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This is a list of Wild Mass Guesses which are still possibly true. Just For Fun and silly guesses go on the silly page. If a WMG is Jossed, please move it to the jossed page, if it is Confirmed, please move it to the confirmed page.

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Tobi's plan will succeed, but it will work too well.
His Moon Eye Plan Genjutsu will not just make everyone in the world peaceful and willing to obey him, it will completely sap their will to live causing them to just lay down where they stand, except for a small percentage of the population who it will drive uncontrollably insane.

Tobi's plan will reach it's last step, but we'll never be certain if it worked
The series will end with a collosal Or Was It a Dream? where we go from Tobi's defeat onward not being sure if he was really defeated or if the whole world is caught in it and he's just showing his defeat to keep people from resisting.
  • This would be such a cool twist.
    • Actually, that would be like castrating the fans and giving them a big "fuck you."

Tobi's plan has already worked and it created Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth
A magical happy version of Konoha where all your dead friends are alive again, everything is lovely, even the nastiest villains are not above the odd comedy routine and there is no war.This also explains the presence of Rock Lee's snarky narrator.

You recall what happened to Karin?
Yeah, well, you see that Sakura is heading that way? What do you wanna bet that Sasuke is gonna have two girls trying to kill him in a few chapters?
  • Assuming that Karin isn't dead.
    • Or that Karin truly resents Sasuke enough to want to kill him.
      • Karin isn't dead, and has given up on Sasuke. It's unclear whether she would go so far as to try to kill him, though. And even if this would be the case, it's highly unlikely, that she will be let out of jail soon enough to try to kick Sasuke's ass.
      • She probably will get out. She has a key to get out and hid it from the interrogators.
      • Karin broke out, met up with Sasuke,Orochimaru,Jugo,Suigetsu,and the Edo Hokages. She was really mad at Sasuke leaving her to die,and did seem to want to kick his ass, but easily forgave him after he gave her a half-assed sincere apology,quickly resuming to swoon back over him.
Danzo had no involvement in Nagato's backstory
Danzo ruined Nagato's life for seemingly no reason, as he seems to be becoming more of a Well-Intentioned Extremist. It was actually Madara Uchiha in disguise who destroyed Nagato's village so that Nagato would destroy Konoha. The Fourth Hokage even said that Nagato was being manipulated by Madara in some way.
  • I don't know what manga you're reading, but Danzo's involvement in Nagato's life is basically limited to standing there and watching when Hanzo attacked Nagato. He didn't ruin Nagato's life any more than he ruined *random character* Rock Lee's life.
  • He brought in some of his men, which might have helped in capturing Konan.
    • Key word "might" There's nothing to suggest they did more than Danzo did.
  • Nagato's back story could have worked without Danzo. Bringing Root into it was just a way to establish that Nagato hates the Leaf Village, and reinforce that the Leaf Village has a darker side to it. Honestly, if Nagato hadn't mentioned Danzo at all, I wouldn't have noticed Root's involvement.
  • Half right. Danzo was involved to prepare to set up Akatsuki, but Tobi decided to screw over any chance Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan had to finding out about Danzo's involvement.
Crazy Mokuton Tree with Sharingan Eyes will be a major villain, at least in a filler arc in the Anime.
In 480 on page 11 we see that Danzo loses control of his God Arm to the point where it bursts off and becomes a tree. Notice that, in that tree, there are still Sharingan Eyes. Also, a creepy face earlier on. Given that the power of the Jubi is in the Sharingan eyes and apparently in the Senju Mokuton Bloodline, that Tree is going to end up being important. And probably Evil and insane.
  • No no no! It'll be a mentor! I mean, creepy face thing? Definite mentor qualifications. All it needs is, quote unquote, "five teenagers with attitude" and... They'll be Sentai!
  • However, if you look on the last page of chapter 481, you'll see the tree isn't there at all. Probably because jutsu have No Ontological Inertia and Danzo died. Or maybe it left on its own.
    • Tree is at the far end of the bridge. You can see the roots by the pillars.
      • Those aren't roots, they're cracks in the ground. You can see on this page that the tree was sticking out partially in front of the pillars, so it should have been visible from the other two pages (especially since the pillars in front has a huge gap in it).
      • Tree's back in the latest issue!

Hinata will end up with Shikamaru
Hinata is close to Kurenai, and Shikamaru will spend more time with her as he fulfills his promise to Asuma. Hinata is also one of the few women that are more submissive, and Shikamaru is always complaining about overbearing women.
  • Yeah, overbearing like his mother. And Hinata? Something more earth shattering than the Pain invasion would have to happen to set that in motion. Besides, Shikamaru is so lazy that he would never actually make a move on a woman anyway. He needs a girl who will make the first move.

The anime will include an omake with Hiashi and Hanabi returning to Konoha after Pain levels it
.Because the look on their faces would be just too funny not to use for an omake. It's easy pickings.

If Naruto and Hinata wind up together, Konohamaru will develop a crush on Hanabi instantly.
Konohamaru copies everything that Naruto does, so Konohamaru would be inclined to develop a crush on Hanabi just based on knowing: Naruto is in a relationship with Hinata, and Hinata has a little sister. What becomes of Konohamaru because of this is as open ended as who Hanabi is.
  • I've read some fanfics with this as a running subplot. It kinda makes sense...

Alternative theory to the above.
Sakura is, in fact, not betraying the Village. But Naruto wont realize that. He'll show up and have it out with Sasuke and Sakura, only for Sakura's plan not to work and her to confess that not only does she no longer have feelings for Sasuke, she's actually come to love Naruto. He'll say that he loves her too, even if deep down he doesn't believe her. Only, Hinata will have shown up by now and be just out of sight. She'll hear this confession, after finally revealing her true feelings to Naruto during the invasion, and wont be able to handle it. She'll snap just like Sasuke did, and end up leaving with him instead of Sakura. Or she'll end up with Kabutomaru. Better?

Madara is not a villain.
First, let me say that this WMG is brought to you by Carthestian, the same as further up on this page. Credit and introductions aside, here's the actual theory.

The Moon's Eye Plan is not Madara's plan, it is the history of what happened to the Naruto universe. Madara only told the Kages about his plan in hopes that one of them, or anybody in the ninja world for that matter, would realize that their lives are already in its grip. Naturally this has some pitfalls, such as

1.) How is Madara not affected by the MEP?2.) Why were the Uchihas assassinated if this is the case?3.) How can any actions taken by Madara in the series be explained under this system?

I'll continue this later on.

Now that it's been revealed that Tobi is Obito I can answer this.

1.) Because he's casting the jutsu, he will remain unaffected by it and have control over it.2.) So he could convince people that he's really Madara, who hates the Uchiha3.) Because he no longer cares about the world, and wants to start a new one using the MEP.

Sasuke's influence over Naruto and Sakura, and women in general, is due to him having some ofthe Ten-Tailed Beast's power
As seen in this picture, the the Ten-Tailed Beast's eye was similar to the Sharingan. And chapter 462 reveals that the Rikudo Sage named a successor from two brothers after he sealed the Ten-Tails into his body, who was the ancestor of the Senju clan, while the other one who wasn't named was the ancestor of the Uchiha. Since Sasuke would likely have some of this power, it explains how Uchiha can control the Tailed-Beasts. This means that Naruto's devotion to Sasuke is because the Kyuubi is drawn to the similar chakra and is, in turn, indirectly influencing Naruto. Whereas the near constantly positive reaction he gets from women is possibly due to them being influenced by Sasuke's latent powers in an attempt to attract a mate to continue that power's existence.

Karin's memories of Sasuke during the Chunin Exam were implanted by Orochimaru
There are way too many flaws with Karin's Flashback in the latest chapter. Orochimaru either stole those memories from someone he captured, or created them whole-cloth. The purpose was to have a back up plan in case Sasuke died in training, or turned against him (which Sasuke did, but Itachi ruined that) by imprinting Sasuke as the Knight in Shining Armor to Karin (and possibly others) so that if Orochimaru's plan succeeded Sasuke would not be the last generation of Uchihas and Orochimaru would be able to continue his pursuit of immortality without having just three years with a Sharingan.
  • This fits with another WMG that Karin was brain washed to try and get pregnant from Sasuke. Orochimaru could have had a lot of others waiting at other bases to try and win over Sasuke.
    • Does that mean that Orochimaru was Shipping them? Ew.

Naruto is Genderless
Or at least able to change genders at will. His Sexy Jutsu is just a manifestation of his genderbending abilities. Remember, Kitsune are fabled to be able to change into humans at will regardless of gender. The Sexy Jutsu Naruto performs is part of his legitimate ability to shape shift while the technique he taught Konoahmaru is a Genjutsu

The Byakugan has connections to the moon.

Stemming from the above, the Sage of the Six Paths always knew that either of his disciples and/or descendants could get the absolutely horrible idea of bringing back the Juubi, so he decides to have a unrelated third party have sole control of anything in regards to the moon: power over it, access to it, and such. The Byakugan is merely proof of that connection.

Furthermore, it can explain the whole "Stop Having Fun" Guys bit most Hyuuga have, as well as the Caged Bird Seal: The Hyuuga would be too proud to use the Juubi in any manner(If they ever knew of it in the first place), and any Hyuuga who thought otherwise would have their brains and eyes turned to mush. It could also explain Hinata's possible immunity to Bijuu chakra from Naruto's last Unstoppable Rage due to her Bijuu-containing moon mojo, but that's pushing it, I think.

  • Which would also explain the genjutsu canceling powers of the Byakugan. A possible upgrade would be the power to disable all genjutsu within range of the Byakugan's sphere of vision, which can be over half a mile at least.
    • The blind spot also makes sense, too. Yes, the eye has a anatomic blind spot where the optic nerve connects, but think about this: the moon is always in the sky, able to "see" everything as it passes around the globe. But there is also a dark side of the moon that results in the New Moon, when it disappears from the sky.
      • Could the dark side of the moon be the Jubi? And the bright side represent the benevolent light of the Sage?
      • Maybe Ten-tails destroyed the previous moon and this was a replacement! There would be cataclysmic effects without a moon, and the moon was created long before mankind came to inhabit the Earth.

Kakashi's gonna die.
See, how have the battles between a teacher and his student gone in this series?

The teacher lost. Every one of them.

It seems like a pattern, and so I thought I'd put it out there...

  • Of course, Kakashi has been repeatedly shown to be made of Awesomeness. He already survived one fight against Sasuke, he should be fine.

  • It's possible that Sasuke will fight against Kakashi until the two of them are nearly exhausted, and then escape, but Kakashi will realize that Sasuke wasn't at his full power. Kakashi and Yamato will then give up on Sasuke, leaving Naruto the only person who's willing to bring him back, and leading to their final showdown in the third invasion of Konoha or in another place.

  • Didn't Kakashi already die in the Pain Arc?

    • No, he was brought back to life, along with the rest of Konoha.

  • No fewer than five people have thrown themselves in front of Kakashi's Chidori/Raikiri: Haku, Rin, the anime-only Gozu, Pain's Asura Path, and Haku again. Combined with his assertions that all that remains for him is to protect Naruto and with the rather grim turn his life has taken, well, I fear he may be getting ideas.

Karin's about to have her Moment of Awesome.
Once she's healed up, she'll have a Heel–Face Turn. Sasuke will use some form of genjutsu, but Karin uses her tracking ability to spot him through it, allowing Kakashi/Sakura/Naruto to finally kill him.
  • Or subdue him. Killing him will shake the characters up too badly.
    • In the recent chapter, Karin was seen wielding the infamous Uzumaki Chakra Chains with style and flair. Though that kinda was an 11th-Hour Superpower, still was pretty awesome.

The main reason Sasuke will lose to Naruto is Naruto's unpredictability
Most of Sasuke's fights turned against him when his opponents tried something he didn't expect, such as Deidara's suicide explosion, Killerbee using the Eight-Tailed Beast to break out of his genjutsu, or the Raikage punching through Amaterasu. They will most likely ready their ultimate attacks on each other (presumably Rasen Shuriken and Amaterasu), only for Sasuke to find that Naruto's attack was a fake and for Naruto (or a clone) to come out of a blind spot and take him down.
  • Seeing how unpredictability is how Naruto wins all his fights, and seeing how deceiving the opponent is the number one method for winning in Shinobi vs Non-Mook Shinobi fights (The Mooks are just overpowered and owned, splat, but not to the degree Luffy does it), you're probably right. Not sure this qualifies as a theory, though.

Kishimoto is desperately but unsuccessfully trying to sell a heel face turn

Kishimoto's plan is for everyone except Naruto, including the audience, to give up on Sasuke. At that point, Naruto's faith will save the day, Sasuke will turn out to be basically good once freed from Madara's eye techniques, and we will all learn a lesson about believing in your friends. Unfortunately, a large segment of the fanbase refuses to give up on Sasuke, so Kishimoto is forced to keep upping the ante.

  • If this is true, than it WILL backfire, as at this point, a large segment will be pissed if that evil son of a bitch gets "redeemed".
  • I don't really see much that Sasuke has done which is truly beyond redemption. Now, his stated goals are pretty bad and I'll admit, putting that blade through Karin to get at Danzo was pretty evil, but other than that he's done what? He kicked Naruto's ass, then time skip, then kicked Naruto's ass again, and then he's killed Danzo while potentially being misled by Madara. Really, all he's done is demonstrate a willingness to abandon his teammates plus the Karin thing, which, while reprehensible, doesn't quite put him into the realm of being completely gone. I don't think Sasuke's going to go this route since he's probably going to be crossing the Moral Event Horizon soon, but I don't think he's there yet.
    • Oh, sure you can join my Team Evil, Sakura. Now, just to make sure you're evil enough to be my medic, kill the othe- BACKSTAB! (Cares for nobody but himself and his revenge)
    • You Have Failed Me for the last time. Now die. [applied to his entire base, not just teammates who disagreed but allies who would do anything for him] (Not even the people loyal to him matter, even if their continued living would be kinda useful with regards to the whole completing his revenge thing. Both irrational and supervillianesque. To abandon one's comrades because of philosophical reasons is horrible, but forgivable. To abandon them because their death is more convenient at the moment than life is utterly unforgivable)
    • Hahahahahahahahahaha! (off the deep end entirely. Once somebody does this, the only forgiveness that is any kind of believable is life in prison or the electric chair)
    • A small group of spymasters in Konoha went too far in quashing a rebellion. The entire city must perish in flames. (further evidence of his mental and emotional disconnect from others He shows every sign of psychopathy, not being able to empathize with others, as well as the evil madness necessary to make having the many die for the sins of the few believable. If he was at all redeemable, he would at least consider ceasing now that Danzo was dead. It didn't even so much as occur to the bastard).
      • The thing is, all of these are so laughably puppy kickingly evil that it's impossible to take the seriously. Sasuke is messed up in the head. He's not a tragic figure, or an evil figure, or even a sick puppy. He's turned into a flanderized version of himself. It's not a 'Fallen/Redeemed Hero' Paradigm anymore. He's just manipulation-bait. Even if Naruto manages to flip him again, it'll really just be more 'Sasuke gets manipulated to do things, just by the goodguys this time'. I'm sure he'll end up a minion for whoever replaces Madara as the evil figure in the inevitable continuation. And then by the next Big Bad. And the next. He's the Knuckles of Naruto.
      • Knuckles was a Well-Intentioned Extremist when he was manipulated. The fact that Sasuke has displayed insane evil laughter and had a You Have Failed Me moment all his own indicate that while he's being manipulated, there is evil intent and feeling all his own beyond his manipulator's instructions.
      • Or possibly Sasuke can be redeemed because he is so obviously crazy. Once he has/if he does snap out of his epic Freak Out, he'll realize what he's done is completely stupid. Sasuke toes the line mightily, as the fact is he hasn't actually managed to do permanent Moral Event Horizon crossing damage. Sure, the intent was there, but the execution was lacking.
      • To the original post I completely agree about what Kishimoto is trying to pull of and how upping the ante isn't working but besides the Draco in leather pants crowd whose continued support of Sasuke drives the author to prove that Sasuke has fallen and needs to be redeemed,there is also a faction who declared him fallen beyond redemption since he first left Kohona and that he should have been killed on the spot so ultimately whatever stance Kishi would have taken somebody would have complained.
      • I still think that, for Sasuke, Redemption Equals Death. He must die, because Konoha can never take him back after what he's done, but he will not die evil. Instead, he'll join forces with Naruto and defeat Madara, being mortally wounded in the process.
      • Actually... I think this is probably true. Especially if you look at the Arcs. I was wrong in comparing Sasuke to Knuckles. He's Raistlin. He'll die, but he won't do it "for the world" or "for Naruto" or whatever. He'll do it, because it'll be the thing that spites Madara the most thereby finally satisfying his revenge. And, inevitably, he'll end up coming back just like Raistlin, because fan favorite 's never go away, no matter how much half the fanbase hates them. Give it ten-twelve years and we'll have cheesetastic powermetal songs about Sasuke too.
      • I was actually thinking about how similar Raistlin and Sasuke are. I mean, yeah, their plots with Caramon and Naruto respectively is just the basic Cain and Abel story, but there are lots of other similarities. Both run into their "mentor" figure who they will later betray during a test, Raistlin meets Fistandantilus(well, his ghost) during the test of High Sorcery, and Sasuke during the Chunin exams. Both get marked during their tests, Raistlin with his golden skin(and hourglass eyes, but those are given to him by Par-Salian) and Sasuke with the curse mark. Both have a person who wants to bring them back to the side of good, Naruto considers Sasuke like a brother, and of course Caramon actually is Raistlin's brother. Both Raistlin and Sasuke are also considered geniuses, and both are prone to jealousy. Sasuke with when he realized Naruto was advancing faster than him pre-timeskip and Raistlin was jealous of Caramon during most of his life( especially during his test when the fake Caramon revealed he could cast spells even better than Raistlin, and Raistlin stabbed and killed him for it). Fistandantilus and Orochimaru are A LOT alike as well. They both use Grand Theft Me to make themselves immortal, and both try to absorb their apprentices, but get tricked into getting absorbed instead. It was also revealed in Dragons of the Hourglass Mage that Fistandantilus hung out "inside" of Raistlin and could talk to him, like how Orochimaru could talk to Sasuke.
      • This troper would not be surprised that, if Kishimoto wants to draw the story out even more, we see a very-similar-to-Dragonlance time travel arc, probably back to either post-Juubi or the First Hokage's time, to discover Madara's weakness. Especially if they manage to redeem Sasuke in the upcoming fight.

Naruto is going to succeed where Danzo failed.

Essentially, he's never going to be Hokage. He's simply going to gain the title of Kage. As in not a Kage, but the Kage. The other Kages will answer to him. I mean, let's face it... After the fight he had with Pain, it's pretty easy to say that anyone who isn't named Danzo within Konoha would take Naruto's advice under strong advisement at the very least. Amegakure might not have a Kage, but Konan's their leader and she's sworn to follow Naruto. Gaara might not follow him unconditionally, but it's safe to say that if Naruto asks for Gaara's trust in believing that Naruto is uniting the world, Gaara will give it. So that's three countries in his pocket, two of them with Kages. He's halfway there and he hasn't even realized it yet.

  • Except for the fact that this doesn't square thematically with the series. Naruto ruling over the world would essentially be the same thing as what Madara and Danzo are trying to accomplish, simply through less distasteful methods. The way Kishimoto is writing, it is clear that he is setting Madara and Danzo in the wrong for believing that the only way to attain peace is by having someone being given absolute power and then lording said power over others to keep them from fighting for each other. Naruto represents the "right" way of doing things by implying that true peace will be achieved by having people come together as equals to build a better future. The most ideal example of this will be Naruto not assuming a position of absolute authority, but by becoming Hokage and working together with the other Kages to build a truly peaceful world.

There is an equivalent country/continent to China in the Naruto world.
Because one, the entire world can't be a strangely Japanese place, and two, Tenten had to come from SOMEWHERE with a vaguely Chinese culture. It's quite possible that she's an immigrant from this place I have just made up, or her family came from there.
  • ... Tenten comes from Konoha? Though, that said, there probably is. We've seen hits that there are other places beyond the seas before, though only in the movies.
  • There was a vaguely European-style location in the Gelel movie, the place that had no idea what chakra was. Other continents besides the main one are entirely possible.

Sasuke is the anti-Creator's Pet.
That is, Kishimoto hates Sasuke. It would go a long way to explain some most practically all of the crap Sasuke's been through since, well at least since the start of Shippuuden/part 2.
  • The flaw here is that Sasuke is cited as being Kishimoto's favorite character to draw.
    • To draw, yes. He said nothing about his personality. One can appreciate a character's looks (or find them easier to draw than any other character—given how many pages Kishimoto puts out on a regular basis, I wouldn't put it past him to like drawing Sasuke simply because it takes less time and effort to do so) and still despise them as a character.
      • Though he did say it was in spite of him being very difficult to draw.

Madara is absolutely, 100%, batshit insane.
It would explain some of his behaviour.
  • See collected WMG 17 above, and WMG about being possessed by the Jyuubi for reason for batshit insanity.

Sasuke is Asexual.
Based on the fact that he has never even shown a hint of sexuality toward either gender.

Naruto and Sasuke are not going to die
Naruto really doesn't seem like the kind of series that would end with a downer ending, and we also have Itachi's gift to wait for.
  • The gift was Jossed

Sasuke doesn't want to destroy Naruto, Naruto's spirit, and Konoha
At the very least, that's not all he has planned. This line (Link's dead) sounds a bit like a Suspiciously Specific Denial ("I am absolutely not planning, or have planned, anything other then the hate-fueled destruction of my village and stupid friend, nosireebob"), and I wouldn't put it past Kishimoto to reveal that Madara has been manipulating Sasuke and Naruto's lives since before they were born, Naraku-style and that Sasuke has long since figured both that and Madara's Assimilation Plot.
  • Seems increasingly likely, though given how often Sasuke's character seems to change, who really knows.

The moral of the story of Naruto is Poor Communication Kills.
Almost everything that has happened in the story has been a result of people not talking to eachother.
  • I thought the moral was that Aoba is responsible for everything.

Keeping with the Theme Naming, there are three more Sharingan or Mangekyo-Sharingan jutsu, called Izanami, Ame-no-Uzume, and Inari
Perhaps two of these are the names of Madara's intangibility technique and his teleportation ability.
  • Well, whatever that is (it seems his teleportation and intangibility as the same power; he becomes intangible by just teleporting part of his body instead of all of it) it apparently is not a Mangekyo Sharingan technique, as Madara uses it when only using his regular Sharingan.
    • It's possible that this a part of the eternal sharingan's power though.

During an important, epic future battle:

Naruto will be backed into a corner. Everything and everyone is all serious. Naruto then thinks to himself: 'No choice. I guess I'll have to use that Jutsu. I know Kakashi-sensei said I really shouldn't use it on anyone... and I really don't wanna subject anybody to that, but I'm up against the wall here. I gotta do it'. Naruto then pulls off an epic Shadow Clone combo, gets behind his opponent, and: "Ultimate Secret Leaf Village Jutsu! THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH!!!. It would be a great surprise, and you all can't tell me you wouldn't enjoy seeing Sasuke flying through the air, propelled skyward by Naruto's "attack" while clutching the seat of his pants.

  • I still can't stop giggling at that mental image. Anyone feel like drawing that?

The reason Naruto didn't kill Sasuke

At the Blue Samurai Bridge was because of the Itachi's crow. I have a WMG about the whole thing. Itachi's crow will come into action after Sasuke gets Itachi's eyes. Naruto was somehow aware of this, and thus couldn't fully attack Sasuke then. Once both Naruto and Sasuke are active with something of Itachi's, then finally some scheme of Itachi will come into play. I think that's what he meant when he said "I can't tell you now".

Naruto's statement about Both Naruto and Sasuke dying

Is actually a pointer towards both a Heroic Sacrifice and overall compromise about his Ninja word. Naruto wants to anger Sasuke so much that he will want to obliterate Naruto. Remember, Sasuke is nuts, but is also one of the few people who can actually kill Kyuubi!Naruto, and infuriated enough, he won't be caring about capturing Naruto alive. Therefore, Naruto wants to arrange it so, so that both end up killing each other. (the whole "hit me with all your anger" thing).Naruto killing Sasuke will remove a threat from his village. Sasuke killing Naruto will both kill Kyuubi, a threat that even Yondi had trouble defeating, plus he will incapacitate Madara and the Akatsuki totally with them loosing a Bijuu.

  • Except nothing we've seen suggests Sasuke is competant enough to do that. Killing a jinchuriki without extracting the bijuu basically requires the Chunky Salsa Rule. Seeing as hate filed rage tends to impare one's judgment, it doesn't seem likely that Sasuke would be able to kill Naruto, even if he's physically capable of doing so. Remember, at the end of Part I, Sasuke blew a hole through Naruto's lung (twice), and then the Healing Factor kicked in and he recovered practically instantly from something that would be a fatal wound to anyone else.
    • Ah, well, I wasn't talking of current skill level, just that his EMS would perhaps control Kyuubi. Naruto can then allow himself to be killed a la Itachi, and also take down Sasuke with him. A sensible Akatsuki member would hold back, but a angry Sasuke wouldn't care. That is perhaps what Naruto is counting upon, the EMS being strong enough to kill a willing Kyuubi!Naruto even with his Healing Factor.
    • But what about the Hyuuga clan? It hasn't been mentioned for about 400 chapters, but Naruto promissed to see to it that the Caged Bird Seal system is eliminated. To keep his word, he has to live long enough to see it through to the end.
      • Naruto's precise goal is to change the clan, and he has already made an impact on Neji and Hinata, although it's unclear if he thinks it's enough. He notes that he'll do quite a few things after he becomes Hokage, and always says he never goes back on his word. While he seems to be reconsidering how likely he is to bring Sasuke back, which is a prerequisite for becoming Hokage, so it's possible he could see this as a reason to not give up.

