eyes. This also explained where Obito got the spare eye to replace the one he gave Kakashi, before he used up that one and replaced it with something better, this theory also explains how he knew how to use the replacement, Madara taught him.

Obito and Kakashi's Sharingan are Completely Connected.
If you think about it, the Mangekyō sharingan abilities used by both of them are connected simply because both of them belonged to Obito at one time. Who is to say that Obito hasn't been the reason for several strange occurences surrounding the sharingan he gave Kakashi? We've never seen someone activate the Mangekyō in one sharingan and not the other, so perhaps the only reason Kakashi has the Mangekyō in his eye is because Obito was the one to fill the requirements and this caused both eyes to be able to change to Mangekyō form despite the fact that Obito was not in possession of one of them at the time. This could also explain why Kakashi is unable to deactive his, Obito never has his sharingan deactivated and we've never seen someone deactivate one sharingan and not the other, so Obito keeping his activated all the time is the reason Kakashi can't deactive his own.

This wouldn't apply to Kakashi advancing his from two tomoe to three, as we've seen differing amount of tomoe in the same sets of eyes like when Sasuke activated his when battling Haku and he had one tomoe in his left eye and two in his right. So chances are Kakashi probably did advance his on his own. My explanation for why Obito is the reason for the Mangekyō advancement and Kakashi's inability to deactive his and not Kakashi being the one responsible? They both belonged to Obito, they wouldn't respond to Kakashi's commands as well because of the blood differences so Obito is the one to decide when they activate and deactivate. As for why Kakashi can activate the Mangekyō without forcing Obito to activate his and vice versa, that's where the theory kind of falls apart.

Sasuke will get the Rinnegan, the incomplete Juubi, AND his Curse Seal back
Sasuke will be the Final Boss and become the darkest thing imaginable, and Naruto will, of course, have to stop him.

He will get the Rinnegan because, well, if he doesn't have all the necessities to evolve the Eternal Mangekyo, he is currently very close.

He will get the Juubi because his biggest trait is his hatred, and the Juubi will deem him suitable.

He will get the Curse Seal back simply because Orochimaru's back and Sasuke may force him to give it to him.

Obito's true goal for using Nagato and Rinne Tensei was not for reviving Madara, but for Rin
Obito's turned out this way because Rin died, so it makes sense that his true goal is to create a a new world under Infinite Tsukuyomi and revive Rin. Because what would that world really be worth to him if he doesn't have the person he loved by his side?? proof of this would be his hesitance when Madara asked him questions regarding his resurrection. It's pretty much what Kabuto caught on to as well.

Sakura/ Naruto will kill one of their students.
  • The number 3 in Naruto is death, with every 3rd student of a team led by a someone who can be traced back to a Hokage being evil. (ex- Pein, Orochi, Obito) And since the 3rd student generally come back to try to kill their master (Obito, Orochi, Sasuke) Naruto and Sakura having seen it happen so often in their lifetimes will pick their most potentially evil students and kill them off in training accidents to preserve the peace.
    • Terrible plan. You want to know what would happen if Kakashi had killed Sasuke? That's right folks, if you can't handle the Nine-Tails you might want to take a step back. It's about to get real rowdy in the front.

Kabuto is going to return as a villain
He will escape Izanami and capture the Zetsu that will emerge from the spores planted on him which will give him access to Zetsu's memories and chakra which he will use to battle Madara since Kabuto already has the abilities necessary to fight Madara and needs to stop the Moon Eye Plan.
  • He's certainly not dead and sooner or later he's got to stumble onto the solution. I second this.

Madara killed Nagato's Parents
  • Madara either used a genjutsu to make the two Konoha ninja think that Nagato's parents were ninja's and then killed the ninja's and implanted his eyes in Nagato, or he killed Nagato's parents while Nagato was under a genjutsu.
    • It seems like Nagato and Konan never spoke with the real Madara since they would've realised that Tobi wasn't him.
  • What would Madara gain from that? Unless you mean Obito, who was most likely not born, and weren't there two Konoha ninjas?
    • I meant Madara, Nagato needed the stress to unlock the Rinnegan, and Madara would've used the image of Konoha ninja's to make Nagato want to destroy it, since he has one hell of a grudge based on what Obito has said.

The Road to Ninja world is a result of Jerkass Genie.
It gives everyone their heart's desire, but exacts a terrible price:Sakura wishes she could understand Naruto and Sasuke, so in the RTN world, she's an orphan.Shikamaru wishes he didn't have so many responsibilities, so the RTN world takes away his intelligence.Hinata wishes she could be more confident, so the RTN world takes away her chastity.Shino wishes people would notice him, so the RTN world takes away his affinity for bugs.Naruto wishes for a normal life, so the RTN world takes away his bijuu and his name, though it does give him his parents.