The crazier an Uchiha is the stronger he gets.
All of them run on With Great Power Comes Great Insanity
  • Averted with Itachi and Obito, and probably Shisui.
    • Obito is no longer an aversion.
    • And Itachi never was; just because he isn't evil doesn't stop him from being completely insane. Since the pain of seeing someone die in front of you (which would screw you up a bit) and taking out your own eyes and replacing them with your brother's (which would require you to be completely out of your head to do) are the ways to make your Sharingan stronger, this is practically canon.

The After the End parts of Naruto are going to become more important.
Just look at 488; all the technology is clearly a mix of old but-somewhat-working things, and random bits cobbled together to keep them running. If this is the stuff being used by the Daimyos, it's likely some of the best out there. And it's clearly seen better days. And then they spent a bunch of time on it.'The End' was probably caused by the Juubi, and beating it and Madara will require other lost technology.
  • Since you just lobbed it over the plate... The 'ancient technology' that will be used to combat the Juubi is actually, you guessed it, Gunmen. These will be opposed by various biomechanical creatures that run on angst. And it will be AWESOME.
    • ...Does that make the Rasengan concentrated Spiral Energy?! DUDE!!
      • Nope, its just chakra... that can be substituteded with Spiral Energy for a bigger attack. The Raikage, though, is concentrated Spiral Energy.
  • Alternatively, the Naruto world is stuck at the tail end of the Age of Strife. Chakra is actually a precurser to psykers, but humanity's evolution isn't quite there, yet. Furthermore, everyone's at war, and Naruto has yet to face the true horrors of the rest of the world and unite everyone as the God-Emperor of Mankind. Or the God-Emperor of Mankind will show up (perhaps after the Sixth Hokage's death) and, unfortunately, kick everyone's asses.
    • Conversely, the Naruto world is a colonized planet lost to the Age of Strife, where psykers are accepted as ninja, because the Imperial Truth has been lost to time as the legend of the Sage of the Six Paths. Again, this explains the ramshackle technology and alternative geography we see in canon.
  • Since the newly announced "Naruto The Last" is coming sometime soon I am going to assume this will become important after the main series ends. It will be one final send off.

Karin will join Konoha's Interrogation Force
Probably not going to happen, but still a possibility. Her status as a Living Lie Detector can be really useful in such a situation, not to mention she already has experience with being a jailer. Not sure she has the right attitude though, looking at her interaction with Ibiki.
  • "Tell me what you know" "Ah bite me" XD

Despite what Naruto thinks, the "boy with power in his eyes" isn't Sasuke.
For no other reason than that would be too painfully obvious.
  • Given the rest of the chapter, its probably Kabutimaru.
  • It's Tonbo! We all know he's hiding the Rinnegan under those bandages.
    • Sharinnengan.
  • Or maybe Madara will discover a way to both regain his "full power" and somehow make himself young ("prime of life" and all that).
    • Of course, the great toad refered to Jiraya as 'Jiraya-boy', so its possible that Naruto'll just fight Madara.
  • And Neji might be it, actually- in activating a yet unseen form of his bloodline, he goes binkers and lashes out at everyone around him.
  • Or, of course, my above WMG about Minato and Kushina's parentage is correct, and Naruto has to fight himself...

The "that Jutsu" that Fukasaku says Naruto's working to complete in Ch. 489
Is the Hiraishin no Jutsu.
  • Makes sense. I don't see how Naruto could possibly fight Madara without the Hiraishin.
    • Gee, really?
      • It's too obvious. In a story that's constantly giving us more and more complex and unintelligeble plans, 'Finishing the Hirashin' is far too streight forward. Either the Finished Hirashin will be nothing like the original, or it's something that's going to come completely from left field, like some sort of super-moon-destroying jutsu to stop Madara's equally crazy plan.
      • Except they don't need to really do anything to stop the Moon's Eye plan. The Juubi is trapped in the moon. Madara need to revive The Juubi in order to have the power to reflect Tsukuyomi of the moon. The plan is self-defeating, once The Juubi's awakened there will be no spoon moon
      • That would be where the Impure World Resurrection technique comes in- an ability that not only lets you revive a person, but gives you control over the same, at the cost of one human sacrifice. Nagato would be capable of reforming the moon, even at the cost of his own life, which would be convenient for Madara anyway. Madara's fulling of tricks, and he always seems to have a backup plan.
      • Except the Juubi's body is unimprtatnt, Madara is only intersted in the chakra. Not really, it turns out Madara has had the Juubi's body all along.
  • Original poster here; I just thought of sumfin! Naruto still can't form a Rasengan without his clone's help (outside of Sage Mode, that is). Maybe that's what he's tryin' to learn how ta do! ...Nah, too anti-climactic. Never mind!
    • No I think you're on to something. But it's something from much earlier. What's the one Jutsu that Naruto has never been able to do, no matter how hard he's tried? BUSHIN NO JUTSU!
  • Isn't is probably the Rasen Shuriken?
    • He's already mastered that.
  • I thought it was the Tailed Beast Rasengan. Y'know, the Rasengan he's learning to use in his new controlled Nine-Tails Mode?

Karin has scars or some other markings on her legs too.
She already has the world's most bizarre justification to be wearing a lab coat, why not expect a similar reason for her to always be wearing stockings?

Hizashi lied about being the second born.
Something just doesn't smell right about the whole curse of fate bit. There clearly isn't anything binding about this rule, or else Hanabi would already be branded. Then, you have the fact that Hiashi and Hizashi had this whole Jacob and Esau thing going on. Now for the Jacob and Esau reference to be fully accurate, Hizashi would have to be the first born and lost his brithright to a more tenacious younger twin. He found this loss so embarrassing, he claimed to have been the second born to save face.
  • Maybe Hanabi is a spare until the next leader is chosen, or if Hinata dies.
    • I was under the impression that Hanabi was never going to be branded even if Hinata was clan head because Hanabi is a girl, and they cannot create branch families.

Rock Lee is capable of learning to use Sage Jutsu.
Rock Lee has trouble externalizing his own chakra, which is why he has trouble with Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, but Sage Jutsu is about gathering external chakra into your body. The training that Naruto goes through looks like something Lee would have no problem with, as he has honed his physical state to near perfection.
  • Isn't his issue a problem wtih his Chakra Coils? I could be wrong and that just be fanon, but that's the impression I have. If that's the case, Nature Chackra wouldn't fix anything; he still cant manipulate it.
    • I do not know about the Chakra coils thing, but what if Nature energy did not go through them? What if because it is being drawn from outside his body he has a much easier time externalizing it, because it already came from outside of his body?
      • But it is drawn through them. It's why it can turn you to stone if you do it wrong. Besides, Fukasaku makes a big deal about how you have to have huge chakra levels to learn to use it, which Lee is never shown to have.

Naruto and Killerbee will be Put on a Bus for the next 20 or so chapters
Naruto being stuck with a fellow Jinchuuriki who can actually control his Bijuu smacks of a training montage, but in order to generate shock value of his new abilities, most of this training will take place off-screen. Meanwhile, we'll be treated to a series of chapters of how the war is going for the rest of the cast. When Naruto and Killerbee finally reappear, expect a very super-powered Naruto showing off his "Kyuubi mode"!
  • Seems likely, but I'd guess Naruto will (as he seems to be doing now) have to go through multiple hoops to get KB to train him.

The Uchiha bloodline has a total of 17/18 abilities...
In the case of affinities, that means that it may or may not manifest in a specific Uchiha.

1: ? Sussano'o/Izanagi

2: ? Sussano'o/Izanagi

3: Water affinity copy.

4: Fire affinity copy.

5: Lightning affinity copy.

6: ?

7: Instant Copy power of Sharingan

8: Ameterasu

9: Earth affinity copy.

10: Air affinity copy.

11: Motion tracking/ movement memorization

12: Kamui

13: Mind Control Genjutsu

14: Expanded Chakra reserves

15: Tsumiyoki

16: Izanami

17: Genjutsu breaking skillz?

18: ???

Thoughts on the few techniques left out, and where they go?

The Uchiha massacre was a tragic case of Poor Communication Kills facilitated by Madara.
Madara is a lying liar who lies, and he has a huge axe to grind with the Senju clan. He fed Sasuke a pack of half-truths and outright lies about the Uchiha and Senju's tension leading up to the massacre to make it look like the government's fault, hiding the real situation, which would have laid the blame squarely on his shoulders.

The second Hokage had an Uchiha on his personal team, so let us assume that he was not prejudiced against them as Madara claimed. Rather, he welcomed the peace with the Uchiha after the years of war, but was more worried about Madara coming back and ruining things than his brother. He created Edo Tensei so that he could be prepared if he needed his brother back to fight off Madara again, but his real worries when the Fox struck Konoha were that Madara might be able to stir up younger members of the Uchiha into following him and restarting the struggle between the two clans. To try and strengthen the village's ties with the Uchiha, he made them the police force, fully intending it as a gesture of trust. Madara, however, outsmarted the second and disguised himself, infiltrating the Uchiha anonymously and spreading around the idea that the second had done it to keep the clan out of political power and to spy on their movements. Over time, this took root, and the Uchiha began to plan revolt, believing that they couldn't trust the government, while the government officials besides the Hokages began to suspect the Uchihas were intending to betray the peace and perhaps had been planning this from the start. The second died long before he could resolve the situation, and Sarutobi's attempts to make peace were thwarted by the elder's paranoia and the Uchiha's bull-headed pride and old grudges against the Senju being stirred up. The massacre was a senseless waste of human life Madara engineered and caused to get revenge on the Uchiha and weaken the Leaf.Whether Sasuke cares at all when he finds this out is another story.

Sai is an Uchiha
Not a belief so much as a possibility.

1.) He seems to have lived with ROOT for pretty much his whole life, so he would have been out of the way during the massacre.

2.) He has the black hair and dark gray eyes that seem fairly constant among Uchihas. Similarly, he has been repeatedly noted to look like Sasuke.

3.) The sharingan is generally activated by large amounts of emotional stress, and Sai has never really been in any situation that would cause that sort of reaction (besides his brother's death, and that still wouldn't necessarily activate it; after all, Sasuke's didn't show up during the massacre). So, the fact that he doesn't have a sharingan doesn't do much to argue against it, either.

  • I thought Sasuke's sharingan DID manifest during the massacre. Wasn't that revealed in the chapter where Sasuke remembered chasing after Itachi and seeing him crying? Although whether that actually happened is anyone's guess...

Madara already pulled off his Moon-eye genjutsu thingy it just didn't work the way he intended.
Most if not all of the events of the series have been happening in Madara's crazy world wide genjutsu. However instead of making everyone mindless sheep it became more of a virtual world fairly similar to the one he had been in before. He has some control over this new construct but most of it is used just to make him untouchable. He hopes that using the same thing again within this virtual world with a few changes would fix the problem with the first one.

Also death in the fake world just merely means release and Madara plans on dropping out of the world to retreive those who escaped once the second moon eye thing is in place.

The only other people who knew what was going on were Itachi and now Sasuke due to their mangekyo sharigans. However Itachi realized that he wouldn't be able to do anything about it with Madara watching him so closely so he purposely turned Sasuke into the crazy nutbag that he currently is. Since so far the only way they know to free people is by killing them Sasuke's goal of destorying Konoha would actually be good for everyone. However Madara doesn't realize what's going on cause he just thinks Sasuke is insane due to his own machinations and the actions of Itachi.

Once Sasuke rips Konoha a new one he plans on committing suicide and then teaming up with all the freed people to hunt down Madara in the real world to kill Madara for real and saving the world.

And the reason they haven't told anyone is so one Madara won't know that they know and two who the heck would believe them?

  • That is now personal canon. Why? Because it's really cool.
    • Same here.

The powers of the Sharingan vary based on the person to possess them and the circumstances under which they are acquired
While there is a pool of commonly shared powers, and multiple people can possess the same power at once they can manifest according to a person's nature and desired power, like Geass does in Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. For the former, Itachi was forced to deceive many people about his true nature, and gained a talent for Sharingan-based genjutsu besides Tsukuyomi (the jutsu he uses to influence the woman to lure Jiraiya away from Naruto). For the latter, Obito is fighting an invisible enemy in Kakashi Gaiden, and so acquires the ability to see the color of people's chakra. Sasuke's Sharingan grants him the ability to read Haku's moves in the middle of a critical fight.

In the case of transplants, this may influence what ones are inherited. It's possible that Danzo took Shisui's eye for the power it had, but Izanagi could have derived from his strong desire for self-preservation (fleeing the Kage summit, taking Karin hostage, being hesitant to sacrifice himself as a diversion). Kakashi may have also wanted the ability to predict his enemy's movements so that he could use Lightning Blade, and the copying ability may have been based on his desire to expand his repertoire of jutsus.

  • This troper has thought of this possibility as well. My headcanon is that abilities such as movement tracking and prediction or enhanced genjutsu are basics that come in every Sharingan and vary in strength depending on how many tomoe the eyes gain. I figured that Izanagi and Izanami were also techniques that only required regular Sharingan, since Danzo could use Izanagi with his stolen eyes, but knowledge of how to use them was kept secret. Then, the extra powers that the Mangekyou give vary from person to person. It seems like Susanoo is a technique that everyone with the eyes is capable of using, since Itachi, Sasuke, and Madara have all been seen using it. Aside from that, Itachi had Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, which he gave to Sasuke, Shisui had Kotoamatsukami, and Kakashi and Obito, apparently, had Kamui. The knowledge of how to use the Mangekyou techniques comes with the eyes themselves.

Much like Enchu of Muhyo and Roji, Sasuke will make a Heel–Face Turn and then go to prison for life
.There are many parallels between Naruto's quest to bring Sasuke back and Muhyo's quest to bring Enchu back; both of them were part of a group of three close friends, the person who left was jealous of the main character (althogh Enchu is the hard-working one while Muhyo is the genius), Sasuke and Enchu were turned evil by the death of a family member while being manipulated by the Big Bad, who shared some responsibility for the loved one's death (Teeki killed Enchu's mother while Madara participated in the Uchiha massacre, and most likely summoned the Nine-Tailed Fox to attack Konoha, leading to the massacre, both main characters are determined to bring back their friends or die with them, and both Sasuke and Enchu are obsessed with causing pain to the respective main characters (although it took Sasuke until his confrontation with Naruto to move on to this motive). Enchu starts out about as evil as Sasuke is after hearing the truth about the massacre, it stands to reason that if he does get redeemed and doesn't get Redemption Equals Death, he'll be imprisoned or subject to some other punishment, since his actions are too severe to be ignored and heroes rarely hand down the death penalty, but will acknowledge his friendship with Naruto and Sakura before they part ways.

Shikamaru is behind everything.
Shikamaru is basically acknowledged as the most intelligent character in the series and while he is lazy he's lazy like Yoh from Shaman King. He's been secretly plotting behind the scenes and intends to help Madara acheive his goal but once that's done he's going to take control of that ultimate genjutsu and then make the entire world his. That way he can be as lazy as he wants for the rest of his life cause he can make it so that no one will ever bother him again.
  • So the laziest character has been pulling strings so he can be lazy? sounds like a pretty stupid thing for a genius to do.

Inuzuka Jutsu Theories
I'm not exactly sure how ninjutsu works. I presume that the same jutsu will have different effects when performed by different ninja (ie; a stronger and more skilled shinobi can perform a superior version of a jutsu without having to make it a separate jutsu.) Combining this with a previous WMG suggesting Kiba's going to upgrade his Beast Mimicry jutsu.... what if the Beast Mimicry works on an inverted Bishōnen Line with the jutsu reaching its greatest possible power when you look like this?

Oh, and the third databook says Kiba learned how to use the Whirlwind Wolf Fang (旋風狼牙, Senpū Rōga) between Part I and Part II. They don't tell us what it is. If anyone can think of what it would possibly be other than Dual Wolf Fang + Wind Release, please share it. You're obviously a creative genius for thinking of it in the first place.

  • thats easy, they surround the enemy by forming a whirlwind with both of them circling the enemy and rip the enemy apart.

Cloud was gearing up for a war in order to conquer the other nations prior to Madara's involvement

The Cloud village has been known to kidnap those with powerful Jutsu, Chakra or Kekki Genki, has been explicably stated to have been collecting Jutsu and gearing up their military might in a time of general peace between the powerful nations. In fact, the other large village's (Leaf, Stone, Mist, Sand) have been de-militarizating themselves. Add in the Darwinist Raikage, his general reluctance to work with the other nations, and hints of a larger agenda, it wouldn't surprise me to learn Kumo was preparing to invade the other nations.

The Fourth Raikage was not behind either kidnapping incident, and may be rather new to his position.
  • For one thing, Kushina's kidnapping was way before his time, given that both he and Minato were the Fourth of their village. Secondly, given how annoyed the Raikage gets at subterfuge and kidnapping, like when he gets pissed off at Danzo, the other villages' under-the-table cooperation with terrorists like Akatsuki, or his unshakable resolve to see Sasuke die for kidnapping his brother, I don't think it's very in-character for him to be behind these underhanded attempts to collect unusual ninja. However, while the Raikage was growing up, we saw the Third Raikage briefly, who apparently held the job far into old age instead of dying young. Not to judge a book by his cover, but he looks pretty damn shifty, and if he lived to be quite old in his job, there's a good chance that he was still in charge all those years ago when the Hyuuga incident took place.

Naruto Dies
We had a bit of foreshadowing during Naruto's most recent Sasuke confrontation, and what better way for the author to "please" both sides of the fandom and avoid death threats for favoring one pairing over another than to give Naruto a glorious, honorable, and noble death! For bonus points, it would be a beautiful ending...although, I admit that could backfire spectacularly.
  • Or Kishimoto could just Gainax Ending the series by having it end right after Naruto's final fight with Sasuke, once everything else is resolved. Both run at each other, Sasuke screams he's going to kill Naruto, Naruto screams that he told Sasuke he'd die with him, Super-Duper-Ultimate Rasengan hits Ultra-Wowie-Uber Chidori and then boom, the series ends.
    • If Kishimoto pulls a stunt like that, he will Never Live It Down, and he'll seriously tempt the animators to write their own ending. We know from Dragonball GT that things like that tend not to end well.

Naruto's Dark Side will die with Sasuke in the final battle
  • Dark!Naruto described himself as 'who Naruto really was'. Naruto said that the next time they fought, both he and Sasuke would die. Now, if Naruto nearly died, Dark!Naruto would get really pissed at Sasuke to the point that he would kill himself just to kill Sasuke. However, it may be possible to kill Dark!Naruto without actually killing Naruto. Rid of the darkness forever, Naruto is free to bring his dreams and ideals to reality.

Sasuke will pull off a last minute Heel–Face Turn
This could be in several ways:
  • Naruto finally gets his therapy jutsu skills to work on him, convincing Sasuke that continous revenge is not a healthy life style to live.
  • Sasuke actually grows a few brain cells and realises all the information and motivation he's gotten so far are from a member of the family who has a serious grudge against Konoha, not exactly the most reliable person.
  • Sasuke has actually been preparing to Heel Face Turn ever since Madara recruited him, he did the same to Orochimaru after he outlived his usefulness.
  • Sasuke won't be willing to fight alongside Kabutimaru, given that the latter won't be pleased with the former's behaviour.
  • Itatchi's gift to Naruto causes one of the above
  • Itatchi's gift allows Naruto to find out that Sasuke's been influenced by another scource, be it left over curse seal, Orochimaru's soul (somehow) or Madara's influence. This could even allow for a complete happy ending, given that Sasuke will be proven free of a lot of blame for the last two, the blame going to Kabutimaru and Madara anyway. Sure Sasuke will have to repay people somehow, but he will have to work for his happy ending at this point anyway.

Each Jinchuriki has a unique mark from the Bijuu, which is not identical to that of past and future Jinchuriki of the same Bijuu.
Since Kushina does not have wiskers, it appears her Kyuubi attribute is her red hair, similar to the Kyuubi's fur. Therefore, I posit that Shukaku's previous Jinchuriki had attributes other than Gaara's eye circles- perhaps puffy cheecks or a huge torso.
  • But Naruto was born with the whiskers and even if that was because his mother was a Jinchuuriki, she had red hair before having the Kyuubi placed inside of her
  • The whiskers might be a Kyuubi mark, the two ninjas that decided to eat the Kyuubi had them as well.

Concerning the nature of Bijuu seals and their effects on Jinchuriki.
  • If the seal is forcibly broken, the Bijuu will be released or extracted and contained, and the Jinchuriki dies.
  • If the seal is released by the Jinchuriki while the Jinchuriki has control over the Bijuu, the Jichuriki is able to transform fully into a Bijuu, retain conciousness, and revert at will.
  • If the seal is released by the Jinchuriki or breaks on its own, but the Bijuu has less than three tails, the Jinchuriki transforms into a Bijuu, but the Bijuu has control. However, the Jinchuriki will revert to human form upon losing conciousness (two tails) or waking up (one tail).
  • If the seal is released by the Jinchuriki or breaks on its own without the Jinchuriki having control over the Bijuu, and the Bijuu has at least three tails, the Jinchuriki permanently merges with the Bijuu and the Bijuu is released. The three tails threshold is evidenced by the fact that Gaara and Yugito were able to revert after transforming out of control, but Yagura appartently wasn't, as Sanbi was found in the wild.

Naruto is going to use every technique he ever learned against Madara.
Naruto is picking up new abilities and power boosts like mad recently. It makes sense he'd have to use all of them against Madara.
  • Sounds likely. Plus, given that he still can't do the basic Bushin, I bet that'll be the key to beating him.
    • Apparently, Word of God says that his final battle will be against Sasuke. This still is fairly likely to happen, and it could give the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors that Yamato mentioned a chance to come into play, with Sasuke countering Naruto's Rasen Shuriken with a Fire jutsu or even Amaterasu, and Naruto having to find some way to deal with Sasuke's fire jutsus without water jutsus.
    • Confirmed that Naruto uses all his power boosts vs Madara [spoiler: Tobi is close enough.]
One or more Hyuuga clan members will teach Naruto how to fight with his eyes closed.
Sasuke and Madara are still very dangerous to Naruto, even if he is vastly stronger than them, because eye contact with them can cripple him. The solution is obvious: Naruto needs to fight with his eyes closed and use his sensory powers in lieu of eyesight. The best choice for this would be a Hyuuga, not because they ever fight with their eyes closed, but because they routinely process 360 degrees of visual information without being affected by line-of-sight, which is exactly what Naruto would be doing if he's using his sensory powers to fight with his eyes closed. Mind you, this doesn't do much for dealing with obsticles, but they're able to deal with rapidly receiving information on target, range and bearing.
  • I dunno, having people who get around line of sight by using magical 360 vision teach someone who doesn't have that vision how to fight blindly seems like a terrible idea, and like something Naruto would try.
    • Better have Gai train him. After all, he already spent ungodly amounts of time developing the means to fight against a Sharingan.

Alternatively to the above if it was someone else Mikoto at least alerted them
I don't know why but I don't think it was her. For one the text says mysterious MAN. And I don't know I just have a feeling that its Madara, infact the Naruto wiki has jumped the gun and outright stated that its Madara But Mikoto obviously had something to do with it, no one else saw Kushina leave after all.
  • But wouldn't Madara know that Naruto was the new Jinchuriki, and thus he needed him alive? I suggest that it was either Fugaku or Danzo, depending on whether the Uchiha clan was really planning a coup or the Massacre was orchestrated without legitimate provocation and everyone is lying about it (therefore, we know that either Danzo and/or Fugaku is a traitor, but until we get a crediable account of what happened that night, we don't know who the traitor(s) really is/are.
    • I know, but, whoever it is probably figured that threatening Naruto was the best way to make Kushina lose focus. Plus he's not the Jinchuriki yet, its still Kushina.
      • The man is wearing the mask we saw Madara wear in a flashback, and we know now that Madara orchestrated the Kyuubi incident. Why wouldn't it be him?
      • Because he's Obito.

Uzu no Kuni, the Land of Whirlpools, is at least partially underwater.
It has been shown that Uzu no Kuni is right next to Hi no Kuni. In the water. Since this is a current map, I submit that Uzushiogakure sank underwater. Thus, Uzushiogakure is Atlantis.

Uzumaki, not Senju are the true descendants of the Rikudo Sennin.
Look at the powers of the Uzumaki clan: Having a long life and being sealing masters. That sounds more like the "Body of the Sage" than whatever the Senju have. The Rikudo Sennin was a seal master, so to a logical extension his favourite student would be as well. The "Senju clan ancestor" was the father of two children, one who had the Body of the Sage and became the Uzumaki clan ancestor and one whose talents lay on a completely different area and became the true Senju clan ancestor.
  • Possibly gaining credibility with the fact that it has been revealed that Nagato IS AN UZUMAKI; with the Rinnegan to boot.
    • Meaning that it's a Bloodline limit then? So what can Naruto do about to invoke it?