Rin and Haku are from the same clan
No reason I just think so

The Spiral Zetsu was Obito's mask up until recently
It really makes sense. The spiral pattern this Zetsu's face matches the spiral pattern of Obito's orange spiral mask. The fact that Obito wore him means that he could potentially have worn him for a very long time afterwards. So how did the mask part go from white to an orange color? Obito got quite bloody in chapter 605 and didn't show any particular desire (or ability to think clearly enough) to clean himself up. So the blood dried and changed to an orange color as it did so. Why this Zetsu never spoke except in these flashbacks? Obito did go off the deep end, probably destroyed its consciousness. As for how it explains the one or two other masks shown in flashbacks, well it wouldn't be the first time someone has worn one mask under another.

Kakashi killed Rin because either one or both of them was under a genjutsu
If you think about it, Rin did seem to show a particular susceptibility to genjutsu. When she was captured in the Gaiden chapter she was put under a genjutsu during an interrogation. She didn't crack, but that doesn't mean that it didn't work very well. She resisted through will power alone. The genjutsu used on her was meant to make her tell the truth, but it wasn't explained how it planned to do so. We've seen damaging genjutsu that remove a person's resolve through illusions. She resisted the interrogation, but that doesn't mean she didn't feel the full effects of the illusions. This being said, she was probably under a genjutsu when Kakashi killed her and he couldn't snap her out of it for some reason and it was the only way. Another possibility was that Kakashi could have been the one under the genjutsu. The sharingan only helps identify if someone else is under a genjutsu or recognize that they are under a genjutsu themselves. There is no immunity. Kakashi probably knew he was under an illusion, but that doesn't mean he could do anything about it like break free. A final option would be that both were under a genjutsu and forced to fight each other.

Rin was an Uzumaki.
Because why the Hell not; everybody else seems to be lately. And it would explain why the Mist nin seemed interested in recovering her corpse.

Alternatively, Rin had ties with Kirigakure.
The most probable reason why she was being targeted by the Kiri ANBU/hunter-nin and thus forcing Kakashi's hand to kill her. She might have been an unwitting political hostage (or at least an important guest like Kushina) of Konohagakure or has hitherto-undiscovered ties with a Mizukage family (any odds she being Mei's sister, however far off).

Itachi used his abused his Mangekyo Sharingan to the point the strain on the nerves injured his brain and caused a fatal hemorrhage.
And the whole time he was trying to keep it from killing him before his business on Earth was finished.

The reason Kakashi didn't reveal his Mangekyo Sharingan until after the timeskip is because he forgot
We wee that Kakashi and Obito developed the Mangekyo at the same time in chapter 605 after severe mental anguish. People react very differently to stress and trauma. Before we saw that Sasuke had actually activated his sharingan on the night that Itachi killed the rest of the clan and merely forgot about it because the memory of it was suppressed by the trauma he experienced. Who is to say that the same couldn't have happened to Kakashi for the Mangekyo? Obito reacts by losing his mind and becoming what he is in the current setting, while Kakashi probably suppressed the memory unintentionally.

Sasuke will get the Rinnegan by implanting Karin's cells on him
Many plot elements seems to lead to that. It has been confirmed by Madara that those eyes can be obtained by implanting Senju's DNA on someone who has obtained Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. The word of God is that Sasuke will be the final boss, and so the Rinnegan would be a necessity if he wants to top Madara.Sasuke knows about Karin's bloodline. Karin is on her way to meet with Sasuke. Orochimaru has done research on the Sharingan and is probably aware of what is needed to get the Rinnegan. Juugo has the ability to transplant tissues from someone to another person.Madara was on the verge of death when he got his new eyes... but when it's comes to sudden power upgrade you can count on Sasuke.

Obito suffered major brain damage during his fight during the 3rd war
It's the only way to explain all the idiotic decisions he made that led him to become Tobi, especially how he decided to hypnotize the entire world because of the death of one girl. Seriously, look at any other Naruto villain in the manga and they have a more consistent backstory reason for why they're evil.
  • That makes sense, but wars and such have been started over less than that. Half of his body, which includes his head, was crushed by a giant boulder. So yes, his brain was damaged majorly. How he is still alive and how his personality remained the same for the longest time afterwards is a mystery. Maybe part of his brain was regenerated somehow.