Madara is both an Uchiha and an Uzumaki
This would explain why Madara has lived for so long, and it also explains why Madara has a EMS eye. Which could make for a amusing "Naruto, I am your uncle three times removed" joke.

Alternatively, the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan gives Madara the power to copy kekei genkai.
We know next to nothing about the EMS, but we know that the basic Sharingan can copy any technique except kekei genkai and things which their bodies cannot accomodate. A logical powerup for such a technique is the ability to steal kekei genkai. Given the Uchiha obsession with being the best, it's doubtful that they would allow some half-breed to be their leader, even if he was the strongest. However, even if he has Uzumaki traits, who says he acquired them naturally? Why couldn't he have stolen them using his EMS?

Madara: General Ideas
To begin, it seems unlikely we know what Madara's plan actually is. Everything concerning the Moon's eye plan makes very little sense. A desire for peace seems unlikely, as Madara's entire past has been about power and fighting, and a short while ago he helped wipe out the Uchiha clan because he wanted to. He gains nothing by revealing his plan to the Kage's if it's true, but makes it easier to get away with his true plan if he's lying. And the fact that he intended Nagato, and now Sasuke to synchronise with it seems at odds with the idea of him becoming the ten tails jinchūriki. But most of all, Madara lies like a rug.
  • However, with the revelation that Madara (Tobi)is actually Obito, it's much more believable that his plan is to create a world of peace, considering war took away the person he loved.
Second, it's pretty damn obvious Madara used Izanagi in order to escape his defeat by the first Hokage. People seemed pretty certain he died but he's obviously still alive, we only ever see his right Sharingan, he describes himself as a shell of his former self and alot of attention was brought to the fact that different Mangekyo Sharingan eyes control different jutsu. Also, he seems to know alot about a technique forbidden even amongst Uchiha, and this fits for a man who was shown to constantly go against his clan's will in his search for power. So he can be absurdly powerful while having his confidence shaken and alot of his jutsus lost.

Third, Madara could be interested in Sasuke's eyes. Perhaps as a replacement for his own. He seems desperate for Sasuke's eye's to improve, and throwing him at the kage's could be construed as trying to exhaust the eyes so he takes Itachi's. The possibilities of transplanting another Eternal Mangekyo are unexplored. He also has an interest in the Rinnegan.

Theres a lot there which seems related, but I'm not quite sure how to form a unifying theory out of it.

  • Maybe Madara needs Sasuke to take Itachi's eyes so they get the upgrade, he then steals the eternal Sharingan because he has lost both of his due to overuse of Izanagi.

The Uzumaki Clan was allies with the Hyuga Clan, and crafted the Caged Bird Seal

The Uzumaki Clan's adeptness with Sealing techniques was made particular note of in the recent chapter, and we know the Hyuga Caged Bird Seal is probably highly advanced to seal away the Byakugan. So, before the formation of the Five Ninja Villages, and possibly the alliance with Senju, the Uzumaki were alligned with the Hyuga, and created the Caged Bird Seal not to keep the Branch Clan in check, but to solely protect the Byakugan's secrets, and prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Before the formation of Konohagakure, the Hyuga were probably hunted for their eyes, since aside from whatever secrets they still might have, they were the perfect scouting tool, and the Gentle Fist was the deadliest known Taijutsu. So, to ensure the Byakugan's secret were kept as such, they approached the Uzumaki with the request for a seal to neutralize the Byakugan upon the wielder's death, hence the creation of the Caged Bird Seal. However, as the years went by, the Hyuga expanded on the Seal's abilities so it became the seal we know today.

  • That makes sense, and it would be quite relavent to Naruto and Hinata getting rid of the Seal. Now, it would require only executive fiat to ban the practice of branding children with the Seal, but that won't change the fact that numerous Hyuga already bare the Seal. They would need a seal master to be able to remove it without killing or crippling them in the process (it's connected in such a way as to destroy nerve cells under certain conditions, so haphazardly attempting to remove it is liable to do more harm than good).

The Uzumaki Clan's relation with the Senju was from the Sage of the Six Paths
His wife could be an Uzumaki, thus they'd be "distant relatives" to the Senju, and there's probably more stuff in this statement I couldn't think about.

Alternatively, Madara wiped out the Whirlpool Village to try to find the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

The Council members are all well aware of Naruto's parentage.
They just decided not to tell anyone for similar reasons as Hiruzen's prohibition on discussing the Kyuubi. As the Sand/Sound invasion and the kidnapping attempt on Hinata attest, some of Konoha's enemies aren't above attacking under a flag of truce. Loose lips sink ships, and allowing enemy spies to find out that the infamous Yellow Flash had a son would bring all kinds of trouble long before Naruto was capable of defending himself, let alone the village. Naturally, this contributes to the All of the Other Reindeer problem, but that's a lot better than worrying about say Kumo trying to kidnap him and turn him against Konoha.
  • This would go quite a ways towards explaining some of his treatment too. If the ninja clans paid much attention to a specific orphan it would be something that any good spy could pick up on.

Naruto will use the fact that He does not seek vengence against Madara
to make Sasuke realize that vengence is not the answerI mean really, it's obvious that Madara is the reason why Naruto doesn't have a family, the same way Konoha may or may not be the reason Sasuke's family is dead. Naruto is not going to seek vengence, and this will somehow cause Sasuke to have a My God, What Have I Done? moment, causing him to Heel–Face Turn on Madara. He and Naruto will defeat Madara, and Sasuke will spend the rest of his years being horrified at what he did, while being supported by Naruto, who becomes hokage, and Sakura.

Naruto is going to want to learn Fuinjutsu, and then go and use it on either Madara or Sasuke's vengence
It will be a new type of seal, and he'll be famous for it. He'll want to learn fuuinjutsu in order to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors.
  • This could happen, given that Minato used a seal to cause Madara to lose control of the fox, and Naruto might use one on one of the seven beasts Akatsuki has.

Naruto's surname is Uzumaki for protection, but not from his fathers enemies
The Uzumaki clan had close ties with Konohagakure and as the last (known) member of an allied clan, Naruto would politically enjoy more protection than as the son of a Hokage. Look at Asuma, a son of the Sandaime Hokage, for example: he doesn't enjoy any special rights as far as we know.
  • Alternatively, Minato (or at least Naruto) got the surname Uzumaki since it is an important ancient clan, while Namikaze was not.
  • With Asuma, the possibility is that this could be influenced by the difficulties he had with his father, as well as him potentially being a strong ninja in his own right when we first see him.
    • Konohamaru acted like he expected special privileges just for being the Hokage's grandson.

Naruto doesn't want to get close to Sakura or Hinata because he's afraid of the Demon Fox's power potentially harming them or being triggered by them coming to harm. Kushina will enable him to realize how to love without losing control

The ball is in Naruto's court as far as his ships with Hinata and Sakura go; he has yet to respond to Hinata's confession and as it's unlikely that he will believe any confession Sakura makes, it will be up to him to make the next move with her. Sakura was harmed when Naruto lost control of the fox, and Yamato calls Naruto out on it, so Naruto decides to save Sasuke with his own power. Seeing Hinata apparently killed after her Love Confession drives Naruto to nearly break the seal on the Fox, and he realizes that not using the fox's power and hoping that he won't lose control of himself won't work, and decides to control it (before, he didn't know how, and had the urgent matter of finding Sasuke before the people who wanted him dead did).

It's thus possible that he fears that if he accepts Hinata's confession or confesses to Sakura and she accepts it, he will grow closer to them and thus react even more harshly to any harm that comes to them. However, he may learn something from his mother, who knew about the seal weakening if she had a child, and chose to have him anyway. This, combined with his new seal, may possibly enable him to get the courage to approach the girl he loves. It's also worth noting that the first question Naruto asks Kushina is how she met his father.

  • For that matter, meeting his parents could help him understand love in general. It's one thing to understand a matter conceptually; it's quite another to have an example to point to. He probably would have asked Minato about his mother if it weren't for the fact that there was very little time and they had more urgent matters to discuss.
    • Alternatively, he is under the impression that if get close to anyone it will resmble situation with Gaara, as in Fox will pass into his children.
      • Or is it just that girls have Cooties.

Naruto's fight with Sasuke will end in reverse of the battle in the Final Valley
Naruto will ultimately bend over Sasuke, largely exhausted, and look into Sasuke's face. Sasuke will, either due to lack of chakra or sheer disbelief, not use any of his eye techniques, and realize that their positions have been reversed. He may ask why Naruto won't kill him, and Naruto will likely say something to the effect that it was never what he wanted in the first place, and possibly making a reference to what he did with Pain and/or what Sasuke decided after defeating him, most likely prompting Sasuke's Heel–Face Turn.

If Naruto ends up with Hinata or Konan, their child will be "brown"
Hinata has blue hair, and since many of the Hyugas dress in brown, it's possible that it will be her and Naruto's child's color of choice, since orange mixed with blue makes brown. Most of the other potential matches for Naruto don't have hair that is of the primary colors, and thus would not create a seconary color like combining Minato's yellow theme with Kushina's red theme led to Naruto favoring orange.
  • Their child would have double colored hair, like Yuugi Motou. Cuz that would be the Rule of Cool.

Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke are all very distant cousins.
It was stated that the Uzumaki and Senju clans shared a common ancestor, which either is or leads back to the Sage of the Six Path's younger son. During the Chunin Exams, Kakashi mentioned there was a rumor that the Sharingan descended from the Byakugan, so it's quite possible that the Uchiha and Hyuga clans descended from the Sage's older son. Despite countless generations setting them apart, Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke are cousins.
  • Everyone is not closely related is distant cousins if you go back far enough- that's just biology.
    • So Sage of Six paths is a "God", and his two sons is Adam and... Adam?

The next time the action returns to Konoha, Kurenai's baby will have been born.
The baby was conceived before Naruto returned from training with Jiraiya. The Pain Invasion Arc takes place between seven and eight months later, which would place Kurenai well into her third trimester (assuming that we can take the six months reference at face value concerning Orochimaru's attempt to steal Sasuke's body).

Naruto will have the Kyuubi extracted from him and survive
Why else would we have been shown that his mother did the exact same thing? Within minutes of giving birth? And this way Madara's plans could be paying off so Naruto has an even worse situation to stop.
  • This could happen, especially since Naruto has taken the Kyuubi's chakra for himself by stealing it from the beast, so even if Madara gets all the tailed beasts, Naruto would still have the power to fight him.
  • Jossed. Naruto immediately loses consciousness and his heart stops beating a few minutes later. He gets revived, though.

Naruto will have the Kyuubi extracted, and Sasuke will revive him with Edo Tensei, using Kabuto as the sacrifice.
For all we know, Sasuke is planning to betray Madara, too. After all, he's betrayed everybody else so far. Sasuke captures Naruto and hands him over to Madara for extraction. While Madara's busy with the extraction, Sasuke defeats Kabuto, leaving him paralyzed, but alive. Once the extraction is complete, Sasuke will use the Edo Tensei to revive Naruto, because doing so would make Naruto invincible to any technique we've seen thus far, save for the Reaper Death Seal. Sasuke knows he's no match for Madara now, let alone when Madara has the Ten Tails at his disposal, so he'll let Naruto deal with Madara.
  • Sasuke said during his confrontation with Itachi that Madara would be next, and during the talk where Madara reveals the truth, he shows anger over Madara's using his brother's eyes to replace his own. It's possible that since he hasn't given up on taking revenge on Madara.

Naruto will end up with Karin or Sakura
In the latest manga chapters, Kushina mentions that Naruto and Minato are the only two men to compliment her on her red hair. Karin has red hair, and after Sasuke pulled a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on her, she got over him, and has noted that his chakra is warm and makes her feel good. Sakura has pink hair(so it's in the same range of "reds") and has traits like Kushina, and Naruto has had feelings for her. Whether he still does, though, is up for debate.
  • Nice pair of Shipping Goggles you got there. Still, the fact that Naruto's love interests boil down to Sakura, Hinata and Karin (with an outside chance) means this could still be right.
    • ...Karin? Hinata I support; that I understand, it's the one I've seen the most evidence for. Sakura... I understand why someone else would root for her... but Karin? Really, some bitch steals the main character out of nowhere?
      • It's somewhat likely that Karin will develop a one-sided crush on Naruto similar to the one she once had on Sasuke, but it's highly unlikely that Naruto will reciprocate, since they've only interacted once.
    • Why can't characters end up with other random characters? Or even people outside of the established set of characters? Real life, after all isn't as convenient as the shipping wars would have you believe. This theory is as plausible as any of the other main pairings.

Itachi had a child.
A throwaway line from Madara mentioned Itachi killing his lover. If he had a lover, it's possible he had a child, and everything he did (including all the things that don't seem to make any sense) were about protecting that child. The massacre of an entire clan by a genjutsu master while all the focus is on the one surviving witness would make it likely someone would fail to notice a baby untimely ripped from its mother's womb, especially if several women, both pregnant and not had had their wombs cut open. The baby was handed over to Hiruzen with specific instructions to give it to a civilian family to raise, and that the child must never become a shinobi nor be informed of being an Uchiha. His entire plan for Sasuke was simply a distraction, and it's actually quite possible he fully intended for Sasuke to die fighting Madara. If that happened, no living soul would know the Uchiha clan lives on, and that child would live out a peaceful life as a civilian never knowing the horrific circumstances of its birth.
  • Itachi was thirteen when he massacred the clan, so this sounds a bit improbable.
    • I don't know about the lover, but he supposed to Kill someone very close to him to gain Mangekyo, maybe Madara was reffering to his friend being also his lover? Which would mean that Itachi is...
    • It's best friend, lover or something equal emotion-wise, Itachi killed his friend and encouraged Sasuke to kill Naruto.

The Sage of the Six Paths fused what was left of his chakra with the Kyuubi after splitting the Jyubi.

Hence once Naruto removed the Kyuubi's mind from the chakra and he begins using the now untainted chakra he becomes all sage like and stuff. It would definitely explain how he knew how to make a new seal up on the fly and why the Kyuubi mention the Sage.

  • This might also explain why the Kyuubi was significantly more powerful than the Hachibi.

Karin will become a love interest for Naruto, and then it'll be revealed that she and Naruto are related.
It's a fast way to sink this ship.
  • How about Incest ship?
    • Confirmed she is an Uzumaki
  • How about Squick?
  • Then again, this is Japan we're talking about. Their views on incest somewhat differ from ours.

Sasuke will betray Madara and kill him.
Looking at Sasuke's track record it is kind of obvious, but it can go two ways: Sasuke pulls a Heel–Face Turn and helps Naruto to defeat Madara or Sasuke kills Madara the moment the bandages go off and will be the new and final Big Bad.
  • This is almost certain to happen, or at least that Sasuke will betray Madara, though whether Sasuke ever "followed" him at all is debatable. Sasuke's outright stated he plans to kill the other person responsible with the massacre, which was Madara, and some of Madara's other actions have got to come out in the open some time.

Sasori has been involved in the creation of Deidara's C4 Garuda

When C4 explodes, a cloud of microscopic bombs are released. Impossible to be seen by a normal person, the victims breathe in the bombs, which then enter the bloodstream. Sasori doesn't breathe or have a normal body, so he is immune to the effects of C4, just like his puppets. So it's likely that the technique is developed to use alongside Sasori, and not to kill Itachi, as Deidara initially claims.

Itachi and Nagato will appear in Naruto's psyche.
Everybody else seems to be doing so.
  • Seems like a possible explanation for Itachi's gift to Naruto, except that it will also allow Itachi to communicate with Sasuke during their inevitable fight.
  • Or the Edo Tensei will do the same thing.

The Sharingan is powered by despair
The Sharingan is awakened by despair of being in a life or death situation. The Mangekyou is awakened by despair gained by killing your best friend. The Eternal Mangekyou is obtained by being so desperate that you'll take the eyes of your sibling.
  • As of chapter 619 this is close enough to confirmed. The Sharingan is activated when a Uchia who has experienced love loses it. They haven't explained the Mangekyo or Eternal yet but given when Sasuke awakened his Mangekyou and what we know about Itachi it probably awakens with completing your vengeance.

Mangekyou Sharingan abilities are passed down within the immediate family.
Itachi and Sasuke have both demonstrated Amaterasu and Susanoo, to varying degrees. Sasuke also seems to have a weaker version of Tsukuyomi. However Madara on the other hand has given no sign of using any of those techniques instead having space-time dojutsus. Neither Sasuke or Itachi have demonstrated a similar knack. Which leads too...

Obito is Madara's or Izuna's grandson.

Kakashi despite having a mangekyou has only demonstrated one technique with it, Kamui. Since the eye was originally Obito's this seemed to imply that Obito was a direct descendant of either Madara or Izuna.

Samehada really does love Killerbee and plans to leave Kisame.
Think about it, kisame is the abusive boyfriend that treats his sword as a mere item. Killerbee is the guy with the near infinite chakra, and treats him right. Samehada only betrays bee because he still feels some love towards kisame. if Kisame ever died he'd always be with Bee.

Konan is pregnant.
Because even though Nagato was seriously messed up, she still deserves Someone to Remember Him By.
  • I don't know - if Nagato needed a huge freaking bathtub to even stand up, I seriously doubt Little Nagato is in working condition. Even if this was true, Madara killed Konan, so you can forget about that.
  • Besides she was interested in Yahiko, which considering that Nagato had him as a zombie/puppet requires some Brain Bleach if she was pregnant.

Seems like the kind of twist Kubo likesKishimoto also likes. Also, Jugo and Suigetsu are pulling similar ploys with two of the other groups. At some point, they'll all pull off some master plan of Sasuke's.
  • Kubo who?
  • Wrong Manga-ka.

He's on the record saying that he thinks women are actually like Sakura, so it's natural to conclude this is the result of bad experiences. Thus, while the unlearned may attribute Sakura's traits to bad writing, this is no accident. Look at the list: Deconstruction of All Girls Want Bad Boys, highly suspect Unrequited Love Switcheroo, intended to invoke This Loser Is You, Faux Action Girl, the Veronica to an Ojou in a Betty and Veronica Love Triangle despite not being from a major clan and thus not being rich like the character type normally calls for- all this points to serious Writer on Board either lashing out at former unrequited loves or gloating at their Green-Eyed Epiphany.

Despite the differences in interaction times, Hinata actually knows Naruto better than Sakura does.
Following the adage, "It's not what you don't know that gets you in trouble, it's what you know that ain't so," Sakura doesn't have a clue about who Naruto really is, despite spending so much time with him on missions and in training. There's lots of stuff she thinks she knows about Naruto that are just plain wrong, which is the reason she was shocked that Naruto responded to her "love confession" by giving her a What the Hell, Hero? speach. Hinata, by contrast, knows details that Sakura doesn't, like the fact that Naruto is a Stepford Smiler.
  • There's also the fact that her powers include the ability to pay great attention, so combined with her crush in him means that she could have been was a sorta-stalker.
  • In Naruto's fight with Kiba, Hinata realizes based on observing Naruto from a distance how lonely he was in his childhood, how hard he had to fight to overcome it and how significant it is that he's fighting in front of many of his peers who looked down on him. It takes Sakura a few months of being on the same team with Naruto and fighting alongside him to understand that he really is a Determinator.

Kisame does not have lungs.
Specifically, he does not have HUMAN lungs. The gills on his face are fully operational, and he uses them to breathe. If he hasn't removed his own lungs—probably asked Orochimaru or Sasori to do it—then these gills are a sort of lung bypass, an integrated SCUBA, if you will. If he was in a fight and someone slashed his gills, Kisame could suffocate, bleed to death, choke on his own blood, or all three. This also means that he's a mouth breather.
  • Fish can breathe air, actually quite well because air has a much higher oxygen content than water. The problem with a fish out of water is that its gills don't retain water well when not immersed in it. They can withstand short periods of time out of water, but their gills will collapse from dehydration if they stay out of water too long, and suffocation soon follows.

The series will culminate in a Climactic Battle Resurrection
Rool Of Cool and The Law of Conservation of Detail dictate that you don't introduce a kamikaze technique without it being used, and we still haven't seen the Eighth Gate or the Twin Snakes technique. With so many enemies to fight, it's natural that Naruto's friends are going to take out several of them to clear a path to fight Madara and Sasuke. Some of the Konoha ninja are going to die (mostly the old gaurd, but I wouldn't be surprised if Neji and/or Sakura died, too). Either Neji or Hinata will do something awesome with an upgraded Byakugan (probably negates all genjutsu within functional radius). Sasuke will go blind, and probably die.

The Mizukage is not actually a Christmas Cake or Vain Sorceress.
She's constantly touchy and immature about her age, true. But what if this is because she is mentally much younger than she looks? Mist needed a new Mizukage, but there were no qualified candidates, so they gave found someone with powerful bloodlines and gave her a Plot-Relevant Age-Up with some wacky Jutsu. She's so sensitive about her age because she still hasn't gotten over the shock of the age-up. This also explains why she's flirting with male characters who are rather younger than she is [supposed to be]. It's the same basic principle as a small child thinking that a person in his late teens is ancient.

Elaborating from previous guesses
Hyuuga is to Uchiha as Uzumaki is to Senju. That is to say, the Hyuuga clan is an offshoot of the Uchiha clan in the same way that the Uzumaki's are related to the Senju. If I recall correctly, when the story of the two brothers is recounted, there are two attributes of the Sage assigned to each of them. That makes four in total. I imagine it to be a spectrum in the scheme of things. One attribute distributed to each of what would become Konoha's four most influential/major clans. On one end Senju, then Uzumaki, then Hyuuga and finally Uchiha as the tail-end. Hyuuga is closer to Uchiha because of the stuffiness and even a bit of arrogance, but still not to the point of narcissism. The Uchiha have the power-hungry side of the deal. However, it should be noted that the Uchiha are not the spawn of evil. Their desire for power is simply misdirected, led astray by human error, something which some like to forget in all the no-emotions-for-shinobi shtick that dares suggest that being a sociopath is badass and better than being lame and thinking about the needs of others. Okay, I'm done now. But yeah... it's pretty simple.
  • The Rinnengan's paths are the six Realms of Bhuddism. God/Deva, Demon/Asura, Hell/Naraka, Hungry Ghost/Preta, Human and Animal. Alright, let's relate that to the clans: Uzumaki is God Path because of their long lives and mastery of sealing. Senju would be Animal Path, giving them the power to rule over the forrest and master a thousand different techniques based off of various animal motifs, hence the "Thousand Hands." Uchiha is Hungry Ghost: no matter how much power they obtain, it is never enough to satiate them; even as they kill each other to increase their own power, it still isn't enough. The Hyuuga have the power of the all-seeing eye, which means they represent whichever Path Pain used as a Living Lie Detector. That leaves two others.
    • The demon path is probably the Jubi. Madara needs it for a reason.
    • The Path Pain used as a Living Lie Detector was the Hell path.

Konans last attack wasnt meant to kill Madara.
Her last move was really a message for Naruto that contains Madara's weakness.

Tsunade's vanity genjutsu is slowly draining her life.
When she is forced to deactivate it, she looks like she's in her 70's, even though she's only 53. Either she has been forced to use her Art of Mitotic Cell Regeneration a lot more than we've seen, or something else has been causing her to age faster, especially since her grandmother was an Uzumaki.
  • She had just been healing everyone in the village at once, the ones that were still alive, so that would explain the aging.

Jiraya will come back from the dead...
Because Kabuto's excuse that his body is too deep is not going to cut it. Hopefully, that would mean that he will hold up that promise with Tsunade, and they will start new generation of Konoha Ninjas, alongside with the rest of the Ships. Not to mention that he will write a new book about Naruto... I mean why else would he be featured in opening so much?
  • So Kabuto brings him back and lets him walk away?
    • Willingly not, but it IS possible for a Edo Tensei to regain his self, As seen with Itachi, so there IS a possibility.

Akatsuki robes contain the power of invincibility.
Let's take a look:
  • Sasori: Kankuro couldn't defeat him. When the robe comes off of Hiruko, Sakura destroyed it with ease. When Sasori used the Third Kazekage, he was wearing his robe, and Sakura and Chiyo couldn't even touch him. As soon as the robe came off, his fate was sealed.
  • Hidan: We actually saw this one in effect. Dude was physically unable to die. That is, until Shikamaru blew him up, destroying the robe, and the body.
    • Hidan is immortal and survived both decapitation and dismemberment. Also he mentions that someone will find him and dig him up eventually. That's also th emost likely reason that Kabuto didn't bring him back with Edo Tensai. It only works on the dead.
  • Kakuzu: This one's tricky. He never really fought onscreen while wearing the robe. He takes it off to become the tentacle beast, and he gets killed by Naruto and friends.
  • Orochimaru: He never died while in the Akatsuki. In order to stay immortal, he has to change bodies every now and then. Sasuki absorbs him... without an Akatsuki robe.
  • Deidara: Takes off his robe to use the C4 chakra nuke. Dies in the explosion.
  • Itachi: Wasn't wearing a robe at the end of his fight with Sasuke. He died.
  • Kisame: Shirtless while being beheaded by Killer Bee and Raikage.
  • Pain: This is really hard to figure out. We do see robe-clad Pains get killed... but they're already dead. Putting an Akatsuki robe on a dead guy actually brings them to life (with chakra rods), but doesn't make them completely invincible. Nagato is almost, if not completely, naked when he sacrifices himself for the Gedo art of rebirth.
  • Konan: So far, hasn't taken off her robe. Tobi-dara killed her while she kept her cloak on, which probably blows this theory to pieces.
  • Zetsu: The white half did not wear a robe, and got curbstomped by the Raikage. Black half is still unknown.
    • I have long supported this very theory, but there are some minor mistakes.
      • The real Kisame came back after the Zetsu clone was killed. However, he died shortly after due to the absence of a cloak.
      • Konan just died, and yet she still had her cloak.
      • Madara has actually replaced his cloak, but we have yet to see what he will do next.

Naruto and Sasuke will kill each other in the end, but only after defeating Madara, Kabuto and all their henchmen, and Naruto has been appointed Hokage and gotten married.
Because Sasuke is just too stuborn to let the dead bury their dead, he will deliberately provoke a fight he can't possibly win just to do as much damage as possible. With all of his former allies dead, incapacitated or having betrayed him, he opts to unleash all of his power to attack Konoha. For Naruto, the matter is personal- protecting his wife and baby from the Uchiha. Naruto intercepts Sasuke in the wilderness, knowing that the powers that will clash in this battle will cause extreme devastation were they to be unleashed in a populated area. Mutually Assured Destruction ensues, as Naruto lays down his life to eliminate the last remaining threat to his family and to world peace. Immediately before the clash, Naruto will lament at how none of this would be necessary if Sasuke could just get over himself, and then he'll smile, telling Sasuke he has no regrets because he now has a real family, and that he loves them enough to protect them with his life.

Naruto will go into the final battle with Sasuke with every intention of either converting Sasuke or fighting to a mutual kill, but he will survive.
Sasuke will come at him full force, and Naruto will counter creating a nuclear-scale explosion (if Izanagi is involved, this will go through multiple rounds). In the end, however, Sasuke just isn't that strong in comparison, and so Sasuke gets vaporized while Naruto walks away, albeit battered and bloody, resigning himself to the fact that the only one responsible for Sasuke's death is Sasuke himself, and that in the end, Sasuke wasn't strong enough morally, mentally or physically to go along with his plans.
  • PLEASE let this one come true.

Sasuke will do a Heel–Face Turn
He's now a teenager, and teenagers always rebel against their parents. His parents were anti-Konoha, so Sasuke will be pro-Kohona.
  • Except Itachi already did that, and Sasuke's too insane to just become good, or be allowed to live

Iruka's sonar is a bloodline limit.
Iruka's sonar ability, first seen in the Mizuki Strikes Back arc, seems to require no hand seals, just like Haku's most basic levels of water control. It may be either a bloodline limit or an individual mutation. If it's a kekki genkai, the reason nobody has mentioned that is that it's sonar, so who gives a good damn?

Shikamaru's intelligece results from him being extremely lazy when he was younger.
In order to get out of doing work paradoxically sometimes requires a lot of mind power. Shikamaru by figuring complex ways of getting out of work actually increased his abstract intelligence by a greater amount than he if he was a hard worker when he was younger. Due to the power of friendship, Shikamaru starts to diligently use this intelligence for tasks besides avoiding work.
  • Ot it's a bloodline limit. XD

The schizo tech is a result of ninjas carefully assasinating whoever creates modern weapons such as guns and destroying the technology.

The weapons a ninja uses requires a great deal of skill, natural ability, and training so whenever a weapon comes about that requires less training (I might be wrong here guns may require not that much less training than other warefare), the ninjas quickly destroy all that form of technology. That is why there can be things like electric power but no guns. As long as the technology is for civilian use, the ninjas allow it, but the moment something like a gun is a created, the gun gets destroyed and maybe whoever knows how to make one gets assassinated.

  • This makes a lot of sense. Guns do require much less training/are more effective than other kinds of warfare and are much easier than ninjutsu is shown to be. Even your simplest ninjutsu require chakra control which for some people (Rock Lee) is simply impossible others it's extremely difficult (Young Naruto and it's really not clear how much better he's gotten since he just has absurdly large reserves he may still suck at getting the maximum bang for his buck). Guns also require fairly little physical strength, a gun is just as deadly in the hands of a five year old as it is in the hands of a body builder. The only problem with that explanation for the schizotech is that it only addresses weaponry. Why don't they have steam ships and trains? Why aren't radios more common (we know they have them after the Rescue Gaara Arc) but since they have those why weren't they using them during the Fourth Ninja War instead of nearly killing their psychics with the strain.

Madara is a writer, and his ultimate goal is World Peace, something he'll succeed at.
Look, Madara is clearly completely insane. His plans make no sense, and he's really succeeded in doing is uniting five different incredibly hostile nations against him. Yeah. Pretty impressive isn't it? Somewhere along the line Madara clued in on the one key truth: Every Story Needs a Villain. His plan isn't to turn the moon into a masssive Sharin'gan or ressurect the Juubi or anything else. It's to force everyone to work together to beat him. He's decided that he'll die for the world, thereby saving it by unifying everyone. It's the same plan Pein was trying, but carried out far more elegently, and so far it's working perfectly.
  • Possible expansion to the above: It's possible even that the entirety of the events in Naruto are one long Gambit Roulette by Harashima Senju and Madara Uchiha to create world peace. Harashima and Madara saw that, by working side by side and creating Konohagakure, they were able to forge lasting peace between two incredibly bitter rivals, the Senju and the Uchiha. Other ninja clans followed suit, but war still happened, only now they were between countries instead of families. Harashima and Madara realized they just needed to find a way to make the entire world do undergo the same sort of cooperation that the Uchiha and the Senju did, and concocted this whole plan.
    • You mean Madara is actually Lelouch Vi Britannia?!
      • Seems to make more sense than any of the other ideas of why Madara is doing this.

One of the Rock ninja has the ability to summon giant earthworms
Manda 2 vs giant earthworm.

Kabuto's attempts at using Zetsu to make a new Deidara/Manda is going to cause major problems
Firstly, it's clear Deidara isn't particularly pleased with not being able to control himself, and also that he has no idea what the situation is. Further, he's not quite the same as he was. Similarly, Manda 2.0 now has legs, despite being a snake. It's pretty clear that Kabuto doesn't really know what he's doing when it comes to using Zetsu to do stuff, and everything is going to go horribly wrong.
  • I don't know about Manda, but Deidara is just the result of an Impure Resurrection Summoning. He's given some free will unless the Hokages Orochimaru summoned, but he is still dust and ashes bound by his soul covering a sacrifice. No Zetsu involved.
    • Then why does he look so different?
      • Because some/all the zombies have weird eyes because of the Resurrection technique.

Sakura will have a son with pink hair
Doesn't matter who she's with. Oh, and on a side note, if Sasuke ever settles down he'll have tons of daughters. Doesn't have to be with Sakura, but just saying.

Hinata's mom is dead, and Hanabi will appear again soon
  • Isnt this canon? The first part, anyway?

Shikaku was Asuma's jonin instructor.
Fits with Generation Xerox, and it would explain why they knew each other so well even before Shikamaru graduated (if the anime is to be believed).

Kabuto is lying to Madara about his reasons for withdrawing after capturing Yamato.
  • He claims that he is leaving because it was an "impossible battle". Let's examine that claim.
    • Kabuto's side: Manda V.2, Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Pein, Kakuzu, another unnamed (presumably powerful) dead person, a and himself.
    • Opposing him: The Tsuchikage, Yamato, four other Jounin. Gai is out of commission for now and Killer B and Naruto are avoiding the fight.
    • Conclusion: if Kabuto had been by himself, it would have been a bit iffy, but he might have been able to take them all on. With the ridiculous amount of support power that he has available, it would have been a Curb-Stomp Battle if he were to fight seriously. Notice that the Tsuchikage is the main threat, and Kabuto handles him by letting Deidara lead him away so that he won't interfere with the capture of Yamato. As far as I can tell, Kabuto is inspired by and respects Naruto and I predict that Kabuto will never attempt to seriously fight him. However, Kabuto's motivations are still largely unknown. What does he want with the wood element and/or Zetsu's clones?

All of Kabuto's actions can be explained with one word - Yandere
  • Kabuto is yandere towards Orochimaru. In general, Kabuto generally attempts to find diplomatic solutions to problems and appears to be a genuinely polite and pleasant human being (e.g. he healed Hinata when there was nothing for him to gain from it). However, when it comes to helping Orochimaru achieve his goals, Kabuto is willing to resort to murder, betrayal, war, Mad Science on living human beings, More Than Mind Control (with Kimimaro): in short - a host of other actions which cross the Moral Event Horizon. After Orochimaru died, Kabuto had an existential crisis, but he claims that the person who inspired him to continue was Naruto. Notice that Kabuto's goal currently appears to be killing Sasuke, ostensibly for revenge, but he might be trying to Murder the Hypotenuse as well. This could also be behind his reasons for suddenly retreating from the island after capturing Yamato.
    • Also maybe part of why he wants to get rid of Madara.

Kabuto had an ulterior motive for healing Hinata way back during the Konoha Invasion
A couple possibilities. Perhaps he expected the invasion to succeed, and wanted as many unsealed Hyuuga to experiment on as possible (Since Hiashi was strong enough that capturing him might not be an option and Hanabi seemed more heavily guarded) without the restrictions of the seal. Maybe he implanted some kind of hypnosis-thing to make Hinata an unwitting sleeper agent at a later date. Maybe he took a tissue sample to experiment with, and has a mindless clone of Hinata much like the one Madara made of Shodai.

Maybe he was just copping a feel.

  • He implanted her with his seed (changed her eggs), so if his plan to absorb Orochimaru will fail - he could be reborn in Hinata's childern. Oh shi...

By the end of the series, Naruto will have gotten married, but his wife and children will not be named or seen.
Giving Naruto a happy (or at least bittersweet) ending, but not telling the audience whom he's with.
  • I'd support this purely because I'd enjoy laughing at the fandom fallout.
    • Or it could be someone that no one ever imagined it to be his pair. Like Tenten =)

The Basis of the Sharingan's Power...
... is combining both Experiential and Analytical thinking. Users of even the most basic form of the Sharingan are able to perceive things happening much more slowly than normal (as in Experiential thinking) while retaining the ability to see patterns and formulate plans (as with Analytical thinking). The overall effect of this is that, when active, the Sharingan puts the brain in overdrive, speeding it up to where it can keep up with the user's sight (a good illustration of what would happen without this would be Sasuke's first fight with Lee, where he could mostly see the boy's movements but was unable to do anything about it because his body simply couldn't keep up — except affecting his brain and not his body). The Sharingan's growth (excluding those fancy-shmancy upgrades) simply further combines the two.

However, as the human brain is not designed to use Experiential and Analytical thinking simultaneously, overuse of the Sharingan can be extremely taxing on the user's neural pathways, and in cases of severe overuse it can cause neurons to effectively fry themselves en masse. Symptoms-slash-effects of this can vary from reduced mental faculties due to a drastically reduced brain-cell count, drastic changes in personality due to loss of behavioral inhibitors and/or empathy, amnesia, retrograde amnesia, increased susceptibility to suggestion, sudden development of mental illnesses like paranoid schizophrenia or bipolar manic depression, and rarely even outright degenerative psychosis.

As for the Mangekyo? Meh, I dunno, probably magic or some such gobbledygook.

The finale is shaping up for a Final Battle
Probable battles:
  • Naruto vs. Sasuke (obviously)
    • I would say Naruto would have to battle the 4th Hokage on the way.
    • Seems to be Jossed.
  • Black Zetsu vs. Yamato and/or Kakashi
    • Jossed.
  • Manda 2.0 vs Tsunade
    • Jossed. [spoiler: Tsunade spends her entire time battling Madara Uchia]
  • Zombie!Konan vs. Shikamaru (he always has to fight the girls)
    • Jossed. [spoiler: Kabuto doesn't seem to have even summoned her and regardless Madara is the only Edo Tensai still out.]
    • Zombie!Asuma vs. Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino if Kishimoto is cruel enough.
      • Confirmed
    • Also Zombie!Haku and Zombie!Zabuza vs. Naruto. An unknown (and relatively unremarkable) bloodline user and a swordsman without his sword. Why else other than the emotional impact would Kabuto have brought back ninja who are (compared to the others) unremarkable.
      • Jossed. [spoiler: Kakashi and Sai split the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.]
      • "..skilled ninja who were once famous on their own right."
  • Zombie!Deidara vs. Tsuchikage (rematch)
    • Jossed.
  • Zombie!Kisame vs. Raikage and Killer Bee
    • Jossed. [Spoiler: The Raikage only fights Madara until the Edo Tensai is broken and Killer Bee fights Tobi and Nagato.]
  • Zombie!Kakuzu vs. Mizukage
  • Zombie!Sasori vs. Sand Siblings (Kankuro vs. Sasori in particular)
    • Confirmed.
  • Zombie!Itachi and Zombie!Pein and Zombie!Unknown vs. Madara
    • Jossed. [spoiler: Itachi and Pein fight Killer Bee and Naruto before Itachi fights Kabuto.]
  • Kabuto vs. ???anyone/everyone/no one???
    • Confirmed.
  • Naruto Clone Army and all the other ninja vs. Zetsu Clone Army
    • Confirmed.
  • Ninjas vs. Pirates
    • What about these: Naruto v.s. Nagato; Sasuke v.s. Itachi; Sakura v.s. Sasori; Kakashi v.s. Kakuzu; Sai v,s, Deidara
      • Mostly Jossed. [spoiler: Naruto does fight Nagato, Sasuke and Itachi team up to fight Kabuto, Kankuro fights Sasori not Sakura, Team Ino-Shiki-Cho take out Kakuzu and Deidera is defeated in a group battle that does involve Sai.]
    • Er, arent Impure World Ressurection Zombies indestructable? I thought that was why the 3rd had to seal them away.
      • You're right, this means probably that Sasuke will fight Kabuto with a Susanoo possesing the Totsuka Sword, considering that the Totsuka Sword can also seal souls.
      • Now that Suigetsu and Juugo have gotten out of jail,this troper believes that a Kimimaro vs Juugo is in order(It seems too late for a Suigetsu vs Zabuza at this point).
      • Jossed. [spoiler: The edo tensai is released before Juugo and and Suigetsu even arrive at the battlefield.]
      • Ten-ten vs. Madara and she wins.
      • Hahahahaha. No.
Death Predictions of The War

  • Tsunade waiting to be confirmed
  • Shikaku confirmed
  • Inoichi confirmed
  • Kankuro
  • Anko
    • Madara, Kabutomaru.
    • Choza is the most likely of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio to bite it. He's the only one currently on the battlefield, and is injured from being slapped by the faux Kyuubi. Jossed. Concerning all three Ino-Shika-Cho members; Inoichi, Shikaku, and Ao, as well as anyone else in the HQ, died due to the Ten-Tails blowing the HQ up with a Bijuudama.

Episode 182 is a Future Imperfect retelling of a mission that Gaara and Naruto went on while Sasuke was in the hospital.
It doesn't seem to fit anywhere in the timeline, because at no time between the Chuunin Exams and Sasuke's defection was Naruto in the village and Sasuke not hospitalized. However, notice that Sasuke doesn't say or do anything in front of Gaara- he just stands there. Gaara forgot that Sasuke wasn't there and assumed he must have been. Anything that occurs out of Gaara's view is in-universe Wild Mass Guessing on his part.
  • In the anime canon, there was the Land of Tea arc and the first movie which took place between Sasuke waking up from his coma and going back into hospital from Lo T. The mission probably took place then.

Who ever wins, there's World Peace for some definition of 'peace.
The Countries appear to have been basically disolved, with everyone fighting as 'Shinobi and Samurai' and having a single type of Forehead Protector, so if they win the odds of another ninja war happening any time soon is slim. If Madara wins, he'll turn the moon into a giant Sharingan and force world peace on everyone. If Kabuto wins... Well, given that most of his 'crack team of undead' all died to people who are still around...

This will be the hardest war/battle for the cast (some of it anyway).
Because they have to fight someone they care for:
  • Dan for Tsunade
  • Yugito Nii for Killer Bee (He respected her)
  • Haku, Zabuza, and possibly Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya and Hiruzen for Naruto. He resurrected the previous Jinchuuriki and Kages, so why not the previous Jinchuuriki of the strongest tailed beast, two very powerful Hokage and one Sannin?
    • Because the Hokage's can't be resurrected, he is too lazy to get Jiraiya and Kushina might be too hard to obtain her DNA.
  • Hizashi against Neji/Hinata
    • Hiashi vs. Hizashi
  • Chiyo against Suna/Sakura
  • Asuma against Shikamaru
  • Itachi against Sasuke

Edo Tenseï has two phases : binding the soul and summoning the zombie.
Edo Tenseï functions in two phases : the binding of the soul to the world of the living, that involves a sacrifice, and then summoning the end result. The last part doesn't cost much chakra, but the first part has an "enormous" chakra cost, so big in fact that the user is completely drained after performing it. Hence, Edo Tenseï needs a lot of preparation time to be efficient, and the more zombies you want to create, the more quiet time you need.

As an alternative to the above, Kishimoto canonizes the Clan Restoration Act.
Which will backfire spectacularly because as much as the harem fans would be happy, everyone else would regard it as an Ass Pull.
  • Alternatively, he canonizes it, but makes it far from pleasant. Wives chosen on a genetic rather than romantic basis, not allowed to go on dangerous missions until kids are born, what have you.
    • Explain- Naruto+ Hinata= Badass Family (kids with the chakra reserves of the Fourth Hokage and the Byakugan). Naruto+ Ino= not compatable for kekkei genkai blending. Naruto+ Tenten doesn't make sense for romantic or breeding reasons. Naruto+ Sakura= workable, not as good as Hinata, but if we're talking polygamy, that's no problem. Naruto+ Temari= Political marriage, creating a blood tie that would preserve Konoha/Suna alliance in the event of Gaara's untimely death. Naruto+ Karin= redundant- even assuming Karin's powers are genetic, Konoha already has the best medics and at least one of Naruto's kids are bound to undergo Sage training, meaning that the sensory powers would be available to them anyway (ignoring the fact that if the sensory power is genetic for Karin, Naruto's probably is, too, see above WMG about Karin being Naruto's cousin). Everything else seems to be a crack pairing.

Suigetsu and Jugo will join the Shinobi Alliance and become good guys
Considering their being abandoned / left to die by Sasuke, and other reasons I've forgotten since my last failed attempt to post this WMG. Also, Suigetsu vs. Zombie!Zabuza ("you broke my sword?!")
  • Seems to be Jossed, but I wouldn't call it confirmed. Suigetsu and Jugo are both with Sasuke and Orochimaru listening to the Hokage somewhere in/around Konoha. The bit with Zombie!Zabuza is Jossed due to Itachi releasing Edo Tensei.

Tsukiyomi is a programmed illusion that runs for 72 hours.
Tsukiyomi doesn't affect time, it locks you into a programmed illusion for 72 hours. Itachi said "...71 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds left...71 hours 59 minutes 58 seconds left..." That sounds like a loop with a programmed countdown.

Kushina never knew how to control Kurama.
Going back to the kidnapping incident, it's been bothering me that Kushina didn't just transform into her one- or two-tailed form and break free. But what if she didn't because she couldn't? What if the seal was never meant to allow her to control Kurama, but rather suppress his chakra?
  • I thought she wasn't a Jinchuriki at that point. They kidnapped her for her special chakra not the nine-tails. And if she was a Jinchuriki she would have been better protected.
    • She wasn't a Jinchuriki at the time. However it's cannon that she couldn't control Kurama, it seems that as far as we can tell from the actual manga Killer Bee may very well be the first Jinchuriki with control over his beast. The anime would extend this control to the two tails which still has this power limited to no more than four. It's possible nobody has ever really tried. If we use Gaara as an example it's possible that the standard technique for using a Jinchuriki was basically to dump them on the battlefield and step back while the beast goes nuts. Given what we know about the Bijuu as a whole however this seems to be a little bit of everybody's fault. There was absolutely nothing preventing any of the Bijuu from having a positive relationship with their Jinchuriki. It frankly doesn't make sense that Kurama and Shukaku DIDN'T do this. I don't think they would have had to do much to convince Gaara to wreck the village hidden in the sand and while it would have had a harder time getting Naruto on board but given the power boost (and evidence from the fight with Oorochimaru) if Kurama had flat out offered to help get Sasuke back and promised not to randomly beat up Naruto's friends he would have taken the deal in a heart beat.

Madara Uchiha will be voiced by Shuichi Ikeda.
It just has to happen. Broken Ace? Check. Law of Chromatic Superiority? We haven't seen him without anything red (not even counting the Sharingan). Elder of two siblings and his younger sibling pretty much has no part in the overall plot? Damn check! Plans involving world domination and dropping massive objects from above? Damn right. Pretty much nuts because of his status? Let's face it, HE HAS TO BE A CHAR.

Sasuke will be the deciding factor in the Ten-Tails fight.
The ninja of the world will be deadlocked against Obito, Madara, and the Ten-Tails when Sasuke (and perhaps anyone still loyal to him at this point) arrives, and Sasuke will have the power to tip the scales—a tiebreaker, so to speak. It's at this point that he must decide whether to do a heel-face and side with Naruto or stay the same and side with Obito and Madara.

Karin is Naruto.
Timewarped from the future, and gender-flipped by some ninjitsu. This is why she is obsessed with Sasuke.

Karin is Naruto's maternal half-sister.
The daughter Kushina abandoned for Minato.
  • When she was 14? That's ridiculous.

Karin is Naruto's Kid from the Future
Some random NPC will be her mother.

Hashirama's Superpowerful Genetics are recessive
It's been bugging me and quite a few people I'm sure as to why only Hashirama has been able to use the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai, and no one else related to him has been able to use it. So, a theory I was given is very simple. The gene that allows for the Wood Release is recessive, and after a while, the gene was gone. He was probably the last to even carry it. That has finally been settled.
  • That's not how recessive genes work. Recessive genes have recessive alleles that get passed on to the person's children. These children can pass on the recessive alleles anyway, even if the dominant alleles completely physically repress the recessive ones, which is how traits can skip a generation. Thus, if Wood Jutsu is a recessive gene, then all of Hashirama's direct offspring would be heterozygous (having dominant and recessive alleles) but expressed as the dominant trait (I presume inability to use Wood Jutsu). Considering Hashirama seems to have numerous living descendants, then at least a few should theoretically carry a recessive allele, and as squicky as it may sound, inbreeding among the Senju should eventually produce someone capable of Wood Jutsu. Also, unless Hashirama was mutated in the womb, or both of Hashirama's parents were mutated in a specific way (in a genetic sense, not in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sense), there should have been Wood Jutsu users before Hashirama, since the recessive alleles must have been passed to him by someone (even if that someone is the Sage of the Six Paths).

Konohamaru will confront Orochimaru.
He'll lose, of course, but he just might be able to release Hiruzen from Orochimaru's control.

Danzo got his philosophy from Tobirama.
As of 619, Tobirama seems to have been characterized as the sort to put the well-being of the village above all else. Perhaps he's where Danzo picked it up from.

During the Chuunin Exams, Rock Lee got every question wrong on the written exam.
Like Naruto, he never figured out he was supposed to cheat, or else was too proud to do so. Unlike Naruto, he actually attempted every question, but having no clue how to do them, he got them all wrong. Of course, since the exams were never graded, it didn't matter.

Zetsu partially originated from Hashirama's fallen sibling.
Zetsu is a corrupted biological clone of the late Itama Senju. The monochromatic, two-toned hair and face are identical (save for Black Zetsu), and considering Madara cultivated the cells from Hashirama, it's possible some traces of Itama's DNA might have been mixed in.

Spiral Zetsu's return will be key in the future.
Until we know what that particular Zetsu's fate has been since its introduction, we can never be sure it won't return. Has it melded with Obito, or what? Destroyed in battle?
Izuna and Tobirama were rivals
From the way they greeted each other in the last chapter, they seemed to have a similar relationship as their fathers and older brothers

Kushina is Hashirama and Mito's great-niece.
Mito first thought of putting Kurama in Tsunade, but realized the Uzumaki blood in her was too thin, so she chose her next-closest relative who was young enough for the task.

Adding Element to the Rasengan is natural.
I understand it's a weird title, but I'll try to explain. Adding Elemental chakra to the Rasengan was the last step Minato never got to finish, nor anyone else to that point. However, the problem was that Minato was overthinking things. The Rasengan's self-sustaining design makes it capable of integrating any chakra into itself completely. When external forces are added to the Rasengan, the spiraling chakra acts as a whirlpool, pulling the source into itself and blending with it. So why did it take so long to figure out?

My theory is that the shell that holds the spiral in place was made too dense, preventing the proper osmosis. Naruto was able to master it because of his formation of Rasengan. Because his Shadow Clone shortcut lets him neglect higher chakra control, the shell he forms is naturally weaker than the original, which lets him mix in his Wind Release just fine. This is evident in most all of the movies, if you want to try to mix them into continuity. Rainbow Chakra, moonlight, and all other kinds of strong external energies are absorbed into the Rasengan improving on the original. This was also demonstrated by Jiraya in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, where he achieved a Fire Release Rasengan by first hitting his enemy with a Dragon Flame Bomb, and then introducing the Rasengan. The Rasengan sucked in the fire that was still burning on his opponent, transforming into the Fire Release: Rasengan.