Obito's start of darkness wasn't just Rin
Let's face it, love makes you crazy, but one can't help but feel that Rin definitely isn't the only reason Obito beame the way he is now. He consciously thinks she is the reason why, but there are several subconscious factors that come into play. He spent a huge amount of time basically being held captive by Madara (He couldn't have left in his current condition if he even wanted). Madara not only saved his life, but also took care of him. This all mixes together to sound like a case of Stockholm Syndrome. And if he feels compassion for his caretaker, he would of course pick up some of his beliefs along the way. There is also the fact that he saw his best friend kill the girl he was in love with, that really screws with someone's sanity more than just having a loved one die any other way. Then there is also the temptation. Who wouldn't want to live in a perfect world? A world with no fighting, no death, etc. Obito experienced a whole hell of a lot at such a young age, a lot of it bad. He probably grew jaded and desperate enough to not care whether this world was real or not. So he began working towards the illusion instead of how Naruto, Minato, Jiraiya, etc. went about it by actually trying to change the world.
  • Except that Sasuke and Nagato went through far worse at even younger ages, including losing their entire families when they were children and thousands of comrades over the course of their lives in the process, and still seem to have handled their situations better in the end. Obito loses one crush and he wants to hypnotize the world. If Nagato's heel face turn is any indication, Obito will be right back on the side of good as soon as he hears the "without free will, there is no life" speech from either Naruto or Kakashi, bringing his contrived turn to evil full circle.
    • Now I'm not saying that Nagato and Sasuke didn't go through far worse, I'm just saying that Rin wasn't the only true reason for his start to evil. In my belief, Nagato wasn't truly evil to begin with. Plus to add to the above WMG, Obito has definitely suffered from heavy brain damage.

Madara was behind Rin's death
A man who happily boasts about destroying the peace between villages out of nothing but spite clearly isn't interested in a world of peace. He only wants power and just said otherwise to manipulate Obito. So it's not unreasonable to think he had Rin killed to further this goal. Once he has the power of the infinite Tsukuyomi he will betray Obito without hesitation.
  • Building from this Obito will be the one to finally take Madara down, using the Death God seal he learned by observing Minato with the Sharingan.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 675!

Tobi's Dream World / Lotus-Eater Machine plot is going to work perfectly...
...on Tobi. When all is said and done he's going to get trapped in his own illusion (which is possibly what he really wanted all along), though I can't say for how long. PS, am I the only one who thought this was really similar to Ultear from Fairy Tail's motivation? "I didn't show myself at a crucial moment and now I'm going to remake everything to erase that memory! Nothing I do now matters 'cause it's going to be undone! (deep down I know that's not really true...)"

Konoha High School is a Tsukuyomi world.
Specifically, it's Neji and Lee's equivalent of the Road to Ninja world, fulfilling their heart's desires. No ninjas or Byakugan means that Neji's father is still alive and Neji never tried to kill Hinata. Neji isn't bound by the Caged Bird Seal and can live his life freely. Lee, in turn, is able to compete as an athlete on equal terms with Neji

Obito will pull a Heroic Sacrifice by using Chiyo's Back from the Dead jutsu
When she uses it, Kakashi is watching her with the Sharingan. Obito is sitting nearby, and he can see through Kakashi's Sharingan. Thus, Obito should know the jutsu. Since Kishi has obviously been planning things since before the beginning of Part II, this is the perfect opportunity for Obito to get his redemption- by dying to bring someone else (most likely Naruto) back to life.

Naruto will take Tsunade's place for the rest of the war.
Since it's heavily implied that Tsunade will die, the Kage will give Naruto the title until things could be settled out after the war. By then, it will be decided whether or not Naruto will keep that position.

Madara turning Rin into the Jinchuriki of Isobu (the tree tails) is supposed to be a metaphor for rape.
Think about it. Rin was only 12 years old at the time, Madara was, to say the least, older than he looked, and [[Does This Remind You of Anything?? he forced her to do it by threatening to kill her if she protested.]] If that doesn't sound like rape to you, than I'm a monkey's uncle.

It also doesn't help that he kidnapped her first.

He also tried to put her to sleep with ginjutsu first. This is akin to a man putting a roofie in a girl's drink.

The world of Naruto is a post-apocalyptic future

There seems to be a weird Schizo Tech vibe going on with the world, with old world customs, but modern stylings, My theory is a long time ago, the world was a futuristic world, genetically engineering animals that could talk, and the like, what the current world sees as summoned beasts like the toad family or the snakes were actually a weapon created by fusing genetically engineered animals and teleportation tech, the "paper" the contract scrolls is created with is actually a computer/teleportation gate tech created millenia ago, and the Chakra tree is actually a Last of Its Kind that sued to be commonplace, with Kaguya being a remnant of the previous humanity, who had became dependant on Chakra to survive but the apocalyptic war had killed all but one of the trees, they had genetically engineered all the "bloodline powers" into themselves as well, most of the ninja techniques we see are actually just long forgotten nanotech or genetics, with the hand signs being the activation codes for airborne nanobots to gather.


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