The cities are no where near as old as you'd think.
Which makes the series make less sense, not more. Think about it, we don't have a whole lot of accurate measures to know exactly how long the "average" ninja lives in Naruto. We know things like the Sandaime Tsuchikage and Sandaime Hokage were both old but given Chiyo's health at seventy seven I don't believe that ninjas (in general) live a whole lot longer than normal folks. Factor in that given the glimpses we've gotten at the previous Kage these are not people who usually die of old age and if you count Danzo only one village has gotten up to it's sixth leader. Then there is the fact that the Tsuchikage knew Madara by sight (issue 599) it's entirely possible that he had seen Madara before. Of course this leads to a couple of problems, if the fighting was as bad as seems to be implied by early chapters in Naruto (such as Chiyo attacking Kakashi on sight despite him being from an allied village because he LOOKED like his father) what are these people doing having joint Chunin Exams?! More to the point how do these people have such elaborate cities. [[Spoiler: We know now that when Madara and Hashirama founded the leaf, they mean that literally. There is nothing within sight of what seems to be the Kage Mountain where Hashirama looks down and protects his people.]] That's a lot of construction over an incredibly short amount of time and a lot of fairly easily forgiven people. Which again made sense if the history was long enough that the average ninja didn't remember the last ninja war but clearly the stupid kids are the only ones who haven't been in full blown war!
  • Fridge Brilliance - If you look back at the Chunin Exams, you'll see that in actuality the only villages that actually participated were Waterfall, Rain, Sound, Sand, Grass, and of course Leaf. Out of the five great nations, only two actually participated in the exam. Mist, Cloud, and Rock (all of whom were at war with Leaf at one point or another) are absent. Perhaps the Leaf couldn't quite get over their grudges with those three villages (and vice-versa) but if you take into account how long White Fang has been dead (twenty years), then it's been at least twenty years since the last war with Sand. Considering that, it's not impossible to imagine that many of the people in the Leaf and Sand villages could have made amends. However, wars with Mist, Rock, and Cloud have been going on until just recently, so the Leaf would be less willing to invite them to participate, instead allowing lesser-known villages who were either allies to them or just outsiders during the Great Wars.

Sasuke is going to be hit with a Heel–Face Door-Slam of the Redemption Equals Death variety.

Nobody likes Itachi
They're just afraid to say anything bad even after he's dead because of his boogeyman-like status in the ninja world.
  • Fridge Brilliance - the reason everyone has been talking so highly of Itachi lately is to try and get Sasuke on their side. Even the Second Hokage started praising some Uchiha when he realized that doing so would get through to Sasuke.

Obito took over the Hidden Mist Village (Kirigakure) for Revenge.
It has been established before he was revealed to be Obito that he spent time in Kirigakure, placing the Mizukage Yagura under a genjutsu and making him a Puppet King. As of chapter 629, we now know that Rin was kidnapped by Kirigakure and made into the Three tails jinchūriki. Kirigakure ninjas then allowed Kakashi to rescue her and pretended to pursue them so she would return to the village quicker and then lose control of the Three tails in the Hidden Leaf. Rin decided to step in the way of Kakashi's attack, dying in the process so she wouldn't harm the village. Obito would know this information since he controlled Kirigakure's leader afterwards, so what ever information the Mizukage knew or had access to, so would Obito. Obito was in love with Rin and clearly her death took a large toll on his psyche, whether he admits it to Kakashi or not. The current Mizukage, Mei Terumī, has also said that rule under Yagura was incredibly harsh, but they were already know as "The Bloody Mist" before Yagura/Obito took power. Obito probably made things worse for Kirigakure.

Sasuke will put the series in a Stable Time Loop through Izanami, until things go right for the ending.
Everything. Every part of the story, without exception, will be replayed because of Sasuke using this power to it's logical extreme; replaying something until it goes right? Then how about an entire life? And in turn, the lives of everyone? Instead of using this power on Obito, though, he'll use it on Edo Madara, forcing Madara to replay his entire life until that point over and over and over until he relents and doesn't fight against Tobirama after forming the Leaf Village. This in turn will cause a ripple effect through time, making everyone's lives infinitely better. The dead who lost their lives fighting against Obito and Madara's schemes? Alive! The Uchiha Massacre? Never happened! Sasuke's welcome back to the village despite swearing to destroy it once upon a time? No problem! And thus the series will have it's ending with Sasuke back in the village alongside a living Itachi. Naruto, with his parents alive and well, becomes the next Hokage.
  • Well, there is a problem- he would blind himself doing that. Also, there's no indication that the Izanami user can use it on himself.
    • And that's a textbook non-fatal Heroic Sacrifice for Sasuke, to justify to the audience why he should be considered good now.

Hashirama controls biology
Hashirama’s abilities granted him control over cells. He can manipulate trees by controlling the rate at which a tree’s cells divide, and regenerate by using his kekkei genkai to increase cell division.

Transplants which defy biology are possible thanks to the recipient acquiring control over cells from Hashirama’s DNA, which allows them to prevent a body part from being rejected..

Hashirama’s DNA needs an appropriate amount of chakra in order to properly mesh with the recipient otherwise the person gets killed. That’s why fatigue leads to a tree sprouting from the area with the transplant and why newborns don’t survive the procedure.

Orochimaru has something planned
Think about it. It seems out of character to join the good guys. The only reason he's tagging along is because he knows Sasuke is capable of overpowering him. He'll wait for the right moment to escape, leading to another time skip three years later. On his last year with his body, he returns to Konoha to get either Sasuke or Naruto (who would be a good vessel for not only his healing factor, but for Kurama too). He'll finally die when he's ready for the final blow. As much of a Deus ex Machina as that sounds, it's still possible.

In regards to The Chikara Arc
The "power" source everyone seemed desperate to get a hold of is really a Gambit pulled by Mōryō, the villain of the Naruto Shippuden Movie, in order to come back.Think about it.Kabuto's Clone that is vomited out after Naruto ingests snakes and a girl performs an exorcism, turns into what appears to be a Hydra of dark energy after bathing in the "power" looks a lot like Mōryō's demonic dark dragon form.It only makes sense he would have other avenues to exploit. It also explains why the "power" is never explained.The writers believed the audience would draw on the only similar appearing, ancient power in the Naruto universe.

The reason for the anime's "News Reports"
The show has these forced, clearly filler ways to expand the war (not that it's already epic as it is) by having News Reports to "cover" the war...which diminishes the tension. But, this is all a ruse by the writers, so when Madara shows up, he will cause the violent deaths of all the News Crew, cameraman, and reporters in a total Tear Jerker moment. The show will then use the recordings as a sad commentary on the media's coverage of war. With perhaps an original character covering Madara's return, idolizing his strength while entire cities are being nuked in an even bigger satire of the media. This character will piss everyone off in the audience and in the Ninja Alliance until they are killed by Sasuke or Madara.
  • Ninja News got Nuked.

Regardless of the above, Karin will replace Sakura as the primary medic.
She's faster and can heal wounds that Sakura can't. And obviously if Sakura is dead, there wouldn't be anyone left who would come anywhere near Karin's utility.

Hinata-Naruto-Sakura and Naruto-Sakura-Sasuke are now both Type 7 love triangles.
None of the Ship Tease in these past 200 chapters is a Red Herring. Consequently, these relationships are a mess. Bonus points if Sasuke is falling for Karin, too.

Gaara's sand control isn't a byproduct of the Ichibi, it's his own bloodline.
Considering his father could control gold, it isn't too far fetched to think it got changed to sand, either from genetics, or the Ichibi effecting him in the womb. This is further compounded by the fact that he still has control over the sand, even without Ichibi.

Orochimaru's endgame is to resurrect the soon to be dead Tsunade (and somehow Jiraiya) with the Edo Tensei.
Sannin vs. The New Sannin. Orochimaru also technically still controls the 2nd - 4th Hokages so perhaps after removing Madara, he turns on them? And Kabuto is still floating around. Yeah Orochimaru removed his DNA from him, but Kabuto is still loyal. Yes he came to realize under Izanami that he isn't Orochimaru,but it's still hard to remove that loyalty. So Orochimaru decides to fight the remaining Four Kages, The Konoha 11, Sai, and the 1st Hokage with his Edo Kage, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and possibly Sasuke. How does Orochimaru get Jiraiya's DNA? ... Senju DNA. Only explanation.

Neither Naruto, nor Sasuke, (Nor Kiba) will become Hokage
Going off the above WMG, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura will become the new Leaf-Village Sannin. And Naruto will learn that it didn't matter if he got SPECIFICALLY what he wanted. As long as he receives acknowledgement, respect, love, and the former position of his beloved master. Sasuke couldn't be Hokage because he's a damn fugitive and the Leaf honors the Uchiha legacy by making him a Sannin.
  • By that reasoning, Kakashi, the teacher, will become the Hokage like the 3rd.

Orochimaru is about to revive Tsunade.
We have one parasitic Zetsu left and it will be used as the sacrifice to give us all FIVE Hokage as Edo Tensei zombies. Bonus points if her new found indestructibility allows her to deal the finishing blow to Madara after he insulted and killed her.
  • Jossed: She survived (barely) long enough for Suigetsu and Karin to heal her all the way. Orochimaru then gave her a truncated explanation of the situation and then took off.

We will see Sasuke's parents, Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, revived by Edo Tensei.
It could be a heartwarming reunion, a tearjerker, or a horrifying situation where they disapprove of who he's grown into and are ashamed.

The author has forgotten about Yamato
We haven't seen hide nor hair of Yamato for Sage-knows-how-long. The simplest explanation? With everything else that's going on, Kishimoto has completely forgotten all about poor Yamato. At the end of the manga, he'll realize this, be all "Oh, Crap!! I forgot him!", and shoehorn in a quick few-panels scene showing either Yamato being freed (and, most likely, comically freaking out upon finding out about everything he'd missed)... or his body being recovered.

Sasuke is going to try to kill Naruto and Killer B
He wants to "delete" the antiqued system of the ninja world. Said system includes creating jinchuriki. Sasuke already showed that he doesn't care about the Tailed Beasts, so he probably views Naruto and B as "relics" of the past that's he trying to get rid of.

Orochimaru's Goal.
This is both an explanation of why Orochimaru kidnapped Sasuke in the first place, and why he's helping him now. Orochimaru's goal was never actually the Sharingan, it was the Rinnegan. He abducted Sasuke not just for Sasuke's eyes, but for his Uchiha DNA. He had planned to have Sasuke "breed" with Karin, an Uzumaki, and therefore mix Senju and Uchiha DNA into a child. Doing that, he would have a child capable of activating the Rinnegan, who he could then transfer his soul into. Remember, Orochimaru stated that his goal was to "decipher all Ninjutsu in the world" which is similar to the Sage of Six Paths who created all Ninjutsu. However, when he realized that Sasuke wasn't attracted to Karin, he decided to help Sasuke rejoin the Leaf Village to get close to the next appropriate target: Naruto.

Hiruzen is, in fact, a total bad guy.
Far from being the weak man Danzo thought him to be, Hiruzen actually planned the Uchiha massacre, imposing terms he knew the Uchiha could never accept. He was not ignorant of Orochimaru's unethical experiments, but rather turned a blind eye until politics forced him to act. He never helped Naruto because he hated him as much as the rest of the village (save for Iruka and Hinata). Hizashi's death? Hiruzen made it clear that the Hyuuga clan were on their own on this one. Why isn't Konohamaru's father mentioned? Because Hiruzen treated his own son as Cannon Fodder. Asuma ran away because of his father's callousness towards his brother's death. Last but not least, because this one's canon and not speculation, Hiruzen considers the Chuunin Exams glorious, despite knowing that Genin will die senselessly, and he propagandizes Genin to see fighting to the death over nothing as glorious.

  • I suspect the Chunin Exams aren't as deadly as they seem. Other than that this WMG makes a lot of sense.

Sasuke will become a Dragon Sage.

We already know that the Sharingan can allow the user to see chakra and accurately enough even in it's lowest form that Sasuke could tell which Naruto was real, something Neji couldn't accomplish nor can nearly anybody else. He also has excellent chakra control. He didn't have the time to try it against Kabuto since even a prodigy like him needs a moment to build up the energy but having seen both Kabuto and Naruto perform the technique it would be shocking if he couldn't. Lets be honest the Sharingan has performed acts a lot more absurd than letting him copy a technique he's only seen twice. Heck that was the original use!

  • doubt it- since honestly, Sasuke couldn't truly see the original amongst the clones [Chunin exams proved that]- it was more the fact that Sasuke can keep track of the original with his sharingan like a homing beacon. The sharingan in its basic form is super-sight, so it's not impossible for Sasuke to be able to see the original pull off the move and just keep track of Naruto that way. The reason Neji couldn't tell the difference was the fact that the chakra was distributed evenly, so all of the clones registered as 'the real one' to him.

Tobi will have another voice actor once his mask gets broken..

He and the real Madara have the same seiyuu, what gives them the same voice. So, they will handwave it by saying the masks he used to wear changed his voice. He might as well get his original voice actor back.

  • Confirmed.
Naruto is brain damaged

It's been outright stated that using too much of Kurama's chakra before Naruto gained control of him caused terrible damage to his body (such as burning off his skin and seemingly boiling his blood) and even after regenerating it he's always left extremely weak after. Given how warped his thinking became while using his chakra cloak, what if Kurama's chakra also damaged his brain? If there was even the slightest problem with regenerating the damage, the effects could range from personality changes to memory loss to sensory trouble, possibly even if his brain was regenerated properly. This could explain how after his three year training trip and the events of Shippuuden (both cases where he used Kurama's chakra frequently) could explain Naruto's apparent change from being Book Dumb but tactically insightful (such as creating the Uzumaki Naruto Barrage after seeing Sasuke's Lion Barrage once) into his current character that doesn't know where babies come from and regularly forgets things he himself figured out (sometimes in seconds).

The "Mystical Fruit Granting Chakra" story is a myth/allegory

It's similar to how the whole "Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge and are kicked out of Eden" story from the Bible is a morality story and allegory for something. Chakra already exists in all living things in the Naruto-verse, as stated waaaayyy back in the manga. The Sage's mother was merely the first person to access and harness her chakra, and passed the knowledge on to her son, who became the first chakra scholar and used what he learned to tame the 10-Tails' power and become the Sage of Six Paths.

  • Doesn't explain why the Shinju actively tries to take the chakra of everything around it. The idea of the Shinju simply being enraged and trying to take back what was stolen from it was already sensible, and it still brings it to the fact that the Jyuubi is not inherently evil. The entire point of Shinju was to represent a being that was not good nor evil, just a force of nature- it was simply acting out in a sort of Gaia's Revenge esque maneuver.

Naruto takes place in our world in a Post Apocalyptic Future

You see that and you think "Crack Theory", I know, but just hear me outNow, going by Madara's description of the Shinju, it appeared long before Chakra had been discovered, in a war-torn worldLong story short: Our world was torn apart by World War III, Nations were torn apart and the Shinju appeared and many considered it be a religious relic.One woman sought to end the war and consumed the fruit and through her son, the sage of six paths, the world was unified once more at the nations of the Naruto verse

Naruto will not be able to stop the Tree from blooming in time...
So he will destroy the moon instead, giving it nothing to project on and thus undoing what the sage created.
  • This could also count as another DBZ reference.

The events of Chapter 647 are an illusion.
Just because the Infinite Tsukiyomi hasn't been completed yet doesn't mean that another illusion couldn't have been cast. This is Madara and Jinchuuriki!Obito we're dealing with, after all. Dying in the illusion is what allows people to break out of it. Shikamaru, being one of the smartest shinobi in the Alliance that wasn't on the front lines like the Hokages and Naruto, realised this and allowed himself to die so he could try and save everybody else. This would explain how he somehow ended up completely drained whilst Ino and Choji, his comrades, were completely fine. It would also explain why his apparent death was given so little coverage when he was a fan favourite.

Tobi will be stopped via an Armor-Piercing Question.
No matter who asks the question, it will be so profound and shake him so much that (1) he will be hesitant just long enough for someone to strike a finishing blow, or (2) he will give up without a fight, or (3) he'll be Driven to Suicide or pull a Redemption Equals Death or something similar. And the question that will be asked of him will be: "If Rin could see you now, would she be happy with what you've done?"
  • Alternatively, the Armor Piercing Question will be: "If you want Rin to be alive, why wasn't she revived with Edo Tensei?"
    • The problem with those ideas is that he already knows that the Rin he loves never existed. He doesn't want Rin back as she was; he wants a Rin he can control to fulfill his desires. Kakashi tried exactly this and Obito dismissed Rin jumping in front of a Jidori as an illusion.
    • Well can't you control an Edo Tensei?
      • Not in the sense Tobi wants. You can control an Edo Tensei, but only by stripping it of all appearance of free will. That won't feed Tobi's delusion, because he'll see right through it.
      • I get that, I just don't comprehend how he will control her while keeping himself from knowing she isn't real.
      • What Tobi basically wants is a world where The Good Guys Always Win and the hero always gets the girl; that's why he offered Naruto a world where he could be Hokage, which we all know is Naruto's dream. Also, he's basically rejected the reality of the world as he knows it really exists, and he's a grade-A nutcase anyway, so it wouldn't be beneath him to make a world where Rin is alive and wants him. He'd know it's not what really happened, but because it's what he wants, he won't care.
How Naruto will end.
This is going to be long.Naruto will manage to talk Obito into joining the good guys. However, just as he makes his Heel–Face Turn, Madara does something or other to steal the Juubi chakra and take control of it. He fights Naruto and the rest of the alliance on even ground. Obito will be dying, and remember Rin, Kakashi, Naruto, and finally himself, and will stand up and fight for the good guys. However, even with his power he finds himself unable to make a difference. He teleports up to Madara, who stabs him just as he reappears, and Obito performs the Reaper Death Seal that he copied when he saw Minato perform it. He will use the seal to seal both the Juubi and Madara within him, and then will die, signaling the end of the war.


Sasuke will have truly made a Heel–Face Turn for good, but realizes that after everything he’s done he can’t just return to the Leaf Village and act like nothing has changed. He decides to go on a journey of redemption, walking the world and doing good. He’ll be joined by Taka, as well as Orochimaru and maybe Kabuto. However, as he leaves, Naruto tells him that he’ll always have a home at the Leaf Village.

The allied ninja army will return to their individual villages, and the five great nations will enter a peace treaty and Naruto will help the biju learn to coexist with the villages instead of the villages controlling them. Tsunade will decide to retire from the position of Hokage due to age and growing weaker, and will nominate Naruto for the position, but it will be turned down because he’s STILL a Genin.

Instead, the position of Sixth Hokage will be offered to Kakashi for the third time, but Kakashi refuses to take the position of Sixth, but will agree to become the Seventh Hokage on the condition that Obito be granted the position of Sixth Hokage posthumously for saving the ninja world.

  • Jossed, Kakashi becomes the sixth Hokage as a placeholder for Naruto to mature.
Cut to ten-fifteen years later:

The village has added Obito and Kakashi’s heads to the mountain. We’ll finally see Kakashi’s real face on the mountainside.

  • Jossed, we still don't see his face.
Sasuke and co. will still be on his journey of redemption.
  • Confirmed
Sakura will be the head of the Ninja Hospital.
  • Jossed, she retired and married Sasuke.
Sai will have not only left Anbu, he will have retired from being a Ninja and become a renowned artist, famous for painting portraits of famous Ninja in history.
  • Jossed, he married Ino.
Shikamaru will either be a teacher at the Ninja Academy, a sensei for new teams, or a proctor for the Chuunin Exams.

Ino will have retired from being a ninja, and instead run the flower shop. She will also be married to a nameless character.

  • Jossed. She married Sai.
Choji will be the head of the Akimichi Clan.

Kiba will be a Jonin and the head of a tracking squad.

  • Confirmed

Shino will join the Anbu Black Ops, and bemoan the fact that no one can recognize him because of his mask.

  • Jossed

Hinata will become the new head of the Hyuuga Clan and will have moved on from Naruto, marrying someone in her clan and having a child named in Neji's honor.

  • Jossed. She married Naruto.

Rock Lee will have opened a training dojo that allows anyone who doesn’t have what it takes to be a ninja to have the skills to fight on equal grounds with them.

  • Jossed

Tenten will… um… a weapons shop? She does something with weapons, right?

  • Confirmed

Gaara will still be Kazekage, but will have voluntarily become the Jinchuuriki for the Ichibi again, although will be working to understand it as an individual to form a bond like Naruto and Kurama had.

Kankuro will be head of the Puppet Corps.

Temari will be the official diplomat between Leaf and Sand. She and Shikamaru will be dating/married.

  • Confirmed, married with a child
B will have formed a rap group and titled it Wu Tang Clan.
  • Jossed
Kakashi will either have abdicated his position to Naruto, or still be Hokage.
  • Confirmed
Gai will be Kakashi’s aide, similar to how Shizune was the aide to Tsunade.
  • Jossed
Yamato will still be in that tree thing because everyone forgot about him.
  • Jossed
Tsunade will still be in retirement, with Shizune taking care of her.
  • Confirmed
Konohamaru and his team will have become Chuunin.
  • Confirmed, possibly Jonin.
Naruto will still be a Genin. He’ll have continued Jiraiya’s legacy as a writer and have published two novels titled The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki and The Tale of Obito Uchiha.
  • This idea became ridiculous as soon as you said Naruto is turned down for the position of Hokage on account of being a Genin.
  • Why would Naruto be passed over for Kakashi, and why would they ever agree to let Obito become a Hokage after all the bad things he did?
  • Jossed, Naruto does indeed become Hokage.
  • Possibly Jossed, at least the first part, when Black Zetsu forces Obito to use the Rinne Tensei to resurrect Madara.

Rin would have returned Obito's feelings if he had ever bothered to actually tell her.
Because irony.

Someone with an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan can use the Izanagi and Izanami without losing an eye.
The only people we've ever actually seen use the Izanagi or Izanami onscreen are Danzo, Itachi, and Tobi, none of whom have an EMS. My basis for this lies in two points. First, Madara survived his battle with Hashirama somehow, even though everyone who witnessed the battle, including Hashirama, was certain he had died. The only way I can think that Madara could have survived is by using the Izanagi; however, Madara later transplanted his eyes into Nagato, who definitely has two. So if Madara did use the Izanagi to survive, he did so without losing an eye in the process.

Second, remember that when Itachi used the Izanami, he mentioned that it was a technique specifically made for "punishing people who became complacent due to the use of the Izanagi" Considering that the Izanagi is a two use move, it seems kind of difficult to imagine people becoming overly reliant on it. Danzo is the only person we've seen use it more than once. However, the techniques were created back during the battles between all the clans, which was when Madara took his brother's eyes. It is never directly stated that this wasn't something that would have been commonly done back then, like if every time an Uchiha died in battle, his sharingan would be implanted into his sibling. If an Uchiha had the ability to use the Izanagi as much as they wanted without losing their eyesight, then it would become very easy for people to be overly reliant on it, and thus cause a reason for the Izanami to be made. However, the Uchiha were eventually repulsed by people like Madara, and no longer implanted eyes from their siblings, so without the ability to use the Izanagi or Izanami more than a few times the moves were declared forbidden.

If it is possible for someone with an EMS to use the Izanagi and Izanami repeatedly, then with Madara alive again it will give him the perfect trump card against the shinobi alliance when his eyes regenerate They'll simply kill him again and again, and he'll just keep coming back.

Naruto knows he doesn't have a chance with Sakura
But he keeps up the antics because he enjoys trolling. Ever since the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, his attitude towards her has been I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, but that doesn't stop him from making jokes about them as a couple. Sakura isn't able to hurt him that badly, and the pain is worth the laugh in his mind.

will win.Kishimoto himself has outright said that even he doesn't know how to beat Madara and the plot is obviously warping around to make him more and more invincible, combined him with casually stealing Kyuubi out of Naruto and waving his hand to re-capture all of the Tailed Beasts on his own, so it's pretty obvious how the series will end: Madara kills everybody in the cast and rules the world with an Iron Fist. Evil Wins.

Ninja perceive time differently than "normal" humans.
This is why they often appear to be simply floating when they jump and why they can produce an entire complete idea in a few seconds. Time is moving normally but their training and abilities speeds up their perception in battle so they can react better to all the incoming stimuli.

Sakura is going to save Naruto and Sasuke, but die in the process.
Sakura witnessed Chiyo's reanimation technique. It can save the mortally wounded without killing the user, but as exhausted as she is from the battle and from healing everybody else, and having already used Tsunade's regeneration technique, there's no way she'd be able to survive using it twice.

Sage Mode Kabuto is a loose end that will be tied up only AFTER the "final" battle is finished
According to Itachi, the Izanami does have a back door through which someone can escape the infinite loop. Additionally, since all Kabuto lost was his horn, it stands to reason that if (ever) he breaks out, he wouldn't end up dead. Now, understand that if someone had used the Izanagi to escape a death blow, then they may die after Izanami guides them back to "reality".

For example, consider the flashback montage where Kishimoto visualizes how the Izanagi can mess someone in the head, and how the Izanami works. The Uchiha that was affected by the Izanagi re-wrote reality to escape the female's abdomen cut/shot/death blow. Now, as we see Kabuto just standing there locked in Izanami, then the same might be said for the male Uchiha when the female trapped him in Izanami. (Which means the guy is, in real life, STILL BLEEDING from that shot).

Izanami traps the victim's consciousness inside a time loop, but not the victim's body. So, per example, if the body has received a fatal wound, before Izanami has been cast, then they will be caught standing, and bleeding to death. Now, if Izanami is cast BEFORE they are caught in the loop, then they may still survive.

The hypothesis is that eventually, Kabuto will break out of Izanami, after executing an emotional Heel–Face Turn and come to his senses, but not in time to help Naruto and the army fight off the Big Bad and The Plan. Bonus points if Kabuto's salvation occurs as the absolute last event in the Naruto canon.

(WMG date posted: 1/28/2014. Keep this in mind when editing)

Kabuto was saved by Izanami, and pulled a Heel–Face Turn as a result of it. He saves Sasuke's live and intends to team up with the alliance to save his home.

There will several Big Damn Heroes escorting Gaara and Sakura.
Gaara can't spare time to fight or dodge if they're attacked. Sakura is already exhausted from the battle and from healing everybody else, and now she's performing CPR, which is very taxing. Gaara has to cover a few kilometers before Sakura's strength gives out. Madara isn't one to take chances, so they're liable to be under fire unless somebody else can keep him off them. Enter Kakashi who will nullify Madara's attacks with Kamui. When his strength gives out, Guy will unleash the eighth gate to buy more time. Old Man Tsuchikage will provide covering fire. Hiashi will unleash an Ultimate Heavenly Spin to repel one of Madara's attacks. Finally, the Raikage will throw himself in front of an attack to buy enough time for Gaara to reach Minato.
  • Jossed. Gaara and Sakura reach Minato with no problem.

Spiral Zetsu is Yamato AND Anko.
It's the result of a twisted experiment to fuse people together, and it was Kabuto's idea.

The mysterious person approuching Sasuke is the Sage of Six Paths himself and he is the true Big Bad!
Karin has revealed in the most recent chapter that she doesn't know who the figure approuching Sasuke is and also notes that she has a bad feeling. I theorize that the Sage didn't really choose his younger son's idea of peace yet claimed he did so that he could start a family feud so that he could see which path worked for himself. Now that Madara is winning the Sage has decided to follow Madara's plan and intends to aid him. Of course he's going to revive Sasuke just so that he can pull a Just Between You and Me only to have it backfire when Hawk gets there which will lead to a battle of Rinnegan vs Rinnegan.
Somehow, they will transfer Ginkaku and Kinkaku's kurama-chakra into Naruto from the sage's tools, then use them to seal Madara.
Why else would Madara just disregard the tools containing what's left of Kurama's chakra that is outside of the beast itself?

Hinata is physically incapable of living without Naruto.
Back in the Chuunin Exam Finals, she seemed to be resonating with Naruto's injuries, and now she collapses without explanation as he goes into cardiac arrest. Now what could cause such a phenomenon? The Power of Love? Unlikely, since not only is that way too cliche, but it is entirely out of sync with the rest of the story, as losing loved ones has caused characters to go berserk, but never to physically suffer directly. However, Uzumaki are known for having strange properties with their life force. What if Hinata survived going into cardiac arrest after her fight with Neji not because of the work of the medics, but because Naruto swore on her blood? It could be that ever since the Chuunin Exams, Hinata has literally been living on borrowed time.

The person near Sasuke is Jashin
Madara's plan would stop people killing each other, Jashin manifested after all the deaths in the war to stop Madara now that Madara's close to victory and actually killable. Sasuke's plans to reform the ninja world will probably cause a lot of deaths so he's a prime candidate for Jashin to make immortal.
  • This is beautiful.
    • Jossed, it's Kabuto.
The person near Sasuke is from the afterlife.
  • See above theory.
Naruto is still going to be out of action for a few chapters.
Because it's going to take a few minutes for Kurama's chakra to get him back to full strength and heal the damage from being in cardiac arrest. The others will have to hold on until he can regain his strength.

Naruto will become something of a psuedo-jinchuuriki of the Ten-Tails.
Back when Naruto first met with the other Tail Beasts, they each gave him a piece of their chakra, with the exception of Shukaku and Gyuki who weren't present at the time. Most recently, Obito ripped out a piece of chakra from Madara that was specifically mentioned as belonging to Shukaku and Gyuki, which presumably will also be transferred to Naruto along with Kurama's yin half to save his life. With this, Naruto will have possession of chakra from ALL 9 Tail Beasts, which might be enough to turn him into a psuedo-jinchuuriki and give him new strength to possibly fight against Madara by teaming up with Sasuke.

Thematically, this might also put Naruto in contrast to Madara in a way that is somewhat similar to the Rikudou Senin's sons (Senju & Uchiha ancestors). Naruto will possess the "Will" of the 9 tail beast, while Madara has the "Power", and ultimately, like the two sons, the one who inherited the "Will" wins.

Next time we see Killerbee, he'll be merged with Samehada.
The Hachibi was extracted from Bee and we haven't seen him since, which leaves it a mystery if he's dead or not. Since his body hasn't been shown yet, it's possible he's still alive thanks to Samehada merging with him to save his life.
  • To add to this at the end of chapter 660 Gyuki can be seen cutting off one of his tentacles so it is possible that Bee could have survived the same way he used to escape taka. Although this time it was reversed with most of Gyuki getting sealed and a small portion being left to keep Bee alive.

Since Generation Xerox is everything in this manga...
Gai and/ Lee are distant relatives of Hashirama. The first thing he says to Madara in his backstory is "we're stone skipping rivals!" and he has similar hair going on. Because why not? Everyone else has some Senju in them.
  • And in a slightly more serious version of this: The unnamed Kirigakure nin in the first summit is Orochimaru's dad. He ended up betraying Kiri for whatever reason, sold them out to Konoha and settled down there. Because the guy seriously looks like Orochimaru without his eye markings. Furthermore, at the summit, every other kage brings the future second kage of their village. Mizukage brings some random guy? Seems a bit weird when Kishimoto could have just thrown the Nidaime Mizukage in there without anyone batting an eye.

Obito is one of the Children of Prophecy

Ok, just bear with me. Obito was never Jiraya's student officially, but he was Minato's student, who was Jiraya's. And after being defeated by Naruto, he says that he was "defeated by Jiraya's ideals". It may be that Obito was a student of Jiraya's teachings through both Minato and Naruto. And he will be the one to ultimately defeat Madara with the Reaper Seal.

Obito will recover his left Sharingan

Madara will undoubtedly recover his left eye. After that, Kakashi will die saving Obito, Naruto or Sasuke, and he will give Obito back his Sharingan. And Obito will awaken his Susanoo. And it will either be white, as a symbolism to Kakashi, or golden, after their sensei, Minato.

Maito Dai killed Zabuza's predecessor in the Seven Swordsmen

We know now that Gai's father opened the Eight Gates to save Gai and his team from the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and he clearly succeeded. Given Gai's size in the flashback, he was probably around Rock Lee's age, marking this as a few years after Kakashi became a jounin, maybe a decade before the start of the manga. Considering we know that all of Gai's team are/were still alive, we know that Dai beat them badly enough before his death that none of them were able to chase Gai's team down. We know that Zabuza was a member of the Seven Swordsmen at least long enough to be skilled with his blade when he attempted his coup, which was at least a few years before the Wave Arc. The timing would match up properly for that particular swordsman to die in this fight.

Hagoromo's brother is the ancestor of the Hyuuga Clan
It's recently revealed that Kaguya had the Byakugan and a Sharingan that resembles the Ten-Tails' eye. It's likely that the Sharingan was passed to Hagoromo, who then later evolved it into the Rinnegan, while the Byakugan was passed onto his unnamed brother.
The Night Moth will cripple Madara
Not literally in the sense he can't walk, but do enough damage that Naruto and Sasuke with Hagoromo's power will have an easier time dealing with him.

Kaguya is an ancestor of Kimimaro
Not only is Kimimaro's clan named Kaguya, but he also shares some aesthetic similarities with the Bunny Goddess (light-coloured hair, two dots on their foreheads). This may either mean the Kaguya clan is yet another offshoot of the Senju clan, or they're descended from the other son of Kaguya. This would also explain Orochimaru's great interest in him.

What if Kaguya Ōtsutsuki is the TRUE Villain and she now is the Ten Tails/Holy tree itself

[spoiler: Ok while this is more than Far fetched I think that the clue's to this are building up. Because If you pay attention to Kaguya's Image when Naruto is talkng to the Sage inside his mind you see that it's turns into Madara and that the Sage himself said that he is becoming more and more like her. Now here's the interesting part, In 673 When Madara absorbed the Holy tree, Kagura's eye's a visible in one panel after he abosrbs it. Which could mean that she live's within or is the world tree or the Ten tails itself because the two are one and the same. So here the scary part, maybe she when so mad with power that she became a demon AKA the Ten Tail and that her two son's fought her in a fight that may have killed that The Sage's twin Brother and when she lost. the Sage then when and absorbed her and split her into the Tailed Beasts to stop her from returning ever again.

But what's more; She may even be manipulating Madara without Him realising it to do her biting and may have started the whole Senju/Uchiha Conflict by serectly infecting Indra with the her Chakra and the power of the Sharingan which drove him crazy with the power (he didn't earn the hard and right way unlike Ashura) when still whole and inside her son( SQUICK!!), and then made that the Ideology of the Uchiha to seek and lust for power until someone like Madara or Obito went and decided to use the Eye of the Moon plan Complete her Twisted plan for Total world peace. One reason why I made this hypothesis is because the Sage did not tell Naruto or Sasuke the story of how his mother died or how exactly the Holy tree became the Ten Tail or even how the "Sharinnegan" which she and now Sasuke now possess. another is because while Madara did explain alot of things about the past, I don't he when into alot of the details or if he was been a Subversion to being an Unreliable narrator. Only time will tell if this will be true, jossed or both.

P.s On a Side note I think that the Byakugan came form the brother of the Sage and that only Naruto and sasuke are now Immune to the Eternal Tsukuyomi]]

  • That might make sense since the Shinju didn't immediately go berserk and try to murder Kaguya after she ate its' fruit to gain the power of chakra. That indicates that the Shinju wasn't able to transform into the Juubi at that time for some reason, maybe hinting that it wasn't even sentient then either. Considering that a tree's fruit is also the tree's seeds and that the Shinju only bears fruit once every 1,000 years, then it's possible that the Shinju has some sort of life cycle where it grows, bears fruit, dies, and then is reborn from its' fruit again. By eating its' fruit, Kaguya broke that cycle and in turn, the Shinju was reborn within her and thus SHE became the new Shinju and inadvertently gave it sentience through her. Then later on, when her physical body died, the new tree grew out from her corpse (think back to those 59 babies Orochimaru experimented on with Hashirama's cells and Danzo lost control of the Mokuton in his right arm, transformed into the Juubi and went on a rampage.

Kaguya Otsutsuki is the REAL mastermind behind the Eye of the Moon Plan
Going along with the above, the Sage of Six Paths reveals that Kaguya was fully capable of using the Eternal Tsukoyomi and had possibly already used it, or was in the process of using it, in her time. To do this, she likley merged herself with the Shinju or transformed into it somehow, in preparation. This was likely the final straw that drove her sons into rebelling against her and in turn, forced her to transform into the monstrous Juubi to put the two back in line. Madara had confirmed that the Sage had written the story of his mother into the Uchiha tablet and the Sage himself had also confirmed that he did so as a warning to future generations of Indra's line about the dangers of using force to bring peace. It's entirely likely that this was where Madara learned of the Eternal Tsukoyomi and merely continued Kaguya's ancient plan.
  • Confirmed that it is her planning all along, though the other details are still WMG.
  • The last bit is also confirmed, but only because the tablet was modified to make the technique the end-all that will save the Uchiha. It also was modified to include the instructions of how to perform it.

The Ten Tails is the Sage of 6 Paths' "father"
Kaguya became pregnant from consuming the Tree's fruit, including its seed, and in typical mythological faction had children as a result, as in the story of Taliesin, amongst others.
  • That mean...she got pregnant by a tree / Eldrich Abomination.
  • Jossed. Kaguya and the Ten-Tails are one and the same.

The Ten Tails defeated Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki and his brother
All the heroes are working to prevent the Eye of the Moon Plan. It already happened. Shinju flew into a rage after Kaguya Ōtsutsuki‎‎ stole its chakra. It soundly defeated Kaguya's children and absorbed all of humanity into it so they could never steal from it again. In the fake reality it created, the god beast fooled the Sage into thinking he had become its jinchūriki, and passed on chakra onto mankind. In actuality, all the characters live in a "matrix", the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

In order to overcome the Moon's Eye Plan, Naruto and Sasuke need the Byakugan.
Because while going Avatar State on Madara is enough for them to fight to a draw, they need the Byakugan to tip the scales in their favor. That's because the Byakugan itself is a vital component to the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The Byakugan sees all, the Rinnegan molds vision, and the Sage Arts give that vision form.
  • Doubtful. If a Byakugan really is at all vital to the Plan, then Madara would have harvested at least couple by now. But on the otherhand, the fact that Kishimoto went out of his way to point out that Kaguya has the Byakugan is significant and shouldn't be overlooked... If this is true, then the good thing is they have a whole clan of Byakugan users standing around nearby.

Naruto and Sasuke will be snared by the Infinite Tsukuyomi and then break free
Because it would be the perfect Final Temptation for two heroes who have lost their families and had their young lives screwed over by the machinations of the Big Bad. This might be important for at least Sasuke's character development to show that he is finally and truly willing to move on from the tragedy that befell his family and ultimately they would both then reject the "perfect" world.
  • that's I said earlier and it would be a possibility because Naruto and Sasuke not only have to sages power now but also because Sharingan users and Jinchūriki have resistance(being the main word here) to Genjusu as well as the fact that the sage may have even been under the ET by his own mother at one point but fought off the effects but who knows. Also on a side note Now that we now know that the Byakugan came form Kaguya It's safe to say I will become a plot point soon enough, Perhaps Hinata will finally a more Important role soon.
  • It would probably be her entire clan rather than just Hinata. She has the Byakugan, but she has nowhere NEAR the amount of power Naruto, Sasuke, Madara, & Kaguya have to be able to help out just on her own. Which, again, is a good thing her entire clan is just hanging around close by. It would likely be a combined effort by all living Hyuuga, perhaps with Hinata in the lead to show (especially to her father) that she IS more than worthy of being clan head.

Sasuke's Rinnegan has given him Limbo
.Last chapter's action was a little weird, with Madara's Limbo ability giving him some sort of alternate dimension self and Sasuke being able to see it. When Sasuke tries to hit Madara with his sword, it misses and then succeeds a few pages later, with no real explanation why. Since this wasn't explained - which it probably would have been if it was a new ability - it could be possible that Sasuke can also use limbo, but unlike Madara - who seems to use it for defensive purposes - he uses it for attacking, much like he favoured the offensive Amaterasu instead of the less direct Tsukuyomi with his Mangekyo Sharingan.

Kaguya will be the final villian.
Also going with the above theory that she is actually the ten tails. Naruto and Sasuke will actually manage to beat Madara but she will then take over his body and try to complete the Moon's eye plan herself.
  • Partially confirmed. Black Zetsu was the one who initiated the takeover, and said takeover was completed after the plan succeeded.

The "Final Fight" of the Manga will indeed be Naruto vs. Sasuke
It's been said that Kishimoto either outright said it or merely hinted at it, that the last fight in the manga is between Naruto and Sasuke. However, rather than what everyone believes it will be (ie. a dramatic battle to the death between "good and evil", etc.), it will instead be a friendly sparring match between two best friends and rivals living in (presumed) peace after the war is over, back in Konoha, complete with that two finger handshake Konoha nin seem to do before a spar. Then the manga closes with that.
  • Or we see them leap at each other with Chidori and Rasengan... and it fades to white, and we never know the outcome.

Madara and Sasuke each have one last Mangekyou Sharingan technique, and they will be used to decide the final battle.
I'm sure everyone's noticed by now, but each Mangekyou user shown has a technique unique to them: Kakashi (and Obito) has Kamui, Itachi has Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, and Shisui has Kotoamatsukami. Sasuke received Amaterasu from Itachi and therefore it isn't his jutsu. Madara hasn't used any Sharingan-related jutsu other than Susan'oo, and everyone who awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan has their own version of it; even Shisui has one. I believe that, in this final battle, two final Mangekyo Sharingan jutsu will be revealed in the decisive moments of the final battle.
  • It seems like every Rinnegan has it's own unique ability, Limbo for Madara's eyes and Sasuke's teleportation ability, they'll probably pull out another ability using the Rinnegan if that's how the battle ends, since the Mangekyo has become almost redundant just like the Sharingan did.

Black Zetsu betrayed Madara
Madara created Black Zetsu to have his personality and knowledge to complete the moon's eye plan, Black Zetsu seemed excited when he finally got the yin half of Kurama so he might intend on being the Jinchuriki of the Ten Tails, he's an opportunistic bastard like the real Madara so he's probably tried to possess Madara since Madara's body is stronger than Obito's even if it is more injured.
  • Confirmed! Except that he was actually Kaguya's will all along.

Kaguya is a well-intentioned extremist
Unlike Madara who just wants power she truly wants peace. She just thinks that humans will never be able to live peaceful lives on their own and will always find reasons to go to war and thus she created the moon's eye plan to force people to live peacefully. And she will probably take control of the eternal tsukoyomi from Madara.
  • But she has such an evil smile: [1]
    • Wouldn't your smile look evil if you had blank white eyes and were seen in that context?
    • Despite having good intentions in the beginning, she lost her mind due to the immense power and initiated the technique to absorb all the chakra in the world and turn everyone into White Zetsu servants.

Kaguya is the empath
She has the same empathetic powers as Naruto and thus can feel negative emotions. If she is the ten tails then these powers might have had something to do with it. All the negative emotions she started feeling after people saw her as a demon eventually caused her to become the ten tails.

The zombie Hokages will rescue everybody from the genjutsu.
They don't seem to have been affected by the Infinite Tsukuyomi, so maybe they can rescue everybody else while Team 7 holds Madara at bay.
  • They tried, they failed.

Madara didn't decipher the full Uchiha stone tablet and it's going to be his undoing as he misunderstood the Sage's warning. The Curse of Hatred was a tool to manipulate Indra and his reincarnations into reviving her
He didn't have the Rinnegan then, so he couldn't have deciphered it fully. The tablet is meant to warn the reader not to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Because that has something to do with Kaguya's revival. Lately we've been seeing signs of Kaguya that suggest she's still alive somehow. Probably Kaguya was also sealed into the moon by her sons to stop her from casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi while her chakraw entered every living being in the world. Perhaps she even became one with the Shinju (which is why it asks Madara to revive her?) Therefore for her revival she planned to use the Tsukuyomi to get free, gather the chakra back into the fruit that her chakra is originally made of and complete her revival. But these are the very details Madara failed to decipher. Perhaps this was the original purpose of the Curse of Hatred? Kaguya creating the darkness within Madara / Indra as he had done to Obito? Kaguya was subtly corrupting people's chakra to force them to turn evil and become a pawn to ultimately revive her?

Now it looks like Madara has set Kaguya free by casting the Tsukuyomi on to the moon (hence her slasher smile face looking over the world), and given the trend we have seen so far, they will soon dispose of Madara now that his purpose is served. Laser-Guided Karma.

  • Going on this, if the Curse of Hatred that started with Indra was indeed the work of Kaguya corrupting him, then I believe the major reason Sasuke was the first and only reincarnation of Indra to overcome the Curse of Hatred was because Madara had infused Kaguya's will (thinking it was his own) to create Black Zetsu before his reincarnation cycle ended. Thus when Indra's chakra reincarnated again in the next cycle onto Sasuke, it did NOT carry Kaguya's will/corruption over with it. So even though Sasuke ultimately pulled a heel-face turn of his own choice/free will, it might have really helped that he would not have Kaguya influencing him.
  • For Bonus points, Kaguya will appear and reveal the full story written on the stone tablet and why Hagoromo even revealed the secret of the infinite tsukuyomi at all (when you look at it he could have avoided it if he kept his mouth shut, but for some reason he didn't). The sage claims he left it to warn his descendants, probably because he was trying to warn them of Kaguya's plans to use the Rinnegan and the power of the Tsukuyomi to make all chakra into one and revive her. The reason of that is that because Kaguya was the origin of all the chakra in the world, when all the chakra in the world becomes one, it will bring out Kaguya's chakra the same way mixing Indra and Ashura's chakra brought out Hagoromo's rinnegan and Kaguya will use that to revive her powers after using Madara's rinnegan to revive herself.
    • Turns out Black Zetsu edited the monument to favor the Infinite Tsukuyomi, meaning no matter how thoroughly Madara deciphered it, he would get the opposite of Hagoromo's warning and be manipulated into reviving Kaguya anyways.
  • Yeah. One reason why the Eye of the moon plan may have begun now is because Hashirama possess Wood style with may be key in controlling the ten tails and using the last part of the IT as well as absorbing Chakra. Kaguya may waited for the time were one of the descendent's of Asura or Indra to be born wiht wood style and their fore allowing her to finally begin her plans. Also Hashirama is no one lie about such things as killing Madara during their last battle so it's possible She brought Him back form the dead without his knowledge to carry out her will and that his second(?) death was to avoid suspicion and have Obito carry out a Batman Gambit to set all of the plans in motion.

Kaguya plans to revive herself to destroy the world
  • Originally at some point, she got too Drunk on her God level Power and decided the only way to stop wars was to wipe out the world altogether and create a new one. And that's why the sage believes that if the chakra fruit is revived, Kaguya's chakra will arise again and the world will be destroyed.

Kaguya will Return in two ways.
  • Now that kaguya will return, I think she will gain physical form in two way, Hijacking Madara and:
    • Transform Him into her own true form since his has the ten tails and the rinnegan. Hens Delivering the ultimate Karmicdeath by Bodyhorror and becoming whatyouhate.
    • the other is to use black zetsu to suck Madara dry and hijacking Hinata become she may be resisting the IT and also because she has the buyakugan as well as the fact their are both women.
Either the HSQ was gone uptoelven now that she's back and Madara will get was he deserves.

Kaguya became the Shinju and this was how she managed to take over Madara when he absorbed her
  • Building up on all the above theories, it was actually Kaguya's body that was the Shinju tree that was manifested on the battlefield (which explains why the Ten Tails could be revived by Madara a second time while the original tree still stood). Kaguya is actually immortal after eating the fruit (if Madara could boast of immortality, then it's very possible Kaguya is too). If a part of a person can survive and reincarnate via their chakra, then Kaguya will be revived if a new chakra fruit is created. So Kaguya tells Madara to absorb the tree which means she entered his body and that's what gave him her third eye. With all the chakra of the world gathering into one under Madara's wood release, Kaguya's chakra is restored to full power. Now she can turn Zetsu into her will and use her presence within Madara to control his body, which is what we are seeing now.
    • The Juubi didn't really seem to be so intelligent that it could speak in complete sentences. It's possible that when Kaguya's sons decided to stop her plans to control the world with the Infinite Tsukuyomi, she merged with the tree and this caused it to turn into the Ten Tails. Or Kaguya was defeated and absorbed by the Ten Tails, which was not enough to get back it's fruit as Kaguya's chakra had now gone to both her sons. That could explain how she could have put her will through Madara to manifest Black zetsu because at that time she was still part of the ten Tails.

The sage of Six paths invented his tools to capture and seal his mother. She was set free when Madara's forehead protector pierced Ten Ten's scroll
  • Those tools are ridiculously overpowered and are able to capture a person's soul using the word most spoken by them and require ridiculous levels of chakra just to handle them once, which is at a whole new level beyond anything we've seen. Why would such a powerful sealing technique be required? Because it was meant to seal either Kaguya or tails, most probably Kaguya because she's human her soul could be captured by a technique this powerful. However Madara first spit out the tools and then his forehead protector just so accidentally happened to fall on Tenten's scrolls. Probably this pierced one of them and her spirit / will, was set free. Is it me or was Madara defeated by sheer accident?
  • Bonus points if those tools will be able to seal her away at the end for good.

Kaguya is actually the Shinigami Dead Demon and a shout out to Death Note
  • An interesting hypothesis. She was a princess who eventually began to be feared as a demon. The dead demon looks like what she would become after turning into an evil witch, growing old and her soul banished to the role of the Shinigami after her death. In fact take a look at the Shingami Mask - rather resembles an old, evil witch doesn't it? Besides we've seen her in a flashback in pose not unlike the Shinigami. Perhaps that was her punishment for eating the forbidden fruit. But here's an even better idea. Kaguya Death Note, the Shinigami are beings that keep prolonging their life span by killing humans (i.e. basically causing death among people). Kaguya was so drunk with power that she wanted to be truly immortal and became the dead demon so that she could live using the deaths of people throughout history to prolong her lifespan. Perhaps this was the true secret of the Curse of Hatred — Shinigami in Japanese folklore induce people to have suicidal thoughts. Kaguya works a little differently - she possesses and corrupts people to inherit deep hatred. While hatred induces the Ninja world at war, the Uchiha, beginning with Indra inherited the Shinju's chakra and are prone to demonic corruption. By inducing Indra's descendants fall into the curse of hatred to kill each other and their enemies to gain more power, Kaguya kept prolonging her lifespan as the Shinigami and waited for the time when one of Indra's reincarnations fell victim to enough hatred that they would awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan and understand the secret of the Infinite Tsukuyomi to control the whole world — and that person happened to be Madara.

  • In fact, The description of Shinigami in The Other Wiki throws up something very interesting. "...In the Ehon Hyaku Monogatari from Tenpō 12 (1841), there was a story titled "Shinigami," but in this one, the shinigami was the spirit of a deceased one and had bad intent, and acting in jointly with the malicious intent already within people who were living, those people were led on bad paths, which caused repeat incidents to occur at places where there was previously a murder incident, for example by causing the same suicide at places where people have hung themselves before,[14] and thus these shinigami are somewhat like a possession that would cause people to want to die..." and " the kabuki Mekuranagaya Umega Kagatobi by Kawatake Mokuami in Meiji 19 (1886), a shinigami enters into people's thoughts, making them think about bad things they have done and want to die..." Now replace suicide with revenge and this sounds eerily similar to how the curse of hatred works . What if Kaguya's spirit became the Shinigami after she died - unable to truly die and move on as punishment for eating the forbidden Chakra fruit — or perhaps on purpose as part of her plan to revive herself and attain immortality ? Perhaps this is also the reason for the massive Generation Xerox that has been happening among Indra's and Asura's reincarnations too.

  • Oh and her pose with arms stretched out is a possible representation of her "spiritual" crucification kind of punishment.

The reason behind the Shinju sprouting the Chakra fruit will be revealed
  • Because we explicitly don't know why yet. Not even Hagoromo knows. Only the Shinju and perhaps Kaguya themselves know. One idea is that the Shinju is reborn from the fruit every thousand years. Another could be is that the fruit is some accumulation of special chakra that the Shinju cannot contain for some reason, but which it is very desperate to get back. The fruit probably contains power that the Shinju cannot control, as it will make a person who eats it even stronger than itself. Or maybe it works like this.

The final twist is...
  • Hinata is the reincarnation of Kaguya.
    • Good lord, no! Don't give Naruto a reason to avoid her after the fact!

The Curse of Hated is the reason Kaguya may have got evil in the first place. That is the price for eating the fruit
  • Okey while we all know that the Sharingan is fuelled by hate born out of love. One has to wonder what drove Kaguya to start using the IT and go from a wellintentionedextremist to a near sociopathic dictator. One reason is that she may have been the first one to succumb to the curse of hated because her lover and the father of the sage of the six paths was killed in one of the very few events where she was totally powerless and hens that hate created the third eye and may have even mutated her into the ten tails.
    • Or the fact that she ate the fruit meant she succumbed to hatred in the long run as a consequence. Probably like a Pandora's box, Kaguya introduced a special hatred into the world and eventually became victim to it. It's likely that Indra and then his descendants are vulnerable to extreme hatred because Indra favoured his grandmother's methods and therefore was more attuned to her. However this allowed Kaguya's hatred to spread through the chakra he had inherited from her, causing him to fall to the curse of hatred and passing it on to the Uchiha.

Kaguya or Madara may blow up the moon
  • To ensure that the Infinite Tsukuyomi cannot be undone.
    • Wouldn't that make it easier to undo?
    • You'd need the moon to cast the justu to stop it, won't you? How are they going to do that if she blows up the moon?

Kaguya created the moon
  • Hagoromo simply sealed the Gedo Mazo into it. But Kaguya created it to complete her infinite Tsukuyomi

Kaguya is creating her Zetsu army to fight the Zero Tails.
  • Raiga was made canon in the Manga despite first appearing in the Manga so why not the Zero Tails? The Zero Tails in my theory was once as powerful as the Ten Tails before having it's power split into Satori, the Kamenjū, the Three-Headed Guardian Beast and the Light Dragon with it's body being left powerless like the Ten Tails' body was yet unlike the Ten Tails it retained it's sentience and still be capable of movement. When all 7 split parts of itself are reunited the Zero Tails will take it's true form and fight Kaguya.
    • There's also the possibility that someone may decide to become it's Jinchuriki becoming equal to Kaguya causing a three way battle featuring two opposing Big Bads fighting each other and Naruto and Sasuke.

In relation to the above Orochimaru will escape the Infinite Tsukuyomi and become the Zero Tails Jinchūriki.
  • Orochimaru is possessing a Zetsu and since Kaguya's Infinite Tsukuyomi creates Zetsu the jutsu will ultimately reject Orochimaru and cast him out allowing him to locate all the components of the Zero Tails and use them to become their Jinchūriki.

Madara will be back
  • Because he's far too cool a Villain to die all of a sudden and it's kind of a let down that he went out without any resistance.
  • And he shouldn't go without figuring out his connection to Indra and Sasuke.
  • He got absorbed by Kaguya, so he'll figure out a way to attack her from the inside.
  • Madara will do an Obito and pull a Heel–Face Turn now that he realizes he was totally deceived.
  • He'll be spat out by Kaguya like Majin Buu. After Kaguya's defeat he'll be on the ground, paralyzed and no longer the Ten tails' host, express repentance to Hashirama and do a Rinne Tensei no jutsu to atone for his crimes. Sasuke gets his eyes.

Hamura is still alive
  • With the other half of the juubi's power in him, no less. Waiting for the day his mother would revive to stop her for good.

Hogoromo and Hamura will be brought back using Edo Tensei

Kaguya's plan this time to make peace is to turn humanity mindless
  • So they won't have free will to fight each other.

Madara was rescued by Kaguya's Black Zetsu after his fight with Hashirama
  • Which could explain how he survived. If you take a close look at this panel, you can see that just after defeating Madara, Hashirama senses something above and a black substance comes from the sky, however he dismisses it as he was too exhausted to continue. Now we can conclude that this is Kaguya's black Zetsu, having waited for years to find someone who wants to enact the Eye of the Moon plan. Once Hashirama departs, Black Zetsu enters into Madara and revives him, though Madara himself is not aware of how he survived. Madara proceeds with his plan, and it's probably by the influence of Zetsu that he comes up with the idea of creating White Zetsus using Hashirama's cells. Later, when Madara believes he created Black Zetsu, what he really did was to simply release Kaguya's Zetsu from his body before he died. This also means Kishi planned Madara's defeat a long long time ago and for Kaguya to be the main villain.
    • Bonus points if Kaguya also figured out beforehand that Indra or his reincarnations may attempt to recreate the Rinnegan and read Hagoromo's tablet, and planned for Black Zetsu to assist them in the plan.
    • CONFIRMED! It was Black Zetsu who rescused Madara's body alright. What is jossed is that Zetsu did not enter into Madara's body - Madara revived himself. Also confirmed is that Black Zetsu did assist Madara in creating the Rinnegan - by completely rewriting the text on the tablet so that it would look like the Infinite Tsukuyomi would save the world, which Madara dutifully followed.

Hamura became the Death God/Shinigami
  • The Shinigami has horns similar to Kaguya, his hair is like a combination of Hagoromo's and Kaguya's, and his style of clothing is similar to the two's. It would give Hamura big enough impact on the manga, to equal his mother and brother. Not to mention, The 'Dead Demon Consuming Seal' jutsu that summons Shinigami, with it requiring sacrificing oneself, serves as a great antithesis to Madara'a and Kaguya's methods of sacrificing others. Hamaru was the first user of this jutsu, and became the entity tied to it, the Shinigami.
    • That would explain why the Uzumaki clan had a mask allowing them to control the Shinigami without being fatal depending on how they use it.

Tobirama will sacrifice Orochimaru for the Edo Tensei and then revive him from Anko's curse seal.
Presuming, of course, that Edo Tensei zombies are capable of using the Edo Tensei. The target of the resurrection: Shisui Uchiha. His Kotoakatsukami would be invaluable, and they just so happen to have a wood-style user available to recharge him.

Nagato was blind in one Rinnegan.
As shown by the most recent chapter Madara used Izanagi and went blind in one eye so the Rinnegan must have been blind as well which explains why Nagato has Peek-a-Bangs. The blind Rinnegan can give it's power yet can't see at all. In all likelyhood it was the blind eye that Obito took.

Kaguya was originally fine with her sons using chakra until they opposed her Infinite Tsukuyomi.
If their chakra alone was enough to make her want to kill them, she could have easily done it the moment they were born, especially when her eyes could tell if they inherited her chakra. Additionally, she met her grandchildren, which means she was okay with them using chakra for the first few decades of their lives. She also taught them to how to control chakra in the first place, since it would be too difficult for them to defeat their much more experienced mother or come up with elaborate jutsus otherwise.

Kaguya was going to exempt her family from the Infinite Tsukuyomi and have them rule with her, but Hagoromo and Hamura disagreed and stopped the genjutsu with the Rinnegan. This falling out caused Kaguya to become paranoid about trusting others with chakra, which made her jump further off the slippery slope, if such a thing were even possible.

Kaguya will possess Sakura.

If Kaguya knew how Sasuke and Naruto care about Sakura, she might take her body and make the difficult more difficult for the two. Not only that but Sakura's self healing powers combined with Kaguya's chakura would make her invincible.

  • It word work to have Naruto do the Take a Third Option where he stops Kaguya *and* saves Sakura, but Sasuke has shown he doesn't care if Sakura dies, that was a major point in her development in a previous chapter. Sasuke would kill Sakura to get to Kaguya.
    • If she does, then she essentially is just the Shadow Queen from Paper Mario.

Everyone caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi will become a White Zetsu...
...but then Tobirama will use the Edo Tensei to convert them into immortal zombies and restore their sense of self.
  • Wouldn't he need DNA from everyone in the world, meaning that even if he did sacrifice every zetsu, people who died before the war might be revived instead.

After Kaguya is defeated, Madara will come back...
...and then Tenten will seal him with the Sage tools, making everyone sigh with relief. Cue Everybody Laughs Ending. No, seriously.

The Grand Finale will be a Earn Your Happy Ending type ending.

Hamura is Black Zetsu
Black Zetsu didn't persuade him to turn against his brother, he did it himself and became Black Zetsu.

The new movie is going to lead into a crossover with DBZ.
Here's what we know so far: According to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, there are twelve universes, each with its own god of destruction. Beers is the DBZ universe god of destruction, and the DBZ universe is #7 of 12. Kaguya wants to turn the whole world into White Zetsus to build a massive army, even though there doesn't seem to be anyone left to fight, and besides which, she's by far the strongest person who ever lived in the Naruto world. Maybe, she's preparing to challenge the Narutoverse god of destruction (perhaps to supplant him, or perhaps because she feels threatened by him). Either way, defeating Kaguya won't make the god of destruction ignore the ninja world. Instead, the god of destruction is going to arrive a few years after the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, and the ensuing battle will tear open a dimensional rift: Cue epic crossover with DBZ and up to ten other Shonen Jump Franchises.
  • This can't happen. Can you imagine the massive lawsuits leveled against against them from the deaths caused by literally blowing the roofs off millions of houses worldwide? On a serious note without some serious Power Creep, Power Seep in action this would be terrible. The power scale between Naruto and Dragonball is something like a gerbil vs a grizzly bear. Assuming he didn't get caught in a genjutsu Krillin (Circa Frieza Saga) could probably take Madara with minimal problems. Even at (what we assume) is the end of Naruto people are impressed by destroying mountain ranges. By the time the Cell Saga starts it's brought up several times that you can't aim down (Vegeta's Final Flash, Cell v Goku Kamehameha and Goku v Cell Instant Transmission Kamehameha) because you'll destroy the Earth itself. Though I wouldn't put it beyond the writers to directly mention that each reality is different and hilarity ensues while the heroes try to adapt to the rules. Raditz was the last guy Goku had to fight without being able to fly consistently and Naruto can't fly at all. That alone might pay for the deaths caused from the aforementioned blown roofs from the announcement.
Obito came back and gave Kakashi Sharingan because Isanagi.
It turns reality into dreams and dreams into reality. This is what he programmed his Isanagi to do.

Itachi was the most recent reincarnation of Indra.
Indra was known for being strong, being talented at anything he tried to learn, doing everything on his own and being a loner, all traits that both Madara and Itachi shared, while Sasuke started off weak and unskilled and only got stronger by seeking training from others and he was still unable to reach Itachi's level. Sasuke only became a host of Indra's chakra after implanting Itachi's eyes.

Hidan lacks the ability to do Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, like Rock Lee.
Think about it, all Hidan ever utilized was his Taijutsu, as well as his Curse. It could be that he couldn't use them, like Lee. Hidan did have his Curse ability, but it is possible that ability just stems from his faith, not his chakra.

The pairings are going to be resolved in some hilarious way in the last couple pages.
Because once the plot is resolved, there'll be time for one more gag in the form of in-universe trolling. Now that Sasuke and Sakura have been reunited, Naruto feels like a third wheel and doesn't even try to pursue Sakura, but instead decides to just propose to Hinata out of the blue, stunning all onlookers, especially Minato. Shikamaru and Temari finally get together, but not before one last Will They or Won't They? bit of suspense. Sai will amaze everyone by actually saying something from the heart rather than from a script and genuinely show affection for Ino. Finally, Shino will lament being ignored like he always is.

Tracking ninja will still be employed as ninja after the war.
Just because the villages are at peace with each other, doesn't mean there aren't still dangerous missing nin on the loose. Sure, they may not be nearly as strong as the Akatsuki, but they're still super-powered criminals who pose a serious threat to a lot of people. Mopping them up is still going to require a significant amount of manpower.

The Sage of Six Paths is actually Orochimaru.
There's something suspicious about him and Orochimaru's goals haven't been revealed yet despite Kaguya's fall...
  • What's more Orochimaru is Hagoromo's reincarnation and was taken over by Hagoromo's mind right at the start and manipulating things so that he would regain his original form. By possessing a Zetsu he would be able to bond with Kaguya and have the Zetsu turned into Hagoromo due to the nature of Infinite Tsukuyomi. Sasuke was a chance to gain three full powered Rinnegans so he made use of him at least until Itachi derailed that plan when he sent one of Hagoromo's Orochimaru manifestations into an unbreakable genjutsu before it could possess Sasuke.

Naruto is currently under a Infinite Tsukuyomi-induced genjutsu hallucination.
In the last chapter (580), we see Naruto and Sasuke on the verge of touching Kaguya with their hand seals. Come 590, it's over. Neither Kaguya nor Black Zetsu have an ace up their sleeves, and we get treated to what looks like the start of a hero's celebration. That is an extremely anticlimactic end for a character whose abilities and power outclasses that of Madara, who was already a Story-Breaker Power to the nth degree. Yes, Kaguya is not a shinobi, hence her reliance on Zetsu's strategies and the lack of foresight to predict some of Naruto's more ingenious tactics, but she was sealed away far too easily, which is fishy in and of itself. Perhaps it's nothing more than wishful thinking, but it feels like something's rotten in the state of Denmark.

Naruto is going to let Sakura be with Sasuke
In Chapter 691, the only thing Naruto stumbled upon in his goodbye to Mintao was marrying a girl like Kushina. Another translation took it even further by having him say that he wasn't able to keep all of his promises. With Sasuke now redeemed, Naruto is going to let Sakura be with Sasuke to restore the Uchiha clan.

Naruto: The Last predictions.
  • Naru Hina becomes canon, Shika Temari is another couple that becomes canon as well among other popular ships. I saw a WMG on something along the lines of one version would handle shippings and the other would not(I think?) The final movie would be the one to handle the shipping, not the anime or the manga.
    • Hiashi will turn over control of the Hyuuga clan to Hinata. Hinata resigns from front line duty after getting married and assuming control of the Hyuuga clan, and Hanabi takes her place on Team 8, see above WMG about tracking ninja.
  • Sasuke WILL NOT be in the movie due to dying in the manga and/or anime(if it happens). He dies due to what happened in manga chapter 691
    • OP here: The Sasuke part is jossed - Sasuke appears to be in the movie
      • Counter-WMG: "Sasuke" is a ghost, hallucination, dream, lookalike, etc. He looks like he's got some chains, maybe he's got some kind of Jacob Marley thing going on.
  • Jashin will be the villain, since he might be the only thing capable of posing a threat after the war.

Kurama will convince Naruto to kill Sasuke.

Hinata will be the main villain of Naruto: The Last
  • A way to give the film a villain with pathos (instead of a new random threat that everyone just forgot to mention existed), solve the shipping wars, AND deconsruct DieForOurShip in one fell stroke. Namely, Naruto lets her down as gently as possible (because even if he doesn't love Hinata, that doesn't mean he would be a jerk to her), but the rejection causes Hinata to go mad and swear vengeance not only on Naruto, but the village and people he loves so much. She's also going to take several levels in badass during the time skip in order to be a credible threat. Ultimately, she's a tragic villain warped by hatred and who's similarities to the way Sasuke's hatred consumed him will not go unnoticed by the cast.
    • That just doesn't work, if for no other reason than Naruto has been immune to Gentle Fist attacks since he beat Neji. Now that he knows senjutsu, he doesn't even need to have access to Kurama's chakra to overwhelm a chakra block and force his chakra points open. Now if Hinata was possessed by some super-powered evil like Kaguya, that would be a different story.
      • In her current state, Hinata is clearly no match for any of the main cast. However, what if she found something or someone that could make her a match for Naruto, such as freeing Kaguya, or coming across something related to the Ten Tails that would allow her to fight the main cast on an even keel? Considering the lengths that she would go to for vengeance, looking for such a thing would not be out of the question.
      • Concept Art hints that the Big Bad is actually a descendant of Hamura Otsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths' brother, and kidnaps Hanabi. What if Hinata is the new villain's woman on the inside? She has every motivation to want to kidnap Hanabi, the chosen one of the clan than disowned her. She could easily set a trap with the rescue mission to lead Naruto to his death, getting her revenge on the boy that rejected her. And whatever the Big Bad is planning likely spells doom for Kohana, the village that did nothing to help her. She could easily become The Dragon to the main villain, and eventually either be taught the error of her ways, or if you want to enrage hardcore shippers, have her meet her end pursuing revenge.

Tobi's survival through all that he took in the Infinite Tsukuyomi Arc had nothing to do with all the stuff the characters said.
Rather, it was the fact that he was mostly Zetsu

The Giant Turtle gave Naruto the answer

He is actually an ancient being from the Sage's time and know Ninshuu. He gave Naruto the power to take jutsu away from a person and that's how Naruto will defeat Sasuke without killing him.

And if you think this should be a total rip-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender, you're probably right.

  • And it will make just as little sense here as it did there. Still, I could see it happening.

The Sage of Six Paths is hinting at getting rid of chakra altogether
Giving one brother chakra-powers resulted in war; giving both "brothers" equal chakra powers doesn't seem to be working out either so clearly the answer is that NO ONE should have chakra powers at all (it works for Guy and Rock Lee).
  • Though he's still counting on Naruto to guide Sasuke back to the light side so maybe he's still considering what to do.

Sasuke's "revolutionary" plan is actually good, he just can't implement it himself
Let's face it, despite having a relatively low kill count for a villain/anti-villain no one is gonna follow Sasuke even if his plan involved a free animal sidekick to every ninja and free ramen forever. He's an arrogant over-powered traitor, the brother of an arrogant over-powered traitor, and from a clan of arrogant over-powered traitors (although the general public doesn't know that last part). But the people would follow Naruto, who's been spouting his compassionate determinator message since day one, rallied the ninja villages to unite against a common foe, befriended all nine tailed beasts, and just helped stop multiple things that would have caused the end of the world in one day; now all he has to do is stop one more threat — Sasuke — and he'll have cemented his reputation as the greatest living ninja and possibly the greatest ninja ever. Sasuke's going to tell Naruto his plan, let Naruto defeat him (or at least put on a great show of "defeating" him), and let Naruto guide the whole ninja world into an age of peace and enlightenment.
  • Nope, it's dumb and shows how little he learned from Itachi (or how poor Itachi's communication skills are).
  • While a similar plan may have worked for Lelouch vi Britannia, Sasuke is no Lelouch. He's trying to go at it completely alone, manipulating every single person he can instead of having at least a small group aware of his intentions and aiding him in achieving them. Naruto could have been his Suzaku, but he clearly never thought of actually discussing his plan with his supposed equal like an adult would.

Other ideas about Sasuke:
I might be wrong but here goes: Sasuke has Sharingan. Sharingan is fueled by despair. Sasuke's despair comes from his brother murdering his clan, so you'd think he'd be satisfied by killing his brother, but no — he learns his brother was ordered to stop the Uchiha's coup by Danzo and the Leaf Village elders. Sasuke kills Danzo but still isn't satisfied so he turns his anger onto Leaf Village itself for their ignorance towards Itachi (this is reversed for stylistic reasons). Sasuke is captured by Madara/Obito and learns about the history of the ninja world and it seems that he's finally settled on something to blame: the entirety of ninja society (which is, let's face it, a pretty crummy state of affairs — even Leaf Village, the most peaceful and friendly of all the hidden villages, is still training children to be assassins). Thus, the theories:
  • Sasuke is driven to find things to blame the deaths of his clan and his brother on despite the fact that he essentially satisfied both things by killing Itachi and Danzo because of his despair-fueled Sharingan. At this point I'm sure if he killed every living thing on earth eventually something would sprout again so he'd go kill the sun, and when that didn't satisfy him he'd either create a black hole or try to stop the Big Bang. He won't stop until he's either dead or Sharingan- or Chakra-free, and Naruto's the only one who can do that — he's basically provoking Naruto into killing/sealing him because he can't stop his destructive ways.
  • Sasuke wants to unite the ninja world a la the first Emperor of China, or at least the one depicted in Hero: if the five ninja countries are united they won't fight and won't cause another ninja war.
  • Sasuke wants to unite the ninja world a la Lelouche Lamperouge and become the target of everyone's hatred, and what could be more hate-inducing than killing the five Kages after they had already united and fought as a team to save the world?.
    • Oh my god he's going for the last one! This might not have been quite so bad if the last two Big Bads hadn't copied their plans from other stories as well! Pain's plan to control all war is from Metal Gear and Obito's plan to trap all of humanity in a happy dream world was from The Matrix.
      • The above is pretty much confirmed, as of chapter 694. Sasuke says he plans to bear the burden of everyone's hate, essentially becoming a lightning rod to unite the world in their hatred.

Everything Sasuke says is a lie.
This is just an elaborate Suicide by Cop because he can't move beyond his misery.
  • Better yet this an elaborate Suicide by Cop so that he can kill Indra and end the cycle for good. Though of course there's a strong likelyhood that Naruto will rip Indra out of Sasuke's head and try to kill him though whether he'll pull it off right away without someone *cough*Orochimaru*cough* grabbing Indra's chakra for himself is another matter...
  • The "him" in "try to kill him" means Indra, right? Also I thought Orochimaru was dead for good? Maybe Kabuto will nab Indra's powers then make a clone(?) of himself and make it literally insanely powerful... purely for the ouroboros symbolism.
    • Orochimaru is alive and well inside the Infinite Tsukoyomi.
      • Also, Anko still has her curse seal, so even if Orochimaru is killed again, he still has one more respawn left.
      • Anko's mark was removed when Orochimaru came out of it.

The November 10 issue of Shonen Jump will contain two Naruto chapters.
So the series will end with Chapter 700.
  • Confirmed.

Tsunade steps down as Hokage on her own, or gets killed.
  • She'll return to her old life with Shizune...OR Sasuke/Orochimaru/someone will end up killing her.
    • OP here confirming she does "drop" the title, and Kakashi gets to become the sixth, but he gives it to Naruto, who becomes the seventh hokage.

Absolutely no resolution will be given to the Love Triangle by either the manga or The Last.
  • Because as Eiichiro Oda (the author of One Piece) once said, this is a boys comic. If you want romance, don't read comics for guys.
    • Jossed: The manga does show Naruto x Hinata, among other characters during the end in the manga as shipped to other characters.

Orochimaru will be the Big Bad of The Last
When he helped Tsunade get her back on her feet (literally), he implanted her with something that will allow him to revive himself once his three years are up. He will try to take over Naruto's body after seeing how superior he is to Sasuke, along with Kurama's healing factor reducing the need to body hop. To kill Orochimaru once and for all, Naruto will let him take over his body. Since Orochimaru never learned to be in harmony with Kurama, his body will disintegrate when he attempts to enter Nine-Tailed mode.
  • Why wouldn't Naruto just disintergrate Orochimaru before he possesses him, Orochimaru has come back from a lot worse than disintegration with no real trouble and has a bunch of ways to resurrect himself, Orochimaru even admitted that he couldn't take over Sasuke and thats before his power ups, Naruto's way stronger than Sasuke was at that point.
    • Well, if it happens right after he'd take over Tsunade, he probably wouldn't have had time for a backup plan.
    • Orochimaru's meant to be smart, why would he try taking over Naruto right after taking over Tsunade and having at least 3 years to set up to possess Naruto.
  • Jossed: Concept Art hints that the Big Bad is actually a descendant of Hamura Otsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths' brother. Based on the fact he kidnaps Hanabi, and also has a byakugan himself, along with his general outfit-theme.

The purpose of The Last will be to develop Naruto and Hinata's relationship
If what the Naru Hina related ads say what we think it says, then they may end up being the Official Couple. To avoid Ending Fatigue, the manga will end with an ambiguous nod to the pairing, and the movie will develop the relationship.
  • So the story ends in a completely different medium? That would be a slap in the face to fans of the manga that never bothered with the anime for whatever reason, and may not be available to them. Not to mention, completely ignoring shipping, making the Naruto/Hinata relationship plausible in a two hour relationship when next to zero development was given to it by the manga would ensure that the film would have devote nearly all its time to it (rather than build off of the manga) and be a love story on the level of Titanic to make the relationship plausible. I don't see it.
    • No development. Right. Sorry. To try to avoid being offensive I'll say this. Given what has happened in the manga AND the fact that we get a time skip. It seems completely plausible.
      • No, no, no, that's not what I meant. What I meant is, let's say someone's a loyal reader of what is possibly one of the most popular comics in the entire world. And you get to the last chapter, and there is no hint of who he ends up with, not even a slight development. No, to get that, you have to go watch the movie. A movie that may not be available in your territory for several months at earliest and that may only be if you resort to...unsavory methods. Wouldn't you as a reader feel jipped?
      • Only if you cared about his love life, the focus has never been on romance at all, it's pretty unlikely that it would end with Naruto having a harem, so only one shipping faction would be satisfied by a hint and then there would be some non-shippers who would be annoyed at the inclusion of something pointless.
      • OP Now I get what you are saying. I respect your point, and I personally wouldn't care as much because I follow both the manga and the anime, but that's just me.
  • Confirmed. Developing Naruto and Hinata's relationship is the whole point of the movie.

Kakashi becomes the next Hokage
It's another thing I've personally called It also appears this trailer seems to confirm it.

Sasuke will be missing both of his arms
As we have seen from chapter 698, Naruto and Sasuke lost their right and left arms, respectively in their final clash. But in The Last, Naruto has a new, albeit fully bandaged, arm. Meanwhile, Sasuke is clad in a poncho. There has to be some connection, right? Perhaps Sasuke transplanted his own into Naruto while hiding his lack of them? With two years having gone by, Sasuke would probably have learned Shinra Tensei/Almighty Push and other world enders, so he probably wouldn't need an arm anyway.
  • I'm guessing that Naruto will regrow their arms like he made Kakashi a new eye.
  • Naruto can regenerate any injury as long as he has Kurama's chakra to draw on. The only reason Naruto still couldn't move by morning was because Kurama too had passed out from exhaustion. I expect Naruto to be 100% within a week.
  • Jossed: They get Senju cell prosthetics like Obito did.

The reason why Kakashi will be Hokage
Like Naruto said to Konohamaru, There are no shortcuts to being Hokage. He'll believe that Kakashi would be more worthy, since he trained him to get to where he is. Naruto will optimistically say he has his whole life to become Hokage.

Toneri Otsutsuki will be a flamboyant and fabulous villain, much like Ghirahim.
His poses and slightly girlish appearance kind of hint towards this.

A new generation of shippers
We finally have some closure in regards to most of the much anticipated pairings, such as Naruto x Hinata, although there still may yet be skirmishes here and there (just like with the conclusion of the first Avatar saga). But it won't be long until people start pairing the new generation (and maybe Konohamaru and Hanabi) with each other, and then we'd be having the Second Great Shipping War. I have no doubt one of the crack pairings to emerge first will be incest-related as opposed to the Ho Yay of the previous generation.
  • Bolt x Sarada is getting quite popular as of now, I am not sure about other ships.
    • The above said "crack" pairings, not highly plausible ones.

Anko deliberately gained weight
Chouji was sensitive about his weight, so it wouldn't seem too far off if Chouchou had similar insecurities. So, Anko deliberately put on weight to make her pupil feel better about herself.

If the Naruto new generation spin-off goes well, it will become a full fledged, but short, series.
Almost like a test to see how the fandom will like it and react to it. It'd also not take the series 15 years to conclude, either.

Sarada's real Mom
Not to say that Sasuke isn't currently together with Sakura - metaphorically speaking, at least - but Sarada has the same type of glasses as Karin and even a similar hairstyle (if Karin's was symmetrically smooth), whereas all the other kids greatly resemble their parents. This could be foreshadowing that Sasuke might have had an affair and/or that Karin succeeded in raping him, got pregnant, and Sakura took the daughter in and raised her as her own.
  • Another contribution to that theory is her interest in prank pulling. Naruto and Kushina pulled pranks in their youths, so maybe mischievousness is genetic in the Uzumaki clan.
  • Doesn't explain Sarada sharing Sakura's eye shape and Forehead of Doom, though.

Orochimaru is still after Sasuke
Sasuke thinks he heard something following him through the forest, but when he turned around he saw nothing. When he was last seen, Orochimaru had a Zetsu soldier as a host. The Zetsu are capable of merging into the ground or vegetation, meaning Orochimaru could be using Mayfly to stalk Sasuke.

Bolt and Himawari will have powers like Toneri Ootsutsuki's
Given that they both have the genes of Asura and Hamura in their blood, while they might not have the Byakugan, perhaps the inherited the power of Ootsutsuki itself via the remixing of bloodlines (akin to how the Rinnegan is created via the blood of Asura and Indra) is in them.

Ino settled for Sai as a substitute for Sasuke
Chapter 700 shows that Sai and Ino became a couple. Up till now, Ino had been portrayed as Sakura's romantic rival for Sasuke's hand. Sai kind of looks like Sasuke with short hair (and was Sasuke's replacement on Team 7 BTW), so in a cynical light it's easy to see what Ino's logic might have been: If she can't have Sasuke, she'll have the next best thing- Sai.

There will be a Road to Ninja 2

Basically, it will involve a villain trying to reenact Infinite Tsukuyomi without using Tailed Beasts using some Reality Warper magic artefact. Naruto is somehow immune to this and ends up in a world where he married Sakura, Sasuke married Hinata, Shikamaru ended with Ino, Sai ended with Tenten and so on. Naruto is also much weaker in this Universe's backstory to stop him from resolving the plot in 15 minutes with Flying Raijin. Expect a Recycled Script to go with the Recycled Premise.

Karin is Sarada's real mother.

By this theory, Karin and Sasuke got together some time before Sasuke and Sakura married and had Sarada, but Karin died, and Sakura later adopted Sarada.

Suigetsu is Chojuro's bodyguard at the Five Kage Summit

You never see who Chojuro's bodyguard is for some reason. My bet's on Suigetsu - same village, and Seven Swordsmen of the Mist connections. Otherwise it's probably some Kirigakure fodder.

The Gedo Mazo allows the Moon's air to be breathable.
It's possible that the Otsutsuki clan used some jutsu to drain any chakra produced by the Mazo to alter the air around them while ensuring that the Mazo remains too weak to break free. It's also possible that the disappearance of the Mazo means the Moon's air will gradually become unbreathable, which would explain why Toneri has no qualms about destroying his own home to destroy humanity.

We will never see Taka,Orochimaru or Kabuto again
Because Karin's obssession for Sasuke would get in the way of the Official Couple(argh) of Sasuke and Sakura. If the other people mentioned does appear, it would imply that Sasuke's personal yandere was still out there.

Kaguya is Hatred incarnate
One thing I was wondering about was why the Uchiha were so crazy to begin with apart form the fact that their Sharingan is a by-product of their higher than average capacity for love and hate. And then it struck me. Kaguya at one point cries when she sees Naruto and Sasuke, as they reminded her of her own two sons. Her mood fliped out and she stated how much she hated them.

That is one clue to her being a hateful bitch. the second is that Harogomo did not gain the Sharingan but his son Indra did. Considering the Sharingan and it's fused Rinnegan hybrid which only Kaguya possessed, it is a symptom of crazy hatred. But Indra was manipulated by Black Zetsu into going against his family. So Indra may have been a lonely, perhaps arrogant but also extremely loving person that was twisted by Black the same way Madara was. So if Indra was capable of extreme love, then so is Kaguya and one has to wonder. What triggered her madness? In fact it ties in perfectly that she was good in the beginning but when crazy with hatred.

Lastly in a more symbolic sense. When Kaguya and Black Zetsu got sealed for good and Naruto redeemed Sasuke, he had saved the world from her hatred twofold. One: He and Sasuke defeat the real offenders to this thousand+ years old crime. and Two: Forgave and saved a one of the victims of this madness, who was being self-destructive and in a position to choose perpetuating the vicious cycle and truly ending up like his predecessors or accept it is over and find peace, choosing to treat the Jerkass Woobie as the Woobie, rather then the Jerkass, saving the world form a vicious cycle that has nearly ruined it over a very long time

So in a nutshell Kaguya is the source of hatred of the Uchihas and, indirectly, the world of Naruto.

Kaguya may still be free

When the Rabbit head spits out Madara after Kaguya is sealed I wondered were did the Rabbit Head go. did it get sucked back into the Gendo Statue or did it get free and is on the loose. Having Kaguya living as a tailed Beast with vengeance on her mind is a very bad thing to think over.

If the Tenseigan is the upgraded version of the Byakugan
All Hell would Break Loose if you know who managed by some Miracle asspull to get.

Naruto's special jinchuriki ability
As several other jinchuuriki prove, holding a demon inside provides the user with cool powers, ala Bee's ink, or Gaara's sand, or the Rokubi's bubbles(?). But, weirdly enough, Naruto, who literally holds the most powerful thing living in their world, only has super healing. But, what if Naruto has straight up reality warping? In canon, Naruto has never had to break a promise. In fact, he seems to be utterly incapable of even comprehending the idea of breaking a promise. I propose: Naruto's "promises" are actually the unconscious use of the fox's power. Every time he makes a promise, Reality itself warps to allow him to fulfill it. Bringing Sasuke back? The world's leaders ignore that Sasuke perpetrated multiple acts of terrorism and treason. Save everyone? The ultimate genjutsu technique "somehow" has no major detrimental effects even as it quickly starts sucking people's chakra out as it cocoons them.

Naruto didn't complete his training to use the Nine Tails yet

He never uses Tailed Beast Version. 2 or the form of the tailed beast when wild(with skin, bones and other features) that Bee is able to use. So it means he have still to use the Nine Tails to its full potential. He managed to use the complete form on Road to Ninja, but the canon of that movie is highly debatable. So his tranining is incomplete.

  • Hatred was the key to using the darker forms of the Kyuubi's power. For reasons not explained, not having any hatred when using the Kyuubi's power results in the Golden Super Mode instead.

Instead of being re-sealed away. Kagura will instead be reincarnated like her grandsons

Naruto noted after her defeat that he didn't like sealing her away again, showing just how forgiving he can be. Also it's not impossible to think that even if she was sealed, her son Hagoromo couldn't help her return as a good person, especially since he has the reality bending power to visit people from beyond the grave seemingly whenever he wants.

Sasuke is Not the Father
Depending on how blatantly Kishimoto wants to be with his Character Shilling with Sasuke, the implications at the end of chapter 700+1 make it hard for Sasuke to come out looking good. Off the cuff there are two ways to make it work.

  1. Sarada is Karin's child but Sasuke is not her father, suggesting she was taken in after her mother's death when Sarada was too small to know. This could put Sasuke and Sakura in a very noble light, especially if any relationship towards Karin ultimately turned antagonistic.
  2. Sasuke is not directly the father. Instead, we'd have Karin using the services of Orochimaru, Inc to impregnate herself with Sasuke's child. Mostly found this idea hilarious because it means that not only was Sasuke not there to be a father for his child, he wasn't there to father his child. It'd be like that episode of Moral Orel where the priest learned he had a daughter because a stalker took his tissue filled trash can.

The next chapter will show instabilities between Naruto and Hinata

If Kishimoto is either trolling his fans with false drama or trolling them by changing the results of the epilogue, Naruto and Hinata's relationship will be put in doubt next chapter. Watch as Sarada(trying to seek answers) or Bolt himself see Naruto ignoring his wife, acting suspicious around Sakura(probably even keeping a clone around her), and there is a montage of Hinata pregnant that is revealed to be really Sakura pregnant.

Naruto is letting the Hokage position go to his head and will have to choose between his family/friends or keeping his position.
Hence why he ignores his own child and uses CLONES to play with him. Naruto's dream since day one was to become the Hokage and thus he has. There will be a small chapter or an arc focusing on Naruto being forced to choose between his family and friends versus his position as the Hokage. If not a focusing point in Naruto Gaiden, it'll be a focus point in a future movie or spin-off.

Sarada wears glasses due to being a Uchiha.
Self explanatory. She may have been born slightly blind and was told to wear glasses since she was old enough to wear them.

In Naruto Gaiden we will see a Chunin Exam arc similar to the main series.
Only this time it won't be interrupted by Orochimaru or anyone. Possibly one or more of the children will be put in Naruto's position as far as not becoming a Chunin at all.

Bolt is Rookie of the Year
A small one, but given Sarada's indifference (for lack of a better term) towards striving to become a ninja, and Bolt being a prodigy, it may be that he'll graduate the complete opposite as his father and end up becoming the Rookie of the Year.

Should this come true... fanfiction writers, get ready to tear your hair out.

Boruto, Sasuke, and Sarada
Bolt will probably take Sasuke as his master, not unlike how Naruto had Jiraiya. Given that Bolt himself is a prodigy, he will probably impress him sufficiently enough to convince him to be his mentor. All this while being unaware that Sasuke is basically his uncle.

At the same time, this would give rise to a reason behind why Sarada will become Bolt's rival. She would be jealous that Bolt is the one Sasuke takes under his wing; this may be supported by Sarada's glasses—perhaps he never meant for her to suffer the curse that comes with a Sharingan, and so would rather train Bolt.

This would also mean Bolt's signature move may be a special variant of the Chidori.

  • Confirmed! Boruto will be using a form of Chidori as revealed in the second trailer

Karin was holding back
During the ten tails arc Karin shows she is pretty powerful, what with the charka cahins and such. I was wondering why she didnt use the chakra chains during her time on team Taka, but then I thought what if she was appearing weaker than she was to make herself more appealing to Sasuke

Sarada's Real Mom
Possible spoilers for the Seventh Hokage Gaiden! Sarada is Sasuke's daughter with Karin, but Karin died in childbirth and Sasuke either took Sarada to Sakura or Sakura helped deliver her and was asked to raise Sarada as her own child.

Kabuto will help Sarada.
Arguably, Sarada is not only questioning who her mother is, but whether or not she is even an Uchiha. This could lead her down the road to a major identity crisis, and incidentally, Kabuto also went through one himself. Orochimaru helped Sasuke on his quest to find answers in his own crisis, so why not Kabuto help his daughter?

The Juubi only tried to get out of Obito because he was not sufficient for Kaguya's revival.
Obito, despite being an Uchiha and possessing the Rinnegan, was not to be the Jinchuuriki because he wasn't a reincarnation of Indra like Madara was, hence why Kaguya rejected Obito's body and unsuccessfully tried to get out, and she never tried to break out of Madara because he was the perfect vessel for her revival.

On Kekkei Genkais, and why certain ones are so common.
Two things seem to play a factor in this:

  1. They function similarly to actual genetics, if not being outright tied to genetics. Either they're recessive traits and thus it depends on both parents being able to pass the kekkei genkai gene downnote , or they start off as recessive, but can somehow be changed to dominant if an individual's chakra has certain qualitiesnote .
  2. The "type" of release (Lava Release, Ice Release, Dark Release, etc.) is actually a classification rather than that release's specific name. This allows multiple kekkei genkais to be classified as the same release, even if they're not the same. For example, looking at Lava Release, we have Mei Terumi's acidic mud, Son Goku's magma, Iwagakure's quicklime, and Dodai's vulcanised rubber. If we factor out Son Goku for not sharing human genetics, this indicates that there are multiple types of Lava Release, none of which are actually lava or magma. They could be produced by having the two base natures in different proportions, such as Terumi being 25% fire/75% earth and Dodai being 75% earth/25% fire, for example.note 

The mysterious new man is Shisui.
Think about it, Shisui's body was never found or shown on-panel. After the horrific extent to which Uchiha characters have been butchered previously (if not overhyped, it wouldn't be that big a surprise.

Kinkaku and Ginkaku were released and went to Heaven, or a good afterlife.
]]The characters are basically taken right from the demon kings of Journey to the West—King Golden Horn and King Silver Horn. Given the series, some things had to be changed to accommodate for the brothers. In the original story, they are the sons of the Kyuubi vixen, who stays in the form of an old woman. Kurama is male in the series, so that won't work. But Kishi still had them spend some times in the Kyuubi's stomach, and emerge with some of it's power. In the original tale, they are apprentices to the great sage. Here, they are his descendants, confirmed in the fourth databook. And both meet the same end in the original take. They end up sealed within their treasures, where upon the great sage comes to take them back to heaven. Their true forms were two young boys, their demon halves being destroyed upon being trapped.Now, with our Kinkaku and Ginkaku, it's not hard to believe they could have had the same fate. Not being two little boys. But being purified in a way. They used to be heroes, and respected in Kumogakure-known as the Two Shining Lights. But at some point, they fell from grace and committed many crimes, and died and disgraced criminals. It's possible that while they were able to get some of Kurama's chakra, and survive the battle with him, the chakra still may have had negative influence on the two, causing them to become more corrupt, and maybe hateful/arrogant. Where they then attempted to run things and take over. Now when they are sealed upon their revival, Tobi takes the treasures and feeds them to the statue.It's possible feeding off of, and draining the chakra from the brothers may have purified them inside the weapons, taking the evil power. When Kinkaku was sealed, he still had the gold rope on his arm causing Darui to say the weapons were useless due to that. But Tenten, in the epilogue, is shown with that very rope in her store. So it was acquired off of Kinkaku's arm somehow. So, it's very possible, Kinkaku was released, along with his brother and returned to the afterlife, maybe ending on a good note and possible getting their good name back if it becomes clear they were influenced by Kurama's power. So like the original Gold and Silver Horn, being sealed got them healed, and rid of their demonic/evil halves.

The DNA sample Suigetsu used to compare with Sarada's wasn't from Karin.
Suigetsu assumed the sample Karin had in her desk was Karin's DNA, but it was unlabelled, so it could have very well been Sakura's or (more likely, given Karin's obsession) Sasuke's DNA (or possibly even Sarada's). We do not actually see the test results in full, simply "match found", and while Suigetsu has likely been assisting Orochimaru with some things over the years, he is not the scientific type so he could very well just be going by what the screen said.

The DNA sample Suigetsu used was from Karin
...But she still isn't Sarada's mother. DNA is a strange thing in the Naruto universe, and its effects aren't fully known. Sasuke awakened his Rinnegan after he was healed using some of Hashirama's cells. You know, the ones that could cause an arm to turn into a tree? For all we know, not only did the injection give Sasuke access to Asura's chakra, but also may have altered his own DNA somewhat. The X chromosome of his sperm may have been altered due to this to have some Senju traits, which is also very close to the Uzumaki clan, or at least close enough to where each clan had a reincarnation of Asura in sequence. The machine read the DNA as Uzumaki, Sarada has Uzumaki/Senju DNA as a result of aforementioned mutation, and thus there is a match that says they are related when really they aren't.

The DNA match is correct, because Sarada is a clone of both Sasuke and Karin.
Like Shin Jr, she's an experimental clone, this time a test of what would happen if DNA samples of more than one person were used. She is an attempt to combine both the Uchiha and Uzumaki bloodlines, possibly for use as a weapon, but she was liberated, possibly by Sasuke. Karin either doesn't know about Sarada or outright rejected her, and Sasuke and Sakura chose to raise Sarada as their daughter to give her a chance of a normal life.
  • Jossed, Sarada is Sakura and Sasuke's daughter and Karin was the midwife who delivered her. The glasses were a souvenir from her, no idea how she knew Sarada needed glasses though.

Sarada will learn the Rasengan
Because somebody needs to continue its legacy, if Boruto is learning the Chidori.

Sasuke, Sakura, and Karin have "one of those arrangements". Furthermore, Sasuke and Karin actually do have a daughter somewhere
.Consider that no one other than Sarada seemed at all surprised at the possibility that she might be Karin's daughter. Sasuke wasn't surprised that it was possible, and Sakura wasn't surprised or angry about being fooled around on.

The Ootsutsuki clan had the original Shinju.
However, the Tree reached the end of its lifespan, but not before it spread its seeds among several planets. The loss of the Tree, the main form of support for the clan, led to conflict and panic, and survivors set off to find the descendant Trees. Among the Shinju that grew, the one that Kaguya found was the most matured due to the rampant conflict between the planet's inhabitants.
  • Instead of bringing back the fruit as was instructed, she ate it with the intention of bringing peace to the world with her newfound power. Momoshiki caught wind of this and, with Kinshiki, attempted to kill Kaguya for betraying the clan. Kaguya barely managed to defeat them using the Shinju's power, and they fled to find another Shinju to counter her. She feared that they could be even more powerful than her if they found one, and that fear started getting to her head. She lost a lot of her chakra to birthing her two sons, but accepted it as long as they were with her. She finally snapped once they left, and 1) fused with the Shinju in an attempt to overpower and take back the chakra her two sons had, and 2) performed Infinite Tsukuyomi to amass an army of White Zetsu to prepare for Momoshiki's and Kinshiki's return.

Kurama will make an Ironic Echo of Yamato's lecture towards Naruto from the Sasuke and Sai arc.
As Naruto Gaiden shows, Naruto's been a bit too reliant on Kurama's chakra. At some point, even Kurama may become annoyed by Naruto's negligence of his own strength in favor of the "easy way" of getting things done, something Naruto himself made An Aesop against doing when lecturing Obito. (Besides, Naruto keeping up his own strength would also improve his strength in Sage and Tailed Beast Mode.)

Naruto and Sasuke will organize peace talks with the Ootsutsuki.
After 3 assaults from Ootsutsuki clansmen, it would make sense for negotiations to start on behalf on the ninja world in order to prevent further conflict. Chances are that there would be dissent, and even another battle, during their attempts at negotiation, but ultimately negotiations will be successful and humans and Ootsutsuki will be able to live among each other peacefully.

Just a note on some symbolism in Team 7. Or the meaningful names of Team 7
  • Kakashi Hatake: Kakashi means scarecrow and Hatake is field, so together 'scarecrow in the field.' Now, what does a scarecrow do? It just stands there and wards off enemies through sheer presence, but nothing else. Just like Kakashi was a great asset in making sure Team 7 survived to part 2, but all his students got their main arsenal and world perspectives from someone else.
  • Sakura Haruno: Sakura is a term usually associated with the cherry blossom tree. While a stunning figure, it's still just a tree. It just stands there, not really affecting what goes on around it besides sometimes being in the way. Much like the character herself most of the time.
  • Sasuke Uchiha: Since the name Sasuke is an explicit to classical Japanses tales, ala Sasuke Sarutobi the great ninja, is foreshadowing on his ability. The Uchiha also have a fan as their symbol, which while sometimes innocent, iron fans were also used as covert weapons, ala devious and underhanded, or sometimes just clubs made to look like closed fans, hence subtle until threatened, because a club is by no means subtle.
  • Naruto Uzumaki: While some like to take quick pot-shots at the alternate food meaning name, it should be remembered that there is in fact a city named Naruto famous for whirlpools. Coincidence? I think not. It should be also be noted that in the beginning of the series and throughout (though slowly toned down over time) that Naruto is incredibly arrogant and selfish. Yep, there. I said it.
  • Naruto continued: While Sasuke is a combo of off-beat confidence and the arrogant martial artist, Naruto starts off by being weak with only personal concerns in his mind, after all, remember that in the beginning he only wanted to be Hokage for himself and it was only later it became about protecting people. He gets better, sorta, but lets face if he had been made Hokage for whatever reason before Haku rammed some character development (opinions of which should be discussed elsewhere) down his throat, he probably would have renamed Konohagakure Naruto and had it painted orange.

Hinata is pregnant with Boruto in Sasuke Shinden.
Multiple pieces of evidence imply that Hinata is pregnant with Boruto in Sasuke Shiden. First we know that The Last took place about 13 before the Boruto movie, when he is 12. This would mean that Boruto is conceived less than a year after The Last. And given the timing of Konoha Hiden just several months after the movie, it would not be unreasonable to think that Boruto was conceived shortly after the wedding. In addition, Hinata nearly faints in both the novel and anime version of Sasuke Shinden, and Naruto has to help support her. This is just after she knocks out a handful of exploding humans. Given that she does a lot more without fainting in the Fourth Shinobi World War, something would have to weaken her for her to be unable to avoid falling over. Perhaps a two to four month old fetus, which would noticeably drain the mother's strength, yet still fail to produce a baby bump. We do know that Shinden takes place several months after Konoha Hiden, so this all would add up.

Naruto is the father of Sāra's daughter.
I was wondering what people thought of a theory I had that Naruto is Sāra's daughter's father. I was thinking that before they left back to there time, Naruto and Sāra were intimate and with the memory seal, he was made to forget and that is why he had such fond "dream" about her. Even giving his chakra blade as a "remember me" present, and it was passed down to their daughter. It might even explain why her daughter as lighter shade of red than her mother.

Kinshiki and Momoshiki were defeated relatively easily because Rock Lee fought the duo before they skipped dimensions.
Rock Lee is likely very protective of Naruto and Hinata, whom Neji gave his life to protect, and both have been defeated by the duo. In his anger, Lee opened the seventh gate and gave them both a severe smackdown; they managed to retreat and were able to recover, but have been weakened by Lee's assault.

Anko's other two teammates died so she could learn the Twin Snakes Murder-Suicide Jutsu.
While we've seen flashbacks of Anko's other two teammates at this point, we've never seen them more than maybe twice. I was wondering why we never saw them much, then I started wondering how Anko learned the forbidden jutsu she tried to use to kill Orochimaru in the Forest of Death during the Chuunin exams... This may belong under Silly Theories, but it doesn't seem out of character that Orochimaru deemed the other two students useless, then tricked them into performing the Twin Snakes Murder-Suicide Jutsu so Anko could learn it since she was the only one with potential.

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